The Sandusky Register from Sandusky, Ohio on December 16, 1955 · Page 19
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The Sandusky Register from Sandusky, Ohio · Page 19

Sandusky, Ohio
Issue Date:
Friday, December 16, 1955
Page 19
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Sommy SnMd Has 2 -Strok« Leod; Lto Fashions 68 SANFORD. FLA.. Dec. 16; (INSi—At the age of 43. Sammy' Snead can still .«how youngsters | how to plav golf. ; The White Sulphur Springs, W.; Va.. pro kicked up his heels at a pack of .vounger golfer.s Thursday In taking the lead in llic first round ol the SI.i.OOO Sanford Open golf tournament with i • ."(ix-under-par 64 for a !wo- •troke lead. Trailing Snead into the sou- end round came Dow Fin,<ftprwal(l of Bedford Heights, O.. and Ted Kroll of Bethcsda, Md., al 66. A tier them, (he field ot 112 }>ros hunched up witli seven lied; at 67. including hig money-winner Mike Sourhak of Crros.singer. N. Y. Sneads victim in the plav off for the Miami Open (ille, Tomni.\ ^ Rolf of Chattanooga. Tenn.. open-' • >d with a 68 that tied him with nine others including Loo Bia- Rotti, ipartans Head West KAST LANSING. MICH.. Doc in (fjvsi — Coach Hugh Duffy Daugherty and 4R Michigan Stale Spartans leave KnM f,an.sing h\ chartered plane today for Pasadena. Cal.. and thp .fan. 2 nose Bowl clash with UCLA. Ten Teoms Face Big Gomes CHICAGO, Dec, K; (I PI - Carlings Optn $ef For Sf. Louis In '56 In othor ^-iMiirl,-) flu-in,') ,i|)p(.',ir~ ,it Ml- of l,(».s AiiKvlv- .il linv;i. .Mlclli U.ili ,il lliillir, oirio '^t.-ilc Mt St l .uuiv \ iil(>,,; ;iiM> ,,1 PuKluf. Ci-KVF,LAND, Dec. 16 <1NS> — Mi(hii.;;iii SI II! ,i! I 'iii -.iiiiri;h. <uid I'hc Carllngs Brewing Company an- Light Hl|i Ten hHskcthall snllc -.1 Bi .ulUv Thursday tha' the 19.56 will 1 )0 m actu )n Ihrx wcok-enti , ,. _ witn onlv winless Xorlhue.stcrn - , , . ....ii '-'Pen Golf Tournaim-nt, and Wisconsin viulnnous once CClOie LOpQt Will vriiiinatcd ui Clevclaiul. will be in four starts, to ho idle. _. , , ^ouis in the sutn- The program l )C2in,. loni -ht Pflot RiChmOnd when Notre Dame Iraxels to Miii- « ""' '"'f'"' ^"'*<''<' ^l^'^^^" nesola while two .standout u;.nic.v NKW X'UK I x , li, <l I" ' !'•>••'"'id li ).i4 and in Boston open a Chicauo Stadium Lnita , , „„,. , „ |irr to, the • ?'• ^•"'•I'O'i^ "'•'^''al^ ^ tional tournament. Marc,uoltc vs. "-'^ '^von.jni «hl return to \'national champion San I M ancMo ""^ " Vu,kN ,H,K ,v- n-. c nnw , u • , ,ovcl.nri ,n I -b,. ,and DePaul vs. MT winner Du- ' l'."i,,-,n„^hip- lo.nnv •cjuesne. i<"l ''v n.iniccl mana,,.; of the f^Qff WingS MOYC Uo .Stadium yanu 's Saluiila .v ^iH Uichiiiond \ irmui.m- m iin' In: pit tonight's winners in llu" icmailonal {.v.i- j championship sli-utmlo and the 'I 'lic aniMMinim losers in a consolation show in \r\\ ^oiK li\ Illinois meets \\'nsiMni,M(in ol wlm h .ivc ,i " oi 1 St. Loui.s at Champaign In Htc l!u iiiiMMid afternoon Iclevisiou scrap .uul he a i".!.!). m.iii the mini arc 2fi point l'a\tnili's iuc,i>ioii,iI iiirn ni ,111- 111 the In By Intprnstional News Service iriii v\,is' m<((ic Detroit look over third place In fill' \ ankf'i's. tin- National Hockey League uip; , IL:I coinrnt Thursdav nis:;ht with a 4-0 win l.niiai plaii.s to u\cr Toronto as the Boston .i..:i T. lakin-' an Mrniiis <;rored (heir first \-iclory I ihc 11)1)1111 (1, ovri' Chicago in nine eamos RCOfSTEA-STAn-HeWt IS Saniinnky, 0,. tti., !»