The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 22, 1934 · Page 3
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 3

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 22, 1934
Page 3
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SUNDAY, JULY 31, 1*34 THTPARB NEWS, FACIE THREE V V " Will Discuss ] School Plans Ked River County School ? Board to Meet With Rural Aid Man E.—A. A. Bullock, director of the rural aid division -of the State Department of Education, meets with the Red River county education board, school officials and interested patrons at -the county superintendent's office in the courthouse Monday morning to discuss rural classification and transfers of rural high school students. according to County Superintendent Sam N. Giddens. A now school bus to be placed in operation next fall by the Clarksville Independent school district ••will bring a number of transfers into the district from rural sections east of here. Tuesday. July 31. is the final date on which transfers of scholastics from one district to another can be- made. \V. X. Mehaffey is enumerator for this district, and H. M- White, secretary- of the school board, advises ali who c^n- template transferring into the Clarksviile schools to get in touch •with Mr. Mehaffey immediately. He said that desks and seats for two additional roon>s had been ordered in anticipation of an Jncreas- eti enrollment. Schools her-e. crowded to capacity lasi term, wiii have, enlarged quarters as the result of moving the athletic department to a building that is to be •erected on the Kew Century Athletic field sr. the south part of RE\TV r AL AT OLIVE IS WELL ATTENDED OLIVE.— The Baptist revival by the Rev. Frank McCIans is attended by iar=e congregations. Misses Ruth and Ernestine Cole •o? Bmberson visIteU Miss Eva Mae J>arnell here. 'Several people froni this community atentded the singing convention at Shady Grove. THIXK OF— the Wonderful Home Furnishings You Can Buy at D. H. Baker Furn. Co. *t- 15 Nortli Main Street. House That Sells for I>ess-~ For instajice. just iOT>k at these — 525 kitchen cabinet for $12.50 SSF gas stove for £27.50 5I*S bedroom suite for ?50 *35 refrigerator for 512.30 S150 Moslcr safe for ?50 S$5 chifforobe for 520 S"5. woo<i cook siove. >3« 57.3^ jx»rch settee, for ^.T. 4 } S"5' rue ' for •:?•.!*), BROKEN BOW MAN IS BURIED FRIDAY IDABEL. Okla.—Funeral »erv- ices were held Friday at Broken Boiy for C. H. Hansmann. «3 years old, who died Wednesday afternoon in a hospital at Teaar- kana. The service was held mt the Presbyterian church by the Rev. Bert Jones, Idabel minister, - and be rial was at the Broken Bow eemeiery- Mr. Hansraann. who. had ens^s- e<l in business as a baker for a number of year* is survived by his widow and a. sister living at Broken Bow. COMMERCE--—Three local men are in the at Greenville, two charged with burglarizing a local filling station, and the other alleged to have been caught in the act of stripping the automobile recently stolen from Dr. O. P. Perrin. pastor of the First Presbyterian church, in Greenville, The stolen car was in a secluded section a mile north of Commerce when Deputy Sheriff-Clarence. Adams and Sheriff D. M. Newton found three men in the act of stripping the car. Two of lhe> men fled when' the order to surrender was given. The officers oj--eu6u fire on them s.ii«J ose isan was believed to have been wounded The other young residents of this city were arrested in Sulphur Springs by officials of the Hopkins county, when they made their appearance there. The youths are believed to be the robbers of the local natatorium. a. filling station, and a. garage. Two of the men are ex-convicts. Here I* Important Road Designation For S ection Qfe SCENIC SHORT ROUTE Rotary Meet Set For Paris The above jieadina: is to bt uKtd on the new U- S- Highway 271 map which is now being drawn and which wOl soon ?