The News from Frederick, Maryland on July 13, 1948 · Page 3
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 3

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 13, 1948
Page 3
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emocratic iddle h How Doctor Sa\s: \ Personals \ Weddings JLocai Mentions Local Mentions EST TREATMENT O*-" 1 ! #XAKE KITE IS SIMPLY NOT TO GET BITTEN j Mr. Donald McLuckie. Mt Airy ! who was recently appointed to a ! 1 teaching position at the Washing- \ 1. is attending sum- ' "?°P' ! Hard Shell Crabs ' Fleht And K i l l Japanese Beetles Elkins--Wh !l -n-. i Q n sa i e every Thursday. Friday. V*c 1 i alt's DPT cVnci-ntrato Spray A v e t lovely, but quiet wed- 3 , ld S a t u r d a \ . " " ' Sold At took place Satvrday By EDWIN P. J O K D A X . L0. ' Written for XEA Service PETER EDSOX A Staff Correspondent 'hiiadelphia. July 13--»N"EA^--, : grest riddle as the Democratic vention opens is how to close it. hall President Truman be ught here from Washington to ill the revolt-torn ranks cf hi*. ty with one of his no'-v-iamous the-curt demonstrations of his larr.ic personalty, and send the ·els home reunited to do ai-d die the ticket of Truman aid Blank" ssevelt did that in 1936. with a ss rally in the stadium next to ivention hall. "nose :n charge o£ this conven- n for Mr. Truman--principally J ward McGrath. the National airman, and Sergeant at Arms ;!ie Binle--apparently haven't dc up their minds on th:s mo- nious question rne alternative to have the Preset make his acceptance speech :n i mer school at the University of ! I Mar land and was initiated into the Phi Delta Kappa national hon- , 307 Center Luther Elkins. son of Mr. and Furban Elkins. New Windsor. Phone your order not later than , \Vednesdiy evening Ix-iore. i ROBERT WEDDLE Phone IMr.C-J CARMACK'S GROCERY The NVits-. I'rnJoric-k. Mil.. Tuesday, J u l y 13, 1948 FIVE LOST AN» FOUND is increasing b^csus-c oi the increase :n outdoor recreation The bet way to treat snake bites is not to get bitten at all. High leather ^hces or leathei puttees ·«v:ll stop the bite People -.\ho va- catio". in region* where rattle- S!;ake are found (··acr.t to £:ve this matter ;j.;re thought In one report fro.*". Tex..^ about cue-third cf tho-e bitten i:ec. ^o tins ntatter is rea.'y seuou Two Kinds of Cure In ^C".e^"l. the trea'.:r.e:it of snake b:te is of iv.'o kinds The rirst. Mrs. Charles Remsburg and daughter. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence S:pple and children of Rockvii!e M:. and Mrs. Carl V Summers. Catonsville. and Mrs. Law son H. S'.fnmers. Lsve returned afte-- v::ting friends and relatives in rvlur-b!."-. O Mr«. Nellie 1-. Htvely 103 Wes-t Third ;treet. ss the guest of her sister Mrs Charles S. Gardner, 3iue Ridse Summit. Pa grandmother. West South .street, also attended. The bride was stt:revi :". a wh.te sharkskin street length Festival METHODIST CHCRfH HALL. Libcs t\ to\\ ii. Md. Ju;y 14. 1948--5 p in. Picnic Suppers--50c A:'.»u5.e:r.en'.s Sandwiches. Ice Creari. Soft Drinks HcT-'e-nVide Cakes Mu=ic by Yellow Sp:::!*··- Band Benefit of Ycurs Adult Class H Hainy--Next Xsght Notice All members of the Independent Hose Go . u n i f o r m r a n k \v:shitm tu 'parade at Cock?ysviH«?. S a t u i d a v . | J u l y 17t)*. M}:H up at EiiKiiu' H o u v ' ' before Th'.st#d,iy rvt-n'.nj; J u l y 15th , GEORGK H 1EN. Local Mentions Spr^iMTToTiSrUIrs LOST -- CHAIN OF KEYS WITH ., · . i i i i plastic p'ste and i n i ' . p ] "S". T.e- AlMi , m : c ' t i t - 1 r,:.pU-- .i:id iv.n w a r ( j Return 233 Wer,t Patrick St . or v.-tfp:!!i; v..;!!:v. ·, 1 :·· ;ilc , Phone J477-RX. 7-12c!2f U J C L M K K M U . N O L K I ... . . . !h 'I'!. ' ; ' j SITUATIONS WANTED IVAtch J{rpjlri»r ', LA \~y V /AXTS WORK BY DAY. AP- C j r v f u l h K ' ; , · ! · ' · ! .· A'.i ·: '.·-1 (·';. 4f.'J \v- t Si --^-it\ by \V"itr;.-i';.;.ir v ,'h !":' e\s ·: i * Jr-v, · · ! ; · .!