The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on November 21, 1924 · Page 6
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 6

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 21, 1924
Page 6
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THE HUTCHINSON NEVVb. FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 21, 19J4 CROSSWORD PUZZLE Tin" fleur-de-lis particularly If you horizontal. I Inspired Ilia design of this ph'/.zle. remember yiiiir Civil War lilstorv. It's cany, (Note Jii 1 2 4 5 1 II 15 15 ie 6 7— 9. 10 * III 14 lit V. r 9o [<J7 28 126 129 14 136 Horizontal, 1. llomek'sy, lie Elect (Ml waiuK;r- 1*1. What makf'fl a flivver no. 3 1. HcRtilnr 0 r propnr orilor. 12. Nt'fcutivo polo oC a battery; opposite cathode. IX Kule 'noun*. If, J'ii'Mtniatlc whffjl cushions. 15. Thus. (Tho first wind of Jioolli's exclamation, upon shooting Lincoln.) It*. lW 'iiy. IS. OppoHile or yes, 19. I'n'poHitUin. Ul. A heatlgeiw. '"' Undent. I','.. Fur in of the verb "IO be." llil. Make mistake. Is, RADJOJ Profjrani fop Saturday, Nov. Z2. St. ],nni« l'ost-l>Isp;itr-h (f.HD * t» in. :m hour Cm' i h*• housewife; H y t, 1 AMI in pi Kin y urvht'stni om~ «. ri.: 11 ti.-itKi' nuislr, UHH K»n-;is i.'liy (HI) 2-3 la-Ik*' huiir iD'cffrant. WDAK'KIIJIMS City Star {4111 3 ::!(.• 4 -:if) radio trio; i»:r>i»—*» ni:irkt-U:i n in. \v.--jitlii i f furf-riist, Mint' ntnl rein! ri'[><'rt: C-T School nf 1 1 1 ^ Air, inUltvi-'.-. sti.rv an.) niiipli:; HMfi p. ni.-l a. in. JVIiihthavk-, Willi Itiiffaln CiH») (i nuisi,'; C:^0 Wl.S i 'lil.-;it,"o ( H 4 > 7 Hiil -'itaili 'T::; ; 7:1."-1- maidl Kntn, fUMters, liarinuny ', tiiv\n. iT'hi 'Htra, ortfiin. I 7 ••..ui'-rl; S musji'.il: !):<>5 Yoitl II'H I NDibMniv. Us. I U'I.J.I ('hi>:u:n iH"i 7 conr^ri. Polo-; i.-i:: H'-1! SkvliHK?. nu-h"li;ins. j UT.AV I'l'linitluiM ti'JIt) > duncf* pin-- jMMtn. i Win' lia\"iipurt U^li 7 HaiHliiuni: "Wli.W Ki. Worth St;ir Telegram : (17iii 7 SUIMIHV <i ,-h »o) lesson. WHAM Lcuisvilh- TJmrs Journal l-t(Ki) 7:30-1) fhUf club. ' W'Mf* Mf-mnni.* <'oimiir»rH:iI Appeal ; (fifJO) >'.'i0 rlaf^l'-n). I (*K.V* M'-nir.-al ti".) 7:30 concert; ! CM' h .-^tr;i. \ W KA V New V-»il; M:0 r. l.fns; 7:K -j s. .pT. vii .ilt.i .^t. nanlM; l'-lv' iii-.-l|..(.tf ;i; 1-i-n ..r.'ii.-.-ini. . WHN Nt -w Y i • i V. <:^'i) »'..:! 0 tii-.-li.--- tr.t. 7-*'4 ;'i pinnim, t no. .laz?. Kifsn-; i fiJiinJs!; trh-; lo fnUTntlicc;: 1 Hi •.III.'-1 1 im'hi'Mta. : W.I'/. Now York (i:.*.) 9:30-1^::^ nr- ( ..rlfwirit. i K «;i.» Oakland (^1-1 10 trio. fn.tlhaiH laiks: \'2 <l;tii 'i-, .soloist.". i WTAV i »ak 1'urk * — ^:t* fi:43 M»IO!S«S; > tcaiurt-; li':15 or-h .-Mtra. i Wt-AW (imaiiii i."*.'''.) t'. pianist. \h'-! hni-i: »tin;i--r pi-'^'ra in; 1' i'n<- I ^i-.iii;: ll:ir. W.m! I'r.'ii.-. W!>.\lt lMiihi.h-lphl.t i3!T0 ::r0 talk. | WI-'I fbiliirlflphla CllC.) 6 lalk; 7 ! tit lit. 7::to iiH -liiii. Wf(' F 'iiiiailfli'liia foOf I « talk: 7 J Talk: 7rK> n-ritiil; S:li lonrcit; 1':".'. 1 dtiii''*-; Ki:nr. rt -.-lul i IVi'AK nusUw-uh <Wi* «::m t'lu-W . Kayhlrt; lirl .'i j-njntlur HimK»; 7:Uu ^u- 1 J >i ini'i, n rt i«tn. j WJAU I'rovhlenre f3B0) R:f'f> rnusi-i Cat. Kl"*0 San Kranrlfoo M"3) 10 f wi; rhfnrrtauy I:;M>1 S:."0 orclic "wHl /.'sj.v •iuiivt ; jivinpfi.'M f r,.'i;> i ":<«ri h.'dtiiv.r, r.'