The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on September 12, 1918 · Page 9
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 9

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 12, 1918
Page 9
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THtmSDAYj SEPTEMBER 12, 1918. ktll- ttfftfCtriKfcOH NEWS. PAGE NINE. A DINNER FOR MORGAN Editor of The News Surprised by a itqnch of His Friends. AT Y.M.C.A. LAST NIGHT The Lelutenant Governor, Soon ioOo to iiurope. Was (liven Much Advice A dinner held at the Y. M. C. A. last ovonlng, with Lieutenant Oovo nor W Y. .Morgan as the guest of lienor, was a aort of "speed tho pariliia' guest" ntralr. The dinora were among thrco or tour score men In Hutchinson who have been more or ie«B closely associated wltli Mr. Moniaii in business anil in public 1nove .u1 .11U for a rood many years and the miva wore Lrought together us a, surprise, tj him. llnjy were gathered here when he arrived a little after 6 u'olocU and several hours were Bpent at • toulhroiue fe4r.1t and In talking "i.)' and "about" Uio' guest. From the beginning lo I he 'im Mr. Morgan Was given sumo excclh ut advice on what to do and what not to do in Kuropc, his visits there in Hie past not seeming to irssttru tho diners that ho could go again withou*. having A lew tho slralghtTnnd narrow nays properly slghbonrdcd and labeled so he might not miss his #ay. Some Personal Remarks. Thoro were occasional references to a recent primary contest In which III guest had had some part and Hd Mc- Nnghten demanded and finally received reports from different 4 committee, chairmen of the recent Morgan-for- Governor Club. That matter finally being explained lo the satisfaction of everyone apparently, a little sideshow, staged beforehand behind a curtain Ju a singe alcove, suddenly drew the attention of everyone. When Hie curtain waB drawn I here appeared proper "properties" lor a Paris scene, with Henry lien" there us big as life. Really it was Frank CoBt, with his back partly turned toward the audience but with thu same style noble brow which so ably becomes the Wichita editor. Arthur Lewls.'representlng liluiself to be "llllly" Morgan, surprised ''Henry" In the Purls scene, contentedly enjoying the "properties," etc., and very likely meditating. Then there was some dialogue between "Henry" and "Billy" and tho latter gave to "Henry" a ship letter he had received from the Morgnn-for-C!ovor- nor Club just as ho was leaving America, Henry read it to the .audience and~tt contained "enough "in "th"e'"\vay of advice and other things to properly end the war if properly applied. It was a well-staged affatr, even to the bringing In of a cablegram, addressed to Mr. Morgan from Mr. Allen, from "Soihowbere in France, Far-From-the- Trenches," and signeM "Henry Allen." On the Pan- There were a good many talks and they didn't go info many ot the deep thing*, in connection with the war, but were of the sort lo make much merri ment, and usually at the expense of the editor of the NewB, who is to lcnve In a few days for Kurope lo take up work to which he has been assigned by the Y, M. C. A. 4 Among those who talked were Charles Colladay, Ed McNaghten, 0, O. Hitchcock, H. H. Schoblo, Arthur Schlaudt, and .McNughlen asked V. M. Wiley, who was presiding, a few pointed questions. , A. C. Mnlloy and F. L. Mnrtin also said some things lo be 'remembered, tjhen Mr. Morgan was given an opportunity to talk. He told of his Interest in the coming work ho was ready to do and hoped he would return to find everyone with, us ration enthusiasm and with as much welcome for the men returning from s > • the war u their &bueti« had proven in speeding the parting guest, >«*••>•'••••••••• * . , • d* EDO ft A. * * • v Miss Nell SWltwsr and Miss Rather- Itio Poultoti wont to Nlckerson Monday to enter tho county high school. School begad Monday with a good attendance. The teachers are Miss Freda. 