The News from Frederick, Maryland on July 13, 1948 · Page 4
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 4

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 13, 1948
Page 4
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Toe Sews, Frederick. Md.. Tuesday. July 13. S9IS I'M A CANCMP.Vr-6 he IT IS IT JUS ACOVeVOP S£SKY SUM FOR IT- I'M ITS A SO NVAS OUT MY CAMPAIGN SCNS" PARK. C*RaBT.W6NT *f ASSESS' ~c SET ait? OP Melod? MX. AND MRS. sve To MikE. I HAD AM MUTT AND JEFF Police Court Case* j Heard Monday Night \ Separat" 'ove-triangles which ended in alleged krife-".v:eliin2. j resulted in Dorothy Hammond. ; colored;. Lincoln apartments. bein° ' fined S!0 and costs for stabbing her · rival, and Excise Robinson. a!o ' colored. South Bc-nt; street, being * exonerated, in hearings before ! Magistrate Edward J. Smith. Monday nigh:. The Hammond girl, defended by Attorney? Sherman P. Bovvers and ; Edward D. Storrr.. was also Riven a suspended sentence of six months in the House of Correction. Sus: pension was granted on condition she not again broach the peace and pay the costs of hospitalization of her victim. Catherine Irene Rigg.-v 24-A All Saints street. £.ieut- Dorsey. who arrested the Hammond gir! Friday on a warrant of May 15. from which she : had fled; testified the RiRgs worn- : an's left arm artery \vas severed near the shcu'der and that she . nearly bled to death after the 13- year-old Hammond girl slashed her ; with a small pocket-knife in the All Saints street apartment of the v:r- , tim, where the sweetheart of the two v.-omen was caliinc at the tinw | Candid talk about the argument over the msn involved was barred by the defense- Defended by Tom Glass, the Robinson woman thrc'.v reasonable ; doubt on whether a knife had been : used by the defendant threatening: . battery upon Elsie Jackson, col- - ored. a neighbor, following an argument at home, last Tucsdav night. The argument involved the affections of a male whom the ; Jackson woman admitted had been living with her "15 years." j On warrants of peace distur- ! bance at the tavern which he op- j crates. Roland L. Myers secured I \ convictions against three of four ; .: defendants for a brawl at his place. -· June 30. i Lawrence and Preston Geisler. .. Raymond Burdctte. all of near Ur- ·- baca. were each fined S10 and costs on testimony of assaulting and breaking the nose of Gilbert Hoff. the lone defendant in the disturbance proceedings who was found '· -· not guilty. ' In ·warning the cuilty trio tha* the complaining witness's barring ,. of them from his olace of business. I must be complied with: the rnag- ~ istrate also sternly told the defend- ants that he believed them guilty of - perjury and another appearance before him on similar complaints ·would result in jail sentences. Eleanor Wilson. Frederick, was sent to jail for ten days, in default ; of SI0.80 fine and costs, on convic- · tion of peace disturbance Sunday i night on North Bent;: street. Three ; other defendants in the same case. ; forfeited collateral. Collateral was forfeited by . . Audrey Wetzell. Melvin Boyce. Roy Brown and Preston Byrd. S-i.SO each; Alexander Tylet Nsnnl.* " Filth, and Mildred Et-ler. S10.RO . each: Paul Jones. S3.30: all for City j ordinance violations. Arrests v v e i c j by Officers Burras. Twcnlry. Key ; sr, Rentzell and Boonc. ' Radio Newsman · HORIZONTAL 1.5 Pictured radio persona!:!}* 9 Ke is a rr.s*i 13 Genus of shrubs 14 Ir.disn 15 Gres: Lake 16 LL-r.ber 17 Feminine name IS Esscr'.:al being 19 Worker 21 Ransom 23 Haif-em 24 Indian mulberry 25 Intersect 28 Indian horr.e 32 Boat paddle 33 E'cctrif.ed particle 34 Signs 37 Rectify 39 Exclzmatic 40 Parent 41 Give car to 45 Hurry 49 Scope 50 Exchange premium 53 Story 54 Castle ditch 55 Companion 56 Ages 57 Grafted (her.) 58 Love god 59 Lease VERTICAL 1 Slight shock 2 Medley 3 Half (prefix) 4 Italian cltv 5 Portal C Atlantic (o.) 7 Ship's record Z 12. ir.crstks 9 Sev.