Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 1, 1968 · Page 22
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 22

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, July 1, 1968
Page 22
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Page 22 article text (OCR)

TELEGRAPH. JULY 1, 186S PAGE B-? getwise Beef Beefs Up Faimily Diet AUfeN ctitfc of beef ItifficletiUy reasotisble in 1 prft* to pwnit two bwf , espetially if a powdered fs used. 4JIEYS TO COOKING THE LfcSSEft . tJSED CUtS OF BfcEr 1. Cook all large cuts slowly, at simmering point unless otherwise indicated in the recipe. 2. Season well with vegetables, interesting herbs and*of spices. 3. Ada 1 tsp. powdered meat tefiderizet to "fetich fecund of beef, following pkg. directions, and om-t sail. 4. Whatever the dish, serve it attractively. --'••.' Wcnic Planning Is Scientific «•••--•• O By IDA BAILEY ALLEN EVERYBODY likes a picnic Not the old' fashioned kind that took hours to prepare, but the gay new-fashioned kind, when lunches are readied quickly, or largely prepared in advance and frozen. True devotees have worked picnic efficiency down to a science. In some convenient spot is stored a picnic truck or huge duffel bag containing comforts for all-day lolling and picnicking, ready to put into the car: Lightweight mattress rolls or heavy blankets to spread on the ground; folding camp stools; cushions and grass mats; a rat' tan back rest for grandma; perhaps a folding table; various things for amusement — softball equipment, cards, tennis rackets. One family I know always takes a croquet set! Tuck in swim suits, and towels, sunburn lotion, a first-aid kit and a spray bomb for insect warfare and you are pretty well set! Picnic Equipment Is Not Necessarily Expensive Buy a big covered picnic basket, or a fitted picnic case. Or, best and newest of ail, a bag Insulated with fiberglas. Add an 24 Dunked in Lake Michigan MILWAUKEE, Wis. (AP) — Twenty-four persons were rescued from Lake Michigan after winds gusted to 30 miles an hour and overturned a flock of canoes and kayaks during a race Sunday. There were no injuries. Some of the competitors were recovered by power boats a mile from shore. Coast Guard Auxiliary spokesmen said the 42-boat race was interrupted by waves three feet high. The shallow boats, he said, "started going over like peanuts." Coins, Jewelry Stolen From Home Approximately $275 worth of coins and jewelry were stolen Friday from the residence of Reed Suedel, 27 Marguerite, Wood River. . Suedel told officers that he discovered the theft when he returned home Friday evening. He had left in the morning. Police said there was no indication of a forced entry. insulated gallon caddy guaranteed to keep ice cubes and bth* er foods in good condition for a day or more; 2 big wide' mouthed plastic insulated jugs: and a special insulated container for perishable foods, and you can prevent the ravages of hot humid weather on food. Small Equipment: The "musts" include paper plates, paper sauce dishes and paper cups; aluminum foilware; plastic knives, forks and spoons; sippers; a wooden cutting board and a slicing knife in a case; a can and bottle opener: a Boy Scout knife; a roll of paper towels; extra waxed paper; rub her bands: paper napkins: a plastic tablecloth and safety