The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on November 21, 1924 · Page 10
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 10

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 21, 1924
Page 10
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Page 10 article text (OCR)

PAGE TEN. 1 HE H UTCHI N SON NEWS* FRIDAY; NOVEMBER 21, 1924 TIMELY TIPS FROM THE GROCER'S GOSSIP Alrt 'iuly lilt' ChrlHtrntt* si'tisttn looms tin. I 'VPtt bpforu Hit! Thank*- iilvliiR RfiisDii IH hem. Al the .1. S. JHIlim tttt'i S'III'K st.tpt on Ave. H vti'Ht. booth* htivo hpnti crnctpd tti dlHplay tlu> ObrUtnuis ranillos tint! ruiLs. "WV hiit\ a wonderful iradv last yenr at ClirlstmiiH time," 311I1I lluy Dillon tuduy, "Hut v.'it tiro tiiiti- ini; tit it ont'-third Itu-rontm thiH ji'itf. KvrrylhinR points lo lht> host Ohrislnias linnliinHs In four or flvi 1 3 oiir»." ICBUH st't'in lo know that i!to iinlf-j tlay st!tison in fipproui'liiiii; 'is tlmi Jtlke in [»ci'-*'« has bofjit stntuiv i wtM'k aftor weok tor sumtn tinto. • Toilnv thtr pfli-o irt limited tit 42c. ' i Tin- \V. A. Cossace Uroci-t'y tit.; JSii.'l N'orUt .Vlttli) t! in pi i its 1s dial ' Kt J t J --t.' and lurkuys art- MI iitti.Mtal-! ly t .'lti 'ini tills year lhai tHMipk 1 ' •hoitld not overlook llii; oppor '.tuii- j ty to get that eooee or turkey .'or; lite Tlmnksgtvliig dlntu'r now. A i ISUODU can be bunght for il tit sfl.2». j lliitU'i- uiutti: two ailvaiicf:s dur- 1ns the paat week, tiulug 1 cents ))lght ?r than last ive<?k. rronmnry ly Helling tit 39 and 45c a pound. cram Sunday afternoon, starting nt li o'clock. Mualc will enlerlnln tun (ripjHts and toa will lie Borvcd to nil who come. Mrs. W. I). KiyJr- child, for whom the lodRii was named will be, honor fittest, and Ulan Ida Stunt/,, will iirnstdft, assisted by tin? glrln from the thruo troops, Students Tour the State for Bethany 21 Three If you want soma goo .1 homo lntidc chili: you will find that the I'oplar Street Uroeery at .113 North T'oplar will serve it to you or you can stop there ami tako it home v.itli you at 20c a pint or 10c n, iliinrt. They nlso sell it at 2rn; per \ pound in hrieks. j Here H" souiethtng unusual in the way of fresh game. The Hiitlle .t j Hon tirocery. 312 North Poplar, hup. \ their own rabbits at nlzlit by the! uid of a spotlight. They sell these ; rnbbllis al 21ic cacli at store. ; 'i'hey are also sellinR conib honey ; lit rti .c lur pound ami No. 2 can* ; of Firing IteaiiH at lac. I fine salt mackeral. this year's ;| pack is on the market, a uooii) sized rish selling at la cents. N'uth- | inn is more appeti7.ini; than mack-: rrel on Sunday moniinc. u^teu > jtlenty of (line can be consumed in J the wiling. l.asl Saturday the I. Smith tiro­ cery- soiii Km of the small viz il liams which tliey were offprint; at | (lie Hjierial price of 28c a imitnil-, All week the sale has continued ; | and closes on this Saturday. "The salesmen haw told me that our; sale has stimulated ham buyinc, ail over Hie city.' said (.'ttrrol Smith. | 111 sitite (tf Itie uiarktid advances , In coffees within a brief length of' time Alln-rl McDermed is able to, otf.-r some of the finest trades ae ; low as uiic pr-r pound in vae.uuty ' packed tins at his stor>- at Z>'2S\ -S'urllt Main. Mr. .Mcliermed buys; the t 'Ofl'ee iiy the ton. A special; feature of liiis stute is their iic ; window full of teal values. A spe- ! t lal for Sahtnlity only is leaf lel- luci' at Hn- JUT jtoutid. ; The turk'-y mtttket for Thursday ; fs still in cjocibl. One morclinnf j naid today that from all inilications j turk'-ys would sell at about 2 ;ie i live v.'eidht. and '.Joe a pound for <i:fs.->.-il turkeys, ljut then tltese lufci-s ma.v not stand, | A clcv,-r tiddiiion to a dinner i tabli- tvbere red Is predominate j color aiv the pimento cults lo be j used in servint- saladu. The riunflower Sttude Citocery & Market at 211 Wcsr'.nil are offer; ir.K as a special tor tomorrow a N". J ran ajipb' butter st ]:,<•. They nro iii.