The News from Frederick, Maryland on November 28, 1951 · Page 9
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 9

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 28, 1951
Page 9
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Know America Today's Anniversaries 1805--John L. Stephens, noted travel writer of his day, "the American Traveler'' to his generation, pioneer promoter or i steamboats and railroads, builder of the Panamd Railroad, 1849, born in Shrewsbury, N. J. Died Oct. 12, 1852. 1831--John W. Mackay. Irish immigrant here at 9, California miner at 20, one of the partners of the $100 million "Big Bonanza," founder of Commercial Cable, born. Died July 20, 1902. 1837--John W. Hyatt, versatile and prolific New Jersey inventor and manufacturer, born at Starkey, N. Y.'Died May 10, 1920. i 1864--Lindley M. Garrison. New Jersey lawyer, vice chancellor, Wilson's first secretary of war, born at Camden, N. J. Died Oct. 19 1932. 1866^--Henry Bacon, famed New York architect, designer of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, born Watsega, 111. Died Feb. 16, 1924. Today In History 1776--Gen. Washington, with his small army, retreats across th« Passaic River--British encouraged to follow because of smallness of his army--Americans pullini down bridges often within sight of British putting them up again 1785--United States concludes treaty with the Cherokee Indians of the South, by which they acknowledge sovereignty of the "United States and in return are guaranteed their lands. 1887--Edison's new phonograph invention put on exhibition. 1895--Country's first auto race: in * Chicago. Charles E. Duryea winning in a car of his own making. 1896--Prof. Samuel P. Langley's Model-No. 6 flies 4,200 feet--the first sustained power-driven, heavi~r-than-air machine flight. 1942--Enemy vainly blows up roads and bridges to block the Allies in North Africa. 1944--i s t and 9th U. S. Armies pierce the Siegfried Line. 1949--United States, At Lake Success, advocates a '"hands-off policy" for China. 1950--United States, at Lake Success, accuses Communist China of "open and notorious" aggression. Today's- Birthdays Admiral Matthias B. Gardner born in Washington, D. C., 54 years ago. Helen Jepson. singer, born in TitusviUe, Pa., 44 years ago. Prof. Irwin Edman of Columbia University, famous philosopher, born in New York, 55 years ago. Jose Iturbi, pianist-conductor, born in Spain, 56 years ago. Brooks Atkinson of the New York Times, dramatic critic, born Melrose, Mass., 57 years ago. Frank J. Black, N. B. C. music director, born in Philadelphia, 57 years ago. Bartley C. Crum of New York, attorney-author, born m Sacramento, Calif., 51 years ago. Henry Hazlitt of New York, editor-author, born Philadelphia, 57 years ago. Ralph T. Walker, eminent New York architect, born in Waterbury, Conn., 62 years ago. Today's Horoscope The ambitions today are toward scientific research. The mind is ingenious, inventive and practical. There is a sufficiency of ability though sometimes covered by a lack of resolution. Cultivate alertness of mind sc as to get a just reward for your services. Radio Program NBC CBS MBS ABC WFMD WOR WMAL 930 ko '10 kc 3t kc Ivcning 6:00--Nw» for 15 Alin.--nbc-cbs Network Sll«nt Hr.--»bc-mbs-«ast Kiddies Hr. (rpt.)