The Daily Herald from Provo, Utah on April 9, 1975 · Page 36
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The Daily Herald from Provo, Utah · Page 36

Provo, Utah
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 9, 1975
Page 36
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Legal Notices Legal Notices ORDINANCE NO. 397 AN ORDINANCE ANNEXING AND ADDING THAT CERTAIN PROPERTY IN UTAH COUNTY, THE PROPERTY OF FLYING RANCHES AND OTHERS TO BE DESIGNATED "SHERWOOD HILLS ADDITION" TO PROVO CITY AND EXPANDING THE CITY LIMITS ACCORDING; RESIDENTIAL ZONE 1 (R. 1). WHEREAS, a petition has been filed with Provo City by the owners of real property situated in that territory lying contiguous to the present corporate limits of Provo City, the owners of which has caused an accurate plat of said territory to be made under the supervision of the City Engineer, the said property consisting of three parcels shown on two annexation plat sheets; and WHEREAS, the owners of said property have filed a copy of the property description in the office of ^the City Engineer, together with a petition in writing directed to the City Commission, signed by a majority of the property owners and not less than the owners of one-third in value as shown on the last assessment roll of Utah County, requesting the same to be annexed to Provo City, the property is located in Utah County, and more particularly described as follows: Parcel 1: Commencing N 0 degree 38'54" W 1918.39' and South 89 degree 57' 48" West 133.0' from the East '/i corner, Sect. 19, T6S, R3E, SLB 8. M; thence as follows: West 1189.0' along existing Provo City Boundary; thence N 1 degree 50'W 120.0' along existing Provo City Boundary; thence N. 44 degree 42' E 65.0' along existing Provo City Boundary; thence North 51 degree 37'W'156. 98' along the existing City Boundary; thence North 75 degree W 33.98' along the existing city boundary; thence S 70 degree 58' W 71.4' along the existing City Boundary; thence S 61 degree 53' W 31.6' along the existing city boundary; thence N 48 degree 16'E 36.47' along the existing City Boundary; thence North 40 degree 58' West 121.43' along the existing city boundary; thence N. 32 degree 07' E 339.04' along the existing city boundary; thence S 59 degree 33' East 60.05' along existing city boundary; thence N 57 degree IB' E 59.62' along existing city boundary; thence N 10 degree 23' E 113.37' along the existing city boundary; thence N 56 degree 25' W 55.99' along the existing city boundary; thence N 20 degree 24' 30" E 194.88' along the existing city boundary; thence N 0 degree 40' 42" E 92.01' along the existing city boundary; thence North 85 degrees 23'45" W 172.69' First 142.64' along city boundary; thence South 31 degrees 42' W 298.65'. thence S 63 degrees 35' W 161.18' thence S 41 degrees 39' W 336.0'; thence S 68 degrees 30' W 121. 30'; thence N 66 degrees 30' W 81.7'; thence N. 17 degrees 34' W 81.67';.thence N. 8 degrees 51' W 186.34'; thence N. 72 degrees 59' 30" W 121. 02'; thence N 38 degrees 56' 30" W 206.35'; thence N 53 degrees 22' East 442.77'; thence S 84 degrees 22' W 308.81' thence N 16 degrees 26' W 205.15' along existing city boundary; thence N 0 degrees 25' W 300.0'; thence N 32 degrees 25' E 183.32'; thence N. 56 degrees 43' E 228.95'; thence N. 37 degrees 39' W 116.0'; thence N. 37 degrees 35' E 91.9'; thence N. 64 degrees 20' E 87.6'; thence N 47 degrees_54' W 119.9'; thence N. 87 degrees 55' W 134.5'; thence S 45 degrees 41' W 192.40'; thence S 40 degrees 55' W 139.1'; thence S 32 degrees 50' W 59.7'; thence S 11 degrees 50' W 40.154'; thence S 0 degrees 38' E 350.13'; thence 50 degrees 25' W 53.66'; thence N 0 degrees 38'52" W 579.6' along existing city boundary; thence n 33 degrees 52' E 197.74' along existing City boundary; thence N. 50 degrees 