1/ranard, Atlas Cecil 'Tinsley and Miss Dewhurst, iMr. 3. 8, Thomas and daughter, Mrs, A. U, Johnson are vlBitlng with Mr, and Mrs". 0. Klnley at Bloom. Mr. and Mrs. Poster left, last week for Itochoster,' Minn., whero Mrs. Foster will take medical treatment. ItlsB Helen Forsytho Is Btaylng with the little Foster boys until their parents return. Will Anderson Is moving his family into the Itanson property and C. U Anderson will move Into vacatod by his son Will. The IJmlas Lumbor Co. soon close their yard at this place. Their enlirc slock of lumbor and hatdware will be moved to their various yards. Mr. J. 13. Tniltt .MJielr local manager, will be taken to Hutchinson, * H. J. Illckenbrode was a Wichita visitor Monday. SHIPPERS ARE LIKING THE SAILING DAY PLAN Finding That Many More Caw are Being Released for Other , Purposes. Tho Sailing Day Plan which went into operation ten days ago Is meeting with wonderful SUCCOSB and the shippers all along the lino declare that wlioii they become accustomed to the new regulations that they could not ask for bettor service. At first some little Inconvenience was experienced on the part of some of the shippers who failed to fully understand all of the details of the shipping and receiving days. \ "Everywhere along the line the shippers nro agreeing that this plan is a fine thing," declared C. A. Walker division freight agent for tho Santa Ke. "Of course It caused them a little Inconvenience at first, but when they got it straightened out, they liked it. The pln"n has been working successfully In the east for some time und although wo wore a Utile slow In the west to take up with the plan, we can put It over in Just as efficient manner as anywhere else. Already a number of cars have released for war purposes or whatever the government may s>e fit to use them." This latter was really to bo the benefit derived from the plan. Too many cars were lied up In making useless hauls of '.freight which if a little more efficiency was worked up, from thtrty to fifty per cent more cars could be utilized elaowhere. Last year the railroads were so congested in Ihe east and it is thought by those In authority that the ears released will be a vast help in alleviating this condition for another year. STEADY INCREASE IN THE GERMAN AIRPLANE LOSSES Captain Otto Lehman, in Articte Published in Berlin, Attributes it to Two Causes. Our Boys in France and Home Protection The men on the firing line represent the pick of our •American youth, Onr in four of our boys at homo was sick, rejected because of physical deficiency. Many times the kidneys were to blame. If we wish to prevent old age com lng on too soon, or if we want to in crease-our chances for a long^llfo, Dr. Pierce of the Surgical Institute, But- fulo, N. y., says that we should drink plenty of water daily between meals. The» procure at the nearest drur etore, Anurlo (double strength). Tin cost Is 60o. 'This "An-uric" driver, the uric acid but and cures backache And rheumatism; • If we wish to'keep our MdneyB In <he best-condition a diet of milk ami vegetables, with only little meat once n day, is the most suitable. Drink plenty et pure water, take Anurlc three times a day (or a month. WICHITA, JCANS.—"Anuric is the best 'remedy I can' get for kidney and bladder troubles. It seems to do the work when other medicines fail. fThese tablets certainly are a Godsend to humanity. I wve'tried other kidney medicines, t>ut none seems to do the y/mk like Anuric."—CECIL Hi, BAKER, llfil East Pougfes {St. . KANSAS Cm, Mo.