· '! r; i; j.ji:v-i! T V I . K K S ^: \ V K L K Y STOI^E Ridge Road Mt Airy. ^^55 \ v -:h white accessories and ucre a corsage of orch'ds. tier maid of honor wore a-i aqv.s .-trcet length diess -.\:th w h i t e accessories and a corssxe °- ,3:d?:::3^ iU'tis are graduate-; o: F-^ H- ·'· School, class «. Mrs Carrie Card of Thanks w :*h to thank o«r friendi. ; *"'t» :";-ev. ,i-id ceath f O K StOO'-v'H.I!! AlSO £O1 \nnouncfmrnt We aie p'ea^cci tu .i:iti.unre that \\e have iipetn-J : u-ivl car U:«.play lot o:» South C,n:it Street, j-cuth ·-·: the Amoco Stat: : You a:e ;;;\ :ted to \nit u^ fot ;· desv.on^.ia- tion of v»u! ii^^^i c.i^ -i:ui t r u c k s THE K R K U K R 1 C K MOTOR CO " Y o u r Kt .i-.i'.:\ !·'.:! D o . ' l i t ' i'h- -o Jv^: \\\\\rru AT " ONCE. "EXPSHT- ·.··,··.! :n3rri»s 'A-anii yj i as ' *- "· op*" j,tor or r an: h^n^l. Carx 'i.'." .', v ", larn: eauspmunt, A:»O a i i *· V," :k \*~r roun^ Write Fred- -r.-'A Ni.-.^-P^f B-J-X. 1203 Mr and -^5rs Caslton Ridgley. %vh:sner wo:e a brawn itreet which is !oc3!. ss anr.ed at pre- 3re doing nicely. Uibana. are receiving congratulations on the birth of a s-on. Donald Carhen. July -'-· : *'- *^e Frederick Memorial Ho*rjita!. Mother and son length dress \\ith black aci-es^ Tlil'HSDAV Thf iladelphia is to have him go back venting spread of the poison :rorn Inceoendence, Mo . ar.d be for- the bite to the v:tal organs and at IIv nctiSed cf she nomination removing much cf the poison be- ,j You can imagine the scene fore :t i* absorbed. The second is rhe President would casually an- deisr.od to ».«»·;· rahze or counteract unce that he wa go^ng home for the absorbed venom and to prevent ew days" rest, lie would be sit- or !esen its ^fie-j: ·g. on " the porch in his shirt: Local treatment includes ue of eves and slippers, and with his" a ligature, tourniquet, or band tied evision muke-up on- When all cf r.bove the bite Some doctors advise sudden, who should come down deen c-ji'.s .-.ver the fan~ marks, to- street but a committee of dis- aether with the iypSicatuu of seme guishec Dems. · device of suctk n which pulls out fhe band would wheel up and at least some of" the venom. Gen- ider a few bars of Beethoven's eral treatment ccn-=ists in using r»»,-l.vou know. dit. dit. dit. daa antitoxins or substpnces aimed at .he old war-time V-:or-Victory. neutralizinc; The venom. Pretty good ie of the delegation would then a n t - t o x i n ^ have been developed to ·p forward and read a piece, say- , combat the venom of ^ome snakes - that at a recent spontaneous We real'y need to learn a. gooo and Mrs. James W. Powell. Jr . of Mountaindale. have returned ,, r Tne groom 3'.te"ae; h.;h »onoo. in Baltimore He ^erved onr a:;d one-half years if. the Army Air Force. w;-.h eight months spent :n Japan Af te r his h o n o r to their home sfter spending some able discharge, he became emp'.?y- tirne with relatives in Springneld. ed in Baltimore as a bricklayer O Dance * 'iilE H A W A I I A N N1TE CLUU Music by f-vs ar.d Hi Trso y Night F r r d c i i c k . Li\ eslock. S Wf u : M ii'iVi our now Jai:i e.xtd . yppnite p!.i;:t. on Tut' at 7 p svi -. d - t -.tock and p»xil O.: Thurda;. p. ::i uist'. v e hold t u r r n t u r e machinery cellanecus article^ ROY li : !=. at 7 th.e hoti^e- and r.u-.- They also visited :n Cincinnati. O . Covington snd Lexington. Kv . Knoxville. Tenn . and Roanokc. Va They were accompanied on the trio by Mr. Merle Powell. Dr. and Mrs. Paul Kalla-Aay. North Court street, were guests at :i garden party in honor of the Msrvland Chiropractic Association and Ladies Auxiliary given by Dr and Mrs. E. A. Schmall on Sunday at their home in Reisierstown. Mr. and Mrs. Russeil Dennis are celebrating their eighth wedding , Third street was anniversary at their home o: North very Bents street today. Mrs. Tobias E Zimmerman entertained Many u«e:ul gifts ivere received by the bride a:-.d sreom *rcm the.r fr:enc and relatives Following the wedding ceremony. Mr. and Mrs E'.k:^; Vft for a short wedding trip by motor to a n unknown d e s t i n a t i o n , after which they will reside a: their apartment at 22"5 North Exita-.v Place. Baltimore. Joehnk--Croson Trinity parsonage. 