-'o vdllim Hie best quality home made .-au.-ace at. 2de iter Itotind and liatnle'fKer at l.'Jc. l.lndsbota.', Nov. sounds of llethany boys nro touring: tint stale this week in the Interest, of the Messiah Temple of Music. Knelt squad, composed of twelve students, will visit sonio ten or more towns on the Itinerary. They will from one community to another pleadltiK the cause of the .Messiah Temple of Music. All or the boys are singers. Load- ini; one of Hie squads is Arthur Hydcll, a student tills year, who had heard the l.indsborK Messiah some seven or eiirbt times before by became a student hero. He is a member of the appeal chorus and will sing In the Messiah next spring. Reports from over the state Indicate thnt many communities are coming strong. Hoisington, St. John, Junction City, Lyons and Oeary county are reporting good prtiRress. Enlarge the Store. Uecause of the Increased amount of sales in the Bhoe department, at Frank's fashion center, under the management of Harry Elbratler, a new addition has been made on the mezzanine floor to handle the extra shoes that It has been necessary to keep In stock. BEST r r Made from ^Durumment The Hutchinson Bakery And Confectionery Invites all ladies to register Tomorrow- for the lucky munliers on the tollowintr Prizes to be. given awav at 9:30 P. M. ' 1 Box Candy, value 2.00 1 Fancy Cake, value y . . 2.00 1 Box Candy, value 1-25 1 Cake, value 1.00 1 Box Candy, value 851 Fancy French Bread, value 50 1 Caramel Cake, value 25 Party drawing the lucky number must be In the Bakery when called. SATURDAY SPECIALS Caramel Mallow Cake Chocolate Mallow Cake Rusks 9c The Kverott Grocery is giving as j 11 special for Saturday a two pound i can of Hills Urothers coffee for! $3.t'i."». This is a (15c a pound value j ordinarily. You will find some Mood values j •t Frank Suttle 's Grocery at. SOU i Kast lib, a s .p.-. laity of ]H pounds; lard at Jl.iT. and California Kiigllsli ; AVtiluut i at 2 fie, per pound aniontj j JJtoni. ' j Never have tiie lted Ktttpe.ror Riapes come iliruutilt from California in stieii line condition. Nor have the prices been s,» n -iiMmabJe. Last Siiliirdny the .McCoiiuell Grocery ran as a Saturday special the arapes at tie a pound and had a liiis run so this .Saturday Mr. Mo (.'onnell has decided to repeat the offer. The. O. W. .Mason Grocery ,t Market at lam North Main are now culling corn fed beef and are offering sumu very elioici; meats tor that homo cooked maul. Carrol Smith was opeiilng up some of tho new goods today when the Lady With the .Market Hnsket came In shopping. Koine wore such novelties Ibat she wants to tell the house wives of theni. Spiced apricots, kpleeii cantaloupes, the nicest little teckel pearts spiced, cm; would be enough to serve on a plate in serv- lug a plute luncheon. There were. liUiuiiuuU and a new idea were the cherries put up In syrup for .salads nail the diced pineapples colored led with fruit coloring. Apricot and pineapple Jam was utioilicr lidit.ehold delight which tin? wholesale preMt -rvej- hurt, taken on. Ani (her pickle were small stuffed mangoes which, lire of the Hlae to terve individually. ' Greatest Values in Kansas Tomatoes—Hominy—Kraut—Pork & Beam— Milk.. Per can Best Quality and all you want. COFFEE? Yes, another ton for only 50c per pound— None Better. FLOUR? 