The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 22, 1934 · Page 4
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 4

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 22, 1934
Page 4
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PAMS NEW* SUNDAY/JULY tt, IftH ocety Churches lub s Madelon Crawford Weds Job L. Hammond Here Make This Model At Home Paris News Daily Pattern flav ^or the week end. Miss Grel- aaarrlage ot -MISS . *i****»~ ? ^ ^ her brOtller are here to ai . Crawford. daughter of Mr. ana, ^ d ^ bedside of their father i 3a;rk Richard A. Cravfora, to Job ; ^^ b ^ be?r , „, ^ ere for some ; l^jHazfin'.ond.. son of Mrs. Job I- ; ^.^^ Hammond an£ the late r>r. Ham- ! ~ ioosid. look place Saturday even-; William McCIaaahan of Dallas ing at 6 o'clock ir* the First Meth- | arrived Saturday night to spend a odist charch. The ceremony. -irljicJi was perform ec by Dr. JH. Hicks of Dallas, was attended by a large number of relatives an3 friends. Tlie altar was decorated with ferns and baskets of pink gladi- oIL Five standing- brass canciela- bras with tall lighted white tapers •were arranged on the altar v--h:cli was decorated with fern? and baskets of pink gladioli. As a prelude Miss Georgia B. Mayse at "he h:s parents. Mr- and Mrs. H. H. McClanahan. r>lavea sang "I L.-ove You Truly," accompanied by Mrs. Troy C. Thompson on the organ. Wno also played the wedding processional from Ijoher-grin ar.d Mendelssohn's Treddiiig inarch as the recessional. T>tiriB£r the ceremony iliss Mayse played "the "Rosary." The "bride was g:ven in marriage bv her father. She wore a brown triple sheer chiffon ensemble with a canary lace blouse and her hat was a poke shape brown felt with s. chin veil. Ker >x>u<Stiet was formed, of yellow tisted fialses. srypsophilia and yellow gladioli. The "brice's only artenciant was .wore a model of triple sheer; chiffon with long -sleeves at the wrists, s.—-d an off- t3ie-face oro^cn velvet hat trirs- carrded a Douqtset of daises !n *^^.^* ST T ~*^OiTi TV 7 * 1 ^ 2.*^"^*^ tf^^G "^vv Pete';Crow -as oest rrian. The ushers" were "Xv"alter Sessano, Crawford. Savses and TTi-fred Garret. Hie co-cple left for a short wed- irip ar;-f on their return Mr. S.TIO. his bride will be at boms in Paris at ISO South iiere .and later attended -Jcsior college and the College c-f Industrial Aris in Z>ento~, For the Bridge Bride Mrs. Morris Sheffield and Mrs. j James Sheffield entertained with • bridge and a miscellaneous shower i in honor of Miss Evelyn Yancey. j bride-elect Saturday morning at: rhe larter's home, -Si> South Thirty- sixth street. •. Kisrh score awards Trent to Mrs- John Kt:tchison and Miss Ruth Ha:::i: onfi- Mtss Thetis Williams. Miss Allie Hammond and Mrs. '. ; John Hutchison won the table cuts i and the honoree was presented with rao nog rammed linen. \ The refreshment plate carried : o-t a color schen^e of pink and greet:; individ-jal cakes, iced in pink and green, bore the initials of the honoree' The guests list included: Miss Yancey, and her mother. Mrs. Lee : Yarieey: the Misses Kosmond Morgan, "Mary Jo Mayse, Adelle i Pollard. Marguerite Jordan. Ruth : and Allie Karomond. Etta Mal, lison, Christine Goolsby. Thetis xvillrcms and Katie Feeser: Mrs. ; J. TV. Abels Jr.. Mrs. John i Hutchison. Mrs, Paul Crawford, 1 Mrs. Frank Council, and Mack 3il:s of