Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico on May 10, 1965 · Page 7
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Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico · Page 7

Clovis, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Monday, May 10, 1965
Page 7
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Page 7 article text (OCR)

4 a CLOVB DIAR AMY Enjoy Her i DEAR ABBY: 1 have a very i want a reputation as a "goody- dear friend who has a fabn'ous """"' " ' ' i figure, but she seems to be ! ashamed of it. She is 38-21*36, jand wears her clothes a couple of sizes too big for her in an ' effort to hide this fabulous figure I of hers. She is 26 years old and teaches school. She's unmarried, and at the rate she's going she never will be. Is there anything 1 can do to help her? She is on the quiet side, "churchy," and I am sure she could have 'men flocking around her in droves if she would only show off what she's got. A VERY DEAR FRIEND DEAR FRIEND: If your "fabulously - figured friend" is living a contented, rewarding i life, how do you figure in the For Abby's booklet "How to ' FASHION — Nhrrating for Tuesday's Panhellonic fashion rr-vup, u-ill be left, Doris Akin, and Pat Williams. The evening event will he in connection with the installation of oflicers lor the local Panhellenic, and will be held in the home of Mrs. Dick Wnrley. 2(i(M) E. 21st. Shown with the Senior Citizens Schedule Special Month's Activities two women are Panhellenic members, left to right Mrs Jerry Blakely, Delta Delta Delta; Mrs. Harper Cooper Pi Beta Phi and Mrs. Al Priebe, Kappa Kappa Gamma. Seated is the hostess for the affair, Mrs. Dick Worley (Staff Photo) role of matchmaker? What a , girl docs wilh her statistics is ;her business. And if you expect to keep her as a "very dear i friend," enjoy her as she is. ' DEAR ABBY: I am just like : any other high school freshman. , I want to be popular, but the iboys want too much. I don't Clovis Cloverettes Announce Club Dates The Senior Ci! Member- wish t llie <"!u\i>, m<iti;i !> Hi £ area on !he as Mother'- Day ! The regular mt-L't,/,,: of the ', Clovis Cloverettes. was held i Monday al the Curry County Extension office. Enrollment?; are due for May At tiic Senior Citizen-; Center <iame Party the honor lor "Senior Mother Of thi|- Year" went tu Mr 1 - Turn \\Vur v.ho has h-Tti a d(-V"if<l Corker in the Siie iia • IK-I :. i tun mail nf U'.e sci \ lie o!>j"i. tn.e:-. eoinmi'lee ami i';an !i;.i:i oi ic.e Stitch and < h.jttrr (.Sub wiiiicn under her direction !'>.i'-> made many <|ui!tv and li,i\c donated several ijcn f e n t c r will, th«- group to add years torn. at. the Hospitality House. sahiv all oi \ourlik 1 . and life to your added- which will hear reports of the ;', m tin> out- >ear.v" commented Mrs. Smith, nominating committee 'for new ila\ drMHiuitcd f) n<> Kuest was present for the officers i ," r"--"-" 1 "" "it.>. . . . a " n lfT S - Emprson R JO " eS ' There Wil) bP a spcclal «*o B .-™n n led the pledges and songs. U ' a ' who became a Illtl0n of the observers of birth- Holl call was answered by a days during the year. Mrs. Tom I-'avorite Color Combination. The W ' r wi " k™™^- ™n<-U's wore read and correct- Susan Miller called the IL T to order and Cariene 15 it was announced, and 4-H Sunday will he May 16. June was named as National Tuesday afternoon th» r Chatter Club met The Stitch at the meet- Dairy Month and demonstra- llohl- tion.s were given by Virginia and "How To Make presented Joyce Reid on ilk Drinks" Susan Miller demonstration on a Corbin. The an-'in Breakfast, under new biisi-i Members present were: Ann Games will be played, refresh- ed by Jackie ments served, and guests will nouncemerits be welcomed. ness included the council meet- Loofcnane . rransportatioii will be pro- iny to be held Mav fi \->\\ j,,i|' f . Ladies woiking on articles for vided bv the Soroptimists.hvi-,.. . - - -_•"!