Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana on August 22, 1962 · Page 49
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Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana · Page 49

Lake Charles, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 22, 1962
Page 49
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danced Budgets or Seven State Colleges Okayed Gala Parade IK?5/S'2SL Crime Board / tii.II it it HATCHES EGGS Will Herald f \TON ROUGE (AP) - Bal-1 a policy to reject all proposed def- |eed budgets for seven state icit budgets, and the education iljegcs have been approved by board left unchanged those it of- Budget study com- fered. l6<-f Chairman William Cleveland of Mi- .ommittee sidestepped an the budget committee said the col- Je.,rling clash over education leges, however, had prepared bal- Wednesday as it okayed anced budgets before going to the f'J budgets. education board, and the commit-.lash appeared to be in the tee fell back on them, liking when the state Board of Only hvn were set aside for 8tation approved deficit spend- more revision, those of the U.ti- programs for the nine state versity of Southwestern Louisiana ses and universities under its and Grambling. fflancc. Sen. Cleveland of Crowley said |Oie budget committee laid down, the administrations of the two uciear-Powered hips To Be Fast schools thought their original budgets were in balance, but a committee check showed they weren't. He said the committee expect Lions Rodeo DEQTJINCY fSpU — Rodeo; fever pervades thi« Calcasieu par- ne saiu uie cummiuce expect- , u •* « r- t , ed to take final action on the USL- is ^. CIty f fmal ^^g^cnls are and Grambling budgets Thursday i takin S sha P c fnr ™ L '°ns club before quitting work until after j rodeo which begins Friday with a Labor Day. < parade at 4:30 p.m. ; The same applied to the spend- ., . ... . . . , i ing programs proposed for the! f Ah ,°^ -»0 contestants have en- rducatiOn department's adminis-! terefd the S1X ev f ts '" the rorieo i trative section and two trade j pt ' rfor ™ nces w . h ' ch , ^ m . at « schools, Jefferson Parish Trade ! ?'. m ' **?? a " d Satllrday In the School and the Orieans Area Trade : L '° ns d " b rodeo arcna ' ; Srhool. Groups scheduled for the pa- The budget committee acted onjrade include Civil Defense mobile spending plans for all other trade' an d motorcycle units from Lake and special schools under the edu- ! Charles; local police and Civil cation board. | Defense units; Civil Air Patrol ca- Cleveland said before quitting idet marching units from Lake Thursday the committee would j s ., C h a r 1 e s; the DeQuincy high SAN ANDREAS, Calif. (AP) —Anne James found 11 quail eggs on a recent rock-hunting expedition and brought them back to her home in this Mother Lode town. She put the eggs in a moist cloth and placed them in an electric frying pan turned down fo its lowest temperature. For the next seven days, she carefully turned the eggs. It wasn't a new recipe. The eggs eventually hatched and Anne was the unofficial mother of a flock of live and healthy baby quail. Bill Is Settled To Satisfaction All Chief Charges Coast Gaming 1 NEW ORLEANS < AP) - Aaron ;Kohn. managing director of the Metropolitan Crime Commission. today said his charges of Gulf .Coast gambling "are obvious lo| I any law enforcement officer who; i seeks to observe it. . ." i Kohn added he intends to pre-, 'sent his facts to Mississippi Gov. .Ross Barnctt. THURS., AUGUST 23,1962, Lofce Charte American Pmt 9 MAYBE HE COULD HAVE HELD IT IN HIS TEETH GLENDALE, Ariz. (AP) — Gayle Gate and Bobby Wagoner, both 13, don't ask for any favfcfs when they ride into town. The two rode in on their horse Sugar to buy supplies. Dismounting, they hitched him to a poking meter and dropped a penny in the slot. Standing nearby, patrolman Orval Wilmer mused aloud to bystanders. "Wonder where I'll put the ticket in case the horse overstays the time 11 " But he didn't have to worry. The boys got their saddle soap and were mounted up in 'nlent v of time. "I'm happy he's interested," — 'Kohn said in a telephone inter- people in the entire area," I have the details I discussed L In his remarks Sheriff Kohn four spots on the Gulf C'oa-4 in ' and **fc ™al arrest* on De- „ ~ur u <- ^ day night, I'll make sure that he deaux added he would act if any- lgamWing chargeS " S ' nC>e the "' does have them." ; one confronted him with proof of netl £aid his inve;:tl23 t°rs report - - - r By FRANK CAREY Associated Press Science Writer [SAVANNAH, Ga. (AP)-Devel- bAent of the pioneering nuclear ietchant ship Savannah has n the way to building inv roved yet cheaper atomic pow- M! vessels for world commerce. ] Robert E. Wilson, a member of Atomic Energy Commission, jimlc that report Wednesday, ^recasting that such advances nnld lead to: I \ f . Nuclear powered freighters jiat would speed across the At- m!tic in four days—faster than ixury liners like the Queen Mary, nrj almost twice as fast as con- ventionally fueled cargo ships. 