The News from Frederick, Maryland on December 26, 1931 · Page 6
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 6

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 26, 1931
Page 6
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THE DAILY HEWS, 8ATUHDAT, YEAR'S DAYS Tulane Working Hard To Defeat Southern California. Likely To Be Seen In Olympic Games Races Next Y*ar PRACTICE CHRISTMAS DAY Pasadena. Calif, Dec 25 --If work . wSH tans the trick, the Greenles of Tulane should r-ve tr? Ur-\e-sity of Soataern Cal^onu. a f-Jl afe-r.»a on j the gridiron here one trees icrce Sn the annual ROE« Tr~n5.rr.e-i clais'.c ( Coach Bemie Blerzan cc:«i t j put j the Green Ware ihrc'isr. a g»d --^rk- i out liis morning, i-it ·aas t? re-sard , the players in the attemion b tak- ' _^- them to Mount , . _ With snow In tic S "~n. Madre j the excursion up to the s'eep rr.--.n- ! tain side on cable car p-M3i'-. ·»... give ' aome of the Southern gert't-nen their j flsrst experience in a real -A-sier set- J . Christinas eve was ce'.ebra-'xl st ti-e · hotel where the sq^d and coaches gathered around a tree I^ien -*:th sroaU , fiftc for all. ' Despite the weight advantage we , ·ttojans will have on New Year day. It i ·tens apparent that Coach Biermsn ' will start his regular first team, uitn the possible exception of Fra- cis Pa r.e at tignt ball instead of Wo? G' He «xpects the squad to be la top J^rra ·wllh the exception of Jena Resd, s.»a- eenter. The Green Wave will roll Into tae »ast «eek of preparation tomorrow »ltt ' ·Bother hard workout, to be a secret , affair. . At Los Angeles, the ^niiersity o: Seafibera California, footba.! teara disbanded to celebrate Chr-jtmas Most ol tias Trojans planned to be at home TftSh their kinfolis. as the greater share of the stjuad hVl.s from nearby towns Coach Howard Jones believed the rest would be good for the plajers, a num- btr of -whom bare been suffering from , He is worried about the pcssi- I of the men going stale after the . hard schedule of 10 gam-s a=d 4 months of work. j An intensive week of preparation . avails tb.e teara on return tomorrow, j * TO MEET AT SOCCER Frederick And Brunswick To Clash At Cadet Field. The largest crowd of the season Is | expected to congregate at Caact, Field I Sunday afternoon where the soccer teams representing Frederick and I Brunswick clash in a McFadden Lea- ; foe bout at 2 30 o'clock. The game will be the last at Cadet Field th-s season imTwBi the local ele-.en w.r-s the second naif pennant and engages WUliams- | port in the play-oS , The battle Sunday wi'.. Ua\e a »'- r«ct bearing upon the second half pen- , naat race since both Warns are XCT much in the thick of tie fight Fredcr- , ici is at present tied * .in C esrsTinK for first place and Brar.s* iCt *s r g h t , behind The Railroad agsregat on tie- j tested Frederick in the first girae '.a ; Brunswick several weeks a;.- bJt s.nce then the local outfit nss im-jro\c*l con- fjoerabiy and tae fight loos-s Other garces Suadc.v ar.rg:^ t~3Ctrr- Hamilton at Clears? V*. ill-arasport at Fankstowa and Sm.tnsourg at w.1. cl-cc Jan..- R.IX. T c'» c -a"! ar'ists for their ffa'-s during 1931 »i:i Uiely represent the Cr.ited S'a'-s in 'r- und^plted c. amp on ot :-.c 100-yard dash this jear. » fie I C A A . j-e N C A A i:.d .o c 440--.ard dash, as did Ben Eastman. »no tlcished a split second behind fe A -o«an a't C". C friends in th« 150 meters and other dutance races. In the high hurdles Uncle S=-» ear p .' ' " J -i i"! 14 a Jess ip and Brjt stand forth as ousatanding members in the Gcid eiccta O'T"? c z-TM~ ·nf .'