Deport. TICO Hostesses Honor relyn \VEAR A JACKET FOR WARMTH OR CHIC Pattern ISM By AXKE ADAMS IVhetiier you wear it. - to off the chill or just to put on a. bit more chic, a little jacket like this is a. nice thing to own, CHURCH ACTIVITIES FIRST PKESJIYTKRIAX Church services will be usual Sunday morning at 11 c" clock at the First Presbyterian church, but no evening services •will be held. The minister, the Rev. • E. G. Beekman, will conclude the meet- may make it of the same material ling* at Chicota on Sunday evening, as your frock, or of a different 'which he has been conducting. fabric as in the illustration. "With j a print, you may pick put oae of 'JBOXHAM ST. METHOB1ST the colors in rhe ciesign and matcb , MISSIONARY MEETING a plain fabric to it. Perhaps you j would like the jacket to be a bit | The Bonhani Street Methodist heavier, a^ for "instance, cast on ,.| Missionary society met Monday crepe with a chitfon frock, or lin- i afternoon at the church with Mrs cotton voile. The Uses']Hugh Harvey. Mrs, D. H. \Vor- of The frock are jtood for any fab- {sham and Mrs. Fred Klerby acting and the ensemble- is so easy 'as hostesses. Mi^s. Lemuel Law had charge of Pattern 1S94 is available in sizes 12. 14. 26, IS. 20. 20, 32, S4, 36. 3S and 40. Size IS takes 3%«rards 26 inch fabric and 1% yards contrasting. Illustrated step-by-step instructions included. Send FIFTEKN CEKTS CISc) In cins or staunps (.coins preferred> Anne Adams pattern plainly name aodress and number, BE SURiS TO STATE The smartest warm weather s. the newest fabrics, and no Smmmer season's outstandine accessories are illustrated and <de- sc-ibed in the KETW AXXH ADA?JS PATTERN BOOK FOR SUM.- MEH- ORDER TOUR COPT OF T±tTS HELPFUL. NETV SUMMER BOOK. PHICE OF BOOK FIFTEEN: CE>rrS- BOOK ANT> PAT- TERK TOGETHER, TVV'&XTT- Address orders to The pa^is Xews Pattern Department. 243 17th Street, >Cew York the program. Mrs- Slmer Dement directed the worship; Mrs, j_-esiie Sperry sa.nj; two numbers. an<^ Mrs. R. V, Hammack gave the lesson on BraiiL .Six received gifts from the birthday offering: they were Mrs, K. i. Chennault, Mrs. Hugh Harvey, Mrs. C. B. Webb. Mrs. Ben Browning:, Mrs. Lindsay Wright and Mrs. Rufus Xance, The patched sairt was opened and the amount of $5.OS was received from it. •*& After the program delicious refreshments were served by the F1KST PRESBYTERIAN* WOMAN'S AUXTIJAKT The First Presbyterian "Woman's Porto Rican Is Here On Annual Business Visit 3>on Antonio Pa.via of. San Juan, chiefly mountainous except along: OPorto Rico, is in Paris for Ms Annual business' conference with officials of the Ro<Jgrer»-\Vade Furniture company tot which h« is resident representative on the Caribbean island, &nd is renewing social contacts as well \Vill C- Clark- of this firm with and whour Porto Jesse C, McGill, both of have be,en his guests in Rico. Senor Pavia is enthusiastic it-. nls account of President Roosevelt's recent visit to the island he- arrived the day before Senor Pa\*ia sailed for the United States. The president, he says. •was received with acclaim, in true Porto Rican fashion, thousands standing for hours — in the tropical rain — to see and grreet the chief exc-cutive. the -road he traveled in. many places bein?: literally flower str.e%vn. Newspapers and weekly publications devoted special editorials lavishly illustrated, to