Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico on May 10, 1965 · Page 9
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Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico · Page 9

Clovis, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Monday, May 10, 1965
Page 9
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Page 9 article text (OCR)

SLEEPING ROOMS rORRENT: Clot* in, 74 t RENT: Clrttt in, MaMnm-pr' Bttn, ftrttltt *i"ilr»nfr*. TV 6«bl« W3.JWS8 • tOl Pll« Pn», mm SPACES Tranef- El(«t*i *14 w. Mth, «y man. AKKH3 rtAIf. SWf WORDS T INN. TRAILER KPACK8: APARTMENTS 77 2 .. t , W * lnnl FOR RENT: 2-tiedroom furnished apartment. Bills pnM. »wlmmlnB pool. 7R2-2066. RENT: 3-room furnished Apartment air conditioned. TV cable, ffl4 w. 14th Mrs. Hicks. 4.ROOM furnished apartment, car. wan to wall. JM «nd all hills paid and share bath u-ith elderly lady inia Connelly — 7B3.B422. IDEAL LOCATION for working nished apartment. anrl Tv cable P» I(I - Call ng roiip,.- 1-Bedroom furnished apartment. l«so nor C 763-4067. JTBEmtOOvrTuRNlSHED apt. JSo per month. 'Mvdroom nnfurnlihert, $BO tier mo.. water paid. "H3"»i«7. 3-ROO\t AND bntti rurnished apartmpnt for r«Mit. Hills pai^, rm p.-t». CLOSE IN. nlcelv furnished 3 rooms A bath, ruble, bills paid, air r-ond , no pets, adults only. 501 Pile 7K)-303!f MCELY Kl'n.VISHED rlcnn 3-room rtuplfx JflOSB FOR RfHT 78 for rent. JJMI 763-SW.tS or 76.1-3771. 1 H El >H(X ).\r"fu7nislierr" home for rent inquire 913 E. 7th. h " u «« r "" m ' qu8 ' c *" 762ulOB or at 812 KUH'NISH'KD ~2 bedroom month - i BEfwnoM h.wse. furnished, irenr-ert hack yard, fiutnmalic washer JL r ??. r * garage, 7H2-07K after 3:OU P.M ¥ R ^NT 2 bedroom unfurnl*:•--I home, reretitlv r 'decorated. stove, r«f f ur iloae to bate. 7jH-39«3 arur 5 p'm 2 BEI)R(K)M unfurnished rmuse. Mem for couple. Can 782-0041 after 5 p.m. KOR SALE pr rent 2 bedroom houie WMt of Thomas. Pay Ilk* — 7(G-UB«4. 3 BEDROOM unfufnlihed hmiw BMJHCXJM unfurnl»h«d apafmint i,« Ku . KOOM furnl «hM apartment V?,r A ? ro " ni ' uri 'i«n*<' «p«rtm«nt with bllli paid. Oil 783-5817 or 7B»-in88, !ini MAIN Til J6-1-4181 Complete Rental Serrle* J ROOM »nd bath, furnished home Air OmdltMned. K mllei North La Panda apartment." gaTa,.;: ihide ft'Tawn""]^ J^J^J^J 83 ^ '' No P*"' <-'«" 7M-77T8. ' i».BEI)KUOM HOME, Hi bath. c«rp.t«d. d 1 * 2 bedroom " tl " ty "»«>• .Mraee. Waiher. dryer, i electric. Laundry! $£.' * n<1 refrigerator furnlined. 7*2- fnrnUhM .pit. Total wermc. uauncryi ir^,. fartmiei. all th* r.invenionrpi of home i OH Barbara Huwndi. Town A Country I Real tatatf. 7R2-4.V11 FURNISHED l-nF.DRCX)M apartment Bill* [XI ( 'I 7S.V9S38 or UNFURNISHED'siDKnf .Vroom duplex, garag*. ntnrage and KIXXI n*lghb"rtv¥>d — 7ii.V41SZ 1-BEUfUXJM FfRNlSHEO »partm«nL RUli paid \«t<t Wallace. 7t£.:,v,5 n>MPI.Ele RenUI Service l*H W. 21 it 7H3-4W1 UNH-'KNISHEI) " bedroom apartment. Sinve A r»fr!ir»ratnr furr.uhM I/ dfilri-.) IV O'i.e. Inquire £»»J bidding or ca;l IIENT 3-roum furnlWrt home."Avail- J™« th« Ut. Inquire 109 KuUi. 7S4- ^^ , RENTALS WANTED MCKLV "f^U^d" 1~r^rTTp7rTr^r^ ^^^^^"^.