. \ L' '.r. · _i ' s 'n Los Angeles nest year Frank Wykoff was · .. V.c W-lLams flirted v.-th the record In · as a tr-reat 'o some of Nurmi's Finnish · T. Percy Beard, who won the A. A. U. title Rubio Boxes i V/ UV M »WWV I 1 1 I I V · 'P · ^ · 'l_p Arm Lock Didn't Hold Key To Title SaW the club bore 'Do you knry. feltows, I've received a threate-i-g 1-1- ter signed 'Unan^nous ' r.r.d t s.»vs tnat imless I send S250 to a cer:nm pad-ess. I shall be murdered. V. nat v.oi.'.d jou do about, if" "Whatever ycj do con t sr"d the »oaey," cried a narrber cl '· · ccs in unison.--Tit-B is Middy Captain Box.r-~ isn : r-e of the rec of SIcxic^ politics realm, but Ferrancio K :b^o -asn of tlie Mex.caii j Ji 3 .r era stiff cn-:ch f T a V « »A O U U t t i i , ·*- LA».N^t4.i V/i-i » ^-40.1 J 1 :-rstr"-i' He his been boxing sev- j *" e .^' v-vr" is ar .inia fir His punch ^^^ ucltern eight All-America. Geonrraphy. The young man who wants to spend h!s life nt the noble practice of picking AU-Anserlca teams should pay sonie attention to his geography Once upon a time al! the good players were sup3t;ed to be in the east Yale. Harvard and Princeton fumlsrrd the bulk of the talent. But the game went west and south * * * Who's That Gny? Folk In the east, reading their fav- or'te All-America picker's choices are 1 amazed to see the names of plavers ' from the west. Pacific coast, the south and southwest, and wonder how t!v 'elector possibly could ha-.e determ'ned Morrison of Michigan a better eer.'er than Tuttle of Navy Or whv Schrceg- ler of Washington is bel!e\cd to be a better tarkle than Rilcy or Mam! of Xorthw cstern The AU-Amenca picker goes about j his business with reason ng along so-nc- wrat the {ol'owing lines. "Well lets sec now. who uiil ^o tn'e from Southr-rn California' T e-c are Mohlcr S^n\e^ Pinckcn, and :hif gm Baker uho kicked t^e poa! 'l-^t beat Notre Dame Obviously I can ' pick nil those birds or I'd haxe a third of mv team picked with nobody frc"ri the othrr sect pus Guess I".' Just tice one from U S C Who'll it be' E/--I- n'"vn!e. rcmlc m3^that lets Sharer in okay I cuess j» j ^ Rovin- The South ' Now we have to hare somebody from so'-th. Benr\ F. A. C. AND CELTICS IN FINAL GAME OF SEASON Eleven Opponents Have Scored Only 13 Points On Locals. T5se powerful forward -rail of the Frederick AthleUe Club grid machine, which has held 11 opponents w a total o! only 13 points tha season, will meet ' j th* suprerae test Sunday afternoon at | MoCurdy Reid, where is will confront i a line eTery bit as suosg aad perhaps eojnerrhat better !n St Mary's Celtic: of Alexandria. Va. The Celtics, eharc- piooB of the South Atlantic Pro Poot- oall League and one of the best teaffr in tiis sectloa, will close the local season. The Frederick team will play or* more gaaoe. oa KCTT Year's Day. but :· will be staged in Martinsburg. W. Va. Only two regulars. Sweeney and Me xf^ar^i nj iju be ry»i«jrig from the Cel- . tics' lineup. All ihetr other ex-college siars, includes Admiral Dewey, the Eensley brothers. Skinny Price. Joe Turner. Gene McGann. Al Raskow:t± » Joe Deroo and George Kresge. will be en hand. and the Hensley boy* have played several games with the J?rederick team »TM* local fans are »el' aware of their grid ability. t "Nig" Grove, rcanager and captair . of she Frederick team, is confident nis eleven can hold its own with the Cel- ' tics. He realizes trie v-jsttors are by j far the strongest team met by the F A s C. this season, but he also points out E j that at present the local outfit !s pretty |t i good Itself. With Dick Butler, the Ma- j 1 nne backfield star; Ray Johnson and _ ^ I