The News from Frederick, Maryland on June 4, 1970 · Page 23
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 23

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 4, 1970
Page 23
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THE NEWS, Frederick, Maryland PafcB-11 PROGRAMS WFMD-AM-9Mkc Monday UtrottgfeFridiiy) CBS News onbaur,newsbeadlinesat:3S Happy Johnny (Country andWesteramusic) 5 .55a.m.-^R r ontoForANewDay (devotional) ^Ma.m.-'-FirttLineReport (CBS) 6- 35 a.m.-^Weatber Roundup 7lj: 30a.m.-- TotiunyGmnwell; 7:24DonSpatz; 7-3S-- LoMl Sports, 7: 55-- Community News; S:00-CBS World News 9 3»-lla.m.-- GaryKirtley: £44-- Coffee Break; Ifttt-DearAbby (CBS); 11: 10-Time For Health (CBS) 11- 15-- ArtBurGodfrey'Time (CBS) ir 45-1 p.m.-- "Happy Johnny"; 11: 55-- Community News; h«' iS-ACricultureNews; 12:3*- WeatherRoundup Wp.m.-AlRogers; L:40-Mid-Day Report (CBS) J-SS-Mike Wallace AtLarge (CBS); 2:30-Profile (CBS) 3-7p.rn.r-J'r«« Tit « B : 3:30-- Reasoner Report (CBS) 4. K--WatterCrookite (CBS) ; 4: 54-- Community News 5-30-- Correspondents Report (CBS); 6: 10-- Local News; 6* 15-- SportsRoundup; 6: 45-- Lowell Thomas (CBS) 6 ssh-I^kilRizzutoSports (CBS) , 7. 00-- The World Tonight (CBS) 7- is-- The Business Report (CBS) ; 7: 20-- Frank Gif ford Sports (CBS) 7: 30--Tne Minority Report (CBS) 7 35-M»dnight-- Bill Snyder's "Night Beat" Rock music) 11-11: is-NewsandSports Final 11:55-- Be Still and Know (devotional) Baltimore Oriole Broadcasting Schedule June 1-7-Sun., June 7, 4. 55 p m -BaltoTvs. Milwaukee^ WFRE-FM-STEREO-99.9 me (Monday through Friday) Music for young adults and groovy grown-ups 5-9 a.m.--Gary Klrtley 9-12 p.m.--Sharon Snyder 12-6 p.m.--Dick Hageman 6-Midnight--Jim Thompson 11:55 p.m.--Be Still and Know (devotional) News at: 25 and: 55 6:25 p.m. (Thursday) --"InFocus" with Richard Lebherz WMHI-AM-1370kc (Monday through Friday) , 6a.m.--Sign-on-Metromedia news on the hour 6-10 a m.-Music with Al Soper, featunng the news, weather and sports at 6-00, 6:20, 7:00, 7:30, 8.00, 8:30, 9:00, 9:30, WOO, 10-30 an* 11:00; Jimmy Dean Show--Monday and Wednesday only-- 6:30;DonSpatzShow-7:35ajn. I0:05-Bess Myerson, 10:10 am. to 11:15 a.m : -The Album Sounds of t l F T» lt ?«^ John Staub ' p enscope--11:15, Katherine Jenkins--11:20, Congressional Comment--11:25 11:30 am.-3:00 p.m.--Music with Carl Keller, featuring news at 12-00 12:30, 1:00, 1:30, 2:00, 230, 3:00, 3:30 and 3:55 Betsy Palmer--1:25 p.m. ' 3:00 pm.--to Sign-off-Music with Dan Wilson, featuring news and weather at 4:30, S:00, 5:30, 6:00 630, 7.00, 7:30 and sign-off Bulletin Board featured on WMHI at 8- 30,12:30 and 4.30. Sign Off--June--8:45 p m. Massey, 73, Ends Career In London By COLIN HARROW Associated Press Writer LONDON (AP) - Raymond Massey is making his first London stage appearance in 32 years- and he says it will be his last. "I dont have the stamina any more for the theater," the 73- year-old actor says. Massey confessed he felt stark terror when he opened at the Duke of York Theater last The Robert Anderson play received generally enthusiastic notices, but most of the praise was for Massey, a favorite with the British. He is not pleased with the way things have been developing in the theater since he played his last stage role in .America 12 years ago. "To me theater should be enchantment, make believe, let's pretend. Today it's sex, obscenity and squalor," he said. "We dont seem to have entertainment any more. The stage has become a dissecting table and Pm sure people dont