1-5 East the scene of a wedding ceremony Saturday afternoon at twi o'clock, when Miss Pence Phyllis Cover Ch:«:-;o $! ii per couple KOI Re.»er\ *t i ::- Pi-:io Bru:ij.\\ ick 3373 I'ublic Sa!c W«?J:ie-.v:av. Ju!v 2S at JO a in H.«i! or Jail" When the !o:u -·-::·: *'' the reache.% 'Ut for . ' · £ and the ) «3 v. " i t » oithe: I.i;S or J brother you'ie rivil!y :·'. a ti^h: v.n!e-v \oii havo *-ur $.". iV0 Pia'ie No 4. laige a5i- of antique Bond which is :i:,-h:-,lcvl v. thvi:t :n!- f u i i i s t u i c ch:::a ,-.:ui g'.^»\\jre. Kul! adv? to tfilow THOMAS O. OOEN Glenn Tiout. Auctsoneei. K L Keliv. Cl.-ik anirnously uman for President. rprise. surprise! Nobody \vould be prepared ^ .,, the Adamstown Home- Croson. datujhter of Mr. and Mrs. make-s' Club at a picnic on July Marcellos B. Croson of WotxJ- r was served near the bridpe. V a . became the bride of . S. Klr:n 5fl NORTH M A R K E T ST Come in and Shop in Cooi Coiriort Our Store i.- N^.k. Air-Conditioned rfj:jo»-t! ct»t \\ ;th ov»-ry ai:to:r.i'b:'.« :ri.-u:ai:c x policy wi - i ~ - u e RALPH W I t O Y E H . Hover IiiMiraiu'e Apency No 1 North C»irt Street TeK- 2214 ~~ =" ^. . . O l -Dliy.'trl W as ^XTi » c^i »s^*s. k.i*. ^..^.^.^. - ^ . . . . . Surprise, niase every efrort not to .set onten - - ^V e _ lace to s j x t e en me.-n- Corpora! Geor-e David Joehnk. ! ··--»-V.iT^ ·tli'^i* ***» «-^i ·*· *--·* " *"f-i * *^t***iT v^i^ fcv*«^- ./·- f . . * -- . r - « » - ' ^ « » r ' r _ . . v - _ * - ' rather than to rely on treatment for after the eve-it bers and five guests. son of Mr. and Mrs. F. H. Joehnk · Paper Hanging CHARLES H BAKER Phone 1529-J 6 Mutter Avenue C.he Your Old Glider a 'NV" Look' C pc Glider Cus-hion Si.'.b \Vater-Rcpellenl ·Reg S169S* S149S · ROB $isuS' sic !s KEMPS--THIRD FLOOR : o~ SAL-; -- L : S:,:ITH TYPE- IN Sril-'N's. ' \! ! :- V 6'f ': -·· ' · . · : · -: z M \ - :;:r.s- ^r- \': r- , l\ ·-. o ' ,,. » : -.-d !'.; .- !. .- S i l : a i A ! K ~ c u . r IU -;. ( H ' i ' i M i T l MT1KS \'K .. C" . r T. !!OT V-,- : , is';. (; ·· · ihs. ". u: ;J" · ,.- 2-, :·: . ,:, i C.j.r'.c^ K. \v \\' ···', ·'.· r.i'^i M'.\r.i^f-T. r ' · · · · i:...-.w.t. :.tti ·'. .-.· 'f.-.-.r- M » l ^ - M ' . " i ; j ( - . 1 M ; S ' U K T v. i ' -. . :i ·- . I'.c;. I'h ·:..,- ^":;T-\V. r- yoit ^.\!.." - C.\LO;-::C i m Paperhanslngr V.'M. J. SHREYE Ph. 217S-R r2l E. Cth Street Judge . would then deliver a few im- THE DOCTOR ANSWERS: omptu remarks--carefully pre- QUESTION: Can chicken pox beck and Lieut. Warren Chestnutt. red in advance by his ghost-. scar? De removed by plastic sur- Washington. ·iters to make sure he dedicated ( g ery 7 " e spot to the right guy this time.: ° ANSWER: If there are many eaning himself. . _ j scar?, nlasiic surgerj" would prob- The supposed advantages to this · al? i y r ~ o . fc? cejirabfe. If there are cgrarn are that it^ would add a ; one or lwo 3e rious scar";--which is a con , er cial ship to go through the imey. down-in-old-M^issoun touc.i . u nusua i as a result of chicken pox p 3narr i a Canal 0 what is starting out as a pretty ; --plastic surgery is a possibility. A _Lxhe ax-erage cost in tolls for raid and soggy convention. Also.' whether or not it would be desir- a commercial ship to go through the would give the delegates time a - 0 j e depends on the opinion of a p anar ^, a Canal "is nearly S4.000. which to go home and patch up , competent specialist in the field. eir wounds and feud-shattered | ' - ' _ iendshios. S C J - iCrt isi » * *a^-»iii*^».'J--i v · , . . , - " j dav -for Mis-; Phyllis Donald Groes- niony a weaa^ng cinner^was served " Y r r n Chestnutt. at ! -e Francrs Scot, rvey Hotel. · after a brief honeymoon the cou- I pie will reside at Cherry Point | where the groom is stationed. j F«r Saic--Late Plants Fiat Dutch Cabbage. Tomatoes. Celery. Broccoli. Cauliflower. Brusj-e!! Sprouts K FRANK FOLAND. 