^^ r«.-;.-!-d 4m E. Gi.nd W5 7.I3-WS7 01 |J,|! |J,^r M., n ** W t [ 1II,« ,. ^r^dS^TsT i;.;.^ i •»""• •»"riri/2 1 Hv HS mup» or w:in b»b>'. no peti. Inojlrt —I!L*!!! —__'_?'!^'_ Horsra O R fw rent. " 1 or "n"'™!***!. 7(KMS« or 783- EX7TA LAFU«fT.^lv f.jr^li.hed .1 room i *;i«rlrr.irr.: Mi.i [mid nkf I rntid ro ...r"".' J^S, I ^'TS^"^ """' I RENT BUSINESS PROPERTY 79 1 R(X)M fjml.n*! .psn.-r.eri K,; t r v..1 lomCE RPArK^TlS Mltrtwll Y M r-round T»- n <•-'.-. .s,, pt;, 7i2 syc»raorf j ^r o>nili(|.inlng. Vaull Parking W. C Wat'«l-.». MtKf.!* AllfcM V-7« 44(13 ***< mtmmmmmm BELL If t€AL CSTATC CO,, INC Diiililliiu A Wt'ller Clovis Is Roll's Au*Uf«*» 1808 W. «1M HUM 111 137 STATK ST., HIGHLAND - MARSHALL SCHOOL, paint for partial down payment, payments ONLY $68.50, 2 bedroom, 1 hath, i.i.-no living room, utility room, fenced yard, Call Don Tnomr-kiriS or Hart-ell fulchcr. LARGE FAMILY? SEE THIS 4 bedroom, 1% bath, home at once, It won't last long. Just north of 21st. in Highland-Marshall School. This exceptional home leaves nothing to be desired. Don't put off call Willis Harrell. HEY YOU - THIS IS FOR YOU in Echols Acres, 3 bedroom, with writing desk built-in 2 of the rooms, 1% .bath, carpeted living room & hall, larger than average kitchen & family room, 1 car garage & utility room, Call Roy Gentry or Chuck Anderson. NOTICE TO RETIRED PEOPLE & all those who need Income. Tins nice 2 bedroom home & duplex will pay its way & give you a nice home, wall to wall carpet, corner lot, duplex is furnished & rented. Call Virginia Williams. TAKE OFF YOUR SHOES AND SIT A SPELL while we go over the many features in this lovely brick home in the Highland School Zone lots of room, big bedrooms, extra large kitchen, hardwood floors, foaling breakfast bar, nice yard & fence. CaJl Don Bell or Gary Bell. 8UNDAVS ANU'AKTBR OFtfICB HOURS - CAf.L M. B. "Fnd" Bet) Don Thnmpklnft Virginia Wllllnmn Chuck Anderson Snence Hal) Oafr Ball Ilarrnll Fulohef . 7H8.B2M 96S-7144 7fl« W82 W2-07BR 182-1687 W2-2fl97 703-30RH W3-3B04 Don Bell Marvin flnguley Tom Hudson H. L. Tldenhflrt Richard foster Jake Brooks Roy Gentry Willis Harrell WS-30J58 762-2 1 M 702-1782 7B8-1W27 78.S-1101 7B3-0310 1119 THORNTON "The firm behind JUST A HOP-SK1P-AND A JUMP ... from school!! Every luxury item you desire is here: Spacious family room with fireplace, dishwasher, disposal, stove, oven, 6V block wall, workshop, larpe patio, x-pensive tailored drapes. 3 BR, 2 Baths, double garage, brick, air conditioner, carpet, wood floors LOCATED WITHIN AN AREA OF SOUND VALUES-! wtHilcl consider trade! $23950.00. WEIGHING VALUES? Looking for your money 1 * worth? Completely redecorated. 