want to be insulted by the vulgarity of the permissive theater or cinema. ' "I dont mean it's got to be all light comedy-- 'On the Waterfront' was rugged and savage and it was a great film, but to me 'Prisoner of Zenda' was great too." Massey says he has given up going to the movies and seldom visits the theater any more "Somewhere we've lost the theater of enjoyment," he said sadly. He has fond memories about his role as Dr. Gillespie in The Kildare series on television. "It will be for this and not the theater that people will remember me," he said. "I have a great respect for TV. Even if so much of it, particularly in America, is junk. Fm not one of those actors who look on it as slumming. "With someone like Gillespie you get a wonderful chance to develop the character- something you cant have in movies or the theater which are just a one-shot thing." , Massey got his first part in a London West End theater at 26, playing an 80-year-old as he does in his latest play called ~ Never Sang for My Father." Now · Appearing In The Anvil Room of THE RED HORSE BOBBY VERNON COMPLETES COURSE - Miss Dorothy Jean Pease, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edward L. Pease, West 14th Street, graduated this week from the Union Memorial Hospital School of Nursing in Baltimore. A graduate of Frederick High School, Miss Pease was among 43 graduates to receive adiplo- ma from the Union Memorial Hospital School of Nursing on Tuesday evening, June 2. R U I THEATRE D A M A S C U S , MD. Thursday, June 4, 1970 DUSTIN HOFFMAN IN "Midnight Cowboy" Shows 8:15-5:19 'Godfather' Author Aids Film Version 4, Educational TV Shows Struggle Against Odds HOLLYWOOD (AF) - Muio author of the sensation beet-idling novel "The Godfather,* hM been here for the put few weeks working on the ·dipt for the movie version. That*i unusual. Ordinarily the last person a studio would consult on the adaptation of a book is the author. That has been true through most of the history of Hollywood. WASHINGTON (AP) - A citizen's group said today high rates for political broadcasts have helped inflate campaign costs so much that office-seekers are threatened automatically with scandal. The assertion came one day after Sen. J. W. Fulbright, D- Bracken 's World' To Be Changed ay BOB THOMAS Associated Press Writer HOLLYWOOD (AP) - Can "Bracken's World" keep up with the fast-moving world of Hollywood? Producer Stanley Rubin thinks so, and he's making changes in the television series accordingly. "Bracken's World" had a rocky start in its first season on NBC. Some critics scoffed that its portrayal of life inside a major studio was both soap-operatic and anachronistic. Eleanor Parker, the series' principal star, walked out in midseason with the claim that she had little to do. Ratings were disappointing. The audience seemed confused by the immense" cast- 11 regulars in all. But as the performers became more familiar, the ratings began to rise. Although "Bracken's World" remained far from a hit, NBC was enough encouraged to renew the 20th Century-Fox production for the 1970-71 season. The series, some say, portrays studies as they used to be -- big, busy, aswarm with actors. Since it began, HoHywood has fallen on hard times. Production is a trickle, studio contract lists all but nil. Independents turn out much of the product. The biggest change in the series will be to bring studio boss John Bracken onstage- in the first season he was merely a shadowy figure whose decisions were delivered like messages