The News from Frederick, Maryland on December 26, 1931 · Page 10
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 10

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 26, 1931
Page 10
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MANY GIFTS MADE TONE CHRIS! TfflB DAILY HEWS, fRgDEBICg. MD. SATURDAY^ PBCEMBgl^gg, 1331. Slipping Through His iKgers! Wide Distribution Of Food,; Clothing And Toys In City And County. MOSIG PLAYED ON STREETS! OF CITY NIGHT AND MORNING Services Held In Churche Observance Here Quietly Marked. Discarding his age-clci custom of vis- *~ry county homes by sled sad rein- Seer ae not f«us.; Santa c.aus employed modern nrihass to make h.s annual set an er.-ire success . .Last reports were that saint Nict was ; sees, cruising \-.a aeroplane to various J chimneys and clinsuis to miniature parachutes to make his descent and fill the customary stockings with good ttusgs p\of those unfortunates who »ere not en the patron saint's list, the police. welfare groups and churches acted In ojg ste»d. Hundreds of baskets oJ food, and other articles, not forset- th- toys for the children, were expensed in the largest single charity ' distribution Frederick has ever known Practically every needy family In the city was remembered, as well as many ea the county. The co-operation of Frederick merchants, as well as those , more fortunate persons, assured the · sfiistrlbuticn of success from the start. for other county unfortunates, who , happened to be undergoing treatment · ' at Montivue hospital or incarcerated j in the Frederick Jail. Chnstmas also meant something more than Just De- j oember 25. Bountiful dinners, laclud- j ~3£ roast chicken, and other delicacies, rarer* served. At Montevue. approximately 1ST persons received dinners ol soMt scrfcey and other Christmas eat- atles. At "the Jan, about 28 "guests" itwe fed. Th* Frederick lodge. So. 684. B. P. O. His. made their annual Christmas Tjsitauton w Montevue. spreading cheer .Tith. gifts to the patients. About 40 members of the lodge went to the hospital beiore noon Friday and dispensed candy, oranges, nuts, apples and smoking tobacco to the residents of the county home. Hagan's orchestra accompanied them to Montevue and played «. number of selections. The Frederick lodge has made an annual custom of raiting Monteme on Christinas Day. ·Saving paid their visit 'or the lost eight or nine years. 0rmk Christmas Toast. About 100 Knights Templar gathered la. MM""'*' Temple Christmas morning to take P«rt in the nrimial observance of Jacques Deilolay Commandery. No. 4. At noon a toast to the most emi- j sent grand master. Perry W. WeSdner. j was drunk. Aa address was made by ««v. Dr. Charles E. Wehler. j Christina* Ere Serrices. | Christmas was ushered into the city j and county with services In the | churches. Many congregations observed ' \A*^il]A tr ( v%fMf% ·il- ^vlT W /^ SIILL WITHOUT CLUES IN MURDER OF CHILD mm i Cincinnati Investigators Baffled in McLean Case. tit: Ui Even the snow perks of the Rockie» melted somewhat under the unwonted Christmas ·warmth and brilliant sun. isiue birds brought happiness to Moal- 1 rose. Colo ; Oklahoma youngsters shed the.r coats and toe* the toys outside to play. INCREASE IN DEATHS Damage Caused When River Breaks Levee. Cincinnati. O, Dec. 25.--The invest:( -,*t»3 of the unsolved Marian McLean Weather Declined TO DO Part ' ToU1 From AH caases 315 Ahead Of icnapp:i2? arx! murder case struck ioa SOME DROWNED Sumr-er. M^£. Txx. 25.--Convicts -d housefcoldfrs wactd about together :·" n.ud and vi;.t-r this Chr^tmss too today. Officers re-examiaed the tenement oasement where the six year old girl's sooty was found Tuesday but failed to uncover clues, which woul-d hasten ap- preh-.-asioa o* her abductor. The city ciaemlst aal his assistants -per.t the day making chemical ara- lytis of the contents found in the girl's stomach and examining substances on's clothing and the clthing of of th* suspects to determine .