The News from Frederick, Maryland on December 26, 1931 · Page 7
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 7

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 26, 1931
Page 7
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THE DAILY NEWS. FREDERICK. MD.. SATURDAY, DECEMBER 26. 1831. B f i V I Fabricating The Skeleton Of Akron's Sister Ship BV ISRAEL KLEIN Science Editcr, XEA Service More pauence ai.d de'-beraticd 02 the ar: of th« dr;, curing -.v.n:er. should e shown 20: only :n the ecr-ial start- of The car bu: :n pra?::?a^y all h:s 3g has:? care: ·_":·· over as :cy pavement ·eli oUsets the darker ar.d cos:- «BS of h-irrr-- s . Kivion to every o a if it tike-5 n A Li::le more '.- :rs:.j=. of the car. re resu'.ts :rt Therefore, the rule to rerrArnwr no*- j ;,'"Taie your time." j Take your time nx only i" starting j ae motor. especially in the- morning or i fser a Zor.g p?r:oci or par:-:.r.s. bu: in j rivi*}ar. in t-irr-.r:::. :i £'. .^; and ! ven Hi lc3.*.~£ i 'o car in t.ic ganige , or the n:sht. j * * # ! Taking more tmte *r. st-rtinsr *.vill pro- i ent trouble from a froze:: ex/ling sys- ! ·m. or froox scored e;.~..r:ier3. or from j iluted crank-case oil. cr ircra jrany! ther diffici^ties resulting from o^er- jokisg and speedm; up of the motor. ' Motors. anyjray. r.m much faster than ; bey taed to. so that even sore patience j us; be employed in setting them I armed tr? than ever. Trying to rush ; a already fast mo:cr doesn't help it a t. Furthermore, if the cranicase oil oold and stiS and. the motor is Kid- oft- rushed to its highest speed, those rfaces needing lubrication ntost, like le cylinder walls, pistons and bearings, Jl become scored beicre- the oil has s a chance to thin out and reach Here's the fce?innins of another sky queen the size of the L". S. S. Akron. It __e huge dock of the Goodyear- ra?anv at Airoa. O, the flrst main ring of the n CTV dirigible ZRS-5 has been raised tato position and !s i-ble B the"left. In the foreground are two other main rings no-.v nearing completion. Girders for nearly half the also haT« been fabricated. CHRISTMAS III BALTIMORE Ccfefcntkm Th«« Same As In Other Farto Of State. /A THE AL'IV WORLD France has a railway oc which cars rvir.nir-x at a speed of SO miles an hour carry helicopters to test the . power of their vans. ttttto*. Bo Olympics Ou Air. h NBC and CBS w~-I br his~::$h*.s of the 193'J stsr;.r.£ wt',h the »»::tcr lake Placid. v:. Fcb.t:.»rv ;.,; _;i v\i:!i the S'urr.:;; : Others Benefit. The C'rutixl States Bureau of Publiv- K,ad» jJlOT,^ that $^T.378.COO Ja t.i.\ .- ·..i.-ed on le't 1 * ori Eiotcr fUc! '.\en- c.- \ -r'o-i fr3« l-^gh«ay purpose* to oi^cr ;_-?*--schools, reduction of genersl tax ,,::,-: ot::er channel. By \V3J- E. McKEXXEY ' Secretary American Bridge league Or,e of the greatest thrills in con- · tract is the bidding of small and grand slams, but far better is it to bid one · and then, by clever play, make it. Tbe reason for caution while driv- g over snow-covered or icy streets, irttoiiarly in traffic, also is obvious. sudden stop, no rcaii^r- how good the rakes say be, may result in a serious tfd. Chains heip getting a car started, i slnsli or mad, but they skid as nicely s any rubber tires over a street CCT- -ed -Kith a thin layer of ice. Speed, therefore, shotCd be resorted i only -sith. a great deal of caution ' ad consideration for others. I T- applying the brakes, also, a little j sore time should be taien for the pro- Por e. sudden srift applka- on may be dangerous. Brakes should be applied !n short easy \ srks, rather than a single hard push ; the pedal, especially -vrhen the par-cent loois treacherous. At the same he clutch should be keo» en- | SO that the engine "sin keep on j uSSng the car until the auto is almost; I a standstill- j Then ffce clutch may be disengaged ad tb* fins' toach applied to the! StoTrttasafetr The Biddins. . ' · . , " . , . . At auction South, the dealer, would Comers snoald be toec sZo^y and | ^^^ for one mtiously, for nere s.