the president's visit, and every possible official and individual courtesy was shown him. It .is believed. Senor Pavia intimates, that this official visit from Presdent Roosevelt will do nvueh toward betterment of the political attitude of the Island, which since the Spanish-Auserican war. has been, under the United States' Despite a population of over 1.500,000 -or 4SO per square mile. the whole law enforcement body consists of 7SS men of the Insular police force. augmented by 2~ motorcycle sheriffs, officers. There are 110 constables or Auxiliary "will have its regular { poJice. and the penitentiary, which monthly Bible study Monday aft- {Senor Pavia proudly points out is ernooti at o'clock at the church. OUST CHRISTIAN j also a • reformatory. ] 300- inmates. 1 The visitor from f i* seldom has Tancey. bride-elect of Bud Walker i ol Dallas:, Miss Adelle Pollard ] and 3Iiss Hita. Malison entertain.- f ed Friday morning with a. miscei- | laneous shower at Miss Pollard's • home on Sast Houston street. The*? nonne w~as attr^vCtiTreiy \^ecorated ; •svith. bo-ucuets of bricnt colored : summer garden flowets, \ Paris • a -£ groom luck and success were • curing rhe morning and I _ ; _^ ^ •els "were made by each ] s *~"^ Large Crowd | At Revival To Return this tropical •^YOMAX'S COUNCII;! ls ' a -S«l is finding Texas niid-surrt- j mer gather torrid, for his 1s- \Vomaa's Council of the [ larjd b * iae ba3! temperatures* rans- Christian ch"rch will meet j' 1 ^ ordinarily from 55 to S5 degrees, with mucb moisture but no cold weather. The topography of the Island is at the church Monday afternoon at 5 o'clock, with.Mrs. Luther Hood, Mrs. Bill Abshire. Mrs. J, T. Jackson ar.d Mrs. J, M. Stringer as hos- I tbe coast, so that terracing is widely iu use in agriculture, coffee, sugar cane and other tropical crops being raised, Tfeere is little tiaaber suitable for commercial use and little or no land, for cattle raising:, so tbat wood products and inxtt and dairy produce imast be imported in large quantities, And this explains why two Paris concerns, the furniture company and the Cummer manufac- which makes and vegetables. turing crates company, for fruits find customer* in Porto 3RIco. A third Paris firm which exports its products to the island is the Gresory-Robins»on-Speas vinegar company. Mr. Clark, speaking: of his visit :o Senor Pavia in Porto 2£ico, says that nowhere in the United States proper can be found more beautiful scenery than the island boasts with its tropical luxuriance o£ the vistas of &FJU mountain, and colorful masses of fjowers. the latter reflected in the dress and even the hcusecold furnisb.icgs of the people. Miles of excellent road* make easy access to all parts of the island, their homes and business buildings of their cities are as modern as any in the United States and in many other way«. the island *s - abreast of today's progress. Horse racing is a favorite sport, and baseball is another. There are golf courses and other facilities for various otiier «port*. which with climatic advantages a n d other attractions, forecast an. increase in tourist pa.tronage from those who heretofore have sought ins Questions that usually arise *t the elections and discussion of these results in a general understanding. It was made clear" "that " voter* may •write on the ticket th* naxa* of any person