--abc-mb«-weat 8:15--Discussion Series--cb» »i45--Newscast By Three--nbo News Comment--cb 7:00--News Commentary--nbo Beulah'z Skit--cbs News Commentary--abe New* Commentary--nibs 7s15--Jack Smith Show--cb« Dally Commentary--abo Dinner Date--mba 7:30--News Broadcast--nbo Bob Crosby Club--cbs Lone Ranger Drama--abe New* Comment--mb» 7:45--One Man's Family--nbe News Broadcast--cbs Evening Newsreel--mb» »:00--Halls ot Ivy--nbo Mr. Chameleon--b» Mystery Theater--abo Hidden Truth--mbs 8:30--Great Glldersleeve--nbe Dr. Christian Drama--cbs Top Guy Drama--abc International Airport--mb» »:00---Groucho Marx--nbo Red Skelton--cbs Rogue's Gallery--abc Science Fiction--mbs »:30--Big: Story--nbo Bing Crosby--cbs Mr. President--abc Family Theater--robs 10:00--Barrle Craig Drama--nbe Boxing: Bouts--cbs (aJbuo TV' News Music--abc Comment: Mystery--mb« 10:30--Meredith Wilson--nbo Orchestra Show--abc Dance Band--mba 11:00--News * Variety--all n«t« Television Summary 7:30--Chance of a Lifetime--abe 8:00--Kate .Smith Hr.--nbo Godfrey Hour--cbs Paul JDlxon Show--abo 9:00--TV Theater--nbe Strike It Rich--cbs Variety Show--abc Anna May Wonc--DuMont 9:30--The Web, Drama--cbs The ClocJc Drama--abc Shadow of Cloak--DuMont 10:00--Break the Bank--nbo Boxing Bouts--cbs Hour of Film--abc 10:30--Preddy Martin Show--nb« In Saudi Arabia huge sand- spreaders, used by U. S. railroads to fight snow, have been fount useful for plowing away sand in heavy dune areas. IMPERIAL ·JACOBY ON CANASTA EARN WHEN TO FREEZE THE PACK By OSWALD JACOBY Written For NEA Service 'Some of the playeis in our club freeze the -pack when there is no pack to freeze." complains a St. uis correspondent. -"For example, the other night one of these men picked up a frozen pile and made a couple of melds. His first discard--with no discard Ti\e in sight--was a deuce. "Is there any reason for such a play? Or is it just a matter of forcing both sides to live dangerously in the hope that their nerves will give way first? When a pair of men play against a pair of women and the men keep the pack frozen all the time, it looks to me as though it's just a battle of nerves rather than a game of skill." ·- There is something in what my correspondent says. Courage and steady nerves are needed when a frozen pack grows bigger and bigger. I wouldn't say that men had a monopoly on those qualities; at least not when it comes to a game of Canasta. If your opponents . insist on freezing the pack practically all the time, it is very likely that one side or the other is playing foolishly. "erhaps you ai'«, melding too much rom your hand, thus leaving your elf with only a few cards hi your innd. This practically Invites the pponents to freeze the pack. The only other reasonable assumption is that the opponents are reezlng in situations that are un- avoiable for a freeze. If that is he case, you and your partner :an punish them by just s i t t i n g ight and playing well. Try to keeo calm even though the pack s frozen. Ihe first question is interesting also. 1 Does it ever pay to discard a vild card as the very fi''st card of a discard pile? Yes. This is of- en the correct play. For example, suppose you have picked up a large pack. Obviously, you will have no trouble finding safe discards. -But what about your partner'' If he has a short hand--say only five or six cards--he may be in very hot water. An immediate freeze may