The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 22, 1934 · Page 6
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 6

Paris, Texas
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Sunday, July 22, 1934
Page 6
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<sy& : " ; T^- PAWS The Paris Morning News PARIS. TEXAS July 10. New York Day by Day BY O. O. MelNTYRE NORTH TEXAS PUBLISHING COMFAXT Entered as Second C!aa* Mail Matter at 12ie Post- •JCfSc* «t Paris. Texam. under Act of Congre«F March. l*7». The Thrill That Comt?t Cr«fa * Lifetime Published Daily Except ilonday SUBSCRIPTION RATES Sundays) fey Mail. Cue Tear . . f S.OO By Mail, One Month ** By aiatl. Six Montits ems ba 1 *-* their pap*r» »«ot to tf yea do not tlier* make co=5pl*lnt O- O. Mclntrre N E\V YORK, July 21.—To the ladies! It's IOJJIT past time to swirS a gallant cape for their g-ood sportsmanship during -the depression. Most men I knew spent their time talking about the yachts, stocks and bonds they used to own. While the ladies are out in the kitchen, sleeves rolled up, laughing it off. No opiate is so deadening as memory, fogging" reality "with seless dreams. Women have shaken off the jitters long ago, [plunged in to buck up their', en. still tlse whimpering. The aistory of this economic upset! oriil show it has not been mastered by codes and cabals but! by feminine' courage. In a word, the ladies have been magnificent. I "When the back-trek began froas grilled man- Selfish Criticism Everything teas sixes I Nothing could be done! I All the while the women were cozying up j I some- walk-up flat into a suburban arcadia, j I starling the men off mornings with eneourag-! ^ * n = P&^ s an d receiving the discouraging moans | O NE- of the homely expressions with whicn i^he evening with upliftins cheer. They re- j Will Koirers illustrates his remarks £e fused to resign themselves to mutual passive- used a few days ago, referring to the efforts ness. of certain bisr business heads to break down - _. the President's recovery program. He said" \^ OT £ j] cre< 5j t goes to the happily married, j '-You feed a dog bites you. ' That is in snort tne action of some 01; e«i amazing pluck. the t>eople who insist on doing things their, know has gone sliding down the social scale own "way rstier than in a way that "will be j from a Fifth avenue duplex to a Second ave- for tlie General srood of the country. Not one j r^e bal] room. She is cashier now in a milk of tiiese^men -sras able to GO or even suggest j depot—$12 a -week, gives a dollar a week to something that would bring the country out j charity and has never chucked her smile. That of the calamitv that was growing worse day; sort of courage takes Spartan spunk. ; Single ladies and forlorn widows have display- r; « ck A young widow whom I i here's a telephone lady, too. A widow "bv dav when President Roosevelt took the seat to which he Gad been elected. Not a banker ^-as able to stop the closing of banks jvritli three youngsters, one an infantile paraly- that iad been thongnt TO be unassailable. Not| s j s v i CT jrji/ She" makes -595 a month, mostly. a manufacturer •was able to put men to work \ j^g^ trork. How she has, head-up, kept her and few of them able to keep at ^vork a part | }; rl i e brood, together during tautness of the of. the men they usually employed.. Farmers j ^^^-g Tn OS t desperate strain is ai5 achieve-1 were loaded with products they could not sell, j T^ent Trrencfeing- the heart. For five years merchants had shelves filled with mercnandise j a g O s