from ML Olympus. Bracken will be portrayed by Leslie Nielsen. "The way we see him," said Rubin, "is not as a Harry Conn, a Jack Warner, a Louis B. Mayer or any of the old-time studio bosses. He is a man who has grown up in the movie business, is now in his mid-40s, and has been a film maker himself, in charge of European production. "He has gone to college and is cosmopolitan in his outlook. He is the new breed of studio "head, like a John Calley (Warners), a Richard Zanuck (Fox), or a Bob Evans (Paramount)." Ark., urged passage of legislation to guarantee Congress equal time to reply to presidential appearances, and the Federal Communications Commission advocated reduced rates for all political broadcasting. Russell a Hemenway, director of the National Committee for an Effective Congress, said broadcasters-generally charge political candidates their highest rates. Hemenway endorsed, before a House commerce subcommittee, a Senate-passed bill that would require broadcasters to reduce their rates for political broadcasts and would set limits on spending by candidates for radio and TV advertising. An elected official, he said, is in danger of becoming a slave to rich contributors and special interests. A limitation on spending and a reduction in broadcast rates "would be a major step towards restoring the floundering trust in our political institutions and in our elected officials," he said. Fulbright said, "There is nothing in the Constitution which says that, of all elected officials, the president alone shall have the right to communicate with the American people." The major networks have consistently refused to grant equal time to those opposing a president's view, he said. FCC Chairman Dean Burch told the House commerce subcommittee Tuesday that the agency favors reduced rates for all political broadcasting and enactment of a spending limit by or on behalf of each candidate, provided it can be enforced. CHANNEL 26 WETA New On Air After 2 P. M. Per Remainder Of Summer FREDERICK CABLEVISION '662-6033 GOLD DUST INN NITE CLUB Evenings 8:30 to 1 Afternoons 3 to 7 P.M. DANCING BY JUKE BOX 3-7 P. M. RT. 355, FREDERICK --PHONE 663-9816 NOW THRU TUBS. "Baa Hera" at 8:45 PM. "Day Of Aver" ·* National General Pictures Presents LUWNCUCT -PAYOFANGCIT -WAY II MI. W. *f Fred., Rt. 4f Tftchnfcotor* T«chniMOpt a ·BUHL. PLUS Warring Michael Douglas -Teresa Wight and Arthur Kennedy CRABS Steamed live By. Us 3 BIG FEASTS AD Yoa Cut Eat Ttos. ft FrL- tt ea.--8 cpi. Sat. Ladtes' Night 5c Sudi To Ladies GAS LANTERN 313 North Market St. CHANNEL 25 Hagerstownr Now Available On Cable TV. FREDERICK CABLEVISION 662-6033 In the early 1920s, Samuel joldwyn promoted Eminent Authors' Pictures, with noted novelists such as Rex Beach and Mary Roberts Rinehart in his ·table The idea was that the authors would adapt their own works to the screen. The scheme flopped, and Goldwyn went back to hiring screen writers to convert books to scenarios. Most studios have adhered to that policy. Producers reason Hiat the novelist is too close to tils story, that he is not willing to cut or to dramatize for cinematic reasons. When Joseph Heller sold "Catch 22" to Columbia, the deal included his services as script writer. But Columbia sold ntralized Air Quality Sought CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. AP) - Federal, state and local officials are to meet here June 25 to discuss establishment of three interstate air quality control regions involving areas of West Virginia, Maryland, Ohio