^ ^orSs Jie j ,,,. --,_,,,, _, anger of skidding. Unless the car is up against the curb, a s^id now it over so hard as t ^n t t« S S A L a Sed C; o"- *heln^ ! to ·» tonar - ^^ 1ria » at least one aad aougn to be smasnea p.. .ae ^npacw . one . halir tdcks cn jj^ ^^ ^^^ A ¥ « A AJ-4-2 V6-4 *J-109-6-4 * 6-3-2 r A ¥ * * K-Q-6 K-8-5-2 8-3 A-J-7-5 NORTH S 5 1 % Dealer SOUTH r 4A-9-8- 7 VJ-3 4Q-7-5 AQ-10- 9-8 10-5-3 A-Q-1 0-9-7 A-K-2 K-4 897 i We SUNDAY DINNER by Oscar of tjhe Waldbrl Dec. 25.--After ux the feast of the sauuty -.Mth JuW- last choruses cvf praise .« churches thr yous pealins of bcll» a: - .ii tl:- vjit Of Sasta C^us. Ba!ti2»rc t*.da settled down to eaioy chr!str.i_» cd^ around laaiUy bemniis to open a::d ir.- ; spect presents ar.d assist the ;s for- , mat* m the city. Chairs cf seme churches i'-arted ov.l today at 5 a. nj -y.ngir^ cjcols through their respective neighborhoods. At the saia* time nurses a; the Johns Hopkins, the Pro-. Iciest. W«*t ce «cd o:h*r :-.-i:::als ·a-er.t j through tfee waris «:x»g caro'-s. ! Quick. A Doctor: har.g'r.R S'.ockir^s c«?r.:_s::-.^ s:fts or, 1 .\t l:i^h ipocds Kn-.e auwr.:A-:'- beds and trimming Ch:^::::aj trees. · t:re.- tit'.'elcp a t«r.;?r3V;re of tr.oro The inmates of the Manlii-.d trai::- . ;ha- 2CO degrece Pahror_:-.c.t. rabber · Ing schools and patients at S'.die licit- engineers have found. t pit-J5 enjoyed 7.619 pounds of turkey. . ___________________________________ ! 2.518 pounds of nuts. 1 250 Pk:n-.i; . ' : - -- - -- mine* meat in 435 r v -"'-is of ^* vW '- r - r - r M '-"- r ""- r - r '- r '"***·"'**·'''- cake. 152 pounds of figs, and -S-.: M\. - { NOW WE HAVE IT-- » of oranfies and 315 £.uloni of O\SUT I UJTTATO ·» ________ * J TT JCL A Jl . .j · « Prestone S3-"0 eal · |» Alcohol. ISS proof 46o eal J ! J Oil, 5-jal. lots, wro teat $2.1'J J j J If oil H oniatlsfsclorr. r*torn nno^nJ ^ C 1 . % {K rtiun and oar motjcj will be rrfaud- % \MT Jl JLVV^IJL-/ U '· J 13 PLATE BATTERIES S4.U J Greatest winter lubricant, top oil = | » ^tsrs TO sriT YOU* POCKETBOOK J ^5 * 2 tt. ii A!. ^ A for valves, B tor crank rase. ^- ; I « transmission, diffcrrntfal. One « ' J THE VALLEY GARAGE t . . . , . , , , n . K ' J \VOODSBOBO. M D . qt. each by parcel post for $3.00. TM - *· Maryland PYR-OIL Co. DISTEIBCTORS PooIesrUIe. Md. SALESMEN WANTED Phone 16-J P. O. Box 47. Tr -IMil mm ^ ^mm^~ --^*^~ " ^-- GoingOutWith'31 Our Entire Stock of Subscribe for The Foreseeing a period of severe readjustment we are taking the bull by its horns and offering our entire used car stock at prices heretofore unheard of. You don't have to \v;;it for low prices . . they're here now . . waiting for yon! Frederick Motor Co. USER CAR DEPT.--East B. 0. Ave. 117 West Patrick St. Phone 1092 Open Today 8.30 A. M. Until 10 P. M.« Tomato Juice Cccktcil. ;s-ach as is used icr dumpS-ass. cover Hearts of Celery. 'over ·Kith more of the dough, and Beef Pot Pie bake Sn a quick oven until done. Turn Fresh Stringbeans lout on a dish and serve. Mashed Potatoes i Chocolate Pnddlngr. Dressing ' P"-t a pint and a half of milfr to Chocolate Pudding ! boU. Eave four tablespoons of scraped Coffee Beef Pot Pie. of sugar; when the paste is smooth and glossy pour is in the miilc Mix four tablespoors of comntarch ·arith ha'.f a pin: oi miS and one teaspoon of sal:. Pour this in :he boiling water ; i chocolate in a saucepan with two j tablespoons of boiling -water and four Cue Into pieces of equal size some coarse fat beef, put In a. saucepan j with cold vrater, and stew for about ! two hours with the lid on the pan. ! add a. few slices of fat pork or bacor.. an onion, salt and pepper to taste, and a thickening of flour and rater. Turn and s;ir for a few minutes. Pour the mixture in a fancy inou!d and let it remain for three-quarters of an into a dish, lined with biscuit dough, i hour. \rith the ten of hearts drscardins the i f:rst spade trick, declarer can then run seven of clubs from dummy and East .'off his trump and East will be forced is squeezed. If he throws the eight of j to bear dotra Jo the ace of spades and the queen and ten of clubs. Declarer vriH then throw East in the lead with · 3. space and force him to lead into dummy's clubs. at contract South would open the bid- \rfta one beart, West passes, ' i North, responds