The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 22, 1934 · Page 2
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 2

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 22, 1934
Page 2
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THE PARES NCW3L SUNDAY, JOLT Captures 5 Unaided Former Annona Man Navy Radio Service Rounds Up Convict* TROOPS RUSH TO PROTECT SAN FRANCISCO STRIKE ZONE Tfcis article. Oregon, daily pajver ha* interest for-Paris News readers as the hero, Jesse J. "Da%'is. formerly lived S-YLEM. Ore.—To Cretrer/s roll of heroes today was added "^e name of Jesse J. Davis. As a result ,of !>avis' braver:.-, five trus-: ties who escaped from the pent- \ terstiary annex late Wednesday vrere back in solitary confinement within *•; hours after th-r" rr?ad<? ;heir b reals:. I>av:s-. single-handed, aprreben- i-ed tbe fugitives Thursday. ?hout- .-ns ""hands up." the surprised con- cicis turned to look tbf >">'d . steel barrel of Dav-s's rifle. The capture was mac* t^vo miles south and one mite west of S^eet Home in heavy underbrush. DKV:S bad tracked the q:iin:et e;srht rr.i'.es from *vhere they abandoned the Salem to S'^rer't Hcme. a chance," Davis TO.d authorit:-?.?. "J simply bad ".he crcTi ,--r. him. tha.* vras all." K.sTnho"t •was possessed by the croup. Davis, xvith the aid of t-^o '-?g- huni, n^arched the eo-victs back to S~K-~eet Home where they *-vere mrned over to Htigen* Hailey. Th-e capture^ convicts ^ere: Ace Taylor. S": I^er:oar5 Karr.ho-ji, , Iam5, 2S. Their arrest rr.aintalned ing: every es-?aT-e-f cor.v!ct Guarded After Threat Is Planned Invitations have-- been sent out for the third Quarterly meeting of the Paris and Ijauiar County Chamber of Commerce -which will be held in the directors' room of the chamber of commerce building Wednesday evening. July 25 at 7:30 o'clock. The meeting will be a smoker and all speeches will be banned, according to Joe! K. Shirley, president of the chamber of Commerce. James M". Caviaess. John Barnes and Lee Glasscock have been named by Mr. Shirley as a committee on arrangements and refresh m en ts. With the meeting: beins an informal ?:et-together affair. and all members of Paris and Laaiar County Chamber of Commerce having been invited, a large attendance is expected. STATUTORY CHARGE FILED AGAINST 4 CITT. — Statutory charges were filed In justice court ajrainst four youths this week, by a farmer near here, whose daugrh- **>r be alleges v.-as attacked last Saturday night by t*i qtianet. Only one of ibis number ijad. been apprehended at tbe lar-est re- i>Gri. Tli^ fourteen year old sr^rl. the man charged, xvas drugged and then mistreated by the four 3'ouths. All four had disappeared and could nor be found to answer charsres, Mrn. Harry Sidle* (above) and other members of her family w*r* guarded at their Colorado r*»ort.- after extortion notes demanding: S10.OOO had been received at the; family home in Lincoln, Neb. (As- ; sociated Press Photo) BAILEY WOMAN IS BURIED 'ON FRIDAY BONHAM. — Funeral services were held Friday afternoon for Mrs. Reb«cca Kinnard, 70 years old. at tfee borne of feer daughter, Mrs. Sterling Turner, at Bailey, and Hue body was brought here .'for burial beside that of her lat« husband S. F. Kinnard. v.'ell known Fannin county citizen and pioneer. Services were' conducted by the Rev. C. P. Sanson of Dodd City, assisted by the Rev. Mr. Hud?ey» evangelist of Oklahonia, Mrs. Kinnard.' a native of Tennesse had been a resident of Fan»in county many years, and tea* an active nieiuber of the Baptist church. She is survived by nine children, Mrs. George Bailey of Bonham: Mrs. Ella White of. Stratford. Ark.: Mrs. Clarence Ticnor of Ada. Okla.; Frank -and J. T. Kinnard of Luling; S- J- Kinnard. Jr.. of Dublin: K. O. Kinnard of Wichita Falls: Martin Kinnard of Gerinyn. and Mrs. Turner here. The interx'al during which the earth makes one absolute rcvolu-" tion around the sun is called a sidereal year and consists of 365 days, 6 hours. 