The News from Frederick, Maryland on November 28, 1951 · Page 8
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 8

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 28, 1951
Page 8
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The Ntw«, Frederick, Md., Wednesday, November 28,1911 . *HE GUMli " ~~~~~ Andy Break* The New MY 'EARS MUST FAJUN6 ME... I ., BABY.. .H RE LEAVES SOON TO 00 A 816 JOB FOR THE 'FREE NATIONS... PITY£ STOP MAKING A SPEECH AND 6£T TO THE MEAT OF TUE STOfeY/ ALLOW ME TO BE THE FIRST GUMPS ARE TO TAKE OUR RIGHTFUL PLACE T14E LEADCft OP TME LEGION OP SUSPENSE WU.IN6 ME/ YOU'VE SEEN HOME TEN MINUTES AND HAVEN'T YET TOLD ME WHAT BIM WANTED WITH YOU/ THOUGHT YOU SAID YOU WERE TAKIN6 OVER BIM'S MIGHTY YOU, MINI.-. .YOU WE PERFECT 'AND I TAKE OVER HE VST GUMP ENTER- CHRIS WELKIN, PLANETEEE ·Space Pioneers THE INTO ATMOSPHERE.. .'fyYGKHT wrrw Five NOL.VIN U-S- OOWN, We CAHf DO ANYTHING ABOUT rr...x'M suite «ett »E OtcAY, TUOUttL THE K-srr /MCN ON EATH EVER TO TKAVEL. Carnival T. W. DEO. U Pa. 1951 cv : "»li Off. : "nvicc. INC. Food Fish Answer, to Previous Puzzle. primates I^Meddled 22 Evening party 24 It is found in the Mississippi 31 Pass quickly 32 Relate 34 Wigwam JACOBY ON BRIDGE T/J/S Hand Proves Arguing Won't Pay "1 may be a iTttlie liite tonight, Mom--1 ROtta sit no with n babysitter!" monds. Tho difference, 450 points, was half of the w i n n i n g team's margin of victory. Johnny Crawford held the North hand in the first room. He decided to risk the underbid of two diamonds rather than the overbid of two clubs. If South had to pass at two diamonds, there might be no game. A second possibility was that West might then re-open the bidding, which would give Crawford a chance to bid again to show his m a x i m u m values* Moreover, if South did bid again, Crawford was in the clear. He had already announced a weak hand with diamond support. If South could still hope for a game in the face of such an announcement. North could afford to accept any game invitation. As it -happened, B. ,T. Becker, with the South hand, did bid again. Crawford could then show his clubs and eventually raise diamonds again. There was nothing much to the play, of course. South could ruff spades twice in the d u m m y and lead diamonds twice through East. The defenders could win only a spade and the ace of trumps. In the second room Charles H. Goren held the North hand. He decided in favor of a first response of two clubs. Hi* partner naturally bid two diamonds, whereupon Goren was at the crossroads. If he raised to three diamonds, his partner would almost undoubtedly bid three no-trump. What then? Goren decided to settle for a sure but small plus score at two NORTH 2« A 4 V K 6 5 * 7 5 4 3 * A J 8 5 3 WEST EAST A A Q 9 6 5 A K 1 0 8 7 V I 0 8 3 V J 9 7 4 * S 4 A ,110 *Q1078 4.94 SOUTH (D) ' 4 J 3 2 ¥ A Q 2 South 1* 2N.T. 3 * * K 2 North-South vul. West North East Pass 2 · Pass 34 Pass 4 4 Pass Pass Opening lead--¥ 3 Pass Pass Pass Pass HORIZONTAL 9 Singer 1,5 Depicted fish « Ventured 9 Footwear 12 It is used 10 Augmented * or 12 Exhaust .* Not (prefix^ 13 Old-womaaish 16 Unusual 15 Fish 18 Small 17 Bone 18 At that place 20 Sun god of Egypt 21 Greek mount 23 Stale 25 Portal 26 Created 27 Exists 28 Plural (ab.) 29 Measure 30 Hebrew deity 31 Unhampered 33 Network 36 Ogle 37 Looked at 38 Providing 39 Hailed 45 Mixed type 46 Number 48 Victim of leprosy 49 Caress 50 Pay 52 Active 54 Moistens 55 Fabulous herb VERTICAL 1 Marsh 2 Behold! 3 Western stole 4 Domestic slave 5 Windstorm 6 Notion 7 Limited (ab.) ST.jrnb 35 Revise 40 Landed 4I.Perm its 42 Prepositi 43 Group of players 44 Therefore 47 Recent 49 Thickness 51 Pronoun 53 Illinium (symbol) MB. A1TOMBO, you oer our OF TMAT CAKT Awl KIN fiLATTn-2» f. «. IM. v. I r*. qu. IW-UT* IVf 9CCN OCT7INO BfEAB'y TO CALL HIM POWN CO? LOSING TWO IP PO IT NCW MUTT AMD JEFF Mutt Held On To The Brush But Maybe The Paint Wasn't Thick Enough! ' LISSEN, I'LL MATCH you. 1 IF YOU win WE'LL WORK TODAY/ IP YOU LOSE WE WAIT TILLTOMORROW.' BUT »F WE DON'T NAW.SHE DO IT -RJPAY. MRS. I WON'T.' NOPE.' GREEN/ YOU LOSE) HEY MUTT SET OH. WE CAN OP.' we GOTTA) BO THAT JEFW VOU'RE BROWN MIGHT GET SOMEBODY CUT WOOD FOR / TOMORROW.' NOW, WHAT COLOR AM I MRS. BROWN! ELSE T© CUT HER WOOD.' THINKIN RED OR ^ GREEN? BOOT^AND HEX BUDDIB8 006SONOTA To The Point BUGS BUNNJT Out For A Kide- Correct Info, Right From The Supply Department By. OSWALD JACOBT Written For NEA Service "Most of the bidding problems in your daily question have been fairly clear cut," writes a Nashville correspondent. "Don't you fellows ever get borderline hands? If