for whom they yot» other than one already on th«i. ticket but that when *o jnust be with black pencil ^ as the courts have decide^ that names written in any other color are not to be counted, X marked out may be done ..with, i .color and the ticket witt--i»e. counted. the black requirement, applying only to the writing in of additional names. Chairman Anderson asked for early returns to be made to him at the Paris X office as soon .after the closing of the. polls ,a» possible The Girl Scout troops will have their regular meetings, and-swims afterwards. Blue "Bonnet lodge during: the coming -week at 4 o'clock. The day that each troop meets is as follows: .Monday, the Second and ThiJXl Ward troops; Tuesday, the East Paris and the First Ward; Wednesday, the Fourth ward: Thursday, the high school: and Friday, the We*t Paris troou. their vacation afield. pleasures further Voting from Pas* Ouel I San yra.nciso). - r l may to cup groom after gracnatirsg from Paris school attended Paris Jtznior muverslty in TJallas. Ke is now . A salad" course, which carried ; ' i<? 3"^ IE *he pffice of the • out the color scheme of green i and wSilte- ^x-&~ served to the fol- | Swift plant ber At the Springer-Jones revival \ y night, the Hev, Jones, the [pleased th« crowd as iie ; gnest. TT>i=.-n. finish =^ M^ss i 1 '~ c ' " L ^ le ^ a - r ="' s choir in the singing:.; Yancey's towel was chosen best S of gospel hymns. The song service I and she was shown 'isto the dining-1 was climaxed when Mrs. EL S. } rooin wnere t^e ^iits wera ar- j B'ur^ess, les.din.g soloist of the ! ; First Baptist church, sang-. "XVhen '• I They Ring- the -Golden Beils,"" i *-<i white, was served to the fol- | ~ =i - evangelist, the Rev. Spring-- \ ^ing- itiests and the lionoree: | er, read as the basis for his open- '• The Misses Zxsuie Flensiag. | inc renis^ks on " > X>icta,torship= ; " [ •jLn-ose present, besides t_he hon- MLs; Vir^rinia Crawford, Mary Jo ar-d Gec-rg-ta B. Mrs. Cbar^es FuHer. Itlr. an-d .Mrs. "Pete Crow. Crawford | like to talk of the second r ~ | of Christ because it "psets their ford, Mrs. Slary Hub bard Meyer, ] -^reat" denominational plans. Ke Mrs. James^Sheffie.'Id. M'iss Betty | "TTe are prone to set up our ; Beatie of Dallas, Mrs, Morris [ own schemes rather than listen to i Sheffield of Abilene, and Mrs. J. j God's eterna.1 rsian for t>, v '-*« Abels Jr., erf 31osson:- | back there I>rew Pearson, one of "Washing- tons best vrriters, botli humorous (Continued Fruna P Os*} • feet. Renaember the name I ponx of the TVili f" "up in Alberta, ! only six on the jury and they nstructive. his fatfeer is the Goverao"•' General of tjie Virsiii | Islands, im-d Mr. Roosevelt is go- l Ing to give em a rum factory. They ; ma,ke greas. rum punches there. Duponts. •, j iia-c?. biter or two, and like to uot *here is| ^6t "back to the aeroplaxfe. We "was anchored oiit in the bay. It -was a. sea. piaue. I -was flyii^ from South Democratic primary. n=i cui the presiding- officers to follow the ratine: of the Texas Supreme court, •which he believed •was grood la^. Sections of other laws -were read to enlighten tiic presiding: officers and tend for Tirtifonnlty irt handl- Meeting (Continued From Page successful caniJidates w 1 1" scratnole for the vot«sC went to those who faiied to «»-ter the second primary. ; T\ r ith only seven more-meet- inss scht^diiled before eloctioc^ day acd two of theni in JParis,, it is very probable that citizens- attendlujr the West Paris 1 ni\K-t-- ing Monday nsght vviil be «u>— tertaixied -with- some heated discussions. Fallowing the roundup .Monday nlsritt. rneetings will be held at BiardstoVu ar.d Glory Tue?