The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois on January 23, 1948 · Page 3
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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 3

Harrisburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, January 23, 1948
Page 3
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THE DAILY REGISTER, HARR18BUBO. OJ*. TMPAY. JANUARY 218. 1948 PAOI TBBM ^ Rites Sunday s-iuces lor W i l l i a m tVar old Kaleii'.h relied Wednesday a 'i- u ...ii i.,. i i / i i i i Suiul s son ",,, at th be . i, c in charge ' ,,u M ' Oll ,,.,,.l. « cnietci ' y S;n BIRTHS At Llglitiu-r Hospital To Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Swan of Galatia, HF1) 2, a boy, born Wednesday. To Mr. and Mrs. Armand Pa-. lole of 110 West Park .street, a ,., ,,, ,,,i , d.m-ihlcr, born WedncMlay. (.'·'" I -j'o Mr. and Mrs. George Gel- ,'u,,.,sU'r, 2 0 c a w e c k h o x k y . 810 Pine street, a lhl . |)Ji«\ IU " lsl ' ' b u y , bum Wednesday, boy. Lewis Bluntly Rejects Krug on Appeal for Advice WASHINGTON, Jan. 23.--(U.R)-- John L. Lewis today rejected in about 300 uncomplimentary words an invitation from Secretary of Interior J. A. Krug to serve on a national co-advisory council on the coal industry's problems. Lewis said he could "conceive of nothing more anemic or futile." The president of the United Mine Workers sent his rejection to Krug by the same personal messenger who delivered his two word "disaffiliation" note to AFL President William Green last month. This time Lewis set forth his views in about 300 typewritten words, almost all uncomplimentary Society News Officers Installed J5y I'ythiun Sisters On Monday evening the .. Sifters of Temple 104, of this ,--... held an impressive installation ceremony at the Knights of i y - Ihias hall, at which time new 01- ficers took the oath of office. During the ceremony each 01- ficer was presented with a corsage, which, in color, reprcsenicu the colors of the lodge. Installing officers' were Mis. Huby Walker, Mrs. Gertrude While and Mrs. Elizabeth Smith. Officers serving for the coming vcar arc: Mrs. Mary Bradley, past "chief: Mrs. Mabel Knight, most excellent chief; Mrs. Ethel Wallace, excellent senior; Mrs. lean Hancock, excellent Junior; rare Ollie Russell, manager; Mrs. Elca SIU to Toke To Classrooms of Southern Illinois Schools Carrier Mills Register KENNETII IIART Correspondent nor Price, -o .iad asked Lewis three days i K « to join with other industry leaders to set up a council lo advise him on the problems of the bituminous coal industry. "You have previously demonstrated your total lack of ability to comprehend the problems of the coal industry, as well as your complete lack of concern for its requirements," Lewis said. "I can conceive of nothing more anemic or futile than a coal industry advisory council attempting mistress of Eddy, mistress correspondence; MZ COrUS anu «JIH;O,KU«M»-"~~' »«:«. Geneva Simpson, protector; M ss Horcnce Aluzas, guard; and Mis Eleanor Simpson, pianist. * Mrs. Nellie Eddy will represent the chapter at Grand Lodge, which will be held in West Frankfort April. Mrs. Ruby Walker is alternate. Following the ceremony refreshments of ice cream, cake, coffee :-nd mints were served to those in attendance. elcome u s r y a v i s o r y c o u n i to give private advice to you," he Household Shower for " u have h a d such a i s t We hate to see nice cars aii smashed and bent. So do you! Drive with caution these slick days -- protect your lives and your cars. If you do have trouble, call us. We hate to see wrecks, but we'll do our best to restore them to their original usefulness. AUTOMOTIVE REPAIRS went on. "You have had