The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 22, 1934 · Page 8
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 8

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 22, 1934
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

THE PAWS HEWS* A Weekly Review of Paris Business and Industry Published Each Sunday In The Paris News Reflecting Activity Of Paris Institutions •EWEST BUICK HAS VARIOUS utes greatly to ibe economy and ' Bf%IITI A ft j performance of the new Buick 40. j rlFII I.IMlf | This provides proper spark timing I for all operating conditions, a. j function which. if left to the j Driver by means of a spark con' tro1 - ver - eiiher was completely overlooked or was poorly and in- i efficiently managed. | I "These various features have MACKINAC 1SLAXJD. Mich.— jlich.—The new Seri^? 40 Buick, recent!?* introduced in tite lower prtc« field, is distinguished by numerous automatic ^ featxires that relieve the driver of i of The highest efficiency, massy tedious operations and ae- j more irksome operation is coaapli^h Them in a ir^re xff sclent | ir.ated by the automatic vacuum-{ first motor driven vehicle ever to " operated starter switch which, is j be permitted upon the island, was duallv controlled from the accel- 1 escorted under a heavy guard of v Bower, chief engineer erator pedal arid throttle button ' Fort Mackinac soldiers over the j?ck Motor Company. ; on the dash. The driver needs j mile long route from the dock been designed to make, the start- j History was made here today at { ins and operation of the Buick -SO j this fashionable summer resort, j er.srine cempleteiv automatic and j the last stron^h^d of the hors« One f and buggy in the United States, elim- when, a nexr Pontiac automobile. manner. Such was the staterr:ent here to- datv o? T A, of the Bu commenting <-'- "-* proving: car control feave. b-een incerpor: Bower • ivj jm- | oniv to turn on the ignition switch j -a-here it was landed to its resting Ln-3 how they ? and step on ~o,~ *r, the ! start the to place in the grille lobby of the ar£ Mr. Buiek their functions. "An automatic ••.-!;e-X-" 1 . ^c^rtsy controlled by a thermostatand intake manifold vacuum.. •-Ununn.tes the need of manual <rhek«-- fontro! and permits a njore -efiiOiert cr.Or-:- irtg of the carburetor than could be accomplished niar.ually." he^ said. "A thermostatical'y crersted engine idle control keeps th*- engine at the prorver idiinsr speed and eliminates the possibility of the en- S3tje stalling- daring the warm-up period. This relieve? the ^ car driver of the ne-.^ssity of adjust- ; -, the accelerator oar. Dual control is j Grand Hotel. d so tr.a: if the engine • With the tercentenary — three stall whiie the driver's fe-">t i hundredth anniversary of the dis- i every bottle. This bretr-dat* on. every bottle of Blatz Old Heidel- bery Beer acts as a guarantee that the beer has been fully aged. "\Ve are very happy to say that we have received our first shipment of this BREW-DATED Beer, and we are proud that we can assure our customers of setting a. product that is guaranteed fully ag^d by the manufacturer. ai»<$ which has the absolute proof, of ase on every bottle. "Of course, the Biatz Brewing: Company has had to invest millions of dollars to further increase the capacity of their brewery, one that even before the extension prosra 1 * 1 was adopted was one of the largest in the country. "The capacity of the storehouses and ageing cellars had to be increased. Row after row of huge. ageing vats had to be built and installed. And then, months were required so the beer could be- afred. before it is bottled and placed on market. it is here and th^ public button on the cssh." SCIENCE USES KELVINP.TOR TO GUARD SUPPLIES toricaf pasreantry. the thirty year } can set a beer that they know has old regulation of the Michigan } Quality, a beer that is fully aged. State Park Commission forbidding i because every bottle of Blatz Old a motor driven vehicle from being } Heidelberg *as the exact brew- PICKETS LIFT ROPE FOR KOHLER ; run on the streets of Mackinac Is- j dare plainly printed on the neck | land -vras modified for the first I lab-el." I time in order that the Pontiac j i might take its place in the cele- I i bration of progress that Is being i I so fittingly observe*? here this f ! summer. 