-" day afternoon and "Rigrfct; *t Cunningham and Milton Wednesday afternoon and nlgrlit; a.t ; Po.wjjiterTy Thursday night, at Paris Friday r t ig:hw I Dr. Cabman, mighty fine, fellow ; saiii the jury was haywire. So now tbey dont fenow wnlcn one DR. 31. .4 eternai pian for WAJLKER, JR. s A., v* Et-iicer,, ^,t Wolfe City Bridge Club Entertained fly ssar.c-, Paris People Leare I For Motor Trips I ! by Mrs. Jess STeG-il!. trilj ; Moncs." by automobile f or 1 Terr... '-^ --is;t Mrs.. ~?.z~- ' ?r keg and is jus ne to set. it off. the hostess Thursday } as is see:t by Gerr I their Premier of that province for I an affair with his secretary, f (These foreigner courts do have some of the xnost puritan notions,) j b> > jj.g way, one ot Kew Yorks The -JTirj' convicted Mm. but tfee greatest preachers, sot in bad with some of his feerd for endors- ins a fountain p-en point- He real|to try. the judse or the jury. I ixes now how mighty the pen is. 1 I3Id you know that Roosevelt \ I endorsed chewing sum one time j f had a, cousin down in Chili. aa.m- { and almost lik.« to had to take up j j ed. Deiaco, that hits made tbe first j ciiewingr tobacco to win my "Fans" laii Chili morin^ pictur-e? Every-| back aguin, ^othins: can get you in 1 I thins but the letsz "was mace in i wrong -qiiicker than as endorse ; Chiii. Clever people, these Roose- •• ment. I even got in wrong: one I I velts. Did you kno-sv that some old | time fcr endorsing th« Demo-i j preacher denounced the Hoosevelts | cratlc party. | because they were having: their f Wei! its lust midnight, and we ! second, divorce in the family? And | are about to land in Albuquerqa*. f anotfcer clerJc set him do^wa with, 1 New Mexico. Tive typewriter i».ou dident elect the family to be ,; a little Ituieh table that fastens oa i President." ready fcr some j -i^e nations a^re * the seats to serve food on. Air is father. I>r. \Valker. who w& ; Z>id you know that a Japanese i sr ^ I assassinated their Prime Minister and lovely. an<i I a*rs go- to sleep from here In. Good i bora here j . „ .,^-K- trying to onns 1 about : ij - -? deb. iile'ii score prizes ] a great consondatfon c-f tb»l --»S' Jl presented >Imes, Jess Tsr- j ch-irches and :s trying to do away • s - -A. yea-rs ago, and the Emperor freed j night everybody. hixi the other day. And he is a) {Copyright 1334. By the school in IS24.. derree from T J. H-trnnion j. Mi. ; -with freedom o* speech/' T j that this world anc the kingdoms ! '^ • of the world were controlled by i ec t-^r-erv-^^ >,^ i hero. Hugh Johjiijon and Clar-[ Syndicate. Inc.) _,T"* «-~"r ence I>arrcrw like to fatigitt a, dael | : ~*" over bath room fiatures. was.ter j Huey CALL! The Final Wind-Up of Odd Lot Specials Come early for tKese big barsains \22 Pairs White Linen Oxfords and White Kid Sandals . $ 1. 1S7 Pairs White Oxfords, Straps, Pumps, $3.95 Vatjes - - - , M- collec-e four vears later. a~ri In IS32.'his medical decree' from closets to be e^ _ University of Texas medical P' uc tbr7ush the warmers Bill, where they can have their mortr T>T-- gTTT> I IT/'f 1' j """" —• - J^* - -• <-.i-— "-.. •-."