304 Coliege Avenue Phone 735 Break lour Classes? Save the pieces. Lenses can be duplicated from broken pieces Two to four hours- Eyes Examined--Glasses Fitted Complete Eveglass Service MA AS OPTiClANS 242-A N Market Phone 1951-W Vi':.-c !'. \ ,,· ' . , - v :, .. '.« ·iVANTF'l t \'"i ','. \ N ' - S \ !' ·: "~ - « · · ' · ' . ?. _ t _'.'.' fx'.';'· ' x ; \ i ' ' ' V ^ ·'.,'" ·'-":')· »-_·- o: .;-.'.. j. , :i :!".v.l . , · . - " '" (jr'.. ij: -.' :;c':. r {·...^."rv. ::'.'e." Md" w.vNi'F"' TO 'u N r i N K r i ' . N i s i i K i ) n!£ S\I.E:"-"NF\V :;:· PO\VI:K LAWX ( . - I . ) ·!·'. !·, .:-..· . · . - - , ".:; ..[· II1..-.M-: Cl.iMp I"'. \V. 1 : th St ::i h : . - ' . . . ,'.. :\ ,i v. :,- N.. -.-·!»-.. Questions And Ansicer* Q--What is the average cost for . '"in'^V^n^have been issued by \ 4, 6 . ^'axd^inch cement'block ""apcr ARTHUR D LAMBERT. 8 East Church Street Phor.e 53-J Invitations Issued Hillside Cual Company w a l k e v i l e a-nou- to ° nahn the IMMEDIATE DELIVERY Phone 39 Sl.OO arul SL50 Bushel For quick sale. Yellow Transpar- T'ne objection to this program ;s -, Bodv Of Pvt. at it would be an open confes- j , ." _ _ T . , ,, m that the President didn't dare ; Arrives in Mlddief OMT1 ce an unfriendly reception from: Richard Holmes; Ir. and Mrs W. ; Some vessels have paid as much as . snader Baker. New Windsor. The · ent apples at Orchard. Reichs Ford. S15.000 tolls to cross from ocean; wedding will take place at two phone 2065-W-l to ocean through this 50-mile Amer( o - c !ock on Saturday. July 31. in ; QUYNN ORCHARDS lean waterway. · the Walkersville Methodist church. For snfoimiit'.on resardmv; n\nf stolen 100 !bs. bottlc.-i ens cylinder*. L-59SG. J-1163: J-3C12: J-868; L- 10097; J-OG9. J-32t77. J-070: L-ljUO JONES "Metered Ga " Service 37 S Market Street Phone 1G1IO-R Q--Do Confederate veterans get j r the'di^pointed and discredited ' ,,.The _ body__ of Pvt. _Edward L. pensio.sV Kp!e who tried to stop him. Fulmer. 20-year-old son of Mr. i A--Persons who fought in the ; i To Be Rear-rested This includes A. D. A. leaders · ,,,' and Mrs. Edward J. Fulmer of Civil War on the Confederate side Mid-dletown. who was the second · do not receive pensions from the T . - ,,,,. n-_it_^ Tr-~i -uicnieioivn. \vno was uie secoii" · uo »'""· i =·««= wtu^«»"»j »»« ;on Henaerson and ^ aUer " u "-i FredericS: couatv soldier repO rted Federal government. However, all jre. Jimnij ttoo.eT.eii. o -. action in the invasion of 11 of the former Confederate States · 5 m a - Snutnern Senators Uiauae . ._ _ _ _ . - _ . . . . . - r . . ~__.r s r Upon His Discharge . j Yellow Transparent Apples ' ; Last week for best apples of the ' season for sauce or pies. Prices SI bu. up. i HILLCREST ORCHARDS. Flies--Roaches Ticks, moths, ants, mosquitoes beetles, and many other houM.-- hoiri injects killed with D. D T Bomb fortified with safe pyrcth- rurn. effective and stays put for a For the second time in ret. vears. Lerov Staub. former Carroll ' c. i- ,, ,, Cn«-*-i»rt*.t r"!rniHe* r.tnc^* in G\-II*JH i~i »n^ i.i -, ei^tv*i v- i^. w* ...v. * « . . . . - . i - _ - _ ,, , .^ » j Soutnern Senators Llauac . Xonlandv June 24 13 - 4 arrived Drovide pensions for ex-Confeder-. county restcent, wu! a-a_ * reder- ,,,. TH : U ' Joh " S ?. ar!v - j n Middle'toxvn on Mondav and will ate soldiers and for their widows. : ick county atitnonties waitsrs for an and Olin Jonnston: boutnern ^_ -,,,,_;,,, ,..;..,, ,,.-,;.,, '_:»,, -c-^-._ . . . . h i m when he completes a prison ' i Miles West of Frederick. Rr-ute 40 long time. The id"U insecticide to- vour home Under r.