The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois on January 23, 1948 · Page 5
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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 5

Harrisburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, January 23, 1948
Page 5
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THE DAILY REGISTER, HARRISBURG, ILL., FRIDAY, .TANUAKY 23. .-^--^------^--^--j^-a^^fc^a^^^ja^a^^-a^M****TM**" PAGE FIVE, By V. T. Hamlin Fast Service VEWCDUT S05H - H0NEN« MOWS OUTFIT DIDN'T GET VVET. Jn l 'I ' M.-I rtrA'rt Filled By Ai Capp T/ie ,Apc-Men Cometh L'iL ADNER PEOPLE, MURDERING PEOPLES-NOTHING EXCITING -NOTHING UNUSUAL.'.'-NO REAL AMERICAN KID COULD GET INTERESTED IN THIS NAMBY-PAMBY STUFF//"-- THESE NEW 'FEARLESS ,^ r.r ] MO.'.'-/' YOU Darn KNOW ) WHAT YOU'RE *SAYING.'.* IF GOOCH STAYS SANE- WELL CO ME BRUDDER IM-LAV7 AST ME T' DROP IN, GOOCH.'T' MUST BE PUT BACK INTO '·"S FORMER HUMAN BEING Kindness Didn't Work ARE YOU THE BOYS FROMTME RESTAURANT. WITH TME SUGAR FOR MY COFFEE? , , . , : · M , M J b \ V S Modern peo- ,' I...V t ' H i i -i' 110 1 '·ervicrd at ' t M O l ' s " " I;"', 1 ! 1 ,,! u. 'lion, winch is, fitted ! , . \ K ' K i » n modern deuce u l ' l i' V, t '', .-ui'iles us to do \oiir ', , HUM!.'! n .'lid complete Me No Questions!! I'LL PLUG ) TH'OUICE, .- IS CO!~D,AT TH'MERE ^\ THOUGHT OF J . r ~ r--^ WHAT TMAT YOU FIENDS? BUT S VCL THAT 5£ TREATMENT TPC.«TMENT vrr-wE ADVISE CH,ufsx «« NERVOUS PCLKS NOT TO READ THIS STRIP. Utfril_TH!3 EPi3OD csiapult Cage Tomorrow Shoulder Seen if Mayers HUMM MOTOR CO. {2", So. Cranccr Uarriblmrg, Ii! Uitmm Motor will make yoar motor Complete Stock of Washer and J IMdio Parts P-ci · ST. · Cn Robson Radio Electric Service Fuller Brushes Phone 678 HENRY L. UGHTFOOT { LOANS Signature ami Realty j Collection Adjustment j Service Skaufis BIdg. Pho. 893-\V i r /ry £1 tr t£ f^ i |/.¥^^^ TAX SERVI By 12 to Loop Runner-up Must- Seat Benton Tonight, Mt. Vernon Tomorrow Night, if Morion Tops Rams Tiie I l a i i i ^ u u i g l^uil Dojjs c o u K i ' e a r . . ;-,T- i-'ij second nlace in t n j The league-leading Centrahans, pluu ,, ia4 . U iw..i --......-Cuth v" 'btandi'ius followmq with six wins and no losses, jour- Illinois tomorrow night for tne u^r P-irt bS"tb-U ulu' -if a'nc-v southward to West Frankfort amc the Badgers have to urn in \\ L L U t. » l \ k/U~ -«, l. «.» f . . _ " · _ ! _ A r _ __ - U « st*U,rtw Crtiit r» *x1V *l_ -. T»:« A*Ivirt r»otTO l*nf*O HTlfl HO S Crucial **»^ "CHICAGO. Jan. 23--U.P--Bud j Foster takes his defending cham-i nion Wi *\ _ - . basketball team to «fz V rf«5 Hole o' tfiinv. happcno'd. j tonight for the other South Six It IIa::i.U'i-;5 were to beat Ben- contest. i ioV''_r.t j-t^Ecu'on and defeat) The Mt. Vernon-Harrisburg tilt Keaster Rug Upholstery Cleaning 503 W. South St. Phone S59U Harribburg Kirbv Vacuum Cleaner Dealer ",.t ..'C.T' \. -1C i'; ii'i \V. to / j a r i o n ··^co:io i a M/sic v.jlh a '!iree !c I V i* L ±s\*' i v-*ii **** v* v«w*i^»« * | J L I I C i'lt- » t i * i v ^ i » » * * * * " - » * ' ^ i ' ^ ~ ~ o .on a: r.It. Vernon to-|i s the only game Saturday night i "', ar.i ii Ml. Vernon i that will count in the South Six on tonight, records, but all other conference teams will be busy. Centralia faces tough Salem, a team that knocked off the Troutmen by a decisive score in an early season game. Benton plays Pinckney- \ille, every bit as tough as Salem, Marion journeys to Carbondale and West Frankfort leaves the state to play at Paducah. v ot.!