>«. II, lilt Ohio State Will Honor Hiiinski COLUMBUS, Dec. 1« ftN8> — A bachelor of nrls degree Will be awarded post-hunioU8l.v Ffirfsy tn nichard A., star of th»» oiiio Staff I9.i4 foot ball te»m which won the Rose Bowl cdf»- tesi and Big Ten. Hiiinski. Euclid. O.. w»n killed Oct. 21 in an auto accident near Ann Arbor. Mich. At th* lime of his death he had just be- uun his second year In medical school and had completed all requirements for the art.s degree. NF.w VOIIK—»iinn.v«i<le OaMrii llarrtv SmaUwuort. I,'5<». Broaklyil. stnpppti pptr .\rtams. l.^''^.^. Stiir^rt, V. I.. (1). .MORK CARRAStMLLS—Chico Carrasquel, center. reporteH to the Caracas club of the Venezuelan League before he was traded by the Chica go White Sox to the Cleveland Indians. The star shortstop found brother Dominic, lefl. al the position he plays so well and cousin .Manuel at second base. .So Chico went to the outfield. LAST NIGHT'S BOWLING SCORES Carroll Wini Basily • CLBVF,LAND. Doc. Ifi 'INSi John Carroll University's Blue Streaks turned on the steam in the second half Tluir.sday night and roa.sted W^estern Reserve, 88- inciustiini Nui 4 64. for their fourth straight vie-;'^'i"^!' C'-''>'>" ' tory. ihor.stcr China ; Aincr Ci!i.\on No. .'! ilndiistrial Niil No 2 I Inclu.striiil Nut .\(.i. ;i Burns &Gov( _. , , • .,, , National Cash Rej! Th Chicago White Sox will pia .v - .,• ., f R,^,.;. every ma.ior league team train- ,^,^,|^^.„ , fne in Floi'ida at least once in - • . a 22 game exhibilion slate an-^;'^^''^'j,,!;-',^,"" ' nounced Thursday-. It includes y:,;ur. .M.-nsh.iii three games with Cincinnati. Frank TniniHn 2:,.'. (M.DnnS Instiuinnnt •!2'i Rii4 RllTKH -Miir ,. , , <M <'R <-il Allrvs) P.oro .siDE 74H RnO 802 T -HMor> Ton Knrh Insuranop .Vin .(la 14:) Potn Lnn-rv .ini sc-rlrsi • I'liJl r^i. > , r- KniUmc Nook _ 474 411 4:!7 • Du.nv Skinnor 2.Vl high sinplo '^""^^ Cllovrolct Co Spoorr Vnillts . , ."nil 4(11 .".In VACXTIOM-Wt) I.rAGt'E" T ^Pco,\ s im; 14."> 4.'il , (IloRcrl .\llr\ si Kucniinfrs .Service Pelrolonni En)erson White.v ^ Mc.\ cr.s ,^ Son i»L'.'i r.4.T fi4H ."iBI (i44 Hfin nOl filil (i,-)7 .'ino «iR rnyjt nn.-i fii,") Ran :',2 .'>lil I!l4^ Cnn)p St. Mkl 4:11 .")4.'i ."W,") " ' ^ . Illii .SioKlin.u .ioi' ihif'l) S'M -iesi llooeii.s' JcMVclcrs .\I JU-EC Holmes thiKli (-uiuUi. Ycpsoii CJardcnnr.'" IWC'IOin l,i:.\(;t;i': Urinnon Co (ISIalo .\ll(.'.v^) Mario's HH2 H47 l.oy Cahii) (105 H44 (IKi VarKO Grofcr.v - Hijli 772 Erin Brew Rii.-, R,n, Mark's "'2 86,3 R.ii Rvcnhrrak 80.T 822 84(i 987 ,932 9,-,l !'I2 !)2ri 028 7SO 844 941 "fl80 S(i4 836^'«'elcr5 1002 8.5.-, .^'^"'-•rrs nm fi(HO H.ifi fi82 7;Ki 74") Newman 478 chiRh serie .si S 187 (high .•<inglci S(c^- l,K,\(;iF. (Bonnie l .aiies) 709 (w2 80,") nr,2 510 840 White Sox Tuneups CHICAGO, ILL., Dec. Ifi 'UPi 81 1 742 (ill! L.vnian Boal.s (1»<) 7<in 7f ,i) Savini 662 ,,,, • _.. Ki.Ks M-;Af;i;K '"' UnBcrl .AUrs.s) on." n-To'-n- ' Firccckers 2.-)R ihigh series Strikers i Blasters D. Pfanner 838 878 649. 