2. Long-range, 60-knot hydrofoils—ocean-going craft that would operate with only their foils submerged, while the hull rode above the water line. 3. Fast-stepping "ground effect machines" which would ride on a sue a statement concerning spending programs of the 67 local school boards over Louisiana, which are being handled in a way different from other budget units. As to the colleges' budgets, Cleveland said, "We only took the balanced budgets, recommended them, and sent them approved to the division of administration. school band and marching unit; and a float sponsored by the local Lioness club. T. C. Gotten, Lions club president, said the other units have, . . , . , been invited and added that at her word yesterday In a s P eech at Biloxi ' Kohn a breach of the law. [charged there were links between! Kohn said if Dedeaux sincerely . ; Gulf Coast gambling operations,! wants details of Kohn's state- CINCINNATI (AP)-Rose Mane> njght dubs aencj rcso * ts J, ith what ments at Bi]oxi> he .. will he very Hmes, 37, said shed give the he ca rj ed the New Or i eans un d er - happy to make them available." little, if any, gambling goes Ofl. money to charity before she'd pay: world of Carlos Marce Uo. "All he has to do is ask," Kohn Italii Dead in Accident ' — * j * • i wui iu ui ^auvia maiteuu. ; ™" »«> "aa iu uu 13 aait, rvuiin for linoleum she said was poorly Bgrnett sajd Wednesday n i ght: said. "However, much of what I BOLZANO. Italy <AP) _ Two installed. ,in Jackson that if Kohn will handi stated 1S very obvious to any law Italian soldiers died ard 11 othfets Judge Robert V. Wood took her i over fae evidence, Barnett "will enforcement officer who seeks to were injured Wedns-day when 1 u ~- 4 — t "- J "" - ... observe it right there in Harri- their truck plunged off the Brenson County." ner Pass highway into nn embank- : make things rough on somebody.' mounted horsemen from the area So did Harry Goldstein, opera- At Gulfport, Harrison County, .. ,. , _ , , ., •, • *were invited to be in the parade, tor of the firm seeking $124.14 in sheriff Curtis Dedeaux called the' . Nat ' onal Guardsmen, under or- ment in this north Italian Alpifle municipal court from Miss Hines! allegalion "ridiculous." Dedeaux < ders from the governor, raided r.rea. Events to be featured in the ro-l [or the linoleum work. i add * d hc would arrest Konn .., f i cushion of air near the surface of 1 He said the action left several I? 50 a , rc ba . reback J"' onc riding Jud Wood sajd the m wijl he comcs jn(o thjs c(junl jn " .......... Southern Scions' fates on Omnibus : qrm Bill Listed I WASHINGTON (AP) - Follow- is the way Southern senators nted on the omnibus farm bill. | Democrats for Blender of La., Fulbrighl of rk., Gore of Tenn., Hill of Ala., orig of La., Sparkman of Ala., tarborough of Tex. IQemocrats against the water at speeds of perhaps 150 knots. Wilson discussed these possibilities in a speech honoring the completion of the maiden voyage of the 22,000-ton, $53 million nuclear merchant ship, the first of its kind in the world. He said experience acquired mainly in building the Savannah "has resulted in reactor designs which would reduce the ... Savannah power plant weight and construction cost by 50 per cent and the operating cost by 60 per cent." The cost of the reactor in the Savannah was $13 million, and its weight is 2,500 tons. Revival to Begin Friday in Iowa IOWA (Spl.) — A nondenominational revival under the Hi-Way liastland of Miss., McLellan of j and Hedge tent will begin here Problems to be solved by the ous college presidents. He de""" *-«"v 6 ». pitoiuums. ne ue- • j i 11 -j;,,,, clined to go into details, but said : and bul1 ndmg these could best be discussed with the, college presidents concerned. Homer Russell, state budget officer who has been working with the committee, said the approved college budgets left untouched a policy set down by the education board allowing the presidents to give preference to most essential services. ? " , c '. a i go to the Chochem Club, which and makes statements like that a °f»8 in 8 i has a drive to buy wheelchairs without first giving us proof." ', for invalids. The A. A. Davis .service station has been rodeo headquarters. Entrants for the rodeo events may register until 5 p.m. Thursday at the headquarters. The earliest European playing cards were made exclusively for the nobility. They were *painted by hand. Cyprus Building Lost in Blaze NICOSIA, Cyprus (AP) - Fire destroyed a wing of the Cyprus defense ministry in Nicosia Wednesday night. Firemen said sabotage was suspected. Dedeaux said the charge against Kohn would be disturbing the peace. "If facts disturb Sheriff De- dcaux's peace," Kohn said, "perhaps some constructive results can be accomplished if his disturbance is converted into vigorous law enforcement. "It would benefit not only the people on the Gulf Coast, but' INSURANCE ALL KINDS REPRESENTING AETXA CASUALITY & SURETY COMPANY Everything for School at SUNDRY, HOME CENTER, LOBBY TOBACCO DEPT. Stennis of Miss. Republicans against I Tower of Tex. [Not voting but announced as riired: jKofauvcr. D-Tcnn., for, Morton, Ky., against. i j'airs are used to denote oppo- ition positions of senators when or both are absent.) Friday night at 7:45 p.m. The revival is to continue for about two weeks. The revival tent will be located on U. S. Highway 90, one block east of the town signal light. Rev. J. E. Murdock and others will be preaching at the meetings. The public has been invited to attend. You Be The Judge! The State Supreme Court is Your Court of Last Resort IF YOU HAD A CASE BEFORE THE COURT WITH THE POSSIBLE LOSS OF PROPERTY OR LIFE WHICH JUDGE WOULD YOU RATHER HAVE: A MAN WITH . . . EXPERIENCE AS A LAWMAKER 28 YEARS ON THE SUPREME COURT 13 YEARS AS CHIEF JUSTICE OR A MAN WHO ... HAS HAD NO EXPERIENCE AS A LAWMAKER HAS NEVER ARGUED A CASE IN THE SUPREME COURT IS ONLY A CITY JUDGE DEALING WITH CIVIL CASES OF $300.00 OR LESS. Vote for EXPERIENCE Re-Elect Chief Justice i^kif JUMBO PKG., 300 COUNT, LOOSE LEAF Th»i» prico good thru Sat., Aug. 55. Wa rnierve the right to limit quantity. Plus Fed. tax where applicable. John B. Fguroet Politic*! FILLER WIRE BOUND 2-HOLE OR 5-HOLE Filler Paper Honor Roll 2 hole top punch. 74 sheets, 2 pkgs. 47c Klndograph CRAYONS X count 35c With thii coupon and 1'iSO'.ojf-'BwrT infocreo supply- purchases lint.:;Welifsw**"'^-'^ -'Wi 4 j' - ^COUPON^ FREE! 100 ETXRA BIG BONUS STAMPS WITH THIS COUPON AND $1.50 IN SCHOOL SUPPLIES PURCHASES AT WEINGARTEN'S. (COUPON EXPIRES AUG. 25, 1762) Loose Leaf Binders 7 ring in choice of Canvas, Hard Coviri or Heal S»«l«d bindin. Fine Vinyl Zipper Binders 2.44 2-ring binder with xipper pockets and wid« gussets. Auorted stylts and colors. School Lunch Kits Complete wJJh '/j pt, vacuum bottl«. As- torUd t t y I t i and designs. Assorted School Bags 1.69 Anortod ltyl»l «n<J pattern). Com plei« with handles And shoulder [traps. OUR OWN "BUCK LANCE" Western Jeans 99 BOX OF 24 CrayoBa Crayons 25: 4" BLUNT OR POINTED School Scissors 19c NEW! 5-OZ. PLASTIC JAR! LE^PAC-E'S Paste s^l™ 2'h SHEAFFER OR ESTERBHOOK Cartridge Pens e <,. ®3f Spur Alarm Clock 3 Dtptnddbfe . . e^sy r«dd luminous dial. St wound for 40 hours. Timex Watches Girls' Crisp Cotton School Dresses Reg. 2.46 Chaou t r o m i-dditi* p«lit« or Men's stylet both with leather bands. Sold in Lobr>v " -.3 Dept. . _ SIZES 3-6x 2.97 SIZES 7 3.97 Choose from a wide selection of solids, plaids, checks, j|; novelty prints. New fall || color* in wash and wear fe cottons. s| .ijHaJMSfrftiffty'--^ Vat Dyed Proportioned We can Fit any boy. REGULARS, SLIMS, HUSKIES SIZES 4-16 Stretch Socks Infants', ftlrls', Mlii**' 3 P 1.00 Long wearing Ban-Lon* that kttpi it fit , washing after witJilng. White ooly. Reg. 49c Girls' Rayon Boys' Cotton Boys' Boxer Boys' Sport Briefs Socks Jeans Shirts 99c 99e v 1.00 Choose trom whita or pastel colon. Sites 2-12. Elastic waist «nd togs. Double Kn«e Sanforlied blue dtnim Includes argyles and with double knee They're fancy patterns. Nyloo re- Vat Dy«d and rivelid. intorced. Sijei 7-10. Sljei J-4«- long sleeve stylet In 014- ft chine washable cottons. ~ Check* and plaids. Sites Me. Misses New Fall Capri Pants 1.97 Latest Fall colors in comfortable Wash and Wear cottons. Choose from solids, plaids, plain or hi-ris* waistbands. Sizes 10-18 Black, Green, Brown, Royal. OTHER FALL CAPRIS 2.97 SOFT. 7/16" DIAMETER Garden Hose 1.49 •?*SS RIGULAR SUPfR Oil GENTLE

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