-.'. be in second .: '.·-. e w:r.» against thice Mt Vcr-.ion." no\v in .·a e with foar »ias and loi, \..n:!d drop to third ;eco:d oi four wins and ,_.x:i^ dropped \Vcst Frank- fcit. 37 to -0. the last lime out . I ! V.- «i:!c ;» i«ke l d.e .-·tc?i,r:5, We «IKt f^ any- No collection, no charge! M. I). Ncslcr Collection Agency 302 E. Walnut Phone 113 s,ar.:c 'and should The Soulh ilic Rangers oi ^ n _,, L ! Buiton trails! icain w i t h bix looses! Centralia -»5t. Vernon '^'"V'e.. on"'n:i the oihci hand. Karrisburg 'a"good ball du-\ but no better| Marion , tcaris Six Standings: W L Pts. 0 405 6 4 3 3 2 "b 1 3 282 307 364 296 Op. 306 229 316 398 _ i in t'*'*-' i lyiuiu mail t*^ .i_t*io, m» «»v «i-r am»~ manner, defeating favoied lpe ar in Chicago late today to meet Ilinois again by the same score. Owner-Coach George Halas per- 2 to 47. So Foster has groomed S0 nally. If he doesn't show up to- is club for a new look at the ijav. he will Saturday. And when-, Champaign court and he hopes the'ever he shows up. it is a better i esult will be different. .- jthan even bet that he'll put his j The odds favor the Illini for this , n amc on a conliact. ontest The Harry Combes club i Halas announced the situation vent into the Big Nine campaign ' on the Lujack negotiations after undefeated and'favored for the ti-1 a s hort telephone call Thursday le, and the beating from \Viscon- n ight. in was its first of the season. Illi- That, from Halas. who has nev MOTSINGER AND ROSE Konds and Insurance H': S. MAIN ST. Phone G33R ! "' "' -*n J E. -Tc:e" ?;:· The Scoreboard . D. A. LEHMAN EYE. I:AK. NOSE. THROAT Wav.cs Httcd -01 North Vine Street Suite 1--llarrisburc Hosp'.tal BY HARRY GRAYSON NEA Sports Editor _ YORK-(NEA)--The Yankees played to an unprecedented' · ' 7PPODOO paid admissions at home and on the road '"^eir two nm^n, «.ScJ Lcland Stanford MacPhail but Charley DeVjAt of the B-wns- front office only now reveals how close the irascible redhead came to wi cckinc the : ]on _. di:tancc telephone bill trying v.-oi!d championship ciub o. Ut«- I w ^j. Rud Jnto ta king--now get Shortly before the trading dead- thj s _R- lzzl it o . Stirnweiss. Lindell. U A I»^i*«»rk*«l/\HC r»Tn . . * » f -.1. T?4ts*n -IT^/? f» T^lf Ptl«» line. -Tr-nc 1-x impetuous and GOODRICH TIRES I'a.N.H-niier, Truck. Tractor , f TIKI: ^ i;.\TTERY -^ K. Topbr Tcrnis 17 Jill Barker Mile?. v.. MacPhni! was doing his utmost Jo dispose of six key Yan- kcc«--Rirruta :.nd Stirn-.veiss. bc- ]:c\c it or not. Johnson a«a 'dell and Ccvcr.s and Aaron Rob- m-on. , Ti.rl r.:llv .To'uiyon nnd Jonnny L:r.(:cll -\c/c lhc vtfy ducklings at ihc 'o-.lrc-t Jr.-I J-pnr.c i= wcll-'.r:. Ai^-^ how the ch:mky third Kr c-V^n n::«^c oulficldcr came .n ^ 0 .,^-,, jn o'vcrccncic.^. to again r,-nkc il pr-^blc~for the club to come. hn:nc fir.'-t. Trr \SH1XGTOX could have had *» Johr on and Lindcll and pcr- ] irTv; .-, yo-:nc«tcr or tv/o for Mick- cv Yei-npn, but Clark Griffith iccrTil 5t wnv.-3?c to p.^rl with the AL bnllirc chr.mpion of 1946. j5v I . I i Ti ? i: . ?o!;: ' s «; sEuVicn I I'honc f,:8 j · John B. Owen, J. P. * ] · ' - « . ^!ain PhJsc-toi\V ' r v t . *e. nr r-.-;, ^--' r : c, or Lv '' c ' tJOI : s - n fcds"or lloitsajw! ''.COV£ TAX l;o-i v.