3 BR - 2 Hath - Lan.e garage corner lot - workshop H\V floors - James fJiekley Srhoof Zone - entry hall - carpet air conditioner, Closot space to spare —- if you want lo "TALK TURKKY" see us today!! $15,850 with a variety of terms to choose from. 702-4501 the SOLD signs." WHAT DO YOU X-PECT FOR $9,4507? There's a pleasant surprise awaiting you in N. Clovis with this "clean- as-a-hounds troth" 2 BRH Attached garage, fence, HW floors, central heat, air conditioner. Wame your terms very small monthly payments WHY NOT INSPECT IT TODAY?? TO A BOY ... HOME IS JUST A "FILLING STATION" however here is a home the whole family will thoroughly enjoy... because, it is all brick, has carpet, fireplace, don, beautiful built- in birch kitchen, 4 BR - 2 Baths - double garage, workshop - entry hall - patio fence - sprinkler - air conditioner - \vo could go on & on £ on' - But ... it would make this AD too LARGE! Bring the \vhnjr- family (o see this "Happy Living" home!! Dean Eldrldge MorHnitfl Harrinjrton Bob Burch S-7J3.S Ray Johnson 7*!-lS80 20.518 W. H. ••Ul/l" Snyder 8-6W8 2-0793 Morelanti Martin 3-0368 The Finn That Sells Clovis" r«rt *| or p«n Or.'er M M » nr N M ,, n Kor ,„. :l JJICK Wintun K««)tv, T,4 W. 1J:.-.. »«5 mo. Ca. 1 BM>KMOM rsrTKMSHKD .'x;--,r>oi' for wn-.,.- ,ad » :ti fnr «:»<• tnc 1'u.vt AS-.:.- PI. iftul.-t »)» HIM RKVT offlr« •_>«(_». w*ll plenty of p*rfcn«. 783-.-301' 1217 Main — Kadlo No. 7 Village — Sasser yirit.r ri n. i i ( . rm... •>«<. kit. ui. _____ r, m R«<i:o c«nurr, :IX UX'ATLD ' * 3 room furtitirv«0 w Z^i?f^*^*\ HOMBTOifSAiE 1*4)11. l-fcu»^rft'm. cfcx* to io»n. *JO us , V7K t i n* j"!, fir;rr^ f-jf i;.'i. V s ,> 763-5503 762-4544 HYMAN BROS. - TUCKER - SASSER i n«»f < Ht <•!',«,•,• ... 'v, 1.,-. ''u,i. > T..) A.'i »y»nmtri\* H m>n'l «M! rou • di.ii V, rr- I.-* it»t at «p»nm»r.u up • »,l In (ixi'l C»i Tt<^^41 or drop IJ> «• ki4lr jti Iv lrm»- RwiUu Inc. (1! vu;.-, • « in rh* Vl.,*r« I".!' HIM ftM. Rivenide Ei R ht Apto. . M m»»»r». Air 1011 .V IWm*. 7<J Kua t BIIMM or BTl Illll. .. NOW .\;r«-!v f.r-i»h»d 1 HK- A,v» (_»^;-»!- C Ilii MtRAOOfi APARTMENTS For Ijnurtou* Uvtnc CURRY^HOUSE 9100 Mltrhrll 7O »MI JjOOSES FOR "RBIT'33ri I'll" Vl..VT r,.-r"; rJl- , ;T, I* a !«<*'-.••( •' '-1 > *< :- A t! I HA «;•;••!•»,,«• ' : -.-- - - ! " " * "" "•• •'•" <!•••- «vd rr :-:,' .:i> pd. Mu»« r«>".'--. .? ^--> : .r- T V .. .-, |.-... ,,...,..,.'.! t-"--• !•• ..-' , ».: !S.. f) w .!.»•„, 4,1 j»,-ki w -:'.•• H.-« -x I.- ?..;• IT.; I OW.ti! 1 }.A', I-,,, !..,. P . ., ,,!:"hr'!":k] ! V.rnf • ]'..., .,,,., . (.. ..,.,. ..,, , ,. p<( . I <";•.> U- ; 1-.:r.I ,J.';*1 I:-. \'.r !•:»••• l.'v ; ' '- •'« «• I *>« • I r t,.'. • ,.,.. h,l. « | «>••''• A .-sit f . «r ..•• «;,»,,. A«» .••..•' j W It.'.'.. ' .'• r ft':' ." t ..-. .- !. U.'V, .. aii K. toirn H A ' |-'.<-..- [>•.- !r,-» :..i .--.: ( : ,.,., |>,, 4i K , I\'A-'AVT I'.KAPV run fK'rririTJrv"' > ' -f f»rr. .> r-,.nr« « •; •:: \*t rn<f\f DO YOi: WANT TO STUETCH YOUR HOUSE DOI.LAU? You «io? 1><> sure to see tins soon to be completed — 1 bath, 3 bed- nx.m home, tremendous k.t, brand ne\v dovclopment. There's a >r|XT;iie utility and storage room and an oversized single at- tachr-d KaniKe and talk about economy of operation, this home n;ts double insulation throughout, it'll cost you only a fraction o! what you'd normally pay to heat and C(x>! this"one! Down pavmont and rlosinf. $450.00 Total and }nw, low monthly pay- nu-nt of $811.00 including taxes and insurance. Call Jack Rossman or K I,. Shr>o<-k. AKI: vor moKiNi; FOR ix>w MONTHLY PAYMENTS? Then l.