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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 1

Harrisburg, Illinois
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Saturday, January 24, 1948
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Register Classifieds Ge! Results REGISTER .THE DAILY REGISTER, HARRISBURG, ILL.,-SATURDAY, JANUARY 24, 3948 NEW SERIES, VOLUME 33, NO. 175 And Country By TIMOTHEUS T. PAULEY T I I I S "' THAT: We noticed Vcrnon paper said , V th- Ml- Vcrnon paper saiu 1 ' a J, 11 Marion paper said that |?Vmn.ns wai »' 1 a fh ' st ^ 1 , il M Hhvcr We hope that 1 , h is ·'" exceptionally good if'St '\U Vcrnon tonight, just " nviiMT the Jefferson county tu Tth t the .sports writer from !T,' n nrooably doesn't know the drip and a dribble. miich for sports. -ot to throw the bread- tor the birds these - o In" deal consummated Heavy Snow Sweeps Out of Dixie Predict 12-Inch Blizzard Will Hit New England By United Press A snow and sleet storm which Ihe weatherman said might be the worst of thc winter swept northeasterly out of Dixie today across the Ohio river valley toward the Atlantic seaboard and New England states. x As it blew out of the south the storm left icy pavements and Eisenhower's Withdrawal PSecsses Traman and GOP i i l \ \ *· "»r» ,, · _. d l U i A l l *»*«.!. · *»,,· jf-*- » * » · · · *...«* ..-- -the unirt house rriaay a. "'-'patches o f sleet and snow over I..C Choicer trades; his bij,p-| m o s t O f the southern states from M. e to Deputy Cleo galoshes. IV "iM-\ tor Uempseys ,KU, bi/V 13 Neither party got ''l,\ boo' New Orleans to Georgia. This morning, its northernmost edge was creeping over Louis- 7 I ville, Cleveland, and Columbus, TODAY- ManyiO., as it headed into West Virginia. ' cr boy 'friend The storm dropped five inches of Scientists!snow on Bowling Green, Ky. The weather bureau ordered .storm warnings posted from south , N. C., as the storm near- coast. The bureau said nol heavy snows and winds of gale '-ani\ mean that he is ricn strength would lash the seaboard. , ""opportunity often knocks at More Than 100 Deaths THOUGHTS F a girl burns v.ith an old ·a nuw expeuinentmg on the Xcfon of milk synthetically. - - , , ,, . . luii't be as popular as long as of Block there i m udder way . . . ,;' is Mini that a man has than .sense, this By LYLE C. WILSON United Press Staff Correspondent WASHINGTON. Jan. 24--$?·-- If President Truman and .all the Republican candidates for this year's presidential nomination would confess, all hands welcomed Gen. Ike's announcement that he couldn't be had for politics. ,. "I would not accept nomina lion," Gen. Eisenhower said yesterday in a statement which tipped his boomers back on their heels. Some of them closed shop right away, but from Oregon to New Hampshire there were Ike-for- President operators who still thought the General could be drafted. They are expected to close shop pretty soon,, too, because careful reading of Eisenhower's long statement does .-not disclose any qualifications war- anon Elderly Men Die in Shack, Although Weil Off Financially MARION, 111., Jan. 24--O)-Authorities were at a loss today to explain the deaths of two elderly brothers, one of them totally blind, who were found frozen to death last night in the small frame shack where they lived near here. The bodies of Marshall Moron. 79, and Josh Moren, 82, weie found crumpled on the floor by a passerby who noticed the door standing open and went to investigate. They apparently had beer, dead for at least two days, Coroner Sam Simmons said. CIO SPLIT ON WALLACE. Harry Bridges, left, is shown as he announced that he would ignore CIO executive board's official stand against a third political party. Bridges, head of the International Longshoremen's Union, and other left-wing CIO leaders are backing Henry Wallace. Phillip Murray, CIO president, is .shown. at left announcing the CIO's official policy. (NEA Telephoto) Own Ambitions, Official Says GOP Candidate Present fo Hear Pauley's Defense · WASHINGTON, Jan. 24.--(U.P.)