58' East 60.0' along existing city boundary; thence N. 84 degrees 23' E 77.5' along existing city boundary; thence N. 48 degrees 52' E 181.12' along the existing city boundary; thence N 60 degrees 49' E 69.84' along the existing city boundary; thence N. 77 degrees 39' E 10.4' along the existing city boundary; thence N. 27 degrees 48' W 251.25' along the existing city boundary; thence N. 48 degrees 12' E 437.5' along the existing city boundary; thence East 610.0'; thence North 0 degrees 24' 53" W 512.82'; thence N 87 degrees 46' 18" e 1361.T to East '/4 cor. sect. 18, T6S, R3 E; thence N. 89 degrees 46'35" E 1320.0'; thence S 0 degrees 14'45" E 2825.32'; thence S 89 degrees 59.10" W 743.69' along existing city boundary; thence S. 9 degrees 09' E 209.22' along existing city boundary; thence S 82 degrees 31' 12" W 539,8' along existing city boundary; thence N 22 degrees 25'48" W 299.95' along existing city boundary; thence S 89 degrees 53' 39" W 306.49' along existing city boundary; thence South 18 degrees 17' 48" E 115.76' along existing Provo city boundary; thence South 16 degrees 39' 15" e 646.97' along existing Provo City boundary; to point of beg., m/l. Basis of bearing: n 0 degrees 38' 54" W along section line: Parcel no. 2: Conmencing at the N V* corner of Section 19, Township 6 South, Range 3 East, Salt Lake Base and Meridian;- thence S 0 degree 33' 12" W 512. 16' Along >/i section line and existing city boundary; thence S 88 degree 17' 27" w 1078.50' along Edgemont addition no. 22; thence South 19.46' along Edgemont Add. No. II; thence West 150.00' along Edgemont Add. No. 11; thence S 3 degree 30' E. 350.00' along Edgemont Add. no. 11; thence E 200.00' along Edgemont Add. No. 11; thence S 90.00' along Edgemont Add. no. 11; thence E 115.00' along Edgemont Add. no. 11; thence S. 90.00' along Edgemont Add. no. 11; thence W. 310.00' along Edgemont Add no. 11; thence S. 3 degree 30' E 114.42' to nw cor. of Clarence B. Cluff Add.; thence East 235.50' along Cluff Add.; thence South 8.24' along Cluff Add; thence N 88 degree 53' E 419.01' along Cluff Add.; thence S 384.20' along Cluff Add.; thence W 232.10' to Edgemont Add. no. 11; thence W 395.00' along Edgemont Add. No. 11 Thence S 3 degree 30' E 458.00' along Edgemont Add. no. 11; thence E 155.00; along Edgemont Add no. II; thence South 93.00' along Edgemont Add no. 11; thence W 150.00' along Edgemont Add. no. 11; thence S 3 degree 30' E 320.00' along Edgemont Add. no 11; thence East 834.00' Along Edgemont add. no 6 & Canyon Meadows Subdivision; thence East 264.00' along Edgemont Add. no. 8; thence N 0 degree 31' E 464.40' along Edgemont Add. no. 2 to Vista Val Verda Subdivision, thence N 1 degree 17' W 405.60' to Edgemont Add. no. 23; thence S. 88 /degree 53' 16" W 239.83' along Edgemont Add no. 23; thence N 1 degree 03' 33" E 259.67' along Edgemont Add. no. 23; thence S 89 degree 24' 23" W 97.68' along Edgemont Add. no. 23;-thence N 0 degree 35' 37" W 124.58' along Edgemont Add. no. 23; thence N 0 degree 35' 37" W 124.58' along Edgemont Add. no. 23; th S. 89 degree 24' 23" West 33.00' along Edgemont Add. no. 23; thence N 0 degree 35' 37" W 125.40' along Edgemont Add. no. 23; thence N 89 degree 24' 23" E 363.00' along Edgemont Add. ;r,o. 23; thence N 1 degree 43' W 198.60' along Edgemonf Add. no. 2; thence E 437.75' Along Edgemont Add no. 2; thence S 330.00' along Edgemont Add no. 2; thence N 32 degree 09' E 482.60' along amended Edgemont add. no. 4;'thence N. 33 degree 55' East 274. oJ'T along amended Edgemont Add no. 4: thence N 39 degree 35' E 152.30' along amended Edgemont Add no. 4; thence N 33 degree 24' E 98.16' along amended Edgemont Add. no. 4, thence N 33 degree 13.42" E 282.16' along Edgemont AddVTio. 