1 The motor vehicle ban was only That a balloon voyage into the j Partially lifted however, thus pre- stratosphere is no', all a matter of venting a complete victory 10- tne FR1GIDA1REIS EQUIPPED WITH SUPER-FREEZER GOOD INCREASE ATAUTOOMIP | consisted of a ca~ta:n household requirements Former Gov. Walter J. Kohiftr of Wisconsin, head of the concern Searing his name at Kohler. Wi*-. one of the nation's several scenes of str:k» disorders, is shown as pickets lifted their rope to permit htm to enter his office. He was the only person allowed to gain access to the (Associated Press Photo* PROVIDE FOR INDEPENDENCE DURING OLD AGE i life insurance. And the beauty of I it is that whatever an individual's I circumstances and problems j be, life insurance provides a solu- " ade ^^ the Poa ,:iac surroundeu , , eerfns laboratories of this division Tiza. spark .. Captain sevens wno is^ control costno- | j^ed as one of the worwi s »— ' j by tfce scuafi ot r. r =ralar army sol- | of General Motors. laboratories standing aerial pnoto^rapners, ia:a | diers w | t i, :mris loaded a= a g^iar- J tilgLt ^^1^ the cistincrion of con- • lion. j Mr. Johnson writes a policy I wnich siiaras^ees monthly Income I for life to its holders, after the | policy matures at any a^e they glory, j wisa. and is giau at ail times to A large Increase in "business; handled by the radio department ; of the Autoquip Company has been shown during the past two months, stated Ales P. Weiherhee. general manaser. who declared that in ad- ditJon to a ihcch larger business from Paris automobile owners, radios are beins shipped in for servicing from all over the territory covered by th« four salesmen of this company. "Our radio department is an authorized service station for practically all nationally known brands of radios, and it was necessary to install approved eo^aip- menc and stock of genu j ne parLs before setting appointments by these manufacturers to serve as an authorized service station," said Mr. Wetherbee. i "\Ve maintain service JUanuaLs J on.'every make of radio, together with blue, prints and service *n- structions which are furnished to us by the manufacturers of the various models, and our radio service man recently spent a week at the factory branch where he received training under a radio engineer. "Almost anybody can install a radio on an automobile, but it takes | a specialist with a thorough i knowledge of the electrical system | | t*> make both the radio and the i motor perform efficiently. That | is ons reason -why car owners, gar| ages and automobUe dealers are bringing their radio troubles to us- Tha Autoquip Company maintains a large service department which specialises on United Mot- ! ors Service, and many other spe- 1 cialiied services that can not be \ obtained anywhere north of I>al- j las. Exchange Your Cottonseed For Meal and Hull. Our Hulls are CLEAN and our meal Is Lamar Cotton Oil Company ~Ttic Friendly Oil Mill I'* South 25th St.. T and t>. Tracks LUBRICATION Mobiloil w. A. CAWTHOW Agent Old age is life's crownir.; according to Truman S. Johnson, I supply any desired information district manager of the Jefferson j 'tandard Ldfe Insurance Company, ! For Comple , A L E M L,ubrica.tion Brine JOHN SCARBOROUGH VISIT EVERYBODY'S SERVICE STATIONS For tias and Oil Fajette Riddeil. Owner COOPER PIPES ARE RUST-PROOF YOUNG MAIXORY*S 333 SERVICE STATION 63 South Main — Phone 333 Goodricb Tires—Gulf Product* Road Service •the canine -sva& ^-^"-—- • portea to ; e<L Not only is it necessary to ;-j, e ?