so. what do you do with them?" We certainly do get borderline hands. We do just what everybody else ioes. We argue about them. For e x a m p l e , today's hind caused a heap of argument when it came up in the recent team match for the-championship of the United States. One team got to a makable vulnerable game, and the. other team stopped at two dia- diamonds. Incidentally, the experts are still arguing about this hand. While they're arguing Crawford's team holds the championship. WHEN KNOTTY PROBLEMS HAVE YOU STEWING, RELAX, MISTER- JUST START CHEWING... WRI6LEVS SPEARMINT GUM Strength For Today By Earl I,. Douglass WE CAN M A K E OURSELVES , Y / J ' OF A ^ MV, WHAT? FRECKLES AOT HM FRKMDB Or Crutches YEAH, we spu_owe MRS. CUBBER. PLENTY! TODAY WE START WASHING HER. _ WINDOWS! WELL.VOU WOMT SOOP, CLEAN FUM.' MAY6E 6O ALONG-: FOR THE RtC MEED AM/ CRASH HELMET --- OUR CARELESS DRIVING DAYS ARE OVER./ So APTER. THIS JANA YOU'RE JMAVBE MOT : REAPY FOR A HORSE AMD U66Y/ EVEM TWAT/ yCOPR. 1951 BY NEA SERVICE. INC. T. M, BEC. U. S. PAT. OFF. MUCH MORE OF THIS SALT MINE AMD WE'LL BE READY FOR A WHEEL CHAIR ' VIC FLINT Mistakes? flIjKE TME IDEA OF HIRIN?fWHY NCT CALL. ivic FLINT; MAW. i V/A^NT../©?^ THE WHOLE NAMED S-POET FOR nr? ' MURDER? I'LL FOR' NOTHIN. ,--~-~JM Srgr EVEPCVTHINe IF r- MOU WILL. \ fig? NO/ YOU'D TRY ' x BLACKMAIL AAIN IP L I (SAVE \OU ANOTHER CHANGE/ YOU KNOW,- MUCW7 ETTIN A LITTLE NERVOU5j EH? TOLfeE WRITIN GIBBERISH. 3 WHAT DO YOU TWAT SIB- EXPECT WITH T BERI5H THAT CANNON K.WIUL /·£·**««, ^'ZSz PRISCttLA'S POP The Thinker UNHAPPY Asked how along it was that he got so well with everybody, a little old man replied: "I never put anybody in my despisery." Some folks have a "despisery" as commodious as the biggest deep freeze on the market. Into it they put all sorts of people. There is the boss who plays favorites: the woman in the bridge club who talks too much: the chap oh the campus xvho has every 'characteristic his classmates dislike; the minister who preaches too long; the politician who belongs to the opposite party; the TV actor who tries to be funny and isn't. Many a person of promise has had his life or hers ruined by toting around continually a des- pisery list and reading the list over at every off moment. If we will give up this sort of thing we may have to suffer a few fools and suffer them gladly, but that is not too big a price to pay for peace ot mind. We can be sure that our despisery list will make us a lot more unhappy than the people we despise. There are many silly and annoying people in the world. Let us reconcile ourselves to that fact, (Maybe we are among the number.* So let us be patient with others-with life's events; above all, with ourselves. (Copyright Babson Nexvspaper Synd.) geon General of the Army. Armstrong's speech was delivered at a dinner of the American Pharmaceutical Manufacturers' Association. ? '*' Spearmint «« M Look for Th» Green Spear BATTLE WOUNDS LESS FATAL NEW YORK. 3S[ov. 27 f/P)--The Army's top medic said tonight the Korean death rate from battle wounds for American soldiers "is now approximately half that of World War II." "Wounds of unprecedented severity are being survived with amazing regularity," said Maj. Gen. George E. Armstrong, Sur- 22 SHOPPING DAYS ACCUUSED OF .LARCENY ROCKVILLE. Nov. 27, (/P.)--The Montgomery County grand jury today indicted two County Board of Education employes and a former employe oC the board on charges of malfeasance in office. The indictments accuse the three men of using other school board workers and equipment for personal projects. One of the men also \vas indicted for larceny on grounds that he took a toolhouse owned by the Board of Education. Names of the three men were withheld pending issuance of bench warrants. MR. BOTTS HAS A TELEVISION SET AND MR. MSNLOY BOUGHT A NEW CAR.. J( I'M ALMOST JEALOUS! , NOT ME! IVE GOT SOMETHING THEY HAVEN'T GOT] WHAT, FOR EXAMPLE?^ OH, WALDO. 1 HOW SWEET M HUSBANDS HAVE TO BE SMART THESE DAYS! l - !· "· REC - u - S- PAT. OFF. ·BTCOPR. 1951 «Y NE« SERVICE. IMC. OUR BOARDING HOUSK. .otrr OUR w or , Ontario and Quebec are Canada's leading fur-producing provinces. LITTLE LIZ 12-f If you can'f get along with one man it may be portly his fault. If you can't get along with a num- Mr of men, it's your fault CNI* . KOOPLE.' GLO PEeSCOTT OQ. ISiyajR MEMORy LtKfe FELLA 64V5: "MV WlfE'S GOT A ES, ~L REMEMBER VOU, AMD I W£D A JTTiRue'i«PO TO BE AM ARCHITECT iT BECftMfi AM ACTOR. 6ST6 . MEET THE OTHE$ HALF OF ALL- STAR COMSOy TEAM ~ HIS OCD PA.L TO THE SAME TMFFEREMCE SP \T»FRf

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