9 minutes and 9.6 seconds. Employe Chamber of Commerce rvJc^riv aii C~i:fcrr:!a's 7.00Q nstionai guardsmen w±re concentrated in the San Francisco strike area as the situation became acute. At top Miss Berta Tarber. 51 duty at the citVs water front to protect food supplies. Note the barricades which were thrown t-p. The warlike seen* j employed in the trust department | — * -' • - - - - .......... 1~^^ j r^ i-st-~*.™^\ | o j the f'irst Xatiorial Bank, has 1 { taken a job in the office of the '' i Paris and Lamar County Chamber , ,,-._^^_, &r , = j-j» sh^wn en G—ty at tne c;tv s wa^er iron^ zo proieci TOCJO ati^jJ 1 '*- 3 - i»w»= «=..»—a»*'-^ »....w^ ..—.^. «-•- - fasJevTshows's siesl-heJmeted regiment of auardsmen entraining at Lo« AngiSes for strike duty. (Associated Press Photos) ; FUNERAL SUNDAY FOR j. P. WARREN. At The Lamar 1AKREST CHOCTAW MAN FOR FORGERY \ \ worthless check he had received. | of Commerce. She will act as as* ..... ... . -_ r sistant to R. ,B. B!an:on. manager Davis admitted to oiucers tnis> TO BAPTIZE 42 AT CL.4RK5^TLLE ' check v/os forged as well as others ; passed during the past two years, j the i of the local organization. -nerr.bers who professed faith Haro Kes-Jdeni Wbo I>iet3 at Vimta N. N orris and endorsed be baptised Sunday eveni-e. by tie Re-r. J, Porter Xes.1, pastor. A total of 75 addftions resulted "TOTS, zhs 'revival. S3 be'usr received T5r..- "W,. S. S. X--ocriric?re, of rtrst In a caring roie reminiscen- , remembered the si:r.ilarity of the .Re-. r*red Goodrrjan In a terj-clay ;revlval^- at the Baptist To The Citizens of Lamar Cotmtr:— Fsris- ar:c —HI thank you for yo::r G- C. C rowel! officiatir.g. Inter- • r.-:-r triumphs in "Divoroee. merit will be in Mount Olivet , ":?irar.s:er£ May Kiss" and. "A ; cemetery. Mr. V-.'arren dlfd at Free Soul" Miss Shearer plays the ; Vi:i:;a Thursdav nirht after a i-?.n of I^ady Resforc, an Aiaeri- j ' a - £•— ^-hu married a title and ; •"c=unc. to her dismay, that she had ! >a£rificed the freedom atid good ;. times she loved so well. j A p pea. ranee in her hour of man- ) "--"- cisc.-ont.en" of a former New } Far: : -~ork s*veetriea.ri. provides motiva- ! s-: r'-c- ."-i-- n for the sensatiortai romantic 1 hat on a former with the name J. H, Davis. We Buy Old Gold at HIGHEST PRICKS Uccnse Tso. 12-64» BONHAM STREET Je-wrelry-Music Store Get Ready For Your VACATION At Johnscn-Billingsley Co You'll think of picnic baskets. Thermos juss. tennis rackets, golf clubs, fishins: tackle, minnow buckets, sport shirts, etc.. \vhen you plan t vacation and you will find all of them at this store. Jome in and visit vrith us. whether you're leaving Paris or staying here for your vacation. JOHNSON- BILLINGSLEY a - riec to iliss Cls,ra 31; cott, JLrk.. ar.d came • ~~ br:= : ~==s He "-ri£.p-g:1e upon which the film story • of the peace anc :s •-•ascc. i (C. J.) JACK MOYE rm aat&d lat^- s-^h'-.-I land apr-raiser under " Hdrriur.c Gohldins: TV rote and di- •• jil. E. Trap?. For a number of recte-i-the, sparkiins - production, j v-tr^ th- 'arr.:>-• had resided in srivir.r the picture an elaborate { cf the T^ in Oaks Tourist """'-I £5 in supporting cast. i three children.. Jc-itn Bradford. • i-.onc-rs as the s^'eetheart and bus- ] "vTar-ren, all cf Orr'arcma «J:ty: rrarr.izicently In these roles- } tTro sisters. Mrr.e.=. ?- L.. Gee and included :n the cast are Mrs. j BUT NORGE R0LLATOR REFRlfiERATIOH A- S- C. ZMnwidd-S and t^-"O T>-,-—;-•-'_- •"?r^~)bsIL Sheets Galla- j brotbsrs. "ill ana J. H. ^"arr=n. -her. Raaph Forbes. I,!lyan Tash- j Out cf t'wr.