Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana on August 22, 1962 · Page 46
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Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana · Page 46

Lake Charles, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 22, 1962
Page 46
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tHURS., AUGUST 23,1962, lake Char!« Amerieon Press Value of Wage-Price Guides Said Doubtful Accident Near Starks Results Scout Troops Give Camping Nwnstartion By NORMAN WALKER WASHINGTON AP - The guide* for wage-price posted by President eariy this year have turned out to of hr> an interesting experiment. Lake Charles city police today j are investigating a burglary and! , .. , . ,,. „ thcft of Ba«ey's drag store at SULPHUR fSpl.) - Scouts .™ a >,J U ™ T * Oc>elousas and aattwk ^eets,f rorn Troop 33 and Post 33 pre, . , , S3M.800 were filed Thursday m which occurred earlv this morn-isented a camninc demonstration belief that the Kennedy adnunis- have somewhat distorted the na- ]4{n Judicia] district coar{ as a in£ - ••*S^~^L^%^™ tration «as ready to enforce them tura! -orkms of a ^economy resull of a hMd ^ n automobile A Wa , of ^ WM , ak ^ jJ^^J™ *ff™ un it ' with public pressure or sanctions Director Wi'.i:am L. Mmkm of ^nision near Starks August 26. « pi H ' ! T a nt. ^T«[,« ^ » Jf VJ restraint O f some sort the Federal Mediation and Con- 1%1 —^ Jack Roberts called!fir? £S by fi toi ta ^ Kennedy That idea got around because S^^'^^^S: wh.tney C Bahin Sr. «f Beau- P°S* * «=* a.m. today and ^efal X^t^e Peli !-£sSJL^^hb?aSS monT Texas a^""lhe" AmcTteM L°lfe ^T^^S^* break into the store. Police hives- Whether they have been effec- ^ i m p ress jon was erroneous. :i\c. however, is doubtful. Kennedy said from the start that Not too much is heard currently the guides were mere suggestions ,hout the Euideposts. leading to for proper economic behavior in S suspicion hereabouts they are the national interest. can Grin, where club meetings tion of the ruidepost policies. Genera! Insurance company "'»» "»«"*»«,, «• ruuws mves- are^ held. Following the luncheon «ome emiWrs normallv able were named defendants in the t'gated and found that whoever! and business session. Rotarians )ur suji , wa!! attempting entry had fled. went to the campsite for the pro- Police said the burglar had ap-; gram. is all the government Filin ^ the SU!ts wcre Herbert, parently returned later and ac-j The new camping trailer pre- them to pay ' Lee Brown - Mr - an(i Mrs - Milton ', <»mplished the break-in and theft jsented to the Scouts by the club Similarly some" labor unions. .Brown, Wilson Sam, for himself i The break-in was discovered by i was displayed. The two-wheel They were an attempt to per- S i m kin said, claim that a 3 per and his d au ! hter - Shirley A n n Roberts when he opened the store i t r a i 1 e r has compartments for . n j« «V.« *tinti M-Virt cof (Ko na. ........ ' C^rr» TKarocn Trvlor ortH V*&r*ftla ' tmC TttATflinO t (AM*** Wt«.AL:_._ »^_t_;__— ..* M _ BANK BOASTS DEPOSITS FROM ALL 50 STATES MANDAN. N. D. (AP) - The Mandan Security State Bank in this city of 12,000 now boasts savings deposits from all 50 states. When the 50 states' secretaries of state held a convention in Columbus. Ohio. Ohio Secretary of State Ted W. Brown started Si savings accounts for each of the 50 in the Mandan bank. Brown is a long-time friend of Ben Meier, ; president of the Mandan bank and North Dakota s SeCI Meier says'sorne of the men have added to their accounts. Oil /"N UM I c IS M m ground causing additional dam• age. According to the suit, the pipeline is still leaking. Breaux iid the land was being improved he- cause it lay in the path of ex- suade' the men who set the na- cent raisers The"least'thev caV 53 " 1 - Teresa T y ler - and Vecola! this morning. ..... are dead, at least, from tion - s ^ ev pr j ces an( j W age rates expec t_that thev are entitled to Simien for her daughter, Eula • the standpoint of the widely held \ ^ roa fe c their decisions in the ^.j mucn as a ' ma tter of rieht. ^ ae J u '' en - All are from St. Lan j light of classic economic precepts damage suit filed inPension of Vinton. tents, clothing, cooking utensUs „* •^ dj - stricl courl rather than the traditional what can we get out of it approach. Basically the guides advised that wage-p rice changes as a whole should be confined to the steady gains in productive efficiency, or productivity. This pro- .ductivity improvement rate was The !?ve! of spending in the calculated at about 3 per cent a Spending Up In Area Over Last Year Firemen Get A Workout In Sulphur Benefit Baseball Game Scheduled dry parish. According to the suits, all with the exception of Vecola Simien, __ \//+ f+ . i were passengers in a car driven JW KG V*OUnCll by Mrs. Milton Brown at the time * of the accident. ^n?