^r---I condi- rnia: overnors J. Strom Thurmond, elaing Wright and William Tuck, ty bosses Jake Arvey o£ Chicago id Frank Hague of Jersey City. Where all these people and their llowers are going from here is a ystery. They represent a lot of '.cient orejudices and phobias jout States" rights, civil rights. aeralism. Catholicism and every her ism. The die-hard fanatics y and will be buried with military rites Fri. day afternoon at 3:30 o'clock. i Hiddletown Amvets will provide : military escort and Rev. William ! E. For-: will conduct the services . at the funeral home in Middletown. , South America second, where the remains are resting. In- ; terment will be in the Reformed · cerneterj-. ?»I:ddletown. The Glad- ; hill Company has charge of arrangements- General Hauling and Moving 34 LINCOLN APTS. Phone 1975-R Q--Which continents produce the . term. , most oil? * i Sheriff Guy Ander? was notifled A In the production of, oil., today by House of Correction au- North America ranks 5rst and ! thorities that Staub will on July i 30 be discharged from that instttu- , tion. He will be picked up by Q_\Vhat ocean linar recently es- i county ofScers to face a charge of tablished a turn-about record? j escape. A--The Queen Mary, which sail- . The charge originated while ed for Europe just 23 hours and ; Staub WES a trus:y at the House Used Cars and Trucks 1943 Ford S. Delx. Fordor Tudor Town Sedan Fordor Tudor . tions this bomb la-ts two to three · months ! WEIL BROTHERS. ; Frederick. Mci. Phone 1000 ho hold these varied beliefs have d , eto . m Kjeh Schpo , spd jen threatening to walk out ot , ducte , Febl : uarv 13 _ i943 _ Pvt. graduated from Tvlid- . 35 minutes after docking in New ! of Correction. In charge of cattle wss :n- York. HP had Democratic party ,or years. _ b e e n emo i oved ' in Kagerswwn and ' Q_T n -.: ^ TV«-I- J-~i-£i. t^l^-pn qo . - - _ . ^ . _ . *°t ~ Li \ consigned to a Kolstetn sale at the « - i Frederick Fair Grounds. Staub art. what is considered ! escaped there in May. 1S47. £ nd I was arrested the next day in York. na: SB. 1941 Dodge 1941 Chevrolet 1941 Dodce 1940 Pontiac 1940 Pontiac 1939 Ford 1936 Chevrolet 1934 Chevrolet 1947 Ford 1942 Ford 1940 Ford 1935 Ford 3932 Ford 1931 Ford Accessories For Your Car We have everything from seat covers. U. S. Tires, to bolts ana nuts. Low prices. See us for your needs. Conv. Cpe. j WEIL BROTHERS. Coupe ' Frederick. Md. Phone 1900 Town S e d a n ; _ Coach i \ v . \ N T K t ) TO it: \"i- ·:.!;.o.\i Kr-'iio:;,-k ..:;! ! , 1: :e\ :r\ ·· P.u no \ V . , ! i - - s x lie J.:.J 7-!A13f j WANTE 1 ) -- !U: !'!··{.%· I'.in'f FfiOM i \V,i' hiru: 1 .'"! to r'r.'. iS.jiiy It-.r.-- (!.'!? \V;i.!iif.i;:.:i .1!- n;: ·! -- ;i in ' pi- -.n. i u::; 7--c.:.-»:· \v.\xri.:- _· :i; -'- :o ·.'.··!·:!-; !x d.:.:y ..:v! .'M : . : · :-.·!;, nil. 1 -.viioti ru-! ·-. .1 v . j , ,- ,.i :i i. v Ar'.i-.ric! K: I! C,i.tnc.-'.urj;. Md !':-.r.-i.- ·!'!!.-J-!: 7-'!{10;V.'ANTEO TO ItTNT C, \ H \CK. YJ- c - ' i H \ of M.,rV.i't .v .!:.-! C ·'.! Kr-d- 1 W A N T F I i ) -- n.EC'TlSIC I'l.OCK AN'I) j sii.oll »-!^'r!r!«- .»T- : !.ti:. .· :·;».tiring I Work nilc.! T: .-, ! .!. :.%··· t - : Tlsc j Tie-...!: Shop !·!,,.:v- I'.u ·'.:.-· ,T.IV. n ~". ' Burke;, stov. n. V.! T-'i.i^l'it W A N T E D ' . \ T O N T TO t.'KNT t! OIT n t - i r trc-!'-A. ,c r,,-!,.-.- .,--r' 2 -hil- dn-n !:.-.!·,.': K'-vlr.-ck. i-.-.n- C".-.t.-'s . Furni;i::e ^torc 7-7ci{»t* \VANTEU~ cooiT"I'SEi' "CARS' WF ^^jH p ty to:» (Io:.!r for o u r used car or v.e v. :i' sell vour for you 1 at vo'.sr priec r o r n Hi-", l i a m l i i n ^ ch^ritc Scli nn-.v v. b:!c hi^!i prices orev;nl FJrir.t; -. our cnr ant; t i t l e ID tod:iv The Frprit riefc Mo:or Co. !I7 ) West Patrick St Phone 1P92 ! ' _ _____ -l-2cltf I OLD DISABLED DEAD A N I M A L S j 1 Qu!.-::cs! ^.in-tnry r c r n o v n l If t:'; too ' 1 into for t h e doctor, r.-i!! Ree^. Fred- ! erlck 127'i 21 ho'.ir service Wo p;iv - telephone c^rii^es Al-vays on lif* )rb ; d-tf Jo-.cp.'i rooicrs. hc r.c-.v. ii!c-. Me! FOR SALE -- HILL sxi-i \VALK ix Kefnci-r.itor !ox. H i l l four-Tool Kc- fri;-cr.for ^ l . - ^ - n j cn*e, Ijoth in ex- r t .i|t:!t conijitiotj Min'er's Store. Get- ··--!