The News from Frederick, Maryland on May 24, 1932 · Page 3
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 3

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 24, 1932
Page 3
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THE DAILY NEWS. FREDERICK. MD.. TUESDAY. MAY 24,1932. FIVB DEATHS PERSONALS and * Noah E. Cattail. . . Noah E. CutsaiL weE-knowa retired at local police headquarters. :s t larmer. died at hii home *t Taseyiown ; celebrating his sixtieth birthday . C^orge W. Sal«r. day desk sergeant ^e ^^^p , a= ,. w em;kv . " ' ea. farmers or co-operatives exporting BI-MONTHLY CONFERENCE ; Held By WakeOeU By EMenhip Of i Chorrhe* Of God. LOCAL MENTIONS Fu-niworth'i J5c Plate Dinner. Wednesday. M»y 2Sth. Roast Meat Pie Roast o! Beef NOTICES. ORTER NISI ON SALES. NO 13J51 EQV1TV In Uw Circuit Court tor Fr«l*r!ck Coanir Sl!t!n» lo E^'iisy - Mondav night at 8.45 o'clocSc, oJ pa- laiysis. He was aged 16 years, two siooths and 15 days. He resided ic Mr. and Mrs. Lester Maincar:. near Peagavil. are receive; r?» Car-oU cciiary for "tie past 29 years j upoa the birth of a daughter Friday at --£-- and in Tseeyrora for th* last 18 years, i ihe Frederick C:ty Hospital - _ --He was the son o! the and Rebecca Cutsail. oi cooaty. and is s Mrs Mary S. S William i Prederici Mr. and Mrs. Rayrnxid Wiernle. '-- lurviwd by his lido*. : Bruns-ar**, are receives ccnsrituli- , _~~-. _ -ii=e Cutsail. formerly ! tioas upon the birtn of 2 ^ jr. o:: F.--- ^ _^ _^ o: =ear Frederick; and toe follcnriag . clay a-, the Frederick c:ty Hospita.. r*-"^*rt-r: · Mrs Harry Bcker. Tney- j town- Mrs Merria Kin?, LittkssoTrn. ; Mr. and Mrs. Richard Ha-iitr. Ei-t Pa.- Mrs Bemie Shrlner. LitUesiora; ! Sixth street, »re receiMr.z c.-r.;raiti.a- Mrs H. Carroll Leister. Westminster: , tions upon the birth of a c.iu?r.t- Harry O-tsaii. Letter Cutsaii and Mil- : Monday a; the Frederics c.t. h.--;; .2 ton Cutsail. all ol Taaeytown: and I John Cutsai-. New York City; also 13 ; Mr. and Mrs. Charles s~i,-.'-. grandchildren and five greavsrand-i Frederick, Sotr.e 4. are^ wii- children j gratulations upcn the oi.-t:-. J. i =o". F-^neral will be held Tiniisday after- Ion Monday a-, the Frede.-x.-i City Ho*?:- Eooa from the late hoae in charge of j tal. his pastor. Rev. A. T. Satellite. Pall- ) bearers -rill be: George Arnold. Harrey j Mr. L. Ec^ar Betson. Sr. is atier.a- Ohle' Harrv OhJer, Sheracan Gilds, M. i ing tiw co-arr-er-cement ex t r-._-^ o. t::.- and D. K- Hesson. al! of | Shippensb'^g State Tea-he:-. Cc-lle;? at .-jrcnioiities '*ould receive cortiScitw \r debentures amounting to . ,ilf the tariS. Anyone exporting 1.000 jf wheit. '.hit is. *o-ali receive res worth $210. The assumption is that :his plan would also keep -.l:rr.v.ns »hea: onto the export aaarket .ir.:U the domestic price »ent up. The ;?ird aoula have to redtioe the cVe- if production «ere over Tbe , oarth bj.aionthly conference on ; Creamed Kam church exteu*ioa being sponsored b- the i Hoaie Bit^ Beaiis ** ^^ Roast o! Pork j Corned Beef Hash ; s Bikf W!j!m _ iu, :) c CITIZENS' NATIONAL BANK. »:·.·.!-.»*·.·.*. bt: Under the third provision th* board finia Eldership of the Church** of ; attended Friday rtssht a t : " " Wasefleld. Carroll county These o»et- j C«ke Walk And inss under the leadership o.' Rev. C.\ Lm'.oc's «** ea^rsed hall at *eUw O. Sullivan, pastor of the Carrollton ; Springs. Tuesday night. 24th_Bui * Church of God. are groTr-rig Previous meetings »er* held at Bruas- , »ick. Ziittiesto»-n and Germanto»-n. , Scripture was read by Her. A I. Siple. ' intown: prayer ncis by Rev P. P. '.he otdeieo. liit. '.ht a. | POTTS (MUFFIN. , 5th street corner C p. m. 15c 25c round 1-W9 Gw«!i«:s* Rose pUntt SB Sa» el Real £»'.*·.·. reiv-trd to . THE Si^/fef2Sr;/^:^£^: cjTizENS- NATIONAL BANK Stta'.Iy rauJy *n«* cc"£-:n :·*-«· M-.IH-. u:.^ cans* ;o th* cost:*;* *.h*rcc*: t^ ^io»:i £**"- * fort said day pr^.oe^ » «.*.?;'» o? '^ erirr , V*^. .^^A^^.VM f c i . »/»*»·£.· « *B* **^ *w. - - . . . . j _ » j J sc-li as«r.aui production cosa and B , os ^ w «'ai-sst«r and »b«i: 15 stem- ' cundies of 4 «.»oh ir red. dart, and .-.-tablish a li:er.^ system to insure no .^ ^ . hf v,^.