The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 22, 1934 · Page 7
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 7

Paris, Texas
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Sunday, July 22, 1934
Page 7
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T, JULYtt MM TWO PARIS THEATRES TO BE REDECORATED Plaza, Grand Work Starts * Immediately New Sound System Also ] Being Installed In Lamar Theatre Complete redecoration of the Grand and Plaza theatres will be undertaken immediately according to C- J- Musselman, manager of Farl» theatres. The work o£ re- 4*coratinsr will not Interfere with the programs, though the Plaza, •will be closed Tuesday. Wednesday and Thursday while new RCA wide-ranse sound etjuJpment. is being installed. ilr. Musselman said Saturday that alJ material used in the work will be bought locallv and that IM NOT ASHAMED O^ Mr HANDS NOW $!Kd.t DO NOT HAVE TO $CfcU& .*.! NOWMAVK Murphy-Provine Lumber Co. Bomc of Those 3OO<£. Shinties Smooifo As A Smile** J-bone II Texas Power & Ltglrt Co, CENTENNIAL COMMITTEE MEETS In this picture is shown the executives aja<i committee heads charged -with detailed responsibility in putting the Texas 1 Centennial over. Reading- from left to right they are former Governor Pat. "M. Xeff. of "Waco, Centennial Commissioner, who as governor issued a proclamation in 1924 calling Texans into session at Austin , to begin the drive for a Texas Centennial. Xext in line is John D. Middleton. Greenville, chairman of the planning committee, -who reported a. detailed plan at a meeting in Corsicana , last Monday which envisioned for Texas a Centennial of the first magnitude: next is "Walter D. Cline. \vicnita. Falls, chairman of the Executive Com- mittee: "Will H". Mayes, Austin, secretary of the Commission; G«n. John A. Hulen, ForL "Worth, chairman of the Finance Committee; Gus F. Taylor.. Tyler, treasurer^ Cullen F. Thomas. I>al!as, president, and Lowry Martin, Corsicana. chairraaja of the Publicity Committee and vice-president of the Cen- TenniaU" local labor will b* used in all of the -work. Th» decoraiins will be under the direct supervision of "JOuke" Mahoney. who \vas employed on the stair of the Century of Pros- res* last year, Mr- Mahoney, since leaving Chicago has been engaged in decorating some of the largest theatres in the Southwest- Redecorating of the two theatres here i* a part of a program rar being carried out by the Paschal Theatres to ^Ive patrons of thtbr theatres the greatest comfort and pleasure possible. By eiriaj employment to local people and buying: materials in the cities where their property is located, ths company is also cooperating in the national recovery program by giving jobs to unempluyed- The entire interior of both theatres vrill be redecorate^ with the latest styles of draperies. g and furnishings. Work on the Grand -will begin after the iast show Saturday night and on the Plaza. Monday r.ight, according to Mr \TETERAN COMMERCE RAILROAD MAN DIES \V. T- Smith Succumbs At Texarkana. Hospital Saturday COMMERCE.