-,:rK P.'. Phone -Sir. 7-:3d2t 2.-, AS-H-F.^; XFAR JOHNSVILLE. ro»-^ h-ui^e jtOf-'t! li.irn. IO-A- price.^ Fn ·· li--t ?.!;"-. l.inci f.irms. w.iterfrontsS m'l hii'sirie-.-. propcrtv Kitchen's Kealtj. Ba:t!::iore -~. Md. 7-13.!Cd_2f urfi.D!Nr:s A'UMY SURPLUS. SEC- !!--ri.i!ir.ccJ. *.!-.· to asst-m*le 20"x20". S:HH 00 Dc!:\or:c= by t r u c k direct to r:. S.~»n (JO to Frederick :jrcn. Larger "ire-- B!c!R on display iS'.r. x rth St.. :--u!:ns:. r.i Open Sund.iv 12 to 6. Phone :'.-n:;:!7 or write Penn State Surplus B!d.' Co. 7-7.S.9.12.13. !4dG!___ KO"R SA"LK -- CHEv7"--i- AERO SE- radio and heater. Like rjc-.v, S2 ;·'-) Chr;.ilpr. '-57 Tc-.v.n St. Court- trv. maroon, full-.' eouippc'!. S2.750. Phore 23S7-J. 7-12d3t' FO'-C SALE -- WAL.VUT "SWIVEL, dtrsk chsir. Good condition. P. ice S12 TiO Phone 1773. 7-t2d(it FbK~RALE~-5lBUR-VER"'Olf7"STOVE7 u i t h hxnlt-:n oven. Cheop. Phcne '.V.tikcrsvillc 2132. 7-l2d2t- FOR SALE -- '48 MEKCLiiiV 4-DR. R-ttiirj. hc.Tter, iov.- mileage. Like new. Sell, trade, terms. HcGec. Sr.ack Bnr 7-12d5f SALE:ors truck. Low inilcaqe and condition. Ehvuod Torns. LeGore. Md. 7-!2d?.f 1-Ton Stake ste for the presidency. What this mvention needs is a big lift. When its was suggested -o Chairman before solic to England. Q--What ed by can? Have the President come to a -: 5;er hiladelphia to appear for the oper- f cfj . on _ Besides his parents he !s surviv- -^ ort jj Pole"* " hi= paternal X"rs. Eugene erandfather. " A _xhe northern part of Lake ' "! Kuffer. Jef- or the Woods County in Minnesota \jnong The Sick :-Ir. John V," rtamsburg i? q-ji-c 1 at the hoTTiS of his daughter. irs. Katherine Schv.-artzoec.-:. ~- aithcrsburg. Tilrs. Morgan Dayhoff. of Woods- oro. is very ili v.-ith a heart at- LCk. Mr. Pat Petrilla. a teacher a: im street school. :== spending the jrnmer in the Xew England states I3ow:rz a recent sinus operatior.. Xr. James E. 3artg:=. 132 West hurch street, entered Frederick iemoria! Hospital this rr.oming for bservation and Rev Paul L, Althouse pa.=tor of :e Evansehcal Reformed church. itered the Xe-.vtor D. Baker Vet- rar.~ Ko~pi!a1. "MarJinsburg. W. a . on Monday v.-here he expects ) undergo ari operation. Xrs Mildred Bov--srs. Le-'.-;"ov.-- . recover:ng at the Church Horr:e -.d Irf.rrrary. Ba'tirr.ore. -.vhere ;e t;r!cerv.-er-.". a major oparat-.or . : ' * ' ~ 7vlr -Ji~;c? Vr-.i];^-- : S"r:".e. of s' 1 . istov. r.. ra-- returned to "'5 orre from Joh:t= Hopk ; ris Kc c - ital. Baltimore, where he had s«ri a pa;;ert for the p=t 'hree eeks fo-io'.ving an operation. Mr Sdsar A Liday. Thurrr.Gnt. ho na^ r?eyi r5 rriti i "T c^". Wa c h- iV.T.. for ^evci.:3 ::-*:- ~ · ^ecorid 'o-ra;:o- -he: ra?v and :s :cportcd rc irtablv DEED RECORDED A deed was recorded in the clerk's office for the sale of a prop- to r'- erty en the north side of Potomac ivcnu* from Mr. and Mrs. Waiter L. Sh'.piey to Charles F. H-.:fTmar;. c^^!=! delation being is farther north than any other ^lace in any state in the union, ~ il C3nnot be r eached by land without passing over Canadian r-year re goods connection v,-jth P. robbery at the Vindobona note;. Braddock Heights, which occurred in 3?40. His appearance for trial on t"~at charge was delayed because he xvas serving time in another case. 2-Ton Stake '^-Ton Pickup I'-i-Ton Chassis Cab '-i-Ton Stake : 2-Ton Pickup Every car and truck in good i condition and reasonably priced. | For a demonstration xM^it our new j iot on South Court street, south of ' Amoco Station ; THE FREDERICK MOTOR CO. ' Your Friendiv Ford Dealer Phone 2336 . Drive Out--Drive la Curb Service 11 a. m. to 2 a. r.-i Chicken In the Basket Shrimp Eanchburgers T-Bones Eat and Kslax in Your Car at THE SNACK BAR. Jet. U. S. Route -50 and 40-A Picnic Lunch Complete Take Out Service Phone H'33-J-3 ! Local Mentions Announcement: Fine Used Ca-s. 1947 Ford Cinv. Coupe IS47 Chev. Club Coupe 1346 Chevrolet Tudor ; 1939 Chevrolet Station Wagon Q--Are honeybees native t o ' ^ this t;rne I would like to an- 1938 rord Station Wagon America? nouncc on JuJy 14th. 1943. I v.