-.. .i.r^gT ; I.H »JtI{j . __ && ;5U±>jJb*_l I to tee fourth chapter of .Mathew j year's general ily. 1933 h? completed a. re-appraised, have six jears j senjent,} nterest-* r t5 * r rn-en's club and only one perceu And Mr- Roosevelt signed tt. | Thai almost all over Europe j Tlff-^^ T r _ ., „ w-i. x^ Airsr. ±itrir.£r? rr. OO: are' ~.r, Tex or. fcr several" we-eics-, vrnile -»'r. Corier is in conference to i>e heM here in Sep- tf-mb-cr. win have cha.rg-« of the : the eighth and ninth verses, which i in the state university of Iowa, hos- f and Professional ; read. -'Again, the devii ta.keth him ; pitals and for the past y;3.r has ' T1 Jaave an "On to j up into an exceeding 1 h;g-h mous- ' beer; eniras:«d tn obsterri-'-a^ an* 1 I ,.! i they celebrated St. V'itus Day, The | ! tlay 20 years ago -when a- youns" | j student shot the Arcbdske. the I I I>uche«s of. Austria, arid started f | the World T^'ar. is a town called j [ Sarajevo. Dow^i the street * ahead j of this in the parade, another I &ZIG. g-roanetJ: 'ion of Satan. Ev*n t are ustler the curs id out that when a 5ntir;a*r2 rrorr. Pas* One) ! ^ T brays it is SE the minor k Mrs. .H. K. nous* gues-i fo •p&rt of t-h* v,-. ci Hua-'. P.4RIS BOY AWARDED MILITARY DISTINCTION the s>:rd.s had thrown a boinb at but rnUKCd. The— -were too to hang: but they died in Err;cu'ture «ays tbe -sen tat I damp prison dungeons. And he ' SHOPPING FLASHES Picked Up From Around Town in the ruin- j vest is rsfr.e bushels p*?.r s ^.^.t a norrnsti has Is brother thats 21 Sena.tor j a. Ars<5 the young kJ<l I '* : r.e .a'-ter ; Dais"- Does. — '^iJ* J^ii*''-^ ^....t d, .i-.,^..JI^i./ -J^. .^. i corn 13.S btishets as cornparcd i ilia^ started the -vrhol* thins | carded the Bib!* ar.d tba.t never j »"ith I^-T, oats 17.5 bushels com-[ named .Frirscip. Ke cbajigre<! xh-e i C. Gastos of Paris, son 1 had there been a time since Satan ! pare<J •with 23.4. These crops ^13,2 actions arwS thoughts oil of 3£rE. PiCjE-eos f>3j;ton, SoTJth | «^s Corked eo hard. he. realizing- |<ea.dy I>e«n harvested ir. many j -^ e whO;^ world 3n-- some direct j Elsrhteenth street, -n-ho is <n train- 1 tfcat the time Is dra-»-;ng to a c!o«e. | pan« of th* state ?,nd escaped b«- • way or indirect -way. yet -w*s r«-j 'rts at the Citizen*" Military Train- Satan :e now counttrfeiiir.^ our | '^re the drouth*d its pr««- |. njenJ b*r the of j^cya thftt I church-s and r-ropas*tir,g; ali kin/Is I *-^t 3W:ven';y. Tr-jrS: cfopfl *'•"<>! did' nothing. 5Tot that stnybc-dy JK| of faJLx* doctr-nes such as the cult ' '^«^e .%vcd i« certain Factions by | hra£rari:; g. on «jj{« ia<L But clv« th« 1 • jir.^- Camp at Ft. Si";, OV.Ia... Thuras^ Odel! i ^*y " v s.«'S second place in "WANT yoor soncaner to be » j£T8.n<l STJCCCS&7 \VClI tllCTI fiOQ*E talk A&OCT THK WEATIfKR —etmf—dont. envy yoor «*IciD£-"~hei her- Sb« IK 5l>* WJMI AT HOMK—for the we»t!*er IS ITOT KVEUYUTOiRE SAV. would yow like to cei « -*XKW SI*ANT OX f-IFK?**- Ill tell you fKH*. Make a vteft to the Court Hoo.>-«r and m«^rt Dorothy Jj«tim*T. the Tatr As*cs«^or. She i* In tfw rinar. she tells me, »nd on the jt>b. and beoiw.<w of her office work »«d physical handf- e c»nnot mak«r a clo*e tn till* race for ta* *.*. I>OC 105° Temperature Is Hard on Suits and Dresses Our aja»t.