15; thence 9.46' atong the arc of a 60' R curve to the Left (chd bearing N 28 degree 42' 54"E9 J .4£1; thence N. 24 degree 12" r ~06" E 44.99' along arc of a 60' R curve to the left (chd bearing N 28 degree 4}' 54" East 9.44); thence 13.33' along arc of a 60' R curve to the left (chd bearing N 17 degree to 50'18" East 13.30'); thence N 11 degree 28' 30" East 109.73' along arc of a 60' R curve to the left (chd bearing North 17 degree 50' 18" East 13.30'); thence 19.95' along arc of 100' R curve the the right (Chd bearing N 17 degree 11' 18" E 19.91'); th N 22 degree 54' 06 " E 191.76' along arc of a 100' R curve to the right (chd bearing N 17 degree 11' 18" E 19.91'); th 85 degree 23' 45" W 30.05' leaving City boundary; thence S 31" 42' W 298.65' along Sherwood "Hills Add. Parcel 1; thence S 63 degree 35' W 161.18' along Sherwood Hills Add. Parcel 1; thence S 41 degree 39' W 336.00' along Sherwood Hills Add. Parcel 1; thence S 68 degree 30' W 121.30' along Sherwood Hills Add. Parcel 1; thence N 66 degree 30' W 81.70' along Sherwood Hills Add. Parcel I; thence N 17 degree 34' W 81.67' along Sherwood Hills Add F-arcell; thence N 8 degree 51', W 186.34' along Sherwoo"d"Hllls Add. Parcel 1; thence N 72 degree 59' 30' W 121.02' along Sherwood Hills Add. Parcel 1; thence N 38 degree 56' 30" W 206.35' along Sherwood Hills Add. Parcel 1; thence N 53 degree 22' E 442.77' along Sherwood Hills Add. Parcel 1; thence S 84 degree 22' W 308.81' to city boundary; thence S 35 degree 22' W 124.62' along Edgemont Add. no. 19; thence S 89 degree 22' W 125.00' along Edgemont Add. no. 19; thence South 14.73'; thence West 45.94'; th S 0 degree 50' E 330.02' along Edgemont Add. no. 23 to point of beginning. Parcel no. 3: Commencing at the NE corner of Edgemont Add. No 19 which point Is North 644.4' and East 180.23' more or less from the North '/i corner of Section 19, T 6 S, R 3 E, SLB & M; thence N 0 degree 25' W 300.00'; leaving City boundary; th N 32 degree 25' E 183.32' along Sherwood Hills Add. Parcel 1; thence N 56 degree 43' E 228.95' along Sherwood Hills Add. Parcel 1; thence N 37 degree 39' W 116.00' along Sherwood Hllls"Add.'Parcel 1; thence N 37 degree 35' E 91.90' along Sherwood Hills Add. Parcel 1; thence N 64 degree 20' E 87.60' along Sherwood Hills Add. Parcel 1; thence N 47 degree 54' West 119.90' along Sherwood Hills Add. Parcel 1; thence N 87 degree 25' W 134.50' along Sherwood Hills Add. Parcel 1; thence S 45 degree 41' W 192.40' along Sherwood Hills Add. Parcel 1; thence S 40 degree 55' W 139.10; along Sherwood Hills Add. Parcel 1; thence S 32 degree 50' West 59.70' along Sherwood Hills Add. Parcel 1; thence S 11 degree 50' W 40.15 along Sherwood Hills Add. Parcel 1; thence S 0 degree 38' E 350.13' along Sherwood Hills Add. Parcel 1; thence S 50 degree 25' W 53.66' to City Boundary; thence S o degree 38' 52" E 102.60' to NW corner of Edgemont Add. no. 19; thence East 5l.03';.along Edgemont Add. ho. 19; thence S' 19 degree 45' East 58.25' along Edgemont Add. no. 19; thence N 89 degree 22' E 114.32 + along Edgemont Add. no. 19 to the point of beginning, more or less. WHEREAS, pursuant to a resolution by the Board of Commissioners of Provo City, the map and application for annexation have been referred to the Planning Department of the City for study and recommendation, which Planning Department has recommended that the parcels be annexed to the City and classified as Residential Zone 1 (R-l) as provided in the City Ordinances; and WHEREAS, The City Commission has unanimously voted In favor of the said annexation, the Provo City Commission does hereby ORDAIN: SECTION I: The real property herelnabove described, be and the same Is hereby annexed to Provo City, Utah, the corporate limits of Provo City are extended to include the said parcels and the same Is declared to be a part of the said City and shall henceforth be subject to all