•. Jll ' lt . H.e bazaar are kept busy w,(h call j ng ]Mrs Maudel Prum 7ft .j. gf jg|0 E0$f £|* n StOP "The Beauty Jann Dalbom, Kriegshauser. Ava Mary giving a boy more afid more without getting into trouble What does a girl do when she gives a guy a finger and he wants a whole hand? DEBBIE DEAR DEBBIE: If she's smart, she compromises. She gives him the BACK of her haad. DEAR ABBvTwe have a lit. tie summer cottage on a lake where we entertain week-end guests. It's nothing fancy. We can sleep six — no more. I invited my sister's daughter, a college freshman, for the weekend. She asked if she could bring a friend along, and I said certainly. I also invited four other college girls - niece* on my husband's side. When my sister's daughter arrived with her "fr — we ^m» vv-;t)M*. •;•':'; ffOffi top to btflttfffi . the ftppearttwst of &i slofi lens. • ~"V »»»>••••£(• 4 UVtIVt 50 cents to Abby, B6X 69700, Los Angeles, Calif, Troubled? Write to ABBY, Box 69700, Los Angeles, Calif, For a personal reply, enclose a! stamped, self - addressed en velope. were floored. _, ••- "»-it uvuieu. i he friend turned out to be an associate professor from her college. It upset our sleeping arrangements. My husband had to sleep with the professor and I slept with the girls. I didn't like the obvious familiarity between my neice and her friend at al Feeling responsible for anything that might take place under my roof I made sure either my husband or I was there every minute. And we stayed up until everyone had gone to bed. My niece resented care. Should I it, but I didn't tell her mother ^ome of the ladies crocheting, same knitting and others sew- mg and a tew used their ton- 7800. Tlie Stitch 'V Chatter will meet at 1 p.m. Tuesday at the All Conducts Memorial the co l1r.i\o: A-; ill". ii.:l rv." 1 ,J'H) added .-iicrt' vii »i liii- present were \lr^ ,, , FI.IOA i Special i — At a meet-'trnn. Margaret Warren ' of Khda Chapter o! Kastern ' Albert Chandler, worthy - •"-" «*\,A •LliWWlCI about this episode? My husband says no. CONCERNED AUNT DEAR AUNT: If she were YOUR daughter, would you want to know? DEAR ABBY~My sister-in- law is the world's worst house- Deeper. I do love her, and she has many good qualities, but if you ever saw the way her house looks you wouldn't believe it She does have four kids, and only one of them is in school, but that's no excuse. Well, shs outgrown her pres- pa . ent house and she and my bro- de from .)'! Christian. and a Mnc< vuii lln< V M- pl.t!!' to triend in and trust•d Mrv J. in cere at the Ci!t/.«-n's Mrs. Kdwards presented the ^ w,th 10 tops And the l)y P«e W.llaVeTnd hii We^rn, M,.hc(l to thank her sincere- S w,n R Hand, courtesv of Mr v f,, r tne quil s . which are the and Mrs. A O. Fox of Midwav iundiwork ot Mrs. hdwards. her There will he a pleasant eve- no her. arid their daughter. One ninR for all, old or vounfi. of the w as made by her Charles Ernest Foster presi- recently a Memorial Ser- Iron ot was held in memoiy ol ify \Vall. past jirand patron sc Grand .Jurisdiction ol the *>siern Mar in ,\e\\ ,,,, im - i ut ui emu siaie ooarus, ~~r~ '" «^">.-"y, ou one can use and past patron of Chap-.and having interests in the youth' almost anything. What can you .[<!... . CllCtftaCft fj~kv» nWm.4 *Prt the chapter, made aj tller are moving into a brand J short talk basing his talk on Mr. ! new one th at's bigger. The fam-i!'