^, cjwir ; rom JK^II- ' Piai »" *--* S^ Sasts oa ' : only lew K?urit *! iales t- ·s 'rvlow that. L'pon its proc.sma- t:on emiurgoes - i'juli be in eSect .r-aiii^t impcrtation of produces likely :o thwart the general scheme. · No such headway has ever been ^'-' tli^se interested in farm relief as lias been made this year.' jay's Medic , io: . bv Rer c o s^van. Narv. r«r:Vrr_ns to the concertied action .-: the farm organ^atsons. -^rg sans 12 choruses. A solo was gtv- ·n by Miss Lemora. Sullivan. The m*s- "The Christian and **'-» Mission" Jrought by Layman Jesse J. GarLinwood: cloeuig prayer by Rev. and the bene- d»r*- '::ar to s*"d ia. Ttie report s:a'.f5 the a 3.1J! 00 li:ed -.h-% u:h ii»y o: \n. :?J: EL.I (.· H A V O H . C-rcu't Cou:t lor Frc^er.cit Oik c« . n IntersoeRS is TrJsity Snippensbarg. Pa. HL5 tu-herar- cemetery. Taaeytown. C. O. Inez Huberts B*tso=. is 3ne -S. t.-.e ;rac- and Son. Tanerto-ra, runeral di- ] nates. Alth^jgh one or tne Ali Ghan Temple! Attention. ; R^jular satins Wednesday' ewning.. ; May 23. rliht o'clock. Masonic Tempi*. ' A ministerial meeting wii held ^s the csaaberlar.d. Md. Arab Lanch and afternoon when the topic -The Cnra- i Camel's Milk a: close of meeting. All ..«-i and Gi^-ins" *as discussed by Rev. ,,-: ihe faithful invited. ; Dr. F. B. Brose. Westminster; Rev. F. ] West*rr. Msrylind Shnner C!u.» will EL! « U A V G H . OF FREDERICK, MD. CAPITAL $100,000.00 W« «i« oCering lor rent for the §e»- *on tb« master dwelling with lawn and garden oa the estate ol Mrs. Aubrey Pearre near Libenr-o*n. this county. The house contains 12 rooms. Is modem in detail and furnished. POTTS GRIFFIN. REALTORS 27 COURT STREET PHONE 600 NOAH E. CRAMER SON. SU roo= trma« dveillnc Bouw ioestefi on h« Br»Jd«k Sv«t» Rt»d cl o: c»Uo3 far vxirist or aufcisg early ON ?\t,rj- SO W^hir.r.on. May 24 --Well, they fin ___ ally go: the r-arr.e of Porto Rico chang- ^"sVaCely" Ka«erstowni ~Rev! William · hold "a danc* at Vinciobona. Tuesday. v -ci to Puerto R:co. but it »as a nerve- j^j.^ j^,- H.^ ^^ R . v A. W ; May 31s:. All Shriners invtted. racing experience for Mr. Jase Pes- ; p^^, ' BrM i;oriinff. The soeaker «as i ' WM P. R1ZER. Recorcer. experience for Mr. Jase Pes- tfna ^ Broadfording. The speaker «as i resident Porto--beg pardon. ' Samuel Perrell. near ! retum h03» this afternoon. Milk 5 Cents .1 Quit. Cream 25 rents a quart, one 1S55-F-3 ELMER B. STALEY daughter. Mrs. Laytonsville. . P-- era' sen-ies this afternoon at, 1.30 i Those who spent Stir.cay o'cl Panama IUU Cleaned Like New. ,,,,,,,, ,.,,_ . Reblocked and finished like factory ir.g its first; calendar Wedr.escay -^ 10 : sion ja , he g^-^j^g ani j ai^ ;he mid- . ; 3 b Guaranteed to be satisfactory. We jj. 1 :--· years. ! yea , examinations -5:35 given by the : will do work j«st ^ you like it Prices ~ committee brought in the bs~ ; ^ oa , d Q , £^^.1^ ;o students of the · reasonabJe. ^ s ! various courses. The next meeting will : Dyeing of all kinds of ladies' slippers. '"""' 1 in July. 1 any color. Also men s shoes. Our work annual convention of the Sun- , nrlfl p-ease you. Ask those who have ! clay School. Christian Endeavor and : tried our service. Work, will be held Thurs- j STAR HA1 CLEANING AND SHOE and Frida.. June 16 and 17. at, j Brims-sack. The theme selected is ! SHIN'S PARLOR. 11 Court Street. Mr. Pe~quera at once found the chair ' -xeachins To Go" and ihe motto-- j to a congress- j -Every One To His Work." The pro- Festival At Yellow Sprints, ID the Ctrcu:: Cscrt !cr Fre-irtiO Cc-jstr . s:'.::r.£ :a Ew-"i . l~. :hr M»'.:r; :·: tic IVf-d o: T.--.;« c: H»r.-% V Albaugr: and Or:::ud* M Albi-Jijr-. u , la the Ma'.ter or '.ht U-?irt of Sa» ile! ; the 24tri cay c? May. 193: Ordered. That wn :r-.r IMri day ot June. ISSI. tfce Coc.-. «:11 prjcrci :v act ui»n to 3»:d C'cur'. t^v Francis 6ox-u K^ii^let. *:·! d a y : T^i* rcpcr. s'l'rs ttl? »3i^u:^; c* 5±lc to '. tx- K.ftSOe. I D\:rt ·-' nih !av or M»f. !9JI ELI O HAL'GH. Clerk ot Ifce C'.rc-a:t Court !or Frederic* County S:oner »r.(J S^orm. So'.:c.:or's True Copy-- Tes;: K.I C. KAt'OII. Or* · 013T I4-31-J*. 