Buck Alexander to run the ball, and j f, Racey, Esterly and Stee'-e to open the " holes, the local skipper thinks he can at least hold the Celtics safe. The kick-off i* scheduled for 230 o'clock. The teams w£l Uneup as follows- Celtics--Grew and Turner, ends; 'Price and J Hensley. tackles: Rasko' witz and Christiansen, guards; Deroo, i center: Kresge, quarterback. Dewey land McCana. halfback; Myers. fuH- i nack. 1 Frederick--Racey and Ogle, ends: Summers and Esterly. tackles; Rea and Steete. guards; Davis, center; Grove, I ; Johnson and Butler, Alexander, fullback . , quarterback: Johnson and halfbacks; Alexander, fullbac Dp You Remember NEA New Yor£ Bureau ; I* t '.ooi. good f3- Wist lis Charrp.on Jjn Londcs fac^ig camera) j on Chil.c..;i.r F*z'* S .e e ;o' nis a-ni "oc_: o-i h.m during their tnird match i N e \ Yar'-.s M.-.d-on S-iJa'o Garden But tie uue-nolder came back to throw C---f^, a crotcn-aid-b^oy slam after 57 m-nutes of excit- One Year Ago Today--Midget Woland Franfcie Genaro. each a claimant to the world's flyvre^bt ghampionship, Sought 15 rounds to a draw m a Madison Squars aarden bcuc intended to determine an accepted champion of the divisioo. Five Years Ago Today--BUI Mehl- I horn won the Santa Clara Valley Open j golf chsmp.02ship wth a 207 total for 54 holes. Ecor'cg a record breaking 65 on the final round. Tommy Annoar and Johnny Farrell trailed Mehlhom with 211 and 214, respectively. Ten Years Ago Today--Bo McMil- and his Centre College grid mates Dmvers.ty of Anzana 38 to 0 intersectional fray hoi day season at o'her to Sport Tips i Hrp OC-i.i-or p'.C'vs r^s Ar-American Ostroskv Notre f«;.bi.: tcir' I^r tre Fc'oskcv iXo're Dan.o cr.cj _\me a"o r | .*^%.-p.c'ie«^' "« E~ge-i-r^cn tV-irt.-.xc^t^rn^ pj, --30-j , -- s C ~ c~-ia-c_- Monorn- · - i N c - a c cer*?- Ta-s~e"a 'Star.- fv-c 1 * q_ar' r;3r»- B--·-;·'. 'S' Mary si ;nd ?a: .i Siita C.ara^ HaTbarks. Srec--'^^'. 'Ncrre D2o:c fa"oack. And ·il* t"srr. -t^^'d r.s,r t're ;?-sest tcr- 3*c P.'LSS^-^ r--r.b.r.v ^n .r* tie wor.d S ~-.^V- " Pctory--f-^n: P^'e to r t c of the countrv Who's down touth' Oh yes Tular.c. haic somebodv from Tu'are Tn.^ Zimmerman sterns to be p-cfv exxi Great parser patches a who'e carre of baseball wl'S'-e rw's ou* th«-e n 'nat cickfifid BJt ulioa If I pic'-c Z "nraer- 111 sure ha-.e to take Dn lr ^Tp c ·oo Z romerman's a junior and o.d Ehi'r\mo!c is a scnlcr. OLav then .t"^ Dalryrrpie I · Tennessee cldn t l-«e any crimes tack-· either Guess 111 put down and and that fa* sruard. Herman H'ckrnari But if I do that I t e got to .ez\e soincbodv c-fl in tbe cast aad rr dd'.j- wcst ard tl-.e :ani vrc-r. t be so r.pnr- '^e'-tative Ka\e to take or.e or t^.c other and I gcc a list of backs hTc tc piciL frcrn ns 'cr.c as vci.r ?rn V/-'.! ^uptos'* it * Hi^^crn'in c by s.c tirr.c c-.t for Cr.r^t- Li~^r« ^-r "e prcpar- --".r cr^n.r^ g»-ic Wedncscay t"-oi.-n z cr .1 r"r.d3y rnorn- · Coa:n B^rtrn S.i.p fy They] p*"£c* *"c s~*»»n t-ocisy A^G »«i^r x- c3.y N.r.e - ay -i » i T-IW tie tr-.n -: Sc- -_-. C r.'.r'-.-e 'coirr a x.-ty H* '- w-v-k r.s as 3 rca_=us - -- »'" u *· ·* - ~ ^ « ^ 3,"^«"' V "'*^i "* "t* 3""3C»..C~" * Smith 'V*. CronkHe. Ar.v rr.^re p^od crcls Is v -.e -wuC-" S'-e -vhore a lot of teani^ p c'od th-^ C-crJc.te cf the Kansas Ass'.cs C-on- k:tc^ Well he has had a lot cf 7_b'..c- ity tha" s cie t'tir.c ran thr^aa a need'.; nitn a dropk ck. they sav But Ca* S*"irli cf Geor^.a got more pub'.i tnan Crc-!"te Besides, if its true ,nal t-e soa"i p'avs t'-e bcrt foo.ball. tr.cre to be about tnree p'.a\ crs from the south en tl^st team uos prett^ fmd aga.nst New Yo r s U thP'igh I d.d hear a few cf the boys raMr" nbojt Ke'.'