-hcn -7o 1n rc'.'usn to Jr-hn? Hopkin? Hos- pi'r.l fc-r Vrc skm-graftinC on his 1'crl. v hilc 'I'.e clubs were in U.iinir.?:. TVTrcFhnil oflcred the St, L',--·; cirb I inc'.ell. Johnson and a p.-iir of kids for Walt Judnich. Kic'nt J'.-.CTI is v.licn Muddy Kucl. copi c'l jn 51-c fall as manager of 1hr Li'tlc Uro-Anics, should have 5incl h',; hcnd examined for the first tirr^. lor ho turned dov.-n the proposition. litre's or.e for 3hc book. While the .-"-,; \\cre in Washington i;i tnrly .Ti:ne, rrp:dly l«iil:ng out of s'ght in the cellar, the rashly^clic MacPhail paid quite a M i*£r'~^»» 1 »** v '* v * * »^ Robinson, Nick Etlen and a pitcher to be named later for-Vernon Stephens and Johnny Bcrardino. Think of it! A stickout double- play combination, an established long-distance hitting outfielder, a corking catcher who hits home runs and some more for a lad who has not been two mild off the field -ir.d another who 5s more interested in Hollywood than the Ameri^Shortly C afierward, and before he June 15 trading deadline. Loud Larrv MacPhail long-distanced SSal mana ger Bill DeWitt offering Lindcll, Bill Sevens and young pitcher Cuddles ^TMull, then with Kansas City, for p, ch- crs Jade Kramer and^elson Potter. That one flopped when DeWitt insisted the ianKS Denny Gatehouse instead oi MacPhail flew to St. Louis, in- ler. a . sisting on Kramer and Potter, but had a new song and dance. Lindcll was now roaring along winging for the injured King Kong Keller, so the radiant red- W W » * \ ^ A--M« O ~- -- ----- - - ^ Big Nine cage race, and nc $ oping that history doesn't repeat gain. UH. By CARL LUNDQUIST United 1'xcss Sports Writer NEW YORK, Jan. 23--U.!!_ .\'o\v that Commissioner Ilapp Chandler and virtually everyone flb'^ concerned seems willing to lembtatc the impetuous ball play- I r i s who jumped to the Mexican k-;.»ue in 1946, the big question tcday was--who can use them even if tliey are in good standing? A 1 though Alejandro Aguilar I{e.\cs. the Mexican commissioner j-rid in "Mexico City that all dif] feiences between his league and] U. S. organized baseball had been i ironed out. it remained lor some American club owner to throw out the first welcome mat for their j piodigal players. Reyes *aid he was optimistic that before long all of the Amer-, ican players would be permitted, to return to their teams in thei states. He made his announce- 1 n ent after a conference with VVal- ler Mulbry, secretary-treasurer to| Commissioner Chandler, after he, ?nd Mulbry concluded a tv.o da f .series oi "peace meetings.'' i Lxpcct Cold Shoulder Most of the American players | who jumped for the fat pay and ether inducements offered by the Latin loop, now are in Havana playing winter league baseball to pad out their incomes. Those appi cached expressed jubilation over the piospeet of returning to ''.he major leagues. ? But there seemed little liken- hod that their former owners v.ould start clamoring for tnem The list of stars who are still vnder suspension in the United States includes Max Lanier and Fied Martin of the St. Louis Cards, Mickey Cwen of Brooklyn a n d , ACC Adams and Danny Gardella' ot the New York Giants. ^11 oi the jumpers were suspended automatically for five years ' irom organized basecall, and the suspensions would have to be lilt-, 1 u before any could return. Then I in.ev would still have to battle an "expected cold shoulder from owners who have plenty