The News from Frederick, Maryland on December 26, 1931 · Page 9
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 9

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 26, 1931
Page 9
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OAIL7 HVWB, r r * TUEDAT. mCXMBEB 20.1931. DEAMA Three Outstanding Photoplays Listed Coming Week. PROGRAMS ARE ANNOUNCED Tsie Beery and Jackie Cooper as ch is tbe 'jntq-^e comainatioii head- Jag the cast of -Tie Champ." Metro- iwyn-Mayer's vivid drama oi life oa the Mexican border, which will be at the livoli on Monday and Tuesday. Beery plays a broken-coirs fight champion, and ihe hero of "SJcppy" 1* fleen s his son in a poignant heart- inieresi talc in -sh-ch much comedy a fe»" tnrills are int«imingleL on --he Mexican border is Tirid- Jy shown, many of '.he scenes is tie piKure having been filmed on Mexican locales, through courwsy of the Lower Cahf omia government. The "inside" of the "fjjht racSe:/ the ca'-iense races, acrjslly filmed at the Mexican track, the great gar=3"_ss ha^s of :he "American Monte Carlo" ar.i other striding in- gmate details give unique interest to the picture, most of this having never fcefore been shown on the screen. A notable cast appears, including Irene Rich. Hascoe Ates. EdwardBrophy. cilton, Jesse Scott and Marcia "Strictly Dishonorable." the pi^irant and provocative comedy yet to reach the tallnng screen, is to be shDTrtj at the Tivoli 02 TVednesday and ITJiursday. The story concerns an. Innocent eouthem girl and her pugnacious fl- »nce. trio leaves in Jealous anger -when she casts admiring glances at an Italian opera singer -whom she meets In a speakeasy. When "Delicious," the new Gaynor- J*srreH musical romance cones to the JUvoli on Xe-J? Year's Day and Saturday, It may solve the moss perplexing prob- j»rn the motion pictures have had in jpeoent years. The question is ·nrhether music -Kin ever take its rightful place on the screen, one which fr« been the fhe concern of artists, composers and HbHynrood. technicians since the lack of - jnovement in the earlier musicals drove . 'them from popular favor. AE were agreed that the public wanted music Tsrith its screen diet, bat none io£. a constructive idea, to offer iistil /Gay Bolt-on appeared with the original screes story o: "Delicious," irzcorporat- , tog many unique ideas for music. Pox JBms considered 13 the perfect vehicle Sor Janet Gaynor ad Charles ParrelL KAY CLEAVER STRAHAN © Doubleday, Doran ami Co. CEGIS HERE TOUAX A.VNE. CECILY aa« MART- FRAXCE3 FSXWXCK live with oac« tfcjtt _ avvyvrt the Th* alatrra aava brc* Tfc» J aa -ROSAJLJE" aad "GILa'SiD* aad they laalat ·· kerala* a» »«- teaaea ·* their faia»fi wealth. Aue, 38, aa« Crdly. XX «* _M- retuial wark aaa ~" ~ 15. to atarr ·act* to PHILIP ECHOTDi lawyer, (or clxkt year*. Crellr kriaca BARHT MeKEEL fcaaae to alBaer. She haa fcvowB aim oa»y · ahart rimmm a*t ta fall- Inc !· !«T* witk hJjau Mary-Fraa- tem mm* her frlea*. ERMIVTRCDE. »r» excited aboat tha arrival at · ·tack company a«»r kaowa mm EAUI. DE AHMOV.N'T. Tkey meet hint OB tke street next day aad ha apraka ta «kcm- Xary-Fraacea la thrilled, acma to meet klaa that Bleat after tke perforaunce. Pkll tele»hraea Aane, aakfa* ker to go om m pleale. She refnaea al- cana* It la ker Blfkt ta coak at home. Pkll. annoyed, takea LET- XT KIXG. a fillac clerk, am tke pintle. WOW CO OX WITH THE STORY CHAPTER XIII rpHREB more, trilled affirmatives ·*· before Mary-Frances turned from the telephone to Ann. "Mayn't I ple-ase go over to Ermintrnde's for Just half an hour? Ple-ase?" "No." said