Lubbock Avalanche-Journal from Lubbock, Texas on April 5, 1975 · Page 14
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Lubbock Avalanche-Journal from Lubbock, Texas · Page 14

Lubbock, Texas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 5, 1975
Page 14
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Page 14 article text (OCR)

.'-,:'•> ' 10-B—UJUQCX-AVALANCHE-JOURNAL—Safurday Morning. April 5. 1975' U.S; Unemployment Hits Highest Mark Since ' NEW YORK CAP) — Then there's the old story, about the man who while millions of people were out of work, complained he couldn't get anyone to fix his car. Only the story is current. Unemployment in March wos 8.7 per cent, the highest since 1941, it was announced Friday. But jobs — hundreds of thousands of them — remain unfilled. •And it's no joke when good jobs arc not filled because no one has the training required <ifld thousands of persons look for work in already over- ci-owded job markets. -Based on U.S. Employment Service estimates, more than 700,000 jobs were open in January, the latest month for which it has such figures'and a rnonlh when the unemployment rate was 8.2 per cent. At that rgtc, 7.5 million Americans were out of work. '.Van M. Evans of Deulsch, Shea and Evans, Inc., a New York firm that specializes in job surveys, estimates an even — were the kind of jobs that licggin: more than one mil Jipn. 'The employment service list cd 1G job areas for which there were more than 1,000 openings in January. One such job was the auto mechanic needed to fix .hat car, and many of the others ~ computer programmer, machinist, carpenter, elec- .rician, bookkeeper secretary — were the ind of jobs that require technical skills but no college education, For those with college de- ;rces, engineering, accounting, nursing and sales are among areas where jobs are open. The need for engineers, or at cast some types of engineers, llustrates one reason why many jobs go unfilled. "The pendulum does swing," s the way Jack Kozich of the Snelling & Snelling employment agency explained it. "After the sort of semidemise of the aerospace industry, people were frightened away — the youngsters." The semi-demise Kozich spoke of began with the recession of 19B8, which was particularly hard on engineers and stopped many a parent from telling his cbjld, "If you always want a job, be an engineer.' 1 Wayne E. Glenn, Continental Oil Co.'s western hemisphere president, testified recently at a government hearing that 75,000 new engineers are needed each year but colleges graduate (/Official.. Records ] Marriage Licenses -Wai-Man 'Ma. 25, .»nd Joanna Oi.Wali Tans, L'5. both at Lubbock. Charles Hayden Webb. ^3. ami Maclynn Cfllor. a. both at Lubbock. H.well Carler Sammons. 48, and Mrs. .l|iar,ila Applewhite, 43. both ol Sluto:]. ^RalcJomejf) .Trcvlna Moreno. IT. and JuaiuU Brisejio Flores. IS, both of Ta' . . William 'Mien Kuandart. 25; anl Rose Mario Leyva. 13, botii of Carlsbad. N'.M. •Phillip Harold Laffertj-. 53. and Ruth Itae Johnson • 49. bolh , of Lubbocic. *Jtay DonnclJ Fuller. 44, nni) Flora Mac JJhir.chart. 