be in order to protect your partner As a matter of fact, if your side *roae the pack that you have just (Advertisement) Quick Relief from Pile Irritation 40 years ago a Buffalo druggist created an ointment to relieve itch ing smarting piles. It brought such ick, cooling, soothing, astringenl relief that its fam^ spread across the land making Peterson's Ointment a favorite in thousands of homes Ask your druggist today for 40c box or 70c applicator tube Peterson's Ointment delights or money back BRUNSWICK 6:45 - S:45 LAST TIMES TONITE "THE PRINCE WHO WAS A THIEF" TONY PIPER JEFF CURTIS · LAURIE · COREY (Color By Technicolor) JOIN HOSPITAL AID O R*!" D THEATREMF D A M A S C U S . MD ANTIQUES Red Sleigh - Buekeystown Fine Furniture, Good Glass Beautiful Porcelains Royal Vienna--Bee Hive Mark New Hall--Shelton Coalport--Davenport Liverpool--Chelsea PHONE BUCKEYSTOWN 4782 picked up. H i» likely that you have a situation that is favorable to ee/liiR. - And in that case, what can be wrong about refroor.inR the pack at the earliest possible opportunity? Mr. Jncoby Is tumble to answer individual questions o n - Canasta from lenders. However, he will include the most frequently asked questions in his column. Bomber ('rashes Bui Oew Parachutes Safely MARCH AIR BASE, Calif., Nov. 27 (#·--A B-29 bomber caught fire in the air and crashed near here today, but its crew of 13 parachuted to safety. Lieut. E, J. Sancholtz. the first pilot, said he ordered the crew out of the plane when a wing blazed up as the bip ship headed in for a landing at this big base near Riverside. SanchoHr and the second pilot, Lieut. E. H. Burgess, were the last to leave. They landed near the Ascriptions WILLIAMSON'S DRUG STORE TRUSSES and SUPPORTS 12 North Market St. Phone 68 Wednesday, Nov. 28th "Strangers On A Train" Farley Granger Ruth Roman Cartoon Shows: 7:15, 9:18 Maryland-U. S. Approved Pullorujn Clean Hatchery. Chicks available Tuesdays and Fridays. Started Chicks available for immediate delivery. Also, a complete line of poultry equipment, medicines and supplies. MARYLAND CHICK HATCHERY, INC. 100 West South St. Phone 439 ^EY_CHEV^SALES,.»}C^ SEE THESE O. K. USED CARS AND TRUCKS BEFORE YOU BUY! 1949 Chevrolet Deluxe 2-Dr. $1,325 19^8 Chevrolet 4-Dr. Deluxt 1,095 1947 Studebaker Champion 795 O. K. TRUCKS f 1945 Reo Chassis and Cab ... 495 1946 Chevrolet 1-ton Pickup 695 GOOD VALUE TRUCKS 1942 Ford IVs-ton Chassis and Cab 475 1941 Chev. lV4-ton Chassis a n d C a b . . . 3 5 0 1938 Dodge Canopy Expresi 175 KEY CHEVROLET SALES,' INC 106 E. Patrick St. Phone 707 Don't be fooled by "LOOK-ALIKES" mmiuntiui HMTUIU LOOK FOR THIS SYMBOL OF QUALITY WHEN YOU BUY PARTS It's easy to fool the eye but hard to "fake" performance. That's why it will pay you to look for the IH Symbol of Quality on the part you buy... for precision engineering... high standards of quality ... perfect fit... longer wear. Don't take » chance on "look- alikes." Insist on the IH symbol to "Parts-Protect" your farm equipment investment... to get peak performance. H. C. SUMMERS, JeftVjriSon, Md., Phone Frederick 276-J-S · MERCER JONES SONS, Dickerson, Md., Phone Buckeystown 3143 FARM EQUIPMENT CENTER, Thurmont, Md., Phone Thurmont 4201 MONROVIA SUPPLY CO., Monrovia, Md., Phone New Market 2441 H. B. »UVALL, Frederick, Md., Phone Frederick 178« Doors Open Daily