7-l« SURPLUS $800,000.00 camp. Owner desirous | ^il* aad wU! tacr'.flc*. | Tw«sty-«ren acr« o! :iod ca St»;e Rc«o i ce-ar Sew Market la-proved ir:Us c six roeas ; ttoa* dwe,il!8( house, dairy am Owser ' new ihlpplac =s;lk W RaJUsiore Ai oec- 1 esaarrr outbuUdints. SSa* s?r^i« of «*«? i tad ·teetrtcitr I=«EeS:tt poiiesslos. prtot ! B1«B. For fartarr par4le--l»r aypij to HOAR E. CRAMER SON. II* COURT 8TSEET. FREDERICK. UD- ·PHONI MS. JOSEPH D. BAKES, Chairman of Board. HOLMES D. BAKER, President. JOHN H. BAKER, JOSEPH McDiriT, Vice-President. WILLIAM G. ZIMMERMAM, Su" ! "'van a"d Williara E. Sullivan. Sirs. Ada K. Brandt. Mrs. Ada S- Brandt, raiow of Mar- _ tin L- Brandt. Hagersto'm. died Sunday nsoming at 10.30 o'clock, from heart J trouble, a.' the age of 77 years. She *s | survived bv three daughters. Mrs. Eom- ! er McCullo'Jgh. Hagerswra: Mrs. D- j A. Poole. Hagerstoira; Mrs. A. G. S:ga- . foose. Brons^ick; sons, ^arry and Ray j S.. Kagerstovm; sisters. Mrs. Amanda ; Ehadrach. HagerstoTcc: Mrs. John Rice, j Woodpoirit: Mrs. Missouri Sprecher. j Euyettst brothers, LeTris Stahl, Ha-1 gersto^nt John Stahl. Columbus, O. F^neral T-aesday at 2 o'clock, serv- Ices'by Kev. Dr. William S. Kess; la- 21 in Rose Hill cemetery. j ley ar^i Florence Michael. X Gettyi- i burg; Marie Stul!. Waliersvillo: Messrs Horace, JDavid. Monroe Srr.i:h. Melvin Leatherman and Melvin Lir.iay. " ' ?ram will include the work of the in- I Wednesday evening. May 25. tor b*ne- " '· dividual for Thursdar momins: the j at of Brook Hill church. M--«- K " · work of the Sunday school. Thursday ; Yellow Springs Concert Band . iftemoon and the work ol Missions at j stull. director. Music by Prof. r.-.2r. named Stafford from ' sin. The Puerto Ri-can measure was the only thing before the House, but the next thins Mr. Pesquera observed ^ao that Sta2ord -x'as allowing time for ( .^ight. Friday morning, the work of j =?«ches more or less indiscrjminately. ; Christian Endeavor and in the a'ter- ! Fornltore Finishing;. Upholstering First, a Virginia congressman took ' nXH , ,=e wor i o r : he Church. : and repairing. Prices reasonable. miautes to make fun of a couple. ers -rtio had inserted almost : "··-irbe-s -XS.O naa msertea a_a«». · ftoaucal raan relief speeches into the, A MONfr THE SICK He cord as their oro product. j rLLVJ.Vyl( VJ J- i±J-J OJ-V^X^ GEORGE W. HtTNICHES. ·Phone 28-M.- 108 East Fourth St Ke warned that it had come to be j ·danserous for a member to go out in · :he open market, and buy a Puerto and Britten Mrs. Franklin K. Geisey. Trs "o-=oe e-tr He Monda BY RODNEY DCTCHER XEA Sen-ice Writer. Washington, May 24.--The politician. of Congress will not knock o: {big summer of national conventions and . . a ;_ e ,jp a ^-noie hour on the : campaigning trithout a final battle over : Rico ^.^ and 'prolonged i Mrs. Raymond R. Zimmerman. Dill j good . Avenue, who was operated on at the j I Frederick City hospital for the removal j i of her tonsils, fr« returned to her home. In Bloom--200 Varieties Iris. Many Other Perennials. B. A. H- BRUST. Route 3. Beyond Rocky Springs. : EXECUTRIX SOTICC. I Tbl» 1* to K.V ::o;.c? ::-.,-.-. thr t-jbscrliwr [ ! h»s obtatucd ::o^.i ·-"· )r»h*=i' Cj--rt o: j Frtdrr:ci Coui-.'.y. :n Mirri»:;(i. :;e:j Tests- ; j sisntarv os '.i-.t rit*t» ol I SARAH E SAVLOR. '· i :mt« ot Fredrrick Co-i:-.t. Miry:»r.!. d«r»s- i { «!. All rrrjo:-J hiv:.-.s cl»:rr.» ass:;ist I^f j ! drcrasrd are wirnfd :o «:·.:!··;·. the sitne. f I -*l:h the vouchers llicreo:. :egi:iy »a;he:-.t!- : j cmte£ to the vjbser'.tcr. on or brlcrr the . j 14th !»y o; D«o:nber. 1933. r.eil: they ni»y j i oUierwii* Uy :»«· ic xc:u!«d :roai at! Sent- j j at of sa!d ei'.a'.e. Those ir.d'Sted to trie i ! d«e»ied are desired :o sniir . } pmynsertt. '' Q'.rea under my h»nd this :*:h day or i Plate Lunch. Choice 01 two iiieats and three vegeta- i KOSEU-X «. BOND. ExCL-atr'.x d raaTCM-31-!e. 7-14-:t An Arkansas member demanded to j Master Edward Han Eichison, North j bles. bread and outter. 20c. Special: j -" a - kno^r whether the House Tras EXECCTP-IX NOTICE. | ij -o give aotice that trie suSscr'.ber - · s - Court Ol nd. letters lside"ce Death was due to coaipii- tern! ia it for some members, especiai c?"^ "The de=easec was 59 years of !r those from the farm sta:a. but other ! rt hot ana oo:r.ere _ _ argument j greatly improved and his condition j Hamburger broke, "out as to whether Britten ot n- I now is very encouraging. He is the in- ] 40c. :£ois could make a speech defending i rant son of Mr. and Mrs. A. Hart Etch- j -'"·» honestv of Congress. Britten did.! ison. j Hot 3r :he"tiais he iras through Mr. Pes- j ' · j Hamburger 5c Lers quera found a gentleman from Illinois j on School Finance Committee. ! Fried' Hare. Dr. G. Nevin Rebert. dean of the SAMUEL G. DUVALL, .4s5i3tant Cashier. 