36. bolh o{ Lubbock. •John Charles Hart. 21. and Jean Elizabeth McFadyen, IS. both of Lubbock. ; Lubbock Courts ' . f.tmnOCK COUNTY COURT lloilrk'k U Shaw. Judfc I'rrslilinif In the estate of the late Elinor Donnell ItoUingsworUi, application by John Scott Hnlllntfsworth administrator, for admlnts- tfation. •In the estale of the late THarvin L. Elfflc, application by Frances Louise Blf- JJc, >ipplh:ant. to probate ivjjl as niuni- niclil of UUc. -In the cslale of the late France? C. Scale, application -by E.L. Scale. applicant to declare heirshlp. .in the esUit? of Ihc late Bar! Tobias, urtnlication by Kiliabcth'T. Tobias, exc- ejjlri.v. lor probate of will. In the estate of the lale Bavless C. ftoscrs, application by Virginia Beth EUir and Brcnda Lou Lance lo probate tflll. • * COOSTY COCIIT AT-TAW NO. V E. If. Bocileker. Juilce 1'reslillnir -Rccorflland U.S.A., Inc'.. against Kenneth Moore, doing business as Picgly Wzgly, suit on accocnl. * Judy -Lee Black and Robert C. BlacV, Kuit lor' divorce. , COUNTV COURT-AT-lAW NO. Z * Thomai T.. Clinton, ,Turi?e FrrsltllnK ,Tne Sanford Agency against James B Kiorman and wlf*. ilrs. James B. Norman. suit on debt, Alb-res Rodolpho Affalnst David C. Jpne.f. suit on personal injury*. James Edward Baiter against United ETlnor Markets. Inc., suit for personal dlironKcs and injuries. •Cjlly Ray Pierce, doing business as Trnrs TV and Appliance, against Gary Pnle Whittle. suit on debl. -Edward Alvarado. doing business JJdA'ard N. Alvarado, cement contractor. Bf^lnst Kar] shuman. suit nn debt. ,Llnda Shirley and Bob Shirley, suit for dj.i'orcc. Dorothy Hamilton and Rickey Gen« Jfnmllton. suit for dirercc. "Billy J. Ku\'kendall and Norma J. Wivkcndall. suit [or divorce. 'Janice Kay Smith and David Charles Sniilli. suit for divorce. *7,crry Ann Ebcrt und Ernest Ko> Bbett. BXiit for d'vorce. . ' 72.\r> » tlrnzll Bf-vrrs. -^lartha Pucntes and SanliaRo Puentes suit for divorce. B.P. Daniel and D.R. DanUI nuit fo djvnrr-. William "E. Drewell and Linda Drewell 8t;it fur divorce. 05TH PISTItrOT Hnivnnl C-. navlson. Jndgn Beverly Sue \\Hlson against VIouston Ocncral Insurance Co,, to set aside. •Joe Escobedo agalnFt Texas Employer; InMirance Co., to set aside. Montgomery Ward and Co. aifainsi Bcbhle Woo*!, suit on account, nrrH nisTnicT count JCnbert C. IVriirtit. Judee rrwJJInf Jrnice Carol McWrlsht and Gary Don McWright, ^ult for divorce. llftTfl IIIRTRK7T ' .\Vllllani Tl. Shavrr, Jurtse Kigfrinboiham Bartlclt Co. acainst Ken nrt'i Duncan, suit on nromissory. note. U.S. nisfrirt r««rt >faihnrt O. Woodward. Judc« Trrsldlnc Lorinln Timn'hy Johnson, doinff busines m ' Alkcn WeWinff and Repair, petition for 'voluntary bankruptcy. Divorces GrantRd ° -U.n. Roddcn ard J.O. ftodden. Gary Dewltt Thrower and Cora Dcnlsc Thrrnvcr, •Brcnda Kay Cox and Randall Toe Cn\ Mary Norris anil F.dftar KuRene Norrls Warranty Dcqds lister L. Brannon and wife to Rafae J. Hernandez and wife. W M' Lot 3. Blk 16 Hillcresl Rcsubd. Jovcj K Jackson to James PipMn Wife Lot 760, Itcloni* rark Addn. Eddie .7. Myers and wife lo Robcr Mark Hainan and wife. Lot 153. Wes Wind Addn. Preston Carver to U.T. McCallan an \f!/C K 42' Lot 14. W It' Lnt 15. Blk. B CD. Klllslon Addn. Leroy Elmore, Indlvidcal Trustee, ant thers. lo Johnny Crablree, Let o60. l-'ar ar Estates. Adiln. Miller Daniel lo Ellis W. Huddleston nd \vire, Lot, 2, Blk. 1. Weslover Htj .ddn. Edward H. Mellon and wife lo Jolin piegelbcrg and wile', Lot iO. B1K. .U ";c;i Terrace Addn. Goraldine Mclelti to Ronald A. .Molelti Lot 8, Blk. 17. West End Place Addn. Leah Margaret Kighl southcrla nd Kerry Huffman KiGnt, Lo Blk. 78. Overton Addn. Alvin W. Brownwell lo Nancy B Brownwell. Lot 38, E IT Lot ill), Hurry nil Addn.