Ann firmly. "Ton wera there last night. I told yon that I wanted you to help me this evening." "But what la the world." asked Rosalie, though indulgently, "is this notion of yours about cleaning the hall tonight. Ann? Such en odd time to choose." "May I?" whined Mary-France*. "Xo, dear." said Ann. "Ton may not" "Darling," said Rosalie, the peacemaker perpetual, "ask your little friend to come here and visit yon this evening." "No," said Ann. "Marr-Fraaces must help me this evening." Mary-Frances at the telephone wilted and drooped; desire for living went from her; she was abased, martyred, and this she gave to Rosalie, along with a quivering lower lip and a knuckle close to her eye ready to wipe away the tears that even her courage could Opera House. Packed wita everything that makes entertainment, from laughter to _ ;, "Consolation Marriage" comes to *4he Opera House Tuesday. The highly dramatic, realistic story »f the lives of folk who make "second- choice" marriages is an KKO-Radio Kcrures production, interestingly ·tagged and enacted by a splendid cas*. Heading the cast roster are Irene Dunne of "Cimar- xon" fame, Pat O'Brien, John Haliiday, Matt Moore. Tjester Van and Myma Loy. "Suicide Fleei," the Navy's Big Parade, showing at; the Opera House on New Tear's Day has i; romantic moments in those sequences in which FJEger Eogers appeals as "SaCy," the heart interest; of the three sailor buddies, plajed by Bin Boyd. Robert Armstrong and James Gleason. "Suicide Hees" was produced by BKO Pathe ·with govennEect co-operation. Kange llf e as it Tras in the days gone fijr was reconstructed in all its colorful glory for "Shotgun Pass," the Colombia. --estem starring Tim McCoy. showing Sarurcay a» ihe Opera House theater. In orcer to make tie scenes In the desert XKeishi? of Calienle, the film's Jocaie, true to life as it ^^as in the days ·when the t^al herds Trere driven through to the railhead, Columbia sent its technical cre^r ou» into the desert , to reconstruct the abandoned town, of not long forestall. Rosalie, sorrowful too with sympathy, said, "Dearest, tell your little friend that you will call her again In a few minutes, and we'll ! see." And Mary-Frances said. t-^JXIsten, Ermintmde, I'll call you j 'back In a sec--I've got to hang - j j now." and replaced the receiver on Its hook and looked malignantly at ·heart's border. on Mexican Decorated A tip "Ann, dear," Rosalie began, "don't noneT" "Xo," Ann said. "The hall must you think it is Just a bit selfish; !o you little girls not forget, come-! to buy. acd all like that. Anything that because you bare no engage- j times at least, that your Rosalie \ important I can always remember.** ments for this evening yon should ! and Grand are still able to take "And you don't consider forest insist that Mary-Frances make tbeir pieces--able aad willing--as fires important?" Philip smiled. heads ot this household! I am not though, as h» questioned. ^ -. criticizing. I understand onlr too -Well, of course I do. But 1 know bo cleaned, and I think Mary-Fran-' *eU sow this--I shall not call It perfectly well that a flr» wouldnt ces should be willing to help. It thoughtlessness nor carelessness--j 6tart cut hert now wnen eTery . takes hours for one person to dust on T 001 " P 31 * comes about. A desire j thing is »o wtt. I'll bet anvthinx the grille work oa the stairs.. " BP»« Rosalie and me U at its j y OU couldnt start out if you triad." aad--" ; source. I know. That I know. But! It u tjj. pPtoe | pU cr the thing, Rosalie Inserted, "But why to- oar "O" 1 **TM »» *«" b «f*. «f: isn't Itr Philip rebuked gently, -it night? Isn't evening rather a we are Eere wltn yoa cW1(lr « a tOT · one gets into the habit of throwing strange time to begin house clean- Dat one Dar P««- j lighted cigarets about wb-n they SIX DAYS' AIIHEMARYLAND Picture Showings Booked For Every Day Coming Week. ! Scene From "The Champ'' YAUDEY1LLE IS SCHEDULED ingr- -It is the only time I have." "Now. now. Anal" Rosalie shook a playful finger, a little story or about the early bird?" Ann did not answer that 'Don't you recall -i»m--something She spoke, instead, to Mary-Frances. "I'm tired tonight, honey, and the "Shift the burden, llttls Ann.: aren't dangerous, one might easily Shift the burden. And now, Mary- j forget at some time when they Frances, with my full and free eon- j would constitute a real hazard." sent, and I trust with Ann's, yon . . . may telephone to your little friend j j r^y 8ll . bed agaln , css S:ap!r . and Invite her here to your home to speed the evening with you." Ann nodded and said. "All right, dear," to Mary-Frances, and Rosalie hall must be cleaned. It has been I commented concerning how easy it needing It for weeks now. you know, to bare life flow along like a . , If you really don't wish to help tae. ' SOB S- " rt ls oa 'y * matter." said yon needn't Only-- I sort ot , Rosalie, "of our all singing to- thought you'd rather help me than S«her the same sweet little loving " ! tune -" to have me do it alone." ! ^ une "I guess I'd Just as soon." said. Mary-Frances. "All right. Ana. i T ' .,,·» ·· "·-' ··- 1 ceptlbly. "I'm not much for forming habits myself." she said. "Good!" Philip responded heartily, and added. "Xo--I'm sure yon aren't." and looked again at her small neat head, with Its red-gold hair that seemed to sparkle even in the shadows, and wondered again whether or not it sm«lled ot The Maryland Theater's program for ; the coming" neck iis'-s as its Monday | feature Raih Chatttrtor.'a ne» senia- i tlanal drama. "Unfaithful." »S:h Paul Lucas You 1'.. tuo» her rea! itor~ i:: this all talking Paran;vm:y. picture, aljj in a't-tatr^ffg CJSiedv I Tuesday and Wedr.«d»y numbers are i Bishop's Vaudeville, an rn'.ire c%air.g ' of \s-id*Mlle ertertalr.:nr:it Tsunsdiy and Fridav--Norai.i Srioar: appears :n "S:rau;ers Mav Kl^s' -*.'.:'. Robcrv Montgoaierj. Neil HxuUl'.o::. Mar'aris Rambeau and Irene Rich Wallace Bfrrr and JackSe Cooper as they appear in attraction to be as T:-.oli on Monday and Tuesday. occur rarely a second time In the :nd.v.dtiaa Records Indicate ·oj'-.c dri:i. duruie u:e :ajie ^liea the giauds thaj. are swollen. la the prevention of soap. During the past half hour, since she had taken oS her beret. tossed away her clgaret., he had been speculating about that angeL I'll tell Ermlntrude I can't." , """"* and Philip stopped being in- j gleaming young hair. It should I formative about birds and rose from ' not be perfumed: It should smell. i tbe blanket spread over the wet \ cleanly, of Eoap. She smiled at him engagingly. i She had no notion why her re- "Si» otpsiak Marion Nixon. l*-x Cod\ A" the '.anils | of a sweepstakes racre are Ln '.n'-s all- talking pir'.'jre. Walter Miller !n K t : . ; , of '.he Wild" an a!!-ta!kins ^ j picture and a cartoon comedy ·. .'.h ! sound. QBAXD cleared hi, throat and ! ^^TM ----- - TM^£ , ^~* gestured detainlngly toward jie: ng stUQ . i cSgT'hTsair^fearThar-l! »· *='«· " Oh - TM* ** tfcW i mr. .b«t tabiu'lid pl^dVi hare fallen far behind in this dls one I've made you stand up to put j but his sudden enthusiasm was cussion and have, in consequence, j ^' a ' 1 '°^ "Z;TM^ "If 1 . 