j, e r<x ? e t£ e crest—a beach home at Rye. j people were unable to buy. No one expressed j. a ^ apartment in tovm, a ' " "—- J f an idea how to remedy the situation—except j ^oj-thless. that f President Eoosevelt. I And now that under the president's direc-S tioa trust fund, now ; $12.500 a year. Is the linen room of a smart Park Avenue HE - SOAT TOOK IT BACKWARD GLANCES IT 1, V. JXTOLE Thia burraJh about dbdranchia-j tim* >vben almost none of inic the -negroes by not allowing did so. aad they should, not b« them to vote in a I>entoeratic, eriticbsed for that, bec&u&e * . th* .primary 5s a. pain in the neck, to; Republican- party gay* them tfci me. So many people do not seem-j right to vote and common *r»U- to be .capable of. distinguishing; tude should have moved, tnem to between a primary for notniua- support that party. There are lions and an election for choosing some now- who could be fairly officers. The two arenas distinct called Z>emocrat» and if any -uray as day and nlcht. jc^ 0 &* found to .distinguish them The JTouneenth amendment \ i for one would have n<i objection guarantees the negro the right-to to allowing: them'to vote, But to vote in all general elections, sub- open the doors of the Democratic ject to the same qualifications as primary to al! nejrw>es is some- persons of the white race. The thing: to which I cannot at this time Democratic primary, before and consent, though I shall of court* until the Texas legislature stepped be governed by the action of th« In and un-vvarrantedly took charge party in convention—the only of it. was the means decided upon authority I am willing •• to recce- by th« party to choose its candi- nSze in laying down T>einoeraUe dates, and as such should have rules and principles, been left to 'the party itself. ; As presiding: officer of several through its delegates and execu- city elections I have gotten my live committee, to manage and fill of unlimited negro voting^ I control- saw them brought up to the polls. It is true that Texas is what niany so old they -had to almost is called a one-party state and ^ carried, and for all those above that except in isolated instances tfo years of agre the judges were the Democratic nomination te r «<i«ired to make out the tickets equivalent *to election—but it i« on account of the voters* inability- not in fact an election until the i to read or write. "Without excep- whole body of voters has passed' tion «***>" **»<* oaly one vote in. upon the candidates. That is no m ' nd — for on * of the candidates reason why all voters should be * or ni ^yor-—and had no knowledge allowed to participate in the °* <%r eJ^o'ce in the list of alder- ocratic primary. The same con- men - They were not voting -their dition exists in. say. Pennsylvania own sentiments after deciding be- that Is just as one-party usually tw ^-n tw«> or more <!and!date» bnt as Is Texas, yes we hear «•> ix-xi- were casting a. ballot as KOTn«N>»A plaint ,of Democrats there not * n whom they had confidence or bein?: allowed to take part in Re- to wh< > m they were under obll- publican primaries. They 50 ahead '•; -^^tio 08 ha«l told them. It was a and nominate, either by primary • travesty or, our boasted selection or convention. knowing their; by Ballot. There are negroes in candidates hav<: no possible chance ! Paris capable of voting intelli- of election when the real election } Sently; and I would have tio ob- comes, •! jections to them voting- But a There arc probably some Democratic primary is no place negroes in Texas who vote the ' or tne