The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on March 28, 1956 · Page 7
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 7

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 28, 1956
Page 7
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Wednesday, March 28, 1855 POGO By Sam LtH M 0 AN' kN /CONCHA WA,NNA_YN'O"«C : fcl/IKABTOAWfjawO-J *>aJJ( I KNOW. IT. /W«tf teAJf •\\ ALL.. '".AN'PU HAUL* OUT 1U* a' WMO AN •PS Off A WJVg SONS : Auto Insurance Down Except In This Area ELLA CINDERS "hariie Plumb and Fred rot CDME UP, $ENOKITA .' TAKE HCJLI7 OFTHS I WONT- I'M GOINS TO 5TAY H5RE TILL- YOU 60 AY/AY/ = PUS A HOLE IN THE OF TH=_YtELL AN7 IHTC? IT &EFOTIE THE TU//8LEP IN e UP----MOW-' IF YOU REFUSE, WE WILL FILL THE WEL AUSTIN —UP—Texas automobile owners can expect to save .•' J9.5 million on insurance premiums under lower i-ates announced Wednesday by the Board of Insurance Commissioners. .The revised schedule'o£ rates, applying both to new anci renewal policies, goes into effect May 1. More than ?8 million of the. rate lowering comes from decreased physical damage rates covering fire, theft, comprehensive and collision coverage, according to Commissioner Morris Brownlee o£ Houston. There was "modest" improvement, he said, in bodily injury and property damage liability 7'ates which were lowered about $l.Z million. The entire state will have lower passenger physical damage premiums, the lone exception involving comprehensive coverage which will be increased in the Panhandle and northwest counties, commission spokesman said. The lower rates will apply to all classes of drivers, he said. Most of the slate will get a 9.8 per cent reduction in all forms of private and passenger collision. Some 19 other counties will get a 7 per cent decrease in rates. These include: Abilene, Amarillo, Austin, Denison, Laredo, Lubbock, San Angela, Sherman, Texarkana, Waco, Wichita Falls, Bexar, Dallas, El Paso, Galveston, Karris, Jefferson, Nueces and Tarrant counties. Comprehensive rates will be reduced 9 per cent for counties in the central portion of the state, including Dallas and Tarrant counties. In South Texas reductions will amount to 4 per cent. Rates for the Panhandle and Northwest counties will be increased 25 per cent, mainly because of windstorm and hail losses covered by comprehensive pol- Combined passenger bodily Injury and property damage rates . will go down slightly for all class- i es of drivers in all sections of the state, with the exception of four counties — Harris, Jefferson, Galveston and rrueces. The increase for Harris county drivers will be 6.3 per cent, while the increase for the other three Blue-Black 1$ Close Enough, Court Rules NEW ORLEANS — UP—The Supreme Court reversed a $400 fine against Dr. Joseph Lanasa Wednesday when he testified that blue-black ink was the closest shade to black that he could find. Lanasa had been accused of failing to comply with the law by signing death certificates with blue black instead of black ink. counties will average 1.9 per cent The board said there will be • 1.6 per cent decrease for Dallas. Tarrant and Bexar counties, a 2.1 per cent reduction' tor medium- sized cities and a 6.4 cut for rural sections. FROEHNER RADIO SERVICE 509 W. TeXM Diftl MS) Engraved or Printed Wedding Invitations People In Middle East Are Convinced There'll Be War printed as low as By FETEK WEBB ?» NICOSIA, Cyprus —UP— Will there be a war in the Middle East? Among people who know UK Arab-Jewish Filiation closcup, about 55 per cent say yes. When is war likely to break out if it does? This spring. Here on this strategic Mediterranean island the opinion Ls: Neither the Arabs nor the Jews are intent on launching an outright attack. The danger is that one side or the other may reach the point c£ no return because of raids or border flare-ups. Today, the Mid-East' is aflame with controversy, and there is a. real threat that She flames will eat their way to a powder keg— the boundaries that Israel has with her enemies. The Jews are convinced there will be war. Every week sees war equipment moving into Egypt. MIG-15 jet fighters from Czechoslovakia. Russian-m a d e llyushin-2S jet bombers. American-made tanks. Already there are British Centuri- an and Russian Stalin heavy tanks. Israel is outnumbered in mobilized military manpower by at least two to one. Now the balance in weapons is swinging to the Arabs, too. Why should there be war? What factors push the Mid-East toward it? 1. Arabs feel that Israel, while no bigger than New Jersey, has the power and wealth of the world community of Jews behind it and inevitably will expand. 