The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 22, 1934 · Page 5
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 5

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 22, 1934
Page 5
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The Bible Talk ByEA H. McCuistion M1CAIAH SPEAKS THE TRUTH Th* time of the lesson *i» about B, C. Ahab was on the throne th« throne in Judah. The record t*U» us that Ahab had enjoyed years of but just moment enemy, the Syrians, were about to engage war with Assyria. Ahab to advantage take O £ had beeu taken previous war. Syria, and recov- fortified called Ra- moth-GUead that from him in a «ry. Then Mieaiah declared a ri- sion which he had received from Jehovah. He aaw all Israel scat-: tered on a mountain like sheep without a shepherd, and then there came a sreai voice which said. "'Every man to his tent and to his countrj-." Notwithstanding the warning given, the campaign was undertaken. Ahab suggested to Jehos- haphat that he wear tbe royal Israel was scattered all over the country round about and then a. H» did not feel himself strong enough to undertake the task alone, and he- sought by craft to <Jv- that which he neither had the courage nor the power alone to do. •He.-invited the kins of Judah to make him a visit and srreat preparations and a very cordial reception was provided. Many animals were slaughtered for food and at that moment when good feeling ran high. Ahab announced the real purpose of his invitation. He. was anxious to recover his lost c&jT and would Jehoshaphat go wp with him. No doubt the king; •oi Judah realized that he -was at a. disadvantage- He was a guest of th» king and felt" that he could not-very well deny the request. His answer was both cordial and flattering, but there* must have been a. reserve either in his speech or hi» appearance that convinced Ahab that he was not enthusiastic for the- campaign. i ; : R? in the ?ath of duty ' Ahab proposed that they call all j ... Mn Livingston, the great Afri- be in disguise and fight in the ranks of the army. .When the Syrians came down upon the army of Israel in Judah. their instructions were to fight* neither small nor great but to kill ^Ahab. Naturally. Jehoshaphat, being clad in royal robes, became their target and came near losing his life before it was. discovered what their orders were. Ahab was pierced by an arrow through one of the joints in his armor but^ with great fortitude and courage* he stood among his soldiers throughout the j entire day of the battle but late to the evening sank down and died. •4 t* tak* «*ta tfcatf if **« onn B«b«e t» of tfee a* follow* to-i»tt: y**r* from 4t» Co., X*<t.. a, corporation. *- *- «»P««»b*r 3rd. Bank of I>«t*olt for i-mor» than 12 *no&t&» Shaw »tat* farenl of Mz», -Jazoca. Mooc« N«. S21S-C, . a* SbertCf directed aj»d to •«)! for <=i»ti, th» fiUn«: of this petittoa »be Piante. conttrttctlon ot matelr -l.SSS acr-a, te and baa been a.n actual boo» ade of tli* State, Q f L*mar «o«inty for me the hour* prescribed by «*•» for SberlfT »» «* S*w«r flra* Tw**d»7 let th« Ttb. day oC «*id pla.ce* *a<3 j>r«*l<Uaa; of. of MJd election *h*3J b«. "respec- to bi* prison, Wb*K Ik* n*ch- «d Rome 'to* Adviwd ih* aenalbn not t* nuike peace, -nor ev*a -to to an exchange of prisoner*. xhi» Tram done, hi* in tA« aenate, urged that he not «<> back. The prieat* declared that the oath having been extorted from him, was not valid. Many very cogent reasons .were given •why he should not retusru He was told