The News from Frederick, Maryland on May 24, 1932 · Page 2
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 2

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 24, 1932
Page 2
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TWO FAR EAST TOPIC ScteUo Miss Snow Also Discusses Relation To League Of Nations. REPLACE WAR WITH LAW members and guesto infortnaEy at her home Tile ?p»"aier was .nlroduced bv Mrs Xaa K. Pu? Wafiiuigtcn rt?s-s vere Poster. Jane Bartlett. £Lzslxr.lj Peet Carole l*err Reea. Sarah F "V. "*-* M F S*rid*r Ruth SheUJon ar,c%» V i C Cox A hev. Man W S'-«- ~ t France* Guts_i» G'-e*'.t !r-jax , »e-e Mrs Cn»:'ov« E Pr:* Mary C OU Helen* W N'_'C, Mary Grace K»Ueas»in An .n:«res*.rv and tr^'rur- .' e a,i! cress * is made at the w a.*er*' -e high sci-X3 Wllliic 3 Orj» ^r ji- c:pa- Mcnoav simoon v} *:.*» B-om ·skt: g 1X r""r t*s*r' vv-- "a- Par..on -r. W *d A'.'a.-- '.:.* praer.-«c a graph.c p.c'j-e O'T* jns of - *· Pa" £a*t ^n r i \ seed THE DAILY HZWS. rBEDEaiCg. MD. TUESDAY. MAY 24.1932. ESCAPES WRECK GIVE FASHION A TUMBLE cast off. one of her na-««»tin* offices*, aad then another, stuttered and tail- between the DO-X and shipwreck, one PLANE NARROWLY MISSED ACCIDENT IN LANDING Frederick Men Saw Craft Come Down Near Sugar Loaf. T»v to »e »v"»- ' i tr Lt-a' a.c .i *ho tiappec- o f T." *r-ip A J ^ J \ ~ £ '·*''*· :. a-_s C .ar *« M~rr aril '·i--1_" f-f ·«· ·»···£ ·" : c hoj* of rr ' i a p' MISS JESSIE SNOW League of Natron.* »-as "V «~b- "^ ' an !nt«»*ttrg acdrcs» gl'.T bj M.»s Snorr exec .it.-, t iccreta"· o! " Branch of the Leasr-f oj N - Uor» Association. btJore the Frr-j-rts 2OE.t» Cl'Jb Monday e\«r.iss e- t- weekly rner-lr-g in t.-e Barbara Fr ' " Tea Room. In addition to FrecS^-c^ a. r.omber ol r.-«?* f ;!.» usgtcn ?.onta C u b i,ere p-w* 1 * a ' the meetmg and heard tfc ad ir-3s Opening ner ta'.Sc ~LSS ar-o* gi-.e 'h^ background of the inr Ea«-rrt s.tiia- tton. By «-.nnji? the R vsso-jar\r-*e ·war of 1905 Japar. p-vinec the R.« "i sphere of influence sn joulhTr. Mjn- churia. took o\er 'he ^u h Mar- chuxln railroad and the L^iot^-rg leased t«rrttorj- About a mU.-.n J.ip- arjese and some thjty million Chiii w have settled In thj« tcrr!orr N» -or.i'.- ism has bc*:i .ncrensmc ac-o:'i? Chinese, express^ig lt^"»f by bo-. of Japaneee goods Finai!} A J \v soldier -SPSS murdered by Cnji-'se and according to The Japanese some portions of the South Manchuria-. -^11- road -vere torn up On September 18. Japar.f^e t--^r* occupied HuKden. gra .UA;.T « other toisTis ana sirtsepc p-"-.nt* "u*- Side the railway zone The W.T;C Tforid vras stx»nned Rip'.".!v th- 1 s-v n- tton changed. Japanese pub»c op.n'Jn rallied behmd ire yrmy Ci^nr. np- peeied to the Leatruc cf Nations unce- an article of the co^cnart The councU -^2* n session nt Geneva acd *mnted^*tel} IOOK up the icatter. September 22 B cab.e vas sent both nai.ons to discont-nuc warlike acts and to wi_hdra* the.r Lroop« Messages exehansed ;r:a; both nations -acre beconijnig German tb* bow to grasp the ^ . mooting i'er iato Us« *»ter Bwt DO-X Near , witfa aj englaes ^ut of! tfce plane! e ca.u«ra in the grip o! the Ia*t- } .o-* J3? tide and carried toward tne ! Ergland. il2 23-- cannot Arr Station jetty. I - Cn-rL_" 2}--- ^^a - DO-X nar- , TQe jx)-X aoetaaaics. ed. Penally, when only a fe» feet laid Smuhup At Southampton. · on f t 630 31 :cs frotn \.zr Spain 6 1-2 -Ij JL^- nO-*T»I p-ane a'^h'ed -·s ani »i» *a£« Whe" sne s,as Ji a ocss.