Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico on May 10, 1965 · Page 10
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Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico · Page 10

Clovis, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Monday, May 10, 1965
Page 10
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Mi, Monday, Mty 10, :EXPECTED PRECIPITATION • Those April fitKwers trifl to rery wneh In evidence, precipitation irffl covet notch of the Temperature Table By United Press International High Low Pep. Atlanta c 84 Boston, pc 85 ...... Charleston, S.C. cy 81 Hobbs 85 62 Las Vegas 66 32 70 44 53 64 Des Moines, pc 75 El Paso, c 82 Indianapolis cy 80 Los Angeles, cy 75 55 Miami Beach, c 78 75 New Orleans, pc 86 67 Raleigh, c 84 62 I-"San Francisco, c 62 50 f Spokane, c 73 45 r Washington, cy 80 ... ' Wichita, cy 74 48 Carlsbad recorded the warmest temperature in the state Sunday with 87 degrees. Raton /recorded the coolest with 30 de: grees. Six stations recorded pre- ..qipitation Sunday with Clovis • Raton 66 Roswell 86 Santa Fe 67 Silver City 72 Socorro 74 T or C 76 Tucumcari 80 Zuni 62 30 42 44 40 41 47 43 31 Insurance Upped On Spacemen WHITE SANDS (UPD—Space scientists will take out more life receiving .37 of an Inch. Hi 1 ' oAlamogordo 77 Albuquerque 70 Carlsbad 87 Clayton 70 Clovis 77 .•Perninc 78 Farmington 65 Grants 61 linsrance for America's moon' I bound astronauts May 19 when ow jlhey put the Apollo launch es 471 cape system through a rugged 48 i test 20 miles above White Sands £9! Missile Range. ""! Scientists plan to blast an unmanned model of the Apollo Congress Rushing To Aid Impoverished Old Folks EDITOR'S NOfE; Othef advanced nations started concerning themselves with the plight of their impoverished old ppeopte long before the United States did. Today more than 3 million American families are headed by a person over fiS trying to- make do on incomes below the poverty level. Congress is rushing to their aid. WASHINGTON (UPI)-There are at least nine federal agencies working to improve the lot of old people. The Social Secu- Or i t y Administration sends almost 20 million checks to persons. So what's the crisis? Why has President Johnson proclaimed May as "Senior Citizens Month" and why is he pushing so hard to get Congress to pass a bill providing medicare under Social Secu rity? The answer is that, despite all the efforts of the federal government and the welfare programs of states and cities, millions of old persons still are living on the brink of poverty. The United Sttes got a late start in taking care of its old folks compared to other nations living in a condition of advanced civilization. A prob 1m so long neglected balloons up so large that it cannot bo solved overnight. The quickets way to get at the heart of the problem is to take the case of a family of two. The man is about to retire and he and his wife attended a cla s for elderly persons conducted by Prof. Woodrow Hunter of the University of Michigan in behalf of the United Auto Workers. The purpose of the class is to teach old people how to adjust to their new living conditions. Submits Budget state that present laws already iJohnsson really is proposing is provide adequate medical care ? or the aged. Their contention is taht people simply are not taking advantage of the provisions because of their own inertia or because the states are agging behind the federal government in utilizing the money available. There may be some validity in one or both of these contentions, but the present temper of Congress indicates that the medicare bill is going to pass. Obscures Fact The controversy that swirls around the medical care provisions of the legislation has obscured the ,'act that what is under consideration actually is a broad revision of the Social Security laws. What President almost something for everybody. Like this: Maximum monthly Social Security benefits for a person would rise from $127 to $135.90. Monthly maximums for a family would go up from $254 to $312 and after 1971 to $368. Children of deceased, retired or disabled parents would draw benefits until age 2 In2- stead of 18 if they were full time students. —Self-employed doctors and interns would be brought under Social Security. —Social Security recipients could earn up to $2,400 a year by working and still receive their benefits. The present ceiling is $1,200 a year. • JACOBY ON BRIDGE Unusual Play Is Slam Saver Delinquent Taxes Seen In Grants has been overbidding By JACOBY & SON | there would be no play to make SANTA FE — Accountants Newspaper Enterprise Assn. the hand if East held four hearts said in comments on the fiscal Walter Male-wan of New York but if West held four hearts tlio 1%3-fi-l audit for the town of for at;grand slam could still be made Grants that "delinquencies in and he would not have to jc-opnr- \\ w reporting of sales taxes for dizc the chanze oC making it (| u , town are numerous." against the even break. The audit was conducted on Here is the unusual play Wai- a ™» frapl h - v John Dunbar anrl NORTH * A 10 8 3 * AKQfl87 WEST EAST A J 9 7 6 A None ¥ J 10 6 3 ¥ 5 4 19 492 4KQ8763 4KQ5 * J 109 SOUTH (O) AKQ542 ¥2 4 A105 *A864 Both vulnerable Sottth West North 1 A Pass 3 V 3 A Pass 4 N.T. 5 V Pass 7 A Pass Pass Opening lead— A K 73 East I'ass Pass Pass ter made. At trick three he cash- Men ('have/. coiintanls. They said, Albuquerque ac- "It also appears , salps tax -^counts many . re- least Ihe 35 years that I have played with and against him.! Not that I disapprove off overbidding. I have been doing it myself since the first day I played. When he held today's hand at New York's Regency Whist Club he rebid to three spades after ihis partner's jump to three | hearts with every intention of [taking strong action later. How- I ever, his partner took full <-<>m- | mand and went to seven spades ' chance to show his .slight extra lvalues. i Walter won the club lead and looked over dummy approvingly. With reasonable breaks he expected to run off 13 tricks with no problem. He played his king of spades and when East showed out the easy hand had tough. cncd up considerably. Of course, if hearts would Charles Bryan Harris, alleged killed a former girl friend and a £** We ^ \Va1tp*°sto Pr ^! 1° double - murderer and reputed man who had previously testified spe whgt h< , ( , ou](J dn Jli ,. l|lpM ~ his ace of diamonds. Then he ran off dummy's three top hearts and discarded his last two diamonds. His next play was to . ruff a diamond with a high taxpayers may be under trump. Then he led a low trump P«rt'»fi h ^ir gross sales, and won with dummy's eight. A " u <\ stro "E f hchevc that thn heart was ruffed with his other rpprnlinfi of the own s sales high trump. His last trump WHS t; ' xfl « snou!(l be returned to the led and won by dummy's ten. "tnlo. This opinion was concur- Then he pulled" the last trump ml in b >' Mr - J<Tank Ij -n>erson, with dummy's ace and the two f( "' nu ' r elork - treasurer, who made the same recommendation to the Viwn trustees. We also recommend that an employe he designated and empowered to attempt to collect delinquent taxes, ascertain that all businesses are reporting and. v.hi'ti considered necessary, cx- lavpayers' records. \\V believe that by instituting •-(• measures, sales tax rev- remaining hearts were good. Q The hidi North K.isl 1 V J :, ; , 2 A I';,,-; Vou. S<njih. *•* 1 What fin you it,,'' A — Bid t h r r r sjKidr*. YM« havp too much (o pa^,. but not enough to jump to g;»mr. TODAY'S QlKSTfON YOU l)i'l Ihr'-c <:[.,'!'•:; nrH your p;ir!n<>r I.H-; tnn-o j,.>- '" ''" " '•''"'' "' <i" V''U Ciu llljW.' • •niii'- v, ill he appreciably in- i ira-e'l It should be noted that :• .tune .10. I'wit in an attempt t«t rn'irrt from delinquent tax- Cr.m'- munieipa! sales taxes U<T<> i.'imetlv i ollected by the '••late r.r,jv;ni <>( Revenue. The ti>\vn la'iT as'ijiih'd the collect- ir," function. CHARLES BRYAN HARRIS Dangerous Fugitive One Of Most Wanted MONEY To Improve Your Home The couple under submitted they uv/uu*^ -..«- 4 ^ f - t • \ ' '- c " I1CI *• **v" *• UUJIJ i|U «J I tl i iI i > t «! this'member of the "Old Shelton against him in a murder trial. 4 . 2 npart brcak „ of Southern Illinois, has Their bodies, with bullet holes 32 39 41 34 atth $12 Auto t anspor out with any law enforcement by Harris with the aid of an ac olorant. 1IV.U1V11. «f !.»•• 4 i u kir U4-1V4 iiuii.Ji-rvyi , . . t tation, $45. Persona, $17. R e c-iofficers attempting to apprehend color; reation, $31. Taxes $34. Other.; him and has been known to be in llarrls . lon£ , rrcord of cr | m i na ] DENVER 20. There was no provision foriP° ssesslon of a vallse ful1 ol activity began in 1927 when he.N.M., housewife ;crii; ; Wo merit lean'., f. your pock?.;be In cu, rt em-bi!cn\'i •prove. mooncraft into the sky atop a | savings. The man earned 5314 ai"andgur.s. State Spending Clirrsblrsg Slowly SANTA FE — Spending by state and local governments increased less in New Mexico than in 46 other states from 1960 to i day will push three United States 1964. according to a report iniastronauts toward the moon in ipowerful Little Joe 11 booster rocket. The Apollo is to be plucked free of the Little Joe by an escape rocket attached to the spaceship by a metal framework. The test is designed to show scientists what would happen if something went wrong with the mighty Titan rocket that some- was given a ten-year sentence rado Genera! Ilu.