->k no further than ibis lovely 3 bedroom home It is located within u hloi-k of HiRhlaml grade school and shopping center It has i-arrn-t in the living room and hall, fenced back yard' lively landscaping and attached Rarape. If $70.00 per month s-_Hinds IIKO vour kind of payments Call Neal Walls today 763.1.1, :> or Mnnt» nandrc.i 7ti3-51? ! )i RK,\L MCE BRICK I! Rodn«im.' double f.ara C n lots of cabinets and built-in-.. ha> nice family room. Carpot thnmchouf tile fem-o u,-h h.xll' t,l, ; s,,>r,-,^. Total m,,vo in COM SUSO Fxo!>ll. list',) '"" n K Arnclt 7t5 -'- 1153 or Klr "er Coffey 7B2- SEE OUR rOMI'I.ETK RENTAL DEPARTMENT IF IT'S FOR RENT HE HXVK IT KXCUMVE \<;E\T FOK COU).MAL I-AKK AND UK^AVOOD >*•"! Farm, Ranch. I P.M. PH 7ffi 1514 Cotfey 78: , :,>,,,.,.., i A f»T ••. C ,-r: ip«r: | ''r XV till!.!. i»ir..iy CALL b. IrniiVj rwtals, Inc. * M*!^ *« .. . - - • > nr !•>•(,.-._ .. H'J' RI \T ! brijt.,,«7 r ' ? A • *->.«/t^'! ^-*>r r, ^,» i ,- ... t r I'' K--T> H.:l r. CALL Buck Tnrker Jack U. Ro<u.niiui 763 9158 O.I. Thompson John Arnett U3N Ret 76:MIR3 Bob R«-ed NeaJ Wall* 7fi3-37iHJ Ci. ||. Susser Elton L. Hhryock 763 s«fl7 Harold o. flyman M»He D«nclfM» 7C35J.15 Itoy B. Ingrain HOMESJOR SALE _ •"C)!( SALE 2-t«dr-innn hr'.-k h . 82, HOMES fOR SALE 1A.V6S80 7G3-74S1 '6S8MA 76S-67M 76S4138 76S75M 763-712* 82 r :' • ,-ar, , M M H : f. A f«T' .»••:••> - .. - '.» •..•«• M»tt-.« i t;i.;.', y » "• ,«-«i-r a,r« •: 4'.4 W »;,i or mil •}'• T. r-.,.» .•>- iti.v '•"•••» •"-'»'> V «; 4 •» lr»l!r,| •" .-.• i-;-,4-f' I3S.S6C 00 • CTI'AV Mrt!lt.RS'"~": •*•--. ^n~V, n.,~l '*' '"* "' : « ! "'' <:ts " _•••_ V---h ,/ i"i. 1 .:,::•> :v .> >'OK .-• \LT b» _•.»•>,: r<?;« nlrr S-bfd- K^'i * «<i- r . »«• • »>. . jm * 7 ;^- 'j'^quu'" 1 '* *** *' Tell KKNT l-»-^-u,r-t fu.— »•*.! ', • " *l WK.ST KAI'lilK - Hfl« "l» "Vri~<vTl' »^ '<-<l hr«: U 1 [art l.'u I »,: ".'i> .'• !.:»•-» t: r !.-.:., t.,-,! >,;v. ; . t,ji'-) , ",„, ". J " r , ' '" '*'.*"" r '""' '" I'T »*- «- ! i«-..K «[>i-, k - »". ! I! f r- .:.w i" " •»•«?•.• »."*•-•! «- •••• ' '•••; , -,...,...,.,.„..,...•..;.,,,•!.., .,...,.. ..., 13 BR Br*-(< wiui rircp'.arc Fullv r»n.*.ted : 2 FUth$ »».k'ln cl»»«U. HAMII.IO.N 1 AlItNCY J-6SL5 J-|T6i.i. ! K.XCEl-LKNT SCHOOL l.vati.-.r. S hort- n»»m d*n and I t»t.".» llv's Hair.».m i7,r» . "OI'SE carptted curtaini f -"X- u' n?"',"' TV Cah!<> wouid «• 'ii n "<,»ti-i rar in imde. See ». -Mi Itcr.( her "tif-^'US vmi t»*v ran A trnwic - wtrv wrr ow*r m Af.f, i WICK, chinpMc ( »fln«'i, imlli in KHrrVfi, 3 sfmnhut* bedroom*, i hnihs. Now *'IIA Uwn makes tftts ««»y lo uwft. WflCT may we sltijw you? NKKD t/rrt OF ROOM? LOW PAYMENTS? HlWi ».t Fftt ** swer in Ihls 4-l)Oi1rn.