-v ^:?s wori^sg First oae Try L»*a E. Pate t n't YegetsKe Flying Into a Temper .. . imubk'Eierthi£g upsets her. She needs Lvii» E Pickharn » Vegr- tib!e Cospouna to sooth; brr QTT-. cs zed up her health bv us ionic action. BLOOD-TESTED CHICKS Broun atut White S- C LettMra*. IS-1M. Bar. V. flil« Bad B*g K*x. AMMUt*. B*fl aod El*ck JtiBvcu. Ke«s. G14«a Whit* mi 5 litr-Lued Wrudotu*. S* »er IM. Jcr-K-. BUck GiiaM. Lllhl BrabjU- B«fl Orjinti»nj Hi per luudn*. Aocrted uixn!. ; per IM IM per cent, csaractretf. 1 to *-*r«ek-«ld Tvrkcr rcolu. 5«e DacktiBc*. S»e fra C»t»Ui rh«M Ml. *lry IM BECK'S HATCHEKY Dept I_ ML Airy. MA. fe- .31' LJ, p= F-vd*-. t r.ier o-j'a p'.a"..v h» «.irt ··· o-'-^par'i "' "··* "" P - rmo. v o^* :x « nee ·1-at a i-acK -p HI« Mkr 1 \ Tne ·»; v'O-s ·» K O t.'-*- '-nm tho Cu-.lss-W -*?h* n.'p^t !~ Ba -aro f a.d tncir cir.r." ^c^' cV'd ,r r»-'d- ST ard *ne\ ver» f- r c«-i r v*!c a , ·»-.d ns p ·»·· Aft^r »orXirtr f" 1 " about , _ a-. r"-s" on ".''e m"'o- 'r 1 *- diffl'-'i t% · I: rou re oou«» v T.R .j- * .rr-j-T \ i-Ji-ob* vou say :t !.". c""on Tls -v ?.n? 'i r'-ar^-d up fend -hen !t T»a« mer -when vou p!c^ a-r.a't o_'J-3" 'po-ts c ;~t-*, lhe r- as ujco'^-ea 'h'. 1 -Vl e ftrM .-as too sma'.l · penslie a* they are th.c Sv us "f «!-;-' 5 md sh^-Ls ·- roie'.'^ e " -n w f i r n · R*-O:I So th» Bit 'imoreans ; are «fir-.b!c ti.bable --he f r n". tla; :-"^ \*'~\-'--x T_« OiM."--d peT"Jir'on 'o toir do-vn a j · tumble* as thej a"e ca.led jt mi-- of a -.^rdint ?rT. i"d \ * i - Tor'or. o' a Jrrce on *h~ p-operty (short.? bem? ptain '^ne as :n th» b^r« t.;e Mi!rt L= cree:: ar.^ · ·"«· ^-; I j-jrr- ui»x- -n n^^' them ch to jt,'."t ^ on m-.r Iirgf soace in "·* mlr r* -toric '\ca'.e Ai'h i ere^n ba"! it a meeting of the Safe'.} Ooui- ' .1' "vs '^me ic~.d :-." ^cc .me \t Safety Meeting. K XT 1 .'^ Hc.idrictLS^n p-^sideft ol :'r.f Frrde-- 4 .c' Hota-\ C'.Jb. and Re\ Dr K°nri L. 3 K!«r:cr. a member s yr es "cki darir.c tne e » r to disc i !rct~ods Mr Hendr.t.tson E o' 'he exe-ci^" of f-arc needed at ' T plint and c^nurierded the m"n or i ·*!···!' p'.e".d'd 'eco'd of the current C-dct. What J ' D D \Vr- g.: -^-- ^~~' C-c!c!c Oh I "i".; 1 -'. Your Ship Comes In When you, the skipper, steer its course safely to the home port and happiness. This bank serves as a lighthouse to aid in avoiding shipwreck. Use its help--regularly by saving a little each week. THE FREDERICK COUNTY NATIONAL BANK NO. 1 NORTH MARKET STREET Where Banking is a Pleasure e - - s~- and tne council adjojrnea Scntember 30 But, ^nsiesd of irupro-.irg cono»- lions became worse More ^ arfnrc followed. Th'* counc.1 met rca^r n"i a. sunllar reso utlon was acop'ec v. - h Japan d^sentinc and -ha. DOYO by 2a before szt troops February 2 4 ne Uni'-ed State.- sjp- porcec cv the Iisrie cour.ri' ana f-ct. B-.iS^i sufcir...