—-''Sis months ago rheumatism settled in my left arm and shoulder. (Long before that I realized that my kidneys were not in good working order. Pr Pierce's Anonc has certainly done wonders. The pain has altogether left we and ray kidneys have cleaned up in great shape."—M*5. & ft HAVKS, 8612 Independence Avenue. Send Pr. V. M. Fierce, Buffalo, N, Y* ten cents for (ml f»slf»|? ftbifts, BUSINESS MAN MAKESSTATEHENT Win. Thomas Says He Had Been In Bod Health for two Years —Improved by Orgatone. RESULTS SURPRISED HIM Can Now Gat Three flood Meals a Day and Sleeps Pine Every Nighl. Wm. ThomaB, proprietor of tho Modern Dry Cleaning Plant, 110 North •St., Francis Ave., Wichita, like hundreds ot other well known KansaB people, has found Orgatone, the treatment-that lb accomplishing such remarkable results through the Wost and South, to be just what he needed, and now give the treatment his' un> qualified endorsement for the benefits he'has derived, from Its URO. "For two years," said Mr. Thomas in his statement tho other day, "1 suffered terribly from Indigestion, nervousness, and constipation, and was never able to get any lasting rcsuIWi until I took Orgatono, Idvcrythlng 1 would eat "made mo sick at the stomach and I couldn't retain nnd-dlgost enough ot my food to keep up ,mxJ strength. After eating I would -fceTi •miserable for hours. I was badly constipated and my nerves became so up. set I could hardly Bleep at all, and it seemed what llttlo sleep I did get failed to rest me. I would get up In the mornings feeling as tired and worn out as if I had worked all night. The fact is, I was all in at times and was unfit to do any satisfactory work at all. , "I think Orgatono a groat system builder and I certainly appreciate what It has dono for me. I felt a marked Improvement In my condition by the time 1 had used my first bottle. My nerves gradually got steady and my appetite returned. My stomach Is in good shape now and what I eat digests properly and gives me strength. Constipntlon and nervousness are all gone. I can sloop all night long. Orgatone has certainly relieved my case and made a new man out of me, and I will take pleasure In telling anyone stout it. Orgatone Is not u so called patent or secret remedy but is a new scientific treatment containing no alcohol or other stimulating drugs and Is sold in Hutchinson exclusively by the A. & A. Drug Co. Out of town people aro being supplied, all charges prepaid, upon receipt of price, $1.25 per bottle or six bottles for $(1.25. (Advertisement.) New York, Sept. 12.—Steady increase of German airplane losses is admitted by Captain Otto Lelmion In an article published In the Berlin Tageblatt, reviewing the progress of aerial warfare during tho year 1917-1318. Captain Lehman attributes the growing losses to two causes: Development of the fighting .airplane as a weapon against enemy Infantry, and the enhancement of the number of fighting machines due to the transfer of those on the Eastern or Russian front to the West front. "It will be noticed thut since Jim uary and February, 1318, our figures for losses show a steady increase," Captain Lehman writes. "The reason for that, however, is the Increased participation of airplanes rosulUug from tho fact that the German flyers who had been operating on the eastern front migrated to the western front when fighting ceased in the Hussion theater. The Increased participation, of course, resulted logically in larger total loss. 