and Kentucky. The meetings will be held in the offices of the U. S. Department of Health, Education and Welfare. State and local officials will be given the opportunity to present their views and suggestions on the proposed boundaries of the three regions. The three regions are: Cumberland - Keyser: including Grant and Mineral Counties in West Virginia and Allegany and Garrett Counties in Maryland. Parkersburg - Marietta: including Jackson, Pleasants, Tyler, Wetzel and Wood Counties in West Virginia and Athens, Meigs and Washington Counties in Ohio. Huntington - Ashland - Portsmouth - fronton: including Cabell, Mason and Wayne Counties in West Virginia; Boyd, Greenup and Lawrence Counties in Kentucky and Gallia, Lawrence and Scioto Counties in Ohio. the rights, and when Mike Nichols prepared the script, he worked with stead. Buck Henry itv Some authors prefer not to have anything to do with the studios. David O. SeUniek pleaded with Margaret Mitcheli to come to Hollywood and help on the script of "Gone with the Wind." She refused. "If Selznick makes a mess of my book, all my friends in the South will blame me," she reasoned. Her only advice to the producer was in casting. A fan of the Marx Brothers, she suggested that Rhett Butler be played by Groucho. Some best-selling authors eschew film writing largely for economic reasons. Writers like Harold Robbins, Truman Capote, Irving Stone, Arthur Hailey and Irving Wallace can earn far more by turning out books. Other authors see film writing as an added source of income. As it orbits the earth, the moon spirals outward at a rate of about one foot every 30 years. June 5, 6, 7 Jphn Wayne RED RIVER JOHN WAYNE THE SONS KATIE ELDER NO REPEATS TEENAGE DANCE Music By Fresh Air Friday, June 5 8:30 to 11:30 P.M. $1.25 Per Person WOODSBORO FIRE HALL Benefit Woodsboro Fire Dept. Chiz tifectora Myers BiH Beard Present CLUB 40 Wf ST Route 40 West -- Patrick St. Extended (Formerly Free State Inn) 662-6815 Lunch -- Dinner -- Cocktail Lounge Happy Hour Til 6 P. M. Daily Lunch Specials JEANNIE WISE, CHEF DANCE Wed.-T1mn.-Ftl-8at.-San. No Admterion--Proper Attire At AH Times Automobile Accidents According to figures recent-' ly released by the Insurance Information Institute, the economic cost of automobile accidents during 1969 rose to a new high of $16,582,000,000, up $2.332,000,000 over the previous year's figure. The figures also listed 56,400 persons killed, 5,010,000 persons injured and 22,025,000 accidents. TiMt to us about ymr ·utomeUI* Insurance. W*1I make wr» that your* amply protettaa. R. W. BOYER AGENCY, Inc. 26 S. Market St. _ "Convenient to Downtown Parking" NEXT TIME TAKE THE BABY GERRY KIDDIE SEAT Going somewhere? Take baby in the most comfortable carrier ever invented. Very light sturdy aluminum frame. Contour seat for baby's comfort. Heavy cotton straps. Washable duck seat. Babies love to ride in them. Holds infant* 5 months to about 3 ytarr Youth Center Frederick Shopping Center Frederick, Md. LIKE NO OTHER JIM GIBBONS RADIO ... FREDERICK ON TWO-YEAR CERTIFICATES OF g $ 1,000, INTEREST PAID QUARTERLY S E\RMERSANOMECHANICS I ^r? NATIONAL BANK FEDERAL D E P O i l l I N S U R A N C E C O R P O P *r P Frederick Newt and Pert ROGRAMS Thursday 3 00--2,9--(C) Secret Storm 4 8,H-(C) AnotherWorld- BayCity 4-(C)HeSaid'SheSaid' 7--(C) General Hospital 20--(C) Ultra Man 3:30--2,9--(C) EdgeofNight 4,8--(C) BnghtPronuse 5--(C) Strange Paradise 7,13--(C) One Life to Live 11-- (C)HeSaid'SheSaid' 20--Eighth Man 4 00--2,5--(C) Flintstones 