3. TRAVERS THOMAB, Assistant Cathier. DIRECTORS JOSEPH D. BAKER. THOMAS H. HAULER, CHARLES H. CONLET, M. D JOHN S. NEWMAN, JAMES H. GAMBRILL, JR., HOLMES D. BAKER, DANIEL BAKKR, JR., JOHN H. BAKER, ELIAS B. RAMSBURCH. ARCHia4xo E. FISHER, JOHN N. CLARY. With returcs tro= Business and In- Teitmenu »i » lo» eb. t-e »al»rte* man rematai tie Iras*. »2«tel OT !r«s- ent^Smj cocd!'.:or;j Ever. £U iac«=:e Is uacertalD. tcr accident or slciaeis rasy «top :: at a ·,:a--» «hen raos! ce«!eS. An A«:der.s and Health policy win «u»r- antre an :=co»e during this period, al a cost that :i MB»:! eo=pare! *:'.h Its JOHN N CLARV. AJJ Llnei Of Insurance O. itILBURN FREE. Solicitor. ·Phoae 136. 9 N Court SL Sandwiches: lev W Weller and Joanna -sras bom and reared near LewisKrim- ] aseas. Costigan -Q^ propose -s-as DO.- _^^ j 000OWJ j^jjg igj^g fo , th2 - par p. 3se vices at the LeTiristo'sni church at 11 , . o'clock- Interment in the Utica M. P- i Xew^Evidecce cemet«rv. M. F. Shuff, Jr.. Krr-mits- · NeT evidence 'of the need ia a^ary burg, fur.erai director. | cities for federal help has been bro'-grht Henry H- Beans. j to Washington, and pr-spon-ents ci . Cossigan bill are hopeful tha: addi:l:-n- ' j School of Education of Hood College. | ' __as been named one of the Maryland i : members of the advisory committee to j ! work with the National Survey of '- ! School-Finance.. These cocnmittees were j :hree unimp.3rtant -sroros 01 ioe i«so.u- \ nominated by state superintendents and | s. SDOO.- -SQTJ ; e( j a 20-minute -arrangle in which ] commissioners o* education acd an- j he deniancle-i elimination of most, of the j nounced by William Joan Cooper, Unit- | £75, laz-yers attached to the Veterans" j ^ sta.tes Commissioner of Education. I 3'^reau as well as many other "useless" j xhe committees are expected to work j isz^ral attorr.evs. i urith state 1-egislatures to coming ses- j They go- talking about Albert B. j s j O ns. Federal funds for the survey are Fall, military cyart-marsials and the J provided until July. j iac: that "a couple of learned doc- : " , 5c Lettuce ; Tomato lOc ,.15c Combir.atlon ....25c HOME LUNCH. 216 East Patrick St. JOHN R LANTZ. of Frederick County. Maryland, deceased All persons h»v;ne claims aKa'.nst tne deceased are «»raed " "htbtt the sarne. Modern Apartment^ For Rent. Apply Weii Broe. 410 North Market St. I6th da- of November. 193:1. ?**.. tnej ro»j otherwise by U* be eluded Jroas a-1 Be-.e- fit ot sild estate. Those indebted to .He deceased are desired to aia*e urin-.MSite GlVes^uniSer my hand this 36th day of Aprti. 1932. Rent-A-Car. Drive-It-Yourself. New Low Rates. Gas and Oil Included. FRANCIS SCOTT EJ2Y GARAGE. CriwJord. ARiat- d apr. :6-n Exec-Jtru »y 3-SO-1T-24 P. LDTHEE. RICK. LOCAL MENTIONS lowing Mrs. Annie Sweet, Baltimore; Harry i e i= e ? ;,, su scierit- suatbsrs to pass tne ; Beans, this ci^v. and Mrs. Grace Bus- j measure. sard and Hyett" Beans. Brunswick. Fan- i The LaFollette-Costigan bill prortfi- eral this afternoon at 2 o'clock from! :ng a $375,000.000 apprcprlatiori was the" home of his daughter. Mrs. Grace , defeated in Febnary. 48 to 35. Police Shoes.: 15 to $2.95. ·-Good of the Union" ! Mi ; ier s s - noe Repairing. 33 S. Mkt. St. Pirks of Arkansas Qemacoed whether . . ' Army Dress, Hobnail j Brand New. Sl.25. :his is a bill :o change the spelling of i :he name of Porta Rico" and Blanton j Jin" should be reasonable enough for West B street. Brunswick, ] xe overwhelming sentiir.ent for fc-i- informed him that .. was, "but with services pastor of the Pirs ; terrcent- in Park; _ H Feete and Brother, funeral directors.; a i for z bond issue is cssicr.ei partly piinr the armv by federal economy. Hiram G. Plater. j s ^. ^ · Three Minnies TTlrajn G. Plater, well known and re- J jju-ee Courses Open Pi-al'v to what must have been %%t S^Sf^loSLSI *TM. --;- « £ -. *· ^ *=*==·- ^ ClCu. 3^ UilC i · ST^A^-l. V^V V^-VJ *-tv~*_ *~--- , ,,. - S^j^,;^ --g -U^JT^^- * 2.^ ^lSS*^*~ °*^GS at 8 o'clock. He ^s aged 50 ^ ^^ - arg ;-V a _- '" The Four "J's"-Jaywalkers. Jayriders. Juries and FOR i Fine Watch Repairing. ! Prices r Dancing Public! Grand Opening Ball Decoration Day THE NSW HOLLYWOOD BALLROOM, j TOR Opposite City Tourist Carnp Grounds -The Ballroom DeLuxe." Featuring Recording and Broadcasting Bands. The Hollywood Amusement Co. presents Dick Dillinger's Famous College Band. Hot-Sweet Music: Song and Rythm. "A Musical Treat" At 11 o'clock.