Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico on May 11, 1965 · Page 1
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Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico · Page 1

Clovis, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 11, 1965
Page 1
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"tn Riving a helping hand to your fellow man, keep In mind — you nfe often not forgiven, most times quickly forgotten." — Cole Sweeney MICROFILM SERVICE & SALES CO .BOX ecee . 4 VOL. 37 NO. 35 NBA, McNaught Features DPI Leased Wireg "YOUR FREEDOM NEWSPAPER" CIOVIS, NEW MEXICO, TUESDAY, MAY 11, 1965 20 Pages Today Major Red Offensive Beginning In Viet? SAIGON (UPD - Viet Cong guerrillas attacking in regimental strength overran a provisional capital today and killed five Americans and wounded 13 in fighting that included a gun battle in a U.S. Army mess hall. Observers said the attack, which followed a massacre of Vietnrmese troops just outside Saigon Monday, could mark the start of a major Communist offensive expected with the onslaught of the monsoon rains. Airborne Vietnamese reinforcements and A m e r i c a n planes drove off (lie guerrillas in a counter-attack. Later reports said the retreating Communists took up positions on the southern bank of the Song I3e Kiver 3' •> miles northeast of the town and that American jet bombers were attacking them. A spokesman said the Air Force was using "everything we can get a hold of to hit the Communists in preparation for an expected government attack. (In London former Foreign Secretary Patrick Gordon Walker said the United States had made elaborate preparations for a "decisive monsoon battle" which seems likely to be fought soon. Gordon Walker returned recently from a Southeast Asian tour where he talked with U.S. and other officials.! Inromtilpte easualtv reports said 15 Vietnamese soldiers were killed and 37 wounded when a large Viet Cong force stormed through Song Be, the capital of mountainous Phouc Long Province 75 miles north- cast of Saigon. The battle came on the heels of a massacre of Vietnamese troops by guerrillas in Hau Nghiae Provinc just outside of Saigon Monday. Reliable military sources said 116 Vietnamese soldiers were killed or missing in the Hau Nghia slaughter and another 78 were wounded. Most of the missing were believed to have been killed. Hit Own Troops Reports on the Hau Nghia fighting leaking out today said a battery of 155 mm howitzers fired two rounds which landed accidentally in the midst of a Vietnamese battalion which had been sparring with guerrillas since last Friday. Just as the Vietnamese troops were shaking off the shock of the howitzer blasts, government Skyraider planes flew over and the soldiers panicked, throwing down their weapons and running into a field covered by Viet Cong machinegun fire. The Vietnamese apparently feared that the planes might accidentally bomb or strafe government positions. A similar incident occurred a month ago. Military sources said the guerrillas captured almost 100 weapons in the Hau Nghia disaster, including 12 automatic rifles and three machineguns. Morgues Packed Full Hospitals and morgues in Sai- DAILY OH SUNDAY «B gon were jammed with the overflow of dead and wounded. Corpses were piled like cordwood on cemetery grounds outside Saigon's military hospital. The wounded lay In long rows in the hallways of the hospital. In air action against North Viet Nam today, U.S. Navy jets flew a dawn mission from the decks of the carrier Orlskany, scoring three direct hits on a highway bridge 80 miles south of Hanoi with nine tons of bombs. E* Firms Ingram Brothers Quake C f\ S"\'t Sue 9 Oil In Price Fixing' Ingram Bro'hers C']o\:s has c.'iaixed oil companies rnmina'.ion in Oil Co.. of lied nine major with price d;s- Eastern N c w w; l<vl M-.mlnv af- D,.-:nc'. C.