·lather it ts bljotl and is simi-ar. It TMiiy be one or tao iayi. however, oefore me analysis is completed. Meanwhile preparations »ere completed for the funeral to be held tomorrow at Covington. Sy. ilrs. Miidred McLean, mother of the tittle i-ctiia. spent the sad Christmas a- the home of her brother. Josepn Ded- c-:-rs. Elsmere. Ky, 5ith whom she had ·r home since the tragedy. McLean. .Marian's father was r v united ·aitii his estranged ·Rife tonight. S-.randed iri Phoenix. Ariz., where he sought work for 15 months, Mc- 1.-.2!: was brought here in an Amtrrlv-:; Airways plane to attend the funeral. HAD PLENTY OF FOWLS New Rockville Court Room w i*.-r.-«i".«- S'ininer. but the -?.cr'£ o! 100 con 1 .lets frum the Suite Pvr-it,rr.'.i3ry a-d residents, check- ·i the flvyd waters for trie time being j Marooned FanulKS Rtseard. At Glencora S"pt W-lliamson of he Sta - * p.-:ial .--·.^·.·-ni personally trutt.o:: and strength- of the k'.ees cy cor.\icts They r-7-ioritr-g there ti. liter four feet ·scue -soricers plied up -I'd :uglr*aya in b-oats, .rir.'-'-r:; m a'.! r-uirooned in Rejiorts «.vr.'i:;ued that co.-rvl per- tn t!.e J.'«xied area lad bren r.vd. t.-. v .rkt-rs v.c-re unable to \' the st--t-.niviits or to ir.itk^ thor- :-.»..£.- tt.cause of the '.^t ir.- i :.rca around Monroe. La . i ere two f.-et av.ay as the gauge on the Qujch.Ui rt.sch«i the -40-foot sta-^c because of the h.£h levees above anu ; belo .v Monroe. Armed Patrols On Levees. To protect the'r private le-.ecs froca ;n:o the yard Christmas morning. She ·hreitentd cyr_imit.r!g by o-. er-anxious ' found that one turkey, ten hens and six :ir.d owners who v.act to relieve the roosters had been taken. She said she' .-train agains; other dykes, planters are heard no noise during the night and had .T.air.tamir.g an armed patrol. Several, f e -v suspicions as to the thief. She attempts at dynamiting were reported.; notified police and an investigation was Few Christmas trees blazed to cheer · begun, r.-fugees. mostly colored plantation i · v. orkers Relief workers said it was taxing the resources of the Red Cross and t.-.e plantations to provide bare necessities of life, and the s.tuation 'hourly is crowing v.orse. A gradual rise was noted on the low' or Mtsss'ippi n\er yesterCav. with 33.9 resislered at Vickiburg. the highest i stage there fc-r the year. For Christmas Spirit. i "·* Tear For state __ ] Baltimore, Dec. 25.--Deaths from aE caiises m Maryland for the first nine months of 1931 totaled 16.559. an increase of 315 over 1930. Dr. John Col- ·jsoc, chief of tise Bureau of Vital Statistics, said today. The 1930 deaths from January l to September 30 were 15.244. The 1931 figures represented 8.785 city deaths and 7,774 county deaths. From Alaska to Key Weit scarcely a thermometer rvad lo«r enough to s;;rout sn icicle on Santa's -nhisiers. England also had a gret-n C--ristmas. Thousands of Brit-shers, tirseti ta "stay .11 Britain" for the triple noLday pro- -..£«£ wita me holiday "ooxtng cay" the day after Christmas and Sunday to ROCKIES' SNOW PEARS MET By The Associated Pms. Ine weather, as predicted, declined ·o displa;- tee Cnrisiraas j.pir.1 jester- . Baltimore county lead with 887 and Cal\er: nas at tae foot of the list with 132. Influenza and pneumonia lead all other contagious diseases with a tola! of 1.958. Tubeculos-s placed second with. T 0-« arm weather. Turkey And Chictens Stolen From City Uenuerr. Chicken thieves selected Chnstmas E v e to raid the premises of Mrs. Maude , I. Alexander. 214 West PatricS street.! and practically make a c'.ear. sweep of the fowls. Mrs. Alexander discovered the loss v.