8 ! if?TM^"TM ^"l"" *' ^ arUl re-open January 5. Carols were sung through the to»T. early Friday morning b the ituricn'_s. --Tbe home o! Mrs. Charles Cart- ' flwuld "~ at ""once"be" failed of its conclusion. I do not question your motives, Ann--dear Ann--but I do question your decision. To clean the front hall at a late honr on a spring evening! The front halt Suppose that guests her wlth the sanj e T ard should arrive In the midst of this of brown and red Indi process of cleaning. Suppose . . ." He went on and on; but presently he asked a question with Mary- Indian blanket spaced between them. Letty sighed, almost imperceptibly. She was coming to fear that. Frances' name in It and paused for j In spite of Mr. Ecroyd's good looks. she had made a mistake when she cut her data with Ken Smith to an answer. Ann had not been actually listening for gome time. She had formed, forced, perhaps, a habit of looking attentive and of paying no more attention to him than she paid to other eitraneons sounds. It saved trouble with her temper, and she rarely got caught becansa she knew him and his speeches so welL She ventured, now, "Yes, Grand. Still, I do think that Mary-Frances Is old enough to have some duties and some responsibilities.'* "Yon are right In that There can be no discussion of that But I note that you evade my question. I shall put it differently. Who is to decide what these duties and responsibilities shall be? Of what they shall corsistt In other words. gled a little. "I just don't seem to! looking man she knew. He was remember about forest fires and i positively better looking than Gary things." | Cooper, and so distinguished. She'd "Quite all right." Philip an- j De t be would be grand with neck- swered. and sat down again opposite I '°8--those finn lips under that handsome mustache. . . . "Tell me." he said half teaslngly, "what are you much for?" "I don't get you," she §ald. and went on to say quickly. "Do you know you are Just terribly good- looking?" Thank you." he said. "It Is very kind of you to say BO. Do you know that yon are extremely pretty? Now. then, you say that you arent much for habits; tell me, what are yon mnch for?" His teasing brought tbe note of intimacy that had been so stupidly lacking until now. Her curiosities were acute, and her Impulses were undisciplined. Two scurrying. Jerking movements across the blanket brought her beside him, snuggled just under his shoulder. ThI»?S:'Bhe questioned- "How about you?" Her lip paste was perfumed. Her hair smelled, disappointingly, of smoke. (To Be Continued) come out with him. So far be bad been absolutely a fiat tire, talking unslakedly of piston rods and scenery acd birds. If she hurried, perhaps she could head him off before be got started again on mountain robins. » "Memory Is kind of a funny thing, isn't it?" she offered- "Xow. with me, I really have a wonderful memory--everybody says so--but I just don't remember anything that I don't think Is important Anything important I always remember. Like when I file a card--it is lust like I filed it in my mind at the same time. I never forget It Aftd I'm the same way with names, and faces, and prices, and things I'm zendafncr 15 under quarantine due to 0 ,»,,.- the Ulneas of her daughter. Mary, with scart fever. . · - . ."'. --Sen-Ices were held in St. Paul's M. E. church. Christmas morning at 6 o'clock. particular'.} in ly lise har.ckcrchir a and any other ap- , r in*: ui'.loiis Mumps Is wen most , parel that ix soiled »'.th the nose and ·- :i -mrly in the spring and winter, throat iecretlons of the patients sbouM ' .