Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico on May 10, 1965 · Page 8
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Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico · Page 8

Clovis, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Monday, May 10, 1965
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

w tntal FREEDOM own no more, BO less. tnd la evwj tht Ubttly 1 8 •eno, no more, BO less. ,n& S? 6 *!"* 8 , this responsibility, tree men. to th« best of their m * brtwr preftott and twaerve Kelt own 8, CLOVIS NEWS^OURNAL, Monday, PHONB 7M*Hi Justice, People Justice is abstract but people WJrere does that put the "censors'!?, Nice little ladies want laws against -"obscenity." Preachers are against permitting "a person to bet on a horse race..' «. Is .this abstract justice — a consideration of "right" versus . Let's see. - Censors want somebody (wft5?)"to grab Playboy off, the newsstands. They complain that -Candy is "lewd," obscene and disgusting." How can a thing be Jx>th.leiyd and disgusting? How «an a disgusting piece of writing 2Io anything but turn the reader •away from vice? A "disgusting" Ihing does not attract people. It repels them. t But, the thing is, who is going to decide what is obscene, lewd, lascivious, disgusting* The district attorney? The Ladies Puri- Le"ague? The P o s t m a ster flfiral? Is it more dangerous to *ave»;"Jewd" writing easily (in- «tead- of clandestinely) available 2ir to give some person or group persons the right to say what >U may look at, read or hear? — Who is fensDrs? going to censor the - WR6 — and this Is the big fluestion — who among the pro- JgoseYS of censorship would be •willing personally to be a cen- 2br? Now, get this: Would anybody be willing to set himself ! 8r herself up as the judge of .what should and should not be tfermitted on the newsstands, in ihe mails, or in the home 9 jjVould anyone be willing to knock on his neighbor's door, seize books off his shelf, destroy pictures, paintings or statuary? We should say that nobody would confess to having the colossal gall for such a thing. Yet, if they wouldn't do it themselves, why do they propose that the district attorney or postmaster general should? There is a difference between "banning" a book and seizing a book from a private home, you say? Phui! They are opposite sides of the same coin. A person who is willing to use physical force, and state police power to take magazines off a privately - owned newsstand would not hesitate, if worked up to the proper pitch of righteousness, to invade a private home to "Protect" the householder against the evil on lis bookshelves. The same may be said about the anti-betting people. Is (here a preacher who would walk into your home or office and seize the chips off a poker table? Who would tear the phone off your wall for taking bets? Who would personally manacle vou and cart you off to jail 'or buying a lottery ticket? Why, then do they want to give this power to the state and 'ts police officials? Where does .he state acquire this authority which is not within the power of the individual citizen to bestow? Why do they want their hired servants, the police, to do things they would not themselves dream of doing? Us Up To You Professor Gottfried fcietze of Johns Mapklfls University has written an excellent book