>m, 2-halh, den & flrr>plat!6 fttiftie. fainf- IWJ r « |) " ir ,u ll ,L rT ) nke down payment. Big corner lot, idea) lircallon on north Wallace. W> WALI^WO. tt> ftKf,A¥> M AM a-Frerlronm, 2 Uaih Item CnrueilrK. air e.m.111 inner. fenced bank yard, exIstlfiR FlIA loan, good lawn. Owner leaving, so must sell. low no payment Is this qualify built 3* h Schonl - H«KiW'»rf fi^ri, car- extra > ar « e lot f <* *»»«» expansion, fn NE in sufe fifiance 61.secriON Ranch. Estate needs to sell and will consider trade to 8 " weU and under *™«<* «•. Ideal location 8th ft Mitchell 762*4403 BORNSi Bonded Realtors Aflen Reid Res. 763-4563 f otn Burns Res. 763*6898 Jim Bums R<». 763«4762 Barry fx>ve Res. 763*6348 S. A. Newsom Res. 763-9596 762-2992 REALTOR 129 STATE STREET — 2 bedroom, hardwood floors, garage, Immediate Occupancy 5300.00 Down plus closing costs. $69.95 month. 3009 OIDDING — Large 3 bedroom, l&y* bath, double garage, patio, Big lot, Excellent location, $450.00 down plus closing costs. $93.00 month. 915 REID STREET — 3 bedroom, dining room, wood floors, carpeting. $5100.00 Total price, $1250 00 Down. Would make good rental. $49.00 month. ' 201 CIRCLE — 3 bedroom, ceramic tiled baths and vanity, O' Kcefe & Merritt built-ins, NOW UNDER CONSTRUCTION Buy while you can pick your colors. $450.00 Down plus closing costs. Payments less than rent. HAVE A GREEN THUMB? Owner has moved, Immediate pos- sion of this spacious 3 bedroom & den home on Kathie. Beautifully landscaped yard. Top value for your home dollars. See this home today. $119.50 month. PERT'N PRACTICAL is this 3 bedroom, 2 bath home on Kathie, center entry, electric built-ins, air conditioning, $600.00 down plus closing. $106.50 month. OFFICf PHONE - 762-2992 SUNDAY ANT) AFTER HOURS CALL Leon Womack 763-6257 Leon Williams 763-6545 Stanley Hardwlck 762-1111 HOMES FOR SALE 82 RF.AI, SIIAItP C.l KUl'lTV This 3 bedroom, bath & a * home is as wat as a pin. Has fenced yard, nice palm, payments only S*M per month. Somoonp will snap thl» one up quick, (,'nli John Arnctt. 781'-1153 or Elmer Coffee 7<i2-UgtiO Clovis Real Kstate Inc.. 3 BR, 1V< h»lh» on W. Chrlnlnphrr, all brick, flrrpl. fully o«rpfltcd. draped, built. Ins, fenced 118,501). Call owner 7H3-S72U LARGE BRJCK-venlr home recently built, ground* over two lots, excellent location near University. S. M. Flnney. 918 West 15th St. Portales, New Mexico. PAUL REAL ESTATE 517i/ 2 MAIN 763-4461 BEING trnnsfered, make offer. Near Bella Vl«ta School. 3 bedroom. Exceptionally lovely with beautiful wall to wall carpeting throughout. Wr.vjght Iron ral.lng armmd front and back porches. Lovely landscaping, chain link fence all around the property. Joyce Stone 784-3503. HAVE LOVELY large 2 bedroom house on nicely lanscaped lot In excellent neigh- borhrxxl near the courthouse. Ha» 1 rental on back which rents for jso a mo. Only $15,730. Call Joyce Stone 784-3S03 ONLY J7.iO down will put y ,u In this ch.'lce neighborhood near Clovis Hieh Schiol. 3 bertnxwns. l*i bains, built- In ovi-n and ranee. Lovely wall to wall caruet. 2 car Ear nee. pant.-y shelves. closets and more closets. Loads of ci p- bnard space In the klichen. bath and Rirnge. lively patio, all lanscaped. central heating and drapes. Move right In. Call Joyce Stune 7S4-3503 or 763-4461. SUNDAY and AJTl-Kli IIDUIW fUUNE MI.MBKKS Jnrry l'»iil 7IH-HIM Krvln llunr.