-hen she came downstairs and went ani v.ol-eis that had started life anew in this holy time did not have a bit of ~" '! but the M.ticle West ?,as fanned ay a good breeze curing vne holiday and colder weatner «as fore-ras: for tise r-.:i of t-tc eei-cn: Yr: up in St. P3til where zero is ix strar.ger on a Drt-r-mber day the mercury ^as aoout 30 ie?ree«. I. was 40, bu; not fair along "Chicago's lake shore as clouds veiled the ^;:n That temperature %\as approximately spread over most of the Xorth shape of a Central United States and the West. Hospital Hans Announced. Baltimore. Dec. 25.--Plans for the Sl.500,000 University Hospital for which fonds were appropriated by tie 1931 legislature have been coasple-ted sad »ili be handed to the board of regents shortly, it became known today. A committee said the institution would be lo- ca-ec either at the site of the^present Un.-.ersity Hospital or in the T! of other University of Maryland ings elsewhere in the city. The plans provide for the erection- of a 12 or 13 story hospital in the cross and containing 400 I! :BELY RAPP, CLEVELAND SCOUT, DIES AT HOME Former Ball Player Was Weli Known In Frederick. Automobile Collision A slight accident occurred about 9.15 o'c-ock Thursday evening on East Patrick street just east of the Square Corner. An automobile driven by a Baltimore woman, proceeding west on Patrick, skidded In the trolley tracks . and struck an eastbound machine, driven by Franklin Thompson. oJ this city. I pushing the latter automobile on the south pavement in front of Bentz's Rug Store. The machines were slightly dams?ed. The drivers, after coming to Police , Headquarters, adjusted damages bevsreen ' themselves and no charges were prefer- ! red. ! r ;j Buy Just One New Thing for Your Home with Your Gift Moneyl §1 Courtesy of the Washington Star Wfch the completion recently of the new $750.00 0 court house for Montgomery Cour.ty. Md . at the county ·«at at Rockviilr. ;he new court rxm of tnc Circuit Cou rt. presided over by Judge Robert B. Peter, of Rockville and Judges Urner and Willard of Frederick, has been put I n t o use. Appropriate ceremonies were held by members of the "bar when the court was first used recency. The roo m is modem in every detail and is guen an artistic appearance of paneling « hich reaches almost, to the ceiling. occasion with special serv.ces late i NEW AUTO LAW EXPECTED ORDERLY HOLIDAY Citrtmas Eve. Pageants, carol rencli- ·tioas and featured music marked the occasion and there were large attendances. Other services on Christmas Oa.- continued the observance, ail niorfc- | Ing tbe nativity. ! A number of groups of carolers ·na'k- i TO DECREASE ACCIDENTS felt that he has nothing to lose' is legal- j iv informed that, on the contrary, he 1 __^_ , hits something to lose.--namely his Drunkenness Involved In Most Of Ar- Financial Responsibility Act Effective January 1. ·ed about the streets early Christmas z. marking Use occasion with old Expressing '.he af songs. Earlier, Christmas Eve , a .,tcmobUc law. * group of musicians played «t rarioas i ,, . , _ . sximts throughout the city and other j January 1. «u. bands of musicians rendered songs ear- t for the decrease cf autorr."b..r acr;- ! IT Christinas morning. ! dents in the state. D O. Gr t:.n. o f , ~~ As a rule. Christmas Day was spent i Potts ai-.d GrJBn. ?a:d it-s i;:rp.\.v . that Mary- effect, xe be a factor priiileRC of driving a car in Maryland. The state has the right to withdraw ·ha pr.v.lree whenever, in the opinion rf the courts a driver demonstrates his t:nfitnoss to operate Bv this "weed- :".c out' the sm.-.I' mlnori'y of motorists v.-.o cause the majority of accidents ;hc state will i-Ytto a big step forward in liiRhwa I William M. iBiilyj Ha??. 50, former j catcher for tne Wasnin^ton Senators in 1910 and 1911, and a scout lor the · Cleveland Indians for the past 10 years, .died Thursday nigbt at his home 4805 ·Forty-first street. N. W., Washington. , Mr. Rapp had made his home in Wash\ ingtonTsince early childhood, and long !has been identified with majo* league i baseball, becoming a scout for tbe Cleveland club at the end of his play- | · ing days. He had been il! at his home ; ·for several ·seeks following the close; i of the 1931 season. j | Rapp has the distinction of being the j j -discoverer" of Wesley Ferrell. out- j '.standing pitcher of the Cleveland club 1 for the past several years and second only to Lefty Gro-.e among American League twirler.?. He was weil known in this city where he has many friends. It was through ais influence that the · Frederick team of the now defunct Blue STICKLER SOLUTION G 3 2. 