averasre iie^ro man or Democratic ticket- There ^ras a woman. WEATHER BULLETIN BY 1_ HL WKSTOS done nothing except for tneir o^rn acvantsee | s ^ e : sn - t j. asd under the suS'erarsce of leaders less de-1 "^ £CIres: t happy, she is one of the world ? s great- termined than the president have been allotred ; tlifer OTVIL Tray. Taey resent the curbs that \ T23.T^ Ijesn. put- on tlieni- They are trying' to ' advantage themselves and not the people. ihere is an old philosophy that deep sor- •j roTvs are d?im-h. Yet the tnosi, exquisite and ] articulate comment about the crack-up of mil- i lions of hopes has corse from "vromen "srho sud- I denly tkroitgh no fault of their own suffered , ; the bitterest and most continuous defeats. Not T consideration is being given the proj- j f rO m them are hurled the destraetlve threats ect of a dam «n E-ed river near Denison. \ o f rne soap boses. Or the calamitous prop- Practical Project that Trill hoid a larg-' o te oo \ heeies of idlers taking advantase of, a situation that at Intervals ^oes down into the Mississippi ; Io collect without effort. Everv ladv I know. flood and land ; moo. After all the world was not brought to £*ki« by the PoOyanas and the Babbits ?y the merciless blusterers who often tii-e greatest of ar-y of the tributaries of ^^\l^-j^bed and sneered at them. Mississippi, aud that incch of thi> loss fronid ; COB": S2.1SSI OH . The report shoxrs tb^t rhe flood erosion, losses Is the valley of ipp "be prevented by a cam tnar •vron 7 d check tne lloixis and is conneetiori •vritji reforestation plans and sysietnat?** terracir.g- of farm ianas -•save il;e soil of the rich Ta^i<?v some isea>ure be taken, be s .the Gnlf at rso distant da*^, 'The l?ed river cam appears to be a project j that vro-si-i have a t-svo-fold purpose—prevent- I :'i=ed bv flood I i be tnumpns 01 remmine rorocarance Thread everj,- hig-hlig-ht of history, floating- for an instant in the public eye Hke a smoke ring and sifting- apart. Soon forgotten. In the blackest hours of life, you and I and every man rum lEStincriven lac* 5 asd sound Toman— vnie. raoi.aer, invariablv find so- Ceeil Rhodes once declared everv great -.-<•. " ~ g: haa its srenesis m heard or sa^\ Anu so it ~&ill be -^hen the horror of th*^*- r»gst four years have "aaished beyond Titi : e">s horizon. The "w-onsen who sas- tijir^-d man. bru>h-;c him off. adjusted his tie v.'h*-j! he fell and conditioned b*m to win the Lattlc will rwver b-e known. They •will be «n- rire-.'v t<x.» b"5y a.nyway jr*?tisn;r ready for the nesT crop of CHAPTSK 12 confused jumble of voices; she SK.W THE BtfOW Bob rise and in a voice that vras Bnt Bob loosed do^n and the j uncerLain and low, but comrnand- Marsha'E face 1 i"?- be said he -was sorr;-% btit that wistful appeal in mad-e a siidden spasmodic tig^ 1 * IDS: of h!s arm and it brougb iiis nard flush. Geoffrey bad sees tig* 1 ** 11 -1 ?! ig-bt out f " e and Marsha. be on. liule exhibition." •with trerntilous ?>Iarsha. tiou. Xotiiin^ rnaitered TIO-W. bui Geoffrey and bis, reactions. It bad alwayE beeTi G-eoffrey. she me music ceased: she heard. "Marsha," atiid turned to see Geoffrey and "the silly little liapper." And rhea. her hand -was in Geoffrey's and Geoffrey -*vas tryins to speak easily a,nd irj'in^ to sh'j'w that he did not care. But his eyes blazed on her. "Xot back too loi^," he mur- rnured. ' t'rn keen to eee you- "vVa irtui-t havf- a 'ong: session. I I waiit: you asd the r.ew Mrs. Turletori to meet and be friends—~* She had said something- in response. It evidently ""parsed": r.o one looked jnirpri.'fed- She heard herj=el^ Introctici n?