«r Cleaning: < yonr stduc *.r»d <i r*-&*>fe^ pot a cre*use in crouser rn*ny -extra, hwur*. so iir; re^*--*- life ir ; . . our presets !»!;g-s th»t et«ys Jn when «uJt« look and floppy. t.h*i best tbingr TO do is esll 23 or 22. and let UK give suits and •*JI-«S»«B *. Blaster Ciean a.nd Press >ob., T«»* price is only . v . . ............. . tribulation a great • tide of wou«d com* ihis way. perio<S of so-ea-Iled catt-red ar k. r«r-E.orT* frorn (fav, s * Picture of w-Ii be basil'y broc^Jjt to a.. close : ?rhen Christ com«aj to destroy him I an<5 hia fol]ow«?r». ] H< made a. very *ig73ificant | stai-ernent regstrdinsr the XRA ! stamp saying it wa* like the RGB- I jsian siaaip in that Jt «ho-ws ihe | capitalist otit of step with th^ 1 peaestnt, woman sit}<J tine laboring j jm*.n. H«r *iLi& &s the rsoraJ*'r>f the f nation gro. wo jjr<>*» the nation. JT« | the ^eo»i« to pray for our j. and SFOp'^ort tlze srovern- I jaent, K« b*lleve* R<K»»«v«jt 40 Jn } the P!«JR fit th« a«r««, bot th^tt God j never or<S*ln*-<2 ma« tb»t | broujrbt back 2,2 to this country- | Hr, fipring;«r *rmotJttee<3 for hia | lor Sunday ev^-ninsr "1* | th« Anti-CJirist." Everybody ic «*pec'laJJy oryed to .itt^sd Sunday cdbool »D4 charch An official surrey of. 2.2C»5 rural "horn*!* fn a typical North Car- Oiir.a county rev€' > a.I*' j <J 2J logp Saa ..Frandaco aJ. to th«s r^burial of an old burn li*<J »0 years ajro, antf always hJms^lf, "Ksip«roi* of th* Caite<J State* *n<J protector of Mexico." And that* -srttat th«y put on hia h*adstone. No otlier town •woui<l hav« ersoogh e^ntfinent to <!o that but Frisco, (pardon m«. Tbc wom«n of Paris and r *- trinlty «rc K*>I»K to have the O|>- portnniTy of Ifjirnhur jt»*t how- to anranc** ilx^ir flo-w«*r»i In * for the next briilaJ pwrly. M to Uuit. or COOL OFF Take A Ride In Tke NEWSPARTAK SUNDAY AFTERNOON Henry Arr*»» Pilot T»« new for Miss Ava. from Nuaman Greenltottue just retwrncd from the tkm «t Pr. WorUi. «iwl her !H- tle head Is fall of VEW tDEAS. Phone &€1 «9>4 Ust 1»cr help jroti. If y<m dfrttae » pot pl»nt. <n- somo of tfKMe fOr«sotm cat flower* ftor * mk* friend, yonr oifJ«r» wfll I»«T<S spcc^ml cure by «h« say*: "I have work for ft I* otic of th«» few jol»* I <-an handle. nnd I feel I nm <|i»iHri«<f. f hare ti»k<*n A pi*n»on*1 lm<rr*»f In tl»« dntt<s» of the office, ami Intend to cotuJna« to <Jo <«o If I am (to fortnttnte AM to he the new office of n <T CoIItNrtor "of Year Pure Gra<t« A rn»lk S* a fOOtt for rl»c entire family, Jn conference with Mr, Martin of -.Martin** Dairy," he len«s me he ha* »drl«d n line of CaJif«rr»l.v and wooW gladly with 5 oar order of milk-. Ills pho**e {» S*<JI — J-i, Xo- 33 — Otx>k A Colscr -—and Imom- the pleawnr* of having- yoor doftMj* vnu.h<v1 at low r-oit— one Hnen OH, YES! — \Ve ««re«. tlwit "TtV Kntnrt to be thrft'iy,** *•» "we htintftl dovra for yoo thfc* ui*cfoJ. col<>rfnl ix»t<cry of **Or«m Proof Unkhiic \V»PP." Swch «n ttrrny of color* hi iM*t.* for the rrfrljrer«for, ««rt« f<«* ,th*- rwncc, i»t« plate* and plnt«>» nrwl cverj'thinic T>on*t ftt» to Tlw Book >if«>r«» mid rxftmlws nnd AT the Molly- wood » e • » t r .Shop, ft* l.Mh Vow p»lr of hot erne of much more notfcewMe dwwty. hot your irl»-'*»r i 4 prt»r»rrly ftf dlntcty ihf* TAXI H pcmdy to KIP ,vo« to any r«rt of Uir; city. THKl'K drlv«r»» *rr cour- UMMI» *IH! carctwt. T1U» -U

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