48-lb Prize Winner flour for $1.80—1 sack or 1000, take your choice. MEAT? Yes, Sugar Cured Hams for only 18c per pound and some daisy ones for 16c per pound. Fresh leaf lettuce for Saturday only at ISc^per pound/ HIGHEST PRICES PAID FOR EGGS. DELIVER? Yes. Telephone 679. McDERMED'S 523 North Main. Sealdsweet Grape Fruit From Southern Florida Ripe Heavy Fruit, Full Color Medium Size, 4 for 25c 72c Doz. Large Size - - 10 Cents Each $1.10 Doz. Nice Solid Head Lettuce, lb. , 20c Walnuts, lb 24c Celery, Fresh and Crisp, bunch ISc California Emperor Grapes, nice big red fruit, 2 lbs. 25c Thanksgiving orders Tsken at any of Our Yellow Front Stores tor— TURKEYS GEESE DUCKS CHICKENS , DILLOLN'S RED LABEL FLOUR 48-lb Sack 12.00 24-lb Sack fl .05 Made and Guarantied by Dillon's Mill. Remember Dillon's Fresh Roasted Coffees when you plan that Meat Dillon's "Best" Coffee, lb 51c Dillon's Red Label Coffee, lb 48c Dillon's Hostess* Delight, lb 45c Dillon's Peaberry Coffee, lb. 39c Dillon's Special Coffee lb 29c Every pound equal to a pound and a half of stale coffee. MEAT MARKETS Red Label Oleo, lb 25c A pure vegetable product. None better made. FRESH GRATED HORSE RADISH Pint 25c—7-oz. bottle 15c Pork Loin Roasts. Ib >....... 19c Hind Quarter Beef, lb. .' 10c Fore Quarter Beef, lb. 8$c No Free Delivery—No Credit—Satisfaction Guaranteed. Right Prices; Right Quality J. S. Dillon & Son: Stores Co. Eight Clean Yellow Front Stores Hutchinson, Newton There's No Substitute- None Just as Good as CALUMET THE WORLD'S GDEATEST BAKING POWDER Millions of Bake-Day Tests During the Past 35 Years Prove It. •ALES SV* TIMES THOSE Off ANT OTHEft aUIAND Girl Scout Cabin Opening Sunday Tlia h'uiiflilld cabin recootly .(tuiuploted for ilie (Sir! Scouts or Uit ulty will liuvo an uyeuiug iiio- SERVE this delicious shortbread with jam at tea time —or any time. It's a treat for jaded palates. LORNA DOONE 5Ht5RfBilEAD . la packages or by (he pound at grocers* NATIONAL BISCUIT COMPANY THE CREAM OF OLIVE OIL SOAPS A helpful f retaining ihe clear, soft skin of . childhood CKF:NI '()ii nil i • 't ojivr i HI v t\ps li j Cudahy's # pa \ Ha r itan Hams «nd Bacon THANKSGIVING—the day that justly caDs * for something different and better. This year make the day a real success by making it a com' plete Puritan Thanksgiving. For breakfast—Puritan Bacon or Pork Sausage;forth* main meal—a whole Puritan Ham; and then, for the evening bite—slices of cold Puritan Ham. Finer flavor and greater tenderness are assured m Puritan Hams and Bacon because they are The rich juices of the selected young meats usev for Puritan have not only been retained by the sped* Cudahy cure, but they nave been properly diffused. Puritan meats are therefore good through and through— flavory, sweet, juicy and tender. Depend upon Puritan to make your Thanksgiving repast a real success. The Cudahy Racking CallSA Maktn of Puriunl BelapghedatEao#All-BRAN Now read thia letter of tKanlf from Mr. Kane. It speaks for itself- Reipember, it is because Kellogg*• is ALL BRAN that it was so effective in his case—-just as it has been in thousands of others. Only ALL BRAN can produce 100 per cent results. Imagine • young man wslsMng U9 pound* in the courae of a few months p»rk«S in bed, a waakllng weighing 94 pounds. An elderly lady whom I knaw ainca I •»«• • kid paid me what the thought wai a last viilt. Upon being told of my plight ah* jmmedlntely mentioned your product for •uch an ailment. Maybe tame of u* didn't look upon her vlewt very lightly;. » « m ' It was to laugh 1 My dear friend, 1 am stilt laughing « < * • not at your product, but becau»o I *m able to. I am. telling you and tha world at large. **£at Kcltocirc Krumbled Braal" Jt should be called Constipation's worst enemy." I owe you my hasrtfstt gratitude. I can talk, and whenever the opportunity E resent. Itself, mv mouth le always full of ran—Kellogg 1 . (Crumbled. Wishing ys« countless days of progrsis, I am Yours for succsi*. \ John M. Knne. 228 Snicm St, Woburn, Mass. Est Kellogg'g AIX-BRAN regularly to rt> liswc* constipation psimantntly. Two tablo- spoonfuls daily*—in chronic cases* with ovary meal, ft is guaranteed to bring results, or your grocer will return your money. You will tiko the delicious nut-1 ike flavor. Sold by all grocers. the original *&AH~toady tooat

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