Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan on June 30, 1998 · Page 20
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Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 20

Ironwood, Michigan
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 30, 1998
Page 20
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THE DAILY GLOBE, lronwoo& Mt - Tuttttey, Juna 30,1996 Pag* 12 Fishing good on backwoods lakes Trt* VY*«t*m Upper IVrurwiula haa many *m«ll*r, backwooda Ukt* that pmvid* a variety of fishing for northern pike, mumky, lanprmmth and •mallmouth ba« v «nd pani\*h. Many of th**« lake* ar* aurv .munded hy th* Ottawa National Korwrt and hav* littU\ if any, development around th*m. Th*** take* ncc*iv* wry lit'!* 'A*hing prwwure and orte.r »«m * excellent ft*hirm, along with at, cpportu- nity to *(M>nd aom* tin « m a **>• eluded »*Uin«. S«me of ih«>** Uki^» haw ,inv proved boat landing*, cam paid"* nnd fir* pit« whmrt> you ran enjoy a nhorr- lunch. On any of thoxc- iripa to th* *m»ilrr lake* it would ta JJXHH} to tnko y«u'r camera. Outdoor ttvtwa, «<«xW, Wn», doer »nd evt»n un IHX.-K- Miunnl hl&ck b^nr may ln» soon, Honry l.nk»' locatixl Nouthwt>st of Murvni»eo, off M-tU hns u lurK* fl*hin« pior which in cap nccw»\M^, Th«» U.S. S4>n'\v*< hn* rtHfnlly jilui- crihn ««>ur the h»rp> l to attaint in j^xxi r\shin«. Honry ron\mo<tat« rnont boaU, TWr* ta al*o m 13-unit mnp«round, Larurfbrd Lak« i* k»c«t*<i aouth- »Mt of Lai* Go*»bic, Tak» MM aouth to U.S. a and go *Mt to »i- th»r FonMt Road .7100 « &27, turn Bouth and fWlow th« «fna, Lanirford Lak* it 384 MTM with many bay» and Mv*ral ia- land*. Th*r* i* an 1 l-unit campground wtth a picnic area on th« northwt^t aid*. Tha boat launch U improvtHl, howK>y*r, th# watvr U tthaltow and th«re ia no dock to work off wh«*n Uunchinn your . rn>at, tf you hav» a lary» boat, you miRhl want to hav* hip btmU with you, l^anyfnrd l^ke prtivid^a wry pwni tUhinjj for northern, larg^ nmulh and itmallmouth baM and pnnnsh. Stw\«> of your rwUrr finh- in« i« ftr\»m -mid-Mity thnui^h ««rly Au^itnt. AlW cnrly AURMRI, th« l«kt» p>t» fairly ovprifniwn with wwxln and in difficult Jo ftuh. Knrly upring t'lshinn for nt^rthcrn plkt» can l-M» us kjixxl OM any Uk»< around with many 30-trtch p)u« of hhu^itl, n»uif)sh niul Thin in » MimilltT lukn thnl in v«^ry '«>ldom utlWiini by wind* and wvrtihur. It hu* n picnic nn^u nnit IM well JIVII(>M! for thi> family, nouth nf lj»kf» (iin iMinlt-r. Tnko M-«4 to U.S. a, turn «*«!it uml K» to K«n'»t Rtmd 7:i(V.l, turn south mid follow tho ud l^iko ix Idctitrd in with n chnnnol KIHU« Un spin* or N t««ardrtip with a wa*w«rm with v*ry r xxl nuctvaa. hnm« of th« b*tt«r ar«a« in Ma_r or Juna would b* lo uk« th« rhanmol nr*r the boat Unding into LittU JVr^u* UU Uk» and go directly acnwta lh« l*k». You •hould find a lot of «p«wnin« b»d« if you fl»h noar th« m- land w»*d bwlii or jtut pavt alon« th» •hor»lin«> Moo<M>h*ad and ljttl lak#« al*o provide m>m« inf for musky, northern pik* and largrmouth b*M. Any ol th« b*y« alon« th* w»»d bodx can b* productiv*. Moo««>hvad Ijikt ha« a