matches. Packing the Picnic Lunch Prepare all foods to be served cold in -advance, wrap and refrigerate at least an hour. Properly selected chilled foods taste better, carry better and are safe to eat while still cold, even in hot weather. A Few Don'ts Never take fish, chicken, or egg salad sandwiches, or salads made with regulation mayonnaise or egg salad dressing on a picnic, unless first refriger- ted then packed in an insu lated container. (Better use the eggless mayonnaise.) Do not fail to wash fruits be fore packing as yon would for table use. Never dip drinking water from a spring, brook or lake, and do not cook with it. Instead, always bring drinking water from home. Don't leave the picnic grounds like litter bugs. Clean up! TOMORROWS DINNER (a picnic on terrace or lawn) Chilled Tomato Juice Laced with Horseradish — Roast Smoked Ham or Roast Beef — Prepared Mustard — German Potato Salad (made with oil and vinegar dressing) — Doughnuts with Butter Pecan Ice Cream — Iced Coffee — Lemonade. THE CHEF'S PATIO BUFFET There's no flurry of last- minute food preparation or after-party cleanup when you feature simple patio entertaining. Serve food which can be prepared hi advance, and use gaily-patterned, disposable paper cups and plates to banish that dish-washing problem. Typical of the easy-going menu is the following patio buffet or terrace meal. Menu: Chicken Pickle Aspic, cold cuts, potato chips, buttered French rolls, a -variety of cheeses, Danish Apple Cake, fresh fruit and coffee. The salad and dessert can be prepared ahead. It's only a matter of minutes to set the tnbl" :> arrange the meat-and-cheese tray. Et voila! SHORT SHORT STORY HE CAME, HE SAW, HE CONCURRED ON THE PRICE THE tEES LIKED BVRON AND More and more people, like the Lees, are discovering the magic of low cost Classified Ads, Do you have something you don't need? A spare room? An old typewriter? Preito, tyrn i» info cash — through o Classified) Vou can give somebody, like Bill Byron, 0 very good deal. Call today! TILEGRAPH WANT ADS 6OQM HQU6G." f •!• TOMORROW'S QlJtCK Mot or Chilled Ci-eafii of Potato Soup Q8rn}$Mrj>1th Sprigs 6f cress — M»at on Toast **• Sifted totna- Com clifps toes ~ Raspberries or StrawbeiTles m Deep.bishes with Sweet or Sour Cream - topping — Hot or tded Coffee or Tea — Milk. Measurements level; recipes for fi HARLEQUIN MEAT CAKES 1% Ib. good quality .hamburger 1^ tsp. powdered meat tenderizer (no salt needed) ft tsp. pepper 1^ tbsp. butter or margarine 2 c. fried sliee-d onion § heated, chopped . pimientos 1-3 e. mincsed parsley It half-slices toast Combine meat, tenderizer and pepper; form into rounded cakes a scant thick. Rub a fine-meshed broiler or heatproof platter With half the but ter and place meat cakes on It. Broil 12 mln., turning once. Dot with remaining butter; reheat a moment and serve sifr zling as follows: Arrange each. meat cake on tdast. fop each with fried onion, then with thin layer of pimiento: dust with parsley. THE CHEF'S BOIL-BAKED STEAK DINNER Mesdames: This recipe is enough for 2 meals for 4 sons. 2Vi ib. flank steak Vk tsp. nieaV tenderizier 8 c. cold water 4 large sliced peeled carrots 2 medium-size sliced peeltti parsnips (optional) chopped peeled onions stalks celery, top leaves chopped fine bay leaf ' small dried red pepper section fine-chopped peeled garlic tsp. whole cloves per-1 1 tsp.