The News from Frederick, Maryland on July 13, 1948 · Page 5
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 5

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 13, 1948
Page 5
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Reports On IRocway Towers T/ie Man Who Came To Dinner' Truce Failure Trial Begins Blends Professionals, Amateurs LaVe Success, July 12 ijp-- Count ; EUicott City. July 12 a» -- A State ! Folke Bernadotte tonight said he Police sergeant told today how he j believed the Arabs rejected *n ex- ; and other members of the force bat- j tension of the Palestine truce be- , tered through iron doors at Rocway ! cause the armistice worked to the Towers near Laurel and rounded \ military advantage of the Jews. up 21 men who went on trial today ' The United Nations mediator · on gasrbUng chaises. said in a lengthy report to the Taf j^g^t. G y^i Newcciner ' Security Council that the four-week ,_ id he had had the f ormer Wash- | cease-fire which ended last weei ;,,gton Boulevard night club under j had stopped the momentum of the observation for a week prior to · ' June 5 another \\itness a: the Howard; Arab attack and given the Jews ' lime to consolidate defensive positions- The report distributed to onlv a _ , . _, arTM~vec! Jua S« Js«es Clarx. he from his Middle East headquai :ers. Bernadotte said immediate cessation of hostilities in the Holy i-and is only a fiist step. Must Answer Question place in plain clothes before ibe raid. s, ' Ke ^ald he \vas told by William ' Carley. =lai William Brown, that! She To'.vers was ' a private club, ' __ _ "The'quest ion zr'ilst be answered ! open so member-! only " a; wine stage whether she inter-! "If you're looking for a national community is willing to - Same, go :o Cursis Bay." he quoted · tolerate resort to armed force s^ ' Carley. one of the defendants, as the means for settlement of the telhag him Palestine Issue." the Swedish count Guard Was Disarmed said. "Willingness to co ihss could Newcomer said a guard was dis- wel! involve risks for the peace armed outside the establishment. of :he entire Near East, if no: for before a meia! coor equipped wish ; the larger world." a peephole was smashed to permit ' Bernacotle said the situation in raiders :o enter. Palestine today is thii As the sergeant started his test:"If armed force is forbidden in niony. William Curran. one of the" the settlement of the problem and four defense attorneys, objected to j i* is made prohibitively ur:profit- the whole proceedings en grounds! able for the Arab States to employ the search warrant was obtained ' it. there wail oe in Palestine a improperly. : Jewish State, uhose strength and prosperity ano capacity for eco- audiences he managed tn* red tape and got hone. Adels Fortin, a native of Geor- Kia. is a professional musician as well as an experienced aitr"s \\ho has lived in Kr.gland and tiavcleii throughoai. Europe She has i»K»y- ed vith such 5.tarv u-, Leo-Uoviti-h Beulah BonUi. Funk MclUiu'i Frank Craven Chailes Colnnit June Walker. Koicst O i r M u t i e l Hutchison. Naucy Co«."r,a -1 . \'is Clarke. Be!a Lu^oii ^s-.d »\'l»:i radine Shc'i a!^ built .» :tpa;..- tion as a monoloss^t Don Koll clatnii CU-vi-usu-: O . .s^ hotne. He \\3S Krad^a.eci f :».:: s!:o Atnvtican Acadc;;i\ of D:.c:;. tic Arts n !9iT a::u ;.js o»i:i* I.^'CN varying f :-,'·· Sh..kc^;ca;ea;: Su light f r o t h y ' stock lie ^ a'i a grapher arid h: w ShaS caughs Walker Boys* -HI Demonstration Contest Set For July 27 A-»Mvl.iRt Countv Acucultura! Aucnt !! B i a M l e \ Join--, yostejday -·et Ju'.\ 27 a- t.'u lu.ti fyr the The Jfcwi. Frederick. Md.. Tue*day, July 13. 