such a committee to advise you on oil. and it is to be fervently hoped that the consumers of coal will be spared the present unhappy fate of the consumers of oil." Lewis said that the coal industry has "no present problem affecting production that management a n d , men in the industry cannot meet | if provided adequate mining equip- i ment and transportation." bCIIUUI 0 » » U " V « « « and Mrs. Charles L. Lamar Comfort Ilcbekah Lodge Installs New Officers Officers of the Comfort Rebekah lodge, No. 48, were installed by the installing oficers of Pride of Arrow lodge, 234, of Harrisburg, in a beautiful ceremony on Tuesday evening, at 8 o'clock in the I. 0. 0. F. hall of Carrier Mills. Installing officers were Mes dames Ray (Madge) Johnson, de puty president; George (Naomi) Rees, deputy marshal; G. B. (Vel ma) Sprague; Earl (Lela) Suyer Robert (Alta) Williams, William (Nelia) Douglas, Harry (Bessie) Border, Ernest (Letha) Cozart, t-nd Miss Ellen Reeves, all of \vhom are past officers of Pride of Arrow lodge. Serving as flag bearer was Glendell Chase, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jade Chase. Others taking part in the ceremony were Misses Car · · T^*1 I --.fc* I CARBONDALE, 111., Jan. 23-Modern education increasingly seeks to dramatize study for the school boy or girl, and Southern Illinois University is getting ready o lend a helping hand to the Sou- hern Illinois schools that want to ring the senses of vision, touch and motion into the classroom. The Extension Service and the University Museum is starting a brand new service for this area by taking exhibits of museum materials to the schools. This service will begin Monday, Jan. 26. An average of a hundred school children each month visit the Southern Museum and find an eye- opening thrill in seeing the collections of pioneer Southern Illinois household equipment, farm tools, professional and trade equipment, transportation facili . · i_ · _ - J _ «4.M fir* nwt/1 /\f Vini* 1U1 If The Dally Register, 20c a week. by carrier boy. MEN GET PEP! IV^HMBMHMHl^BBBI^MMM Wbr fwl oM at 40. 60 or mor*~«hy b« th« victim of th« oldtr ytunT If lit* *p« tnr«ntly hit* loct lu iMt. you »«!» Mr b« nblo to «nxy Ufa a* you did Ik your youth. If *Idol ytars b*v» «kw«d oown your vim, vitality arid-youthful plwiurM. hero li u umpla method that nuy chftni* your whole outlook on lift. Why not try and rrKn!n the plmiurM of Imng'you once enjoyed 7 Why be dlteouriuttd-- why not rvitaln the verve nnd x«it of k much youriKur mnnT Mnny m«n r« obtaining ·mnzlnic r«»ulti with Bcytron Ubl»U. Jutt nik your drumltt for B*rtron. (Each tnblet (ruled to rtUIn high potency.) Women too flnd Beytron helpful. C C j U i y i l l v I I l , nanoi'v/ii.uv.v... ties, birds, reptiles and other wild life. 1'KOFESSOR C. E. CROUSE, popular and nationally known mcee, magician and comedian from Hollywood will appear every Sunday afternoon in the Nation Wide Talent Parade at the Evansville Coliseum beginning Sunday, February 1, at 2 o'clock. Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Lamar received an array of lovely guts at a household shower given ai the home of Mrs. Mac Garrison of Carrier Mills, RFD 1, on Tuesday. rie Wasson, musician; Ellen C. Dallas, guest soloist, and Marlene Pann, accompanist. Other lodges of the district were represented and t\\o district of- fjcers, Mrs. Velma Sprague, vice i . * 1 in-., t if A 1*^*1 PanlfPV Final Divorce Decree Granted To laraine Day HOLLYWOOD, -Tan. 23--U-R-Actress Laraine Day today kept her plans for re-marryirig Leo Du, rocher on a legal basis strictly se* Miss Day became free to contract a California marriage with X J V , C * * 3 » *»A1 O« » ^, *·»·** --'x