· rn!" occur at any season Men are , b* boUed and thus freed from the men.. f · '."\1 ir.jre frequently than are i ace of conveying the Infection. . f "n'.e.-i. FurtuMtely the complied-1 . t O!1 ? of mumps are not serious, except j Hi rar»» cases In which secondary in- j The average dollar bill remains la flammaUos of the sex glands occurs. ! circulation a Uttie less than two years. * * * !\Vhen it becomes worn by handling is \\Tten mumps develops, the patient ( Is returned to the U. S. Treasury De- kept away from * partmcnt where It Is destroyed and a !e. particularly young chll- I new bill is Issued to take its place. HEALTH By DR. MORRIS FISHBKtN. Editor Journal Of American Medical A ·ocUUoo iud ot HjceU. The Uealtb Mumps Also AtUck Adults. ; When the glands below and in front i Of the ear swell suddenly with the sp- ! pearance of fever and w.thout adequi'.p , explanation, the condition !s probably : mumps. t The exact cause of t'rls disease is not known, but it is quite certainly m- fecticcs. Contact with cases of the j disease results promptly hi tns appear- : ance of other cases. The contact may ' be with the secretions from the nose | and throat directly or by contact with ' articles contaminated by such secre- J tlons. The disease _ usually appears from 12 to 26 days after such a con- ' tact, la most instances a person who j has had mumps once is not likely to lia\e the disease kgan, but cases do MALCOCMRAM--PICTURES f K.I! KITCHEN BT SISTER MAST KE4 Service Writer The tang of salted fish often whets the appetite as ihe mEdness of fresh fish fa3s to do. Profesional cooks recognize this and frequently introduce a fait of smoked or salted fish into their hors d'oeuvres to give zest to the concoction. Creamed codfish is an old-fashioned standby on the list of salted tteh that offers many economical ways to vary the winter mean. Creamed codfish, codfish balls and codfish souffle are generally used and IsSed- These dishes prove a. boon to the home-maker, who finds herself, for one reason or another, unable to supply her table with fresh tlsa. From Canada comes the recipe for a combination of salt and caned fish. Carefully freshened salt codfish Is i combined with canned shrimps in a j tart saace that is unusual and delicious. j The dish is excellent for a Sunday- night snpper. Serve with rye bread sandwiches, coffee and fruit and cake dessert. There are so many brands of salt . . . . . , - . .. _ ~ « * i ? codfish on the market, all of varying eer ? ou do - "» klnd "0 *^ and tijac Brave S:o ' Jt y sa:a - " We m ^'» =°- K u f f -,!; degrees of sal-^ess, that it's raiher ''ii also make the pup feel glad " hard to give speciic directions for! Taen Clowny saia, "Were seen your freshening the fish. However, the i te « ana :1 "» » ? relt? as can oe, but srnaC fCets and flakes Tnll freshen m a snorter length of time than the New Windsor i New Windsor, Dec. 26.--The oom- , munity Christmas program was held iat Blue Ridge College, Wednesday cve- , mag at 7 o'clock. The program was as | foJo-sre; Music by the high school orchestra: invocation. Dr. E. C. Blxler: carol. community chorus; music, Messrs. Hartzler's: reading, Miss Lena j Babylon: music. High school orchestra; vocal duet, Mrs. Bobert Pilson and j Mrs. John S. Bafle; carol, community j chorus: mv/:c, the Hartzler's; Christmas story, Rev. Carls Dunagan: music, ! High School orchestra; carol, oom- Jmunity chorus: benedict Jon, Kev. J. R. ! Chase. . ! j --Among students who are spend- I {ing the holidays with their parents are: ! '· Elton Kindelberger, University of ; ! Maryland: Kenneth Bond, Charlote I j Hall; Joseph Baker, George School and · j Miss Elsie Hoke. St. Mary's Female | ! Seminary. ·! ! --Mr. and Mrs. Russell Lindsay, j ! chSdren, Betty and Charles, are ! 