'The eastern flyer, who had been nccustomd to quite different fighting conditions -in the beginning, undoubtedly had to pay a bloody apprenticeship In fighting with French and IJritlsh; The Hussian as an aerial opponent is in nowise to be compared with the, Frenchman and ljlgllsliman. "It would bo fundamentally WTong to draw the conclusion from tho rise in German losses at the beginning of 1912 that our superiority had waned. Still another factor explains our higher losses. As an infantry plane the aerial weapon is taking part in a considerably increased measure in fighting the attackers on hind. Entire squadronB of 'battle planes, so-called infantry flyers, accompany the,'storming of the never- failing infantry and by taking full advantage of their speed, attack the enemy reserves at low altitudes with boiubtt and machine guns. "Theso attacks aro made often at the ridiculously low altitudes of 100 metres and even ten metres. It is, therefore, at first glance, clear that theso new tasks expose the airplanes to every s,hot from the earth, and rnuut increase our loss acopunt," Good Reason. Trouble had ontered the. nui'Bery, and when the mother entered it was to find Charlie In tears. "Why are you crying?" she asked. "Because Loute slapped we," "But why didn't you- slap him back?" aSkod mother, who evidently believed in ft i>ollcy of retaliation. , "Because then It -would only be his | turn again." ^ W«ntod—Oirl to work in grocery store, rtoueilt, }«-« COMMISSIONERS' PROCEEDINGS. August claims, Sept.'WIS session Jonas J. Yoder, road work % I.'. R. Snyder, road work II. \V. Melw, road work H. L. lll-elt. mart work Wheeler * Kelclier, road work... Wheeler & Kelchcr, -road work.. Ixiuis MeBflei-U. road work "WTusoler & Kelchcv, road work... 'Wheeler £ Kclehw, road work.., If. H. Gfloddcrt, road work....... F\ a. HowaJ-d, road wprk.. O. W. Barnard, road work l-\ I* Harper, road-work Ed Krulo, road work J. C. Dodd, road work.... J. K. Goatley, road work Wheeler & Kelehor, road work... 2 Hutch. Implement Co., blades.... Treus. Mcdford Twp., iron pipe. C. C. Johnson, road work Swan Ma^muwn, i-oad work Geo. liuruet, road work ,. I-Vitz IlolUe, road work C. H. .Myers, survey T. M. Brown, survey A. C. "Whoeler, hardware... Architects and Rnfflu^erH Co., Instruments ........ Hutchinson Oil Co., creosote llanlln Hdw. Co., tooia and material r / • • •' Ohas. \V. Ragland, livery Sup. 9.19 11.25 22.50 20.0U 5(18.00 225.20 7.60 • 202.00 15.00 36.00 22.60 2-1.00 4.60 12.00 7.00 ,224.54 19.00 27.53 9.00 6.00 , 5.25 ! Ij.'iS 37.50 12.1.0 J2.40 20.00 24U.SC 174 .9a 1-1.90 51.00 17.70 2X30 05,90 12.' S. Hluinnon, livery Ruth Belgler, stenographer. S. Hluuinon, livery C. n. I. & P., freight C. It. Sheik, survey Total I4.097.S1 S. C. Hair, maintenance i 14.25 I. 10. Fyfe, maintenance,. 24.00 J. VI. llurge.MS, maintenance 9.00 l'at Shea, maintenance ,, 115.25 0. S. Bruce, maintenance 20.90 Martin Rowland, maintenance... 8.76 Klmcr Triplett, mulntenancu.... 9.70 Total « 241 .00 Brldueo. C. It. 1. &,T». Co., freight * 11.34 Wm. Pickering, work 18.00 D. J Fair I-*r. Co., material 31.80 Hock Island Co., material.. 139.60 D. J. Kalr, Co., malarial Sti.42 D. J. Knlr Wir. Co., material OS1.60 U J. White IJjr. Co.,*materlnl... 078.47 A. R, ISMul t, bridge work 29.40 A. II. IClllott.^foam work 30f,.9« James Grabuel, work 87.16 Lewis Met calf, work 8.06 K. Gordon, work 20.00 Thomas Cnle, work.............. 7li-30 S. G. Gordon, work..., CC.60 A. T. Cole, work 06.60 A. T. (Vile, work 76.30 Riles' Wilson, work 78.06 A. T. Colo, work 232.04 llanlln Hdw. Co.. material 40.65 D. J. fair Uir. Co., materia! , 307.20 Total ,...»3,357.S0 Poor In City of Hutchinson. J. n. Talboti uidse » 27.2S C. IT. Flags, milso 8.00 Cottage Grocery, mdse,., 12.82 But tic & Son, mdsft.. 15.00 J. II. Pargetcr, nulso 87,15 Hawtey Grocery, nkdoe 14.S3 D. U. Holaday, mdse... 62,56 Cottage Grocery, mduc, ,...,!.... 48.69 N. B.' McCaminon, Viillge 32.50 8. J, WW. mdso J,. 