that he would be put to death by torture. When his friend* had ceased to «peak. he reproved them. He said that his word wa» jut and that iie was sorry that they,would undertake to render him Ignoinln- ous. He appreciated as fully as they that death was certain, and that by torture. But he said "My honor Is above every price and I still have the Roman spirit and refuse to do anything that is cowardly or unmanly," These examples are of the heroic sort. TA'e need that spirit throughout oar citizenship today as we have not needed it for some generations. Th* manliness of truth. the strength of right, the mi^ht of justice, are all fundamental to a I noble citizenship both in the earth * and in the Kingdom to come. tively ** follow*. 1; Oatral Kire SuitlO9 JD- J" Grand A*«-. VVARJU 4; .Paris J*clt»oe>. WARI> 2; Ma»nic , H. Wright, pi-ewdior WAR3> 3: Court Hourc. A.. W, Neville. School. £, W. . officer. .*-form of ballot to be uz«4 in •aid • election for those voting la fkvor of tfcw iMiiafie follows; "For tfc* - Us tut nee of -Sewer Construction BocKix. Series -1954." Tfa» form of baJlot to b« used in •aid *J*ctiot> for U>os« voting: i**tt*nc* of bonds sba.ll be « follows: *'.A£»te»c tb* Issuance of S«w«r Contraction Boad*. Serie* —1934.- Tii* fc3«ctlon to be held In accor«l*nee with tfa* Generai Kleciioo JLaws or tb? ap- plica bj* itlt ataid L*GULT Cotuity, in the City of -F».rS». Teiaa tb« fo!tonria c de*crtb*d property. to Trtt; Skuate<* In X*«nar coecty T*xas» to wit; Part of th* J&me* Osgood Sssrrey. oo Blocsoto Pralrt*. and being: tb« .«*coe land conveyed to M, E Solcoioa by T. B. Srr»n a.nd icife, o«i O«c«mber Z'Z. 1311. as ahow Book US. ua«* 5»>. Larcar In County Roeorda, BejcibBinx at a ctake. tbe N. eortser of said James Owrood 2-3 Survey; Thene* West SSI 1-S tx»!«-s a stake: Thence South SO 3-4 »o!es a. stake: Thence Ea*t 132 1-3 poles a stake fa the BL B. line of satot Ossood Sorvey; Theac* North 59 S-4 n<J cot in conflict of th* City Charter, owaer o* i3Ltab!« properly in of Parl*. who hi* doly nsa«l_ ered said property - for tajta-don. «•.«<! , who U qualified to voie for tneiabers ,• °- -BBS A. of tit* learisia.tur« of the stale -anct { W»MX ha* resided in the limits of th« t B for sis t'£> months, ;a«d in ifcr | in which he offeri to vote for i to tho pJac* of beelnn!t>c. eou- taiiiSng; 50 acres, more or less. levied on tbe :sth day of June 13S4. as the property of E. 3. Barns to satisfy a judgment amounilnr to ' J34S5 IS 5ti ' favor of Southwestern Co.. a corporation, ffli costs of sait. I.!fe Insurance b. Interest »u<J Given under tny hand tfeUs tath day C. O. Shelton. Sheriff Geo. H, Robertson. I>epi:ty. has resided least «Jx mootha swact ;>r->c**d!c* the of tht» »wit: that on or about located la Bowie Ternas t* sale to b« for »ot !««• than one-fSfteenlh eaab remainder divide* loto £)ft«ea with th* 1st <Jay of Sept. 1325. plalotlff ^a-wl i »«*i P*yaa*i>t» mat urine la oa* to fl*- dfeTeodant were lawfully married to * «acl» ot'aer; that they lived toffeth< «nti! on or about the a» oeally at tfee rate of _-, - ondoct of tief«?da.nt toward ««,« plaintiff, sh* was forced »«<* coiapeiled checlc e per ceoi ^.e^e^^ed *IA**TTIA«* ^ '«n<fc>r'a Hen- "'Ttus*^ A six poond <}a«jcftt*r ^M» bttE to Mr. aad STrs. nesday moi-n'n south of JParis on Rout* been named Mary Helen. M«m<- J reU -ssras fonseriy Mte Bisele, daughter of Mr. mud L«,wis Eisele of Powderlr, form of cashier's etl I>ade county. Georgia, UK. «o cat,. 15 off from the rernaind«r of.