>f j>rinted in !arge quantities and put intc circulation. , . .- BAPTIST REVIVAL AT . CHURCH i HOOVERTOTTN. — The Rev. tester Vaushu. jSaptist minister from Tyler is holding a meeting at ByrdtO'wn. Several Hoovertown peopJe attended the singing convention at Shady Grove- Ola Farris is ill with malaria fever. The CWA -workers hero are building pit-type toilets ttt the school here. Mary Etta Chesney of California is vjsitins her brother* Clifford I Chesney. I A daughter was.horn July 11 to j Mr. and Sirs. Forrest Cotton. j The main street in th& mountain {.OUTS of Jefferson. X, C.. lies under a -canopy of huse cherry trees on each side with limbs interlocked. in the center. In Appreciation To The People of the Fjrst Congressional District of Texas; B ECAUSE of the fact that I liave no opposition irs the Democratic primary elec- tioa on J«Ty "S. con't s'rtiak 1 a TIT .HOT appreciative of the fine cooperation you bav* srivcn and the irast you hav«? placed in me ^ino5 you flr«t sent me *o Co^irrcss- in 1!T9. T appreciate th« fact that you have Trot •.raujycd ni»r TO V.ave "PPo^iticn. I f?el ihnt my "•xperif-tvcf ?.?>.d record of scr\ ico Tne in a t^yuio-n TR n.<i<iiri"r! TO other conAJruc-iv*- ippislntior. I »fa.;t<i firTnTy 'svith ih^ Pri»sid«"^st on hi* recovery prossrarn ^n*i hct>o to assist htrrt In T^s^ wloption of r»f*. t:T"-*?-poinr pr-> rnsTn ^'urfnsr th-? rtrxt Nr-^^io^ Of r^nrrTT. TJi*? "PrrFjdr-ut.'s j>r:j~t-M7fj rr*n pr i iraft of the rout-? showins; how it is to connect with -~1 -which is bei ing: proraot-3-d at the present Time, i A nett- drsna.'inc' is heiri^r tnrtde -tvl-ich shoe's only 2~1 and •from this | Srawirjc -sviU be printed a larsre .-juanti-iy of strip maps to be distributed I in an effor.. to attract pe«>^;e t»> CT1 which has been designated "The (1) Deceit hcir?c*, or security of th« (2) Prc<J*ictfve work, or security of a UveKbood, (3) Sa^cptarcb ast»?rxst misfortune, 9x*& provisions for the rwt<iy aged. r^"-'>"'-> '-"if"* n'jU J»k»?y be r»aaa Corcr-'s*. fun<5« to *>p prov-d^d jointly by t^i* Fp-fT^r—;! f"tt.'\f' rr.mont. T think it is rijrht f«^r *h«« ^*r'^•i*^* > • m c!.:? RC<* for thoM^ ^vho have i-.^i^-d rn?!"-M ir jv?Rr<» ju-T as »? i-< to ajtl thc^c -^'ho I bf-Ii^'. r tha? ;f \v«* «»r«>p**rly hjvrr«??» the water res "if ""h* rs-it'^n -^ <* «;-rjr» rt,*"«-?ov«> f!ri3<is»*ry from hotne and farm Hf" by r'vu'-n** t*{ r^<> rh.nj-v rl^ctricify thut **•;!! b<?> prt»vi^*-d. T *-i*>|;*-vo ?;-.c- co^fTiir'.cnr »1*^»]cl ir^uc rurrcnry in5t<>a^ of f.ix C-XI-IT •,»( . »n?? i fC'M -b* nrtr.j: hr-i-rtK. T w^nt t f% !!v-nk »»>•> n^^.^rarw'^ of th^ <ll»lrlc» for carry ir.£ my •«*ri'k!:~ n:'\v.«« "fUrr? JT* which nm^h intore*t is nmnlfwtcrt by ttir* p'-^-pj^. ! ~$i»vtt to continue To write and furnish th**^ Ir-tf+T-* *o tl\f n*:-* spflpf ri« wn4 hop** th<*y wtJl print if T'tf-y m''* 7f.n*i,j«r»»<* of sniff ii-'ont valur to th<? Wright Patman Member of Congrcj* FIRST DISTRICT OF TEXAS \. \ «•.-*"»-L.