36.19 Penny Qroeery, mdsa 13 .86 Koeers' Grocery,' mdse........... 63 .66 Albert Bennett, hauling coal 7.60 J. u Ward rent (July).......;..; 6.00 J. L. Ward, rent (August), '6.4)0 Frank McIJermod, rent 6.00 Annie Cooper, rant..,.,. B.00 Geo. A'.' Shultie, rent 6.00 McVny IJvei-j- Co.. llvory 12.60 Mo. I'ac. R. n. Co., transportation 22.21 A. T. * S. F. K. 11., transportation 16.62 Mrs. Whlto, care of poor... 200 Fred Wee-iner, drugs 4.10 Hutchinson Hospital 1\M Hutchinson Hospital 33.80 Hd Crocker, burials 28.00 Total » 036.01 Poor Outside City of Hutchinson. E. (Jlvens & Co., ntdse (July tind August) 46.03 George-iffurbuah, tndflc 4 .00 If. J7 lUckenbrodo, mdse IS. 00 Roach's Store, mdse 13.66 Jorocs , Nelson, rent 6 .00 Iilnsh»w & Hlrmhaw, mdse.-, 20.61 Total » 1)6.29 County Farm. Fred Woesnor, drugs 1 29.-10 Young's Shoo Store, mdse S.50 Western I'aoirio Tea Co., mdse-. 6 60 Leader Clothiers, Mdse 14 44 Tptal i 63.64 Juvenile Court. A. a. Lander, Juvenile officer... S 3.00 A. ft. I^ander, Juvenile officer... 3.00 D. Hctfeutwln, witness 1.60 jr. p. Morgan, wltiwtu 1.60 C. C, BeeSon, witness.,,,,.. J,50 OPEN SATURDAY NIGHT. OPEN SATURDAY NIGHT. Ti Fourth Anniversary Sale Which Closes Saturday Night •will contribute for the closing clays Many Money Saving Opportunities for judici'oua buying—as scores of extra low priced special have been assembled for the last days— IT WILL DO YOUR EYES GOOD To let them gaze upon the enormous stocks of new Fall and Winter Merchandise. Likewise it will greatly benefit your pocketbook to take advantage of thein; for the prices at which tlioy are marked are unusually low -— so much so—that economy-wise women will not foil to make selections to supply their needs not only for the present but for the future as well. Charming Millinery For Fall and Winter Wear Tlvis showing of Popular Priced Hats adds another garland to our long established and enviable reputation for trimmed and imtrimmcd Millinery. In the display you will see the latest ideas from reliable style centers •—Hats in variety of colorings, styles, materials and shapes that . are exceptionally beautiful — an authentic showing of Fall and Winter Millinery, new in style, excellent in novelty, superb in quality and exclusive in design—• sec the new assortments at $4.95, $5.95, $6.95 Special Values Produced by OUR ANNIVERSARY PRICES CHILDREN'S OUTING GOWNS, $1.00 Pink and hluc- Rtrlpoa or In pure whlto, yoke in front and hnck anil a good full skirt, nock Is finished with two rowH of fancy brand. Sizes 4 to 14 years. CHILDREN'S OUTING SLEEPERS, 35c Light weight outing In pink nml hluo sirip» opened in bark to waiyt line, drop seat. with two feet Sizes 2. 3, 4 years. CHILDREN'S KHAKI UNION-ALLS, $2.95 Opened down front to waist, buttoned on each sldo, drop seat; belt, pockets, full length sleeve, collar which can bo worn high or open, clastic- at ankle. Women's Extra Size Knit Petticoats, $1.39 Extra slzo Figure-fit knit skirt; has a draw string at waist and finished at bottom wlUr a crocheted edge, plain gray or black with colored border. BIB APRON8, 35c Made of good percale in light or dark colors, with or without bibs, have pockets. Some sre finished with rick rack braid, others finished with narrow bias bands. DRESSING SACQUES 75c flood clean patterns in gray percale, three-quarter length sleeve, wide, pep- luui. GINGHAM WAISTS, $1.25 Pretty fancy stripes In light colors, long sleeves, mado with big round collars, or with the small convertible, style which can bo woVii either high or open. Sizes 30 to 4G. Long Knit Shoulder Throws, $1.00 Double ' knit. Scarfs, splendid soft WOJI, long and about, 10 Inches wide, fringe at each end, Cardinal, brown, navy and v.lib whlto border on each end, also white with red border. Knit Underwear for Fall Way back In Ihe summer we placed orders for the knit garments which wo offer to you now— and UB a result wo can offer them at prices that will make you no longer hesitnto to stock up with a good supply for tho time when tho change in the weather will make you feel like slipping into them. Every garments bears tho guarantee of absolute body comfort, porfect fit and good long sorvice. Choose from these. LADIES' UNION SUITS •without fleece, high neck, long sleeve, ankle length, shell finished neck with button front— Sizes 34, 36, 38 $2.00 Sizes 40, 42, 44.... ..