>u:1, Anchorage ANCHORAGE. Alaska i('PI> -- A strom:. rumhlin:.; earthquake jolted A no h urai'.e Tuesday but there were no immediate reports of damage. Mc\K ••> and West Texas. I> I. Ingram and Eilwm H Tnk' operators of the Ciovis f:r:i; allege pru-r ili.-rr;!ii:n;i- tKiii :n gasoline sales to j:i!)!>ers in P.iriivr County. Tex , and j> Curry Count Johnson To Request Tax Cuts Tne suit ternoon in I Albuquerque. The University of Washington Named as defendants are Phil- seismograph in Seattle recorded lip- Petroleum Co , for which the quake at Id 42..'11 a m. PDT Ingram is a joiihcr in Curry and and seismologist Norman Kas- ^uay Counties; Continf-ntal Oil rmissen s,u<l the Kieliter scale indicated ji was on a scale of betv.eeii ").". 5 and (1 ma.cnitude. I PI Am Morale correspondent Met;-; Woodman >aid there was one sharp jolt which Kent residents ni-.;uim from buildin::-. on't Resign; Dominican In Crisis Co . C,;;lf Oil ( o: ' HI Co . doini; biisi: ard Oil Co. <i! Te>. !'.-irj) Socony Moi Vie:: O)' Co , Tex.'i II;irv.!i> Oil and H Ti;e In..!rarn fir .:as-pl::"' ,'it whole-••. P.vm-r f> ;•" > 'K'rf. at |>'k (•-, ! Mobile (i.! CD i (i.l Co '.nir; Co (»: c r ;.in tho-e Kasmusst •'II'p".l! e,| ti as !:>•• i;r-. folli.'.ird i:, dav'!;-! mu-.-n d! \. The trl'i'il- •n said < tie a in •'• af'ers i-t 'le.'ir ::ake ih; ,e Aiu • T fine D the ••it a hock 's (',< .' de i'-: a.; f !h" quake s strong s which ood I-'ri- va-.'.atrd e area. mi-.:hti- — T- t: Hi- scae tin,: th $1 7,^ ! H will fee! isc- Jul ., to t: - next ••s arc 1 .' !:.'ic"iPS »:• "f r'\Cls t - t, ross, to mt, The rm>a< Tie stroni 1 ' of- as firrr. U S. or of- ''K was felt ''fair! 1 .Keni and slightly in i S '. • K "'i . Kiui (here would be Spy Recruiting Charged Soviets Expell i U. S. Diplomat MOSCOW (UPIi—Tlio Soviet information about our country." Union today accused an Ameri- adding: can Negro diplomat of trying to :-• >nii; spies amon? African "Garnett tried to turn them -MulcnN in Moscow and or- :nto a Sents of American imperi- d'-red i,;;n expelled from the alism ancl bu - v tlleir souls." The newspaper charged that Garnett tried to African students to "leave the Soviet Union and forget about the .interests of their people." v" !> ' N..rn< I S....,- r, ,< ., o-, ,- -, D. C.arnett. 32 a Unit-s m ormation officer at- U> , tr ' c embassy* cul- section. denied the Confusion Reigns In Political Scene SANTO DOMINGO (UPI) —! said the Americans were trying The Dominican political situa-jto find out if he had resigned and rJew r0 crSi sin LSS nf iS *"**?* changed his mind "We're not certain that's what happened," the briefing officer said. "That may be what happened." a new crisis today when | Brig. Gen. Elias Wessin y Wes- jsin apparently reneged on a | promise to resign from the i armed forces. I The rebels had demanded nessin's ouster as one of a series of conditions before talking nnonrt T'Urt TT O TT»___I. . . i Rebels More Militant The rebels l/ve •\n',' \.> <!<:-(' taxe-? T:;--, t.. be tratio Jalv, AM bo a> find OMT excellent a'., i «:!! ):>• ;,-'. additional f\> i> !'t.ihr.: ,IH n: 1 .. •n : •: n-\l .la h..:.vr S-,..;a! Si !ha! re- Women Voters Meet In Ciovis T( icials said pn> Uve •• :iic for ia 4 <\ of n*A" '' ronvi'-nt!' :r,cii Yo!i convene ;n o! TS ot (See BROTHP.KS Pa^e fi) after- tratio p m. Nm j *;i ••!• t.l V-s t';e next five years T:.; i w'i'.tlc excises by an ad :.i! SJ S5 billion and bring cn".'f series of cuts to 4-6 p m : $.V"i billmn 'Convention Schedule .E'-ivprnment new-paper Izvestia said that 'nobody- alleged that the Los'had any doubts that he iGar- Negro "asked African ; neU) was an agent of Amerito gather intelligence!can intelligence" during a pre"~ i vious tour of duty in Dar es Salaam in East Africa." Garnett, according to Ivzstia "heid wild parties in which lie distributed American cigarettes, records, tape and simply money." The Soviet charge against the American followed by 24 hours the sentencing of a British miided missiles expert to a prison term of 24 years for selling secrets to the Russians