-- Edwin W. Pauley today accused Harold E. Stassen of combining "ignorance and falsehood to indict me solely in pursuit of his own selfish ambitions." Pauley told the Senate Appropriations subcommittee on speculation that he intended to prove the Republican presidential aspirant had uttered a series of untruths, under oath, concerning his commodity speculations. He add- ranting him in accepting a nomin-| Although both men were well ation now. cff financially, and owned an interest in the Moren coal mine on their own land near the house, they had been living in extreme poverty. The house was heateo only by a small coal grate, ir. which authorities said they found no coal or any evidence that there- had been a fira. Had Bank Accounts The house had no provision for .lighting, even by gasoline lanterns, While House Pleased The While House apparently was pleased by Ike's statement because it seems a lot of Democrats agreed with a lot of Republicans that the soldier with the big smile would have been a pretty sure bet to lick President Truman next November. Republican regulars generally HE DOESN'T KNOW. Unaware didn't want Ike in the first place. mar,-, door while he is down AS the storm ploughed eastward, of doctor's diagnosis that death is lie was poison 10 UK r.e -treet telling somebody a hard the w j n t er ' s worst cold wave dis- near. Edward Charno. 6, smiles as and Stassen people. JclTstor. . . ^ rupted industry in the Detroit au- his mother. Mary, reads a story to have been tough tor '««JU«K;IO oo«««J-nnH hnn:tvl donfhs him A victim of leukemia, the to defeat if he real. ' tomobile center and boosted deaths him. A victim of leukemia, the HUMOR DEPT.: School teacher b i ame d O n the frigid weather to boy was sent to his Aurora, 111., the OOF any of them really went after . · n d had * r Jan . 2 4--U.E-- jm. *·*-- Western Europe Unity Proposal Endorsed by U.S. WASHINGTON, Jan. 24--OIE ed: "Today I am ready to answer any question you or your colleagues care to ask about my dealings. On the basis of my records -- my appearance (Dec. 12) here before you and my answers to Harold Stassen, I ask you in simple fairness to clear my name of the vicious charge that I ever received or profited from inside information." Pauley has admitted that he made nearly $1,000,000 in com- High American of ficials would wel- modity market dealings since the flashlights to search the premises, jjecl Harry Bridges, west coast. They were clothed only in over-! longshoremen's boss, to make an nils,, work shoes and light over-L depemlent bid for na tional power cdme a western European move war--some of it since he became Diamea on UK: ingiu wcuiui-i ^ uuv na * ^^ ^ ...- ^ - . ~ t ~ , -..., rlpnnrturp will whoOD UP more than 100 in thc last 11 days, home after physicians at Children s ( His departure u ' 11 ^TM pcounp _ The storm advanced over an Memorial Hospital in Chicago gave the pre-comention campaign con -^ Vi/M,c.-;nrr K n n n n n n n noi-snns nn hnnn nf savin" his life. , sicieraoij. renci. o'-iance south of here c.M)n. ou arc half an hour ,. \\h-i was the matter? ! area" housing 60.000,000 persons, up hope of saving his life v ' HnnV "know which - way -to; ,t,ck*ofi-I went out with pa feather experts at Chicago said (NEA Telephoto) dont -_b, n ?/ : /_ .._,, TM y m TM to a hncnma party, and we stay- the s t orm W as caused by a colli- ui until the la^t man was hung. sion of ^ "violently contrasting" P B Teac::or (severely)--Was hang- cold air with warm a } r m0 ving up r l f p cci. StioMjn, hanged. from tnc Caribbean Sea. I I E V Two from the Caribbean They predicted it would hit WHAT TO EXPECT DEPT.: New £ ngland as a i 2 .inch blizzard I ;ot out my calendar that gives Dorne by winds of 40 to 50 miles \'.