- relatives here for the ~ ar .. Arthur -ferrett. Earl Oxford. I ftinera. are Mr. Mrs. Milton.' H*:er. Jerome Eddy. Georsre X. j May of Fc>rt Towscn, Mr. ^nd Mrs. ' Arthur. Baby Marilyn Spinnert. j Bob vrirr/r--..-;;; cf Acs.. !':.-- .:^::-= p-yHis Co-har:. Howard ChaldG- i At The Grand Knitted Garments 1 At Perkins ! - • - ' ". An interest.!"?' srio'srins' of ha.n<3- 5 :rcc- Ho!""- : knitted dresses and STJIIS is rso"^ on - : *s pic-turvE cisp's.'" at Perkins ~3~os. Company. J r:r-r^ These garment!? are the work of • ? Paris., now connected with the! Users find FRIGIDAIRE soves on average of *1O 7 Mrs. Hea. is an expert at Icn2t- ; t.r.E". "or seme tim* previr>n» to j c-nnection -with rCem com- I for tr.*? Tc'urr.bia. SI:lIs. maTc^rs c -f s :i k:nd5 of kn:tt-n.g- and cro- j per month or 36c per day! "S5C«3 t «c. Art. Needlework r.*5c&y from 10 ur.ti! S o'clock to! s.r.<5 instruction to al! j "It-^XGETRS-' BACK OUT ) AUSTIN. Texas, C^P; — S*v»ra.I I P^-rs-or-s holding special Texas j a repi--: 5?a:n*d currency that all! * Tlxc most is part of 2cy refrigeraior is its cold-making mechanism. Norge—and only JSorgc — has tbe simple, extra-powered, almost everlasting Rollstor cold- trLikiDjz; mechanism — the one -which actoaily ins- proves with use."*" Sbop all vou like, bu* don r t buv ^ till yon've seen tbe Norge. *THE ROLLATOR If yoa only save as much as the idaire TISCT, 3nour Frigidairc *34 wS laorc than pay for itself! Just think! "Wbes yoa. Bave a Frigzdaire r 34 TOU can btrv food in bargain quantities without risking any ^wastc from spoilage ... leftovers are kept in perfect condition ... there are DO ice biBs to pay, And this fainoas Frigidaire *34 rises ks» car- rent than one ordinary lamp bulb—less rhatp any oti>er make of refrigerator. No wonder a nation-wide survey of "Frigid- aire homes" shows that Frigidaire saves the •average family $10.92 per month. Examine the detailed statement closely—and remember aorae families save snore. h^r:.': i--. ;':-.•'-- •:;•:. •>• :'.:-. 3 -.*-r h--ar; ar-v drs-», r. to?»:•:.her. " "', | ponecr tiaSeAd of the Frank Jones Candidate for Commissioner voters of Pr*'-;nct 2; :..h to state to the voter* of :*. 2 in behalf o? my rar,- for Corr : m;ss;or,*r of Pre- ..r-,; '-or:?:d*-r^^:on on Ju'v A DAY BUYS IT. . . NO DOWN PAYMENT •.*%.** thar I hav Pus hniataha County to ^Tsr^ Rereive Oroutb Relief >" J : ' mpK^irT; on of my oppon- ave not jriven - f -tsh to b» f.*.!r <! rot want to Henry P. Mayer Music Hcuse two thirrf* of t : <-? s-tactf- und^r the ^ i *•;:: ax^'^re you that I will 1 "air, .-V7p/3r' ! d"a!;r,^!« ths* T always j I possibly wili not jr'-t t" «»•* a!! j thf- voters of ^r;>' ;>r*rir.rt. but w5«l | nj>pr*«tiate jour vot« and consid- j ;n ',h« •'«•!««,-- ,';. ri -t;.on. !:i?-s tr-rr^ ^ thajs; ,7. FRANK JONES • ro!inti*»s ir. »r># C«n«l'.er'*e for Commissioner, ryu'ih ri-iitT £>ru- -prtciact ?. t < Politics.! It's so easy to own a genuine Three little nickels a day wS buy your Frigjdaire the more Frigidaire *34. We will install pay for it wh3c you enjoy all money it will save you- Come one in your kitchen without its economies and crnavcnience. in today. Let us show you its your paying one cent down! Why delay? The sooner you 24 important features. COME IN TODAY FRIGIDAIRE DEPT. Main Floor Perfcirts BroSs, ^V C O AA F=»/X IXJ V "X SUPER FREEZER AND MANY OTHER FEATURES 1. Ice trmy* that tilde out at the touch of your finger. 1, Frigidaire tura» itself OR, Autommt- *calfy r when defro*tSng is complete. 3. Extra room for t*Il bottles on both sides of the Super- Freezer, 4. Acid-resisting porcelain in the food compartment. 5. Frozen storage space. 6. Glass cold storage tray. 7. Air cushion door seal. And this Standard Frigidaire *34 h*s 1 1 other important features ... Come in and see it today* 2424— fftw- TH?fJinment More of I*wf«,

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