'spending several weeks with the form: I er's parents, Mr. and Mrs. David IJnd- · jay. i . SEZ HUGH jW£M THE iCg FEEZES X5E OKAY TO GET A ShATE ON.' Ten Cents Saved A customer recently told us how she was saving money. Her husband, a man particular about his coffee, preferred a brand packed in tins. This blend was rather expensive, so our Store Manager suggested the customer try (BCD Coffee. The lady purchased (JSCO Coffee and said nothing of the change to her husband until two weeks had elapsed. When questioned, the husband enthusiastically praised the coffee for excellence in flavor and freshness. (S) Imagine his surprise and satisfaction to learn his wife had been saving ten cents a pound every week by using tKCO Coffee- Thousands of wise food buyers are saving on their food budgets in the same way. They save money on coffee, and hundreds of other Quality Foods stocked in the conveniently located SSfO Stores. 35c--25c=10c Saved .'.-» rf-'--? .teojteej. OSCQ Ib w Taste the Difference Save the Difference BEAD THE STOUT, THEN COLOR THE PICTURE The Tinym-ies took careful pains and j nruca." The man replied, "Weil, listen. --Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Devilblss. Mrs. Bond, and son, Kenneth, visited | Oar Second Gdld "APPRECIATION Mrs. Eia NaJl. Hagerstown, Sunday. --Mr. and Mrs B. O. Bo-mnan. children, Fred and Fre'-da, are visiting rel- Eu CITY OPERA HOUSF .m Virginia. -- Blue Ridge College closed Friday j picked some lovely candy canes off of ! son, III give tbem^ to you. Tw.2 be . nvm Io , -j^ c +xstmas holidays and Ike pretty Christmas tree. Said Scouty. i run to waich yoa fello-srs relish them. "Thank you, lad. We're glad we brought They're hot, though, to ihe touch." that, pup to yau and, listen, son, what- They each ale one. That -«as enough. *« Brave Scouty said. "We must not. ~~ A litile farther down Tie street they ( ! set a qurcr old man. "Hell-o, there, j ! lads!" tney heard him shsat. "I've | sozK-thiag you've ne'er seep, no doubt. '· It is a traveling rociei." To the rocket TO-DAY TO-NIGHT now well have to leave yoa. ! travelers, you know. "Well We are shortly larger, bony pieces. Usually the fish 1 move, by land or air, to some place else, they all ran. is put to soak in rakew^m* water and J We . faww =oi where. Of co-^e ^e're allowed to stand for two hours, chang- i ra '' ner ^^ "»' we ^ **' " e must ing the water three times. Very salty The l.ttle lac tnen tnanked tr.«m aH. Sa-d he. "I'm glad you made your call" ·salsLng caTrn ^ie strest. Soon Coppy tnat. fish may need to stand from twelve , to twenty-four hours, changing the wa- . Salt Codfish and Shrimps. ' .. . - _,. T _ Q _ JO - _.-_.. j^ , . ,, _ " Oa-v4« A 3»H Jt_ p.~Av-J- -m, 1* y*iu"» ** .iu j» | Or.e pound sa-t coofish, 2 smaH _.-', --T-Cnr -3, o--- --tm-^- ' _ , . . _ . * «* Ai- »-L.»- ~*J *_T=A». J. ^-i Lr».* ~-T*? t t~j^£ omens, 4 tab.espoons o^ve or salad .^^ ^g _.,, ^^ a -, o *-_ 0 , --g^- - ot 2 Ie=3-s, 1 tablespoon otve oO. a j ' ^- ^ Trot "-Jr2e man. and up tablespoons whjpp^g cream. 1 half- · ;o h ^ -^ ^ .