>state by towerin-s: Lookout of its cocQ!n«reial amd •ether a« husband and wife. Plaintiff *h*n"bT r€»eA-ed to fJl*** 8 . tbat .., sh * .«» "!* ?«4 ««••«- ^Hh tS/*p^^on tonai* to defendant white lirt=r with, sacli bins, but be --- ------ a*«~u *^ *»<Ltsb«=»l :rt«bto in an d Co Wid'Unjf social contacts are ^-«^- ; ^ e &tat * of T **»»» -*• proviso** that as »•»<« when fxf:!! Tennessee, OlJ. zas or otier mia«T*l« S«n»ra< coa^urt -was fas-, or the heirs or ajss'z&s as to reader tb*«- fwr- -rendee. The si«u«- shall CALL4O1— wi?l buy or trad* lor old furniture. Come ia to a** tM for the best x'aluea tn Iram* tar- BaJcer Furn. Co. House That Sell* Fcr thirty -days, nest precedsne electioQ ic eatltiec to voi*. CITATION Tb<» State of Teiaa, To the sheriff o- any constable o? -t^iijar county— «";reet!ng: Tou are hereby comrrsanded. j'oo siimmoc &y mailing publication- Given under my band with til* Sea: of ,ti>» City of Paris af flxed this the Sti dar of Joly. A- !>„ 1524. J. iL CROOK • . ----- ._. --- r-- Slavor. Cit» of Parla * published ia tbe county of T^arnar »f Attest: Mrs. Odou» I'a.rkZ " . City secretary. cj?y of Paris. be irould come faonoe drunk and abase thte. plaintiff aed did so on ctiz&erotia occasions: that about one year prior to their separation defendant to«.arti tbis plaioitir a. constant and I stodJed coarse of vexa.tio&s and intuits which kepi her !n a constant state of mental aujr-iSsiv and worry and which condition of raiod :npaiir*d l»er health. TYbererore plaiictiff prays ttat de- ?er^dant be cited to appear .and answer herein ai»<4 f&r THE GUERNSEY PLAN j SHERIFFS SALE THKSTATi: : OF TEX.lS. C | t~£ina.r By virtue j laseed of this Citation Ii» SOTS* newspaper. publish^ ia tSj« count-*- of T^a ! there be a .nwspipftr pablislwNj- out if not. then In the- nearest county- 'vbere a newspaper Js published, o^ee in each w^ek tor four consecutive ti-eeks re-turn day b*r*of. Toirs Once upon a ume way back a j.ptetrict or strange crj' went up amon s them. | hundred or so vears aso the town !' Joa * A "Every man to his tent and to his j of Guernsey on the ^ country." This ends our lesson story. Island ot ] Guernsey over by Ens?an<3 needed The i a new market house. In those of | Sebee v.-faose residence, is unknown. BV virtae of a.s order oj sale. ' ^ anrt appear before tbe Ron. 6: •oat of the Honorable District j 1)islr ' rt •court, at the next re^nJar term SStli Jndicia! -^e~eof- to be hol<5en in tbe county T»imar "on tljo 5t3i day of Aasnst. A. j it 13Z4. at tbe court house thereof in f "" ^ : Texas. iher> and ther*- t Court oJ Dallas County. on lesson committee was anxious that j days it ^^ cus tojisarv for a town the . prophets and consult them before the undertaking vs-as entered upon. Four hondred were assembled and when Ahab asked them should l*e go up against Ramoth- GUead. with one voice they said r **Go still up and prosper," stpparenr that the was we emphasize the courage of an to buiid a municipal market house unfaltering walk in the path of duty. The prophet on this occasion, although a. prisoner and aione. stood for the right and declared that he would "say what Jehovah spoke- and nothing more." This is an example of true courage to I^ndor, to see if of an unfai^enns step walk- ±bey ^^ ^ t a ^ nd issue of the town for"$5000 tb $5000. But it appears that the thec sovej can missionary, had asked an interior chieftan for a. guard of 27 black IE en to accompany him to the coast to receive and. send dispatches to his board and to the