194» 8EVE«f three individual or team demonstrators in the new contest at the county level. AKIOS Harper and Ka:i:r\:2 Ea:::e to be enjoying them- The judge, who is trying the case ·.vithout a jury. n!lo'.vei Newcomer jio.T.ic and social development, by 10 continue, and State's Attorney selves ir. this rehearsal scene from 'The Man Who C«:r.e To Dinner the admission of its own leaders. Daniel M. Murray drew from the must largely depend on its ability \vitness a delated account of police to cultivate friendly relations with entry into the alleged gambling establishment. Sergeant. Newcomer said some of !ii Miiii'iiiT ;ateui fisoto- vi M: LVJ. publiMitxi s-v\ ·:..! \\eoks N Y . pi.HU'uxi . KHis anci a i[iac'-v o \ i ::-,,·, where to iovk !;-..Kh: ! ..\c v-i him in "Ot'iitionsjn ^ ASI«?«."' and "Tl*' Naked Ciu i:» ' Portrait «f Je::i Jennifer Jo-io u!:\i J. yet to be the name* because he w as "! Gotta Clet On',, d.d everbvd\ clso ::·. ·.::· i-..--: after a shrvc-d.iy n:r. Evelyn Heouv f:o::i M.i::. . burg's- lutlo theater srvi: !-. .this week's i\«s! and ^ \V!!!.fi Stult?. Xanoy PCJSIO C»lo::.i ; . - nell. Lucy Stoker \Va:koi Ji-i::f:»- aJ! local amateurs v. !;»'(! v,"ir. h.i.v placed s!-.e::i :·; !·.:·.·. !.iv .; with Iocs! audtences Making thetr f:r.v( appe.carsco i . !dc,i- t!c!!iiii-.tia'LiM bv .iui:\!ii- ;,,.N , i ' i j s«..t".. f t \ \ o ,:·· bcnK . ; . i , ; i ' ! :;.-i.s .i'i ..f the 4-H ciubs uf i * ! c ^ ^ ' * i o V v ' ^ ' 3 t s , {^t "h«* c n - c . i"" T::v a f l a i : !·· t - !.K- 'icl'j jn !:;^ K\ - .«.iiv:j'! o-'ift-ieno" nx^j'i of t'.e K ' O ' r i ' v 1 ' tu'ef i'.cstiriu.t:!- « ;- · : ·";· V i: ::· A f c : i S S p i-.l i- *· ;,i: j:;^ or usi- - ! · ,-cn ···-. rurc.l .'·--(:!··- t t o v. i l l be WIENER ROAST A wiener roast was. held Sunday ;t the ho:ve of Mr and Mrs George H Marker. EJJerton. in honor of Mr .Market ·. birthoay Thov 1 pre 4 -- e'vt wc:c Mi :nd Mrv GCOSRO Marker. Mr and Mr Ku^scil Pa!- mer. Gerald palmer M:«.s E^tcr I'alntT. Hager-»'.O'.vt; Mrv *;»muel I?»ver SabiSlasviK**. Mi jnd Mr-. John Du!T Mi ami M i s FUi^ej! KsrfTer and Do:nln;*!! of A r t h u r Je:Ter---o:; HAROLD U. FRDSHOUR Do aot h«it»t« to consult thl* o*» 8r» «n Firm. Automobile. Compeim- Uon or any other Insurance matter*. HAROUD U rHUSHOU* 29 West P*tric* St. Phone 1133 fredenolc. Md K. L. ZENTZ He 1:1 a Bi H ocsiv ':..'f u:ti - ".':. ^^,i·. ',"':e I'r..- ^ ^ ^ ! \ : i F\t-;^;o:i · · · · · : . 8 ; "\\ ^ i ' » - -e- · " .- ,::;··: .: 4 1: .· C -·;.-,· P.iik :«-e . ! · , . ' .t\ ' '·-.!' '·' . ".: - ;:· r ' 1 1: r-'ii . « ; ·: s 1 e -i:!.!s · -.·:.!'. f!) · :·,. : i ' ^ v . - ,,: least its Arab neighbors. "If the employment of armed force is not forbidden, the issue of ] the defendants told him that the *~clerking" By BETTV SULLIVAN : "The Man Who Came To Dinner ' opens Wedn:.da evemi.g at the Mountain Theater with a ea:t to "keep out anvbodv will be settled on the field of battle. The decision which may be taken with regard to the resort to armed \vho shouldn't be there, like hi- force hi Palestine will determine jackers. for example." paid S1CO the immediate prospects for further week, n-.ediation over the settlement." Three Sisrn Statements :ts ih.iuugb.ou* Europe. Barnet Biio. v.ho last wrek de- niided his upper lip to emerge a blended of professions! a:id ama- yjurser. hantbomer leading man and gathered unto himself a ga!- lery of swooning female fans, it . » . , , . , j- - teur plavers whose geographical ^ derKing at a dice · background proves the theater's a was S200. and that being a {ine m j x j nt , bow!. V 1 "TM 1 ^'- a N " e "' ^' orker b ° rn ^ Hu«sas,a,i stepfather Rave hnn * i * o i ini »i 11 1 trtirM^ ni** i k * i "M V S^-c-" S^' ? and a ^ ciwpaJa^ he plJved ro^c a'^ i, repie-4ered bv , d ^cktonfant who saw him the« But his actual experience in the theater began back in silent movie force, he did not say whether he ' John Gerraci-- to sign statements. ; "" Kathryn Earnes." tliV play's schem- W 1th " ' ' leid- of H-e-s 5iu ·hea--' - ov'eme^" ill Lit? t*l\T*ii"l 1IHJ * v i l l v . l * . crosses South 5Iou.-.ia:n 10 plav the , vulgar . acid toagucd . egot£ .P gher:- dan whiteside. a role lasipoons a group tf chc;i boys fr«i:n Si ' John's chuich diiectod by Ch.i:U".i Bycrly They aie V.'