The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on September 12, 1918 · Page 5
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 5

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 12, 1918
Page 5
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Fair Week Requires Fair Clothes! —And rou will Had ub read* to tarnish you Willi evorfr need to Vail altlte. .War-lltae Has not deterred the designer* frotn e*presslhg moat orlglhal ideas lit tho fashions o£ women's apparel. Our Btoelt Is replete with tho latest off all and Whiter styles, Including * E. Louis Watermuller to A »»l*t R Wilton and Ei V. Berry. IjouIs Watermuller, or Wlnnefinso. Nebraska, came last night to assist in the boy's department and In tho general physical work of the Y. M. C. A. >He spent the summer'in Bales Park In the Y. M. C. A, strthmcr school 111 preparation tor his work. This Is his first field In an official way. The gymnasium classes and alt of the various activities at the Y. M, C. A. will begin September 2*. , Wartted^Orocery dellveryman. Call 616 or call at Sth Street grocery. 10-U THE NEW PATRIOTS American Soldiers at Front— American Patriotism at Home. THE NBW CLASS OF MEN Are Today Registering for the Future Armies to Figbl the Germans. Washington, SepL 12.—While Amer lean soldiers at the. front In Frauds! stood ready with French and British' forced tor what may prove the greatest battle of the war, thirteen million _ lier Americana registered today for military duty and gave the most inspiring demonstration of patriotism iu the nation's history. There was no delay in starting the machinery by which the man power of he country will be made available to bring the war to a speedy and triuui- phaat end. Out of the tremendous bulk of men who responded—with every race and creed represented— there will come soon from camps at home three millions or moro fit for warfare and eager to eo overseas. Wonderful Spirit. The spirit lhat moved the rcglster- ni; multitude brooked of no doubt. Men near the top age limit and uoyd still in their 'teens marched under fly- ng flags, within sound of bands, to the pluccH in every .part of the land where their naniH were put down to lliiMome part of America's military establishment. This same loyal spirit |iigaln was reflected In the known desire of many not to claim deferment TeBurdless of sacrifices at home (which had led officials to aiuio'.tiicn hiiut such a claim was the patriotio [duly of every citizen entitled to make it. . Each Man's History. Today's fighting census will deler- Inilne the status of every man, Just as' will pick those first to be called. The work of mobllb.atlon, it might |be said, already is under way,, for district boards will select Mien over 1.1) and below 37 to comprise the Ills oullngenls included in the OctfiV.r [draft calls. This luoiius that mauy valiuble soldiers will have barely |iwo weeks at home. The drawing to fix the relative standing of Hie 13,000,000 will not :ake placo under three weeks.. >sr- .saps, but meanwhile district bourds |will start at once numbering sorially 11 of the cards filled out today. Ques- r k>miaires immediately >vlll. bo sent to Jiuen of the lfl-37 class, while old*r nen will be classified later. More Vegetables. I'resh radishes, turnips, ^carrots, Igreon and wax beans, .preen lima [beans, poppers, nistigoea,' head let- uee, okra, celery, tomatoes, cucum ibers, cauliflower, sweet potatoes, egg ilant, cabbage, onions and potatoes. SMITH'S - Grocery . and Market, hone 1500. ' Vi-H Universalist Supper, The Ladles' Society of the Univer- allst church will serve supper Friday veiling in the church parlors. Bvery- me invited. U-H' Notice. ' intuitu 2020 night or day for Knight fl'lres.and lire repairs during Ffttr •k.' Tiro Hospital, SI ghormau oast. 12-14-10-17-18 Fresh Oysters. Kresh oysters, halibut,' salmon and ivhite risli, spring lamb, dressed fries, mare ribs, and veal liver. I. SMITH'S liucery and Market.- Pjione l 600 ^. It in need of a prtvslo investiga lortor seek the adylco of a m«n of Lide experience in public affairs. \>hn T. Glynn who's reputation Is , Nation wide, will be at the OUalniers tiotcl Fair week. \ poajnjjAa^n i itoao Ud cqiiMftllttaJ,'••{(• !'