-ing 10 Gaelic 11 Sage 32 Appear Squeeze Play Wins S/x No Trump Bid ' YOULl f-='/ER GET A G:~ L' \ I VDU JUST !X!"T KNCV/ HOV/ I · TO SAY NSCE TnJNGS LiKE - - -Maybe Jeff Should Pick On Somebody His Size -Mrs. Harris 27 -liberal rock 29 Pastry 30 Eternity L'l Cor.cSwsion .15 Write cov/n ?.G Her 20 Abstract being ·"'" Eucharistsc 2- Consume 25 Dove's call 26 Male sheep wine vessel 38 Sovereign ·H Halt 42 Metal ·S3 Chair 44 Appellation 45 Garden tools 46 Weight allowance 47 Ardor 48 Bird's home 51 Fish 52 Oriental nair.t j2 13 13 it, i 25 Zfc 57 8 2! 50 51 52 M5 22 !5 18 35 10 n V K Q 5 4 Q J 5 2 A !05 4 8 3 V 1094 » J 0 9 8 5 * J 3 7 3 H W E S Dealer A J J 0 6 2 ¥ J 8 7 6 3 2 * A 7 4 * None A Q 7 4 V A A A K Q 3 6 4 2 Tournament-- N-S vul. Sooth West North East 1 * Pass 1 » Pass 3 Jf, Pass 4 N. T. Pass 5 V Pass 5 N. T. Pass 6 ¥ . Pass 6 N. T. Pass Opening-- V 6 13 M7 Carnival Lime Kiln Lime Kiht.--Mr. and Mr?- Gcorcc Anthony, of Washington, scent an . evening with Mr. and Mrs. Earl Muileneaux. ! --Mr. James Watkins. of Graham. N. C.. is. spending his vaca- · tion. v.-iih his brother-lin-law and ; - sister. Mr. and Mrs. Lacy De- f Grange. | --Miss Shirley V.'ilhide .has re- j turned home after spending ten i days v.-iih Miss Mary Jane ; ton. of Brunswick. She was ac- j companied home by Miss Kami!- i ton. \vho spent a cay here. j --Miss Mary Elizabeth Day and i Master Jack Cordeil. of Clarksburg. · are spending several weeks with their uncle a=d aunt. Mr. and Mrs. . Smith Cec:i. Little Miss Barbara Cordeil. who had spent several iveeks at the Cecil horr.e. has returned home. --Master Charles Jewel has returned home after spenoir.c several j weeks with ?.Ir. ar.d Mrs. George Castle, of Brunswick. --Mrs. G. W. Fisher and Mr? M. M. Carter spent an evenir.2 with Mr. and Mrs. \V:r,. Kacrick. Sr.. ; and fairsily. BuckeystO'.vr:. --Mr. and r»Trs. John Lincsav. of BAltirrsore, and Mr. and Mrs. W--. Isehouse. of Csdsr Grove, spent a ·weekend v.-j:h Mr?. Tr,c~,ss DeGrange and Mr. and Mrs. Earl Muiieneaux. --Mr. and Mrs. Esrl Mullenea-jx. Mr. and; Mr?. H. Payne Slinkrrar: j and two small son;, of KvaUsvi-Ie. have returned home after a vacation with Mrs. SlinkmRn's mother. Mrs. Susie Funk. --Mr. snc Mrs. Joseph Ross ar.d littie son. Joe. -.vho ha.-e been residing in Brooklyn. X. ".. ;ro -ow stayins with Mr.= . Ko cc " --ii-h*" 1 Mrs. C. T. Brnsi'js "" " . --Miss Katharine Hasirscrs has : 'returned horr.e after sperdir.c several days in Baltimore v.--th relatives and friends. --Miss Hheudelia By UIULIAM K. M c K E N X E V America's Card Authjrity Written For NEA Service Five v.'ccks in a hospital keep :« fellow fonsev/hat tied down. However, bridge players were very good about bringing me material, and my former staff of the American : Con'r.-ict Bridge League came along \viih a -.veok's supply of hands. This is trie j=trcond one. and it is from Mrs. R F S. Harris, who . is known to players throughout the country because she keeps their master point records. She knows whether you have one point to your credit, or 1.250. Most of the players who held ths South cards in today's hand arrived nl n contract cf six clubs, but Mrs. Harris 'North' did not I give her partner a chance to do ! so. When she bid four no trump, ar.rl her partner showed two aces with the five-heart response. Mrs. Harris bid five no trump asking . for kin;;?. South had to bid six hearts to show two kings." \vhere- · upon Mrs. Harris bid six r.o trump, j