2. Jewish plans to divert the waters of 'the River Jordan for. irrigation. Egypt's Premier Gamal Abdel Nasser has said that will be an act of aggression. 3. Wounds have never healed from the 19-18-19 Jewish-Arab war. 4. Some Jewish factions exhort Israel to wage "preventive war" while she still can win. 5. British influence over Jordan's Arab Legion was removed with firing of Gen. Sir John Bagot Glubb and removal of 50 other top British officers. for 100 17/0 \im per i 00 7 A 95 .engraved as low as OM (more cost much less per 100) matherne's... Baytown Mew oil-rich WAVES DEEP POWN IN LITTLE AS 10 MINUTES because almost *A is Oil Creme base (patented) Nutri-Tonic's oil-rich creaniness helpj pfotict ..your, hair's natural texture and luster, wtelt waving so gently. Curls ire softer, more natural-looking from the moment first combed out... also firmer and longer-lasting becauM Nutri-Tonic's fantastic new Ctfltomizer MUMS more thorough waving deep inside THERE'S A NUTRI-TONIC PERMANENT, THAT'S "JUST RIGHT" FOR --.YOU BLACK'S PHARMACY 2x~o. 1—225 W. Texas 721 E. TexM FOLEY'S • «t Kl » pamper your furs with our Bonded Fur Storage! Folcy's Bonded Fur Storage provides more than ordinary protection ... it gives your furs the kind of pampering that preserves their looks and luster for extra years of wear... sends them back to you each season looking lovelier than ever. Four-Star Protection •fr Bonded Fro(cction . . . from the moment they leave your hands until returned, your furs are protected against every insnrable loss. if Roomy Storage . . . Folcy's vaults arc the safest, most modern in the South. No crowding, no contact with other garments. ^ Dry Cold . . . temperature maintained at a year 'round uniform 40°. Dry coW protection against heat, moths, dtrst, dampness. if Beauty Care . . . Folcy's famous Lustorizing Process gives your furs fresh, clean beauty. No matter how outmoded your garment, Folcy's expert furriers can create a smart, new-season style for you . . . Repairs carefully and skillfully made. Cmti Mrs. Kathryn W. Crabb* (Phone 7672) your STAR CHIEF TWO-DOOR CATALINA The car says GO and the price won't stop you! Performance Sensation ...A This year there's an all-new way to measure automobile performance—and that's to measure it against Pontiac! For Pontiac performance outstrips In a breeze any other on the road. And it. didn't just happen! Pontiac engineers started from scratch with a brand-new Strato-Slreak V-S engine. Then they added another triumph, the all- new Strato-Flight Hydra-Ma tic* especially engineered to work as a team with Strato-Streak power! And what a (earn it is! There's the blazing "go" of 227 horsepower born in the most modern, high- compression, high-torque engine you can buy! There's the incredible smoothness of Strato- Flight Hydra-Matic's liquid coupling and the instant, positive action of its gears. No wonder they're calling Pontiac America's No. 1 spine-tingler! You will, too. when you see how it tames traffic and hills . . . how it shrinks the miles and the hours on the open road! Just as forward looking as the engineers, Pontiac designers- jumped a few years to set an equally new trend in styling. No car at any price is more distinctively beautiful . . . more obviously branded with the stamp of the future. Surprisingly, all this one-of-a-kind performance and style is priced well within the reach of any new-car buyer. We invite you to come in soon for the facts and figures. You'll take a big step ahead when you do. M,, 1JlY a, lW . „,,;,•„„. 'J<J STRATO-STREAK ~7>^ You can actually buy a big, glamorous Pontiac 860 for less than you ivould pay for 43 models of the low-priced three! \WITH_STRATO-FLIGHT U YDRA-MATIC, FERGUSON MOTORS, Inc. 700 West Texas Avenue Baytown, Texas

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