.i '.ti ti 'if-; T .'niii-fH. '•. i»liinipt. nylo* lihi.nwt: (••nn-rrt tru... KSl'i Si. U.ui.« fo.^t. Pl«pau-h (ol-'» I swnptioity orchotia; 1! ilaiifi\ Our m-rvire rar is always ready to pull you in when you art* wrock- r-d — cull 5 'J. Itaeland-Kingsley Motor Co. 21 -H AETNA -1ZE NOW. Phone A'i. Sni.w-f-Ut j Wewan sap- Y own experience provtt ibar people -tVJL wboowniiManliattsn Loud Speaker ttnr mv orch«itra tEactlv at well aa thmo tvhu are nctudlly prcictit when we are playing at die PoUij Kuv*!*" 'Hie fact that Mr. Wh item an u*c* a Marc (inttan Loud Speaker in hit own homo "•peaks louder" llun any words of our* for the excellent reproducing guatUin of nttrumcut. He should know good mukic* M*d* by the Maktn of the t'ampui IU4 Seal Dry Buiteriet LOUD SPEAKER with 'CONCERT MODULATOR* Hi. 17. 211. 21. 21. 31. A flowor from whence the ilesU i of lhl» |. :2zlo KotR Its' name. (Also tlio first four letters of tile nnmo of n fighting race.) A thief (miner. (A won) Pickena Kuve to (he^liin- Kiinp'.i rn.roHS ni>l>i<* il to inusie to make It JHZZ. J'erliil.ilng to tin- married stole. Kcliblo hulh. (And with it lliiBerlnf; orlorl) I.''^'i)l nellr... oot nrlslnff out of a I 'onlnu:!. A lyric noer of iiralne. The rvniH 'tKler. Hypercrll ieal. l-'n vorinp one parly or aide. Kraurunt Hliruh iiii'ntloiieil In 1'KiilniH x'.v:S. (Also the name of a eoir.ily In Iowa.) Mexlran Bei'l". r.irtiicaes'' arol HraziJInn ioir,s. (Also Hie captain of a Nile boat j Si cr. t lev.* meeting. An liiterjeellon. synonymous wlili "hey": As. 27. The cinaliiy of heiim apnn- ] lilllCOIIH. 2S. Moral wronir. 211. t'ontraclion (or sister. 30. Identical villi 3D horlzontail. 31. An Inlerjeclinn, 32. So. 31. A prepoHitlon. 3ii. Once more. 36. l.onn(ies. Vertical. 1. Cliis^ of pottery. 2. Form of the verb "to he." To Take In Membert. Five new memhers will be taken Into the local organization of rnlted ('onimereiiil Travelers at the reprnlar mectlnK which will be held Snlurday liiBht at the U. C. T. hall. LOOKING BACKWARDf (From th« Fit*. «t Th* N«w| FIFTY YEARS AGO, IN 1874. A real estate and Insurance office WHS Ktarlct! by W, H. Hill and com puny. JUIIKO Brown was down In. Harbour county holding court. Tho family of C. C. Hutchinson lodnder of the town, nrrlved from Caslleton, Vermont to make their home here.. FORTY YEARS AGO, IN 1884 A. h. Korslin said lhat the Heno County Loan and Savings association was. having a healthy growth. Tho streets in the main section had been guttered and a movement sOurled to keep them clear ot rubbish. James McKlmttry -was the edllor of the Hutchinson Tiemoerat. THIRTY YEARS AGO, IN 1894 Mrs. (.1. W. Taylor of Larnerl was here visiting Mrs. Howard Waddles. Ike Hrady of St. Lotila WHS visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. .1. W. nrndy. n. \V. Ladd reporletl that 3000 celled that tiny at the Union Stock sheep and Mil cattle has been re- yards, east of lown. May Holler had a birthday parly. TWENTY YEARS AGO, IN 1904 l,.'0 England, tut employe of the Xews company, went lo St. Louis to work for the government. The Colladay