—TV. R. Smith, 57 years old, veteran Cotton Belt railroad engineer. d:ea Sarurday morninjfr at a Texarkana. hospital where he had been a patient some time. He.had undergone two operations since July 1. one of them Saturday morning. The funeral had not been definitely arranged Saturday, pending arrival of the body here, Mr. Smith., known to the railroad fraternity as "Smokey" had been \rith the road 3" years. liis widow and t-svo sons survive. COURTS Centennial Committees Are Named Paris Woman Named to State Body; County Group Selected Announcement of committees for Lamar county has been made *>y the Texas Centennial commission. Mrs. w. PL Snow of Paris has been honored fay bein^ named one of the commissioners for the organization In Texas. Other commutes named for Lamar county include the follo-srtng: Mrs, Jarne^ M. Cavinese, ilrs. T. P. Williams, Mrs. H, 3L. Baker. ^Irs. R_ F. Scott, Jr.. and A. G. Mayse of Paris: Mra. Lee Cavioess, Chjcota, and Mrs. Claude Duncan of Howland, The commission is asking that service clubs and all otber civic organizations put on at least one special program on the Texas Centennial during July ajad August, according to a, letter received by *he local Cha.m ber of Commerce from Lowry Martin, caairman of the publicity comittee. "The Texas Centennial ]JC3ws" is the name of the official publication which is bein* mailed throughout "the state. The Centennal Finance &nd Planning committee has stated that a fund of ?1».009,0<»<> will'be necessary to put on the centennial celebration. Every community in the state, the committee says, should have a part in the centennial, as it should not !>« a one-city affair. HUNT COUVTT TO ASK FEDERAL, JDROUTH AID CQ.MMERCE.—Ix>cal Relief Director I. B. McNatt. -with Judge L. E. Fuller, left Friday afternoon for Greenville f<&" a conference with County Ajgrent F. J. Oreen. with the Intention of setting Hnnt county a place on the federal list of drouth stricken counties. PLUMBING REPAIRING Given Our Prompt Attention PHONE 1133 B. F. BERLY Successor to p. J. KENNEDY Plumbing -and Heating 11-13 X. Churc-h St. CAR IS RTFliED j pany out of Dallas. wai» COMMERCE.—A car belonging: i ^r $30 worth of stenographic „.__„„ . I Plies early Friday morning. ._„ to B, Q. Hall, representative of | ^ was parked in front ot & loca* tfee Remington typewriter com- hotel. ARE YOUR FLOORS BRIGHT AND NEW LOOKING? You cap have new looking-, easy to keep clean floors at a surprisingly *o~« cost. Through, the OREAD-NAUGHT RENTAL SERVICE you can now completely reflnish vaur floors vourself —from the sanding to the final waxing. Look at your floors now, then call us on the phone or drop ?n and see us We ^rant the opportunity to tefl you about this ne%% convenient floor service, ~ THE SHERWIN-WILLIAMS PHONE 373 SIXTY-SECO>-1> DISTRICT COUliT Phillips, judge Xew Cases Filed ..'V; Hindoraji. by next friend. R. O. Hindman. vs. Bert Luttrell, suit for damages, Eugene Burks, by next friend, Ed Burks, vs. Bert Luttrell, 'suit 1 ; for damages- The Scottish American Mort- jras>_- Company. Limited, vs. J. R. j Salon, suit on note and for foreclosure of Hen. At The Plaza COUNTY COURT 1 C. A. Martin, judge •j One case of un?awfuily cutting i I timber and. one of being' drunk I i filed. Theta Kappa Omega For sheer, una.duitera.ted fun. a "whirlwind of g^5s, iaa^hs and srrand music. Those who haven't un Umbered, iheir ''faces into a snslle ! JProbate { The will of G, VT. Parsons filed f for probate. The Zeta. Gamma, chapter or the Theta Kappa Omega. fraternity will hold its regular weekly meet? Sunday afternoon at 5 o'clock at tbe home of Brywln. Scott, on Pine Bluff street. At the last meeting- the following 1 Tie'w officers w^re elected: T, Z>. "Wells. Jr.. grand master: Alfred Dohoney. master; Carl McWberter. secretary; Mac Cox. treasurer; El- b*rt Claxk. sersreant-at-arms; and Xe-wman King, corresponding secretary. fooling, -which opene-i yesterday at the Fiaza theatre. This Paramount film features Jack Oakie. Ben Bemie and his