The News from Frederick, Maryland on September 5, 1967 · Page 16
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 16

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 5, 1967
Page 16
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THE NEWS. Frederick. Maryland Tvertity. 8e»4emk*r ». IW7 fag* Bunny («HUT lTOPE-,QUlCKi NO* THAT TM' PlftCS OUT, YA SOT ANY IDCAft ^ AfOUT «GTTIN' Mutt And Jeft OH.HELUO.THERE.' THE WATER'S GREAT, ISN'T IT? ttOX SOME PEOPLE ARE UNSOCIABLE/1 JUST TRIED' TO BE FRIENDLY TO A , LITTLE SHRIVELED UP OLD \ MAN OUT THERE/ WHAT DID HE SAY? A NOTHIN7 HE ^ iWoULDNTTALK/ Winthrop ITONM-VOOSTS FlV£ DOLLARS. MUKFOP-WILL O G Q NOW I KNOW- HOW THe Side Glances 'The sooner w« g«t unbearable, the tooner the'll ««rv« the refreshments!" JACOBY N BKIDGF WrlltM Per NBA 1IKVICE * lutotnalic" Lend If 'ork* For Kant NORTH (D) * K J 9 3 ¥ 2 · A K J 0 B * Q « 7 WEST EAST V K J 9 6 3 · 1 0 7 3 4 7 6 V A 1 0 S » 6 5 4 2 * K J 8 2 SOUTH 4k A 1 0 3 4 2 V Q 7 6 4 · Q A 10 5 3 £a«t-We«t vulnerable West North But South 1 · PM* 1 4 Past 3* Pau 4 4 Pass Pass PaM Opening le«d-- ¥ · I /are we are back again with I tip cade word ARCH Analyze th? )e*.J Review th? biddmf Count your winners arid, finally thf 164,000 question 1 Hew can I make or how can I brat this contract 9 " tn duplicate you also look for \ertricks because one made or «rved is likely to be the dif ftrenc* between a good «core 01 a bad one but in rubber biidx° Ih4 contract it all important West'* six of hearts opening lead would be correct in any fame He wants to attack in hearts before declarer fets a rltance to develop his own suits Don't worry about that old sm. ' Never lead away from a king " '.'. might have been a gord rule i.i the game of Whin although t doubt it, but we know it is a bud rule in contract bi idga East wins the heart lead with the ace and has what should lr* an automatic lead to trick tw That automatic lead is th? deuce of clubs It w.nks this tirne West takes his ace and re turns clubs The defense Ins foui tricks gathered b? f oic do claioi can do anything except follow suit Anyone cm see that East's load is correct whsn he looks at the Sjuth hand and anyone should see that it is correct without looking at anything hut tiie Kast hand and dummy Ea«t knows that either Siutli ( W st holds the nee of clubs C South holds it there it not'i Scrambler ACROSS 1 Perdition 5 Jump S Rocky peak 12 Exude 18 Anglo Saxon theow 14 Compaa* point 15 The seaboard 17 Educational 44 Female theep pl) 46 Dried grape* 4* Feminine appellation Genus of An*war to Pravloua Pulile Mllil IllflUWWIL^l 53 ragweed shrubs 54 Certain window* 60 Writing Implement IB Guide 5? Uniform 10 Clumsy . 58 Small anleld* 21 Liquid measure 5S Bitter vetch 23 Thu* (Latin) 60 Low haunt* 24 Health resort 01 Window 27 Depart* compartment 20 Contended ,,,,,..,», 32 Valuable DOW* 34 French patois 1 Permit* fn 2 Leave out 3 Lateral part 4 Precipitous 5 Meadow IC]IW=J- MSHHl= ·poken LouJilana 96 Inhabitant 37 Abridgment 38SplHtl«M 39 Winter vehicle 41 Fo«ll«h fellow 42 Saul's uncle · Landed property 7Afre«h B Make* britk (with "up") 9 Cohesive 10 Heavy blow 11 Peruse 16 Artificer 20 Female spouses 22 English poet 24T«bediny 25 Corn bread 26 Caucasie people* 28 Prison guard 30 Masculine appellation 31 Recondite 33 Catchea 35 Ransom 40 Reduce 43 Put through a certain kitchen utensil 45 Slumber 48 Mature 47 Asseverate 48 Church part 50 Quechuan Indian 51 Stupefy 52 EssentU! being SS Abrtrart being NEWSPAPER ENTERPRISE ASSN. r»wy VAKP *Tia H*»M'T HKOVERIP THEM'OWOP PMMONP *N MORN ALL WT 10 9AIL mJ itrt HOP* PKMCB OU I 20LH*09 WILL M A9 The TwinH MOM PJ? AeSDONA'B CCXBYGETS WELL l-t AH, WELL, HE'S GOtNO TO rev ID COME ovec H6I?E' LAST' HEPE COMES COLBY NEWS THAT . VvOULDN T EVEN LL HEP? OWN TWIN ' HE VVAMT5 \ SO )VOC P E POWEK TOGFT A JOB \ TO HIM' I LIKE HIS ON A FXkPEP / SPUNk\ WANTING TO GO WEST TO MAKE A CAPEECPOB HIMSELFf A (lev Oon WELL WHA1CMA THINK ABOUT OOP'S NEW C3IRL FRIEIP ( TH 1 PRINCESS OF NEANDERLAMP? 4 1'P SAY WHAT I THINK, 1 --- ~-\ AW I WOULDN'T POE3NT MATTER AS /Rl3HT ) WASTE ANY TIME MUCH AS WHAT ^ A FINDIN'CXJT' ME THINKS.' ^p ^O 19*J bf NEA Itc T M Ipf US t* tttt V- S~* And \they call /" these the Doo Days u The Born Losei TWlRTV E IRW Ml^ TWO-HUMPRED FOPTY- Meek VOU'RE MY GIRL AfJD Stt;'RE COMIKJG WITH ME AMD k THAT'S THAT' «1Wlf NIA, he. TM. 1^. UJ ht Off BLAP! i )j, that East ca i do to beat tlic h-dc's that card but it will Ij contract S°uth will have timo c l ^ n r sn lm« then since the d a l^ clear up tho trump suit He ond suit is suie to develop may have to lose an immcdiai. f n-t r-ust load that c'ub nnl tuck to the trump ace if West ^ p" f i the best Dora from u 5. WIATHl* iUAfAU Ho, BUT WHEN) YOU GET OPF OM TM£ A HAVE TO TRY TO BAJL YouitseuF DEAD/ \VMEN CLASSES START, I DOKH WAMT MIS5 MAVS To VCMOW 1^AT^4E- 6UVWHOWMISTCED ATMEe ' F O R E C A S T Until Ihew Law T*«tip*r«twf«« ·* v H»t - C*n*«lt kocol Oul Our Way WF.XTHRR FORECAST-Ram; and .how^rs v will be confined to th3 southern half of the nstion Tuesday night fr«m the eastern slopes · " · ' - "P cted tn the re t - a l Plains I'LL TAK6 OUT POR A WALK TIME, ]yoUR(S(?AND-i OH.THAT3JUST PATH6R AMD / AW ACT HE 5 AHEAD') THAT tOS \JEALOuS BUT HE'A 'HAVE BECOME \ TRVIMC5 TO HlPE PALS l y IT DIPW'T THIWK HE P A/AKJT / AKJYBODV Cf ELSE TO \L WALK HER'/T SHELL REFUSE S, TO SO OUT WITHOUT HIM dfcAMPAW Our Boarding House LWE 60T 40WE RED SARtsj PAINT LEFT = P n j - e;(J f1l SPAPFRf SPAPFRf

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