The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on September 12, 1918 · Page 6
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 6

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 12, 1918
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

Mi' ? fcAGffi SIX, THIS irtMe.qjBtfaijg .Q .it tt $w* hf:i Are Your Homes Read^ u For Next Week's Visitors? Next week our city will celebrate its anminl exposition. As always, it will be filled to overflowing with Mr visitors and ol- ' .-, most every home will do its share in entertaining company. Arc you ready to do your sliarc? Is your home in tip top shape? Am you nigs itliit draperies in proper condition; your linen closets completely stocked; your china service!* complete? Have you plenty of towels and nil necessary bed linen? If not, now is the time to attend to all such matters. Nc xt week it will be too lute. . '•• We arc ready to serve you with all these things showing you merchandise that is dependable aijd quoting prices that are reasonable. . Shop Here For Your Soldiers Our government has decreed thnt our hoys In Frnncc ciui have no Christmas this year. Malls are loo congested. Our big store has aolvpd the problem for you by mnklng connection with n Paris firm—to fill and deliver from Paris all supplies ordered heir. Make out your ll.-it now while thin opportunity may still bo offered you. See Toilet Goods Department Household Linens arc always of utmost Importance. Bui especially la 11 Imperative thai the linen tlusct he well Blocked—when company Is expected. We have nil Buppliea needed for dining room—bed room—ha I li room and kitchen. All of substantial materials and at Comparatively low price?. For the Table All linen tabic Daraask—bleached. Comes in pansy, rose, scroll, or crysiinthe- mum stripe patterns; medium weight; 70 inches wide. Triced *2.25 yard. VictrolaS' rtvory jroar Boestnibrt). and mora homos made happy by the addition of n Vlctrbla.' Everyone, enjoys them. Why not add ond* to your liomc? DO IT NOW. Napkins to mntch. 24x24—priced J8.00; 22x22—priced 37.00. All Linen Table Damask bleached, extra heavy qiml- ily, in poppy, carnation or scroll design—72 inches wide. Triced $3.00 yard. Napkins match— (o 22x22, $6,50 doz. 24x24, $9.00 do*. ,M e r c c rl zed Damask Table Damask for every day UBO. Medium weight poppy or rose d e s I gns. Priced J1.60 yard. Other table Damask priced from 75c to 34.00 yard. TABLE PADDING—Quilted Padding—54 inches wide priced $2.00 yard. Sileucc Cloth—14 inches wide—priced 60c, $1.00 and $1.26 yard. (Kirst Floor.) Bed Linens Hemstitched Sheets—8ix90 Inches— heavy muslin—bleached, priced $2.10 each. Same In size 81x90 inches—priced $1.05 each. New Era Sheet of heavy bleached muslin, hemmed, Blze 81x90 Inches priced $1.80 cacn. Size 81x90 inches priced $1.65. Pequot Shoots— fine grade of a muslin with deep hems—comes priced according to size— 72x90 priced $2.10 each. 81x90 priced $2.30 each. 81x90 priced $2.50 each. 81x108 priced $2.70 eacb. Other sheets priced from $1.10 to $6.00 oacb. Pillow Cases of hemmed muslin. 421.36 Inches priced from 29c to 52c' each. 45x30 Inches priced'froin 33c to 55c eacb. Bed Spreads Crochet Bed Spreads Scalloped, cut corners, medium weight. 72x90 Inches priced $4.75 each. 80x90 inches priced $5.75 each. Satin Finish Bed Spreads Rxtra heavy, washable, plain hems. Size 81x99 inches priced $5.00 each. Other Bed Spreads Priced from $1.50 to $15.00 each. Bath Towels Plain, extra heavy grades". 