.iUo; L k:: i Philip Kennedy. Hubert Burchette I Mark Hokc. Michael Kennedy. :u d i Charles Wells Deeply! by his first bru^h v. ith b,ick;-!a;e i affairs, one of them \\atcheci n.-- ] hearsals for a \\hile and then w h i s - pered to Adele Forn.i. ' 1 did:i t know it would be like thi - A r e you all always thi^ Kood'" Prompt Action . H e said he took 13 oral state- !ri e late Alexander Woollcott and The U. X. mediator said the de- . merits from the men. and later was : 5535 been plaved bv such able cisions of the Council would be · able to get three of the defendants : Broadwayites as Mon'v ".Voolley "controlling." In ' is references to ! --Mike iloffet. Frank Tolson and an d Woollcotc himself. Use of li^ht ens'"-e o)! and n · fully-charged battery \\:!: :e!iii-e' winter starting trouble to a minimum. rceant possible international force Some of "the statements. New-| ing Lorraine Sheldon, is a Kansas stars as Daniels He maneu- interveniion fay the Security Council could now weli be the decisive factor in the solution of the Palestine" 1 problem." Bernadotte's report included a long resume of his negotiations with the Jews and Arabs, but he ' owner ca.'ne up --vith no surprises. The 13. ST. mediator arrived in mid-day from his Middle East on a South Sea Island, The Navy took over his career for three and a half \ears and flew him to Ulithi. sandy dot, a mile long and a wide, in the Caroline half mile j panics, in radio and even in tele- group. Then evervbodv was order: vision. She'll leave Braddock nex: ed home--everybody but Biro who to Lake Success because "of my to accept the search-and-seizure scholarship with Daykarhanova view that prompt and effective warrant when the door was broken · for several years' study in Xew in. The State's Attorney asked: ', York and has had wide experience a "Did you have the warrant in in metropolitan and stock com- your hands?" Answer--Y-\, ..,,,,,,, ,,,,.. .,,.! Question--Old anyone come for- j month to begin rehearsal as the seemed the forgotten man without ward to identify himself as the; ingenue lead in a new play sche- · orders. The commanding officer of the premises? ". duled for fall opening on Broadway ' promised him six months rations A.--No. They all just stood : --a thrilling prospect not only be- anc i his buddies extolled the possi- around. Xo one would say he had , cause the part's fine for her but bilities of a kingly reign, but Biro anvthing to do with the place. : because the production is a family yearned for greasepaint and foot- headquarters and immediately be- : In court as the tria i ope ned was . triumph--her Jjusfaar.d, Gene Hur- i, g h: s . Fortunately for Mountain 2an talks with Secretary-General a aua ntuy of gambling oarapher- !e v - wrote the play. Trygve Lie and Council President. nali a p ;-. ed on ' uvo felt-covered j Tyler Carpenter, the unwilling ___ Dmitri Z. Manuilsky of the Sox-iet . t a - D j e; as -well a= two overseers* fc° st 1° "The ?.Ian." is from Flor- Ukraine. Shortly afterward. PhUip c k a ; rs ^x f e /»t high *^ a - one °* those people v.-hose C. i * ~ ~ Sir were Compiled - a s e epor e d t o n p t a n d A v h e n e s i m o D v re-· t h a n kr " c " hi = lo a s P ear Bernadotte told reporters he had , ^n± tomorrow · C; » unoD - re j had - riyer ia little theater work completed a 21-page report on his · l^U___^___ll_ ! in Jacksonville and later toured negotiations with the Jews and Ac- · j the state in a Federal Theater com- abs. This will form the basis for j ITALY ACCEPTS ! pany. Keen eared housewives mav the special council session. | Rome July 12 i.-P,--The Chamber ! remember his voice for h_- xvas Rod NowlsTheTime For ail carpentry work, repairing. remodelinK, nc\v construction, see Thomas Constr. Enjj. Co. 310 Jefferson Street Phone 2144-J HI K K Y : ji^t riione -i ::- '.Ml si :i f o w ^ ^ '. nr.u-h ;u -;i-t a.jti. for you. O i * Thi- !i!o::ey i:-.o--t l;keiy (.'J 1 . will be r»Ai:y fur yo-i by ;?4 t ' the i:m- ;: \v:H take you c. t J ;» leach our o!T:.