rules and regulations thereof. SECTION II: The described property shall be and is hereby classified Residential Zone 1 (R-l), pursuant to the Zoning Ordinances of Provo City and the Zoning Map Is amended according. SECTION III: This Ordinance shall take effect thirty days after It is passed or twenty days after It Is published, whichever date Is later. PASSED AND ORDERED PUBLISHED BY THE BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS OF PROVO CITY, THIS 3 DAY OF April, 1975. RUSSELL D. GRANGE, Mayor ATTEST: R. GLENN OLSEN, City Recorder I, R. Glenn Olsen, the duly chosen qualified and acting City Recorder of Provo City, Utah County, State of Utah, do hereby certify that as such official, I have the custody of the records and files of the proceedings of the Board of Commissioners of said City; that the above and foregoing Ordinance Is a full, true and correct copy of the Ordinance passed by the Board of Commissioners of Provo City on the 3rd day of April, 1975. In WITNESS THEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and affixed the corporate seal of said City this 3rd day of April, A.D., 1975". R. Glenn Olsen City Recorder Published in The Dally Herald, April 9, 1975. NOTICE OF HEARING Notice Is hereby given that the Board of Utah County Commissioners will hold a public hearing in accordance with Section 17-27-7 of the Utah Code Annotated 1953, adopting certain existing roads within the unincorporated area of Utah County as official county roads. All persons Interested in the official road network of Utah County are Invited to attend. The meeting will be held on Monday, April 21, 1975 at 10:00 a.m. in room 200, County Building, Provo, Utah. BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS UTAH COUNTY, STATE OF UTAH Verl D. Stone, Chairman ATTEST: William F. Hulsh, County Clerk by Patricia L. Whitney Deputy Published in The Dally Herald April 2, 9, and 16, 1975. THEPLACE is GO me TO THE DOGS, a Classified Ad will seM .those puppies fast! Transportation 1 Lost & found KEY LIMOUSINE Service from your doorstep to the Salt Lake Oty Airport. 1-800-662-5433 for reservations. WOULD Like to join car pool to Hill Air Force Base, daily. 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Check with us before you decide. i .GARDENING | CUSTOM Garden tilling. Call 754-3317 DEPENDABLE students, lawn & yard work. Tilling, painting. Work guaranteed. Free est. 377-6177. 9 MftlKPPI AMC ' % ^t ***+»•+»£*+»*•• ««•••... ^^.^j CUSTOM HOME Planning Plan now for your new home. Expert, fast service. Reasonable Rates. Call 3759926 or 377-4090 John Anslow. HOUSEPI ANK rnetnm a *t nf .i. blueprinting services. Work guaranteed. J&S Designing, 489-494] KITCHENS * *«*»»++»W**»<*»»»+»»j*»+F COMPLETE KITCHEN Designing Remodeling services furnished by Crockery Kitchens. 489-9310 MARI-BOB. Kitchen cabinet sales. Single or multiple unit. Let us give LANDSCAPING & SPRINKLERS «*«»«vf««J«»***»<**a*»»»jjj rcVrnplefe L'ahdscaplfTj)" service," pn'iii,. -<-nt to handle mo'st any |ob. h. w ^ v -:>ii.iiate Mitchel's American Garden Center. 373-8251 ; Experienced landscaping, sprinkler system (automatic avail.), cement work. Ph. 375-6283 any_time. SUNSET LANDSCAPE CO. A complete service. Free estimates. Residential or commercial. General andscaplng Ideas, sprinkling systems, lawns (sod or seed). Per- ilizlng, maintenance. No job too small or large. 374-2879 INSTALL Sprinkling systems. Free estimate. Mitchel's American 'Garden Center. 373-8251 I LAWN CARE I fc» «••««*»»»»*•»» »W?»fs»»»»f SPRING CLEANUPS. Power rake, fertilize, trimming, weekly lawn care. Master Charge or Bank AmeriCard. Valley West Lawn Car? 225-4969 ""* * *t»tt\t A4>ifA»ft^ r Ir A frififti*i*A< ' MOBILE HOMES 1 i *ti!mttmttmt+f i tftttmt& PROFESSIONAL Mobile home repair. Licensed Free est. Call 377-6177 POWER RAKING : OR A beautiful lawn call Scott's Lawn Care. Power raking, alreatlng, fertilizing. Free est. 225752. PAINTING GIVE Your home a new look for spring. Top quality painting. Low ^(65^377-5197. . INTER, EXTER. Painting, 2 man, team. Work Guar. Free est. lowl rates. 