716 705 642 R 1.1^ lju Mmlins Restaurant 8 !M 72() 7')I Barr Rubber (14(1 72!i 7i;) B.\ inclon^Bros. .T .\ 7ii;i 7113 7(1(1 R- W. Schaelfer Co. 7Hli RV2 784 P(>lerseir"Lunibe'r " 'hmh .scries I. Voltz Air Con. ihi "li sint'l' 644 8Rn" 682 . 7.»0 866 705 145 ihlj?h scries). Me.vers 211 ihish sinRlei. TROV, O.—I.. C. Morgaii, 1,16. Pay tnn, Ohio. OHtpointPil CSIen Fl»na fan, J.IS, St. Paul. Minn.. (10). RUPTBRED? I L.AS.SM: I(Slate .Vlli'.>s) .Ivanians Kornrr ijohn Ucc iiarbers ; Bertch .((nvcler.s Riedy .i?! Son Orive-in Merchants Finance .Erin Brew Cjood Furniture Producu TTny 718 R27 767 829 832 872 710 829 858 696 636 759, 850 800 812 812 764 751, "77.'5 "sijY 755 R40 Hi;5 R(il Koil 82!) aOi! 8511 8119 823 7 39 85li 87(1 726 814 735 ^789'807" 780 893 777 821 ft. T** Jp.Borchardl Truckers u::rr'^t:!^'^6 can .sch.rK. r,^^ 1 Miffar ttm%m ^-<!i '^"'k ,Si'hui-tei- 244 - N. I,: ..K.V.UK (Honnic 1,alios) Martin's Catering Powers Decorators Kd Browne 573 fhigli .series) .loUn Bcttridge 242 (hiRh single). TwVDIES- V.XCATIONL.AND I.E.AGUK 801 Rli Br> (Bonnie Lane.s) 851 874 877 Snyder's Cnrryoul . fill 530 631 847 766 757 • \^'''«^>'-'' Ratjlii'r.v .. . 570 587 565; (113 815 835 Frankic's DairyBar" " ".~662 668' 653 ' 05 ' 77(1 80 832 7f:il 832 iqh .scric .^i, ihi,",h siiiKlei • inal I MILLER Insjieel ion 8ii'l fi .M Rl'i •Recei VI nu' 845 1100 !)0 ,'i , EniiBinecriiiK 789 721) 78't 'S'nippiiiK 774 759 865 Heal Treat 7iil) 799 788 Ball Shop__. . . 792 767 748 Macliining 806 735 81 1 GrindiiiR 873 715 858 Name Omitted 73(1 733 756 I Gages 765 708 845 JMaehinc ^Repair ' 782 832 779 ] Forge Shop 789 810 805 ] Mechanical T. 827 838 844 Pumpshatt 801 91 1 764 Buffalo Bisons Buy Reed From Toledo HLFF.VLO. N. Doc. 16 ibP' Tlio Buffalo Bisons of the International Hasoball Loatjue. have .'inmunccd the purchase of in- fioldcr Bill Reed, D3, who served with Toledo in the .>\merican .A.ssociatioii for tlie past three years. Reed batted .300 or better during seven of his .10 years in baso'iall. He is expected to relieve at either second or third. 14K saves the day/ WANT ADS BRING RESULTS ^ SLI:FPER FOR MEN & BOYS Men's Moc-toe soft Leather Slippers with Nuron-crepe soles. Black or Uro« n. Sizes 7 to 11. M«ft'» lea^ef ityle Mne-toe Iilippcn with Tasjle and Nuron- cr*pe soles, in Brown. Tao or Black. Sim 7 to 11. 2.99 3.99 ^irn's Leather tipper fomeo. Wear 'em indoori and out. Durable lolei. Rubber Heels. Wine. Sizes 6 to 12. 3.99 Ilea*! toft kid Icttfiff roroeo. Fully leather lined. Durable loles. Roomy toe. Sizes 6 to 12. 3.99. jr. Boya" Sizti to 6, 3.49 Little Boys' 10 le 3. 2.99 Home from work, Joe's kinda beat. What's thiff A note I IPS at his feet! "Gone shopping. Be home late. Love, Afay" 232 COLUMBUS AVE. But "14-K" »oi '»'s thf day! Saves the day? Boy, it sure does because this is your assurance of BEER AT ITS GOLDEN BEST!. PENNEY'S WAYS ^-VlMt^t44 'tlT Don't Miss This-Men! Sensational Or OFFER! " Famous Quality" Name Brand A Terrific Savings!! Our entire stock! All wool worsteds, dimensional wools, shadow tones. Choose sizes 36 to 46 shorts, regulars, longs. PfNNfY'S OPfN TONIGHT 'III 9 J ^

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