$2.26 LADIES' UNION SUIT Heavy fleeced v lined, high neclt, long sleevo, ankle length, shell finished neck, button front, open seat, with extra good flap— N, Sizes 34, 36, 38 $1.75 Sizes 40, 42, 44 $2.00 LADIES' VESTS Heavy fleeced lined, high neck, long sleeve, shall finished neck, with button front, good length. Sizes 34, 36, 38 $1.00 Sizes 40, 42, 44 $1.25 LADIES' VESTS ' Short sleeve, Dutch neck-, medium weight, fleece shell finished neck, button front- Sizes 34, 36, 38 $1.00 Sizes 40, 42, 44 $1.25 LADIES' PANTS Heavy fleoce, ankle length. Drop side, open Sizes 34, 36, 38 $1.00 Sizes 40, 42, 44 $1.25 Smart New Designs in STYLISH COATS EGYPTIAN PLUSH COATS With Uio hack empire effect tho front Is plain with bell from sides to front. The cono shaped pockets, belt, and front of coal are ornamented with 'ID flfl fancy buttons , ..<piOiUU EGYPTIAN PLUSH COATS Straight lino coat with all around belt with buckles. The large convortlblo collar, deep cuffs und set-in pockets aro trimmed with fur fabrics, the coat Is lined throughout with sol satin; C1 Q Aft brown and Burgundy .y i QiUU PEGGY PARIS COATS For small women. Wool burella cloth with Uireo box pleats down back, tho front is straight lino with tie belt, has trench pockets, The convertible collar and cuff is ot beaver cloth; half lined of sol satin. Q07 Kfl Priced $LI •Oil ALL WOOL GREY BURRELLA CLOTH COAT With slot pockets, has shawl collar and wide cufrs of Kit Coney fur, full lined with fancy satin do chine. Very smart $39.50 WOMEN'S WOOL SWEATERS, $5.95 Good warm coat sweater, opened down front, belt, 2 pockets, shawl collar which can be fitted up snug at neck. A Dandy Value. WOMEN'S FIBER SILK SWEATER, $5.95 .Good, serviceable sweaters which one can enjoy all winter, warm enough for outside wear now, and light weight enough for house wear or under the heavy coat this winter. Opened down front, big collars, pockets and long tie belt; rose, blue, green, yellow. SHOES AT PRICES THAT ARE UNMATC HABLE WOMEN'S SOLID KID BOOTS—Medlum vamps, Cuban heels, welt soles; a good fitting serviceable boot. A A to 13, Q C QC 3 to 8. Special $3i3J WOMEN'S SOLID KID BOOTS — Long vamp, leather Louis heels, welt soles, 10-lnch top. A high arched, perfect fitter, ^JC QC AA to E, 3 to S. Special «j >Ui3J WOMEN'S SOLID KID SEAMLESS COMFORT SHOES—Cat's l'aw rubber heels, turn, flexible soles. This shoo has never failed to satisfy. C to EE, 2% to 9. QC (\t\ Special «P«/iUU Baby Blankets, $1.25 Dalnly pink or blue, fancy borders, and pretty designs. Baby Blankets, $1.95 Large Size Fancy scalloped, bow knot designs on blanket and border; pink or bluo. -J A. (I. Ijillider. Juvi -nhu officer... 3.00 A. a. l<aildrr. Juvi -nlln officer... 3.00 A. a. ljiud>r. jwi-nllo officer.-.. 3.00 Q. A. Bla-sdcl. ex. physician 5.00 A. Q. lender, servicc-H In juvenile cuurt where no case filed. 