- the suddeniy of the 5>ls.ce P'^'STTI; once Tnore the music started and "-he moved. rather uncerrainly. to^a^d tn? :s- oie -wh^re her ^r'ass had fK-en r<?- fiiied by a waiter ~*"ho had sr:rv^-?? her before and -"-"ho krse~v her Bob, Geoffrey, "the ne^*' Mr?. on?-, jrszi.ft ever know, ho-^ it had hit her. She settled, to kr.ov.- that one's pity! Xo on" dar«»(j pity her —-a. bo had had more rjornasre -}-ifir\ had any other ^voman in all N'^' "ork. Khe looked at her srlas>>. Sh». kne^- she dared r,ot rai^e it; that tbe Trembllns- •whi'""n fslied her. Oecffrey was speakir^. "Ree and »- - jth a ; =rreat fri*Tid; ! *tanc«», an<2 e told her al! about In the News 1 3 Years Ago From the ftie* */ 7'*e News thirteen year* 1190 */t you; I though!; perhaps yoa*<5 for !>e'i"f: •«"ho dot-e on- s ?i,.rt.—Ft. Wr.rTB !• her around a It was in credible I Th<? plan crywtAfJjze'i that had g-^es-r^d J'tseif throtsjrft th« pula- I ing- ha-ce a moment be for* ae s«hc I grlarsced at Bob. "T -wo'tjld adore it.." «h* said; ^h«* r*~lf sz>f-^'<^T,s and an {f 'I fftm &fzr and to her Cue did natural thiirgs in a natural vray. while drugged. sh« realized. She saifi her ^oodnijrhts, to Geo.ffrey and "the ne^ Mrs. Tar!eton." She had acknowledsred the bead--wra!ter-'s deep nod: she had trspped. ligrht as ever. dowm the steps with. Bob to wait •with ham tinder tlie canopy while the scarlet-ciad, braid -trimmed starter whistled for a taadcab, Bob spoke, as they waited; "Is this play?"' he asked. *"No_ ^vot if you -want it to be serious, Bob." "Marshal" "If you think Fd make you happy— " She could do that for a little while, perhaps, she reasoned. And it wotsld probably be better for him to have her and krso'w her and be done Tilh her. than to hunger al-ways for her. He hat! pressed her arm close. unable to ansvrer. The taxicab slo-wed by the curb; she •was in. Bob -was saying. "The park." Rather sra-'-pinc' It, poor dear, she realized. The starter *tood. lo«>kini? first at a twenty- dollar bi!5 and then after the cab. "If it's not real this time it will kill Tne" she heard. Sitting side-arise on the edge of the scat- he -was turned toward her, srtarins: down on her: and he was waitirisr her au- s^'er. He had laid a timorous harid on hers. "Please/* he b«pged. "It's as real. I suppose, as anything- is," she anifwered. Th«; sudden ffesh of a corner llyfct let her «<>« the tears that filled his eyes. She expected him to sco to plere^ an*l be a HttJe rna<2. Bat Instead he held her hands pr*.?wed to rds Hps; h-eat<3 quickly bared and bo~wed abox-e them. And -why ^as she crying, she wondered ? V*ry srently. h« «Jrew her into his arms: "Dearest-" h*; manniired. hl» cheek ag^ hers. H*r kiawed h»r •5^*1* *yes and her lips. And when. aft«r ki^sins *n<;r. h«s hM hi* face against her throat sb^ f«It th<e unfoidinff win^» of a new swill; ttutrJed. stiff and •w'ra. t capable of sro^th. An<S feeling the chang* »h« -«rond*ret3 she felt so od<5. d that hi* s«ntl*;n*se With autos. n<s j of The •*-; BO : all jmprov^nc-ents- its FBH3AY t JTILY 22, 1921 j ^ riii-H States Marsha! Ba^r stated that f«<3- j h ^ r<i ^rai agents had rrsade 16 arrears near Talco, i ^ e , r VfAfy , 90V fi4~4 natural, *>a:..y Titus ""H;r;ty an^i desiroy*r«3 a Thousand gal-land tincanrj^. "Ba-," *he w^nt or*'. T^t,r*-t x>-? iIsTy-vi i » x«.V-.}*d^ ^Or^ri ^R"A^i ?*» •£v f "^ J*hai7*'t &<? h^Te Tnu f7 5i longer. J __ " Jam groin«r to M>xsco whh Boh Po?,"' *r». M«L.rrt.ajf* n^.c-ms ?o b*-. >n the i ^ ?