-. paprika i cut meat into 4 portions and rub all over with meat tender- er. Pour water into heavy kettle. Bring to boil. Add vegetables, spices and meat. Cover; simmer abotif t^ Hr. Daring tsp. dried basil bouillon cubes (optional) (8 oz.) can tomato sauce medium-size potatoes, peeled and quartered last Half hour;- add 'bouillon potatoes cubes, tomato sauce, and paprika. When done, remove "meat; with a perforated spoon take out cloves, bay leaf, and dried red pepper. Place meat and vegetables in slightly oiled baking pan; set In a hot oven 480 degrees P., about 12 min. Slice meat, and serve with vegetables, a green salad, and crusty French bread. Skim ofl fat from broth in kettle and use In a soup. " , ifr ..- Dlficl Half BM» FRESH KILLED MEATS tout Hind Quarter . . . Ada iMf ami r!«tii Ordtn All «r Any Parf Flrt«ne«l No fcrfmtftr fat §0 Mr* f All MM* ftuarant*td State FREE DELIVERY •J A kl C IT kl Packlrt « to- IIfin9Kill Shlpman Rd. Phone 498*3714 Jerseyville 196* 1 Krogor Co. 100 Ixtro Top Value Stamps. wMi the purchase of any •ONELESS BEEF ROAST No coupon necessary 'ftrra for i«r-t-Q. Split Broilers . IK 35c 100 Extra Top Value Stamps with purchase of any 2-lb. pkg. SLICED BACON No coupon necessary Breast Quarters i b . 39c Soa Troasuro Cod Fillet ....'„£ 39c Country Club lO-Lfa. Canned Ham .. $7.99 V . S-lb. CpffMd Hmm S4.3» 10-14 U. Av«. Ovwi lo«rf* 50 Extra Top Value Stamps with purchase of any 1-ibi pkg. SLICED BACON No coupon necessary Turkeys & 39c Kroger or Mayrose - All Meat Skinless Wieners.. Kroger Wieners 12-ox. pkg. 49c U.S.GoYt. Inspected Whole fryers Motorists Charged •three motorists were charged in two-car collisions in Wood fiiver and South Roxana over thfi weekend. .Ralph Johnson, 61. of 826 charged with driving white un* der the influence of liquor after his car collided with another one at Edwardsville Road and central Avenue at 4:20 p.m. Sat &•( pattr t CASH SAVER SAVINGS BOOK PARTtGlPAflW STORES Elm Strnt Afl Mirkit film and Alt* 8tt.> Alton Dial 4o2*fi01« Floyd'i Afl Mirkit 8td Mid Penning Wood River, til. Closed Wednesday Johnson's car was struck by one driven by Gaetano Panes- chi, 4?, of 118 Oaiewood Ave., East Alton, police said. Panes- chi's car was attempting to move through the intersection when the mishap occurred, police said. Paul Hyde, 33, of 7210 Montclair, Godfrey, was charged with following too closely after his auto collided with the rear of a car driven by Steven.Ogle, AMERICA'S LARGEST FAMILY CLOTHING ,v CHAIN 1?, of 1367 Brushy Grove, Wowij River, at 3:50 p.m. Sunday afternoon at Edwardsville Road and Eaton Avenue. Hyde told police he took his eyes off the road for an instant when his car collided with the Ogle car. Both were .westbound on Edwardsville ttoad, , Guy Micks, 16, of 115 W; 4th St., Roxana was charged with having no state plates and failure to yield in a two-ear coill* sion at Sixth Street and Madison in South Roxansi at 11:29 p.m. Sunday. Hicks' car attempted to turn left in the intersection and collided with an auto driven by Anna Sternberge, 34, of 40 Villa DWve, Granite City, police said. In other police news, bicycles belonging to two daughters of Mrs. Helen Scheldt, 144 Harnett, Wood Rivef, were reported stolen at>.38 p.m. Saturday from the Wood River