^ , pound can slirinip, paprika, parsley. Soon downy quest.onea. "What's ;t fDr? Gee. can you make taat big thing soar up in the a^ and whj araund? I"a like to see you try." The man re- pl.ea. ' J'jst looi ani see the cab- .n wnere folks nde. VThy. I can rcake MARYLAND j The House of High-Class Photoplays j 1-- MAE CLARK and JAMES HALL in ig oo tncks, away up ihe i "THE GOOD I BAD GIRL" NOW! BOB STEELE ON'CE HE HELD A CUBAN* LASS IX HIS ARMS - - HE COULD NEVER FORGET: yoath and daredevil roarace bcxmlh a. topprr - colored western sos. Freshen" codfish. Drain and sm- jner, just below the boiling point, for j 1 fifteen ncnutes. Drain again aad re- ', move sS^n and bones if necessary. ' £:s: Shake ever in sauce par. until ! tharough:- cry. Add o- and cniocs ' T tamales, .yr.ght, 1331. XEA. Sernce, IDC) » with Marie Prerort and Robert Eflls j An all-taliuns action picture that ^-ill thrill you, eicite you and hold J you spelSoand imt2 the big surprise "111 buy four ' (Tie T.r.ym.tes Ssd r-t m-ore about they do not cost too , the rocset, m the nexi st-iry ) "THE NEVADA BUCKAROO" LU'GH WITH BCW-- HEAB HTM SINC-- H£AE OIM LOVE-- Cocf^h savory toast a a good hot ' cook the egg slight:? Spread on toast s WITH-- DOROTHY DtX ALSO for Zur-caeon or supper menus. Codfish Savory Toast. and serve at once. This rnjcture can be a_ls~ed to become cold for use in ro cups parboiled and fhredded f.nelv chopped and cook and stir ever codf jh. :-2 cup null-:. 1 egg 2 table- . ·he Sre :or ten rr::-utes. Separate fish sooor.s cutter. 1 tablsspoon r.yor, 1-2 ce- Monday's Mcna. BREAKFAST--Ca!.:"om.a grar-; into as fine shreds as possible, urng ; teaspoon cry rr.--stard, few gratis red real. cr«arr,, baked cocfish 'two fDrks. Sc/ueeze r»iice from lemons j pepper. 1-4 cup c.dcr vinegar. 1-4 tea- brsac, rs.-s. coffee, and best oil. cream and lemon juice spoon sugar, 1 or 2 drops on.on juice. wi*h a cover beater ur.fJ thsroughly ' 4 squares hot buttered toast. blended. AtM to mixture and · Press fish through a colander and ' ir.i* :horo'ughly. Season inth papnka.; ssascn ^ith wh.te pepper. but- j Place in the tee center o- chop-plate j ter and s^ir ja r.iur ar.d mustard nits- ] Jerusalem art-ccs-as. sp.nach and J or platter and surround with a. bor- ed arid sifted. Add m.ik and cook and j horseradish salad, chocolate fcreac pud- . j - l e e r of shrimp. Garnish sprigs of ist.r unta t^.ick. Add slowly, stirring i cl.r.-, ir.^k, coffee. ! J i parsley acd serve. ivigoroosly, v:r:egar, sugar ar3 or-on ' ^ * Wher.erer ?hrirap .? tised the tiny iu:w. Bnr.; to the bo.lir.^ poir;* stir- % "^r. tr.roa^li the center of the back nr.s: rcr=tar.tly. ar.l r^rnc-,s fr rn fore Tli" jun .s «t.iiat"d ~ o l-.a-.e 50000.- ? ,mwst be remj-.ed. It is easily distin-.Add far. and sUr in egg -yell beaten 000 tons of platinum .n the form of a , S igujshed and strips off readily. 'stir over the fire for one minute to , gas seated to 11,000 degrees FaiireaheU.'« WALTER MILLER and LOLA LANE in "Bang of the Jungle LUNCHEON--Vegetable soap, savory s cco^sn sanr.^.cnes. orar.^c. dou«r.iiiats, ^ rr._i;. tea. $ DN'NER--Veal pot-p.e. crearr. xi J * An aU-talfcng animal picture . com J plenty of action and thr-Ils. Jr~ 3-- "KRAZT KAT* A cartoon comedy wiia sound Matinee 2.15--l»c and 15c Evening 7.15 and 9.60 Children Under 12 Tears--10c Adults--20c MONDAY -- RCTH CKATTERTOX in "CNFAIIHU'L." THE GREATEST SEEIAL EVER: OPENING CHAPTER BATTLING with BUFFALO BILL" "CVTURED BT RED SKINS" -- IDDEIX-- "Wot a Xight" A C»rt oon IN THE M. G. M. PICTTBS -- Hilli -- LTJPE VELEZ ERNEST TORREXCE DCEANTE ~- COMIXr, Tt'E'SDAT o "COVSOHTIOX M*REHGE" (COLORED) "AMATFrR MGHT" --ADDED-- XED SPARES IN "Strife of the Party" STARTS- MONDAY WALLACE BEERY JACKIE COOPER IN "THE CRA3SF-

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