^ past service in the edu-i^ wants to get together and buy i cational system, having served her a . ftouse 8 ift - Everything she! on the local and state boards, h , as is beat-up, so she can use Th'- altar 'draped and '" 11 - . wm> direction of the oi the country. I J. Dixon Jr.. a past patron of the chapter and grand sentinel of the grand chapter, also L°L tho w _^ rsni P''»J_M;i-^ave a brief personal history of and charter the Memorial were Serv- r the nclc. several years ago Members present were Nels01 ;n. Mrs. Ly! " ' r ' -ahn- Mous ()cnt f air<i - Ma wil , hp m h (f af _ fc lf! ' t!l( - - rii'in',:. MI .Serum Citi/rn's U.'fi \*:il be l.Hi'.iiij; per- to accompany Uiern to the '1 IHTC 1^ .su tilt' jH'Opi*' next t:i.| Mr'- lit- mil\!;i' >: wiiu \» ill '.'.'>"'..<!.';. a'.r. nieeViij; wi):i \ r ! Slliit.'i will hold .. ., .... ,. , --I-.i .»>-«.11- .11 Die Hospitalitv ,n ii n , '^"'sahahn. House. 2-5 p. m. The public is en. Hals'. Meston, Maude 1'ruitt lnvi ted U«-i!a, Mae Brown and .- And rei nember how old vou M;i 1.1-1 <,rav Smith : . irc ,, ow o!(] vm) ^ { hk|i .^ K«-in.-..nm'nts ol coffee home U re follows pain: How and pun< h were are. just don't (orget u-d »,y Mr.s Luella Smith Sunshine That Follow, The d M»- \\eir hostesses H air, " , s the Semur ( ; ,t,,en's l.'e '•'.'" antJ rn,!.c Clui, had thought for the month •:; usual meeting at the Club Extension Attends Luncheon suggest for about $50. MAGGIE DEAR MAGGIE: Buy her a lamp. Maybe it will throw a lit- He light on the subject. Add Body to Hair The cliili met 1! Vila!; .I'.ii SV (]•' li"' !l'CC! .it:'i!i M, r a- a ' \Vlsd to \M.. alleti'.l t;!i- mi c .1 [x-r a united • 'o/ni.'i^ events include regular busnu'ss tfKlay at 7 ()0 p m Calendar t MANNERS Sand for 1 »)K> i.'ij , M0\|)\\ 'i PTA ln School n[ r oiiuers }> m Keystone N meet lor regular Masonu Jid!) Letters Carelessly written moke the reod- »r wonder atyouf your Interest. Real Estate LOANS OLD or NEW PROPERTIES Long Terms Clovis A pri raiser HOME FEDERAL N. TIKSDAV oi; l"lo\is \St..J!li'M\ ('.'(,!, heon and Installation o! oi " 'i'l p ni Millu- Jouii AucuH Sv iiuol oi I)ance c'uiinun Kecital Cnaparral Club. Cannon AFB 7 .dl j. m Westmin.s!t»r (JuiKl ol the First Presbyterian Church will nift-t with Mrs C Hoy Smith. 5(M) Wallace Till HSDAa " -M) !> in Currv Counts h'ed- eration oi Republican \\omen Will meet in the Redds Ryom o! Southwestern Public Service Program will U- by « Cannon AJ-'B officer, on Viet Nam FRIDAY « i IM Senior Citizen s Public Ddiici- Youth Recreation Building. HiHcrest Pack $'.' per cou- I'le Funds to go to the Clovis Senior Citizen's Center .. May 4. old your ,.,f ,M,. Dorothy memhers present u a> condu< l.i 1'i-f;. L'jve on ' I'ji'pct Clc i. •>v ni' lore .Mr- ('[<•{demonstration ;Mr. Wail. He spoke of his work •in Masonic, Eastern Star and 1 Rainbow organizations. Mr Chandler and Mr. Dixon j The trend in hairstyles may concluded the service by sing- be to more curl or waves but nm. Hovond The Sunset", with hair still will have a smooth! Mr< Hud Bilberry a! the piano, appearance. Helping this along! Visitors for the meeting were. |is a new setting aid. Gelatin! Mrs Alma Marlow, Mrs. Georg-| rather than a lotion, the pro! ina Cooper Mrs Floyd Inglis;duct gives extra body to h a i r,! and Mrs. Ha/.ol Shock all fromlan essential need when setting! M; COMMENT A >a!ad ;» the !;< .l.'Hr- \1: N;.:: i>f;ihi:i .i/ic.'H-'in ^t..- - \ Mr: Doro t h y Kenl Mr>. son Mr>Mi on rollers. The home wave! and Mis H R Lathrop, ; set product isn't messy to use! mcmJH'r-; of the chapter who and doesn't leave hair "gummy J iia\e recently moved to Las Cru- ' sticky or flaky. '! ces wore visiting in Elida and ' -- — . .._" ........... --------attended '.he meeting. }|:Hie-<e^ for the social hour were Mr- Bob Dau.sherty. Mrs, (It-orve Dauclicrty and Mrs. Ka- By HOWARD SMITH CHILD PSYCHOLOGY Theres are many books written about brining up children, and most of them are wise enough. They make good sense about discipline, habits, the do's and don'ts of be. ing a parent. The funny thing it, however, that what most of us remember about our