-ui Ktt-AiTi Jiiycn Kfcine 7MJ-.1.VU JuinlU Vaul TIU-3IM6 L"iOA Oramma grass ranch, good water »*>A Gran & wheat land, »75 per A Sew Brick, carpeted, den & fireplace 'urnlshed 2 BR & small rental, terms AH' & Trailer space* t'llng $70 ir.j. juttiitv brirk like new. terms KAKM - KA.Nt U • IKKIOAIIU.N LOANS HOMES FOR SALE 82 W. J. EVANS nt« Altttll r.«M)ATION Witlklnr dlitane* lo tcniMil and Grade inhmil* Bov NOW In \VKHTKItN HIM.S. tVallfirtt a Rtntz Oim»». Co., 783 or TWIT f»v.,rlt« rmlt<ir BY OWNER, 2 hlks of HI School. 3 BR. attach, uar., l«i bathj, disposal, built In CASH BAMBF REALTOR CT/MS, N.M. B»x 328 p h- PO 3-5031 NIU> PO 3.58S6 8AIj;srwU)V ETHRL BY MAN PO 3-5896 R8TATI5 , v- 2 bedroom with rarace apartment. Priced to «ell. *^ * NILE, CLEAN 2 hedro.m home, near Park. view Schiio). Pavmenn $B4 a month. RENTAL SERVICE H. A. Rum*** 1IB.IU>KA J»cU A Edith Splnk. BUSINESS PROPERTY 84 BUSINESS BriLDfNG for sale, located at 512 W. Grand Call 7S3-7620 BUILDINGS FOR SALE 84A EXTHA G(X)D jfron? bulldlnp to h* moved. Perfect for jrr«ln storage 1.9BO id ft. Worth the money. Ingulfs Red'i Boat Shop 7S3-B443. EXCHANGE REA1 ESTATE U •3484 'MEALKTATC Uis Oberthler Res. 7633637 LICENSED BONDED REALTORS 110 W. GRAND AYE. 762-4779 SAI.CSMKN Harry Dunmhvy 16191J8 Cannon Real Estate 113 Main 7 62-457 S »«M1»I» Nlavc* 78S 4A71 TRADE equity In nlc* 3 bedroom. 1 '-, bath h.<me lorated In Belmont addition «or Mfc model car, plrkup. farm tractor or oi'tnn traiiert of equal value. Call 3S5- 41J4 or 3SS-5«M6 or write Walter Brantlcy l/l K. Uth Uttlefleld. Texas FARMS & ACREAGE FOR SALE 89 A.LAMOGORDO LAXE-2-bed room mo,Jern trailer with l-t\2S room attarhed. <i In t.'rest In water well. 763-7311 or 763 err. DIM SITKS run SAI.P up. Small down, easy payments. Call Clovn Real Ks'.ate (or moie'Information. 160 A. Raw Land In Colorado witn l irrigation well. J5o per acre. PH 7«a-4U23. OUWSTATE FARMS 89A IS5 ACKE M!s»oun farm. 7IO acres npen farm land. -CV a<-rej rretk fxittom t,irm & grass land. G<if>(l fenc'lnp. abu dunce stork water. Will run :»<> hei cattle year 'round. 1 nice, mortem, bertrijom home*. Ample barni & shrfi* 5 concrete tiloj. Oix>d road. Total pr:ce JIB,IK*). Sc-j thl». Other bargains. Owens by Realtor. Buffalo. Missouri. AUTO ACCESSORIES Ir- i i-^J IHM fc •, « .-1. ( « 7riV' I (>H H t. VT . 4'. ••• t» »•• : (• •' i\ «,,.;*!**. */ Slt-v.* « (*:; Jark : t.-n K<«i'.> In.- Tt.-'-l?.-!) !.n Mli Bl'Y \ .NKVV 1I(>V!E~KOH '-I.V *"l H A MO'-TH- S-ijn,!, |f.!,f,- L'n'M It" Wri. t."A! » M-^'"JfT4i^ >OK UK NT L«'r« ! «-gr ^ N-!n> :-i | i~« d-*f>i if »t-;. t."«i » > i-"'--Jf74 i» (...» }.»;4 l-.i,""* .'U II .: ' 1 r >« pU<~e '•• L.H-kv»,»«1 A.M.1: i-: 1 it J-PKDH(X^)M y! H*.1SHK! 1 f>'> »E t a •*;-,". t jr ii'!4 - r ei! gBi'A^tf ut. ! •- art 1 ** iilc'lv frj .' »t re.1t-<" -"ii'fiS • •!«• i' =•*' ^*.'»-i r o* i:^:. ^ «J;;1 iiir.irijj *.'r* and u;7 c^ 1 "^^ r>" !•<•'.» *-'i».irn t.,r.-,.»'<• • .' ;-;^\ i«r- i. x-i-r • »•( i: n I'hcit't [>li-','> of f .,.