Wholesale Hardware company announced plans for the erection a warehouse on the Santa Fe track nt l'lum street. The Klks lodge bought (he residence belonging to 11 v. Harriet ("omstock at the norlhwest corner of First and Walnut and wore no- ing to convert It into a club house. Miss Jennie Collndny gave a Rorabaucfh-Yiiley's For Saturday Only—Concluding Our 24th Anniversary Sale With a Half-Price Sale 75 Beautiful Dresses h Price Included in tliis Special Hali-l'rice Sale, are dresses r.if Crepe Faille, Beugaline, and Twills. Long- and short sk '&vc models shown in all the fashionable colorings and authentic stylings. In this group will be sizes, 16 to 44. 26 Dresses that were $25.00—Saturday $12.50 20 Dresses that were $29.75—Saturday $14.88 15 Dresses that were $39.75—Saturday $19.88 2 Dresses that were $45.00—Saturday $22.50 6 Dresses that were $50.00—Saturday $25.00 .i Dresses that were $59.50—Saturday $29.75 2 Dresses that were $69.50—Saturday $34.75 1 Dress that was $75.00—Saturday '"$37.50 An Event That Will be Long Remembered— Come Early Saturday Morning. Children's to $16.50 Value Warm Winter Coats—Saturday no Children's fine, .warm, Winter Coats in sizes S to 14 year*. These coats are made of such materials as Downy- wool, Polairc, Chinchilla, and Angoria. Some are beautifully fur trimmed, while others are self trimmed. Pretty stylings and. good colors, SATURDAY SPECIAL New Arrivals of Patin, Metal Hats Very Special for SATURDAY 50 Velvet Hats- Values to $18.50 $ 5 SHOUT HATS— ' IJRKSS HATS— STHKET HATS— 100 HATS Here's » choice ot really fine millinery, very new too, at a price far below what any shopper might e.\pectl Satins are hero, faille silks, colored velvets, metallic effects, with the smorlest trims of the day, and with a vurlety ot shapes that covers every preference .... EFERY HAT A REAL VALUE "kitchen pnrty" for Ilalrd of Arlington. Mies Mabel TEN YEARS AGO, IN 1914 Tho High School Dramatic club presented "Tho Death Disk" at the high school auditorium under the direct Ion of Miss Orace Stallard. Tho Kornbnugh'WIley building tenunts had a party celebrating the first year's occupancy ot the building. A big birthday cake was served nntl 500 folks attended. CI. tliistafson wns killed by a slide uf salt at tho cast Cafoy salt plant. The twentieth wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. C. O. Hitchcock was celebrated by a party planned by thol:' daughter, Miss Hazel. TRUCKS REPLACE HORSES IN HAULING EXPRESS Only four horses remain of the eleven homl that were formerly used in Hutchinson by American Hallway Kxpress Co., anil (hey will he disposed ot within a short tlmo for two one-ton Ford trucks have been order to take their place, ac- rordlng to O. A. Ames, local agent. The express company here has Just recolved a new two-Ion Diamond T truck for the heavy hauling work hero which is (oo bulky for tbo lighter Ford trucks. OFFICERS CHOSEN FOB THE FARM BUREAU Ureat Bend, Kan., Nov. 21.