- A V / US27! U.S71 HIGHWAY I DEKALB PERSONALS, j LOCAL NEWS ITEMS \ DEKALB.—?.!lss*s Edith Welch | and Clovis Johnston uave returned from Austin where they attended tb* University of Texas summer session. Mr. and Mrs. Spurgeon Hatchel and son of Headerson have bees visiting Mr. and Mrs, J. A. Palmore. William What ley is visiting at Glen Rose. Claude Raakin, power company employe injured in a fall rVi-ni a po!* while, at work at Avery. who was brought home from a Texar-) ka;ia hospital is reported improv-! ed. R, M. HAWKINS AIEXIA, Tex. — Conferences of presidents, secretaries and coin- chairmen of the 37 clubs of the 4Sth district, Rotary International, have been called by District Governor K. M. Hawkins of Mexia. The conferences will be in four places, in the nature of all-day meeting, the visitors lunching with, the local clubs at noon of the day of their conferences. For convenience the 37 clubs have been divided inio four districts for conferences at. Beaumont Tyler, Paris and McKinney. At the conferences the district jovernor will discuss with the leaders of the respective groups the plans for the year. He has just returned from Rotary International in Detroit, and a district governors school ot several weeks. The conferences' and clubs meeting at the respective places are: Wednesday, July 25. at Beaumont, the following- clubs attending—Beaumont, Fort Arthur. Orange. I/afkin. Nacogdoches and Kearne. Friday. Ju'y 27. at Paris—Paris. Pittsburgh Mt. Pleasant, Texarkana. Sulp-hur Springs. ClarksviUe, -Bonhani. Commerce. DeKaib, and Center. Thursday, August 2. at Tyler— Tyler, Mexia. Corslcana, Athens, Jacksonville. Palestine. Kilsore. Gtliner. Jefferson. L,ongvie-.v, Marshall. Atlanta, Friday. August 3, at McKinney —Mcrtinney. Terrell. Dallas. Garland, Sherman. Denison. "Wliite- wright. Greenville and. Whiteboro- Rural Relief Head Coming Honoring Mrs. H- EL Thompson of Austin, supervisor of rural rehabilitation with the Texas Relief Board, who will! be in Paris Tuesday, a luncheon will be given by the Paris and iLamar County Chamber of Commerce. All directors, members and their wives, as well as other interested persona are invited. The chamber of commerce should be notified for reservations. Mrs. Thompson will discuss briefly, rural rehabilitation -work in Texas following the luncheon. An authority on rural rehabilitation work. Mrs, Thompson will speak on the subject of best methods for organizing communities for rehabilitation work. All 1 who are interested in rfris work are urged to aitend the meeting- and .hear Mrs. Thompson. TRUCK CROPS AT POST OAK SUFFER POST OAK <MT. OLIVE)—The continued dry Tveather is rninirsg' crops here, corn being- too far sons for rain, to help. Pea,r*uts and watermelons have besrart to snf- fer. the fruit heins email due to j th$ drouth. The union revival closed here las: Monday night with one addition to the Baptist church and one I to the Methodise j Mrs. Z>. V. Saton -who -was In- j jored In a car accident July 4 is { improving COMINGS, GOINGS OF ROXTON FOLKS DEPORT PERSONAL AJVD LOCAL ITEMS 1 - ROXTOX. — Mr. srsd Mrs. Sarle Khoades -and SOB, Earle. Jr.. are st>eBdU3^ rhe -A-eek end in Sherman ithi-ilrs. ^Khoadies 5 ; '^tlJeEJ^..: . s'TTi'lma Templeton has' been uest of her sisrer, ^-Irs. J. H. DEPORT.