- SAlj; or TRADE by owner corner U>! Yti.i-3.16 ft'RNUHF.n l>jpl»x. well eomtnutwl t>*id nmilltlon. two bl.>. kt ' nt*. p«Ul'>ftlr« sltf. H iv -t for half thr <x>it ol ttjving th« lot ai> I hi:!;.r-ns it IK ITS A RKAL Hl'Y lhat vi" ar« l-v>k Inji tor In t 't HH ti rin* :;r irih.>rn »>t n^Mlv d*o>ra'#d ins fie **• 1 o :t i-A^;u't» (rpred ««jy fmancir.z Stt '1H15 u.Nt TO!'AY. OUwr IN UH'AllON tor mdtlpi* unit G. C. KENNRDY ESTATE ,.;,• I,,;.-, n ..!r,. «:ih a ,],. n • \A .ppraiwl of I»W,« TM, hl _ mi . ! O 1 ' "' i "'- i * ;t1t lnr Nu m " n «'' .«.«-n and: .--'_' r:.,s!n_; mst, | A a muilf'e.l party ' »•.:.. n, ,.j is ,|,..:i. x fr , r 8 VA |rian Ti) j ninf-'h.. pa>mi>"U ainiut So] ;•' per m..n!h. KM.- «-, «;>;«,j-ilmt-nt to >,•.• r " JAth W1.V1UN IlKALTY, INC.. 7»-J-li Mr». Kklpb I'r»tt l*ur» tklMuniM . Hubert Humphrey 7U3-1IM b'OK SALJi nlr« 3 btdroim. \\ ba dup.i»«i, garage. SandU Srhi»l are». tui'nuhi-d or unfurnished. im meillaiely. Inquire Hterr* Mann* Sa!e» Ingolrt 783-A4U5 or 7od 3UUI K * .V AIITO.HIITIVK Air Condltlonlnj Guantnted Scrvlo c Uiktatlatlua \ OWdluj 1KHW4R Clu\U AUTO WRECKERS 91A Luti ol AT CLASSIFIED 100 CLOVIS BODY SHOP ACROSS FROM YUCCA URiVB-lN YCM441 CLASSIFIED 100 LBKi)H(»M HOisi! •_ »• , ij u:,f jrr.' '.'a,'^Jul AM *.f. Ml't ; BKl>Kix'M I'.l Inc t BEIiHO'M fjrr.!»r.cil •rluoil «nd I'h^rrnrs Tn'J !.«» gXTHA N"Ii.'E 1 btdr'.«n bf.i's rurn:ihr.l tor hjjiM U dr«:rtd. i«H'j S JTUirt of \Hi.N 7W-»T» or 7SJ-07M " ' Ml -AIN ru - :-*«.' KU-14U _ _.. — - ^ ^ t (F< m (i *X»k KVNT'unturnlaiMd 1 bMruira tvmw! Ul.Kf4 with gw«.g«. g^jfl our.iliUOA Call »t IWt r" K y ""•"'*•- ,io ., ai^ f »t-^»i» a.|/«l<l»i«« »l W* ; K. fc;. ..||4, • KO. I 4HHJ(» Of j l!4».4 . 'tUl.) »"B H kM.-KV Ul» 6*1 m. c«rt»u 4 ov«n and rang* (Twin link f«nr. . car (tarate. iar«« FHA loan Only V.W (Ul O«*ld«r ir«d« for home or duplei n<«a« in or earh »{d« Hli;ui-»M> *'j_,>il lJi«irli-t — tars* 2 H«rt 4 LX». brtrti v«n««r. 2 ba'hi, it <ara«* with larg* ,t,,n e , r...rn - - ctnwti * dnwa. All fur II.M.JIW » H A. nnaru-lng if dcalrxl K-.B- WUUTIUN'UTIW . *i : *t., It ' iT * TI!: «W IK*l'B»M K 1\ tur . fH 7CMM1 , - In "he h«-»rt of the i>-hool« | Kvtc. mrge b«.d:,,,mi. c ..r»!rur 3 b*arJ""' J ' :rl ' > ' 1T ' • Si>t ' ar * t '' utility rixim i ffnce. We can »nuw It anytime. E*dj». iirr..ii jjayment on 3 bedrkun brirk. Tt-n.^d.'• ! lovely b.' ' in« &in-.e carpel \'arant You can i •Irk v«mer 1*. ri "-'"-' I" tom..rn>A Goud 1-icatiua. I draow. bui!t-l.. ' *•' Ai KL--> - 6 well _ a m^i from cit> i mi wn«l tjinnkler included ' Bob Hurtua. ltc»llor *. H. -Muni.- Hurtuo Arthur MiiUli Arleov b. ( lrirl«4«l B^aJlur 7S3 3toi 1».i fi«7» 7IU-C243 Quality Budget Plan] SERVICE SPECIAL AIR CONDITIONER INSTALLED COMPLETE 24 MO. OB 24,000 MILE W A REALTY bdt "' r »> UlUl-w«U n»* U.xi fur l«H c*r 3-BEDROOM Brtck ,iear Jamei Bicklry. »11 tii* baihfc. all carpet and drapt-d 1 i nlc« only 2 y««rt old. WouiJ t:aJ : old*r 'J iird/win cl-i»« n WK.ST l*h lovely J6edp-K»« carprt. i and drap«t. eli^'lrir kitrnen w:'h duh i winner. faMijtiful lawn »nd thr-.ibi <-haiu! IIMK (enrt, goud curner .ut. Oi aj\d no-i thing d.i»n. j HKJHl-A.NlJ Scl)o.