band, Dorothy I>ell. Arline Judge, Alison Sfcipworth and Roscoe Kams in s. comedy as thrilling arsd unexpected . as «, three-ring circus, li is a picture ,of actors aad singers on the rise, and it centers on the roma.nce of a side-show barker Oakie. vrho loves a blues singer, loses her to a bir shot arid -wins Clifton Guest anti Miss Evelyn and ilias SOX XS BORX Mr. arsd Mrs, Edward Scott art parents of a son, born July 19 a tlselr home, 304 South T^renty- elghtii street. The chiTd has been named Cnarles Ed-arard. i A s-»corid romance betweca Ros- I coe Karns and Arline Judge is f most novel. Karris, as a. slug- i nutty flagpole sitter, is literally up f a pol£ throughout most of the rilrn trying desperately TO check; on his philandering girl and win. a cbam- Fred D. %V!!ma Farris. "Willie G. May and Samanthia { Jim Gra^'son. and Miss 'Ola Bel! I Johnsotu j Unei Briggs and Miss ?ear!ie I Ma? Milan-;. I Clyde Flerolngs and Stelia i Cooper. it The coal reserves of the world. IB estimated, approximate T,- S53. 555.003.000 irsetrie tons, When Building; or Repairing If In Need of Ab*tract* or Ttd« Work Sc« U* Scott Title & Trust Co. Tfce film also sct-ves to introduce Bcrs Hernie and his orchestra to picture fans- In a. part that gives full play to his own original and breezy humor. Beru'.e plays; the orchestra leader whose purpose in life is to settle s. feud -with, a certain f«.mo«s« coiumnisz, Muific lor the picture tvas writ- en by th« ac« tune-teams of Rain- ^er and Robin, Gordon and ReveL TiYesIey Russ»es. whose most recent picture Tx-a? "Bolero." directed from an adaptation of an orisrina! I play by Ben Hecfct and Gene ITow- BUY YOUR WALLPAPER AT ALEXANDER'S VT« m*tns-u7 thr* l-tntr<?*t stock of wallpaper In Xortb^ast IVxiMi, and can Psnur-f you that you'll find the largest as- «ortm*nt of r-attwrns to *<«lect from s,t o«r wtore. W» Thrill t»« clad to fnmi*h fstim*te« lor pain tin K *n<! p*to he nnanced b> th* Howte Oirn*m Loan ALEXANDER BOOK CO UGNDEN COM3IU^TTY ITEMS OF INTEREST . — The ccnr'nsed drouth haj? rxsined most crop* here- Several people ar^ hauling both drinking and stock xrater. Pastures fc&v« tiri«?d yp ar»5 stock is suffering. Bill Slusher and family o* Can- nins^a.~ s»p<-ril the ^eek her* with his !nih*jr. Tteo SlUiher. S*>v*"*rn! L/ind^n people attended | the graveyard •wcrkins at Post Automobiles Jonu IK Clem. Paris, Chevrolet trues. Fred Morphew. Paris, Terra- plane coach. Lamar Chevrolet Company. Paris, Chevrolet sedan. J. M. Wlndom, I^adonla. Ford V-S truck. McCURTAIV COT-NTT COrKTS (Idabel. Okla.) Deviney and Miss Mil-fired ey. Clarksvi'je: "Willie Todd and Miss Rose .*t., Cisco: Grain Ashalintubbi asd Miss Rosle Jones, iu Ashley a^sd children I of Lor,<» \Volf, Okla,. Mrs. Em««t J Hu!*n of M;n:«ir and ^Vlr. arsd Mrs, j CUnt Ashley of Blossom sp«»nt »sust | Sunday -wrfth Mr. *ad Mr*. J-oe Money to Loan We will finarnv the building of a new home for you, or for the improvement of your old one. i->«1«n{ Hom« Lx>*n Bank SjT»t«m. United Stutes and Bw'»6!r>it and, Conf«r«nc* team x^-ay shut o«; sr. a. ganie hfr*> with Post Oa.k, F.s-isrhT. ~ to 1. but d*f«ai- SivrtrsiJ; H!!l S to 1. iSr. and Mr*. Mack Ford froir. vjisrht**r, Mrs, Murrel H«rrou. Zach Thomas* ho»**« at "Watr.xtt was burned last Tuesday Tonr Home Needs th« Comfort Scanty of with you "PARIS MATTRESS AND AWNING COMPANY «W* W. Sh«rm«n Xcnv Automobiles C. A. Jumper. Chevrolet sedan. Harris: Elisabeth Fox, Chevrolet coach. MiUerton; Josephine Pack- ueti. Ford tudor. Idabel: Ke^inald WiTUs-iny. Chevrolet coupe, Ida- be': Silsaiuey TTard, Xash s«da^, Idabe.!; Hood Cotvla- coupe. Ha^5CQrth; C. "W. Ford tnick, Idabel: Te^ra.rkar;a Battery company. Chevrolet true"?;. Texarlcana, Texa»- Civfl Cteee$ Tflod Charley Verner T et al vs, Th-? Shirley I-UTriber company et a*. debt: Opal Smith VSL Boyce Smith, divorce; "W. 