—Mr. and ilrs, R. L. | rooms here frith Miss Ida Frank- I I Farris 2>ay of Vemon is visiting-I ' his father, G. E. Bay. j Earl Nance of Glade-water is vis- 1 itiug his mother, Mrs. V. C. Oliver. \ Urs. Raymond Fennell vrho has j been seriously ill ivas taken this j •week 10 the Sanitaria-is, of Paris j for treatment. ! F'red Thomas is ill at tie Sani- tariura of Perls- I 'Mrs. J. F. Max?rs!! and "Mrs. | IDoroUiy I^angrfora have return e-5 i from X)en*OTi. j Misses BlIHe Lfooney and Lucille • HaB have returned 10 New Scsion I , 3.fter visli.:r:5- iliss Senlaii r"I=-t- 5 j clier "here. They ^-ere honored at! a isiiirib-er ef social affairs here. I ROYAL ARCH MASONS HOLD INSTALLATION Officers recently chosen 'by La.- i Fayette Chapter Xo. 45, K, .^. M.I Scenic Short i-July IS. ihey \vili serve during-' | the ensuing- capitular year. Offi- | cers of ihe Chapter installed j Thursday include: j j -J- J. Cnnnircrnarrs. rjiost escellertt i j h-igh priest: J. TT. Harris, excel-1 | lent king:: Charles Geron. excellent j In S&n Antonio GUNTER j MIDWAY PERSONAL BURGLARY ATTEMPTS fg;^ K ;!nf:^ *««-^: B. F .j | AND LOCAL ITEMS AT ANTLERS FRIDAY > - [ this "cornmunity ;ire st work at thr | Pary?, | Mrs. Od;s. D. Brazea! is improv- = «ng after an illness- '•-, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Res of *e-: troit. Mich..- are vlsitin— "W. L^ j it and S"_'~ ; ."T>ent ihe> -^-eek it's Paris. i J^sse TTobhy has be-er? si:f- | hrr face. Mr. and Mrs, Frank James .spent ; w-«?ek In OklahoTtia -with Mr. [ rind Mrs. Karl Jaroej^. ; "Water in rools has dried up U«?re and people aro hauling \vater. \ ANTLERS. Okla^—Gity Msr- C. E. Brou-n and county authorities Saturday were investi^at- in^ a series of attempted burg-'.ar- i*s Frldav nigrht that left in its wake three broken safe locks. The I'Ursrlars hroke into the Producers Lumber con^pany office. Antler? Auto compar.y, and the Public service company office. ;;-ir«>e tirtrss are located in sif?r-arated sections of the ! Trjes.e >TASONS INMTTED TO ATTEND MEET License f*^s Ht»d taxes met ?x-; P«n*fst of state supervisioTi durir-,C; the first eight months of le;ca;ircd ; bcxirjgr and wrPstUns 3r s Texas. : Heal Those Sore Gums Even aft«*r Fyorrhoa ha* affect- j ^d your stomach, kidneys an^ your = .srfn*'"ral h^aith. Lett's Pyerrhe-i | F^ewc-dy. u^ed as directed can save i .cistjs return your money if it fa::s. | F'.iLiOt- T>r\:^ Store.— Adv. ' A;l Endered Apprentice Masons. -»--cardies* of when, they received :heir dcsrres or in what lodge, are r.\;:rd ?o a;;end Entered Appre^- ;lcr» n;?:ht -with Paris Lodpe No. -T. A !". and A. M. Tuesday evening Ju5y u-4. The firs-; of the Enter- fd Apprentice rtigrhis ivas held last «eek and Tci;l be pat on t^e Masonic calendar as K. re?u!ar v.-eek!y meetins" each Tuesday r,i~ht. according: 10 Kenry Brer.r- VI.IT. secretary of Paris Mayer.:c | S. Justiss, captain of the host: C-1 • i R. TVaIthr;r. royal arch csptain: j ; |K. V. Karnrr-sck. master third! j iVeil: C. E. Cox. triasier secar.d veil: < ; fJ P. Brar:;ha:L =ruard. j '^ { R. K. Capers •*-,->.-? the installing i | officer and Sarn Fuqua marshal, j 1 Jautes M. Caviness is the retiring i i mosr excellent hi=rh priest. | | FoHowjrjs: the installation of of-j i ficers in LaFaye-tte Chapter. "La- | I Fay Mi* Couno-; No. ?-; Roya' and | I a? folio'" s: j , trious master: J. "«v. IJarrLs. ric'h; j ' illustrious deputy master; Thes, I • S. Justiss, ili'^strious, pritsclpal ; 1 conductor of the w;--rk: Sarn \ \ n>an» recorder: "Ser. F. Dev!:n. cap- j ; Utin of the .guard: C. K. "VVaither. • conductor of c<n:~eii snd J. P. \ u 550 AH Modern Catering Facilities Cooi Open Air Roof Garden ^HSHS F 1 AMOUS BANDS • P:LAT - PAIT3D McSWKEX. \ Jas. M. Caviness :s the rearing] : same ir.stal'in^ of::-.