^st r-arrier t-o the motor car ; '• _,_ OT& ,~ -r- n ~ hi^hiy sensitive films j ; n ~- ri ^ xjnrteci States surrendered- | '; used in aerial camera work from ; — $ These are central location i qtiate supp!" o. ^ce cu ta.II ta-iners "The majority of individuals j * J Xo-w the srcall home of moder- * liave no: fared so ivsil in the past, i ate cost car: have rust proof cop-j so , 'Statistics tell us.' isyjtes Paul Torn- { p er pi^rnbins and a'i for' about] the cost of a Paris Grocer Company Distributors of Quality Food Products For th* Entire Trade Territory PAR-TEX OIL COMPANY L F. Cowley, bottles and oicer cor>- L-nson in Harper's Magazine, that { -v, e CG st of a water system tbat be plaeefi on both | O f every one ijuailred Tnen sixty- I rirs's," so says Frank. Mar3c. the I sides anc s> the circulation of the ; five years old. -& must continue | plumber. This new ivay of svreat- 1 chilled air vrithin the refr-serator | to -s^ork for a tiving-. 57 are de- | JTJ^ pipe and fittings together cabinet Is more uniform; automatic \ pendent upor. someone e?se for | eliisinaies the costly, extra pipe' reset delrostin^ device, that makes | support, and only 5 have inde- ] ^hickness required fcr thread'ng. j I i: possible for users to defrost their ] peudent iacotties. This does notj\y> lel j waterpipes r=Jst out in old] I refr ; srerators and have them start j mean that only five men out of a ! buildings, especially those of per-j nt has bee- mad* ; up agrain automatically, •nrhen that ! hundred have been thrifty, or have • manent cor.struction. they should { .evelopment in rha \ ftrr=cti<jn is completed, th.cs e'irn- r artempted TO provide 'or their old ] - O y a n meaas TRUMAN EL JOHNSON FI.I.IS MOORE Representing Jefferson Standard Life Insurance Co- 514 First NacL Bank Bids.' QuaKty Shoe Join our tbrocs customers who are of QUINK SHOE SHOP S» I^&ma Kcpa lr*ng -.~a. ctibes on *?*-~£ri ^i^~ ;~-~*^- * >ok orders H 3 ^^ >lu- j inatins 1 loss cf foocS from spoilage ! ags be replaced by rust { What it do<-;s niean is tha.% | p roc £ copper pipe- An estimate: •^-isreratton and freere s~n abiir.S- j locally of """ " hot- Ibeer field tha- promises to revolu- j mating- . , ,.._.... g: indcs-} because the refrigerating mechan- '.. oaly 5 per cent have attained their j O f t he cost of r?placezn»nt is -a.i- \ I isrn ~asn't placed " in cpera.:ion > objective. ; tr&ys furnished free of charge by i l"n an intervie—, J. !>- Gibson, at | snoa enough; and auto^iat-c re- | -"Xinety-five out of every 100 j jj r ^ >ia.rx -when requested. j >ris C-"K?-a-Co!a Bc-ttiirsg ~orks. t leasing of ice trays, probably :be j men fail to secure financial i-de- \ — • • • ] I most sensational sinsie advance- j pendence because the money at the 3Ia,tz | ment ITI refrigeration convenience | earned during- their -working years ..^^pijj-j Corr:pan~ has made ono ; in recent years. Tb-e aatomatic re- | >ias vanisheji before they rsach the f --„,> "" c-i-ea~"•st coTitrihutiOTvs to j leases en all Frisidaire -ce trays j age •when they snotsld have liked ~-,s> b-^-^r^ns- iodTsstrv in over 20 s permit nsers to remove the froz* > to retire. One lesson the depres- <k>mplete PER.MAXEN7 SIJ95 to S5.OO All Work Gu SANITARY BEAUTY SHOP ROBIN1US GREENHOUSE } l ' j en trays from the super-freezer j sion has taught most emphatically . or c-: r . ce t he sale of beer has j with the pressure of a finger upon : is that thrift* good intentions, and This single Iave-;ion "2L1 I^tmra Pbcwte Sw Ehstributcr for KELVINATOR Oectric Refrigerator Telephone 170S i Hugh Palmer Motor Company r and P!jtis<nrtli Parts ztnd Service Untie Yo^ir Most Useful Servant ELECTRICITY Pot An Electric Outlet On Every Wall Texas Power & Light Co. Drrre * New 19S4 STUDEBAKER OSCAR DUNAGAN Jack Hanso". Mgr. •Comer Kaufman 'and 2Ctfc f matured and aged. ^ _ 1 tempers, i "Of conrse, all kind's of claims f These •R'oader'i:! features ': Tvere mace as to ag-e. but there | standard in the 15-34 nc-u»rno:-3 ! ^cas nciniriE: t« prove these claims. | - STJ ?jr >>y Frizridaire, 3!r. V^UIiarr ( "The Blatz Sre^rine Com pas- of j saj^, i ililvrankee. -?rhorr> -are represent in | Demonstrations are being: con-; * this territory. ?nanufactur*rs o^ ! tj-^cT^ cafly in Perkins shovrroos;! ! B'atz Old Hei<3e;b-ersr Beer, is one j an ^ hundreds of home managers j c-f "he oldest bre-svsries in tnl ^ = are ieaming there- are many n*-w | c-o T -:ntrr. A? 3OUST a.