The rocket expert, Frank C. : Bossard. had pleaded guilty in a London court. Prime Minister Harold Wiison immediately or Ueorgc \V. Hall -ion in CKn'is. with regis- i scheduled Irom 4 to 6 TJI y Secretary Henry H '. dd newsmen of thK Mondav after a with President John TUESDAY Registration a t Holiday Inn. Get-acquainted cofiYt- 8 p m opening session and reports. WEDNESDAY 9 am. Presentation of proposed state program by News At a Glance Jetliner Loses Wheel On Tokeoff At El Paso KL PASO. Tex. (I'M) — An American Aidinos jot- lintM- with 1'Jt'i persons aboard lost a landin.u; whivl Tuesday on takKtff and made a safr [ii«'<-;tulionary landing on a foam-covon-d runway. Thf pilot t>rou«ln th«- Ini'jy 707 ji-tllner down un thf whivls on tin* K-ft sido, hohlini; thf damage right K< i ar off tho ground at International U.N. Asked To Take Hand In Dominican r\ITKO NATION'S;, N.V. (I'PI) — Uruguay today i-allt-d on Secretary General Than! to take a hand in the l')ominican crisis, in o>op«Tation \vith the Onjiini/a- tiMn of American Slates lOASi. A resolution. pi-ujxiM-d bv Uruguayan AmUissador Carlos Maria Vela/(|ue/: to the Security C\»uncil. also would reaffirm the ripht of the IXiininiean jxtiple "fively, without nvreion of any nature, to exercise their j>o\erviKn n^lit of srM-deirr- mination." Senate Defeats Poll Tax Amendment, 49-45 WASHINGTON (I'PI) — Tin- Senate romovwi a key harrier to passage of its voting rights bill today hy defeating a liberal backt'd amendment to outlaw state and local poll taxes. The vote was 49-55. The outlook for parly Senate action on the bill also was improved when Southern senators agreed that they would permit limitation of debate on an amendment - by - amendment basis. LBJ To Address Notion On World Situation WASHINGTON (I'PI) — Tli,- White Hou-> snH today President John>on will make a spi-eeh on thi- international situation at 8 am. (MST) Thursday. His remarks will be available for live television-radio coverage. The Chief Executive made a similar appraivi! ot the international situation nine days a^o, when he plnrvd much of the blame for fighting in the Dominican Republic- on Cuban-trained Communists. Oklahoma Justice Questioned On Bribes OKLAHOMA CITY UTD — state supreme court Justice N f . B. Johnson, accused of taking SlnikH) jn bribes, faced more questioning at his imr»eachment trial today about a series of ea«hier's checks amonn'ine to nearly $7,000. Johnson told the Senate impeachment court Mondav most of the money came from a nest eqg of $1.500 to $2,<K)0 he kept hidden above a window curtain in his bedroom, if Mrs W. M. Bray and I>r. Virginia Sloan. Pre. scntation (ii nol-rcefmi- iM'tidcd ih-nis by Mrs Sidiii'y Stone. Vdtors Si r'\ ice I'rotjiani, Mrs ll.iivcv Israel and Legi^Liln c program. M r s L'iranif Lavender. 2 p m P a n e 1 disaisMun on "Jlevenuc Ht'qiiirements arul Sources of Income f"r tho State of N e w Mexico - Present and Future." ">-6 M V 1 m SiK-ial Hour. i 7 30 p in Dinner. Keport from Washington N a t i o na! Cuuiifi! bv Mrs. Luther Lum and Mrs. W. M. Bray. | B 30 p m I'mancp TIU'KSDAY 7 30 a m President's breakfast ') a m. Action on bvlaws. state jiro^ram. bud-'et and t'ltx (ion i if ofiiri'is pre- seiitatiuri of tfie lioard of Director?; 12 30 p m. Convention adjourn:; StutiTVehicIe Office Due Payroll Cuts nominees for election as •istcers anil directors will be i! i -ented to the croup at its op- •n.iiL 1 M ssion tonight at the Hoi- do y Inn Motel. apparently were peace. The U.S. Embassy said ! S ettm S more militant toward Monday he had resigned, but tne u - s - Marines and 82nd Air- today a U.S. briefing officer borne troops here. Monday they used mortars for the first time against the Americans and sent mortar shells within 100 yards of Marine general headquarters. There were no casualties. Monday afternoon the rebels fired on a platoon of eight paratroopers with two machine- guns and 10 automatic weapons. They killed one