\e achanee weather dope for thc an h our Moderate to heavy snow v.holc ;cai and found that right was f orecas t for thc New York jump politicians were the most I confused by Ike's potentialities. iHe was an unknown political 'quantity, but they knew he would jhave made a sweet candidate. Now the politicians merely will have to choose a candidate among their fellow politicians and they are ac. customed to doing that every-four The number of deaths .Ian 2u to .Ian. 2J was an unse t'.J soell. the weather chart said. I ;azcc! a httle farther down li'i- line and i-a*v that we're go- all jackets. Neither of the ever married. They had been living together in the same house They pia;.tH that interpretation to create a regional defense pact special assistant to Army Secretary under the United Nations like the Kenneth C. Royall last Sept. 3. recently signed inter-American de-j Denies Stassen Charge ' " the labe- movement in the near.fense pact of Rio De Janeiro, it future. was learned But "he" repeatedly has denied Stassen's charges that he made his Some of these officials would' profits on the basis of "inside'.' in- United States 'being formation.. Stassen contended that ·"o tyscmci »n n"- ou.i.v, ..~~-~ iiiey jLiai.c mat iin-vi^* 1 -"'""" even favor the United States ·bein cf lormauon. oiassen comenaea mat lor years, coming to town usually | u p o n his open split wilh CIO presi-j a raem ber of such a pact "if the Pauley went into the market at only to get supplies. tums o-i pj,;iin Mi'irmv mrpr a third west*TM v.iirnnpan rnnntries want- favorable times in advance of big .. __. -- . jun.e!» Eovernment cave an u»i- ,. - .. . . , -. . · for president, and is' J rece dented endorsement to Brit- ^' ^JJ^, c *f e j3L MTM" 1 m his denunciation if.,. Ffn ~ ifni Minister Ernest Bev- Packed crowd of senators news- ·PU · ^ o- T^fe 7r,r- ^rv A Wallace for president, ana is mei 4nVS mined on their Tand-i^lly vocal in his denunciation JJ r^^sissiad th^^.1^ *« ^ri e !" ai irfr; jTM of foul olav. He said One source said that a sign of ipean Union" to combat Soviet- v* i » · · i T* . · -i ,, » ,1 A ,,:,,.: A » *«. r~+**il^j-» /\tii- j r«.i.. -i «.«.»!-«»«« ~c* »*.**** n Western Euro-' papernren and spectators. Directly dominated eastern Europe. it was possible that one o£ tne Bridges decision to , - - : men had suffered a heart attack,! for himself has been his failure. Diplomats of-.all key countries but obviously improbable that they through all of 1947 to contribute! here admitted that the sensational both died this way. ' ' ar: ' funds from-his-union'to-the Bevin pro posal-was a-, bid-for th^ Marshall Moren had beTM,*^"3-Pi° EoUticajLActipn committee ori west to f orma ii ze what has been a soine 1 time,'and'Ifis bro-'the southern organizing drive. !f ac t for many months--division " across the table from him sat Stassen. " d " ser ^ ouslv ^iirtr «TMK r « ze to ' . r e t 2 : P F i n d i n g n o b o y E. Stassen and Gen. of over -excrtion, and. two were as- at homc thcy forced t h eir way into Doug las MacArthur coUide there SHOT- It doesn't take P nvxiatcd - ,, . -. ! the blazing kitchen and extinguish- on April 6 \Visconsin long has ' anks. p i r)k.h,l! " " ed the fire with both booster tanks. been a vita i mid-west political More than 100.000 automobile The interior of the kitchen burn- testing ground: Victory or defeat workers were told to stay home; ec j an d most of the kitchen equip- there sometimes can boom or bust from work Monday as the Michi- ment W as lost. There also was a car .didate for keeps, gan Consolidated Gas Company cut smo k e damage throughout the Qne of the paragraphs of Ike's off supplies to all major manufac- house. j declination might have been aim- turers in the Detroit area until Fjrc cjlief Kav j 0 - n nson said the ed at MacArthur. Ike said he Tuesday. , blazc was started when a refrig-, thought soldiers should stay out All gas-using industries at Ev- , ir-otor cau«ht fire of politics. ansvillc. Ind.. were asked to shut c " tor TM 0t °5,."^Pnt soent most Long years ago Calvin Coolidge K;:. a 7 down temporarily to conserve gas The f '^, "^^"^^"J.^S summering in the Black Hills and r.or:n; cnt.cisin from John £ supplies i the pressure dropped of t h c n ^ t o a j . 1^^ Raymond , ^.