- Western Associates, Inc.. to Slate t 'oxas, J-Acr» Tract o( Lot 3, Bonnet Fort Worth and Denver RsUiray Co. I W.G. McMillan Jr., Jesse K. Mattox Jr nd John B.- Purser, 0.93-Acre Trad. Lo :. Blk. 10. Burlington Industrial Addn. N 'Fort Worth and Denver railway Co. I W.G. McMillan Jr.. Jess; K. Mattox Jr and John B. Purser. 0.01-Acre Tract. Lo . Blk. 10. Burlington Induslrial Addn J.6! Wells to Edward C. Dorr Bertha Mae Derr Lot 13, J.O. Well iubd. John D. Schneider and wife In Kenr Vayne Bryant and wife. Lot ?j'.'. Gicc Lawn Addn. Trjstoss of Fellowship Baptist Chore i Faithful Pentecostal Church. Lot 26 Blk. 2. tlhvrne Simpson Addn. No. 2. Slate Savings and Loan to Aker-Heari ricl: Construction. Inc., Lot 3X1, Mclont 'ark South Addn. West Lubbock Devclooers lo Stanley J Iced Lot-333. West Wind Addn. Lloyd Wanes to Ronald L. Wartcs, Lo Blk. 16. McCrummens 2nd Addn. Michael p. Hogan snd wife lo Samu -. Boyd and wife. Lot 837. Cap roc Addn. ClintDn' McPherson, Trustee, to Bedrid Barlos and wife Tract; sect- 70. Btk. S Clinton KcPherson. Trustee, lo B.R indalr and wife. Tract Sect. 70. Blk. S Vera Marqueita Atkinson, to Kenny O Palmer and wife. Lot 143. Pink Parrish B.O. Miller and wife to W.B. Miller Tract NE 4. Sect 34. Blk. A. nly 59,000. In a larger sense, the same eason can be cited for the lack £ people for technical jobs that equire no college education. Evans says that in recent •ears parents and high school oungeliers became so cnam- red"pf college degrees that ley fdrgot about the many /oil-paying technical jobs with dvancement opportunities. "We raised a whole gener- tion thinking you have to go to ollege and get a degree — or ivcn an advanced degree," he aid. The result, Evans said, has icen that many people getting ut of college can't find work vhile technical jobs go unfilled. "Today we have lavyyers oming out our ears," he'said, adding that teachers, to, cannot find jobs in the face of hrinking enrollments. At the- same time, Evans ;aid, jobs are open for tech nicians to meet the nation's new energy and pollution-con irol needs. He also said that a single agency should be created to orecast future job needs, rather than leaving it to the."willy- nilly" market place. His com- jlaint about separation between market 'place and job market was reflected at a General Dynamics Corp. - shipyard near Boston, where the jobless rate vas 10.4 per cent in February. Tom Clark, the yard's cm ployrnent manager, said TV commercials and a'$5.07 hourly vage failed to draw the 150 shipfitters needed to meet the yard's schedule. Clark wants to lire 300 welders too. "I wish I could find them," he said. "The people must be out there." Clark's complaint illustrates anpther reason for unfilled jobs amid high unemployment — the people must bo out there, but where? An out-of-work ship- fitter in California with a fami- y may not want to move to Boston for a job. The American Nurses' Association says that while nurse's iobs are tough to find on the West and East Coasts, they are open in some oi the wide open spaces in between. And while one job on the employment service list was policeman, police are being laid off in some