4,8,11-(C) AnotherWorld- Somerset 7,13--(C) Dark Shadows 9-(C) Corner Pyle.USMC 20--Little Rascals 26--(C) SesameStreet 4- 30--2--Movie--"The Young Mr Pitt" 4--Movie--"Just for You" 5-(C) I Spy 7--Major Adams 8,13--(C) David Frost 9--Laurel and Hardy 11--Perry Mason 20--(C) Speed Racer i. 00--2--(C) The Saint 20--(C) Batman 26-- (C) Mistergoers 5-30--(C) MyFavoriteMartian 7,11--(C) News 20--Ministers 26--What's New 6:00--4,8,9,13--(C) News 5--I Love Lucy 7--(C) News 11--(C) Duckpmsand Dollars 20--(C)LostmSpace 26--GutenTag 6 30--2--(C) News 4,8,11--(C) News 5--McHale's Navy 7--(C) Game Game 13--(C) News 26--French Chef 7 00--2,4,11,13--(C) News 5--Dick Van Dyke 7--(C) What's My Line 9 8-- (C) Truth orConse- quences 9-(C) News 20--Addams Family 26--(C) Newsroom 7 30--2,9--(C) Family Affair 4,8,11--(C) Daniel Boone 5--(C) Truth or Consequences 7-(C) Animal World 13--(C) Group W Special 20--(C) Beat the Clock 8 00--2,9--(C) JimNabors 5-- (C) To Tell the Truth 7--(C)ThatGirl 20--(C) Of Lands and Seas 26--Washington Review 8 30--4,8,11--(C) Ironside 5--(C) David Frost 7,13--(C) Bewitched 26--NET Jazz 9- 00--2--Movie--"In Love and War" 7,13--(C) Tom Jones 9-- (C) --Movie--"Fanny'' 20--Movie--"Captain from Castile" 26--(C) William F Buckley Jr 9 30--4,8,11--(C) Dragnet 10 oo--48,11--(C) Dean Martin 5_(C) News. Weather, Sports 7--(C)Judd 13--.(C) Pans 7000 26--Forsyte Saga 11 00-^7,8,11,13--(C) News 5--Movie--"DangerSignal 1 12 00--9--Movie--"The Doctor's Dilemma" 4,11-(C) Who, What or Where 8--(C) Noonday on 8 1 00--2--(C) Woman's Angle 4,9--(C) News 7,13--(C) All My Children 8--Dick Van Dyke 11--I Love Lucy 20--Movie--"Smart Girls Don'tTalk" 1 30--2,9--(C) As the World Turns 4,8-(C) Linkletter 7,13--(C) Let'sMakeaDeal 11-(C) A Child is Waiting 2 00--2,9--(C) Love is a Many Splendored Thing 4,8,11--(C) Days of our Lives 5--(C) Galloping Gourmet 7--(C) NewlywedGame 13-- (C) Mike Douglas 26--Stock Market Report 2 30--2,9--(C) Guiding Light 4,8,11--(C) Doctors S--(C) Movie Game 7--(C) Dating Game WORLD ALMANAC FACTS Friday 9 30-2--(C) News 4-(C) It's Your Bet 5--(Cj Truth or Consequences 10 00-2-- (C) To Tell theTruth 4,8-- (C) It Takes Two 5--(c) American West 9--(C) Lucille Balll 13--Movie--"Born to be Bad" 10 30--2,9--(C) Hillbillies 4,8,11--(C) Concentration 5--(C) Steve Allen 7--(C) The Now Women 11 00-2--Peyton Place 4,8--(C) Sale-Century 7-(C)GirlTalk 9-(C) Andy Griffith 11--(C) Galloping Gourmet 20--Jack LaLanne 11 30-2,9-(C)Loveof Life 4,8,11--(C) Hollywood Squares 5--(C) Queen fora Day 7,13-(C) That Girl 20--Our Gang 12 00-2,9-- (C) Where the Heart Is 4,8,11--(C) Jeopardy 5--(C) Panorama 7.13--(C) News 20-- (C) Romper Room 12 30-2,9--(C) Search for Tomorrow Dr. Ralph J. Bunche was the first American Negro to win the Nobel Peace Prize. Dr. Bunche received the award in 1950 for his role as chief mediator for the U.N. Palestine Commission during the conflict between Israel and its Arab neighbors, The World Almanac notes. Copyright© 1970, Newspaper Enterprise Assn. KEEP COOL TIVOLI Now at 2:P.M. . 7 9:P.M. ITS THE "DIRTY BUNCH" ON WHEELS! MEMMYHMKD , MSAUCENStTOKfti! COLOR Produced and Released by FANFARE FILM PRODUCTIONS, Inc. The Rocking Chair Theatre HOLIDAY CINEMA On Banghmans Lane Now at 5:10 - 7:20 9:30 The girl knew about the wife ..the wife knew about the girl... it was all part of the arrangement. immwnOen MdncMty 6H3 K3Z3FI ·kirk soring mngemenr Mctincote»prBviiion*tromwafn»fcros. I lWSPAPERf

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