entitled IN DEFENSE OP PROPERTY. This Is a scholarly, voluminously annotated and documented volume showing the significance and function of property and the ideas that various peoples have held concerning it. It is also a study of the decline of freedom which always takes pplace whn the Christian principle of respect and protection for private property diminishes. Dr. Dietze is Professor of Political Science at Johns Hopkins University. He has a doctorate in law from the University of Heidelberg, another In politics from Princeton University and a third in juridical science from the University of Virginia. His study specializes on the ideas that have governed property at various times especially in England, Germany, France and the United States. Professor Dietze cites abundant evidence to show that civilizations are created from the extraordinary labors of men when they know they will be permitted to enjoy the fruits of their efforts. Likewise, when property rights are infringed, decline sets in. Property rights are usually restricted in the name of "social justice" and welfare statism," but however worthy the motives of the promoters of these ideas, the restrictions which they impose upon property rights and the seizure of property which they require to implement them marks the turning point between a growing and a declining civilization. Although undertaken on humanitarian grounds. Professor Dietze points out: "In the end, legislation interfering with private property was passed with- any pretense of ethical mo- Haw Yeu Applied Far Unemployment Relief? PAINTING 20! BOATS-MOTORS hF.SIIIKNTMf. A OMMMKItOIAIi Pddit- Inu ciintrin'tiir. 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MUM I,,- nl.lf („ (v,,,. |l(,.|,lll,ll|! !•'<)!; SM.E GOOD Slldrlie '"11:1 I C .N3II."> Teylerj «••••!.. I :ill Ih, >,ff|, ,. ,,,,,n;it,r l xi'Ki;:! -.-, i •, i... , •- : ,.,..... . roit s\i,r — rsrn CI.OTIII.NQ AT Tin ri.oniK* M.NK 7/v;.;MM —117V. 7lh - ...•I.INHKSI INK Pint Cemented nnd p.ilntcM •Ml it:. TW.I can metal jr«rb«(rc r/»rk« i.-in.-.,'^rt <i y._7ta-QMa'•»»!• 3::ffl P.M. . All. .;r;.'l)s nr ripe *T m ClotW line p.ilM, UivhM for all type* of corj grid ir:.,;k» Mnii-j Hlrrn ft iron, 1220 W. JIM' HKCKIVEtj a new utock of pastel _ <-f>!,>r at H KS. point. Also eood »(OCK " f nar<twari> and pliimnms; «upp!li>«. stpphern Hens', Lumber. 200 i'rlnca SHul'.lYs {;iM)D c<t f f[ Clothing A ».»ik« H/uiT*-t A Solrl 112 K .••„-! HOUSEHOLD GOODS"SAUE 5?" MBorriAiBi THE ALLEN- SCOTT REPORT rwiBcvrr WASHINGTON' — The best- for development projects secret in the United Arab countrv. A NEW-JOURNAL CLASSIFIED SECTION II ... .-<„-, i ; HElVWAKTED-MAlE 38 AIH.'IIUN i-k»ry T-iMlny Mghl v,' * J A le'ion T* I'lle Oov». N. M«, >I\M,\VS siu * i M M n HMrrnr '•" •' * S«.f»« «ii l.nw I'll n l • « l «,.<) fnrt.1- l«'|. A *|i|'li«nr..» Illll liHT A !»l>l.l>. l.'l W. (irni:d. l-hnor 'hi niw.'. ,";;;';, V;, < in us < IIKSTS """" . ',.,, i",.'. Ideal dill (or (iraduatr or Hrldr _ 'Mi'drrn - \\alnul \ Karl> American Maple HELP WAMTEO-MAIE FEMALE 39 ^. . . — — ^cjJl set ret in me uniieu nrau fi;uuii\. A MIIUH iiiiioui .i-irst, interpreted Kepublic appears to be the U.S. to p;iv'lor r s. atO la\V Tflon lorrir . * ' ' ... '.'