a. prophet o! b» coiisultec. government of England. The dis- ^nce was 1500 miles through °' | swamps that were sickly and al- the IS tlay oJ Cl«r3t thereof. Life In- i said Tuarriage relations, for Cftsta of sait. and for other relief, general and Bpecla.?. in la"*- and in e^niiv. that, sh"- may be justly entitled to and *h« will ever prav, H*rei» fail not, an<J have yon before said court on the sa?d first day of the next term thereof, this writ with your endorsement thereon, sho^'ins feo'W' you cave executed the same. * j Given under nxy hand and sea! of f f | said court, at office ia Paris. Texas j and rent the space to their "merchants and collect the rent for th« city. Guernsey needed a. new market hotri^r Some- of the councilman were to appoint a committee of the island and dry was a man who happened to possess two rare quality -patriotism and the power to think. This governor called a. public meeting and made a after this fashion: Gentlemen. we need a. new wa^ — ^rfsctiy satisfied, j ^ost ' impenetrable. ^Then' ^e ^-.^t ^ouse. Have we the ma- ^sked-Ahab if there was not reached the coast, he was sick ************* « boild the house? of Jehovah who could j and seriously so. Kis friends ^J Answer Oh, yes. we have plenty !. Ahab said there was Bought him to ^o back, to -England i ? f mrrxber ' s£one ' , etc - Q«««a*n: ouly one left and,.he said "I hate] with them. Sis family •madethel'-- ±a * rc " We tbe ' workmen ^ n ° ^ -Wm...He sever prophesies 'sood appeal, in-'Wtters.'" The* S ovenuaeall put ^« njat ^ :al together? Anto m«." Xevertheless. he., called.! itself asked that this be: done *iis i S7rer: " Oil yes - ' nrft n * ve ' 3ots °,. - , ..v;^ •-».* '».••-• •-•-•,. *.~ t cari>enters a^dmasons and brick- board thought he m *i. reium j ^^^ .^. ^- ^ a - , o ^ A11 ^ ht , , r savs the coveraor. then let us let oromised S ^ T . •. ^ , . - •. .>,s=. «.«_j our builders,, gret our Tnatenal together, and BUII*T> TETE MAK- KHT KOXTSE. But bold. sar.s one, we ha%-e no money. What? says the governor, do we build a «e out of. money* No. but will we buy th" materia 1 was probably in prison. nd the messenger who ca_me for for rest and counsel. But Mr. Uv- I - ' • -«»«« <**,-* *'v *• gston said that — — ^— — — — ,--w--\^ ^^.^.^ i*-« ~i.G*1^ £*~ ** i -' ' "— ^« r sought to urfln*ace him to | to return with the guards: his word the same prophesy that the •four- hundred false prophets had jnade. But the fearless old man •aid that "what Jehovah said, be «?ould say and nothing more-*" Frobaubly seeing that there -wras no tis« to spend further •-time'l he TC-SS conducted into the presence of the t-sro Jcingsv. When h-e arrived, Aha.b asked him the same .t$on tliatt he had tbe same' -manner that tbey btst with irony which was «o fciceafele that Ahab found it essary to rebuke bins for was out and there was ao induce- BEFORE YOU LEAVE FOR THE PINEY WOODS For That Big Vacation Outing nrent that couid be made that would make him Waver for a sin-* g!e moment. Ke rested and re-j cuperated a few days, turned his i face to the interior of Africa and ^ asaln took np the toil of the 1500 j T " h e^ orfcinea7 nm ^ sove] 3J*j!T n ^* » a3 t tnatjto °- that ! revealed his. piaa. He says, seh- hw-*prJ,misr B £ be made good. tleOTen , . n<w ,about issuia;? town RoS^ ^to'w^el'^S^ * "scri^-—.the towtx's .PROMISE TO ,»•«. _ ?c "'"*«~, ^SL- -""-i •» -•'.'-• --'^ii ~~" ~ * I*A"v*T "Welt, says os*i wl>a"t wrili' % 9 J*Z?