377-4829, 375-4794. ... ' PLUMBING LUMBING repairs & new work, water heaters. Batley Plumbing & Heating. 225-8358 __ 'PLOWING GARDENS TILLED, lots leveled, top soil or other tractor_work. 225-7430 REMODELING NEED HELP with kitchen cabinets! Free estimates. Call Clyde at Anderson's Lumber, 3736682. COMPLETE Remodel, New Home Const., Throughout Utah County, 225-8420. 433-6817 QUALITY building 8, remodeling by licensed contractor. Phone 2?4.-U86_ REMODELING SPECIALISTS We do it all. Licensed. Free estimate, ph. 377-6177. DUALITY carpentry 8, remodeling, smts, additions, roofing-new 8. epaired. Paul 377-2066. REPAIR REPAIRS& Installation of glass for aluminum storm doors 8, window. Jones Paint 8, Glass, 170 N. 100 W. 373-3131 HAVE your mechanical repairs & service done on the spot. Auto, arm. const. Ph 4M-2495 I ROOFING HOYAL Roofing Co. Reroof your tome now — March 81 April special on Labor 8, Materials. For free estimates call now, 377-5404. QUALITY Roofing, shingles shakes 8. repairs. All work guaranteed. 373-0343 ; SEPTIC TANK CLEANING J & R Septic Tank cleaning service 375-1675 and 377-9960 STUCCO & PLASTERING FIREPLACES, STONEWORK tucco & plastering HJ. Trunnell, 3.832 TV REPAIP. ******* ******* N HOME TV Repair - You get what you pay for. House call & est. 6.50 224-0345. STOKES BROS. T.V. Sales 8, Service. Antennae nstallatlons — flat rate labor — Don't pay for the mistakes of others >y the hour. 375-2000. 44 S. 200 E. Provo. p************************* WALL PAPERING ' EXPERIENCED PAPERHANGER , Painter. Small lobs. Bruce Skid- nore 489-9524 NOTICE: if you are In debt, see us. Avoid bankruptcy 8, law suits. Not a loan co. Mr. Beardall 224-0450. OPENINGS now avail. All types of jobs. Call now, or come in to 1510 N. State, Orem. 225-355S. SALES MANAGER - Trainee $1500 per month commission Call 225-0066 * Work Wanted U NO HELP wanted at Cindy's Drive- Inn 1600 W. Center now, but applications being accepted for June. Minors to be accompanied by parents when applying. Pay of $1.40 • $2.80 hour; and any modest dress worn elsewhere will take the place of uniforms when working. EDUCATIONAL Co-ordlnator- Director, Alpine District Headstarf Program. Experience and-or training in child development, early childhood education, or pre-school programs preferred. Management skills helpful. Beginning salary $5840. Applications & information available at Lindon Elementary School, 30 N. Center, Lindon, Utah. Between 9 am and 4 pm, Mon- Friday, final date for accepting applications April 18, 1975. An Equal Opportunity Employer. WANTED - Carpenter to help build extra room. Eves. & wk-ends ok. Call 375-4621 AVON - To buy or sell. Call our District Manger. S. Provo Springville, 377-4524, N Provo Orem, 225-9273. ATTRACTIVE female piano player with pleasing personality. Hrs 7pm- llpm. Rodeway Inn Restaurant. Call (or appointment. 375-5885 NEW BEAUTY shop desires sharp manager 8, beauticians. Write resume to P.O. Box 86, Provo. UTAH VALLEY Care Center & Nursing Home that supports quality patient care, needs a LPN for day shift and a RN for LPN to work Sunday 8, Monday night shifts. Call 373-2630 MORNING,Pre-School tesch«r. Part-time housekeeper 225-6150 TACO TIME pays great wagesl Full-time day help needed. Call between the hours of 8 & 5. Ask for Sharlene. Phone 375-1490 or apply In person at 46 W. 1230 N. LIVE-IN situation avail. In Spanish Fork. Elderly lady needs help w/llght housework, cooking, etc. Call Visiting Home Services, 3777550 TELEPHONE INTERVIEWERS Do you have 3-4 EXTRA HOURS