-ed to J-icar. an Chj.a 'or a peace! 1 ./ settle-- ent of the (..-,pjt»- Cn na RC- certed b^' Japir d'c ro' A sna-p nt"^ t^ Japar. ^£pl~*v^j; D*~C-JJ.^I^ ^' tse ?sct cf Par^ f^'.o-e- oat iid r.o effec- , Actual Fighlme Ends. | M^s Sr.oT rtp r.c-i thf no' .a' I f-gn'-r.g on sr.v ii-cr- ,«ca'o .·."'· b ··- . I s - oppec a t. .bcorrrr "o° cf "o fc , is -Epcmrip on co-.d ,i~s at S'-irc-^ , the McC-i" C^u--jn-^s -·" .5 -- ~^--- ch u -:a tre rc~*r ·"· c' - - ^ v - ; - jj , functior^c a' Gcn- 3 ,.·· -- --j. ·o report t-- rest, ^s c' :« *. i.c ~ that, t s . erlal tr.c-Eii " a as tr.e ·acr'.cs lay arc o-r-irjs artnv M^s S-O- There "ere 35 in? p-cs-.~ci ^-rer Corner 3.0^ ce M~j B. ifii *j r i f Hillside loal to. stili leads m low prices or. coal. Summer prices iiow is effect. No lr' , -A, A frank discussion at last on a subject that has long been "taboo" POCAHONTAS $6.50 per ton Guaranteed Foil 'VVe.ih; PHONE S3 Hillside Coal Co. 0 K AVFSJCA rr\.~ i v ov LI CKY ' iTx. .kE -- 60 tr Jir^ IK r^us '-'-^sffaSife erT, Ttt Tr-jr 4^1 a'd 5 . ·i'j'j - - c T -\ B C -.r.-~ r-c "TET sleeping doc? lie!" So said the ciga- JL rette trade ·when first ^e ratted the subject of inhaling. But dodging an important issue is not Lucky Strike's polio! Do % ou inhale? That question is vitally important ... for cifTj ;-s:tfr inhales -- knowingly or unkno^vingK. E\ cry smoker breathes in ;omc pan of the smoke he or she draws out of a cigarette! And the delicate membranes of }our throat demand that \our sraoke be pare, clean--free of certain impurities. Xo wonder Lucky Strike dares to raise this vital question! For Luckies bring you the protection \ ou -want... i v ccaa«e Luckies" famous purifxinc process rcrno'ves certain impurities concealed in every tobacco leaf. Luckies created that process. Only Lucfcies have it! So, whether jou inhale knowingly or unknowingly, safeguard those delicate membranes! "It's toasted" Yoar Throat Protection--against irritation--against caoffr engms sprang Into life and the huge ship -ns *U»*5y taxTed out of Sangsr We carry only standard coal*. Their quality cannot be sur- paa*ed. Geo. S. Rodock SOB Fifth St. a* Pa, R. K. NEW! Munsingwear Swim Suits Wi/7 Make A Big Splash Anyicliere! One and nro-pSece styles. In brtgh: pU^i colors or color coni- Backless models, suits with inserts of MESH arid speed models. They can't lose their shape because they're MCN- SINOWEAR'S. KEMP'S--Second Fto«r - NEW! Accessories Will Help The Old Suit Along Bathing Caps 15c to 59e Bathing Belts . 15c Bathing Slippers 50c Swim-Rite Swimming Belts SI 00 Turkish Bathing: Bags Z5c--50o KEMP'S "Molly Pitcher" Wash Frocks Will Keep You COOL and FRESH Looking All Thru the Summer One look at these frocks and .you'll know ·women are so keen about MOLIC5T PITCHER styles, quality -and -workmanship. These are about the prettiest we've seen . . . and yon 11 agree ty buying TWO or three. KEMP'S -- Second Floor " SIZES 14 to 20--1614 to 24*/a--36 to 50 Sheer Voiles--Dotted Swiss Dimities -- Linen Suits Cc;- KEMP'S "On The Squaw" ^HHCilVt*

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