3. A 5. 6 7 8 SCOUT SPOUT POUTS PORTS POPES P A P E S P A N E S PA N EL Above are the words made by clanging one letter for each new word. B» going from scout !o panel £ . I j We only suggest that you add one new thing to your 1 v home. Spend as little as you like, so long as that thing is p \ beautiful. We can suggest End Tables, Bookcases, Secre- P ^ taries, Mirrors, a comfortable Chair, Lamps, Pictures . . . .; ^ the list is endless, the choice wide, and prices very modest. Choose that one new thing for your home here now. ·TO THINK OF FURNITURE IS TO THIXK OF CARTK" C.C.CARTV ESTABLISHED 1868 tt to 5* PATRICK EAST ' d t cl -! FREDZ3UCK. M3J. rests Made* Police reported an orderly observance Ridge League, was purchased by the of the Christmas holidays. Several of- Cleveland club in 1928 and operated finders -nho had imbibed too freely of Christmas "cheer" were arrested, but until 1930 as a "farm" for young major league prospects of the Indians. His last visit here was in February when he Ernest Dixon. colored, an o!d offend- represented thts city at the annual cr. became the first Christmas arrest. Blue R-dge League meeting in Hagers- He i^as taken la custody about noise was prevalent. 'C^^'^ quietly at home. A number of faailly cincers w«re SeM. Streets of the city is two-fold, l.rst to dep: irrespons.ble cirr-ers of the riKh the highways of the stale ar,; to assure ir.r.orent '. .c; nis rnobilc acr cents presented a deserted appearance thrtwgb most of the day. the increasing ·ooM serving to fce«p many at home. .who wauli have otherwise motored, demn'tv rf thctr tr;s about, the county. The raiio brought j --THIS 1-v- v,.ts .-.: programs from near and far. several Ciiristmas services from Suropc being' rebroaacast. Christmas evcn-nr several dances were held, including public affairs and ·those in private homes. Decorated lights could be seen at different points t about the ctty. in;ltiitng several which i adorned Ba£er Park. In other homes, tbe old custom of pl^m? candles ui tlse windows was still noticeable. Tie holiday "rjusinsss -as not up to^t^..^^ ·. the expectations of restaurants, gar- -xne ases and oth?r uiiSinesSES ?"hich usual- rc-CK.cs.- :·"· '.!*·«· . c-ind. ^u'c- a mast thorotich stuiiy problem. Nine oth--r #'.-itt rro~- ir.rcs ha 1 , e stantially lu-te th-s one and e.O/ o' - r aorc of It.-; principal fc3tiir«. "AlthO"Kh It is r.^t ar. op-rr*.-..; law it sets i:p s'r«.ni."ircs of nvtori::? cor.duct ar.d". res;"r--..b.l "."-" which rar.r.ct fail to hv.e a ;-rofo i-ri Fire Company Elects. OfTi.^rs for !he comin? ·Ror-- l.-;tcd at t r p monthly rr.octing of the M.rlcle'3'vn VVar.teer Fire Cctnpar.y licit In thi 1 Memorial Hall. Mondav · ap'-j.drnt ar.dD Ps*r -.-_; cr.o-:r. as ·i.ce-prc^.oont Otrur ofT- cors floated »crif Edirar K. Kcv^rk' seer- tar-.: Austin Ma.r.. trea^.:rcn Ke\ I Ro.iph Tabcr. chaplain, members o. o\":.iti-.e*e. Charles B. Dar- rcr. Rtvsrc" K-iffnian M Fr.-.rfa Kolter F"-.a M.i-n arrl Y?ra C Rudy. 7vst year anS "he fireman have been ·,c,ir Tr.e rr.9 - o~tv of these alarrr.'; c.irr.c from out of f~vr. ·BUS taken la custody about four hours after tbe day arrived and sent to jail in time to participate in the town. Surviving Mr. Rarjp are his wife. Catherine D : a son. Wil'.iam Rar?. Jr_ dJiner. He ^as charged with - a student at Georgeto-AT. University and i_-orderliness and cursinst on the streets - a regular on the varsity baseball team for the past two years as a third baseman and outfielder: tv.o orothers. Gates 1 has r.