—The Barton county Farm Bureau has elected yio following for the com- li g year: President, Harvo Ewlng. Vice-president, Jake Hartshorn. Secretary and treasurer, Glenn Axtell. Delegate to the stnte Farm Bureau at -Manhattan in February, Will Koopmnn, reliving president. Delegato to the State Board of Agriculture meeting In Topeka In January, Wm. Koch. ADVENTURES OF THE TWINS. By Ollv* Robtm, Burton. CROSS PATCH GETS INTO TROUBLE "Oh, thut't eatoo! "The last riddle was too easy," said the Riddle Lady. "They are more fun when they are easy," said Nancy kindly. "They are not," declared Cross Patch. "1 like them hard." "Oh, dear mo! What, very had manners!" whispered Miss Muffet lo Bo Peep. . "But he's had no bringing up, poor thing, so what could you expect." "Well, perhaps this one will sfll you better," said the Riddle Lady. "It Is very short and it doesn't rhyme: , "What Is as crooked as a pretzel, as hard ns a bone, as tight as a new shoe, as safe,as a bank, and as puzzling as n riddle? It comes In shoe-laces, wood and oceans." Everybody looked at Cross Patch. "Can you guess that one'.'" asked the WIse-Man-of-Oiir-Town. Cross Patch shitted from one foot to the oilier. "Oh, that's easy!" he said. "It's a—It's a—why. It's a—Oh, I think I'll have to go and get my coat. V feel as though I wns catching cold." "Isn't that tho way!" laughed Jack Spratt. "Some people are never satisfied." Nobody could guess the answer. They guessed everything from ships to a shoe-button. And finally what do you think! The Kiddie Lady had (o tell them. "It's a knot," sho said. "Knots come In shoe-laces, don't they?" "Yes," said Nancy. "And in wood? You often see thosn round funny placeB In hoards that sometimes drop out and leave holes. Well, they are called knots, "That's right," said Nick. "And in tho ocoan nobody says syi" he said. miles," went on tho Riddle Lady. "Captains of .ships always say that a boat can go so many knots an hour. A knot is a little more thai a mile," "That's a good one but a hart one,'-' said Doctor Foster. "I nofet could" have guessed It." > "Here Is an easy one then," »*ii i (he Riddle Lady. "Roly Poly is as fat as buttef- yet you can see his ribs. Iudew ho has to hnve hoops to hold bin , together. "Ho has two crowns to his head but no eyes or ears, Nothing Bill a nose, * "Who Is Roly Poly?" "Is It tho Fat Man of Bombay?" asked Llttlo Boy Blue. "Oh, ho!" shouted Nick. "» has eyes and ears, hasn't he? AiU you can't see his ribs, can you?" "That's right—yon can't," saW Little Boy Bluo. "I know what it Is," said Tom Tucker. "It's a barrel. I know because we have one In the cellar U keep molnssos In. I like It on mj bread and butter." "That's right, Tommy," said th« niddlo Lady. "What would you llko for a prise?" "A knife," said Tommy quickly, "No one Pan ever seom to find ona to cut my broad for mo." "A queer prlne, hut you shall have It," smiled tho Riddle Lady. "A bread-knife for Tom Tucker." (To Be Continued) (Copyright, 1921, NBA Service, Inc.) s ORCHESTRA TO PLAY . FOR THE SCHOOL DRAMA. The Senior high school orchcatr, will give a thirty minute prograai preceding the play "Only 38" this * evening In tho high school auditorium. The numbers to be played are: "Silver Bells," "Egyptliu Midnight Parade," "La PalomaV' "Mazurka, Schmltt," "Dance ot the Crickets." The program Is under the direction of Don A. Sloan. We clean |1000 gowns hut we