... in his is used away in private law. then legis- 9 10 II 12 11 '17 1317 1 I ^, aid P ro § ram ~ especially our es V Cairo. " of surplus" farm erty was replaced by a s one. Private property entered : Step Toward Peace? A STEP TOWARD PEACE? poses formal agreements among If we pull out of South Viet will be revived. Nam by agreement, will be. revived. demant To many, disarmament Is a self-evident virtue, and absoute- ly good thing. They naively as- the, road leading to its destruc,™ this country's controver- to Egypt has stirred up a series of headline - makim 1 tier 'resident Johnson ha:- not d<> r to complete dc- hvi'rv of $.'!7 ir,i!!'r>!i i" ia;!'. • ». i • . i 7 S'.'AIT. I AM Of i 'I •,-.-.-, -H I'.A ih.-- r-.r «•« i i i i - i i N , i M ( s i n i r i \ i : " \,>r." ;,,. ..,,. n i ii i; innxii CD ::mm n M\I\ APPLIANCES 544 a in Congress, the aver- $•):'.:? inilli in drifter «i;'rei ;nen' . «• h'•/-.;•# :w'»L'. ! age Egyptian citi/.en has nev<-r (| ! thc.-c- c'linnioci <( Professor Dietze declares that'read or heard about the $H90 fi delivered "r are "the destruction of the idea of million the U.S. has poured into Th» Senate n free property is probably the Cairo since ]95.'i. in inii-. could a greatest loss we have suffered; That's the eye-popping findms !M- coniir.j <!•• ur.' 1 bi during this century." Concerning foreign aid as an infringement of propperty rights the author says, "The receiving nations will want more and more. And if they do not get all they want, they will, not ap the Senate Approprialions Com- Nas^'i mittee, now reviewing l j resident Serialo Nasser's handJing of such aid, D-lnd.. fr Jla; o! •t a; will soon make to the Senate, ,1're^dent. is pianniivj a m ecu bla^tinj Nasser .'ind tiint J'n'sidcnt Ji'hnso;; . An on-the-spot survey by the committee's crack investigative staff reveals that the Nasser oii all eeononm' sume disarmament equals peace i^T P !.,;, Germa This century's history indicates ? ld not ; We P aid a * en ; ible P"ce clearl disarmame for a lesson we should not so the "powers" limiting the weapons to "controllers" to "punish" aggressors". An example of the second form is the 1963 Nuclear Test-Ban Treaty. Disarmament already receivedrVura"'aearnsti about the U ' S ' aid ' )ro * r •as tried following I us. They will begin with black l cluding the deliver >' of Major free nations [mail. They will threaten to alien ! milllon in surplus farm com ; Germany and Japan|themselves with the Communist moduies since lhe >50s - iVe naid a temhlp nri/>a h» n « O*L_ , . . ...i w. r,ffir.i-ii onhiio,t.r ; — »..»._, ..0.111, mcj' wui, nut an- . , , , ,, , , predating how much they have re § ime has barred all publicity already rerpivprf t,, m „„„;„„»! about the U.S. aid program, in- E Hartke's all aid to r, yptian dic'. iun in ^'cm clearly disarmament Is the road to war. soon forget. Many will forget or disbelieve "Unilateral Disarmament" Is Woe. The sums ^^ w j]]i No official publicity is given become bigger and bigger. i niotlH 'r U.S. economic assistance, . hnrrlnr \-r-d in n; aimed , MI i n r. Til K r M i r R « fN ACfSTS SCHOOLS'INSTRUCTIOH 40 USED FURNITURE S4B \u; r.