-:H 13-51 Packard Sedan A--Xo. the a native O p e:l fn? garage formerly operate I=?40 Oldsmobiie Sedan Venetian Blinds Cornolete Renovatins; Service Kev.- Custom Made Blinds As Lov.' as 50c Square FL Alumtnutr. rr Steel For estima'e v.-i'.hout obligation call \-EXETIAN BUNT) SERVICE Phone Frederick 2032 $12.500. according to reve- _ of Europe a^d Asia, but has ' domesticated the v.-or^ld over. Thanks For The Memory E^IURRF-K ARGT'Ew- Associate .Ti;dcc« ?a"rtc M c'-.naufTo" an-i StedTss." ?rc=co'.t ·day took r.ndcr ac"v:.crrcr.t a ectsio-; on a dcTir-rer f-:eci bv the reat Southern Prir.tirs arse Manu- ct-r ; n: Cornp?r.v to a S50 000 bcl .«tt:* e-'ered -Zf^nit the f : 7*n " W:^:am A H^f-.T*.. P^r»'c,-v**? 1 ne demurrer was argued th;? · ' Parsors Newman ar.d 'illiarr; 7u Storr:! reoreyented t'le e.'ertdant co?nr?ny ?".d W .Tcrmif i f f u t t Fredr ··-'. -T A. Car.'rel nri Aifreri Xo*-o= Rockviile, ap- eared for the plaiutiii. J by ins Jate Jesse I. Rer.ner. T'Say solicit your patronage and I ·.viii try to please you to the best ot my ' S:ncere!y. | JOHXJvVILBCR REEVER. T A The Rer.ner Motor Co 1P39 Plymouth Coupe 1?."7 Chevrolet C^ach 1C-35 Ford Conv. Coupe LE PAGE MOTOR CO. X. Market St.. Extended Phone 20S3 $250 \oc Pay No .More For The Best So why not use the best For the best in moving c?U MEADOWS VAX SERVICE Phone 677 Weekly trips to Baltimore and Washington. For Sale. Cssh Register. Electric Fans. Store Windov.' Fixtures Appi;-- 147 North Market Street SP«" Blick's Indian Cycle Shop Fiir Sch'.vir.n ar.d Coi\-rrb:a S:cyclcs Tires I.;..; Attention Bowlers Blind pig every Wednesday r.ita. starting this Wed . July 14. at Walk- ersv;He Bo-v]ir:g Center. T:-r.» ?-?.0 Everv one v.-e;co^;e to bo-.v: :n th-.f Dintcrman Sun-lay. J-:1y io at Hcc -nvl'^d Srinc ba^-; rt " ^u--^*TM K^cr-i-c These Rates FIREMEN'S" CAHN-VAL I ~\':'.e E=; .~f Tanevto'iVn cr. Used 7.!otorr.-C!C5 2 Hsrsev Davidsons--1945 Exceljc-r.t Condition Fa=t C;-c1" RT.air? :-.:;.- Price.- Are My Best Ad~. e~t i-CTT".c"".t '; EAST THIRD STREET Salvace Richest market p"'-c« for Waste Patter Ra^s. Metals. Iron. Hides. Greases, etc. For Sale- I Bearr.^. Angles. Chnn n° iron Reconditioned Pipe, etc FREDERICK jTNK COMPANY. 310 Chapel Alley Phone 3c3 Fredrrick. Md Frank Gastley oc Sons jmUMVANTEl^ CHANCE FOR AC:GRE?SIVE vorxr; ; man to h f t c . n i c · .'n'^-el'"-! '.vlth :i !r,Tri:n£ ruhljcr co V. ^ !. .v.- r::t-. c npt.n- sng in our s c r ^ ' n - ,. n: t h n t utfers cV'-rpt.o!i"t! «-p-t r:.:.-.!*; -or prt.rpo- t.on Iv .1 rjuin v. rv» »-,..- n!)i!it*. i n i i i - - t t i v c .'irui :s rj «t nfr...ti to v.-^rk h.trd ' in or.Icr to I c s r n "'..- *n:^.r ; e^^ :ry:n · U2'j X. Ch.irloi S:. Cr!i::::urc. :.!.-! _ --·? i.:t ' S25 ,'F~ YQL'RS f'i'r:'.X.ES 21 j for S; c.iru .\'.^tt xv.lh n-ir'-.'- , on "'0 ;u-d -" f"r :' X..j5X,n- «..i,i-.trr=. ; statiimcr.i .-n-i c- :.:,j «-'c i.nt- C ·. !;. '. r.olh;!:g :o I r \ . Sr-:'.'! lor -'i.nple 1 : itid «e!i.!ir p; ; n .n -,r"ro-...I W V i t u n i c '· 3fiS PI.-.PC S; . Drp*. 4 . , Ncv.ark 2 N. J. i WAxiKD-T-v-rcT r , O D Y " M A \ - "AP- in.:^^ c.i 1 " o: Frc'ir: ;'·. T-;:;;r.'- ' \v.\NT5:rj--noY" :· - : T TO'V/OKK ox ri.-urv f n r n s \ V r ' c BJ-: :2'' - Fr.'d- iiF/.: 1 WAN'TKr- .\nrf;NTnRs -\p- SAl.ES"rIX AM PI i" !"""..· TO r.\RX ii- 10 j-".r.o 'in ;,-."; - ..-.' ::i .· :; j - t h r ' u r i ' y X t '- i - ' "r! -' ;·: ~f*'\ f .~ -!oc" '.Vt- *-i p 1^ 'I .-" i · "··'·- i. i ! r-. --xi- : .- n -. -.^r.^". -%"·;- f-^ d.:-.-.-·* --.p 1 -- ^ r l~~. ;·"-.'.r."L ir - r ; - · r"OR~SALE -- 1 YEAR OLD ! D.ilmntinn. Phcne 1227. 7-12c4t ; FOR SALE^"HOUSE~ON^WHEELS. 27 f t trniler. (nev.