^o as 1S7I they ^ ; j,t-;g^ under the sun so far as | -n-er-e shiT'S-in.? b»cr from coast to j JJ/JJTJ^ refrigeration is concerned. j Trie company ^a.s started - J ; good business judgment do not • | necessarily spell financial success | \ or financial securUy. - - - | I Only One Plan Snre \ I In tiie light, of re-cent events it | 1 is becoming increasingly evident, i I and more generaiiv admitted, that | ' the surest, means of attaining *i- { I nancia! independence is CALL FOR SUREBEST It's Better Bread Southwest Baking Co. EL C. coast. "' **"Th4!v krro-ar beer . , - sr;c they T^,,,.,,.,,.,- ^^j-ir to man-'actiire it- They u^e" &n o:?i-—orld formula, only the i>*st of carefully selected in^redi- and their employes are old cxperi- ; 3ff "4nerr the put-lie would insist .he ase of the The Better ELtod Pboue 6S« For Prompt—First Class FRIGIDAIRE SERVICE on. 3>oniestic or CorrtTrserciai re- tion equipnjent a\is<S air oning equipment call. 5a" or night— PERKINS BROS. CO. Fri^idaire Dept-. Paris. Texas Day Ph. 2424, ^"Igbt Pfa. 22O8 XEXT TT>EE TRY LORECO GAS A>*T> OIL . T>, (JacJt) MHllasr. Oil and Kcffeitos Co. Telephone 2ST SUITS, DRESSES, COATS Master Cleaned *>fl*f and Pressed - ^"^V City Steam Laundry Telephone 21-22 MILK ^ LET US DELIVER "That Creamy Milk" To Yonr Home Dally W. H. MARTIN DAIRY Lamar Ave. Road, Pb- 14O1-J1 : Stalling Roofing Co. "We Top 'Em All" General Roofing: Contractor E. C, StaUIusx. Owner 23 Grand Avenue Pttone 92 (Scott Title & Trust Co. B!dg-> Every service for th* motorist I>odgc-PIrnKmtfa Dealer Longford Motor Service Successors To Osboro Motor Service Pontiac 8 See It: I>riTe It! Compere Price*! Al GulHck Motor Company T2 Sonth Main Street 33 YEARS ON LAMAR AVENUE Jotm*on~Bi!Bmgsley Company PHONE 336 W&ea Tour Car — Won*l Stan Easily — Won't run witlj usual — Won*t rid« or st«r *» *» wnea nc^v, We> tiie finest equipment: tjie dose Itisnly tratn-ed, PELCO BATTERIES ' : thW ^ere drinking;, and now they ! a»-e" meeting this demand by put- OI<J t« on every Heidelberg: Get Tbat Good Pcre, Ricdb and Sv^e^t Milk From NELSON DAIRY — It's bexter and owsts a !>*er the Northeast Texas with ICE CREAM 20 e QUART HIIdebrancF* bo-t!e of Blatz Beer that is p "Months a«o, *<i ^"<3 placed and asesng vats, each vat scaled "and placarde-3 •with the ex- ac* 'Dre^--5are of th& beer. Only -when the beer IK fal!y £S«3 ^by T&*«rat proce-ss*^ sn order to "orlng n fin**'- fcl!-bo^i*«3 richness vor an.d satisfy is S strength, j is it bcat^ed. The:? the exact bre-sr- J j date is placed or? the neckband of ' Hudson, Champion of the Road Uses Champion Spark Plugs, ROSS ILIFF MOTOR CO. Balck Sales and Service TRY OUR MIXED HULLS AND MEAL IN 100 POUND BAGS SOUTHLAND COTTON OIL CO. OKJGINAJL ETCHAXGERS" Place Your Insurance With Rainey, Love & Co. Ac Unlimited Whci* M3k M«trkct —AT— Lamar Creamery Co. COMPARE OUR PRICES Before joy buv auto supplies Hooten-AII«r<} Aoto Supply "A Hom«> Owned Irsstitution'' SS S- 20tb Street TeL 2«0 BARNETTS TIN SHOP Tin lad Gftlmnlzcd Iron Work, Galvanized RadJmton ftepttlmd KDd Rccon-d I* EAST KACFMA> STREKT _ 1»HOXE NO. S«Ie* and Trmctorai—lntertwtlonal Truck* W BONHAM STRKET <;— Dependable —Economical —Efficient NORTHEAST TEXAS MOTOR UNES Pwrte "Get Gulf and Get Ahead" SAM WEISS Dtetrffaotcr of Gnif fteflntoic Prodact* BUD WEISER EAT IDEAL BREAD "Ideal for Ercry Meal" Ideal Baking Co. "A Paris institution" LYON-GRAY LUMBER CO. Fhe home of Qaaliry Bu1l4- fn£r Materials Ptronc 278 Your cleanest, most efficient, most economical fuel for heating, cooking and industrial uses, Texas Citie* Gas Co, We Have Money TO LOAN To Repair Your Home Paris Building & Loan Association Chevrolet Owner* Our service department i* corn- pit-tely equipped &n4 manned ty tralne<j m*c!jAT*ica to «*rv« you best. Lamar Chevrolet Co. King of BoUI*<3 Beens Distributed V,'ho;«asa3«s by BUY FURNITURE MADE IN PARIS SIGNS HOGAN CLARK Local representative and distributor CONOCO CONOCO Carotin* Germ ProccMed Motor Oil IT* 2»a Norih MAI* A. FILING SUPPLIES fcverything you need t^ make your uffic* thoroughly modern.

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