blatktop Undinf and i« d<wp onouj h to ac- with »pinn*r«, crmnk- baita and larf* auckar minnow* or chub* along th* w»<d b«da in th« ahatVm bay* ar» lh* moat productive, Karly Jun« alao pro- due** aooM vary good catch*i of crappw* and b)vM«iU which will b* up on th* apawnint bsda, how- •vwr, ba pr»paV*d to U« into aoma rttc* baaa whik Aahiruj; th* ah*t- low* at thi» Urn*. Pomvroy Lak* ia a 3*4 acr» Lak* located about 20 rnil«* aouth of Lak* Ooc*bic, To ir»t th«r», tak* M-64 aouth to U.S. 2, turn «>«»t and gn »ith«>r on Fortwt Road 7 tOO or 7300. Turn aouth and Mlow th* ni|p>a, r\>m«>roy lj»k«> in no4«v4 fi>r it* vwry j^Kxi finhing for walWy*. ti- l^»r munkjr, Unfr mouth ba«w and crappi*. Thin lak* ban ht^n h«>lp«d ovfr th* pant y»«r* hy th* ctwpvrativ* erR>rt of tha U.S. For- wit S* rvicv, th* Michigan Drp«rt- m*nt of Natural Roaouivrn and local xpcirt f\«hinK ctuha in -h IH l(Katod in Wisconsin. K> your Mivhigiiri or Wi nj! lu't>!»*(v is Irtfrtl, on whicls (iikr ym) Huh, In K'dr Ntuy or cttrly Juiii-, when tho cruppii^ and bhi.-KilU ur«- tin th«. np«wnin« b,Hi« you r»,n n«ivi- »«mc fast ai:iu, n . An ullra H B ht RshlnR i-ftmho with n xmull rn>h. tx^r Ktul * pus-* ,if nmht crawler or a Rma!) minnow IK all you ON LAKE QOQEBIC Michigan's Upper Peninsula West Side of lake Cogcbic • Ultra Mod«m N«w Ch«l«t« • Cott«o«« & Mot*! Accommodation* • Bar & Diomg Room • S«t«4tit« TV, Sauna, Whirlpool • Swimming/ Watarfallt • Boat/Motor R*nuivO«» • Two Proracttd Marbor*/Ramp • C«mping/1»ropan« FW Station • OytttandmQ WMtyt • Smalmou* B*M • Jumbo P*rctt Fisrang Your Moat: Tna _ ,. ^ Maran*aco, Mi 4M47 • mJlaa North o? U ». 1 on I*-M 906-642-3321 FAX 906-642-3320 liahing a tpawninc r**f for wall- Sam* v»ry food w«ll«y* and crappi* nahinff can b* doo* from mid May through twrly July with th* b**t *uccc«a around th* *dg«* of th* wiwd b*da and th* utland during th* day. Small jig* Upp*d with minnows arv \>ry «fT*xtivt>. Early morning and late *v*ning •ucc««* i* b+*t amund th* **v*ral aloplng drop-off*. Pom*roy Lak* ha» a concr«t« plank boat launch which can handl* larger boaU, how*v«r I her* again you might want to lake hip boot* or b« prvpartd to wad* in if it it windy nine* the-r* it no dock. Tn<r* i* nlno a M-unil campprnund Early in tho year thr iiouth «>nd of th* campground in clo«od off us a pair of *«gl«t havr rf««>rv«?d them fi>r their n*>»t-onct' tho younn «r* hntc.h«Ml thv rt- m«indc-r of th« campground ix SUCCESSFUL ANGLER For additional informntwn on thi»« lak«*H ch*ck with th* lix:al rroort ownrr* or h«it i>hopii. U.S. Forritt S*>rvii^ mup* nnd further infom^ntion can alun b« ohtr»ino<l at th* Form t Scrvico Hratiquar- trm. Knut US 2, Ironwoxl, MI 4993« Fhonc (9O6) 932-1330 or Station, 500 N. Moore WELCOME TO .. Start A Family Tradition • Sp*ck>i» Rooms • Waterfront Conaget • Urrfqo* Oft Shop • Open Every Day • G« • Oil - Bo4t Best off Lake Gogebic fOOO - OUR SPECIALTY Breakfast • Lunch • Dinner S«rvtftf Houn: Daily 7 ».m.-l 0 p,m, Sunday 7 aunu-t p.m. KG 1, Box 175 MAHENISCO, Ml 49947 906-842-3366

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