23x46 Inches priced 60c. ' 24x46 Inches priced 85c. 25x48 inches priced 75c. With fancy colored borders— 22x44 Inches priced 75c each. 20x42 Inches priced 65c each. 24x40 Inches priced $1.26 each. Turkish guest lowols In plain white, lancy striped hemstitched, priced 25o each. Huck guest each. Towels—priced 25c, huck Towels are a necessity under all conditions. Wo have a large and complete slack. First Plain white hemstitched towels, priced 39c each. Other towels, 10c to 75c. Toweling by the yard IB priced from 15c to 42c yard. Floor. ' ..' FURNISHINGS to add cheerful comfort—individuality quite unusual. Draperies that hint of deep rich autumn colors This year interesting colors and variety of materials offer Infinite, pos-, nihilities for the unique and beautiful in draperies. Cretonnes coma first of course, and we linve a most complete showing. Imported Cretonnes In Kngllsb hand blocked designs are proving very popular. Tbeycome in raro floral and conventional designs and arc 60 inches wide. Priced from $4.50 to $9.00 yard. In Domestic Cretonnes we carry the colonial cretonnes, designed and made by Marshall Field of Chicago. They are , absolutely tub fast and are to be found at this store only. Width 30 Inches. Priced 25c to $1.60 . yard. Madras coming in plain colors of rose, green, blue, brown and,so on. 40 to ,50 Inches wide is ' priced 65c to $3.00 yard. .Comes.also in many attractive multi-colored, combinations. For curtains—net in filet patterns comes \>x,-the yard in panela,,.or in, pairs.. While, .cream or ecru. Prices range from B5c to $2.00. Upholstering materials are of ' Valour, Rep, Tapestry, Cretonne and so on. Also Paptlsoat— with nails, gulmps and so on. Priced ^$1.00 to $10.00 yard. _ ^ NOTE—We have models to show different ways of using drapery materials, atao vrc have a complete line of floor lamps, frames, and trimmings, for making shadesNo harmonize with any color scheme. In Axmlnster and Wilton Velvets In rugs we specialize on large aoji odd sizes Drapery, and Dug Department—Third Floor. In the Soft Glow of the Shaded Lamp! T h o sntt bee onilng glow of the s )i a J is d lamp brings a B u b 11 9 dignity and i n e x plain- able charm inlo the home— Btriklng the chord of. harmony and forming the central note of the color scheme. We have materials of nil sorts for making these lamps—Including the frame you select. 'They can be made of the. samo material as your draperies or In some soft, contrasting shade, • Lamps are priced according to slzu and material. Other articles in the Department that go into tho beautifying of the home;. V, Cedar Chests in several sizeB and styles. the material you desire. /.Many useful articles—needed|in every home— are also included: . CurtaJu Kods. Floor Palish—O'Ccdar, Liquid Veneer and many other well known brands. . Wool Wall Maps—with six feet of handle— convenient for cleaning ceilings. Linoleum—cither inluid or printed and at very- low prices. Third Floor. DJICQ In the Deep Soft Pyle DlfaOC i\ U SjD One Loves to Tread. — *V U UO Bach time you purchase a new TUB for your hora o yob have the opportunity of making your home a ploasanter place for yourself and family—a more we looming place for your_ friends. ...It IB a purchase you should consider carefully—time and care should be taken in order that you Bccure the utmost in service and good'taste. When you buy a rug it Is with the idea of getting years of service out of the money invested—as well as in beautifying your home and making it cheorful and comfortable. Our long experience In the rug business has taught us the qualifications you demand. And we feel completely assured that we can fulfil those demands. , We have the most reliable bands of Hugs—the sort that wear and w^ar—the brands that have stood tho test and made for themselves a national reputation.. Included are Our Store Extends a Cordial Welcome to All Fair Visitors. Our iftorp Mh 'jiilM a rordlal welcomo to all Fair vleltors. Our rest rooms and other atory t'onveniencM nr.