>l • 4 b*dr,»irn. dix:b!c i garage. j en in j nrepliii-* lovely h.,me i 01 nu d>*a paymani ui would f>'n»td<;t uaJt lor tmaUcr burnt n«ar town. i K. UU. TQWti »*.4L *4TaiE III* IkMnmt'W. 1«I4ftt«l EUBANK SWACKHAMMU *i:ni,« 4 Mi-mi Otr THK HOMf VOl' HAVK ALWAYS i WANTtn HKKUHt II'S UHJ LATt i 'Ihi* lnv.-ly S-bcdrouin. 2 bath*, two i car saraie. cii pel. dvr.. lug* utilitv. ' na* t,\tra» (j»Uji-f. It u i-onipirte In! «"<•<>' dt-UJ. £a»> to buy Hi'Ji J'.H-A. loaJl. CXifNTKY UVINC AT ITS BEST S-beUiuoiiu gWdgif. cajpet. wood p*n«! j ing. buiit-i.u. cl'Jt« to town, nchool DU« ' Idr^i for 'he family who love* horie« ; OnJy Jis.u-ju and can w handled wi Aume 4u\* a IMB} menL. DOWN PICKUPS 28 DOWN *J£4L ferry ' I*. «. *W-*l4i fAKM 4k atANCM - ny hi IMMJUIW* M4IM UIAKS Tl >c«x M»4«U WU1T MAIN 1124411 w KOR 9AL» 3»4 CC rat.sA.uBim .. 9« « 3*» S. ' Apt. IS. HOUSE TRAILERS FOR SALE: 1W7 40x8 Spartan trail*? nouM, 2 bedroonn. See at tot 18, __ Atttt Tfailef Court 782-4781. '**•'* In Michigan). Present- Lot 19, Prsif(evisw Trailer W. Tthy Clovis. Inquire at CHI Jack wmton Realty, , *Lg l "'»til* MOBILE HOMB8 W. fife tH41M IAVB "* Pierce Mcirtne ncnitnit Klwiffis Credit Ot Of, Mnt..ft, TRAILERS 95A « . Boat—Arrow Camping Tran«r, Sleeps Five. PH. 782.2166 AUTOS-TRUCKS 1962 MERCEDES BENZ 220 S Exrellent "•"•"'Ion. Inside and out. Wholwale i Call 763-7839 or nee at 104 Sandla 'IRST In quality — the all new International* at McGehce Truck Com, panjr FOR SALE: 1964 Chevrolet Super SporU. Take over payments, no equity. 763-1948. PICKUPS truck .tore TRUCK COMPANY 'OR SALE 19M Ford Ranch Wagon 6 cylinder, standard transmission. Excel- 196J CHEVROLET Impala Hardtop Coupe. V-S, Take up payment*. 762-4777 . ploku P ln e 00 " condition V-8 Fuihbutton — Good rubber Call 762-OWO FOR SALE 1962 4 door Corvalr. Make oKer. Call 762-1154. IRRIGATION ENGINES PONTIAO , , . GJtf.0. RIBRSOK PONTIAO M-704* K, of Th«r»li A Sec... DIC MARTIN for-o 1965 NHffoe Rierson Pontiac BANK RATES AUTO LOANS TRUCK LOANS GUftll'LKTE 1N81TBANCB Call 78*4771 BK8 Ca\ Blochberger Agency Redhot and ROLLING Red Hot Trades... Red Hot Deals We're Out To SmAsH ALL Existing Sales Records. 74 DIFFERENT MODELS... $1995 to $6500 VOLUME DEALS VOLUME PRICES CAN YOU REALLY AFFORD TO BUY ANY NEW CAR OR PICKUP WITHOUT SEEING US? Meadors-Stewart Co. BUICK - CHEVROLET A Name BUILT On INTERORITY GRAND & PILE 763-4465 DRIVE COOL In your car with AUTO AIM CONDITIONING Enjoy whole car cooling for your present car; whisper quiet operation; instant cooling from the highest capacity auto air conditioner now available, plus fingertip directional control. Drive relaxed and refreshed with greater safety. Eliminatf fog, humidity, flying dust and insects. A 24 month or 24000 milt factory warranty behind the brand. SPECIAl $ 199 95 COMPLETELY INSTALLED Any American Mode Car or Pickup NO MONEY DOWN $10 PER MO. PHONE FOR APPOINTMENT... K&N AUTOMOTIVE AMONWTIOWN6 £BVI0i * WST4LL 1924 GIDDING IAL 763484

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