paratrooper and wounded seven. Ameri_ w _ 4 ^^ au can officials used the term remains the "Greatest menace": dressed the council'as* Unopened! " nre£i S nt " — a spirited ex« to world peace. ' a wide-ranging general debate ! change of firing ~~ to describ e U.S. Undersecretary of State on worldwide political prob-^ the action - Tne paratroopers George W. Ball told the first, lems. opened up with two rounds of working session of a three-davi Ball: Red China Greatest Menace LONDON (UPD—The United is going on in China." States warned its NATO allies' Ball, standing in for Secre- today that Communist China • tarv of State Dean Rusk, ad at the ceremonial NATO council of ministers hei Earu ' er hoped the alliance would be O l* mn g session, Britain and r "very careful in watching what'?,^ 1 "" 1 ******* the th eory or'^ *fe r< - •-- -— French Pres dent Charlps HP. lank to within 106-mm recoilless rifle fire to the tiered an investigation of employment of Bossard. An official Tass news agency Luther Lyon, Los Alamos, pres- announcement said "the minis- ident; Mrs. Robert Gall, San- try stated a protest to the US vice presi- K m bassy in connection with Israel, Los Garnett's impermissible beha- second vice president: v ior—he conducted anti-Sovk- Doherty. Las Vetjas. wor k arno n? students from Ai end the fighting. Today the rebels moved up a yards of the Those nominated include Mrs. County, first Mis. Harvey MHS Nell secretary, Glen. San and >•? ru , an countrSes-and demanded Mrs. Wheeler treasurer. uhal such activities by Ameri for now directors! can diplomats be discontinued " Nominated tor now _ _ of the league are Mrs. Wilbur A u s - ^ mhas#v sp.'kesma Johnson, Ciovis: Mrs. Frederick saicl Garnett, 32, Los An^e'es CUm. Albuquerque; Mrs. Peter fa!if • W0lllcl leave tnc Lindstrom, Los Alamos. i Garnett, a Gaulle that Europe "can go it Mar " ie ~P aratro °P er corridor b^ alone" in the nuclear age j seating Santo Domingo and pen- Prime Minister Harold Wilson i mng a large rebel force "» » of Britain and Foreign Minister ;corner of the Clt y- There was Paul-Henri Spaak of Belgium' no firin 8- employed such terms as "ego-; Sniper Fire istic." delusion," and "illu-| sory to attack French policy. : U.S. officials said there was They did not mention De sporadic sniper fire during the Minn. il'PIi — An office work- Gaulle by name but it was ob-' n 'S nt in the Marine sector but er in St. Paul asks her boss if vious to whom they were refer- no casualties - and that there she can get off work at 4:50; ing- ; were 12 separate incidents. Twin Cities Confused On Time Change MINNEAPOLIS ST. PAUL, of th member Sovie* week of the p m. -o .sin- can keep a 4 p.m. appointment. Sound ridiculous? The fireworks came at a 40- minute formal opening of the NATO foreign ministers coun- If the appointment is in U S Information Agencv at- neapolis she can very Those nominated to compose tac hed to the embassy here, make it. the nominating committee for' ( . ame to Moscow in October HHw-67 are Mrs. Roy Rosen, Santa Fe. chairman: Mrs. Bernard Gameral. Ciovis. and Mrs. James E Weir, Albuquerque, The new officers, directors •i.'id nominating committee will i Min-' Spaak, honorary council pres- The U.S. briefing officer said the total casualties so far were 15 American dead and 80 wounded. Six paratroopers were killed and 56 wounded. WEATHER i>e voted on at Thursday inc's clo>iim .session. morn- the three-day convention will be a panel discussion Wednesday at 2 p.m. on state revenue needs. Panel members will include Sen. Gordon E Mel-j oti\. D-San Miguel; Ben Mason. 1 The T\\in Cities of Minneapo-' Ms and St. Paul have more than 1 tiie Mi.