- at your comnhite <lin|i<*<aJ. Whittalls In many 'sizes and well liked colors. Wiltons—a rug that long- ago found favor as a serviceable all around good rug. Axmlnster— in large and odd sizes—a speciality of ours. Bloelow-Hartford Axmlnster In new designs and heavy wearing Qualities. Clcar'flax Kuga—the kind that wash and go' with any room decoration. Third Floor. Soil Warm . BEDDING The question of enough b e ddlng looms larger every day. With cooler weather here and visitors coming — it Is Important that you take up this problem promptly. We are more than ready to help you — with out complete stocks and reuson- ablo prices. Comforts—come in silk- sllkutoon — Bateau —and many other attractive and serviceable materials. The designs are unusual—tho filling of the best. lOitlwr cotton or wool filled? Come plain or with fancy ceuters and plain borders. Fricod $2.26 to $26.00 each. Blankets—-Wool or cotton in plaids, wfclte or colors. Tho very best of materials and in standard slsos. Also All Wool Army Ulankets, Blankets are 9 r\m *1.»6—120.00. In this department can also be found Auto a <ffcer »ad Path nob**—at pricoa nm Flow. Every patriotic and loyal Citizen will decorate I o r Fair week. We have: Flags I'rlniU na follow*— COTTON BUNTING FLAGS • re priced 4x6 ft 87.60 lx» ft (8.(0 «xl2 ft 316.00 0x10 It (fO.00 RELIANCE FLAGS of €otton •M (t Wa • 3x6 It II.86 4x6 it ia.oo 4x7 ri M-60 6x8 ft ..ia.oo 0x10 ft $4.00 txlll ft $6.60 PRINTED 8 |LK unmounted 1x4 In (o Sxl$ In ,9(0 4»0 lu.. lte 11 *84 In 11. 00 MaH m few BUNTING 18 PRIC6P ned, White a »4 Blue—3« in, wide— Ho yard. «1ntn *or, iJ The Soft Glisten of Good CHINA Adds Cheer to the Home I .... Prchaps your Dinner Set is missing a piece or two—or you desire a complete new set before company arrives 1 If so, you will be interested in our offerings in china: We have Dinner Bets in many grades of china—plain or . decorated. They are priced: In plain white semi porcelain Dinner jilwtas, >S to 14 doz. Pie plates, 11.60 to i't doi, Iiroad and butter plates, |1.2Q to 11.80 dos. liroaklwit platan, 13.40 to 83 flo»on. Tea plates, IS to 11.40 do*, putters, 40 to 60c, 60c to 76c |1 to 11.86 each. Covered vegetable dishes, 11.76 to 18.86 «•<*• Open wog-elable dishes, s»e, (Qc, COc oacb. In decorated »«ml-porcel«ln Dinner plat Vie «1 • Bread 18.64 doz UBVurateu teini«|ivry«iiiai. iner plates, 15.60 to. U d<Mh > plates, » iTJef.^r. wi and butterliifttw, M <4). v -_ T doz. . * Breakfaet platan, 13 to 16 dos. TcaptaUa, 13.40 to H .fJ 'ilos. Platters, 06e to if, 11.23 to |J.76i 12 to 13 .76 uuoh. Covered veaetabile dishes, n :X, to 14 .76 each. Open vegetable dleheo, Ma to l*.76 »acb. Cups aitd saucers, 13.60 to 19 dux. . Fruit dishes. 11.80 to (3 .IM. Oatrano) dishes, )i lo 84 Air, In plain white French chlnsi l^ill Una of this beautiful and serviceable wore, Including pie plates, bread and butter plaites, covered and opes dishes, platters, etc, i , In dejjdrattov French china: Fuji line front bread and butter- ulates -to dinnef plates; vBifelahle dl«he»,/ cj»B» . tejid 'ftJUieans, platters, *te,*)!lleg»nt foods roaeonible priced," Olaasware—Cut (lass vase*, dlahea, -.slloheiv, (da»aearHiyei>thJtBg for table or buffet. AJlraettr* pattfrqa in h^avy or light MlUiuRt ;»ri--->' reasonably, tVrss ato*«™ •IJW*»*f^* 0 n-.¥^»«'S• iStw clean. Lara* M 4 '*«IWv prlped 2te v to |}.6« etj*. fTr*-- THE USERS OF DRUG! 1 or) Many Morphine, Cocaine and Heroin Addicts in Country* EXPECT A NEW DILL SOON That Will Help to Put the Use of Narcotics at an End Over United States. Washington, Sept. 12.—Habitual uso of morphine, cocaine, heroin, and preparations containing Other narcotic drugs has Increased rapidly In tho United States wlthfn the last two years, and a drastic anti-narcotic low must he enacted at this session of congress to check tho wholesale spread of the habit, Those are tho conclusions publlo today by a special trenRtiry Investigating committee together with a partial report on the number of drug addicts actually under physlclnns' treatment in the states. Soldier Addicts. The Investigations of the commit* tee, which is headed by Representative llniney of Illinois, showed that thousands of drafted men have been dismissed from military camps after It was found they were