^ a fever of anger aga! _ nst l.o\.N. has appointed an Ifrman m mains mdiiMry Advisory committee, ^long in '- called the committee to ^X^M. ^Porter;" forecaster at ing office. Appoints Coal Advisory Group \V\SH1XGTOX. Jan. 24-- U.K»- .H'cretarj ot Interior J. A. I tiler's sight had been failing. Kills Former Wife, Shoots Friend, Commits Suicide Tuesday to make Arriving at 1:10 a. m. they found I do not choose to run in 1928. ," adding: "It is only fair that the full of this man and his charg- him of CIO sources feel he is husband- the globe into two worlds, east and i-ig his funds for his own organiza- west. j tiC , n f l f nnrtv" in ^alif SS^New I ' Th , ese diplomat pointed out that political party in California, «ew, th fi ^ step ^ ^^ direction was T c h ar a e that he is utterly ? ork, M^^^e^jtaken last summer when western n^prehension and w he counts on to back Wallace | E ope decide d to go ahead with ing of e de alings and functioning Bridges nas avowed his mten-'the Marshall plan without Russia. O f the commodity markets the very tion of welding waterfront and it was furthered at the UN meet- SUD j ect matter of this charge." sc-agoing unions into a working j n g s j n the fall when the general charges Ignorance 'uniiy powerful enough to halt ship- assembly voted to go ahead with He referred to a statement by j ping in every American port. the "Littli Assembly" and the c; tassen that w hen one buvs and LAS VEGAS fccv.. Jan 24- Durin the C10 - s three ,day show- Balkan and Korean Commissions J^ds corn futures for six months U.R»-- Deputy Sheriff ,\.«.»am ^ , ----- . _ _ t ed the man sne was enieuamin and then committed sucme. . 0 live Kirlfpatrick down meeting here. President Wai-.without Russia. ;« you wou id be holding half a mil- r of the United Auto | But the Big Four bust up in Lon- ij on bushels of scarce corn in order eportedly confronted don in mid-December was the final t o cut down your tatfes" and that Bridges with statements from the,bio\v. In the view of these diplo- suc h activity was "hoarding com- imrompn''; newspaper thatj ma ts ( that incident has pushed the pounded on top of profiteering." 1 *·"-· · countries toward steps p au i e y said: : any foreseeable hopes "Those words -- Mr. Stassen's and other supplies for Jhe Mar-j that the "one world" concept--te- wor d s betray an ignorance of and then committed suciae. , the waterfront workers should re-} western countri The wounde_d man. John j.evvis to , oa(J ghips with mun itions' that b i ast any : Kirkpatrick. 4D. was not expectea Qther s . jpplies f or the Mart h a t the "one w v»v **v*. ^,*.vwww »v - --.-- -- ivirtvyiiLiit". There still are arguments among Honrat h an d « Y A- _ . . t _ _ * i /"»-.~i:»4 ,-»*%.» iiviixam «i*\* weather the Chicago Weather Bureau, said to approve -:c.e allocation of coal. U|M. S . head of the United Mine. 'urkcrs rejected an invitation to ·o,r. ;h» croup, saying such a 1'jnrr.iKee under Knig would be' awir.ic jr.d futile." Kri:^ ^id the committee also! 'M'M deal \\ith iuch long-range j ronle:r,» a.x Marshall plan requirc- ""'·K- o:.d -\.Tihetic fuels develop- .'·xr.t °kn Ingram Circulates Petition for Coroner, D '. Fraiier Withdraws Droste Seleded For Treasurer Post OR Green Ticket pre!S|n | nar¥ p| ans For Work on Hew yi'irporl Approved SPRINGFIELD. 111.. Jan. 2,' (U.E--The Republican organization' "harmony slate" for thc April 13 Illinois primary was completed to- back as Ihc fire had broken out an y double talk yesterday. i s^aiii. They spent more than an j -I would not accept the nom! hour nt the house the second time.' jnation." j removin" more boarding before There can't be any debate about they filially extinguished all thc j what - that means. flames. I ~ Zimmerman m Circuit Court Here Monday i j -Word was received at the office ! of thc county clerk this morning Political followed decision. county" sheriffs office last night. G08S Berserk OH Shortly before the shoe^ig^he ^.^ Woun(Js "safflSiTwo Passengers rnthapparcniiy went directly irom i AMBRmGE _ Pa .. Jan . 