are Just as carefnl with JJu dresses. Lewis Cloaners. Photfe 1335. IMOt Buy them Saturday Men'i Dress Shirts $1.79 Visit Our New Hair Cutting Shop And Beauty Parlors 24 Reasons Why You Should Attend the Last Day of Our 24th Anniversary Sale— Dollar Day-Saturday MERC. TABLE DAMASK A 72 inch width mercerized table damask. A good weight and a full bleached quality. Floral designs. Regular $1.75 and $2.25 values, per yard, Saturday, Dollar Day WHITE OUTING FLANNEL $1 A full 36 Inch width white outing flannel. A good, soft, fleecy material. A good value at 35e per yard. Special, M yards Saturday, Dollar Day *f for 1 BEAUTIFUL BEAD NECKLACES BLEA. TURKISH TOWELS Good quality, bleached Turkish towels in 17x34 inch sizes. French finished with blue, lavender, and pink borders. Worth 50c each, Special, J Saturday, Dollar Day for $1 FANCY HUCK TOWELS One lot of hemstitched Huck towels with white, blue, and . red striped borders. Sizes, 17 x3(i inches. Our regular 29c and 35c values: Special, M Saturday, Dollar Day ...H for TO $3.50 VALUE SILKS, $1 A Clreat Sale of Silks—a big range of colors lo all silk crepe-de-chlne; 40-Inch georgette in many colors; 36-inch niessa- line, ull silk quality In pretty colors; 311- inch heavy weight, all silk satin in de- sirablo colors; 36-Inch all silk plain black taffeta; 36-Inch satin plaids in pretty color combinations; 3G-lnch tubular vestlngs In pretty pastel shades. Values .up to $3.50 per yard, Saturday, Dollar Day $ 1 A large, special purchase ot lovely beads. Nearly all kinds ot heads are Included. All shapes, all colors, all combinations. Values that should bring up to $2.50 per strand, also 24 inch lmlestructlbl pearl beads, in graduated Rlze. with large fancy stone clasp. Saturday, Dollar Day pr strand SI $1 COTTON COMFORT BATTS 30-IN. JAPANESE CREPE Comfort size cotton balls—72x60 A good grade ot cotton in a 2 1 .;, weight. One enough for a comfort, Saturday, Dollar Day Inches, pound 1 LADIES FINE NECKWEAR A great sale of ftne neckwear! Included in this special selling are, collar and cuff sets «t lace, linen and pique; camisole vests; lace and linen collars; fancy middy ties; linen vests; and other fine pieces. There are about 200 Items— $1.50 to $3.00 values. Saturday, Dollar Day, Each... SI 30-inch Japanese crepe In the best quality material. A big range of the'Wjst desirable colors shown. Our regular 35c value. Special, A yards Saturday, Dollar Day *? for $1 BACK LACE CORSETS In this special group, you will find back lace corsets of pink plain and brocaded ma terinls in broken sizes. There are values Included up to $5.00 Special, Saturday, Dollar Day TO $2.50 WOOL GOODS, $1 -IS-inch all wool plaids in beautiful color combinations; 36-Inch all wool batlsto in plain colors; 51-inch orchid crosspatch fabrics, and many other plain and fancy weaves Included in ihis special group. Values from $1.25 to $2.50 per yard. Special, Saturday, Dollar Day 1 100 COPYRIGHT BOOKS Here is a big collection of popular copyrights from Stan­ dard'authors, covering practically the entire range of books published In tho latter half ot 1923 aud early 1921—titles which have been a feature Item during our Anniversary