OL top talent to work with already. Higher Education Selling Pspuiar CLEVELAND-- OU» --Contrary to popular belief, government sub- sidv of veterans is not the mam ! cause of a high college enrpll- 'ment, but only a contributing factor a memorandum prepared by ',the late president of Fenn Col- llege two days before his death 'said. i Surveys show the average vet- leran would have entered college. i anvwav, Dr. C. V. Thomas said He 'pointed out that going to college, ' I is becoming part of the social pat- J t e r n _ becoming contagious and . | likely to be as common as second- 'ary education once was. I "For the first time in history, j ! the world it witnessing the begin-' nmgs of an experiment in higher education for the masses. It be! hooves educators to guard zeal- · "Gee. I AM stroiu:--if I keep this up beU'hu I can p u l l ou when you're j'.roun up. tool" sa\s Molly thf MiiLmaid. "Bvoiy lit- t!o buy or };h'l who drinks Dairy Biantl Milk stays in the pmk--thai is, if they drink a drink each and c\eiv d;iv!" Tonight 6 p. m. - Saturday 6 p. n 14c arsd 40c m IN EYE-FtlUNG CIKECOLOR! J*gj§jgf £ {Catherine DaMilie«E!yseKnor 7 DAYS Starting Sunday 2 p, m. 14c cud l Andrea KING · Ariene DAHL fi Alan HALE · TOBIAS J.V J j tu uv~ =,--- George O'BRIEN · Sara ALLGOOD ^ L CH » fef'SSS'S: SST JrSnffSSS '»° j Ben BLUE - W,lBam FRAWIEY ^ i *» «~j~ * . . . , * t . . . ^ t_ ^ .._ n smi*. in A inoT"- 1 e«""- ,nv LujaCK, iMOire UAUIG s .^vu-. somenuw uau mm.TM -·«-i---. Last year Wisconsin won me '/ mer i can quarterback, is less than 'their hands, because only in' Amer- pening'Big Nine clash from Itti-' 2 ,i j, ours away from signing a con-jica will we have this opportunity. .:_ ,,* f~,j;c. on -52 to 47. Later - trac ' L ^ o pi av f c r the Chicago Bears. JDr. Thomas said, took an undefeated p e r e n n f a i challengers for the Na-; In conclusion, thr I l l i n i COUrt aild ' .i,,.,.,] m,r. fftr.t1--)ll lrncmp tit.lp. it U i _ _ i k n ^» -*ra ois at Madison, '52 to 47. le Badgers ----- eccrd onto the Illini court uffered a 63 to 37 per n c o , h e pointed o u t and ' t i o n a l pro football league title, it| t h a t there are 2,338,226 college , ...,_.. at 'appeared today. This year Wisconsin opened the ' Lujack. sought by the Bears for JL II ID * u«*i ** utvurf*** "i' *_«·%.** o-*uj*^*-iv, ^w w^,"- * «.- . - . -- cliLUi JL.*?W v * " ^ * * * - - -- -- - -- *. i Vestern Conference season in the more than two years, might ap- o£ 3 ( rjOO,000 persons seeking a . , , students today and predicted that after 1960 there would be upwards education annually. Diseases Decline SPRINGFIELD. 111.. Jan 22.--j (U R)_A vear-end report by t n e ) State Public Health Department; o ,u i.^ov «. .-- ^--. -~ ..showed today that most communi-j tumbled before Minnesota c r been optimistic about the Bears i cab i c diseases in Illinois were on i Tonight 6 p^ rn. Double ~ 1:30 p. m. 12c end 35c 1O1S VUii*'^^*^'^* «,·*,- -- - --- - -- - oo. but none of the nine foes who came to Champaign has been able o beat the home club. Wisconsin began the Big Nine chase with a record of four victor- ,v.ith Lujack. es and three defeats. Since then ; he Badgers have tnumpncd in ] 'ivc games, one of them at Inch-i ana. but lost to Michigan at Madt-! 3011. \Vhcthcr the Badgers can o% cr- · come the jinx of the Illinois home . » _ _ _ j * i . TM j^w** 1 *_ J d uuoit u^iiiiiu*.*'- *»^/VM* *..