--"Dance o! The Crystal Shower." Spectacular: Alluring! "ladiscribabie Beauty." The New Hollywood Is One Of 'j Most up-to-date Ballrooms in Maryland. Crystal Like FOR RENT. ,.-«·.--s,."*, FOR KENT.--MODERN" 3-ROOiI ment;e. Appi? 3 1A w - ,,»«-»· *****' DS3TROT DEPRESSION not by quarre'.loB wlti It but by adjusting oarse!-ej to It If you cannot drive a *W crlir.d'er car drlr. a loar. taut why drive^» lour If you may purchase a six for the »»me · -j jii room saodera oriel HOUSE ^ REST.-StX-ROOM electric I!sfcti. yard ar.d Rardea or. A a -ej L. Possfss-.on June Is'. App.y J- ·- l ^;-'^;, " St. Possess-. years. For S ome_y«« general scerchanaisc store on of little Mr. Pesquera. i the atmbers sesmei to be winded, i Paris and Johnson of Washington said \ FOR RENT.--SIX-ROOM 828 North Miriet strce:. ai! Ter.:»r.ces Bansaioi. s-.i-roim 7 West !3th street- ApP-T Girber'3 Bakery. DCTT rir -JOT?E BRICK --'OLSr.. era con. P o-Ti p ;.«-; na «3 50O with ft-y other property of ft much " ' be- price T»o third* left In property a' desired. A real opportunity for tne sarlv olrd. A JOB AWAITING TOO. 8 room modern brick dwelling for tourtJi business. *Hh ceiceat slock modern fllllng s-atloa inclue-lns one acre for camping pur- m HlBSiaT. May trade on , A real opportunity for tourls 27 acres on Highway near Frederick. :nc with electricity, bath and grSTltatloo xater system MOOERN St. APPI? 346 E. Third St «j »» ^ c!6.-5-i..i8.ia.-i.-a.-o i c* any size, price and location. ; For Information, opportunities, satisfactory o» : ;tious advice, don't fal .. . ». - f , - · » . , ! ley. a-. Storm Sh:?.ey. 1484 A- American Q g Farm National ir. eSect that; the resolution Hail, Opens 8 p. m. Admission 50c. town. Wed- Saints street. Ee was a member of predericktOQian Lodge, No. 12, of col- , -^=.3,- ored Masons. He is survived by one |:" a P 0 ^' 0 'sister. Annie Plater. Frederick: and t _ lp , e .. =3 _ e:ed .,. ** three brothers. Simon Plater. Ssran- a tri-! st. Peter's ^d Farmers' Union have -re- vi-i. s;ntimsntal rceasure. and Osias of ! nes day night, May 25. Miss Brooks and the Philippines retorted that national ; ^^ p^p boys. ^2 fnrm. ^ee~.s lilctlv £c-n:ln~-c-nt ~as tremendously important. | « of Ccr.iress scnte that sr. official change to Puerto Kico | Announcing. -u»-o-» 56T-J Trouli win "eternal gratitude" to this) La-jrn mowers by machine. ! - ' « " - i to pass ooth no i time after tax leriflation is f.r.L'h;-i. bill intr5t:ced bv Chair- cr-Hurr trom z. wnoie peopie Beauty Sboppe. manager. Special this month Marcel or Finger Wave and ' Shampoo. Sl.CO. Permanent, Wave. $4.00 217 N Market St. · especially designed. Guaranteed to cut ! same as new. i , CTTY RADIATOR WORKS. · ·phone 1069. 162 West Patrick St. ] Best Fountain Service in The City. SERVICE DRUG STORES REAL ESTATE 23 EAST THIRD Sjl S-14-dtf Patrick s'.rret. FOR RENT --3-ROO5* suburbs- Bits, gar *?Uth street. APARTMEST IN i p-.y 8 West STAB FUENITUEE CO. POP. REST--MODSRS 6-ROOM HOOSE- Groff. 'Piicne 815. S-iO-oK ?OR RENT --PURVISHED 205 East Secor.d street. AP.'.RTSIENT. : 5-20-iS'.* I Iore Flowers and Hardy Plants. Maintain your youthful compiexion by j 1 FOR HE!--.-SIX ROOM HOUSE WITH I sa - aE e "3 Motter Ave App." J - - - f y : Mairi. Brzddoct Heights. 'Phone 13-F-2 ibitioa of seHine farm products '· production costs--as -rcoDsed by the her claurhter. of little as j Farmers' Union. Preside-: Hoc-er has ' itself. =ear^ everything to tne motner. i in the past, emphatically disapproved · That little ribbon 'both the equalization fee ar.d the cc- c-av! m.-TZ. * \ ys^^fs'S^s^.! FUNERALS « Funeral of Mrs. Saran Shillings was bent-ore ^scheme asd =ay be sxpc-cte-s held Monday evening at 2 o'clock from to veto .sera. ^ the txnn2 of her Daughter, Mrs. A. M. :: ·- Harding. 521 North Bentz street, with j Would "Separate Crops services e ers, ard sant and Charies Heffner. Interment, is now ineffective or. -crops w.-.icr. r.ave in the aajointng cercetery. H. M. Sny- j export surpluses. cer, funeral director. on must, not be torn Peonies, Iris Ceeoraiion Day. Funeral work a specialty. HELEN C. STALST. Phone 1802-F-01. Frederici. ; jallon. C3ARL3S WEBTHEIMSR FROKT ROOM.--Ai- ·· js S'J:tsb".t tor co-Jp'-e Inquire Ne*s-Posi. Box 1S11. BARGAINS IN FURNITURE. 