w - - - r 'guests were entered Barnes J P-dent and^lrs. Vejma Pankey prizes werejvonb L Mesdames i ^ ^ ^^ ^^ Q£ Carrier Mills, reining noble grand, \vas escorted to the station of past grand, where she will serve this year She was presented with the past grand pin by Mrs. Roy I l / . V D \ V t l U » » V * « *JJ »-- -- ~ -- - , . JUIH: Vinyard, Fern Burch, Mabel Ahsher, Cora Sims, and Miss May- mc Sims. , . Refreshments were served during the evening to the following: - ~, -j- Blue, FranK Mesdaraes Burch, Charles Sr . V l H j a i U , ixuj V B » I . . . « A . , ---. las Troy Blue, Roy Doughty, Bob Ab'sher, Floyd Wolfe, Silas Mot- 'inger, Ralph Greeney, Leslie The Gibson, elective officers of the I n g e , Ralph Greeney, Leslie Iod g7 ar^eTMesdames Edgar (Ad- Reeves, Louise Reeves, Ted Clay-j d i e ) MlU er, noble ***·***· making, ton Orl Murphy, Bob Braden, (Ge neva) Morris, vice grand, Roy Cora Sims, Mora Garrison, Cora v(Thelma) O'Neal, recording secre- Garrison, Mae Garrison, Nora New- Robert (Louise H m e f nan- man- Misses Mildred Doughty. cial secretary; Wallace (Ethel) Vern'ie Garrison, Mayme Sims, ana j jj eav ers, treasurer. ·mir 'i 1 · _«. f* ·^*»vi errtn T-* ...·».. _ Cf I nnv* itr* William Garrison. Lovely gifts were also received from se'veral who were unable to ' d V C I O , VA v,i4uv.* ~- · Each officer was escorted to his respective station which was appropriately decorated, by we deputy marshal, Mrs. Rees. Officers appointed by the noble _ _ ,. .,.,,.:«** tffl.*j»" sirp.- DEAN HILL ; At · L-^{£^^£:S TM,c- ; · hativ*«j and old friends. He is a t toliuu v-"'- . . rw.Ha Davis, musi- LTcHJL a v./aiiAV* ii*« ·,,*·»·.-». 0 -~ j' Durocher yesterday when her di- ".["'^ vorce from airport manager Ray *"·"- ' Hendncks became final California does not her marriage to Durocher took place at El Paso, Tex., t h e , ... -,Mr mcnarasim » IG- «--» · r on rae day after her interlocutory decree, f "g ^ nold friends. He is a! conductor; George "Our plans are indefinite,' Du- ·,, o{ M j ss Mary Richardson, rocher said. Miss Day said nothing I ^ Mrg w 0 . Gaskins of this at all. , r jf v ·Tm leaving Sunday for iNeu- t11 *York on business, and Laraine wi.l not be going with me," Durocher said "I won't be back until Feb. 2." The Dodgers go to Santo Domingo Feb. 25 for r.pring training whici, starts March 1- Neither Durocher nor -'iss Day was in court yesterday when Su- · Dale Sullivan is confined to his home for a week's rest prior to a major operation he will undergo at Barnes hospital in bt. Louis, next week. (Wilma) Reid, 'the noble grand; George _^ Calendar was in court yesieraay \vm--i ^- - perior Judge Orlando H. Rhodes Q f Meetings granted her final decree. Attor- _ neys delivered it at their Santa --Monica home. Pittman, 810 North 10 Piece Set I--in. Drive These tools are made from S A E analysis steel, and are packed in sturdy metal boxes. Other sets in this fine line of carefully heat-treated and eipertly machined tools include: u ru:n; SCT ':-in. Dri\c $9.95 33 PIECE SET -s-in. Drive $24.95 - 12 TIECE SET » = -in. Drive 12V4 miUion dollars each year. .t- *.»**· -- » -inside guardian; -Abney, outside guardian. Mrs Leo Morris, vice grand, a o P omted Mrs, HowardI Monger and Mrs. Parish.