« j TOTHSt Ol! OU 8^3*^*5 *'| she thotssfht; *h« had n*w-. \ »n?' one Ii5«< him, Sh* ran a j over hi* tawny hair. He rai*»<J Hi* face on which was plainly wip eops Tr» put their Traffic tsekets.- Directors of Lamar Country <rlub adopted I a rule forbidding- ^hooting' of <juail or squirrels? on the t-I'jb grroands. { -" i siry of farmer^ IK the city d**vek>p€<3 the If M'« could thmk of a rj^-w color in kbiri- i usual oplcions of th« crojrs-—some were we'd try the dryjroods g-amf> in R country j and sotn*? not. Fascism is youTjg:.—Petrok N*?vs. j tha h« ihoc.?:ht B? to rnourn h«« "Too—ar* aromg: Geoffrey ha.-: krij on*. Hai«5 <J stay *'n.(fle ' marry," Bob — " Pow«r*?** J "Exactly! Emberson and Caviness men had a I are piekinjr xip everywhere, and j wolf hunt but did not sr*»t any game baby's bank Trill rattle again when 1 they Sieved their dosrB killed several which! Tfe» liuio An»3 no «-nd rlev*r of to c*trh th» ff-reat w»u» «Aym«- worn?. Helen a I n d epen den t. i were not seen by tfe« hunters. m**f«ri*rt who hesitates is oae vrbo | Annoyricenj«nt was made th»t the Gb*-mb«r tJw* s»>nnd of an approachiug^ motorcycle, of (>>«jj«i*re« baind wowid jfive sujtcziier con- Time% ic«rt« at B^'water* j thing: Marsha h*»rd *» «itl>*; thine About bopJnir Mareh* would b* «* happy »j» j»*j* w*«. Bob. t«rn- * 'by th* p»TJor that ftxsdl? «tt iter. Jtervba hear* m, all *h«» to htrr.. * asked, br«?*».h: "Ton h* •wrhij*t> 1 ?re<5- shook b«r h«a<!. I «v*r thank yo«," h* "how can I «v«r — thank tj? An<5 — tomorrow, Mar*ha,!*" He -wan now sfoinj? * Uttl« mad Sh« <JI«3 said, not know wJ»y— «h« had to cry. And in a ffash. comfort- to him. "I'll try to mak« yo» happy," nh* thought drawinir ^'Uh the thoo^hl a* clowns to a pr»j-*r &* h*d b*ten in Mar»ha'» ninht wiuc and ftH^d with th« f*<r clove to fi«*h«» «»f of "th« ers 1 eyes which had been with bui^t-r, gratitude. ness and incredulity. Monday, July 23. 1934—Rains are about the great lakes, central regions and south.west: is northeast clestriiig; tenjp«ratures Tuesday. July 24—Rains shift to south\veiar"and southeast t>£ central slates, leaving most of cent.ra.1 an<i grtjai laives; rt'siu as- clearing. Temperatures senr.-ra.lly declining. \Vedntrstiay. July iS—In nearly all parts t«f the country £airi^' ciear \veatiier, with only light '• scattering showers in middle and filled southwest; also on soutiittujsi Atlantic cocist. July 2 1 !?— As tlseswj flashes passed uj>on the j al>out middle west and southx*-east ebon curtain, -she considered tliat ; of central stateit; neariy every wnicn she had done, and promised j wfaere «sJse k clearing of oaly'- : -ffew to do, to know.- stark terror. Bar j scattering showers;. sH^acy g«i- when. afti?r a fe^ hours of torn } «ra.l decline in teujptratures. and troubled s!e*p. she woke in the da-wn to remember not son—.-. Iy she -was I and in southern states. XJnusu- j ally cool everywhere. 1 For Texas and the Southwest -^ 1 (Includes Ark. X-a, Okla, N ^ex>" : \v»*k of July 23 to 29. 1334. in I Texas and the .southwest Iw^rina I with shcvx-ery rains mainly aix>ut th» west and northwest -which, soon r!ea.r up for «. snort timft but yet for most of the -week: are expected at at f*A?t tfom •r««t but la'or abo-ut -." lb» S«Jf coast and east, with tero- jveraiur^s decJininsr, The average rainfall for all parts should b« nearly u?> to norma*, bnt being 1 -yo ;?l!0w?ry some s*^o**s in ths nort.*!^- east may ?>c too dry. About Da!!aa_ he nornial for thfe week is nearly" t hree-i^uarTenE of an inch. The forecast is for--about aver- rt^e or nwrmsU mea.n tempera.