50 slightly used refrigerators, al! sizes. $4 00 to J.12.00. 100 felt Base rags (ne»i $22S up. Living rooia. dicing room, bed roosi ar.d kitchen furniture and household etlects of every kind and description. new and slightly csed. a; unheard of prices Come la and b« conriaced that you can save more than half. We win trade your old furniture in. credit Is good here. 5-13-d6f Md ! "A:, last, my angel." said the · aft-:r h-3 had settled with Regular Dance. Barionsviiie. Wednesday Night. 25th. ??7 ' 3-js leaves B. O. Station 8 p. m. j tae · 20: round trin. Admission I5c and 35c. | " ' " Special Safe. In order to reduce my stock. I am oSerisg a lot of Sne Millinery at very low prices. A. YOST. 4 5ast Church St. j sale abroad. The bill niik« it er.:i--c... i optional with the Far^i 3-c.ari : to use any one or more of the plans. ; An attempt will also .e tnad; to se; sregate S100.000.000 of Re-cc--truct:-sr. ' IN MEMOR1AM. New Windsor New Windsor. May ,24-HeisIey 3j g^ ^T;f ~^^~ ^ -»_JK--,_-- -- --, ---VIA. fn^ *no TO«^. t"*5rf 1 "^= - ' - Corur-.. JeSerson. who for the pasi two i ^-^"-^1^ j_" years has studied music in the B.ue; ^."./"l"^^.,/, R^c?" college, win give his graduate i . recital as plantet ia the aaditorium. j ~^~;;:^__ tonight- He will be assisted_ by J v _ .^.^ -,_,-,.-,_. Miss Louise Bireiy. soprano, omoa "--'__^_ . H Notice. j The Board of Managers of Mount . Oiivet Cemetery hereby offer a reward j of S25 for information leading to the : '.Vall-tersville :~ 1SS2. He lived the arrest and conviction of anybody steal- j -: --.-^st KVS. orought up on the in? from the graves arid grounds of the ; of his par- cemetery, or S50 for the arrest con- . For Sale- Good Values In Used Cars. 3--Dodge Sedans. 3--Dodge Coupes. 1--Dodge Roadster. 2--Essex Coaches- 1--Hudson Sedan. 1--Packard 7 Passenger Sedsa. 1--^Plymouth Sedan. l~i Ton Ford Truck- Easy terms. STALEY MOTOR CO, Frederick. Md. I FOR REST--MODERN 3-SOOM * PAR J.- i mea: reMonab'.t App: 7 3t* w^Sou-h^S- i o-iy-C 1 *- FOR BEST.--SECOND FLOOR APARTMENT Mrs. R- F. Sar.ln. I l l West Seeoria St.^ FOR RENT--MODERN APARTMENT. 3 raoms and bath Attractlv- r-=tii t; s'*Martel street. 5-iS-di;-. j POR RENT.--THIRD FLOOR A?ARTrE:rr. ; ^0 N Market St. 5 roo^.^ sr.d bath Ap- . yJ7 TS-rn. D Boxers L"-ter CO- STAR PURNTTtrRE CO.. 333-325 North Market Street. Frederick. Maryland. PUBLIC SALES. PCBLIC SALE -- O f -VALUABLE HOUSEHOLD rCRXISHISGS- Of the '.ate Mrs W- K, Carlisle, widow t W K. Carlisle, soa of J. B. Carlisle. «'etarx o? til* Treasurer under Grover ·larelan'd. asd Spester ot the House at the Sth ar.S 50th Cor-sress. oarjr r-!^ anfled down. w-.U be Included In this sa-e t No. WS West. 3rd street. Frederick. Md-. "FRIDAY MORNING. MAT rrn!._!9n. eommenclnB prociptly at 9 o'cloef. jolld maboKany bauquet table, bed roosi ultes. and many rare, valuable old P-«« of China ware. orn»--ner.u. cut B^«. o:d amps. palnt:r.£s. pictures and raa=T rt'.cJei too natr-erous to Terns* ot Sale--Cash, aad ao proper.y removed until settled !or. _ _ _ , MRS ALBERT N. McCARDSLL. Adasx. Major John L. Dutrow. Auctioneer. Raymond Kelly. Clerk. PUBLIC SALS --OF-VALUABLE REAX. ESTATE IN FREDERICK CITY. MARYLAND. By Tlrtat of the orders of the District Court ot the United Slates. Tor the District of Maryland, paused on the 21st day 01 M»v 5832 Irs caies So. 6613 and 6614 BariK- ruptcy Docket "W." the undtrsisned trustees will oner at public sale at the Court House Door la Frederick City. Frederic* county. Maryland, on the _ EIGHTH DAY OP JUNE. 1931. ·t the hour of 11 o'clocfc a. m-. au of the following described real estate, to wit: AU those three Jots of land located la Frederick City. Frederick CountT. hitinc a frontage on the south side oJ CUrke Place of 100 feet In the ageresate and a depth of ITS feet, and being the same lots of land described In th« deed from Wlliard C. Keller Tife, to Richard P. Ross and Blanche S. Ross, his Trtfe. dated April 8. 