i She won the opening lead of the ! six of hearts in dummy. Think- inK 'hat she did not have much '. of a problem, she cashed the ace i of clubs, only to learn the sad news when East showed out. She could not cash a second club at thi time. I The proper play, which Mr?. · Harris made, was to lead the king j of diamonds from dummy . She continued with the small diamond. East won and returned another heart which declarer won in her own hand with the queen. Now Mrs., Harris cashed three jpnd^s nnd the king of hearts, and n:i the nlay of the heart West was .--·oueezeti. He could not hold three chibs a:^d t\vo diamonds. If he discarded the diamond, declarer \vcni!ri ca--h 'he eood diamond and «nce again 'Vest would be soueeied. If West discarded a club, declarer had the valuable club left in her hand to 50 over nnd run all of ' dummy's good clubs. ; S£E ? yoij DCN'T KrsC'ft? HC/.' TO rLATTEJ? BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Hear! Hear! FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS ITS A SHAME j YEAH. "E LET TKE Yes, They Will . . PECPLH * M-A3ERS A3c BEOO.WE ~\TOO GCCD JOLLV PRt'NES- -- ITS ~vX SOCO FCK -fSHCV=L -^SCiRi "Sure we read comic hooks--cot to keep abreast of what other scientists arc doing:"* 'Got Room For Anv More Members?" T._E. T,. n.ASS MEETS ihe T. E. L. Cias-? of She First Baptist church held its regular monthly meeting. July 6 at the home of Mrs. Samuel Cole. Braddock Heights. The business meeting was conducted by Mrs. Emil N'elson. The Scripture lesson and arayer were given by Mrs. Lillian Wilson. The cias? picnic will be ; held at Baker Park. August 3. . There were 18 present and one : visitor. Refreshments were served ; by the group. ' \ ?.$ -^-·-^'"*fe. and .'a-her. Mr. Ben Ztrr.menr-.arj ' C a t h o l i spent Thursday in Baltimore. -- Mr Albert Eyler. Jr., had tns ir.Srfortune to sprsin his DaBOIS T NIT MEETS The D;;3r..- Vc:^ran ankle sseball son Robert, of Rockvil'e -or-' s -day with Mr. r,d M-.-c. SrrJ-h Ceci ncia !t.-".h:y r.-.ce::r.c on Thursday. July Z f-.". the Kr.ishts of Coitjrr.b"s hor;*. "t xvhich time t h e iocal uH'-t ws? cost to the- i:r.:ts , :c roii cai --Mr. and Mrs. Sara Fox and ' meeting the .. . s . ... little son Wayne, of Frederick social "pre?er.'.ed" bv spent a cay at the horr.e of Mr. sr.d unit. Thcio v.,--- * Mrs. C. E. JP-VCI. nf The prc.-irier.-Var-d --Vsj?r?r Charles Bro.«iu=. 3rd., from each i:r.:t ' -of Arlington, Vs.. is spending seme . Ridge Council". . ^ . . . - - . , . ^ ^ t r X - T - " " -*- rr.^": '·'· :he:r msss:o;- at Thi:r- :-.-.nrt --r: J;:r.c 27 ar.d a:tend«i a Co:i-.:r:i;r.:o-?. anri breakfast. Break fa: v.-as prepared by the -rrsm-r-: :~V p.-=--r. Hev. Hocer Wor-rfen ss part pf ass:s:ar.--e :o the The council ;.".» -%:-.:rrr,y. v/r.ich :? ":.·; :^r..C. -r K;:V...: h a l f the k--; t h e A':s,;fi:;p:. ic the r~.'.\ river of Australia. INEWSPA'PERf I I UNDERSTAND J AMD SOMEBODY HAS / O'AY, SEND our ~t?-* /^l PAKt rv»~T"7Lj[^. - / T- ·-- »»;/^.orv/ SNOOT/ i CLU3 BEG6ING / FOR MEM5ERS CHU-W.' LOOKS OWM SHO.-ELS vsr/ ANT PiTlrUL-? Silk In A Cage HiS GUN SO.SKE Si\ : £D )A,m:i57E.RiU! ·W Li'-. / TV= GOT AM i i-:.'.-K TniS 15 VVMAT SiLK sWD !N ; AVfiD FOS PAULA GALLAKTEEE D=E? DOVVM IN TH£= SAXD54 / ' --^PE- / W£» ,V. S«= e=TS A'.VAV/ · i VVATES; PRISCILLA'S POP Spoiling A Good Ti ?A ^y/ 3O tO ~_ trcLie with you, Csr/y/s/ J try tc bs nice. ^r;3 right ss/s/ you ts., ^ f NOU M=VH?5 \ r^Cv, f CANi aiT Tri' } ^C4 FiS-ST HOLT EW'SPAFER · The Thugs of India performed special religious rites before stran- pHr.g and plundering wayfarers. according to Encyclopedia Britannica. Radio Program MBS A B C NBC CBS 6:OO

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