childhood has little to do with the rules of child psychology. We remember a summer picnic and trouble with ants ... a warm room where we were cooped up during a sickness and weren't allowed out of bed . . . crepping down the stairs ahead of time on Christmas morning . . . the crowded happiness of a family wedding We remember the atmosphere in which we lived. We didn't learn kindness or love or generosity through lessons or tactics; we absorbed these things through our pores, as it were. We learned a way of life because it was all around us. being practiced. Unfortunately, that's hard to explain in a "how-to" book. Next week Mr. Smith of the Steed's Funeral Home will comment on another interesting subject. STEED FUNERAL HOME Kith & Pile Ph. 763-5541 '•«•»» You name it... |he you want for ony of your heart's desires from X to Z. S.I.C, has the loan plan that's letter-perfect for you. We offer fast, courteous servica with budget-planned-'refiay. menr schedules toilo£(54.j4 your income. Use thelflOhey to buy a new or used jrar Jo pay off old billiTr educational expense ..". in surance premiums. .-.-furaf-' Jure and appliances".*. To new TV or to remodel your home. Drop by and tell; us how we can serve you. Qi/f Loan Specialists will give you a warm welcome. $100 or $5,000 REMEMBER, whatever need for cash may be / S. !. C. MCE 800 Mitchell-" : Clovis, N.M;~ " • 763-4475 l.l)ckllil!.« !ac< M;> Mauelia n.-i M: Marilyn I.eW !^ Alter ^.j\.' a c lea lie: M: Clc. U M M!- l: ry \Va! ut;!i/.ed table-, A SprniL! theme was ie decorations of the :n the refreshments. Success is a beautiful automobile IM.- !, M. di'inmis', bird c.i. T.'ie next mi' la at the K! Mr- Bonnie in' M,i\ M \\., J 345 0 70 -••" •". rrfw PATT-0-RAMA .V. i'.\n -i. K. 1C THOMPSON 763*9372 40, 111 < «uit OK1U H »i »: ui C4u»t» Sr»> II iu 4v* at Am.-ru». V«« kurk N t loin* Kor Ul-r.j,! n»4ii!r, >i(j r«iur. t»r:ni Flower Show Scheduled For Friday Tlit 1 Cio\ is CouiK'il ( M (JaidtMi (.'lufis will bold then aniiiuii Flower Show. Fiida> at Hit: Youth Recreation Bund::.-: T n c show i.s loliovi n . i :, t entries from the fixe uanicn clubs- of the Clovis. area .u!) »..• open to Uu' public from 'J- : i p m folluwint; the awarding <>! l\ii.> bons. by tile mdges The abo wis tullowin 1 .: tin 1 theme "Spnng Awakening and is Iree ol charge POWERFUL PLUNGER CLEARS CLOGGED TOILETS in o jiffy.' NEVEI AGAIN (hat tick wh«n yovr toil*) ov*rOowt TOILAFLEX Toilet K Tu^ Plungor Unlike ordinary pluogera, TbiUOci d'.<a not permit compf«Mc4 ftir or mow «ater to jpl»»h |>«ck or CkC4p«. WiO, TuiUik-i Die lull prcuure plow* iluuu|;li the (.-lociiing mail tnd i*»lu-> it duun. C»n't mini • Ot SIONfO TO f CtX AT AI41T UtQLl • &UC1ION«IM SlOrS SPLASHBACK • CLNIEBS ITStLf , CAN'T ttUO aftftQW Got UK AT HAKOWAM ilOKS Success is 74% more buyers Success is winning the years top honor Success is Mercury In the Lincoln Continental tradition 'i- to: tr:a IfttlMfl. Itlflltlllll Asthma Formula Prescribed Most By Doctors-Available Now Without Prescription • A A . A**,__1__ :__ fcj'_ . r^ •• *• m . . „ Stop* Attack* in MinuUs "> i>(n«i«Jt~T hi- »-'hi« «- .L",M inoi« iii^; 1 . %r c i. r« fcr th*ir \i; .\« •ufl ; >.rk •• I" b> A Relief L*»tt for Hourfl liny f.'iit-ti i 'nil, d r'r\,itt*ia&. »f Piirp»t«nt '"abUli (or *on he Car Life Ma 6 «,n e * Ex eilenc* And why Mercury',. M M»tjr M r.T l »t«iii.M,fcufy Admi re the long tio«* tt.fc L|ficjf difference I Th , f, .. It U the l> • a ' -.' l.f 'f) M:i!iuU ••I .'r« U Li..;a fru.'ji ••''.' u»! >p^ • ' -, ' - »i> t-tfi-,-(ut 1'tic K" >ri i* I'r-.iiin en? 3 it«<i:,./u-» (in full lire«criptio» »tr--.£th foun.l mo;!, t-fft > Uv» i| • .'i:.b /,<ii wli lu: a-il- K*. in." I'.. run a H". i.t.l piirp«nf. '" ta ;.»«nv», WATSON MOTOR H. TMf K 010*1 -"

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