DAILY? Extra hours? Extra Income! Pleasant telephone work. From own home, representing fine national firm NS. NO SELLING. Must en|oy talking with public. Schedule own time; 15-20 hours weekly. Guaranteed hourly rate. Will train. Call our toll free number: 1-800-523-4804 ENERGETIC honest person needed now by nationally est. company. Sell products that are exlctlng, appealing & new to the Utah area. Our company has grown rapidly with wide product acceptance by all classes of people. Income of $l,000/mo. + starting with advancement opportunities. Serious applicants only call, Monday through Friday, April 7-11, 10 A.M. to 12 noon. 377-6244\ Sabs Help Wanted PERSON WANTED. Noexperience, I will train you. Product practically sells itself. For Information, 465,3925. Part or full time work. SALESMAN NEEDED for expanding business, flexible hours, excellent income, wholesale-retail. Call 377-2661. Job Training 10 INVESTIGATE The possibility of being a DENTAL ASSISTANT MEDICAL ASSISTANT MEDICAL SECRETARY RECEPTIONIST Make your appointment now no experience necessary CALL 225-5170 FOR A PERSONAL INTERVIEW Institute of Medical Dental Technology of Provo-Orem Child Car* 11 LDS MOTHER will tend pre-schoolers. Hot lunches. 826 W. 530 N. Orem. 224-0815 MALE ROOMERS NEEDED. Two carpeted, turn, rooms now vacant In Provo house. $65/mo (or less) covers everything. Leon 225-0183 Incomo Tax J3 TAX SERVICE, year around. Quarterly returns, bookkeeping, reasonable Bert Wagstaff, 225-1003. INCOME TAX preparation In your home; Call Garth Glllman 225-5385 TAX preparation In your home. TCA computerized, Incl. audit help; reas. rates. Kendall Smith 377-6350 THE DEADLINE is near. Let us come to your home where all information is handy. Call Public Accounting 8. Tax Service for year around assistance. 375-3469 or 4659348. FED & STATE, still only « 8, up, efficient all-year service. 377-2100 Nell Wagstaff, 1050 E. 800 S. Provo.' .INCQMEJAX 139 So. Main, Springville 489-7243 706 So. State, Orem 225-4018 50 East Main, Am Fork 756-4612' 105 East 300 So., Provo 375-3436 Work Wanted 14 SHRUBS 8, evergreens pruned by professionals, yard clean-up, flower beds - roses - edging, free fert. For new customers. Seven Tree Service 489-4711. But. Opportunities 17 Jut. Opportunists 17 I DO Lanscaplng & yard work. I do it better, faster, cheaper. Satisfaction guaranteed. 375-6432. NEED Spring and Summer sewing don*? Call 373-5935. GARDENS TILLED, lots leveled, top soil or other tractor work. 225-7430 LIC GENERAL Contractor. Homes built to your specifications 8, liking. Free estimates. Call 465-3925. EXPERIENCED handyman. Yard & lawn maint. Odd Jobs. Moving & hauling. Free est. 377-6499. ELECTRICIAN - semi-retired. Over 25 yrs. experience. Reasonable rates. 489-6750.. CUSTOM TREES - trimming, shape 8, remvl. Stump remvl. Serve all Utah Co. State lic.jns. 373-3944 LIGHT tree trimming. Small trees, shrubs, bushes A fruit trees. Tel. 798-3941 TILLING, PLOWING, discing done for gardens. Call 225-4801 BEAUTIFY YOUR LAWN, get it power raked now! Call lor appt. 373-8227 or 373-3124 PAINTING - Int. 8, Ext. Quality work, Low prices. Free e s 11 mates Call 224-2022. EXPERT MOBILE Home wash and wax. From HO. 224-3J44 DESIGN of homes & blueprinting Stock plans. Frank D. Stalker Phone 225-79a7,pr.22.5jj>B98. TREES TRIMMED THE right way with the right equip, by the professionals In Utah Co. Topplng-removal-tree surgery artistry, state He 8, Ins. Free est. Seven Tree Service 489-4711 Instruction 15 BE ALIVE In '75 • with muslcl • Guitar, drum, accordion 8. barflo lessons. Herger Music 373-4583 CLASSICAL ballet directed by Sandra Allen MFA. Beginning, In-l .termedlate advanced. 