drug addicts and that this number.Included many who systematically developed thc^lj habit after being drnftod in order tivljjj Insure their dismissal. This condl-j Hon Is one reason given for the urg-> ency of immediate remedial legisla-j • tion. j Tax the Drugs. ; The necessary measures already! j have been embodied In the now rov-[ IS enuo, bill,. the committee reported,) J4I providing for registration of mauu-} tacturers and dealers In proprietary 1 ! medicines containing compounds of' i narcotic drugs as-well nB the purc\ drug. The measure also would tax: these preparations, provide means off $1 keeping track of great quantities dla^ Vj pcnseil annually and slop the loop- if holes through which thousands of vlo- p 1 lo-tors are said to pacapo unjler Ihe 1 , j Harrison nnti-nnreotlonct. ;'. Reports in Detail. Hundreds of agents of the inter, national revenue bureau, acting tot the Investigation conimlttce, have re-; ported detailed Information concern-: j. ing consumption of morphine, coj S3 caine, heroin, or medicines contain^ ) ing similar drugs, and on theso re-i jS ports is based tho estimate that atf-pj least 3,500,000 persons in the United j States are drug addicts of whoiijV 1,000,000 oro known as such In tueiij ™ communities, and the balance secret 1 drug users. ' — ifi .Officers Dope Fiends. lg ' soine'nrmy ' officers * htive beec f found to bo habitual users of morf • phlne, and to have purchased sup] K plies to take to Franco with them. ! # Soldiers in camp obtained narcotic. drugs llllultly from peddlers -irbo.loar g about the outskirts of camps. In i? genlous methods of receiving It wercj i| reported, iiicludlng transmission lij ft pies, candy or caked, saturating corf g rvspondenco paper with a drug solu, ^ tlon and sending packets inclosed it! jj knitted artlcleB. ! li Partial reports show the following' addicts reported by physicians unde; :l treatment in states, with numbers t> iJM be doubled and tripled probably b. ijl the later rcporta: ; ii* Arkansas, 1,250; Kansas, 1,485 ; _ .Missouri, 3,272. FOR THE RED CROSS, Indian Gives His Fortune in Th (5J Way. » |,| SBlt Lake City.—Pe-rotln, 76 yvat (I old, whoBo chief at one time control jl ed a big Taction of tho Ute Indian:' r has given her fortune to the He ' Cross. As some fortunes go, her d<, > nation wasn't much, but Pc-retta bnj, JC13 to her credit with Albert Y,l, Kneale, superintendent of tho Ulnlai 11 Indian reservation In southern Utal ''I and she gave the Red Crosu |n00 an- 4 kept %Vi for. herself., \% Mr. Kneale, after addressing th & Utes recently on the Red Cross need 1 J concluded his remarks with the quel | lion: "llow much, will you give?" is Scpres of handB shot up Into the all j! each shotvlhg one or two, fingers blj den, thoso upstanding to Indicate ttj size of tho contributions. Ono flngi meant 110, two fingers 420, occordlr, tn the word sign of the Utes. From the' gnarled fist of Pe-ret flvo knotted fingers confronted S perlntendent. Kneale. Her subscrl tlon was entered at JBO. A few da; later Pe-ret,t»' limped to the Indlf agency to till out the Red Cross co IrlbuUon-and told the superlntondei she wished to contribute 1600 "Dut you Jiavo only ID13 to yoij credit," *Jr. Kneale told her. "Thirteen ..dollars . left? Thai] enough for me!" And she signed tl| cord for JD04),, , Indians in" tlje Utah hssin, accordli; to Mr. Kjiejvl?.' h«ve' uatrlotloally »"j ported ey.ary government xnovemei Not only have they increased tut: crops, but,Jo the IJberly Loan, W' Savings .stamps and other cainpaigf have averaged a per capita of »1 for every man, woman and child 'I the reservation. Notice, Phone %0i0 night or day for Knit, Tires and tire repairs during Fa week. Tiro Hospital, 0 Sbennau ea 1 j- A black satin hat Is apt to haf" a twisted &9w of . gray futile th' looks like a vine. FRED WEESNEI (SWCMMNT t« Bjrlgga Broj. ) P8UGGIST

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