swimming pool. , Reading Club Heading and story hour clubs based on the theme, "The II- linois Sesquicentennial" are in progress at the Wood River Public Library and will Condi* ue through Aug. 17. The story hour is held from 10:30 to 11:30 a.m. each Tuesday in the. library children's room.. The program is both educational and entertaining for the youngsters. Ttoo Injured In Crash at East Alton two persons were injured Saturday in a collision on lite. 3 near the Eastgate shopping Center in East Alton, Police said Leona Piggott, 42, of Rte. 1, Alton, suffered injuries and was cited suspected of careless driving after colliding with a second vehicle. Officers said the second vehicle was driven by Harry K. Arnold, 60, of 191. Hickory St., Wood River. He sustained abrasions to his arm, hand and fore head, and was treated in the emergency room at Wood River Township Hospital. In and Out of Area Hospitals Alton Memorial ADMISSIONS Lydia Mason, Godfrey. Mrs. Wanda Wankel, 3207 Duco. Mrs. Doris Colborn, Wood River Albert Emrich, Worden. Harvie Kraner, Worden. Robert Crabtree, 321 Dooley. Mrs. Joy Flnley, Wood River. George Melton, Godfrey. Mrs. Nellie Walkifigton, Chesterfield. Ronald Campbell, Grafton. Yvonne.Tidwell, Cottage Hills. Mrs. Grace Doles, 511 Washington. Louis Tonozzie, Rte. 1. Jim Green, Hardin. Orville Mize, 3204 Edgewood. Mrs. Barbara Tucker, Grafton. Mrs. Bernice Ward, Edwardsville. Mrs. Maxine Ruemmler, Ed- wardsville. Mrs. Amelia Schuletfbtirg, ww E. Sixth. Mrs. Julia Reyne, 1413 Milton. Mrs. Norma Jumphrey, E. Alton Mrs. Wilma Burnett, Roxana. Homer Curvey, Godfrey. Bernard Keeney, Godfrey. Mrs. Fairy Gerecke, Grafton. Mrs. Mary Estes, East Alton. Mrs. Sally Andrus, 2712 Brown Mrs. Mary Hammons, Staunton. Allen Young, Rockbridge. Mrs. Elsie Ervin, 1524 Spaulding Harold Shake, Cottage Hills. Mrs. Marjorie Myers, Grafton. Abbott Wittels, 418 Foulds. Country Club Whole or Half Slab Bacon Lb » Boston This Coupon Ooed For 50 Extra Top Value Stamps COSTELIO ntOZIN Culm Set. nlflht, July «, IMS Thfe Coupon Good For 50 Extra Top Value Stamps tho purrfiaio of 2 Bkgf. o* COUNTRY OVIN SNACKS Ixplroi Sat. night, July A, Me** Good Thru W»d. Night, July 3, 1»o« Patties 10po*r£n, $ Spictd UincktON Meat OOTJtpO Huntor or Kroy A/C IraviiMhwolgor or iy Tho Wo<o Bologna Sliced Ham For rrytnfl mr Ham Slicos Polish Sausage" 75c Pickle Loaf Hunter Cookee* Salami Buddig Heaping Full Quart Strawberries Sunrise Fresh - ted fJp» ^IKlHIIllllllimilllllllllllllllllHIUllBlllfllBIIWlllWl Sunrise Fresh Jumbo 27 Western 20-Lb. -LalB^C Avgf. Watermelon . coupon ............;...**><•» Thli Coupon Oootl For 25 Extra Top Value Stamps of HWb». or m PQTATOIS bqrim *«t. night, July e, Woi Kroger Frurti Ouariintetd, SUNHIfl paikegt of Krog^r'i frtsh CraH* «mf le4 feix »Me ix Kroger'* Crti- Clear plastic film/ «w«i he lev- rise Fresh when yew bwx H. If yen are net complete)/ setlsfM, Krefer wlH replace yevr Item er KVt rwttrvf Hi* ri|M t« limit f utnfltlti »«•§ • 10c Honty Dtws .. ^ ^^••UoWMloH TaoAaBBHS^BHl C_UMHf^M 69( Will* «*•*** * 4»« Cbtrriei HIM Cretn Onfom^ lOc Cwcumbtn „., ^ Crlifar4f«JWI RadlflMf *^. ^. ' Am. Loaf\ Kroger Frozen Lemonade Cheese Pkg Plus Top Value Stomps store Kroger Process Sliced American 12-oz. Pkg. Ploy "Let's Go To The Races" and win up to '2,000.00 cash Gam* ploco* available at ondi of checklanes, courtesy counter*, or by writing to Kroger, P. O. Box 9395, Morehandlfo Mart Station, Chicago, Illinois 60634. Only, on* prUo awardod per game ticket. Game Limited to adults. 