Sale at $1.24. Saturday, Dollar Day, Each... $1 COTTON CHALLIES $1 Full 36-lnch width printed cotton challles in floral, Persian and conventional designs A regular 25c value C yards Saturday, Dollar Day J tor 1 JAPANESE LUNCHEON CLOTHS BOYS' UNION SUITS waJ^WiiOr^MiK 0*m Mil m&i Hoys' Minneapolis Brand waist union suits in medium weight cotlon ribbed material. Taped .shoulders; taped bono bottons at waist line; drop seat; white only; 2 to 8. Saturday, Dollar Day $1 100 RAG RUGS U'o have just received another shipment of these Rag Rugs imported from Japan. 27.x54 inch size. Pretty mixed colors in hit and IUIBS design. Suitable tor kitchen, bath room, or bed room. While 100 last, Saturday, Dollar Day 1 TOKENABI JAP VASES Here is a new shipment of beautiful Tokenabi Japancso Vases, 9 to 12 iuches high; jardlueres, and flower bowls with flower blocks. A variety of pretty shapes with Japanese designs of birds, flowers, and interesting • architectural figures. $1.50, $2.00 and $2.50 values Included. Saturday, Dollar Day, Each... WOOL SKATING GLOVES Here are woo! skating gloves for women and children. There are several styles shown with plain and fancy cuffs. Bvery style Is very desirable, a good number and represents our $1.25 to $1.65 regular value. Very special for Saturday, Dollar Day. '.- 1 Included in this special group of genuine Japanese blue print luncheon cloths aro sizes in 4Sx4S, 54x54 and 60x60 inches. Hemstitched, and shown in light and dark'styles. Very special for Saturday, Dollar Oay, Each... $3.50 CARPET SWEEPERS There are a number of those carpet sweepers at this price. They are finished iu mahogany, and have rubber tire, disc wheels; all around buffer. A $3.50 sweeper— Saturday, Dollar Day, Each... $1 $1 BOYS' WOOL HATS $1 ALL-RITE ELECTRIC STOVES WOMEN'S HOUSE DRESSES There are about 10 dozen house, dresses in this special lot. Pretty dresses made ot Amoskuag and Knlburnle ginghams, and plain colored iinenes. Pretty models —all very neatly trimmed. Special, Saturday, Dollar Day $ l I Tho "A 11-1111 e" electric stove—110 volts, 460 watts. This is a squaro shaped stove, and stands about four inches high, used on the table for coffee or other purposes. Equipped with cord, and a double slip-plug. Saturday, Dollar Day A clean-up sale of broken sizes and Hues in boys' hats. Included are, leather and tweeds; leather and furs; brown wool tarns, and black- beaver'. Wonderful values- broken sizes. Special, Saturday, Dollar Day $1 SI $ SUEDED FABRIC GLOVES A special tor Saturday! Ladles' suedod fabric gloves In mode, gray, covert and beaver. A good quality material, with embroidered cuffs—some that are straight, others that turn back. Sizes 5'A to 7 ] /!i Included. A great Bargain. s Saturday, Dollar Day, the pair I ii !• Spot" just in front, of the elevutor will ho working tomorrow. 1 WOMEN'S FLANNEL GOWNS A group of women'B pink and bluo striped outing flannel gowns; slip-over stylos with aud without collars; regular $1.25 and $1.50 values. Special for 8aturday ( Dollar Day Watch for the Bargains $1 —V—r~ —y—r~ j *r*~T~r *i ^-r "i *~i j V— fTilf —rn r^rrnm _raj- u

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