••?:'•'*M» The year book of Chapter D. V. IS. O., the first to reach the Society Editor's desk, tells of a mighty interesting winter planned by the members of this organization. Mrs. C. N. Payne Is president this year and at the tlrst meeting of tho year. Sept. 21th, sho with Mrs. M. H. llrown will act as hostesses. The program committee, Mrs. Asher Alford, Mrs. Roy A Campbell and Miss Cora Spousler have arranged for topical roll call for the greater part of the "/ear and each member Is assigned a subject to speak upon. Two nodal eyonlogs are arranged for, on November l'Jtli a party for the II. 1. U's will be given at the homo of Dr. and Mrs. 11. A. Stewart and on January 21st the member* will entertain for Chapter S. P. IS. O. at the Asher home. * t- * Last evening at the homo of Rev. andlMrs. U M. Hall on Fou.t'i avenue east occurred the yeudlng of Mrs. Emma R. Neese and Mr. J. P. Reimer lit Ih of Alden. Rev. f '.i 'l performed (ho n-ieuiuny which wis followed by congratulations and refreshments. The bride is an aunt if Mrs. ITnll ,<*1 hns for many years be^.t a resident of Alden aud vicinity. The groom is a retired farmer. The house was boau- t'tully decorated With ferns nnd'Cnr- natlons. Those who were present at the ceremony were: Mrs. Laura Abbott, daughter of >i\3 bride, vhe <hll- dron, Eunice and Ualv.i ano,Mis.s Emma Newberoy all from A film and Rev. and Mrs. Hall. The newly wed- I ded couple will uiak.) ili'.lr home In Alden. Mrs. Ira Guldner v/IU entertain at a seven o'clock dinner this evening for Mrs. Claude R. Russoll of Oklahoma City. The guests Include: Mrs. Ollle Ferguson, Mrs. Julian Dell of Partridge,' Mrs. George Newlin, Mrs. Chas. Sullivan, Miss Mae Hartford, Miss Osie Painter, Misfi Madge Stafford, Miss Etta Hartford, Miss. Ruth Frame and MIBS Susie Shawhan. <J> <j> The Unity Girls club met with Miss Troce Cnskey at her home on Ninth avenue west. The evening was spent In doing Red Cross work. The next meeting will be with Miss Helen Snyder at her home on Eighth avenue west. •s> •» * Mrs. 13. W. McNaghlen entertained the members of her bridge club at a luncheon yesterday In honor of Mrs. Clifford Payne who has beon a member of the club but who is leaving soon to make her homo iu California. ' * * * Mrs. J. It. Pnrleer and Mrs. F. E. Parker and little daughter of Langdon who have been the guests'of the former's daughter". Miss Sadie Sumner, for a few duys^roturned to their homo yesterday. * * * Mr. and Mrs. 1). S. Smith of Harper announce the birth of a little datigh ter, Sunday ovenlng to whom the name of Ruth Ernestine has b.een given. Mia. Smith was formerly Miss Ruth Shaffer. . <S> <$> * " Mrs. A. ) j . Carter and children, who have beon hero vlsitlug wlwth Mr. and Mrs, W. W. Payne leave today for Memphis, Tenn., where they will mitke their future home. '#•'••%' Miss Frances Conkiin and Miss Virginia Conklln leave Saturday for Northhampton, Massachusetts, where they will attend the Smith College. * * * Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Drake, Atlas Margrot Drake and Miss Fern Drake have returned from a ton days' motor trip to the western part of the state. Mr, Stanley Hagan leaves soon for St. Louis, Mo., where ho will attend the Washington University for military training. * * » Miss Virginia French will leave Saturday for Wellesley, Masa.^waero sho will enter Wellesley college this winter. * * • The W. W. club will moet tomorrow afternoon at the home of Mrs. O. A. WUbt)t Nelson on Sixth avenue west. / * • • Mrs, William Malcpr and children, Russoll and Miriam, have returned from 9 week's visit at Garten City, * * * TO AMI ST At V. M. Carner~MilA iiifl sueni ItrMt* M Our New Fall Dressesi f& DoMovingPictures 4L m Hurt Your Eyes? w 6 i 6 They Miouldn't pnxluce any undue annoyance, ami If ttiejr do, there Is likely nome defect of vt- nion .present, • We CAM remove tliat defect, \f you wlnh, by fwrnlshltig you with elanea, then when you yi»U the movies If you will Just remember to wear them, you wlH likely not be bothered further. See ua any time, s Clarence G. Fearl, Optometrist FEARL A. SON Sewefere and Optometrists Ealabllshcd 1895. ft ft ft ft tor • Wellesley, Massachusetts, where they will both enter Wellesley College again this year. <$> <e> <$• Miss Margaret Kearney and Miss Pansy Kearney toavo today tor Kansas City to be gone for a lew days. <5> «• <$> Mr. and Mrs. Fred Dana have returned ffom Colorado, where they havo been spending tho summer. * * « Miss Margaret Hockor of Kansas City will arrive Sunday to be the guest of Miss Helen Barton. ip <s> Mrs. Claude Krathorne of Kanopolis is hero visiting with her mother, Mrs. J. F. Brubaker. <3> * * Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Martin will leave Monday for New York City. Dancers. Class lessons In ballroom dances every Friday night, 7:30 to 9. Social dance from 9 to 12. Woodman Hall. Holaday's a piece orchestra. Private lessons by appointment. Phone 1455. 