-vhir.c t- ly do a good business on such tiays. .,_ 5 . ons v ? _« ·Traf5c was r»t heavy and to ,^ the city were co.rr.paratf-ely few Th« q-^,-'-clj- f-^el tr-'" 'e-ct VdsettJec «esth»r recticed the trafMce · Thr motor ieh:cle to a ^rse ?xtent. Ten ChrW mas Robberies. s ".rs'.O'r*"* iUc u C' «.-^ ·--~i CT^ i"^ooor.cs Ba'.-.^-.-^rc area o'T Chr-ftmas -n n^rvc. but the t r,i". -·'.. ir.r'.-id ccr.tor" of two ch-~ch co".".c:' «. ^vos less than SI-5 bv Officer George Layman, -a ho arrested ;t:n: He ·nr.s held in default of S15 c^fatoral for a hear.nsc Monday night. Atjcthcr old slfrr.dcr. Frank Grove. ·. a. arrested too late f;r a dinner at t'le ;ai'.. He was ui.-cor. in custody by CfT.rers Alton ShafI Edgar Croni sbcut 4 30 Friday afternoon on charges Oi drunkenness arc c'sorcierly cmcuct ar.c went to ;3.1 in isfault of S-5 c.\lateral. r:iuch for n-· c' i-::cnc.ints. Par.". Waltz is as t.-.'-c"r. in custody about 830 by Dog C.rcl-cr K^ll-r.;^ crth on a r; arpe of cmnivrr.ncss ani latsr re- leascc on S5 co la'cral for a hcartnj: ··T.ight John Boyc, col-rcd. «ras finally arrcstcxi about 9 15 o'clx^-t aJ'er officer- had sought h.rn for .-. v.r;l hours. He "or.dact on \V--yt S^.'h s'rtyt by Officers Ixijrnar: .ri M.l.rcl Srust .inc un- c^r SI3 collateral. p.r.d Karrv. ani a s-s'er. Mrs. Clara Fiineral arrangements ha-.e cot been announced. XMAS HERE AND THERE The HENDRICKSON STORE Lc\iathan"s Captain Home--Hoover Grandchildren Enjoy Day. New York. Dec 25--As the ship's -ir.d r'aycd the Cltristmas music, the z.r.r.t jLev.-'.inr: steaniea .nto port to- dav .r. tJ^is for tr.e 2' 3 passengers t-" ctt ti liolicay rirt.cs. and for the c-spt-a-n to spcr.d h-s first Ccr-st- --o'.i.n has o^en 2t sea oiber ;· cars. V 1? V V' y AND ITS iONNEL S S S fi a f K S n TRAINMAN HURT How Flames Wrecked Liner Before It Went To Sea ^H^^;^; · W.-ish-nctrn. Dec 25. -- When a Presi- c-r.t r.ajs Santa Claus for his grand- ^.-.ilcren he Jives them the same sort *f g.'ts the a-.eriire chile ge^. ?c;g- ?e'r Kover roce.vod a pair -ocsy. the D-^y B. And O. Conductor Is Found AUm: Tracks. snsburg. VT. Va_ Dec. 25 --Karry , SL. XotKi-s. Ctunberlsnc. Baltimore : Ohio freight ira_n con-duct -r. was ir. a ; scnous corxiitisri 2.1 a Iccal hospital to- j cay. the result of being thrown fro-- i his moving train rear here late Wec- nescay. He was p.csfKi UTJ. "unror.5c.ous. al?r the rracks by employes sent to hun "him when sther members of the crew SDted zts a-bsenre after they had reached Piysi-ans fear senous ieac injuries have been s'lsta.^iec The conductor hsd gase back the t^2_n to _nTastt?3it« »heel tro^tale Trhen i; st;ppsd. The engineer, unaiare that the con-duct-ir had left the train, restnned operat^ori. and ~ mounting tie recvitsg train the csncucior was thrown to tit; gritaKi and rolled down a bank. ';r and a -s pre*.r. Find/ Three Pansies " f-t^i ·' r.'ta's due to the tir:.-iil.y -sr=i --eit.Tr came to light i F--.c'". -·*:.-. t.'.e -d_-cc.c~ of tnrre par.siss .- tr.e garcer. cf %trs C. VF Gregory. 32J Nortn Co-;e Parkway. ; jTi; fltracrs were in size and . .,- s-sd ».:h deep ar.a light purple and ; had li?;ecl jnc - ., ;. r "Ir- M.»r; - E-".m~"^ : ~ --_ -;.- oli st jr.""^" .'a".~.-.r. S cf.ecr^t.-r Chr^ ma* 3ni .-·:- V V y y 7 the Season's Greetings to All A HAPPY NEW YEAR S- C.-"'-s. r.l, ice r5--The b-yr .-.; th- :...r ..- ref;nr.'t-ry jr-t a p.rx X-.:c-,-.c ar.;, tt-.-c."'at-.d c--cont.-nt c:ulc Tars Fmc Of 52 3;^.-s, H^r.ry K. C F.-c. Ival sto'.e - re tsr- r.v f.r.^-1 S2 f.r -rerfcr.n; i. r. ar. ,fr.-:r -.-. a^c.urcc :: -.- c-"y Of?..v- W.l'jm E. -'- afcrr.pttng v- .rt^Ttcro «.:h '".te arrest cf Walter 1877 . . . 1931 A a ·5 n a I v y 5f Sr .- ,. , - . - . , . w ^·f ol toa» of »i:er * were rxurcd vhe itructure o are fu;;» and. doj- · " ic..?». t * C O i ""! J eas o' eng^c compares. i; by -.he aiagairate and fined $2. \F\^- '.p^cR^CiiiVi' *i~ o^

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