-»issippi River separat-1 ing tiie in now. There is an! hour's difference between one; end of a quarter-mile bridge! and the other. r But what makes things so much m o r e contusing ii that not everyone in St. Paul is on Centra! i>aylight Time. Fur instance, ii vou want the NEA Inposes Sanctions On Oklahoma Schools FAIR ANP WARMtt Mostly cloudy and , chief^of the state budget division.' coo i today and tonight. Wednes- make the appointment on Day- and Franklin Jones, an Albuquer- day partly cloudy and warmer. lighi Savins- Time. : 42r79. But if you want the St. Paul Monday's high at 1 p.m.. 58 police to guide your explosives i que attorney. Items proposed for action by the league during the coming J r ^ es ;, 1ouHy s (See VOTERS Page 6) grees. low at b am. Gattis Coach To Join Oilers : SANTA FK ' I'PI»-Motor Ve- :hJde Commissioner Benny San- J chez has officially announced he wUl lay off 30 to 49 employes before June 30 In a prt'.-s release issued late Monday, Sanchez t,aid the payroll cut was due partially to the initiation of tin 1 new data proc-fitin^ s,\stems employed In the MutM Veliii-le Depai tmeii!. Tiie department's budget al.>0 will be SlKf, UX! le» iic-\t fl.-oal >ear Uian for the cui'ieiit \ear ers professional football team, have two boys, Bryan and Brent Sanchez last week vas re|.»ort- Coach Brittain stated, "I have Briuain is from Amariilo, Texas ed by t'iuted I' Intenution- -i'-'ned a contract with the Oilers While at Gattis. Coach Brit- al to be imn.t'-i.^ tin- petsonnel f"r a trvout but will not know tor tain has been the head coach of cuts, and at !:..' tun.' he report- sure if 1 have made thf team un- tho ninth grade basketball team edh hbm.-d t'-.• I..-."-'-'ue fund til the latter part of August " '.-e.i.1 the head football coach of cut for the payroll lay oil But Bnttam lias been in Ciovis for "<e seventh grade team Bnttain m hi> ielt-.j.~.e he .said tii^ w^^ or,..- war He is a 1964 graduate \\a> the assistant track coach for nut t'ie case. , t >f pastern New Mexico Univer- the seventh grade. WASHINGTON (UPlj — The Hake to provide more money lor National Education Association the state's public, elementary NKAi today imposed national'and secondary schools. sanctions on the state of Okla- The Oklahoma group invoked St. Paul lire department to ; noma because of complaints by 'statewide sanctions stand by whne you burn out an !teac . hers of -sub-minimal" land asked for continued area ot bnuhland. you'd better • school conditions there. j lions by the NEA after voters The NEA announced it would ''ejected a proposal April 27 to establish relocation centers for raise about $37 million in addi- Oklahoma teachers who wanti nonal ^ uad s for school Improve* leave the state for jobs else- : nients. March 9 national sane- truck throu^! de- ter be talkins Time. the city, you bet- Centra! Standard where. The centers would pro- Tne national sanctions, «p- vide information about employ- -proved by the NEA Executive ment in teaching posts in other Committee, will provide for ai- states. si stance to members of tbe Ok« lahoma Education Association The action was taken at the';"presently employed in 03da» request of the Oklahoma Edu-;homa who desire to leave tfat cation Association, a state af- state for educational employ* Oklahoma ment under more favoraW* It was announced today a t sity. While at ENMU, Brittain Coach Britain's resignation r iiiate of the NEA the Gattis Junior High Assembly was voted the hardest blocker lias not yet been presented to teachers met in a statewide cumstances. that Coach Leo Brittain would re- and tackier on the Eastern team Mr \ ernon Mills, superintendent .-onvenuon in Oklahoma City to- The NEA ujrged sips at the end of the year to Coach Bnttain and his wife Ka- of the Ciovis Schools. idav to discuss further action to t'other states not pk>y football tor the Houston Oil- rin reside at 2909 Wallace. Thev • 4bby Bridge t la!»kittfd in. Ftam i'urt-i£u C 'CUM»M 1 U . 6 W fwblk teachers ia job* ia Oklahoma, u said NEA memiers who 4» «e- cept Oklahoma teacbini Uons coui4 b« egpeliea £or « » The N14 tbe level of public e4ue«tt0ftlA OklahoQia is "faj* JM!PW MMV m "- ceptabto - ' -- ***

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