*ur*s; for the Vntlre calendar i»ontfe ata wh<>le. bxit yet it ^eenis prvS?-- able there win bt- a fevr cool days rvear the llib a.nd agajta about ta.C" 3f*tlj. tyat -w-ith very much wat.rroer- iveath«r comingr about the 2±nd- R^lnfall also should be nearly up to normal, fcut the distribution ifridaj% July 27 — Clear vc eat her nearly a.11 northern atates. yut ! throughout the country is e3rp«rt- ' Bob Powers was, she kne-.v cer- scs.xteri.ns rains in !#c-utJh\vest oft** 1 "° b * «v*-n ' during- this tainly. best man. the finest type, she had ever met- He would always hunger for her unless he learned through her. the fleetingness of rvassiou: the sameness of women and the fart that a man coiiid dance -with — or kiss — any ' that, to love iisrhtly meant in Rockies, showers about central reg-ions and southeast eoa-st line; great lakes regions clearing. It centnti re^iuns and south- cooler. central regions and also to south- \ month, and on that account som* eaat. Much cooler in northwest.(sections niay be ratb«r TOO dry. *z*t™^A--L- i-v>,, -»-.- T ;-»,* — *— i ftspeciaUy in last half of the moiitH isaturaa>. July za—-I>;ght rains r^^ ,r^ ^. south and abo7;t gvilf coast »<?ni«?""hjt5 n-sc>rf» rain an«J tliis pre- dic'ed vuriwilon in tenrperauttir*- , Jess noticeable ^t; lisrht rains alongr gulf coast ; in the harbor -Ux 1SSO. pe5lc<e - Sunday. July 2S — Scattering i The m^oidpsa .... She -would no doubt, .srraduate «rains drift into north central and ;^ Charleston, N. C.. has Ch him wJth honors, sh-e reflected b,it- f -treat lakes rejrions from north- ; .>f a 3>0.?>0«>-iiotin<J •crhale terly. And perhaps that vrould b« the best thin? she had «ver d*>ne in the cotirse of her useless arid selJ- ish and cruel Hfe. 5h e 3«at ap in bed to sLare at the square of lessen Kra^" thai wa.5 a •window. She wajj :rreetin^ her wed- ' ding cay. she realized . . . stranre 1 At I^eaj^t, she refl^ctcfi. shft was one •svoman -svho wotild not 50 soft about the siily business: she woulfl expect rs'? miracles and she •wc-uid be shocked by no "natural out- coxne-''' Her throat, for «omc maddening reason, -sras ytSff»n!neT asain. At least they liked the same books- Ther Tvould probably "make ont in * sort of -wra-y" •while they "had to." At least she couM be * comfortable companfoT! In hours that demanded that- She kne-w *he ha<! a good <J {jsposition •when she -was not . She didn't SUPPOF«; Bob . Of coun** he miyht. she easiily. Almost every one *he prej«-um*d. when close enough, seemed to have to naj?. -Well, no inarter.. A clock struck the quarter hour that follo-w* »Sx and sh«s «*•»«• the winter ds-wn, full and bold. (T<> B" C ACftO&S Cotd Solution of Yesterday"* Puzzi* <»* df-partment of records for '533 sh«rw That three bridew graves their ajf«-a ax befwe^n 55 an*! 75 a^ainjrt 24 bridegroom* »o this *g;« yroup. Soro« of th* bts-ee^t bulJdSniri! Sn th« downtowTj dfwtrict of Atlanta, G*-. «and »q«Arc3y «.ero«» a creek converted into a wubterrstnestn stream. Today's Amusements f 3t P. M. *IVxf«y) SHOOT THE WORKS Bernkr «rwf U» AT THE PLAZA RIPTIDE ^% on IUP Robrr* ATTHELAMAR WHARF ANGEL ' l>orott>r 1**W f»r«pt*»w AT THE GRAND 9, 13L 13, Topaz IS. S«tti» COOT3 IS. E«i-Ukc 13. The*: zo. SI. Grabb«d 2-1. StcHI IS. la»«ct Sorry lor oc*"» 35 of t Unioa murmur «. C3*vat*o raC- ir Co&ct** •»ay»: cotJoq. w, Highway »»> ««. Ma!r t»«««nuc«« Vfrscfnta tl. Period* ot tlss* 17. Fari «ork«d tft* foot 13. ratld M. £nsrlUh for carrying 55. ft*jn of prop- ma IT «rr»- 21 25 32 36 28 .2? 44

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