24 _«IE Gov't Fighting Inflation Through Banking System WASHINGTON, Jan. 24--0^-- 1 \Jk. U*Vi V . \ / M i l f c » ^»^»»«X v*«»«J «»ii*^* ···«-^» - «. - - - _ i that Judge " Harold Zimmerman poor that he could ; _ _ * ? _ _ .. . · . * _ * _ .. _ r ·»l«««t r The government is fighting m- ihe office to Ihe KirKpatrick's condition thc Federal Reserve board's new to deliver or receive grain in the future. When you buy a future -- or sell one -- not a single bushel of grain is withdrawn from the market. "I charge he has combined ignorance and falsehood to indict me solely in pursuit of his own selfish ambitions." Pauley hung before the committee big colored charts which he said showed that, far from profiting by inside information, his mar- jof Marion would preside in cir- : rcclor oft Ihc Illinois 'ognilion 'board () - . ! treasurer. · · i in^ram today was circu- ' Droslc announced 5\nli r!: ' :ms for Coroner on thc last night " i,f'; u il tlckot - sign from ,...'. j" i1 ^ra7.ler, Jr.. who cir- board post -' ;.iv,;ions for Ihis office sponsible Republican sourvts JWIM - pjll ^: - w. has withdrawn he would have thc support of the -' r.u--. , rc g u ia r GOP organization, althoucn :or.2i iilmgs at thc office hc has not ben formally endorsed. ('·:i:,ty clerk for precinct Thc treasurer spot was thc or-lv :"T.fii include: 'statewide post not previously f«K '-'· ( '" Carnahan. R. Jed on Ihc "harmony slate" which 5 J Porter. R. uhe orcanization made up aucr, Icuit court here Monday. Jan. 26. to handle default and other mat- j parently enl story of what happened. KT--S^:§^- 0( -S il Sf d «fi ^c^t: n* raUu-g 0. r^en, require. name as Kenneth Short, (Continued on Page Five) roents for banks under its supervision in Chicago and New York Cily from 2 n to 22 per cent The new rule is effective Feb. 27. 2 Men Found Dead Near Thompsonville ** Illinois had been for thc author- ±- Modern Taverns Worse Than Old-Time Saloons, Temperance League Head Says *t iit»o"»«»'« -.*,-» -- - T-r*«: 1 '^. r*i Ly hospital, where Mrs^ Rificis g ccnditior. was said lo be lair., . f~.;Ar.r'? -.\nnnri was "not SCriOUS. WEST FRANKFORT. 111.. Jan. .1-- (UEt--Two night shift oil work- rs were found asphyxiated today iy butane gas from the little stove ' thev used to keep warm in » °* C:iders wound was ,58 hefographer, Dies City the authority wi" be responsible saloons. . · AominaiiiiK »A:«M«.«. wore filed 'for. Thc stale will bc?r i,.c cost c , avlon M Wallace, general su- cratco" 'lodav bv Brooks, who announced O f the work on the-iiclo. I pcrintcndenl of the Temperance Ihis candidacv some time ago. by, F 0 n 0 \\ins the discussion- it was League of America, said that lav- "^ ihis law partner. Grcnvillc Beards- Decided thai pnrl of Ihe group crns really arc saloons with a ilcv Chicago. Brooks so far is un- wouW v j s jt several airports lo dc- j"morc deadly effect." lop'poscd on Ihc GOP ticket, jtcrminc just what types rt OUIM-· . Thc tavcrns and coc k la il loung INDIANAPOLIS. Jan. 24.--CE should be changed ' from negative thc nation's emphasis to positive. bui, nc orcanizalion added, Ihe switch ir, names irom York and Sl.OOO.OOO.OOO in Chicago, j "jacf "i)tehi"about 40. and Don- The government hopes that thc! a , d Rice 3^^ 23. both of Bcaion. move will lighten up credit ...had gone lo work on thc night A majority of bankers are said! hi{t *, ate ]ast nisht Thcir job lo be in .sympathy wiln the g ov -|" was to watch thc premises, as crr,.r.:nis .icw rule. Oll drilling operations had been When Chairman Slarriner EOj suspended because of thc cold cles of the Federal Reserve Their bodies were found "We cnce cvenlual Iraffic." , t , -« Mr. Grindlc, who was born in Droslc, a 52-year^ld Year-Old Baby Dies £ In Mt. Vernon After The Weother Swallowing Pills make his Souihcro nltaoh Jan. 24-- 'cloudiness and not , hority members P is { ico 1S 53^.200. j with ils sawdust floors and ils ban Wallace said. "We feel that j on women palrons. ; the time comes that a great ma- MINES Increasing VERNON* 111 Jan. 24--' cloudiness ana noi so cold tc~ ..uv,TM ... Carbondale. 'a^ASSSrildW died yes-' night: Sunday doudy with light Survivors include his wife and^y_,Juwooii^^^^^^^^ w y^l^l^9 to as ti.0 result o f n d a y night ** ;:r^i -Aoiks !· ·· i; !rfi , a veteran of bolh World Wars, "e ! when i army. v ^ '** ~*^ i ~~ director 5'isvl' x fi - "- lfi - Washer-work, j board - '· vork ". I post 1 mimsira ^firKs imont ·^-ks. JS. 1 world War II veterans. i te m ft*' I if! i!4. If: :i- H /SPAPEMI

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