**^--™-' S ******** we do with rhe scrip-the work- vRth some other^ambassadors, was ] men ^ m ;rvaTe to eat to Hv e ? sea. to Rome to sue for »eac«-1 Ali ^5;^ says the sroveraor. Mr. | Jones, you s^eli srroceries. 'VVjll [you take the town's scrip for groceries? My goodness, yes. As ir is I cannot gret any Trconey scarce- i 1- at all. All rlgrht. Mr. yoti sell drygroods—will you take j script Certainly, I wlil be srlad j to take scrij>. Mr. Smith, you se:i i meat—-will you take scrip? Tes. Dr. Z-C.rtin. will you take scrip? 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Wax, To^> Dressing ar?d Enamel says the governor, let us { Just build the market zhers. Says one. It X>OES seem thr.r that wouid Tvork, doesn't it? But wnat will the merchants arsd tho doctors do •with the scrip? Thou the srov- ernor says, "VThat will we do with the market house? Rent the stalls out, says one. Tlia.z is correct. 1 Kays the governor. The city wUl j collect the rent as usual and then { every few months cal! in some { I scrip arsd pay money for It and ] CAXCEI. that much scrip. So the [ town of Guernsey built the market WITHOUT ^rOXET. In a. year or so the jroveraor called another public meeting. All the lodires formed a march and I the band played and the people in j f saJs aitire assembled at the pub- j } He square iust at sundown. The) 1 grovernor was tcer» with a little j i fire Ma-rtcx2, Tli<e governor | « ^ * another speech- He sayst 'Prieiidy { yonder is your irjarket hous«. It. } 3s yours. It is FA1T> FOR. Here | is all the peril? RKDETEMET}- Ev- j ftry man has been FAUX TOU \ HA\-B N'OT PAII> ANT INTEREST. Now I will btira the scrip. Stil*. it seems cruel to barn the only rnoney that ever -worked for th«» people for nothing: And he the* scrip solemnly and rever- ] ently upon the bonfire. As the i sntoko spiraled towards th« heav- 1 ^ns the trovc-riior says: ''Friends, I we have set tho world an exsm- 1 pie. vi>. the town of Guernsey, j have shown ali the cfties of ] *arth Rndl all states and nations I Tsow public business: may be donv I withotr* hsns'-^sr » millstone of L over their «*h!!cJrrn hy pay- T?or;<!hoMc>r5 interest, IFYitndjv rxrs»t on pxibJic funds for rub- sic purpose* is a remnant of bar- baristJT! ar.f! wli! not Tonsrer 1>« tol- ^ratcd by Intfllisctit r-eople. P**v y>Ie \v ; ,n CC«.ST; to crjs'!a\e thc>» cbi^lrfn xvh<*ri ihfy have l^arno 1 hox\- t?> ni»k*» them free, T?v governor was n v, !?* man-bat poor prophet. The #>rrcr he mafl was Jn acco'mtinir the pfop'o IN TEM-JGENT. Notice «"ity Cowr»ciS ft the City for *r>. of tl T", M.. <»T> AUTHORIZED FORD DEALER "Wh*th*>r <vr not the ctty fit f*»rt» »•• CVty tn th» mum t»r S> to *i«J Jf , vy ^ i : - * ... - rt j>*-iiiior» fi^d ITI said rOTJrt. on tl!«- ' Texas. versus M. EX t 7;h day of July rth. «iay of Jtiiv A. r> 1331. K, L. I^atlcsor* Jr. C!*rk D:s:rict co'Jrt Laznar coant; fso—eti;3i=s., re- r.=rriia?'-e-i D. S24, !«j a. suit-1 or! coTirr The Tff-zf- . Why Not Let Your Child Go To The Chicago Fair? Mrs, Alexander is planning another party for tbe lair to leave about August Firs full 3etaJls. The cost is surprisingly low, SECO:TD See her for *4N THE PUBLIC FAVOR SINCE I9OI' Summer Knits For Parties and Luncheons Dark Colors for Travel 4**!* %--«» ONE TWO and THREE PIECE STYLES 16' 5 -19 ^<<SX<£d ?<<<£$&* 5^<'<S^ <&&&& 3Z&SS&&6 '?£££&&£ Vou'Il see them swingiDg" around in all the >martesi Dlaces, these jaunb.- rCnits -*aih ^er lines. Pastels suitable for parties lurTchcons 2.nd darker snndes for travel. 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