At 10:45 A. M. Continuous Shows From 11 A. M. Today--Tomorrow · SPONSORED BY THE HOOD CIUB The amazing adventure of six men on a raft across the Pacific to the "hula girl" isles... Photographed by the men who lived it! Told by THOR HEYERDAHL, /^author tf the belt-seller rnxteid ky OllE NOIDEMA* Muik by SURE WALDIMIl in irtfllm A.I. Leo Tolstoy's Most Inspiring Story Come* To The Screen! Admission This Engagement Only Children 30r. Adults 65c, all day Coming Friday-Saturday ADV£MTUR£ BUNGALOW--FOR SALE Two bedrooms, living- room, kitchen and hath. Situated on largre lot and located on Jefferson Blvd. BRADDOCK HEIGHTS, Maryland. Priced for Quick sale $6,000.00. BUILDING LOTS Building lots 100x200 ft., fronting on .Jefferson Blvd., Braddock Heights. Nice elevation, beautiful view. CITY PROPERTIES Six room single brick dwelling:. Steam heat. Garajjc. Immediate possession. Price $9,500.00. 2 apartment dwelling with extra lot. Located on Franklin Street. Price $5,500.00. M.D. HARP AGENCY -Realtor* Pythian Castle Building Phone taxing wreckag*. Both were liakcn up but not jKMiously hu r t Farm folk and forest rangers Ui lie Heiuot Valley picked up the I others and brought them to the cene. Sheriff's deputies sold none v«s Injured seriously. SunohoH/, said the plnne \v«s rom Kalrchlld ·Spokane, Wash. Air Base, near But he deelin- further details of the n'i'cldent i n t i l he made a report to A i r ''orce investigators. The scene is between Win- hester and Homeland, about 13 Miles southeast of this base, Mrs. Lura Tomlm, » Homeland ovtsewife, told a reporter: "J saw nine parachutes floating lown. Then J saw the plane. It vas on fire. Its WHIRS came olT and just befoie it h i t , it exploded t hit the side of Coyote Pass." Th* New*. Frp(l*«rlrk, Md., Wednpuday, November 28, 19S1 SEVENTEEN STILL I'NINDF^TIFIEI) had elicited some hopes that he M a r t i n s b u i K , W. Va.. police, at wns from Martinsburg. midnight Tuesday, ptaotlcally ban. City police of the West Virginia ished hopes that the "John Doe" ?"* » a i d ii t y ^ checked prac- anmfsla victim held here since ica ,"v , al1 t h e Gregorys In their Sunday. Is "Bill" Gregory, ot that bal wick but could find no one by c l l y t h a t nainp unaccounted for. Forty-Hum hours of questioning and coddling the middle-aged man who wHiirleiPd into u local .service station Sunday night oomplttlnlnR of head-pains and loss of memory, MORE PEOPLE BUY St. Joseph ASPIRIN THAN ANY OTHER ASPIKIH IN THE WORLD FOR IOC FA1KVIKW AVENUE LOOK AT THESE FEATURKS:--- 1st flr.--L. R, Il'ix26; 1. R. 13x13, semi-purlor l!KiS, kitchen and full bath. ~" 2nd Hr.--2 master bcdroms. 2 average brdroms, full bath ( t i l e ) , good closet space, and stonier nttic. Basement under entire house, laundry tubs, oil fired hot water circulatory system, storm window*, fitted Kcrrcns, Venetian blinds, attached stnRle jcaraRe. This house is In splendid repair and located on large well landscaped lot of 75x180 running bark to paved alley. See It Today -- Price $17,500.00 \ NED S. ZE1LEII "REALTOR" 102 N. Court St. Frederick, Md. our 1952 Christmas Club Is Now Open "A Ctaxf for JLny JVaeil" THE FARMERS MECHANICS NATIONAL BANK Frederick, Maryland Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation fffNpp «ti«f isotpte^ PJHSWR 11% AtiMMfclPft"*! B uurCiflDUi oitiinaip^i ,s BLUE ZIRCON, ' - ' ^ - ' '· y^^w i^^^r -lawtj ajujHEuii , , ^ witmmx I Q c ' / - ''i'' ~ - " * ·»X""~~"N.. f mrirKitinc ttoki for mMt \ '' ' '"v ' ~ '" ' 1 i^~~^\, f o«irwrtir»$f «t4»t for mMt \ ' ' , EASY \ OfiO WftiJTfllt O (W^OT-v , F , ·Ur \ TERMS / i# ffch bwify. ,, "* £* \ .,,. * V S ' ' Cck«ilftf»o»«ma " » f . . , A tf £···95^*--£ ^ MtaMufv.' ,? Synthetic Stones ore i I «w s* f "\V,.Kf$rtipt^ ' ^ f \ IL **·/, v i "^ ·- '·.