\v TOP PRICKS FOR ITUMTTHK & APPLIANCES 703-7311 "TEIE'VISIOH ] «n ! iw ]\ KI r \in sarmamen" Is TT ''"•', "^ 3 thir d form: a nation disarms , bled ., whlte . that a bill passed the Senate a UUIU Iorm: a nauon disarms!i"T-i ""*"" l — - - ' itself innocently hoping others! , sil]e cam P- - --« • ._• will fniinu/ cnit TV.;,, <„ — i lactors, will become their the end when we finally refuse ; cons isting of long-term, low-in- an u;va i -n of \ to pay because we are being> tercst * oans - 6 ranls credits arid .'iiiiendinen 1 i< Jx : SPECIAL NOTICES MUSICAL GOODS X Sept. 8, 1961, the House ocpi., -• 39, 1961. and President Kennedy Wl!1 follow suit. This is pa- signed it into Public Law 87-297 c ' fism - With conquerors active Septp. 26, 1961. It authorized the : ' lke China, Russia, Cuba, it is President to proceed with dis- also national suicide. SSSSsswS-'SE It will tear down; will join the! their bene- t' SIT1/ATIOM WANTED 42 tims." In sharp contrast, Nasser has gone out of his \\ay tune and mvi again to highlight both Soviet o ,. . arms aid and credits and ceo- Speaking now of the criticism nonuc help for the Aswan Dam. at tile West has Tin rlirnr.*ir,r, i , , . .. Jn speech alter speech, Nasser '•" tussia and its .sat- N; I-' MON'KV _ I; ',:.i!! "f I . the Si'v.aii- direction.! ,'if!o! }:<'' 11 ii >, »s t N MI m Kiinrrr I-UM. s nlii \s^ ri \MI is MK | WK vn t>j, ^ \«r Mh "step toward peace." Complete disarmament, was first prpoposed have The old man noticed a young u fi . Jt wuj learaown; . ~'^~'""'"r" -•—"'«fi^ ^ sistanre propping up his .si,aks freedom-loving peo-; Je SU r , hlng that he can .economy. * Ar\rJ4V-linn^« *.!_ l • *' * VC C (j» VllJl fL lO llll OC'riillt 1 1)PO" 'uid inis cannot be realized as i. «i u - /• , long as private property Is not' be l?'- lheir ^ Jn Lu "'\ alid •safe. "The author quote John ? tlying fUral an ' as 1Iulu>aU ' by Khrushchev" at" the'T\ "in J^ UIU Inan ™ uc .«> a ^^, Adams, "The moment ihe °del'? at ^e man-on-the-strcet ha. n- LN m fHlow with a bottle in one hand is admittori intn »«.!-,„ ^knowledge of the huge quant ;- tneniornnfiiini 43 o u \\c I (Hid BUSINESS SERVICES 11 arm around a , 19559. 2 years before , , • Congress authorized the President to disarm this nation. -" irl A second form of disarmament is arms limitation and wastin' a lot of time Control by treaty agreements e< j arrtong nations. This is a boon to ,, ! . the ''ban the bomb"ers. It pro- ties of U.S. surplus food pretty ! property is not as sacred" as the • m . - , laws of God, and that there isi!? 8 '/^ r f. por \ l>d llhilt :" o!t ' not a force of law and public' 11 , 1 , 6 food 1S dlslnbuted ln ^'W- That dern whippersnapper is j justice to protect it, anarchy markings are oaro:uL> p:ai; St.!, TIKI he mus- "he can drink when he gets and tyranny commence." Legal PublicatioiT I Psychology ACROSS . 1 Human souls ' SSignuind ;13Rum of one's interesU '14 Main artery ;15 Baseball J e Revive • _AmvMr to Pr»nou» Punt* 10 Sea btrd (var.) 11 Colorado Indian 12 Bird 18 Swell 231ndMinct 26 Indonesian «l iremoved from the packages. !•••!:; j Interviews with Ruvenirnent S-'X) i officials also revealed that only T' ja few knew anything about then- !; ' '' I shipments or where they came •'"-< '^snrnnnDiinji.TiaariiiiainnjWininirirrrir!")I from. None of the authorities '••'•were willing to see that the I' S food deliveries yot any local . " " -'j«i*j\(, \jn ,\|*1V VI 1 M»il i i • /••urtefn ujarti of r«, rs h.-.- " fw-. ™,,, publicity. raru of Coors t,ep r ar.rl n-,, >. .ni'~, -i : -,«. I ll-'TIVr' Till" I in T i -. Cl^b S tr«ijr t 86-prn.