'ST. Hen-drix vy. Lena \VTift* et ai, dfttermtrsatioTi o* heir- ahip, <3ui«tinic title; "W- B, Brooks vj«. Km?n«. Brooks, divorce: ux?e Tacker vy. Annie M:. Tuck«r. divorce: "WilliaTK Eujcese Bark vs. TTTskno-nm heir* of Snrah( Kolmsr. deceased, dpterminatioii of hpir- »hip <juletinjr title; E. H. L^-w:is v«. unknown h«rs« of Jane "Winjr. -'.*>*> Wi'listoTJ et al, determination of heiry anleiing: title. us. ! Transfer* T. M. KJchardsori ar»d Flora j Richardson to Ma^S'.e Mae Me- j Cord, a !c-t In section Sl-S-^-t. 51 ar-d other consideration: H. U r and M. W. Spencer to Newborn, a tract of land in 5«crion 32-S-2S. »2SO; T. X. Derry-j berry, chairman board county com- j mis*ionerj» to A. G. Etheredsre, a! tract of Jar.d in ^ectic'n CO-S-"S. $t; Earl I^ewis to Bffie l>wi», A Tract of land in section l?-S-t4. $§(<«>. J.WJ1ARRISON & SON General Contractor* "No Job Too Little or Too Lar^e te Owrfmlly FINAL PRICES New, Modern Gliders Drastically Reduced For Quick Clearance. Every Piece a Real Bargain ! NO RESERVE STOCK — BUT LOOK AT THESE PR2CES ON FLOOR SAMPLES With over two month* left to TKC yom 1 out-door furniture,, these slasbic? reductions are a timely event indeed. An- tScip*tiiiMr A larg<c season on this type of merchandise, we bought heavy e^riy In tie season before market-price* advanced 5 o sharply, and have therefore been able to br^n^ you som- really outstanding values all season .... but NOW with taese reductions to actual cost, -we are offering ycu more real value than you r*r» imagine. Only one or two of each item, »o you'd better come early. COME EARLY FOR BEST SELECTION ON THESE ! $19.75 Simmons Gliders Tery comfortaMe hi?h quality Simmons Coil sj bottom glider. Choice of green or orange cover " .00 'f A JLO 50 * $19.75 Large Troy Glider Large luxurious >ize T heavily padded back. Highest typical Troy Quality. Green cover only Smart $25 Troy Glider Choice of two or three passenger sizes. Beaun- $j-f *7.50 fully finished in the very best quality material " A / * $29.75 Black or Brown Troy This handsome Troy Glider would grace any front porch Very comfori*c T e construction and smantv S"^ O finished in brown or Mack .",. . ' A if V<?ry H*ndsome $?7.50 Troy A rich looking, very comfortable and durable glider. Beau- wul red water-proof cushions, with black enamel frame. A marvelous value ai rhis low price ...... Regular $25 Simmons Glider Very similar to illustratk-n. this srns^-t Simmorts Glider aas coil ivot:orn. and individual cusaicns or, seal asd back. Good lookii^ and extremely comfortable. Special Reductions On Lloyd's Steel Spring Chairs "Lloyd's famous equality ste«i sprigs: chairs- They are comfortable, modern looking and up-to-date :T* every respect. N'ot'? the $6.95 Value, $4,95 $7.95 Value* $5.95 $8.95 Values $6.95 CLOSING OUT ALL REMAINING SUMMER FURNITURE Every sinrle piece of summer porch and lawn furniture isprked ro move m-t no\v\ regardless of cost. All Gliders, porch swings, reclining, steamer and yacht chairs'- lawn* table and cnair sets and ever, thing of this kind is drastically reauccd NOW .Only a. few pieces of each item leu on our floor for Clearance. urmturt. WE MAKE A HOUSE A HONE 1

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