Kith two hearts show- spades, declarer's five will be good. If the club Is discarded, both clubs in the dummy are good, By taking advantage of the possible squeeze position, declarer has succeeded in making his small slam contract. If East were to refuse to take the News advertising pavs. :riaL G!ve It even, to break the axle. It Is also oest in turning to keep that information. South takes the de- j "sration to four hearts, Jfortb. bids ; a. low fear, the car is under much i The Play. »tte- control than in high. i West " s best suit to ^^ fa diamonds, swer can-sro. ^^^ *-*-*a:ld ^ It __, i-s^^ ^uj. e jacu, ten , .en th° cs- is pn.- swav nil ». ^e J 2 "^ '·» ^e proper opening, the night a little estra tims East P 13 ? 3 tne seven . declarer winning be taken to see thai the lights '. s «c with the ace. Declarer leacs re oat and the ignition swti-ch off, ' t n e acc ° s trump and then a second the- slightest drain on the battery ! ^^P to Quomy's king, picking up all «er night, especia^y in -s-rnter, wiJl i ° ; ^e opponents' trump. A diamond it so 'hat starting "Bin be im- j ^ returned from dummy, declarer trfn- "ossibie in the"momin'e, e-cept by hand. · ^^S the king. The deuce of diamonds Before the ignition is tiimed off, how- I is then ruffed in dummy with the five Ter the easrae shot!ld b? given one 1 °? hearts. Declarer returns ft groan rt burst = of speed -arita the choke j ctab- from dummy, wlnnfcg 3n his own " out just as the ignition is shut off. hand ^Ith the king. His nest lead is s -Bin. shoot a. z, s-ra" suppiy of gas -ito the cylinders. the three of spades, playing the queen from the dummy which East wins the In the morning, this slight rersaisc- j see. East leads the nine of spades, de- of fuel -^ill aid in quici and easy i clarer covers with the ten. West COT' ers tri-ai iihe jack, and dummy -wins ·rtth the fr°"g- Declarer now reaSzas the poffiibility of a squeeze In the haxrd and plays the last heart from dummy, East discarding de nine of dobs, declarer overtaking in his own hand trtth the nine Insure Your Automobile HIGH GRADE POLICIES CONTENIEXT TERMS CLAIMS SETTLED PROMPTLY INSURANCE THAT INSURES LEWIS R. DERTZBAUGH Model Drivers. Bus drivers In Georgia must measure -p to a strict standard as the result :f a recent state rearulatioru ^o one be employed as a driver under IS j spot, lears of age, and each applicant The queen of trump is tnen led sr!( } the six of spades discarded in bass show a doctor's certificate as to 'dummy. East is forced to discard the ; is good rcer-tal and physical health, j £eT ea of spades. Decrer continues The Hidden Ball Trick STIEFF'S SILVER Rose, Puritan and Clinton Patterns FULL LINE CARRIED IN STOCK EXCLCSIVE AGENT FOR FREDERICK JAMES E. DOLL JEWELEE FOE OVER 50 YZ1SS IS A POZZLl PICTORC, OiS VERE MAN IS A ' WARM BABY DIS MAN At NT HOT GUESSED IT CHILE, DE OHE SMIUN'AM 8UR.N1N 1 HILLSIDE CQALCO'S COAL Don't Shop Around for Coal. Yon want MORE HEAT -per dollar. Buying Hillside Coal is baying SAFE, DEPENDABLE, CLEAN Heat. GUARANTEED 2,000 POCXDS TO THE TON BEST QUALITY SOMERSET RUN OF JUNE. 55.00 TO HILLSIDE COAL CO. WATER STREET PHONE $9 FREDERICK, M0. Rambler stows advance quality at 1914 prices. A roomy blucher that giccs comfort and long if car, THE BENNETT SHOE STORE We Again Extend At This Merry Christmas Season A Sincere Holida Greeting AT THE Misses Women's Extra Markelt Ford 11 North Market Street Between Read's Drug Store and McCrory's Five and Ten CLEARANCE ER COATS OUR ENTIRE STOCK OF WINTER COATS ON SALE AT Rsgular 89.95 Coats On Sale at Regular S12.75 Coats On Sale at Regular S14.75 Coats On Sale at Regular S19.50 Coats On Sale at .75 Regular 822.50 Coats On Sale at Begular S25 Coats On Sale at .59 Regular S35 Coats } $ On Sale at * 17 .50 Eri gs You Fur-Trimmed Coats AtAPriceYouCanMfcrdToPiy These are coats yon can buy this year--yet wear, ru::l be proud to own next year! The styles are advanced, young, and flattering. Each coat lives np to cur policy of fashion and quality at a price. Every one has been thoughtfully styled and only the fisest selected furs are used.

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