-c. t* tl S2r,.00 (o $300.00 J2 ilNCOLfsl LOAN S E R V I C E \ C ros W Patrick St. Thone 1370 A spokesman for or . of the big ; of Deputies tonight overwhelming- Tyler in the radio soap opera. "Our powers said if Bernadotte's re- ; iy approved Italy's Marshall plan , Gal Sunday."' and has done manv port confirms that the Arabs con- ' accord with the United States. j other air characterizations. He tinue to reject a truce in the Holy ! The x-ote xvas 297 to 96--a clear- i had five years under the eicluslve Land, the Council can be expected cu t endorsement of close, Italian- i management of the Army and was to issue a cease-fire order under American economic cooperation, i in the Battle of the Bulge. Later the U. N. Charter's strongest art- xhe Senate is virtually certain to I he xvas switched to an entertain- icles. Failure to comply xx-ould op- , approve lhe accord xvhich binds · ment unit and toured rriilitarv in- en the xvay for punitive action fay . It ' a ' Iv to use E arop ear. recovery It xvas understood that the or- funds under conditions laid doxvn bv the united States der to the Arabs -- if it becomes | _I _ necessary -- xx-ould be put forxx-ard ' All bears are not x-icious. The by the United States. The British , American black bear is no more are expected to support the step dangerous to the hunter than a if Bernadotte's report and other hog of the same size xvould be. late information shows the Arabs , are refusing to lay doxvn their zr ^?~ ,, I early Council action throughout ' The Sv.-edisn count xvas accora- i :he day . At one point Manuilsky ; panied by his xvife and three aides. : tentatively- set a meeting for mid- ' Ke said he planned to take off for j afternoon, a U X source said but '· Rhodes Friday. · changed his plans to pave the way , I hope to rex-ive the truce and. j f O r private talks \vith Bernadotte. later on. create a permanent so- -- - - _ lution of the Palestine problem." he told newsmen at the airport. The U. X. mediator said the Arabs and Jexvs hsd asked him to continue his efforts. Denies Soviet Charges : Commenting on Soviet charges that Me had exceeded his authority in Palestine, Bernadotte said he ! did not feel that xvas true. He de- . dined to discuss his report to the Council pending Us official subrnis- ; siorj. 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All persona having claims against the deceased are warned to j exhibit the same, with the vouchers j thereof, legally authenticated, to the j subscribers, on or before the 23rd day , of January. 1949 next, they mqy I otherwise by law be excluded from al! | benefit of said estate. Those mcebted ' to the deceased nre desired to make | immediate pajrncnt. ' Given under oar hands this 21st i dav of June. J948 JACOB E. ENCELERF.CHT and · EDWARD J. SMITH. Executors Edward J. Smith. Attorney dJe22.2U-Jy 6.1320 i ADMINISTRATRIX'S NOTICE This i* to g:ve notice that the iub- «criler has obtained from the Orp -ans" Court of Frederick County in Mary- 1 land, letters of Administration on the ! estate of JAMES K. CAREY late of Baltimore Covinty. Mao land. , deceased All persons having claims acamst the deceased are warned to exhibit the same, witn the vouchers thereof legally authenticated -r. ?hc subscriber, on or before :he 30th day of January. 194T next: they may otherwise by lav.- be excluded from all benefit of said estate. Thoso indebted to the deceased are desired to make :rr.r"ed.Htc payment i Given ;:ndor my hand ;ri-s 2S:h dn ' fit June. I 3 4 B RUTH S. CAREY. Administratrix d Je 29-Jy 6.1320.27 i NCTICr: I Transfer from Edward C Hernfay T A Hornby's Store Application has been made to the undersigned by HEM3Y AN'D LYLS. IXC Ne-.v Market. T-Iarj iand ' Bennett A Ly3e. President Ed'^'ard C Hereby Vice-President Ellen C L Ir. Sec. Trea? to scii CIa«« A. Off Sa'.c 3f-cr \Vine r.nd L;c^.or at the prfmiiC? kr.oxvn ' HSMBY AXD LYLE IXC Xexv Market. Mar;. !ar.d Xe-.v Market D:?',r:cl t.c said license To be known as an OFF SALE Beer. V,':r.e and ijiOMOT" j*cense. v/i^icn v o'jjd per-- rr.,l the liec^i'ee to sc'I the aforesaid faeverage5 at retn::. :n any quantity to nny rets:! deaier or cor.