-,r uh.s^v'. w.Te <. •','. : Ut ILN( ' rllh UD ~ T ° 1;!t MUir,, for N violat f .'n of"""'', ' t^''" " • '"""" ' " US •" Sl ' asser -' n lP 0 Sf<l blackout. <VQ iniemai Revenue ' cv!^" i''',• *"s l ' le senators plan to write into IV I...-1 C...... n . . ^ ' l *• ' * i Mn'I GOOD THINGS TO EAT SEWING MACHiNFS SINGER REPOSSESSED ^ , WANTED TO BUY rhNVE Mayi"n. 1965 'U IOUMIGN I I. \S||| s - Km 11 oi the 3 requirement ttcrording to law. cari R. Booth. J«.';Ko» n w'i^We 9U Commercestrtet. Dalla, Te«« • • ^...('iii, i;ui . I.;,- • a r»i:i!,.n for remission or rniii«a! of tlOn bill *S.H*. U ™M b!'nd i Jh i Vl, l f!:;«^.,r;Kgypt either publics th" l"s th /,™;- s<x _.'-'";:food shipments and fcoriom.c aid or the program be ended. This congressional rider, if approved, could be a maj": roadblock in Nasser's nevi request for $500 million of food o\ - er a three-year period. The request, forwarded to the 11 " on an informal basi.v JN un- by Secretai ••' M May 3. 10. 17, 2-1. 1965 KOTire OF In the Walter at thi'Eitaif of" .„-,„„,„ J. Trower. deceased. No. 3094 in tl-e P-.I It „" of Curr >' County. New M,.-.,.-., r ™* Sl «! e « N*w Mexlro to : M-ntie Trower. also known u !'-'^ the J{o\a::- !l)'.>t o) !iit-:' -' eaNteni \t-n.< -i; are obtain::;! 1 i Horn Iran and Sa . .President .](, ' ! M! MAYTAG SALES & SERVICE Gambles, 504 Mitchell MONEY 10 LOAN \Ml\il • i I 1 - •>,.•,.. t . . . - > . I '. N t 4 V t ' ' i '-. >!"!.< * • • •- • . i f; \ HWH IOANS DOGS •• CATS •• PETS UK lie II 111 llv»l • rwv4i» ^li fil D 'r rne der consideration . legatee, of Bernard J. Trowor • ers. Under present arrangements •uin.n., l " T ' S ' ^ arm c ' om moditi*'s are sold I*T!"». ;to Egypt for its own currc-ncy. >d R n^m.! with n 10 ^ than 90 per cent of i«h djy (J f ,iun... this money returned to Nasser i'!'e-;,le!i! \a^-, <"na! nievSj^f. drveloimient of «••' arid ' e<|'ii'.,i of the river 'N the Arab stales IT se\e iir_;ifu' tiie .]u\- li'e" (j « water*. and l-i rai !«-a •Ian ! ! ,!, h>, •ac!. l IS* MIMMx.H I fit I M. Cr«-4Al llui.Ml o| i I..U •111 'S lifslM stl;\ »« in,i * wi o( la.i. r«> -HMII tin H LIVESTOCK WANTED" ( I.'iVIS Hill! (I). Iwred mailer ard Ihe 1*A «t the hour of U>n o'clorli AM ha* been appointed by the Court as the aa.y, time »na place tor UM- hearing ,rfi objecUon. to .aid Final Report and Account, the iettlement thereof, and for a' Muring and d^ttrrnination of thn hi-irship Ihurelj and therein and the ov^'tii'^ar perwnf wtitled to Uie diitribulLn there- : Apnl Legal Publication" -ecrelary of state (u- \ t , ; ,' r ;.,vi and South Asian a,','.,;! reccn! ly called on N'as-oi to withdraw his tror>ps from Yemen but via- rebuffed. DRESSMAKING U BOATS-MDIORS 52 SLEEPING ROOMS Pierce Marine I > r i . 1)1 : . Mays. 10 IT KUTITCTO r- Court on .. day and at the »lfin c d Casn T skard* »•» tneir,. -(T qualified a. t !e of Oia Sr.iplev ,,,, i; ifca by liie Prnr ."• ' . - .. trix oj «a;d c late; and lh*t * Th8rti - clov " Nett "'*• f ror " jd M <"- r ' :i onto ***" aim. n *" J '" OFFICE CAT ; Sam — \Vhy do you prefe.* ,' blondes 0 Dan --- Because I'm afraid of ;.' the dark. In playing the game over the 1 links of life remember that the mental hazards are the worst Jon the tour>e. A '' >•' "i' i, >..i .ft *-; BU1LDIN6 MATERIAL U\K';K> i st; s UK 1,1 :,ibi.H 19A RED'S BOAT SHOP i'lUI WANTADS riang ulldere

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