.v that ether Georgia c-d 3 it *"-cr. e\er.b"dv t.r.ctrs Cat- fu-h S-r in--wcj ^"re goes it's Cat Ar.a ;o it coes On to the B.g Ten T-ien the co.1 and alo-.g the rr.ap covm :o the r-..dr. e At in .c nayoc to Pit's- turih And w^cn y:,i c°t al'. througn -T-vtc tr.e jc^' i vest r-vs been ft out of "*-e cornr'.cte.v Sj it all has o rker has II papers 'rorn 11 different tcairu r.".: t Isn t so l-ard' Did You Know That-T -OS-" s'c- "s aoc-t Kerrnan Kici~a- Tci-e-vc""; g-^.it cr^arc go^ig ·o Wis' P o r t ·»:· - .".s ca-eer at Ten- r^srce r.aa c-.d^a jo---- ·- narr been a o '. rre:r., O-cra".e Najlcr S-c-^ f M-m-h - send'; z'.zrs. ti:e Inf J ·"2' H~rrin --'.".'. b"--rre a profespicra". . at p-^c"2~is at K"ov.~. --f -"·* -c- o~i". r-Tcre be s. r^xi -s-xv to cash ootball publicity . if Herman is ce'enmned to lead a rough TROJANS VICTORS T. L C. A. In Baker Park Football Game. A blocked kick fa the last inmate pf play paved the way for a. touchdown 'end a 12-6 victory for the Frederick Trojans over the Y. M. C. A. in a ! -scrub- football contest played in Bak! er Park Friday morning. Straight 'football was used, with "power plays' j predominating ! The fiist touchdown was scored by , the Trojans in the m:tial semester '·chen Irving Swope, big half-back, plunged the ball over from the I ] ] four-yard mark after a series of | bucks had put the ball in sccnng pos|Uon. The Y. M C. A. tied matters in the second quarter when "Jumbo- Bowers, behind perfect Interference, went over for the score after a sustained drive down the field. Wita less than a minute remain ng. the Trojans j won the game when Etzler blocked a Y. i M. C. A. fccfc in front of its own goal, j and Rice recovered it for a touchdown j The score: T. M. C. A. (6) Trojans (12) ! McLaren -LS Creager , K. Null LT C. Nu3 One More Football Game Then It's Finis TTiynr*. , · Shoemaker Srn»tli ,, _ iGairett ! Rhoderick Fisher -Mobley _ .James -' Bowers _. Etzler , Marman ' Hamson Lebherz] Bussard | . Rice · Swope ' Grove Keefer S. y H^pr at ' yars fcr the ·Ar;chr3 A~E ?' --_ *ne next fall 10 James R R^cc- ?_,;-, · fcr ·upon h-m has f;Uen the ho-.r r* carj- ta^r^ng the 1932 Xaw " van: Besdy is s. :oruc-. f--T c:e-e^rd is played e^rti cc t?e 1931 tssrr Bt-eav as 21 years els, --eiS.'j 138 p::-ss arti is five fsst ten jr.ches ta.I Pretty da? "g- crs as 1--J ^r ^ ni H; ~a ^c p~me ~z t .e C ^-.'-'ar.c; r.^b FTOO-". s ,im se'.era; j .FB ._ Score by Periods Y . M. C A. 0 6 0 0 -- 6 Trojans 6 0 0 6--12 Touchdowns--Rice, Swops, Bowers. R e f e r e e--Grove. Truer--Gastlsy. -Myers. \t-a-s as;2 : 'a. 'sealj a". iis- ] · and tie T«.rc s a, s~an son; to e'^^rr f x'^a'.l eper-%. ani - N '-^ East-Vie^: a'. ^ ar sarr.; for c ~ a - ' v T^e 1 c- d* · T a-c -. be ip.ojers. b and ern- , and center arid ;apt3-a oJ Vae Purc-c Be..: xaSers, anu M ta 5 .ng it in the an . , .. v - - .e _-.^ -- ^ --_^e 7ea.rn sri the :a?t in T cj arc rat:A ni =-; ~ ·' 'zz r^^t s a .-star ^Cf. i"i r c..'.r J^:r. Cj-,r." Or^ Co f'c cao^aji 5v -- *?· c\~ a.T .,-.a or.d C''es Le-^ lOo 1 -.^ M^er, r..., .;rTM*«r:is i28-pOiUiw tackle and captaui. H a v e that family group yon have wanted so long made while yon are all home for t h e holidays. N e s t year might b r i n g many changes. Phone 799 for Appointment Edmonston Studio 1828 1931 H IP YOU WISH TO ENJOY A SEAL MERRY CHRISTMAS AT YOUR HOME NEXT YEAR -- JOIN THE CHRISTMAS SAVINGS CLUB NOW FORMING AT THIS INSTITUTION THE FREDERICKTOWN SAVINGS INSTITUTION BANKERS FOR OVER 100 TEARS i;'.r I" ": I I . ! 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