-). Gas ··inve. elCTtru- Refrigerator and water hc-.ter bleeps 4 Trrde, terras, or ··-«"· MrGcc. Sn.ick Jgar. 7-12d5t' FOR*SALE--LOT 50x200 FT. OX P'. ICL- citv water. Phone Frcd- J.V\V-U . 7-i2d3f nrres, -0 acres cleared, balance timber Creek through property. 15 jr.iies frum Frederick. M^nfeorr.ery Cnisnty. Mci Xc'.v mod-^rn home just r"«p!ctcd, never occr.t):c;i. 12x24 liv- iiit; r.oni. flrcp!ncc. dininK room ^nd ; kit-.-hon on first Moor, thice bedrooms anci b-.-ii on second floor. SDSCIOUS r'^--:ts. 1-S--4 b.i.-emcnt. price SI0.750. Bi:v ci'reot from o-vncr. Save comrnis- s:or. G-.O'i terms to rc-ponsiblc buy- r-r. Phone Hobn-t 6fl34. .iclctress A. .M. Podr.T-Kv npar'm'.-nt -"07 1331 2nd St. X. £ . \Vn^h:rj-..m 2, D. C. spE^iAiTcx" i" pt-f7Tf;io~RPM~XEW i n E. Traitor's ! i h.p. ssiit phase w:t*i the"no'cc'cr. S12 0;): 'i h p. split phase. SIT. 00. -, h p cavncitor. S3500;- oiiicr G. E 1 ph niOtnrs up to 5 h.p. p'-i-i ?. phr^e ..n to 50 h p : control *·'.*:.pp.-'ent n"'! p.nrt^ cr-rr.e^l in stock, I J.TCcr" *o.-. r; Equ.pmen^ Co.. Karcrs- t .T: ? ·'. 7-l2dtt.:7-13v.-j.t FOH""*; \:,E~^~iD4T"MEKCi:RY r "cb5f^ -.-"'·io"«? r.i'Iio nnd ^"3'er. Apply 3:S 'J Patrick St. Appiv a; - er t p. ra. 7 - i O d G t * rO:? "S^Vl?:"~--" 21 FT. FU RXISKED c-d :n-:cu n.-it 1 ou' Anply J P. Hnrt- FO1 sVl.E-~PKiMA~\VASHER. LIKE re '. -. h.ri c!r? ^r v-:* 1 ! n-imp EOT q-.:-.-k s-io r:«: --Ter. 144 \V. ChurcSi :.-i*- us. -. ,h ".-.-.- · .-.--. ·- r'OR ALf: -- O^IO ^ ~ = r.rnae. cxc^-i-Tn FOR SALE-- '"^ET .'v m^*o- nr.*. e* 1 - h n " ond-*;^r.. Call 7- - Cc53t* 7-ZCd3t Spirirt-- Shipment arr.ved. are sre.Vr- H'UC f'.' rr.or.ey Sever?.: t: n.--; Vacation We havc e ? ~ For tftf K-^i in T'"-c Cars ::-- : - S:-j-r-=:-:*r 4 Or Sci. "^.4" rv^;^*-r -r n* Sc'i ,f^.--. -^. ^_ -,, t -^- ^.- "'47 C'-.r.--:er T-v--. ?-·*. Cpur.-ry -_:^^ C" '-"-']-:· 2 Or Sedan ;a;^ r;--.--oc;'.o 4 Dr Sedan : ·'-.'·.(_- - O 5 ;, -:- i r:- ^'·~.- i -:=c. _ O; ?o--:« ·--:?r".--- " C --:r^ THE PIANO SHOP 4th "'\ N M?r'-:et Street For Ear "CerUf.e'5" Insulation and Easle P:cher Aluminum Storm Windows snd Dcors ee H J Kefter phane 532-J 315 £ T-^ird St. Frederick ·« * 3 FHKDF.HICK HOMES INSULAT FNG C f R)H FO-: Sil.r -- 3A.BY CAKKIAGS'lX r c r ' c c t order. Z ^ co-isfi Io rii5t .-r · · _ _ __ 7-icc:-;; _ TO?! 3 \LE~-~A~GOOO SE \SCXED I--JK "n**"^ ' i *'-';% ^v.t^t rscj.^ 6 -*t. h ," ' '.', :; '^r.". 1 ?' If-- :rj .'.idc. a ·· ·" -A.-. i cn'e 01 :-!3c:-:. A. B. "-- 4 - " F.-ckv^'c. :.:-: HDikviIIe 2771 7-TOci5t _ FO^; ? M E -- ^"TAT^I. ELECTP.IC RH- -- ·,---;-, r tr.O V. W Y-.rc'.nc r.ear t,;;-- Prr.5 7-.ic5t' ron ? \LE~^~"A~K"C HEGISTEREO Oc".:^- Sr.-ir.'"" p"rio c^ M" Bobart :· y?rj- "--j u"i^ E 71 ^' ".'."in ?t . j»Ild- ; . ..._ » - j p:-.7r.e 69-:.'. 7-Pd~t* ""-;"? \* ~ ~^.-^:-2 n~ '."."GVD T TKAC- - , - i - - ----^-c --':- 2 -cced r " - r V : ------ :P:^ S-:ie'--ke-. air, - . , - . , . ,v : ,-o"-e JG" F-.: t ;·.:-;: van HF.VT- TV.ri ::-v.-:.Y DECnr- rr.f.eace ir.aps ar- Guide. Wo - ? '·· v ^ *- · -.--^ -i - H C - p.- -:·.··,·. e-=';?£;e c-.:-tcr5. Csce r .-"·.' S O '.r^'-T. J c !-'rro-v=. ~-r-"i r~.i"^ Go-.; er,?-. p-e A -car ago. Nellie Mason left the Chicago advertising agency -vhere f"i2 is rrr.pioyed on a yeat's vacation \vith pay. The r.ovel idea :--.- ·'-« o-,\ner, M. G'.en Xilicr. "-ho gi"e^ ca-h f,.T r. UT ? :c i^s.-s' \ crk. Mi.« M s f c n to .red T.e and Mex co. and return* to v.ork--after g;\:r.g Miller a thank-ycu kiss. ;-: s ;· c - , Car.acla joutr.crn areas. RALPH · FOS .~.NT 'nr 2 -e" ROYE~-t Norfi C".' Tele. 2CI -- O-r NS.-X: to B A S S A K A ^-TTCT^i- '.:OTOR CO ^^ Pr.o.-.e 1-8S t FURNISHED -*·«.- 1 HCOM Pr.v.-, - c "ANT) KDGER -- « a r j r ^ r r r %.= -- i^nr-: a-.ri F :-:-.-::i J .'. F"a-' ^street. Fnor.s :r,3-l sr.a ."^^ V.---.NT .-:D ? x * :.-.--\^ :--r cro: TO x^v :r - ' · - · - - --^ - -·__:.j.'-'·"" t-i b ,..."-i.' "* "^^ 6 - 1 Li..* I c u M T . l n C l A L P R I N T I N G THE NZWZ DFF1CS iNEWSPAFERr lEWSFAPEUr

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