« telness «,e ' k VV«r, FlagsAvailoble meeting it was announced that P™P« rt . v cau?ed by a Ica ' . A f Cnlnhur Offiffl the Rotary district institute will P'P elmc - AT JUlpnUF WTTICe be held on September 4 in Crow- Laurence Breaux filed the suit SULPHUR (S pl.-> _ U. S. Flag A the benefit baseball game pitting'^ll 65 Mc Kinney, scoutma "voung" aaainst the "old" ^^P w ; Dean *l ann ! n g- the Lake Charles American nv'nth but was almost 56 million! tjcularly controversial about this fi rerncn 3 ^.or! \ V orknut iri'icr than in July of 1961. concept. It was, in fact, the chief mornin£ T/i< Federal Reserve Bank of economic rule of the Eisenhower A'lanta said today that bank deb- administration. But Kennedys A fire in a clothes closet of the the four Lake C h a r 1 e s economic advisers spelled it out Everett E. Culver home. 1120 La- scoutmaster pip e ii ne crosses Breaux's prop- in „, „ _ as- ert y located near the Southern p rC ss office in Sulphur. Mrs. Brown, the suit said, was members "of The "st.""Hubert's * istant scoutmaster; Frank Fel- Pacific rai ] ro ad track in the east- TriP American Press office is lo- driving west on Louisiana High- ; Knights of Columbus Council 3622' J ws Jr...advisor of Post £?: Jeff ern part o{ yinton. t ^ in Room 204 of lhe Foreman SULPHUR 'So!.' - A burning way 12. two miles east of Starks, wi ]j be held Fridav at the Marion Tate ' assistan t advisor; and L. D. Cdlea in K00jm m ; runmdn • ' * ytUieMan0n 'Bar) North, district scout execu- Breaux said he noticed the leak building in downtown Sulphur. live. August 22. 1961 and nodded the ^ o[ ^ kjta jg # each this driving east and crossed over in- Chairman \\elclon Roberts an- Dave Tyndall presented Scout company. The suit said the corn- to the west bound lane, causing nounced that the uniforms will charters to McKinney and Fel- pany, without Breaux's permis- The office is open R:30 a.m. ' Charles area declined slight- year. shrimp trawl and children play- on the day of the accident. Ac- hieh school baseball d'iamond" Gur;ns July from the previous There was nothing new o r par- jnj , wi , h mashes gave Sulphur cording to the suits. Babin was ' the collision. be full length dresses. lows sion, set fire to the oil on the 2 p.m. each weekday. Members of the council held — Herbert Brown and Mr. and their annual social meeting with | SS re \Ii1t nrt T5i-r»ti-r» neb- € IT I ^JV\ . i , . i i ~" ,, > SI vJli 1UUI i-^aNc \^ U a i I C a evVnUUU*- e»U\ l^ci J ^j/t ntv* n. vw* *- - w. v .» *_.. -_.«»- x_ t .> ymv . * i<_^ »^« - ._* —v.. ^ —» ,...,. ^...^ ..»* . ,, ,. v. ^{j^j[- ciiinUrti cCHJidl Illccllllg \VHll •, banks and their branches totaled in a report lo Congress last Janu- sallelte was quickly extinguished Mrs. Milton Brown ask 5171,500 .their wives as guests at the coun-| $37.178.000 in July, compared to;ary a little more urgently and by Sulphur firemen. D a m a ge s damages for Herbert Brown's' c ii hall Monday night. JS3.fi93.000 in June and S81.327.000 ; specifically. in July of 1961. *ere limited to contents of the i car damage and injuries to Mr. Mi]t()n Bourdier catholic activ- ' Some high administration o!fi- doset. According to fire chief land M". Milton Brown. Sam u chairrnaD) ann ' ounc ed that the Bank debits are regarded as a cials now feel the guides were too Paul Frederick. Culver said his asks $107,700 damages for injuries i q [, ar terlv communion for Kniehts reliable cauge of spending since j specific. They contend that if the children were playing with to his daughter and himself. '^j be -^ flt t h e e a m mass about 90 "per cent of all business j government starts fixing rules, matches when clothing in the 1 transactions are handled by Seven vaguely, on how much busi-'closet causht fire. check^ which are reflected in! ness and labor should charge for thpjr sjmjen dam b TJe d dtSne in July amounted '^SS^ bTlnT'pS Cu^ralar^ .rernen spoUed the es^ for juries to Kula Mae Julto one_ per cent compared with .a | tion to enforce those_rule, ^ ^the^So'Sinchard ^ Theresa Tyler asks $60.000 dam- Sunday at St. Hubert's Catholic; ages for personal injuries. The church. : pain of one per cent for the south-i Otherwise it Ls too confusing. ern half of the state that is in the (Rules honored only by breach are ^ ^ ^t Ken, dn\e. RuSSIQ SetS Off Sixth Federal Reserve district, {demoralizing. Chief Frederick stayed w ithi|-.r.i A j. Thus far in 1962 the gain in! Certainly inflation has remained that fu~e and radioed for another i rll in AtOmiC spending for Lake Charles is 10 in check. Wage and price in- unit to assist. However, he and a per cent, the same increase as shown by the state. Three cities arc ahead of Lake Charles, Alexandria showing an 18 per cent pain, Baton Rouge 13 per cent and Lafayette 11 per cent. The gain at New Orleans is eight per cent. m uietn.. "os^ «>"« p..