-Miller ^asr^ni and left supporters respectively. Urges Education 'Against Communism $10.95 PIECE SCT s :-in. Dri\c $12.95 BUY ON TIME PAYMENT PLAN 32 PIECE SET 'i-in. Drive $27.95 S. Main STORE H. V. :.IcI)anicl Phone 17 QUICK REPAIRS On Electric Ranges Something that can't wait in ^weather! Call Skaggs. Our low prices will amaze you. DEFEND ON SKAGGS FOR RELIABLE APPLIANCE REPAIR ^ ELECTRIC CO PHONE 37 FOR SKAGGS- h in America each man or a sue- "voman may rise as high m a may Exhibits to Classrooms This new service, according to Raymond H. Dey, director of the Extension Service, and John Allen, history curator of the Museum, will take the exhibits straight into the classroom, so they can observe as object lessons directly linked with classwork. In many cases, the traveling exhibits will be made up of models, sometimes smaller than life, sometimes larger than life. For example, in the exhibit on weaving, one real spinning wheel, generations old, will be included, but two tiny models--both of which will really spin--and a model loom that will actually weave will also be shown. On the other hand, in the exhibit of sea life, a 15-inch model of a paramecium--the microscopic single-cell organism, too tiny to be seen with the naked eye --will illustrate the internal mechanism of the one cell. At first, the University will send out only about a dozen exhibits, each centralized around one activity, such as weaving, soap- making, shoemaking, or candle dipping, around the story of one industry, such as transportation facilities or household lighting; or around one variety of animal life, such as birds, or mammals or sea life. Schools to Participate If these prove successful, other exhibits will be prepared, and the service will be made available to all schools of the area. Already, some half dozen school systems of Southern Illinois have agreed to participate in this new service, using the exhibits m connection with their classwork. These "pioneering" schools are Eldorado, Muddy, Harrisburg, Dor- risville, Crab Orchard, Marion and Carterville. The University will take the exhibits by car to the cooperating school, leaving them a week or two -weeks; then picking -them up and transporting them to the next school. "If the schools like the service," Dey said, "we hope to develop many more unit exhibits, and to arrange a schedule of delivery so that the schools may have the unit on transportation, for example, at the time the children are studying transportation." Many of the models to be used in the traveling exhibits, Allen said, were made by WPA artists assigned to the Museum in the 1930's. Poultry Ranks Third The poultry and egg industry ranks third in importance in United States agriculture. STIMULATING TABLETS ,^^T»?S-S . - . ' · · _ Famous Name li-l'^SfELIED'ON BY* M I L L I O N S ^-·;..-- ,-*·; *:..'-··; :'-. . - WORLD'S LARGEST SELLER AT »0t NEW CAMERA ROOM 18 S. Mill St. · For the ladies, your hair provides a frame for your face. Remember simplicity and appropriateness -- have the hair-do a day ahead. Don't try some new fangle that will detract away from the face. J. R. METCALF Master Portraits Are Outstandingly Different Call 1280 For Your Appointment Mrs Anna Mullcr, 1232 4th St., Springfield, 111, ^ rites, "About 6 months ago my Dr. tbld me I would have to lose height but try as I would 1 could not lose at all. A friend told .me. about Rennel and I have been using it ever rt"as it\ias been'a life saver for me. I have lost 32 pounds and now wear a drc=s four sizes srrallcr than I used to uear. I feel much better and would recommend RenneHo anyone suffering from excess weight." . Hundrcdsofothershaveobtamedsmn- lar relief from the soc;al and physica discomfort of beiny overweight. \\n not trv this effective yet inexpensive method of reducing and enjoy the pleasures of feeling younger and more alive Try Rennel and notice the admir Lady Loses 32 Is, Thanks to Rennel ng looks you will receive from your riends as your figure becomes younger and your vitality increases. Just go to your druggist and ask for 4 ounces of iquid Rennel. Pour the contents into a pint bottle-- add