-ers Capers xnd | ; Fuqua as *.r, t.h-- Chapter. \ CALL 123 For Tire and Battery Service Across Street from Postofficc I.-et us do your vu 7 can iritis n75(3 bstt^ry rec^isririTiC'- C. S- I*- Batteries, I>e Tires BilPs Tire and Battery Service \V. F, i Bill > Saglebarger, Prop. VOTE FOR R. L. BALLARD For Comitiiwoner Precinct No. 1 oecofra Tcent He has given you an economical adn>iniatration, Mor* miles of road bave be^n graded for less money than ever before. He has sdtninJstered «ll of the affairs of the office very capably and efficiently. (Political Adv.> R I MtOurlain Rural | 1 School? Are Open I IDABEU Ok!a,—The county; ' isohool superiiiteTidc"", i KlOTvprsf. reports t 1 ^-? ) rural schools r.C'-v -n this county: Goe-d^a Union Orove. For^.-o. Tor.-, Peac*- i |ful Home. Redu<r-J. Red Brarch. | I Fjtrmors tsi';. Sher^vood. Se<achto'nr y * | Mound Grove. Ku"a!c, Clear; I Lake. Wa-j«on. Fe.-sn C-ro^c. Mar-| i shaU Hi:;. Ku5-':i:k;-.-. ftor.ey | | Grove. Twin ^rr'.r,:?*. Shinswe'l, | ) Alt. Herman. K!r-. O!d Bur- | i wel!. Boss B'Arc Grove, Lor?? Star, | i and Pickens*. { I Thd schools •»!".' oorjt^rs-ae for* | approximately fw-o rr^onth^ «rd >?-f I Jin a^sin in the winter Term.. I ELECTION RETURNS XVil* be posted again this vear en corr-.plsts- county wi-5e re'-urtis. throusrfi tn-s courtesy of The Paris News. Visit otir corner Saturday •.sigtht, July t-S:h. and watch :->e votes come in. HildebrancPs ir strx:ck the hc-nv of Mrs. ; S. Crockett n^ar here [ and plun^fd the hous*> into dark- j ness, although no serious Uaniai^e! was done. About the ^ain*? time a bolt .struck on junothijr farm sbe some distance away and two horses. For Quality Dry Cleaning Phone 198 U e are still payir.s XKA and hour* and doing a Quality typo of dry cleanmjr f^ f ^ for /&" Southern Cleaning & Dye Work* Coker, Owwir THE BEST AT POPULAR PRICES FORTY MINERS Featuring "Bigger and Better" Bargains for Our Satisfied Customer* Our *'Mid-Summer Clearance Sale'' is going at full blast and * glance at these,item* will show you the reason why. All Pure Silk REMNANTS Values to $1:50 Pieces Cut- Solids, fancies, stripes and ftosal*. typical ^HTTNT" Fine Organdies Values to 49c Solids, fancies 2,110. flor- als. All colors- An ontins: buy. Fa»t Color PRINTS Assortment LINENS Values to 89c Solid color tinea printed, bandkercbie? lia- en. AH the "wanted colors. See tnese by all Fast Color All COiOrS in 3. <fa3£ doih *" " Fine regular 15e inaterial. Many patterns to choose from. Summer White Goods Inclxic.s<i in inis outstay ding- group are: Tv~af- f!e Cloth. No-e!ry Waffls, \\ ifip Cv S'lctis. Sssr- sucker Pique, Basket Treats ?:one anc Xo^eltc-" Plq-ae. 49 Seersucker and Pique • Yard* 49 elated. Yards 49 pretty floral pat±ems TS. most any color that you zotild vrish for. This, is Big Table Summer Sheers 3 yds. 49 C Anv color or pa.nern that you could ^"Ish •or. Voiles, Dotted Voiles and Organdies. \ x'alues to 29c. "All Solid Color Broadcloth 40 Inch Curtain Marquisette lU'-'.-i A ri'ne soft f ;hat set's for Yards . . An uausua! offering. Comes irs Cr^arrs, Ecru and White. Variety — Pretty GINGHAMS 3yds. The prett^t of patterns in a ftne tjrade fab* nc that sold up to 5 Q c. •Si"

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