The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa on May 7, 1970 · Page 22
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May 7, 1970

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The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa · Page 22

Des Moines, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 7, 1970
Page 22
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Page 22 article text (OCR)

lhas been almost ideal A Plea for Rationality for 1 .1 year ago when planters were >kept from, fields .by May rains. IDEAL' SEASON TO PLANT CORN By Don Muhm (The Register'! F»rm,Edltor) ,u-«" •<"* •«••, •«• ««.„,,.«. Iowa farmers are enjoying an | western Iowa - except in south-1 Thcy wan t ct | to be ready to Iowa's major crop. Another benefit, according to j ,, Many fafmers remember Duncan, isjhejact that there is | wna t happened in 1969, and a good subsoil moisture in many j lot of them did some of their portions of Iowa. "About the! spring corn-planting, chores onlv "dry" subsoil is found in f f ly i 7 Pl 0 ™ ng , d< "f fert , iH " *** '•"* fall, for example. Des Moines Register Thurj., May 7. 1970 I T'S ..BEEN a tough week; the kirid-that makes a dedicated rationalist want to stick his head in the oven, turn on the gas and take a nap. We seem to be--a society dead set on self-destruction with each element set against its opposite number — young against old, blac'k against white, north against south. And now we sit arguing whether those four dead kids - at Kent State deserved what they got and where we shbuIdHraw Ihc line on the home front. There can be no real winner in this internecpe warfare, but surely the biggest losers will-be neither the militants of the right nor the left; it will be us — those of us in the middle who feel concern for the injustice that motivates much of the protesting, who have a stake in this society and a desire to make it live up to its traditional ideals. It is a middle ground that is rapidly turning to quicksand beneath our feet. A RE YOU for the Chicago 7 or are you foe Judge Hoffman? Are you for the Black Panthers or are you foe the cops? Are you for the students or are you for the National Guard? These are the forms in which the issues of the day are presented to MS. Yes or no, they ask. Are you with me or against me? It's no good making a rational answer; that the issues -are too complex for such sim- p 1 i s t i c analysis. You're branded a coward, or worse. Logic and reason are . drowned out by the clash of events. So we stand — we of the middle ground —impotent, frustrated, bathed in self-doubt. It 5s difficult, at this distance, to know precisely what to think about the confrontational Kent State: Buildings burned, students shot and killed, charges and countercharges. It sounds like a story coming to us from a banana republic, rather than from a —straight-campus-in-the Middle West. One feels sure that the National Guard cannot escape major responsibility for the disaster. Its track record at riots during the past several years is hardly enviable. Guardsmen have a well- established tendency to see phantom snipers and to begin banging away at whatever moves. They simply are incompetent to operate effectively in the highly charged atmosphere of a large-scale demonstration. TT° WEVER strongly one JTl feels about the burning and bombing of buildings and mass vandalism, there are .ways to prevent it -short of indiscriminate slaughter. One of the unmourned casualties of the Kent State affair was Mr. Nixon's Bring Us Tog e t h e r Bandwagon. That bloated piece of campaign rhetoric was born in Ohio, handlet- tered on a fign at a whistle stop, and it died there, amid the shots and screams of an anti-war demonstration nightmare. Yon don't bring a divided country together by /ending your vice-president" around to heap scorn on everyone who disagrees with you; you don't do it by ignoring what you don't want to bear. It is time to reassert the value .of rationality in our society. -This does not mean a lowering of voices, which does nothing but serve the corrupt interests in power, but~rather demanding that the voices talk sense. The beginning of sense in our society would be the recognition of this fact, so self- evident to the protesters, so incomprehensible to those in —office. excellent corn-planting season j west due to sunny and dry days, E. j "Because we have the R. Duncan, Iowa State Univer- soil containing good moisture ? c ' te ^v g T mist at ^^,MS£ i*« f - f — Ames, said Wednesday. N i ^wcathc^like^we^haveLcj- Duncan, who has viewed Iowa corn season conditions since 1&40, said, "I don't know when we've had such a good run of almost ideal corn-planting weather." For up to 10 days in many joyed recently," Duncan added. "A two-inch rain on top of that subsoil moisture could really delay corn-planting-" ' ... Another thing involved in planting. Iowa's 10.7 million areas of the state, (He weather acres of corn is the experience One cannot recoil in shock and horror at the burning of a campus building or the hurling of a rock and, at the same time, nod approvingly while we send armies throughout Southeast Asia burning villages in support of regimes that massacre whole communities of peasants. If one does not protest the barfearism of the latter act, how can he expect his protest of the lesser barbarism of the former to carry moral force? ' —Donald Kaul Blood h Offered By 200 Students HAMMOND, LA. (AP) - After the Seventh Ward Hospital put out a call Tuesday night for blood donors for a seriously injured (raffle vidm ware than 2$ students ftxnn Southeastern the -new fashions . . . the »ci(' you! roll with their planters this year," Duncan said. The trend in recent, years-has plant corn earlier. Research has shown, that corn planted after the May 6-8 period shows a corresponding reduction in yields. Most farmers prefer to have their corn planted before May 10. On May 4, the Iowa Cfop and Livestock Reporting Service es- timated that >about 20 per cent of Iowa's corn crop had bene planted. Duncan predicts that by this weekend -almost 50 per cent of the crop will be planted. "Farmers can plant a lot of corn in a short time now, with all of their modern equipment. A four-row planter can cover 40 acres easily in a. long day, and we havtnr - loL of .. six-row- and --I a r-g-e.,t- planters being used now," he added. Duncan cautioned, however, against planting soybeans this early. "Research shows no particular yield advantage to planting soybeans before May 10." YOUNKERS Contour underfashions of DuPont® Nylon and Lycra® spandex DEMI-BRA underwired with wide neckline. Sides and back of sheer Lycra® spandex power net. Lace paved satin straps extend into low scooped back. White or golden haze. A, B or C cups 82, 34 and 36. STYLE 1205 - . 5.50 BRASLIP with cups designed as the demi-bra. 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