373-6231 >^ v But - Opportunist Jjfj FIVE STATION Beauty Shop for lease In con|unctlon with Health Spa In Orem. 224-0430. J IMBA'S one of Utah County's most successful restaurants, 30% of ownership for sale. 377-1396. FOR LEASE: operating 85 seat restaurant. Has dining rm. & counter area. Completely equipped, except small Hems. Built-in clientele. Close to 2 motels. 373-8489. HOMEWORKERS WANTED!! Outstanding opporutnlty Immediate Income!! Information send return stamped addressed envelope" to Wrlde's, 1225 E. 930 N. Provo '. Ut. PROVEN ESTABLISHED stead business lor 30 yrs. No up 8. down periods. Initial Investment of about $1200 will give you $20,400 net profit each year. This business Is run with Sat & Sun off, providing those days with your family. Sound good? It Is!! For further Info, write Box 833 c/o Dally Herald. Plase give full name, address, tele no., & short resume of past 5 yrs activity. IF YOU have $1500 8, would like to be a working partner In a local co., manufacturing low cost FHA approved housing, call 756-7664 In American Fork or 375-3565, Provo, (eves) tor details. LIKE PEOPLE? Established service business for sals. Low price. Call 377-6969 or 375-9766. INVESTMENT - Ltd. Partnership to acquire Irg ranch at below mrkf- val. Rt. 1 Box 129, PI. Grove. OWN YOUR OWN BUS. A LEADING PETROLEUM Co. has openings for a limited number of dealer service stations In this area. This can be your chance to be your own boss and to build a solid future, for yourself & family. Some financial assistance Is avail. Fine benefit programs, hospltallzation, insurance & etc. For full Info, appt call Mr. Hy Weiss or Doug Douglas at 373-1130 or 373-8620 or write Box 859 Provo Ut. FOR SALE, all or part of going restaurant business. Call Jerry or Katie at Henry The VI11 restaurant, 375-7466 Wanted to Rent FREE rental service to owners — landlords. Advertising at our expense, Rental Gajlery 377-1300. MEN'S prvt. sleeping rm. Spring, summer, fall, winter. Would like to bring 6 yr. old dog. 375-7399. 2 OR 3 bdrm, unfurn homejirduplex with fenced yard, w/d hookups, under S175. Call 224-0382 Rooms for Ron! 21 ROOMMATE wanted to share home on 8 acres, horses 8, pets allowed. $35/mo. See Charlie 1521 N. Univ. Apartmonti Unfura. 24 TOWNHOUSE STYLE, 2 bdrm, air, carport, w/d hookups, cpted, disposal, fridge, stove, pool, no pets, 2 children OK, 1145-5155 + elec. 2256329 225-0470. 2 BDRM APT in 4-plex, stove, fridge, cpt, drapes, close to Grand Central in Orem. $135, you pay utlls. Call 225-2898 BEAUTIFUL 1 bdrm, all crptd, stove, drapes, fridge, dlsp. air con- d., w/d hook-ups, pool, no pets, couples only. $125 + elec. 225-0470, OTJ25-6329. $100 MOVING DISCOUNT STADIUM Terrace-large 2 bdrm Townhouse, l'/a baths, air cond, w-d hookups, storage, fenced play yard, 3 blks from Mall. 375-4449. 1 BDRM apts. All util. paid. $125. Plenty of shade. Maple Hills Apts. 4il E. State PI. Grove 785-3512. 2 BR, near Y w/d hookups, cpt, drps, a/c, asuume lease ends 6-30 Sl55/mo, all utils pd. 377-6574 2 BDRM deluxe duplex in Springville. Crpt, drapes AC carports. $150 489-9202 2 BDRM apt, carpets, drapes, appliances, $135 + lights, 469-7280 DELUXE sleeping room. Nicely furn. Shag crpt, T.V., fridge, phone, access to (am. rm w/f/place. Private bath 8, entrance. Off-street parking. 225-6479 or 373-7034 Kodak DISTRIBUTOR Ev ° r t ady WANTED G.E. Mallory Qualified individual Male or Female needed la distribute world famous Kodak film and other photo products through company-established locations. "NO SELLING OR SOLICITING REQUIRED." Make this your year for independence. $4995.00 investment. Guaranteed 12 month repurchase agreement. CALL Mr. Morris: (Toll Freo) 1-800-848-1970 or Call Collect A614-228-1751 Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. (EST) Or Write Firestone Photog'aph, Firestone Building — Since 1946 168 N. 3rd St., Columbus, Ohio 43215 I

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