19C3. a=d recorded In Liber D. H. H. No. I" at folio SIS. one of the land records for said Frederick County. Improved bv a modem TWO AND ONE-HALF STOHT STONB AND FRAME DWELLING HOUSE. known u No. 16 Clarke Place, containing ten rooms. large attic and ceiier *l'.h two tiled bath rooms lavatories and ail :mdem conveniences; together with a large aril substantial garage. This !s one of the most desirable si3 attractive residences In Frederick City, ta- mediate possession wiil be given upon rati- Scatloc of sale. Terms of Sale. -- Cash on ratification by the Court. A deposit of SI.000.00 n::l be required pf the purchaser on the day or sale. All costs o£ conveyancing at the expense of the purchaser. And on the same day and at th* same place, immediately following th- sale ot the real estate the said trustees will oSer t!w following stocks and bonds, to wSt: 9100.00. -- Securities Comparif.- 4^ Consols. 65 Shares of the Frederick County National Bank Stock. S100.0O United Railway and Eiectri: Company of Baltimore 5*i funding boni Dae June 1, 1936. 2 shares Russell Crc-t Coal Corananv stock. SO Shares Temporary Cer-.!2;a'.« SDSton Sand and Gravel Co. 1 Share Frederick County Agrlca: laral Society Stock. Terms of Sale. -- Cash. EDWARD J. SMTT.1. GEOHGE R. DSNXIS. SIL, H- iJ.iJ.yz.rt DZLAUTEH. PUBLIC SALE __Qp _ VALUABLE PERSONA!, PROPERTY IN FREDERICK CTTY. MASTLAND. HELP WANTED. -.V ANTED. --SETTLED WOMAN FOR wori. A?P"-y 121 West Second s S-20-d3t Richmrd p. ROJS ar-.i Bta=che a Ross h:s ! 5"'' T 1 ' 1 - 0 "*". at P'^b::c jj; ? or. th- prs=-.- WANTED. 1 !l «- »* No. !S CUrie" P'a;.. :"- "^»d"rict S Cit - T ' P ^l e ^ ck C*-~~. MsfTT^nd. oa" the L i C I M » ' - T -r«l a ff --.-- . _^ J " " --*»«- A Tribute. V.ll;am A. Cramer was bom jus; east Lawn Mowers Sharpened. PRANK JAMES. ·Phone i51-a 12? W 5th St. FOR SECT---MODERN S-ROOM. SECCN" r.oor apt. App'.j Ol S:rt! Jis-Ss: S'. s-is-it: FOR REST --6-ROOX HOUSE. 5rj SORTS! Be=tl St Ap;.T «t S iUrset «trect. 5-15-it: ' TV \"TEE --PLAIN SEWING, 219 EAST 4TH 5tr«t. S-24-«Sf LOST AND FOUND. that if the niain "r;ir cl .-:r^l;t:'r. His earlv training incl-dec reg- viction of anybody four.d guilt? of the 1 ·.-.n ur.i-:-r £-jrr. ular atter.iat::e at Suniay s:hool and as w-"u'd - r.r.ter.t- "liur:-. He believed ^i temperance in aforesaid offense. (SiiSed) HOBSSiT A. KEMP. Secretary. For Sate. tir-ds or second hani Pipe i 5-12-it: the « Under the equalization f« H; r.c "cr uses tobacco in any shape of fans by the board until an equal to the world Bridge, who is ^nroliec music department of the Blue Ridgs colJegs. Mr. Corun formerly stcdied music in Frederick ar.d also has had ! private infractions -under Prof. JJevin i ^ Fisher. i -^ ' --Mrs. Cora G'or»n and daughter. ; ^ Cfcarlot-e a music recital gi T eri j »% a: ^^ bv the former's daughter. Miss Arlene j Gnyton. at the Bridgewater college ! Brldgewater. Va.. Tuesday night. , , _. , ,_. -Charles H. Roop. ParS HaJi, cele- . MSLYKl FHCGS brated his SSth birthday at b:s home ; hildren among wo- care- s estar4s-ec. ±-2rr.-.:r.= lat "An--er;:sn ^ric;." zation fee csn-.pute- bv the board to ?sv esp-: - Men's Solts. "5c; ladies'. 69c. Men's rjbber heels. 35c: laci-es'. 25c. iM ^ ^ ^ Best leather nsed or another pair free. ':.:r. Cramer "was married at the as* Miller's She P^pairlCs. 33 S. Mkt. St. -.' · Mis« Ada L-jlu 3u-:key. daugh- · ---- -- M- Richard BUCEV. of Johns- Free Gasoline. ."·"-.- " Five gallons of gasoline will be de- Thev had three ohUiren one of whom livered ;o holder of each of the follo-s- "l.-':r.r "M:.W Ha His Catherine Cram- ing coupons upon presentation at station: 1226, 1293, 1314. 1325. 1422. 15^8. 1735. 1S31. 134:. JAG GASOUXE STATION. » 8 incJjes; I-Bearas. a=i! Anjle Iron i TO? ^-j-- Tor Building parp-Dses. n:er.t 3: 2-P.5DE3.ICK JHSS COMPATy. t=«j:»-.s:y Prani Gastiey. Prop. ?ho=* 333. · Office -nS Warehotise--Chapel Ailey Benreen Third and Fcurtts Sts. Rasidencc--315 E Third St. t-ROOM MODSP-N APART- w Pa':.:* Si P3Sse»,-:=2 :=p:y J M LOST.--TEtlXD-W GOLJ3 RING WITH ONTX setting of sku'.l ar.d cross bones. Engrav- AUTOMOBILES FOR SALE. erTetts and iwrsona! propertv: o =c "a-s- l!Y.'', an V5 =c a*01 * 3 ? s-.SebGard. or;- crs- FOR --DOTJGS =. TON TRCCX- toass and r«ter. c-e rar- raahora^v sofa ·K^tft chair to =atch: or.- :»r« It»7 =::rror. a number or chairs. tzb:es, --,255. == s ra;:o. one bookcase, several to-^ or va:ua5:e bxits. three -sardrobes, r.oor :a=ps. r=a=t*t li^ps. . --The cor.cen given under the direc- ] ·ion "i Prof. Xevin Fishsr in the Blue i "-"Com. b= ·--- -- ----^ Ridge coiiese auditorium Taesday night . sos highly enjoyed by an appieciative | aadienre. The program consisted of j Produs-.s. ir..- southem jelectlons by the college mixed j steers - - rhc-rjc. soprano .