7-tt ANNA MCDONNELL. Children's Dances. Beginning September 7, every Saturday afternoon will teach children's ballroom and fancy dances. Phone 1455. 7-tf ANNA MCDONNELL, Notice to Dancers. Dancing every Tuesday, Thursday aud Saturday evenings at Central Hall. Opening night Tuesday, Sept. 17. With Holaday's Orchestra. Admission, 75 cents. Atkinson and Atkinson. ' 12-5t Furniture Hospital. KKI North Main. .Telephone 169, ll-tr DRAWING FOR FORESOMES FOR FRIDAY NIGHT'S PLAY Dewey Longworth Arranges For Weekly Play at Country Club. •II. S. Lewis and J. C. Petro, William Baker and. Howard U 'B. Young aiid H. K. McLeod, C. N. Sentney and N. B. Suw- . Miss QorQtlty Tftyjor aud. Miss Bother: wa*toJw<mr* wit ift0^f\ The drawing for the Friday evening foursomes which will be played on the Country club grounds has boon announced by Dewey Longworth, club professional. Tho play will start iit -four o'clock or later. Tho players are paired as follows: Mrs. Howard Waddles and E. A. Mowery. % . . •Mrs. D. H. Sterrett and L. E, Fontron. Mrs. Mrs. Lewis. Mrs. . 'Mrs. yer. Miss Mabel Puterbaugh.and H. 11 Heaps Mrs. W. II. Hastings and Dr. H. M Stewart Mrs. it. A. Greene and D. B. Richards. Miss Maraget Waddles and Leon Nihjsbaum, Miss Helen'Moore and Sydney Lovelace, Mrs. O. F. Wright and Dr. IT. D. Sterrett. < ': Mrs. George Gano and Dewey Longworth. Miss Vera Gano and Norvtlle SU'ers. 'Miss Mary Brehm and F. H. Hamilton. Miss Joyce iSifers and C. H. Murray. Miss Klbsaboth Foutron and George Gano, Mrs. IJ. H. Heaps and O. F. Wright. Miss Stella Gabrielson and L. F, Meyer. Miss Alvena Nussbaqm auij B. T. Foots. ' Miss Frances Conkliu and 9 W. Meyer. Mrs. L. A. Getaz and T. M. Gerow, Mrs. H. K. Mcljeod and' Sam Hutton. 1 , Mrs. J. M. Bennett and O. N. Sentney. Miss Virginia Conkiin and Curtis McKinney. Miss Miriam Couklia and William Carey. Betty Hastings and Emerson Carey, Jr. :< ",'--',}.:,., .: Jean .isiright »4tf |Bpt> 9 «ft|«f».> ; The Cool. Clean Klenzo Feeling 95" >lSfei K LENZO protects th.« mouth in "the natural way. It keeps the mouth free from substances that footer germs, acids and decay. And whlU. It Is doing >-thli,t>ll - Im, part* thatwender- ful Cool, Clean. Klenzo Peeling which teettfles to Iu cleansing properties Oet e tube to try todey. The A 6 A Drug Co. TODAY Last Tines Douglas Fairbanks in , "American Aristocracy" And Alice Howel in "Hey Doctor' New Fall Dresses like ours will jfj cost you more later on, and we §j deem it our duty to emphasize jfi the advantage of buying your jjj •Veto Fall Vress now. >fj Better Than Ever Before — jjj More to Select From — S Jerseys, Serges, Silks, Satins, Q Crepe de Chines, Crepe Georg- 9i ettes, etc,, in every most fashion- jj5 able shade, ^ $15 00 to$98 .00 O. F. Sawyer Dry Goods Company, Corner North Main and Second Sts. jg I)E LUXE U TODAY *^ I S YOUR CHILD STUDYING MUSIC ? IF NOT, WHY NOT? Get that piano now anil let her have the opportunity she should have. We have an elegant assortment of pianos to select from including: The Acousligrande Schumann Bond Packard and the world renowned "Apollo." ' Alio a number or good used instruments. VEATCH BROS. PIANO HOUSE Phone 52 T1,e Homo of uigti cibhs pianos. 120 North Main WALLACE REID, in "Believe Me Xantippe" The Latest •'athe News Mutt and Jeff In Comedy. Friday and Saturday Marcery Wilson in "Flames of Chance" and Charlie Chaplin In "Musical Tramps Full line of Hats and Caps Friday and Saturday "The Biggest Show on Earth" We booked this for Friday and Saturday so the school children could have tue best chance to see • be best circus picture ever made. Keep it in mind—it's a dandy. Royal Theatre NEXT WEEK Clara Williams IN- The Biff Rugged Picture "Carmen 1 Klondike" 1 Riverside Park TONIGHT Bobby Barker Musical Comedy Company in latest musical tabs. Last Time Today Constance Talmadge, in "SCANDAL" Tomorrow and Saturday KITTY GORDON, in "Merley Players*. Tou Will See It Soon "The Geeser of Berlin" A Travesty on "The Kaiser— The Beast of Berlin" Dancing Tonight Park ravilliofl NEWS iu MMwertng gdverUaemwits CllMwe nwotton The $ew§>, , ,'•

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