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Thermo Tumblers at 78c and a Thermo Temp Ice Food Server at $2.69 t Buffet Pinners 2 A. 99c ooxrpon ••••••••••»•»•••••••§ ill Coupon 0»od for 100 Extra Top Value Stamp* with Hio purchoio of Thormo Tonip Ico Food MrvW at $2.09 Coupon Ixplroi Auguit 3, 196i Fruit Cocktail "•JPPpf^wfPWfJp Mrs. Tucker's 4-89 :• :•"*.' .. . ^BnBp ^B^ • t it ftt«ttf<t•••»»«»»•••«•t Coupon Oeod lor 100 Extra Top Value Stamp! with thi •wrthoto o< > n.o*. VHIKMO TUMIUM . « * Coupon Ixplrol iiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Mrs. Lois Turnbeaugh, Wood River. Mary Wheeler, Gillespie. Debra Smith, Wood River. Mrs. lone Hartnett, 429 Cliff. Mrs. Leola Moran, Cottage Hills DISMISSALS Mrs. Shirley Forrester, South Roxana. Larry Endlcott, Cottage Hills. Charles Johnson, Staunton. Mrs. Margaret Shannon, Wood River. Mrs. Mary Griffin, 2517 Randolph Richard Stamper, Wood River. Robin Eldridge, Cottage Hills. Jeff Bort, 490 Ed-Mor Drive. Jeffrey Hart, 200 Sering. Susan Samples, West Alton. Helen Hackethal, Edwardsville. Maria Carter, Bethalto. Judith Weigel, Jerseyville. Carl Farrar, 2514 Moore. Mrs. Bertha Goebel, Bunker Hill Mrs. Ethel Fulks, Godfrey. • Mrs. Wanda Groppel, Jerseyville. ' Karen Waidmann, Godfrey. Mrs. Doris Morss, Bethalto. Eugene Drury, Wood River. Warren Frost, Rte. 1. Harold Johnson, 3762 Aberdeen. Leo Woods, Godfrey. Mrs. Erma Freer, Bethalto. Darrell Swann, Cottage Hills. Mrs. Doris Colborn, Wood River Shelia Miles, Moro. Mrs. Mayme Fromm, Bethalto. Mrs. Helen Mulholland, 3515 Ohio. Glen Stephens, Bethalto. Wilmot Hunt, Cottage Hills. George Brooks, Jerseyville. Sheila Edelen, 222 W. 7th. Stormy Albers, 2710 Viewland. William Boyd, Godfrey. Terry Riechmann, Alhambra. Mary Wheeler, Gillespie. Mrs. Karen Garrett, Godfrey. Mrs. Polly Eldred, Chesterfield. Mrs. Nellie AJdridge, 320 Main. Mrs. Diancy Tasker, 3 Hickerson Place. , St. Anthony's ADMISSIONS Mrs. Agnes Hart, 310 McGinnis. Mrs. Barbara Wagenblast, 515 Sanborn. Mrs. Myrtle Graul, Brighton. Mrs. Anna Drake, Staunton. Mrs. Florence Newtell, Cottage Hills. Mrs. Delores Ridder, Cottage Hills. Mrs. Ruby Milligan, Roxana. Mrs. Clara Counts, Eminence, Mo.. Cynthia Ealey, 2210 Marquette. Hugo Hughes, 940 Union. William Tuetken, Godfrey. DISMISSALS Mrs. Darrie Duling, Godfrey. Mrs. Sally Woods, Brighton. Mrs. Willa Bennett, 2142 Seminary. Mrs. Lucretia Tickner, 2711 Powhatan. Mrs'. Ina Jones, 1105 Douglas. Ricky Thrum, Medora. Kathy Moylan, 534 E. Ninth. Melvin Frasier, Godfrey. Joseph Frasier, Godfrey. Mrs. Carol Hart, 618 Washington Mrs. Mary Mftolasek, Wood River. Mrs. Marie Wlttman, Godfrey. Janet Sims, 4003 Cinderella. Mrs. Irene Bonczyk, E. Alton. Marcella Beelman, East Alton. Mrs. Sharon Garrett, 832 Washington. Earl Bailey, 3008 Seminary. Harry Woods, Brighton. William Morgan, 226 W. 7th. DISMISSALS Mrs. Marian Daniels, Rte. 4, Edwardsville. Mrs. Rosalie Haworth, E. Alton. Mrs. Cora McLaughlin, Bethalto Omar Portwood, Eldred. Mrs. Jacqueline Beckham, Bethalto. Mrs. Phyllis Bickham, E. Alton Spencer Cox, Hartford. Robert Curvey, 215 