=o'.os by Mrs. CarJbel | Heifers : Hall .tchr.?ton. contralto solos by Mrs. j COTS _ Mst ics Thorr.pscn Pugiley, baritone I BuJls solo? cy *%-.r. A5Siso:i Englar with Mrs. j Calves A Vr::-? se-rmpariist. and Lambs violin ;"lo ::v Phi'.IP S. Rx-vr. piano ac- | Lambs (Bucks) ZvUii Olivia Cool. ' Kogs , - Af:-;r cecidir.t tc ga into public busi- rt.vf. --.-- first vesture ~a= to erect a Gr,',:r: Elevator n the farm which he .r.l~--:-r.:-:d after the death of his moth--. HJ -KSS kno-*T. for his extreme | r-jurtesv La:«r he became a. traveling jalcsntan sr.d had a ·R'ids circle of ac- Sc'.r.r of A "onerous Ane.. ::'.-;- .r. r.eji ~ou".i corns to him for "ic t D 3'.c l-.elp. ·-.-p'clally fir a good ca-2*e or a ".'-ful enterprise he came to their as- j-.5t?.-.oe. His life has been an es- r.rr.rl? of a Christian citizen, ana an 3 ··- 4: Ij^n^raole 'ous^icss man. ..3c to ii^c · -A FRISND. Lower Prices Oo Scratch Pads. Pencil Tablets (newsprint paper) Sow 6 Cents * ib. Boad and Boos ?a.?er Tablets, Sow 9 Cents H. TH2 i rXR RENT--i-AP-GS SIX ROOM ,,,_ ; ^;: =;3i-7T! ::rjrer..-r:c»s \3p~.y i Wartler Sr;s. S-2-itf ' FOR RENT.--MODERN 2ND Fi-OOR APART- i =»=ts ram^hKi or anfa--l^h-S Apply · t West Thlre St * *-S- POR RENT.--DATUGHT KOMK THOH- 03gii:y =w!e~ Hear d-r? -2? ?oss«- · s!on ml cr.ce Apply L'.oyi C C-j Itr g.,.. 0 _- Eis-.' St. STte-ded. s-st-asi- =. TOS «"£jj- j br:i S e ;«= P . 0= . :zr E - r?fr '. s . r2tor 7 2 ---v: ^i-^vS?,!/"' ! ·-- ° r «^=»- s^s. fctcaezS-^sEfc W FOB SALE. 43 South MarSet Street. Highest grade--!xy*est price in MISCELLANEOUS. · ^.^^^^^^-^^-^*^^--«-«^~-.^*^*-~-^--^^-, PIAXO TCKSTKO AN*D RADIO REPAIRING . a specialtt- _A;=cr-. C a'^=er- ·«»='! ?OR RSNT--- JiODSRN S-ROOM 323 Part »T»SIS. Pesussloa B Kfir.e. KOC Apr:; REST -- MODERN S EOOM APART- rae=-_ with yard. IDS South Mirs:-: street !ate rwssesstsri. App^y L. C Cu'^c: FOK SAT.E -- SL.ECTHIC MOTOKS. A i- L rr.airs arid s:ies. =s» and rebu:;t: ?aso- :.r.r er.r-nes and tractors; co:npottos coaa- ·^- sca'es' paint ho"5e and roct; toilets, p"^ v»:v«, Sttnss. shar;:=g. pcl'.evs. b?it- :r.c. tar.ks. etc. Bargata pr-.cei preraiU HziTfrsto^ri Equipoier-.t Co . Mary ".and Are.. HaEerstoirn Telephone :3S3. 5-»-4StS-2«-«3t chairs, pict-res. orz:3^;;r:ts and va--ocs Cth f r . ^j-* 111 * »^:c:es Th:;h c-s-t =ic -ion- 19Jr"3=:'cfc's-li^. * S °" e A " K Tern-.s at Sa:--Cash: No pi-opert- io Oe ED-STAJID "j." SiirTH." '°~' GSORGS K. DENNIS. JR.. PUBLIC SALS By Tlrtae of a xr.i of distrain: of t5« State of Uary^rid. ts^-d bv A!-= T Bena-tt, a J3s:;ce of :hs peace cf th- State CHICKS FOS SALE. POR REST.--ATTRACTIVE APARTMENT Apply Ezra Hoscic. Jr.. 100 Eat Scccr.8 ·*»·»» 5-1--dt* "The Dust Of The Earth." A Comedy Drama in * Acts. sis-w^Vwes: lita"street s-s-j26t CHCHCH ST SCHOOL ATTOITOBrUM. . ' Presented by . Sp«-orth Leagtie f M. E. Church. Waltersvil' : e. ( ^^22£2JL^"^?--~~ «» RENT.-SIX ROOM HOCSE^ON^OSTH Beneflt of i 343Y CHICKS -BARRED ROCKS. WHITE ; 7: ' 4 "^ i; lri " et s .. r «t. s-t-e-.f Salon 57. 8 and 40 Brac"- Amer.can : R OC !CJ, w-.-ar.dottes. Reds ar.d Orpir.gtor.s, . __ ___ Lesion Auxiliarv. . ss co. Jersey. B:C* Josns. s-.2. ws:-.f L«g- ! ,»._ ,,? . a ,, o -.-I-.--- ' y.crr.s ar.i assorted. $700 Hatthfs o~ every , May ^o. i932--« o ,..,,».. . Jr5 ,. n , Ay a:l j 7r . dilv Ms T ; ar , d C h:ci Hates- ; $Adu!ts. 25-c; Chilaren. .Oc. j cry, loc., 116 East Patnck Street.'Phone _439 | 4tFK4U'VO, *.*/-*-, W i l l -- u.\,». ^ ^ ^ . j j Music by Blue B;dge Orchestra. 1 COMMERCIAL PRINTING. Ser.d for Samples The News Job PrlaUng O3ioe- POR SALS.-- CASH REGISTER. BEACTlFrjI, ·arhite flr.-^S R«s:!r.gtos l:ke n«». Also Sae ' ·-·c"co;--· i'rn. Barbara Pr!tcS:e CSoco'.ate Shoppe. s-aa-glOf FOR SALE.--TWO HEW BRICK HODSES. everj respect. Oae Colonial. la mofiera one Esslls!) type. «;:tcate) oo avenae. Oprxs!te Hood Co'.'.ege Apply John W. Grove. West Fourth SU, Eiteadea ^ ;orage, _ _ _ Iir.s trucic, Erigln« No. E1S3T34. "serial Se. S12SO. I her-by ^c:; C e -.Sa; oa WSDNESOAT. MAT 25. 1332. at 2 o'c'.csSc p. rr. . Lice Co-=par.- at Lirr.e K-.L:. Freffr:tS: CoantT, Mary:ar.ti. t:~e above-descried goods so se.z?J and ta !n es:tc«t:cr: at ilie sa to the highest bidier for cash. CHARLES W. S%rTTH. Constable !or Fr«;«r:;i Count?, MaryU^a. Lease, A'jctloswr.

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