«r;:rr,er= at the place therein ce£cr:bed. and to deliver the same in a scaled package or container, \ package or container shall r.ot be opened nor :ls contents consumed OT. the premise' v. here sold. The application rs rnade -.n ac- ojrdar.ce with Chapter 2 of the Acts of the General Assembly of Maryland. Special Se5s:or cf 29"3. and :s on file ·"! th: oT:co A-.y exceptions to tr.e !Sf.;a:.ce Df the license :r.uji be fiTcd v/:th the r.ndcr- y:gncd a pcr-.od of one v. eck from the publication of the second advertiscrr.ent. Tnc rr.anncr of nl- :ng exceptions :·? described :n the act, z copy of which is on file in 1 the Office of License Commissioner Modern brick dwelling on Military Road. Ciosc to entrance to Camp Dctrick und near city bus. 5 rooms and bnth first floor, 3 rooms and bath ; apt. 2nd floor with private entrance. I Annual income from apt. S600. A new. . privately built home and good invest! mcnL | Apartment houses on W. Pat. St.. ' S Market St. and E 2nd Street. I Building lots for dwellings or commercial buildings, well located. RALPH W BOYER BOYER INSURANCE AGENCY Frederick Representative For · Murray C. Sohn No 1 N Court SL Tele. 2214 G. H. MERCER SONS , 4 room modern bunjjatmv. steam heat, immediate poss. $7.000. i 6 room modern brick dwg. in Western section, hardwood floors, steam v.ith stoker, cement basement, garage. ! 4 room modern bungalow "with,, steam heat, hardwood floors cement 3 i basement. 3 miles from Frederick. | 1 Priced for immediate poss. ! 1 acre improved with 7 room dwel-] iine in *t. Pleasant. Immediate poss. i 56.500. 7 acres improved with 7 room mod-J ern du-g. 4 miles west of Frederick.! . S7.300 i 33 acre". ·* miie= west of city. 71 r room dwelling Immediate poss.'ss.-l 000 GRAYSON I! MERCER SONS ! Real Estate Loans Insurance ' Pythian CasUe Bldg. Phone 337 KEY CHEV. SALES. INC- IT WILL PAY YOU to insist on Genuine Chevrolet Parli whenever repairs are made on your Chevrolet car or truck. Genuine parts ahvays fit right and insure jna.xium performance Vr'c use only genuine Chevrolet parts in OL.T service dept. Let Ke Care for Y«r.» Car: KEY CHEVROLET SALES. IXC. 106 E Patrick St. . Phone 707 COUNTRY HOMES JcfTcrsoi) Sl\d s'. Braddcck Heights. beautiful eCevation and \a".lcy v:exv. 8 rooms bath lavatory, large closet space. att:c. ;rame mocerr-. c^esiing. new automatic o:l heat systers. C car £arase Dwei',,ng papered and painted interior -.1 past year. Lo". S0x"00 f, . aiso extra lot. Possession September Is: Pncea for quick sale. Jr;- now lor appointment for jr.- A n v n'.on \x-ili Date t-i. held at the Court House \vi!l be civen G CLEVELAND TROUT License Commissioner for | Frederick County, McL Country home 0:1 Route 2-O. seven ni,:cs south Frederic^ ili modern 12- room d'aclhne. beautiful shrubbery. g;od outbuilding*. 3 acres of land. T to s-a;u 2 room fra--e. ai! modern, auto- tic heal :r. country hojne at ·o sood outbu:Id:r.£;s. all recently pa.nted. excc"e^.t ccnditiorj. Ko'.L-e suited for 2 family occu^anc;,, 9 acres of :? \v,th road «ro".tage. VALLEY STOCK i ARM 14^ ^cres .n upper Midd'.etown Va'- :c; ,'·'. ores -n fir.e r.raber. balance :n nas'ure and c',i!5ivat;ori. 9 room Br hc::se. 'arge b?nk bar.-, on Sallo. , m!: mariiet. SS 000 for qu:c't ssle. , Pov:ess:on J.ite fail or April 1st. 149. ! Other nrse farms ar.d country prop, eracs. oity properties, small country , hor~c Ir-.o.. -c z". 'his r '.T.ce i EMMERT R. BOWt.CS j Real Estate--Insurance--Auctioneer 100 W Church St Frcdcr;cK, Mrf. M . \ l f \ a r . a r - -- R SS3 or 2271 -W »FllOJl« 239S NFWSPAPFK!

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