Delmar. Thomas Dooley, 1114 Henry. Mrs. Norma Duba, East Alton. Leonard Evans, South Roxana. Ilvo Faccin, 306 Dorris. Mrs. Ruth Gilreath, S< Roxana. James Gordon, Grafton. Mrs. Mary Hamilton, 2926 Wa- talee. John Johnson, 1008 Narrow. Mrs. Fleta Miller, Bethalto. Edwin Rothe, Kane. Mrs. Estelle Rynders, 755 Park. Mrs. John Settles, 2809 Residence. Wilbur Sido, Edwardsville. Michael Shewmake, 911 Royal. Mrs. Carolyn Wild, Brighton. Mrs. Mabel Williams, Cottage Hills. Mrs. Carrie Dickerson, Godfrey. Mrs. Sheila Howland, Wood River. Mark Black, East Alton. Mrs. Evelyn Gill, Roxana. Walter McLain, East Alton. Luther Rhodes, Wood River. Leonard Parsons, Cottage Hills. Mrs. Monique Simpson, Bethalto Lewis Robbins, Godfrey. Walter McLain, East Alton. Edna Ebbeler, Roxana. Mrs. Patricia Harmon, 909 Hawley. Mrs. Lena Kunz, 3600 Aberdeen. St. Joseph's ADMISSIONS Donald Bledsoe, Roxana. Mrs. Lillie Malqney, Wood River. Mrs. Oneida Cannon, Edwardsville. Robert Flegin, Godfrey. Edward Malone, Godfrey. Barbara Haselhorst, Rte. 1, East Alton. Mrs. Janet Curtis, Granite City. Shamus Hanlon, 413 Sanborne. Wood River Township ADMISSIONS Mrs. Edna Hazel, East Alton. Darold Wilson, Roxana. Lloyd Metcalf, South Roxana. Donald Randolph, Hartford. Mrs. Mary Kaltenbaeqk, East Alton. Mrs. Dora Prewitt, East Alton. Mrs. Eunice Patterson, East Alton. James Stephens, East Alton. Eddie Smith, Hartford. • Bonnetta Shelton, 906 Penning. Mrs. Yvonne Wiseman, E. Alton Mrs. Nona Jones, Roxana. Fred Dewayne Juhl, St. Louis. DISMISSALS Mrs. Evelyn Gencks, S. Roxana Warren Groppel, East Alton. Mrs. Ruth Baker, 84 Eckhard. Mrs. Margie Daugherty, Cottage Hills. Larry Kuehnel, 464 Leslie. Floyd Greer, East Alton. John YearWood, Roxana. Mrs. Margie Kasting, Hartford. Mrs. Mary Landreth, East Alton Mrs. Nettie Cowgill, S. Roxana. Mrs. Dorothy McCoy, Cottage Hills. Mrs. Mary Wood, 263 Madison. Boyd Memorial Carrollton ADMISSIONS Mrs. Cora Schild, Eldred. Adam Better, Kampsville. Mrs. Maude Wayham, Carrollton Mrs. Esther Ford, Greenfield. James Kadell, Jerseyville. DISMISSALS Charles Rulon, Kampsville. Otta Sethler, Carrollton. William Cooley, Greenfield. Mrs. Talma Rich, Wood River. Joy Pruitt, Eldred. Mrs. Dollie Wagner, Eldred. George Adams, Mozier. Mrs. Ethel Abbott, Kane. Mrs. Helen McGlasson, Eldred. Jersey Community ADMISSIONS Ben Pohlman, Brussels. Raymond Funk, Fieldon. Bernard Kiel, Meppen. Mrs. Zella Ruyle, Hardin. Hubert Drainer, Kane. Franklin Cazares, Grafton. DISMISSALS Mrs. Frances Dabbs, Jerseyville Mrs. Catherine Gill, Jerseyville. James Reece, Piasa. Mrs. Nellie Price, Jerseyville. Mrs. Grace McEvers, Jerseyville. Kenneth Kroeschel, Medora. Abner Poore, Hardin. Mrs. Alice Snyders, Hardin. Mrs. Ellen Sanders, Hardin. Joshua Plummer, Jerseyville. St. Joseph's Highland ADMISSIONS Mrs. Ella Sheppard, Edwardsville. DISMISSALS Mrs. Iris Best, Edwardsville. Terry Patterson, Edwardsville. Donald Millsap, Edwardsville. Mrs. Maryanna AlessandreUi, Edwardsville. Mrs. Thomas Allen, Rte. 1, Edwardsville. "Amateur Diplomat Johnson Handles Diplomacy With Soviet Union; He Was Persistent Despite Discouraging Reaction; He Scores Breakthrough For Peace" — Report Drew Pearson and Jack Anderson on "The Washington Merry-Go-Round" , . . |A THE TELEGRAPH!

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