^ ••• mm in ci,>M5i. riuwKvtr, ne anu a n I • A C^* C creases by and large have been neighbor put out the fires with 1 DlQSt, AtC jQVS moderate. But this probably was g ar den hoses. Blanchard was not :Visit Stockholm j STOCKHOLM (AP) - Prime Minister David Ben-Gorion of Is-, rael and Mrs. Ben-Gurion arrived' here Tuesday night on a visit to Scandinavia. due more to a sluggish economy a t home. than to the self-restraint doctrine preached through Kennedy's guides. WASHINGTON (AP) - The They were met at the airport A piece of paper from a nearby : Atomic ? ne l gy . c ? m ™™ m fhas by Prime Minister Tage Erlander; . -•• ,;,'.. .. . . J i announced Russia s firing of a and his wife Aina, who earlier this fifth nuclear test explosion in the year visited Israel. price moderation in the national l ™«™ interest was without result. It un- J1 M uin - doubtedly had some steadying influence. On the other hand, there is also theories with a Supply Sergeant At Chennault AFB Is Av/arded Medal i M-S«t. Juan R. Martinez of the DamOQeS Asked «3t.h Supply Squadron, received .,~ ,. . the Air Force Commendation Me- pOT Vf aiKirtQ d:.'l Wednesday at Chennault Air ^,, -^ Force Base. It" was given for mer-! JfltO GlOSS UOOT iorious service. ! Sergeant Martinez, now serving, injuries received by walking in- a.- N'COIC of machine records '„ to a glass door are the basis of w^th base supply, was cited forj a $43,170 damage suit filed in hi; iervice a.s NCOIQ of the main- j i4th Judicial district court t<-nance supply liaison branch of j Wednesday, the 4337th air Refueling Wing at! Bert R. Reinstein filed the Randolph AFB, Texas during the; su jt for himself and his daugh- period Dec. 9. 1959 to June 15,' ter, Jacqueline Ruth Reinstein. -^~ |Melvin Giles and the Cambridge During that period Martinez was j Mutual Fire Insurance company responsible for reducing the num-jwere named as defendant?. her of aircraft out of commission According to the suit, Jacque- ily combustible ' The AEC said the test was con- DON'T SCRATCH IT ! ducted Wednesday in the vicinity Scrofchlng tpre<1( j $ inaction, cousin* ; of Novaya Zemlya island and was ; {JI^TP 01 ,!! Tonnage of pulp and paper pro-' in the low megaton range, mean- ni lc minuetj" ia dnd u 'onN$'e'ptie oetlon htipj ' each year in the United i ing its explosive force was equiv- i *»« ^"Tdu H 7miT ^^'r£SS! is greater than the tonnage alent to that of one to several n not pleased, your <«c t»ck at any -r , L-I , , ° i .,,. , r rnvrr,, - drug store. TODAY at Walgreen Drug of automobiles produced. j million tons of TNT. > sror e. 87% MORE WEAR! LEVi'S Double-Knee Jeans are cut from chemically-fortified denim that retains its rugged strength long after ordinary denim jeans give out-actually87% longer by laboratory tests! for parts and aircraft not fully equipped to less than one per cent through his efforts to locate crit- line was a guest in the Giles home on or about August 25. 1951. The suit said she was there for a ically short parts and arrange for: slumber party and had stepped tr-eir utilization where needed, the'out a glass door going outside, cr.ation said. Thinking the door was open on ^ lie wai abo commended for ' re-entering the home, she struck "nis high degree of performance j the door which was then closed, of operations, exceptional ability,' the suit said. devotion to duty, and initiative."" The suit said Mr. and Mrs. A native of Mission, Texas, Mar- i Giles were not at home and the unez is a veteran of 20 years scrv-j children were left in the home ice. unsupervised. <fc <*/!< Y r^ Englishmen n k i 9 » O i*. ? >. *$• «} M ost of them. And it's been that way for years. To be blunt about it, Gordon's is England's biggest selling gin —as it is America's and the world's. Why? Probably because we have always refused to tamper with a good thing. Cordon's still harks back to Alexander Gordon's original formula-conceived in London 193 years ago—so its distinctive dryness and flavour remain unchanged and unchallenged to this day. Ask for Gordon's by name at your favourite tavern and package store. 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