21.00 Total I 1660 Coroner's Inquests, H. AT. Stewurt, eoronej',.., $ B.16 H. M. Stewart, coroner 1.86 Total r*~1300 Disability Pensions. F.. J. Arnold t 20.00 Noah Hardy 20.00 Sarnl. X Moore 15.00 J. D. Morris 20.00 J. It. Keunltu 20.00 I. W. Uinphenour 20.00 , Total ., » U5.0O Mothers' Pensions. Carrie T). OOURIIW $ 11«0 May MinnUi 20-0° Sarah Cooler 16-Ml Mrs. I.ui-v Mlle.s 12.00 Martha M. U-.u.un U'.oU Ona 1* Uaekes 16.00 Mrs. J. \j. Miithes 15.00 Mnudo H. Hewitt 20.00 Dulphena Ixswery 20.00 Mrs. Ida Swarlhout 15.00 Nancy K. LJehtfout 12.00 Dora (IrlfflUB 20.00 Luiua I- Mancho 20.00 Mrs. Spain 0.00 Mrs. Ida O'LauKhlln 15.00 Bessie Ellen Turner , 6.00 Total »~235 00 Salaries. Peter Peck. C'-oinndi'sloner $ 80.10 Clio*. \V. HaKluud, Commissioner 67.15 If. I,, lllclt, Commissioner 13.66 Seolt Sprout, Sheriff 250.00 W. T. Chirk, under sheriff 80.00 J. 8. UlanplcU,. deputy liO.00 W. I.. Oweiu, deputy 30.00 Carrie Sprout, matron 2*.00 Goo W. I.OO, Co. Clerk 200.00 l". H. Stewart, deputy 85.00 Ida M. I'cllette. deputy 91.00 Mrs. C. V. l.'lork. assIsUnb- 62.60 0. Drlcc-Nash, assisting fS.OO Klorenoo l*e, IUSBIMIIUB 30.00 A. K. Noonan, Treasurer 20O.M) If. S. Isenhart, deputy 100.00 .1. A. SeJiardoln, Rett. Decdu m.33 Walter Meiul, deputy ,. T6.00 I 'lllna Sehanieln, deputy 30.00 Carl A. Wchardson, Clk. Dlst. Ot. 1W.0IS ftay l» Anirus, deputy 83.50 8. p. Rowland, Co. Supt 1*1.50 Ktta (levreii, assistant 13.83 Herbert K. Ramsey, Co. Atty.... 13i.60 W. A. Huitman. deputy 100.00 Ruth /.eljfler, stenographer 50.00 W. B. Harris, eounty enulnuer... lliii.CC C. It. Selulk, assistant 40.00 C. T. Fall. supt. Co. Kurin.- 176.00 Mrs. llelle Shay, county nurse... 40.00 11. A. Rlawtel, county physician., 76.00 Kate Williams, city nurse 26.00 N\ 11. McCttuimoii, poor com. ... 41.67 W. II. Wifcoxson, janitor 76.30 A. O. Lander, probate clerk 16.00 Total J8.272.36 Items of General Expense. A. K. Noonan, misi.-l. ussi ^amts.. $ 77.09 Hutch. Paint & Dee. Co., Blttns... 7.K0 Western Union Tel. Co., .UMMsages 3.84 Columbia Curtmit Co., carbon..,. 8.00 S.rou Sprout, board and commitments 323.75 Scott Sprout, milt-UK? ami exp... 104.61 Scott' Sprout, summoning* Jurors. 40.40 Stevens-Ulll & Co., hc-aUns 1.000.00 Slevens -rilll & Co., heating 611.00 Harlow H. Hrown, supplies 6.60 HaslHldo Cemetery, opening Eruves 36.00 NOWB Co-, publications 351.15 RorabaUKh-WIU.y«D. O. Co., Raw 27.00 tl. A. Hlosd-el, school Inspection.. 127.00 14 u. Payne, supplies !... 63.00 McVay Livery Co., livery 3.76 llutehlnsun Uaxettc, supplies...: 178.76 United Water Q. & IS, Co., water and current • 116 63 N. R Williams & Son. mdse lur CM. Kami 110.35 Cftt. W. I*-c, Dial. balloL-j, Hutchinson ... 5.00 Comers' lGlcc. store, OUHS. work and flxluri-s , 7-36 Frank McHcrtm-d, uulso for Ct. llous« 6.76 O. 1J. lltldyanl, repalliliK elialr. . 2.00 W. C. Humes, brooms for Jail 4.60 Tom F,vans, btuckmutlhlug 1U.00 Forwythe do. Co., clothing .65 Korsytlio clothing Co., clothing.. 20.25 Prank K. Wood, pens 2.00 iiammouu Stephens Co., supplies 26 It) Crane ft Co., supplies 2.23 Southwest Hell Tel. Co., rent and tolls 110.60 A. t). Noonan, Normal fund 100*00 J. A. Hc.horduln, stamps 3.60 U. II. Doughty, returning ballots 2.00 Hanlln Hdw. Co., mdso 17.46 (i. H. Hlldyard, repairing chair., .60 J. A. Bchardeln, slaniua 4.26 J. ii Soilenbergor, ddiv. ballots., 12.30 W. T. Policy, plumbing 6.40 J. U. McCluro Oruiu Co., coal 222.82. John Matheuy, mdse for County Farm 64.48 John livss, feed for County Farm 4.00 Stevens-UIII & Co., carbide Co. Farm '. 13.25 HtevciM-Ultl & Co, plumbing Co. Farm 15.94 S. V. ilowluud, expense and vls- lllug schools 13.18 Total 83.VS6.S3 Total General fund S 7,666.68 Total Roa*l fund „. 4,938.61 Total Poor fund S03.84 Total Bridge fund , 3,357.30 araiol total for month 116,706.63 CEO. W. LBB, * County C'WrlC Our packing and moving service is everything that the most exacting could desire If you want your home's furnishings moved SAFHLY, call 838 and entrust the work to us. UNION TRANSFER and STORAGE CO. Phone 838 15-17 SeconU W Many frockB are mado of one material and have hums and (aaula of & contrasting good*.

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