·« -- C3DIC u*ov«s chance to land the number one , lhc ( j ec ii nc . , collcigalc prize of 1947. was near- j T here were "substantial drops i ly enough to guarantee that the j m lhc i nc id e iice of venereal dis- i?o^rc imvf i-pnrhrd an agreement , o^^^ini fpvo.r. whooping :ss B r»\ icascs. scarlet fever, whooping ( cough, diphtheria and pneumonia,, i the report showed, while smallpox , Uas almost extinct with just two j ' cases reported. . j I State Health Director Rolaml R . , 1 Croi-s said credit for stamping out | . the diseases was due to immunua- measures, the btates vaccma-1 _ .» A*^~. r+r\ r-f*. f 1 nn ITl^" . 'Swing Your I *\ HOTSHOTS" /7\T c=zic. Ken. G:l ' » V · the Saturday program. Vnnnc- m , n 0 sola at Indiana and Ohio Stale "-t,Athletic ^»UL«I *«v *··*«·*«»·*· »««..- ».,---, -- , « » » « i 4 K * * * ^ . x r f " . . » - - - ,-^ [ ,, j~\ ijcr trvjii*. i Purdue, while Northwestern aocs The V.-cstt-rn team oocs not have i a ^ » rate llt ^ 1V . outside the league to help No.rc ] an imp rC v.i-.c record, biu with '"^·"· 1(K)0 wcrc rcp0 rtcd. Dame celebrate its 50th anniver- pla}cr! . 5i:ch ; . s .vix-fcct frur-inch-,«- a ^- i nc . half o f all cases re-, sarv" at the game in part of a Cm- ]cre A1 Ml kvi;, rr.d KiH \\*\ and Almo ; 1 _£, C0 norrhca or syphilis, i T_ f**^ J:..«« ^Jrfv^^'Klrf^Virtor'rtt" { ^ ' _..-.- / ' · T , , --1- ir/-»\t*lrtV J ilOV ilTC ' p"* tvv* v. - « . _ , - ^.^nl ^iCA^IWO I Sundcy 2 p. m. -- Monday 6 p. * 12c and 35c THRiLL UNDER O -- ,, cage Stadium doublehcadcr. Donate SI 2,000 bowing by one point. -they'll be tougher than ever. ? ncsbta has captured its laM t w o contests, against Illinois and Iowa. with pleasant margins with lJg Jim Mclntyrc looping 3f. P"'"^ against the Uawkc\es ar.d ^ against Illinois. Purdue lookctl like a goon be* Ma-.oon.s have^won 12 to only two t3cfcat Ti.c-? \5c-froLs were to «· and ASillikm. le?m the j h.n.l pro»jou*-ly dcfcatca. in successive w h i c h com- pii-e'J .1 i«»d-f-ca«on slump. PK1NGKIELR . The lllirois r , j r ore '..ore court, although j sophomore Buckeye quintet claimed iTM»« * hc Cleveland Onw^ore offered Gale- hW b«t MacPhail demanded TV Oil C X V C l i V J « ·J'V »«"-» -- j^V|'ll^"*«W* ^- ·^-·v-'fc. - --.- --- - j - ; head offered a P^ycr he had ! showc d more scoring ahiiitv J l i a n ; head o.icrcu ,__^ _,.,^ .^ ^^ cxpcclo d io have, and m»y c : -iSob Goodman Exceis -c^cniy Qtiinfcf The money food, clothinu jies for teachers itcd countries. ill. Jan. 23-Education As- today that' ,^.-s have ton- S12.000 to the Uehcf f«n«- i has been col-i ighout the na- will be used and teachers' in war-tie- ji\v- a close £amc of it. Northwestern, too. ha improved With ·«·» G' -.r,'-. Got. · i.n. P · t ' o ,-· . -011 oj \%a Potter. in recent contest, and altn.vjgh j I .vc - sl?lC all right between the t-.o -uccnth 'chiibsT should be much closer tii..'0 j ,.-mc 61 w (i a allowed Jo stay together, A ciipoir.4 - jjial Gwcd.nan contnbui He is It's the Man Who Pays least to bc?:n with, it's the ,. \vho pays am^ng Mchammcd- Mjans. .Payment by ihc husband to other lawful and material consideration, as his dower, is a necessary feature of a Mohammedan mar- S t '12r\r r z£» * OlrSWs*?* *V« #· »." r.^3«»-* «V fxr. 7 ;' / 5 //3«t^f i . ^S. PEGGY ANN G A R N E R Ion McCAlUSTEK.Eta^;ftlVi.lfcS«W 5»' ES /i._. J 'A ~:t ·1

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