cities. For the future, employment service projections point to more technicians needed. For the present, its list of open jobs included only two for which little training was needed: guard and waiter. MAN-MADE ISLAND Treasure Island in San Francisco Bay is the largest of all man-made islands. Constructed tor the 1939 Golden Gate International Exposition, it is now the command center for the U.S. Navy in the Pacific Theater. • • STAMP SHOW (SATURDAY & SUNDAY, APR. 5-6] SOUTH PARK INN LOOP 289 at INDIANA AVE LUBBOCK, TEXAS TREE ADMISSION EXHIBITS STAMP DEALERS from HI-FIDELITY ADVENT UTILITY SPEAKERS SANSUI 661 RECEIVER LIST PRICE $709.90 HI FIDELITY PRICE W. at'Hi-Fid«l,1» ha»t o l»»1«m, wllh 5 bi t t.mpr.m.ll «n \Vt lnitud« o Gn.lnt.! TOM BuHmo w. ai ni rio.,,1? . .. T(l , ly) ,, mi , . nJ5Hur , mojn.ii, cf-'.lj. wilh a diomsniJ ilylui, JroeVmj U Im Ihcn J fiaml. Ihil <e(nbinr«ion will toln g»d col* y«ur noidi. Y>u will fir Iht iam> und.lTornd Iht fetly-»lv«nth pla^ng al y»u did on Ih. .lie. bul,v,ilh nont en lilt bond c.«W Itit AJ.t ttmpa-trf <i.(ttH y in lv«r» '»P«" •' p»rf«moim. ineludmj Y «>" '•' l,..u.ncy MI..M., l« 'h« «<p.niiv. .nd .tob.i=l« vsuod « iMoki't avbiloWi, and ln.» .i«"id elt.ily and J.amollt.llr (h. finf. b.ll.r iKon mony far m.rt to ftwt'r Itn *d»«nli. «• r«emm«nd lh» Somul ompl,- f!,, || »n >r«iuuc. « wiln «MS p«r <honn,l wllh .ic.pfi.r oily liw di.r«llien (IMS li IK. ™«l liglr.ut «nd ll.ll fla.h/ mMiu't «< P««'-> fh< *»' wi " '""' " ofi " lh * '"" '""• bail topetWtlhilll if l)l. Advtnll 20 DAY EXCHANGE. PRIVILEGE- ON THIS SOUND . EQUIPMEN STORE HOURS: 9 AM-6 PM MON.-SAT. 7!l4il («06) 747-4507 ECONOMIZE Are you looking to save a little money? Have you seen our grocery advertising? It has all kinds of money saving coupons for items sold. If you think it costs too much to take the Avalanche-Journal; it will cost you even more not to take it. Advertising in our paper is iis,ually'payed for by the merchants who are interested in attracting you lo a'quality product at a low price. The American enterprize system lives on competitive advertising , and competition usually means lower prices. It might take every penny you earn to live in today's world, but a subscription to the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal should enlighten you to put a little more in your pocket book. "* THESE COUPONS CAME FROM JUST ONE EDITION OF THE LuBBOCKAvALANCHE-JOURNAL CALL—762-8844 [ CLIP AND MAIL THIS "COUPON" TODAY ^^ . • 1 CIRCULATION DEPARTMENT LU8BOCK AVALANCHE-JOURNAL j P.O. BOX 491 LUBBOCK, TEXAS' 79408 j DEAR SIRS: PLEASE BEGIN DELIVERY OF THE PAPER CHECKED BELOW TO MY HOME | EACH DAY. ' MORNING-EVENING-SUNDAY 1 1 1 1 MORNING AND SUNDAY | 1 | EVENING-SATURDAY-SUNDAY 1 I 1 j SUNDAY ONLY 1 1 1 1 ENCLOSED IS MY CHECK FOR I 1 I NAME 1 1 3 MONTHS 6 MONT.HS 12 MONTHS 3 MONTHS 6 MONTHS 1 2 MONTHS 3 MONTHS 6 MONTHS 12 MONTHS 3 MONTHS 6 MONTHS 12 MONTHS < 17.85 D l*'™° HOME DELIVERED 1 0.50 D 21.00D • , - - OFFICE USE ONLY: 42.00 D irrnn'n • ROUTE NO 21.000 \ 42 -°° D ' TOWN.... ; 4.50D ' 1 ^ 9.00 D 18.00D FOR PERIOD STARTING , ,, .._,„ ADDRESS f • 1 1 t I I • I J I t 1 I 1 • 1 1 1 1 j 1 1 • i 1 1 1 1 i 1 1 11 1 | 1 1 THESE PRICES AVAILABLE ONLY WHERE THE A-J IS HOME DELIVERED MAIL SUBSCRIPTION RATES UPON REQUEST /

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