* t" ^i* m brilliance ° n ** bcouty. WL ^ * C, ·'·*{y-'V · v "'* ^ ut ^ey ore mon-modt by ^» f.n»t «-»i*n«« ·· ···« *"»' ( * * , * . · » ^1 A , modern science ' Nationally Advtrtised DASON Quality ·· COLONIAL JEWELRY CO. ^ w» 149 North Market St. . HENRY'S Biggest Coat SALE! Shop Now for Chrislinas - Lay Away A Gifl A Day 500 brand new coats specially purchased for this tremendous event. The entire women's department given over to coats only. Come early, extra salesladies to help you. Reg. 35 Virgin Wool CO ATS Wools Tweeds Fleeces Checks Plaids Another Large Group COATS 24 Smarl, New Fur-Trimmed $ marl I\ew r u r - i r i m m e u d»^% M 49.98 DRESS COATS $ 34 Virftin Woo! and Gabardine NewHolidayDresses Wools Jacquards Taffetas Crepes Sg.90 Boys' $14.98 Surcoats Navy Pea Coals, and Fur Collar Jackets Values to ?I6.95 $ 9.98 Boys' $14.98 Sur Coats and Bomber Jackets $ 9.90 Fur Collar-Zipper Snow Proof, Wind Proof $3.98 Warmly Lined Men's Gloves pr. $2.99 Men's Corduroy Sport Shirts $4.98 Children's Zelan Snow Suits $6.98 Child's Corduroy Overalls $1.99 Warm Indian Blankets $2.99 $1.00 Rayon Ninon Bureau Scarfs 2 for $1.00 Men's Fur Collar $16.5D Bomber Surcoats $9.90--$12.90 $3.98 Men's Gabardine Sport Shirts $2.99 $14.98 Men's Corduroy Sport Jackets · $9.98 Boys' Plaid Snow Suits $9.98 Children's Chenille Robes $2.98-r$3.98 $19.98 Girls' Winter Coats and Sets $14.98 Boxed Towel Sets 2.99 Boxed Pillow Cases 1-99 Lace Table Cloths 2.99 Scranton Lace Curtains pr. 1.99 Plastic Drapes pr. 1.00 HENRY'S 17 N. 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The expense ot keeping your ptesont car in good operating condition may be greater than the cost of trading for a Rood used car. 1C you aie driving a prewar car, its present value may be sufficient down payment on a saf- pr post-war car and the monthly payments within your budget. Come in and look over our fin« selection of used cars. All Our Cars Priced Less Than The New OPS Ceiling Car* In Stock From '37 To '51 Models ·50 Nash Ainb. Hydra $1,795 M!) Mercury Cl. Cpe 1.4P5 '48 Chev. 2 Dr. SPd 1,095 '47 Buick Super 2 Dr. 1,195 '40 Ford 4 Dr. Sed 695 '48 Crosley Sta. Wagon 395 Buy Now--Buy Where It's Tha Guarantee Backed By Reputation LAWSON MOTOR SALES 7(W N. Market St. Phone 2613-J 114-16 W. Patrick St. Phone 2583 M-G-M THE COMPANY THAT RELEASED "GONE WITH THE WIND" PRESENTS A NEW DRAMA OF THE WAR BETWEEN THE STATES! STEPHEN CRANE'S ' farntd story... starring AUOIE MURPHY The Most , Decorated Hero of World War U BILL MAULDIN Actor-Cartoonist creator of Willie and he m "Uf Front" PRODUCTION A Metro-Goldwyn- Mayer Pictur*. Along the way-- « brief mceung with a farm git). Adaptation by Albert Screen Pl»y by John Huston *JOHN HUSTON * 88TTFIIEOIBIIIIAIW WARNER BROS. T O D A Y AND TOMORROW STARTING SUNDAY KSTHKR WILLIAMS Red SKEr.TON--Howard KEEt, "TEXAS CARNIVAL"

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