enough unsweetened irapefruit juice to fill the bottle and then take two tablespoonfuls a day. That's all there is to it. If you aren t satisfied with the results return the empty bottle to the manufacturer and your money will be refunded. You need never know a hungry moment while taking Rennel-- no starvation diet-- no printed diet list to buy-- no vitamins to fortify you against weakness while gong hungry. for you WON'T be hungry. Don't switched to another product. Insist on the genuine RenneL · IS Patient, Stage Manager Held SSgr-j^. COLUMBUS. 0.. Jan 23-^)-- Qnlv onbpa per The glories £f Kay Francis, stage and movie act-1 ^ mer ica are evident in our e%ei. ress. was in critical condition at a j-- i;,. oc " Hogging the Market South St. Paul now leads all the nation's livestock markets in re- PROTECT YOUR HEALTH AGAINST the HAZARDS of WINTRY WEATHER Keep a supply of reliable home remedies handy. Our drug store carries a big stock of drugs and medicines. NEW GOODS ADDED DAILY EZRA and CARL L HARRIS PHARMACISTS CARRIER MILLS . hospital here today and her stage b ^^^ " 3, of thSon declared that S£ *,.. B. Rusoff. hospital staff physician, said Miss Francis was placed in an oxygen tent for treatment :of a respiratory condition. He said i she had a bad cold and a "possi- Iblc" lung infection. Hospital at, laches said she was in a semi- · conscious condition. 1 Police said, however, they had learned that the star, apneanng in the stage play. "The State of The Union." at the Hartman theater here, had taken an overdose of sleeping pills. Graham was taken into cuslodv said, after Miss Francis told wmcn »« "---- . .^r-ssfafiSM i?;uv p «^^ them for granted. A ne vours.' ,'T5SS55k« ? S 3S tv Legion comma ,",, e «- rhoisser i · . *·· . \44«* Koinii \·. Vx**"**'*'^' Hast mghL AU. na»P" ^^J h °?Epson. Jcrd «. * f* m A 1-, Frozen Food Lockers for our grand opcninff announcement soon. Applications for locker, are being listed now. Call at Ihc plant of the Harrisburg Ice to. COP- ncr Kose and Cherry, if interested in a frozen food locker. 882 ncv loc - cr.s .uaiiablc about February 1. Frosfrr.asicr home units for sole at our sales room now. Harrisbyrg ice Company Frozen Food Lockers Phone 361 - -\-. -·Vrl Herrin Bus Drivers Get Pay Increase HERRIX, 111.. Jan. 23 City busses here were back m operation todav under a new six- month contract giving the drivers a SI.10 weekly pay increase. Formers Cautioned To Purchase . Only Labeled Seed SPRINGFIELD, 111.. Jan. 23-- IIE--The State Department of Agriculture cautioned farmers to- c'ay lo buy only labeled seed for spring planting. Charles H. Kcltncr. supenmen- dent of Plant Industry for the department said slate grain inspectors will spot check seed sales throuchout the slate for compliance with the law which requires labeling or tagging all seed sold ' for sowing. The" law also covers $ced transactions between indivi- idual farmers. The Daily Register, 20c a wee*, by carrier boy. IH^^-SS"^: | !?, Legion service ., T^ccion anrtj should belong to ine HSg 1 ' Wftrco FOR 'THE OSTERMOOR NAME ON THE BINDING TAPE TO DO YOUR BEST GET YOUR REST! MATTRESS BY OSTHMOO* CO. SINCE 1353 S L E E P COMFORT or no: you have a million dollars is. beside the r»nJ- At r :dt protecaoa lKcry of Ela-Jc fcl:.^ ,,«,, Cairo. ^ Extinguish Bl«e The city fire department was cuish a blaze that caused slight Sage to wallpaper. An overheated stovepipe caught the paper afire. EAC/MS/rc franchise agency "LUXURY FOR YOUR HOME AT ECONOMY PRICES" Seten Furniture Store OVER WOOIAVORTil STORE" y^vftSN-.* "irKMvi« ^.^O W-^;; If I' - p 1 it!' -its lit; .if! ' if ·{ i ., NEWSPAPER!

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