-m! the current issue of Business an Apollo moonship. Week magazine, the governor's Hopefully, the test will re- month and they budgeted all ofj Harris, known as a veteran and m a p e d era i penitentiary forgoing medical it. tons to When the man retires, 'vkious criminal, is currently be- counterfeiting, after being arrest- the feasibility of a the 'ing sought by the FBI for unlaw- od in n c troit. Michigan. In 11WR. plant ope.-at.on A T.!' i:i ( •• •'•T!!, •v tra cost is loss than you ever thought possiblf. PLAY IT SMART...GET A G.A.C. LOAN! couple's income will be $206 a!fully fleeing the State of Illinois he uas ( . onv icted in Fast St month. Something Is going to to avoid prosecution for the Louis , nij n ois, of carrying a con have to give because their stan-1 crime of murder. A Federal war- c . ea ] ec ) weapon, after being ap 2:) > entered the I dard of living is going to be; rant for his arrest was issued at prc i lpndc( j j n possession of a .38 'ate in Apr 1 , 1 ' cut more than 33 1-3 per cent.jEast St. Louis, Illinois, on Sep- calibcr pisto i. The first things to go probably tc-mber 18, 1964. i will be their automobile and On August 16, 1964. In Fairfield.' He Is widely known to South their S31 a month for recrea-:Illinois. Harris allegedly shot and <-rn Illinois law enforcement of- both have volunteered operation m: save her lif The woman - s t CAN'S OP TO 51003 G.A.C. FIATA1VCE CORF 1 ORATION 41 8 MttchcD Street U(l tion. This is what experts on 1 the problem of aging dislike; office notes. i assure America that its astro-! most - Loss of their automobile The- per capita increase in inauts can escape safelv if thei cuts down tneir mobility and - - ' " lack of monev to attend the New Mexico for that period cameiTitan blows up, or otherwise mal to 7.7 per cent. The only states'functions, either on the launch with lower percentage increases pac j or a f ler it is airbrone. were North Dakota 7.5, and The experiment is the fourth Per capita increases in state | J/ the escape system. Two tests and local government spending ' last year gave the system Residents Buy Land movies discourages them from ; leaving home for an evening.< are driven toward isola-i and are doomed to spend "1"^^ ^J'^^JL^^ hours sitting in the living room' | ^/ |f ^J | W in neighboring states included' Colorado. 14 2 per cent: Arizona 10.9 per cent: Texas, 14.5. THE NAME OF THE GAME IS... LOVE (sky diving style) BiNQO **„• ficers as an alleged gunman fo^ om . of th(1 ,, the "Old Shelton Gang," an la-, tn(M1 . Mstt .r'.s faui-'v famous group of desperate cri: i inals that ran amuck in Southern Illinois on a crime rampage some three decades ago. Harris has a reputation of having allegedly murdered several people and. as late as July, 1963, was acquitted of a murder charge in Wayne County, Illinois. The federal government caK CROWXPOINT (UPIi—A total' A white American, who was culates that a family is in pov- of 142 Crownpoint residents have horn on July 2fi, IBM. in Fair- erty if it has an income of un- bo ught $1 shares in a small plot iield. Illinois, he is 5'7" tall. a year. Ins family of !anc j j n an attempt to be eli- weighs approximately 14H is going to try to get along on KiWe to vote in Tuesday's Me- pounds has a medium build, and The last test, on Dec. 8, sent!$2,472 a year. Years ago there Kjn , C()unty schoo , boml dec . ()ark f . om loxion His nair ,, (he Apollo only six miles aloft. ! were millions of American fam- U()n ' ' , )lack turnjnt , ^^ an() h( . ha , Tne escape system pulled it two. Hies that go along well on that On , y properlv owners are el j. hrf)wn (>y ,, s I!e nas llir ,. ( > po | (1 . mile, higher, where it began a; sum, but those days are gone. s,ii,| e u, V( .te on the $950,000 bond crowned'upper front teeth and descent cushioned by three giant • and forever lssue to f inance construction of one lower right tooth is filled ;>aradiums. | lv , e . ( ' rlm ' lctlire a junior high school in Oallup. with gold A 14" scar appears ' J.!lf.,^? ld ,. f u a _ C . l l,. pr ^" C ^, " '^e 142 residents bought the on the hack of his left hand and shares of land us a means of a hernia operation scar appear 1 meeting the requirement to own on his left side He has been em- ^ 1UJ ' - "" b - lliric a>c *•* '""""" """' property. ploved in the past as a farmer Mrs. Lavonne I'almer, opera- and a carpenter arid is reported- tor of the Palmer Merchantile Iv in excellent health. neighboring states mcmaea! workout in tne sky _ O ne tested the system on the launch pad. ^ e ^ All were rated successful. »' " ' lctl ' re T- M i« i,t u-iil < t p thon , r u 3 .P™, duce , Ine .May U snot wU take the , President Johnson s Council on A,,uuo 2U miles above the desert give this grim picture: uoor. A signal rorn he ground. _ There are 3.2 million fam- «,ll lell ine la-iool-long escape ; ,hes headed by a person over roc-Ket to yank the Apollo Ireefia with incomes below $3,000 01 Lnue Joe and carry u ano- annually. Store and Palmer Beauty Shop He is said to occasional drink 10 miles into the air Ihe, -There are 1.5 mil ion Amer- jn Crow in1| said she - go ld beer and whiskev to excess, en -..quence \M.i be earned out ; ,cans not living with families or shart . s jn the , and al $ , apiece , j((VS patroni/in{ / low . 0 i ass ni( , h , •Ah.le the components are under | relatives who have incomes un- The , ol ()) , an(J is u , ss , han one ( . !ul)S ' has a roputation as a .., a . *hai a National Aeronautics and ,der $20 a week. ; acre , n S1/p> shl> sai() (ljcs , man „ usualh . wpars ]as ^ ^;.a.. administration spokesman; -Four out of every five per- Mrs pa , mer _ sal(J 1)jst My ^ whi]e dr , vi an(] f)(u , n ^^ u-nued ••maximum dynamic I sons over 65 Ssuffer in some de- LouU Dipaulj (jf ( - all to , d ^ s w sh)r( an(j n(<( . k pressures." jBree from a form of chronic th(i tactl( , bably is , (1Ra ,_ : „ , re|lor t<Mi] v employed Parachutes are to carry the ;J ness and the doctors fee of; She sai(J U)e names flf lhe ^ u> e ' v a d e arn . st afl(J spacecraft to earth some lOo ! $10 during \\orld \\ar II is now shareh olders were reRistcrcd Fri-gangland reprisals and has dross- miles downrange fro mthe launch i approaching ?.u. i d in Gal , u Qn th(f deed to the • woma n and changed his pad. The test is considered an : -Each year one out of every , d accordingly important workout for the para-! six older persons goes to a hos- ^ sajd on , about „ ns l alleRediy threaten- chutes that comprise the major IPital. Each average elderly lldrm fe J portion of Apollo's earth-landing j coupple pays close to $600 a subsystem. i >' e a r i" hospital bills. Opponents of the medicare bill TONITE AT 6:45 & 8:55! now being debated in Congress The Cottage SKHVING "TUB WKST'H KKST FKIEI) CHICKKN" Also Steak* And Sea Food* Hiwav 60 S Miles We«t ll<>x«d Order* to iio 163-4605 persons were eligible property owners e d the lives of an Illinois State's before the plan to sell the land Attorney and a Circuit Court shares was formulated Judge, and. while sometimes ap- Purpose of the plan, she said, paring polite and soft-spoken, is to give the Crownpoint area ne j s known for having a violent a voice in determining expendi- anc j uncontrollable temper when ture of school money in McKin- an gered. He is said to often car- ley County She said "We are ry a 45 caliber pistol in a cigar not advising people to vote for 1}OX unc ] cr the front seat of his or against the bond issue. We ( , ar to s ] et .p with a gun and pos are trying to explain the neces- s jb]y be in possession of a sub- sitv of bond issues KUOVtTIME 7:311 AWJLT IDC CHILD 90<- - 65<- 35c THKOIGU machinecun. Harris is known as an excellent shot with all types •of guns He should be considered armed .md extremely dangerous Should you receive any information concerning the where- iabouts of Charles Bryan Harris, •vou should immediately notify ! the nearest office of the FBI. the :telephone number of which may ihe found on the first page of lo! cal telephone directories. TVPEWRFTKB ADDING MACHIVE REPAIR Offu« 111'! Main— Dial The sorghum to plant for yields that pay and pay GOLDEN ACRES Ma.; ( th Lyu-id. they piaut. <•< tf farmers cnll TE Cfi ^oI•;•;.!',:.i 1 < vcr planted!'' ;i'i:i i::\\t.' in the past plant- cf clii !'• M M \ iiri'-ties, No'.v !:;'. Til 00 the ojily CONTROL WEEDS IN SORGHUM WITH DOWS 2*4D FORMULA 40 reason for the remarkable of'l'K r>0 hi-s in its .^-olid repu. l'ir >u-!ii> tiial pay ana pay and i:.l i:i' reliable t:ai:dab:iay. Mi.r.e TK ()(J the con:t.-r.-'.(.!ie of your jrraiii prujM';~.!i;. < •( t \ • 'Ui 1 ( i TK Go jvctd r.'-j.v ;-.t T.;yl'.' WK UAVK AIX TIIK I AMOl S (iOI.l)l N \( K».S HVHKII) S4)I{(ilUMS FARMERS CO OP ELEVATOR INC. 505 lost 1st 763-3459 or see..* f»0 South Hull — CUms N. M»-\.

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