The News from Frederick, Maryland on December 26, 1931 · Page 5
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 5

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 26, 1931
Page 5
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DAILY HSWB. F1BDBBXOK. MD, BATTODAT, PSQgMBE* 20. FTVB DEATHS Tbeodor* Croooe d!*«5 at 8 ck Wednesday morning at hi* home .it Clear Rids«. sear Uniontown. Carro-i county. He was aged «3 yeais and Hygienic Adjustment In Middle Age Submitted by E C Retainer. M. D,. City and Count; Health Officer. AdjBrtmeBi In Middle As*- j His adjustments mean largely modl- '- *·'- Someone took Ibs bet. A feaJidker- chlef was placed over the speculator'* eyw». He took a lump oi chalk tram s board boy and threw It wildly. Then he bought heavUy. l««r to »ee few what had happened. FUNERALS LOCAL MENTIONS ! CITIZENS' NATIONAL BANK _ | Special Dasoe Saturday Nil*! j The fua*r»l of Dr JaoJee Edward BARBAKA FBITCHIE K*MJY KLOB. I Deels. prominent physician. tornwr your Ffcrorltc Troubarto-, .' ·« and 35c ' president oi Use Montgomery POTTS GRIFFIN. Ths stock had | Board ot Education and for one term s It is oot the design of the Uaiud ' a his thinking, acd Sn his Tias ' blind" gambler States Public Eealta Scr\.ce to poas; habits cf eating, _-.nic:ng. sleep ng ror.une and *on tas bet * charac- · and exercise. He SmSs h« can so periois or .anser eat aa ne occe did. and as a jamptd half a doaen point* or OJcre. Dumber of ti»e House of Delegates. »r Tias ' blind" gambler hai asade a r.e_! eied « his hotne at Cla-ksbur? T-.:- ir .nverjor or r\-r-. day, was fce-ld Thursday afi*raoon iroai m ijux -w d-tlr-fi-cc Scoieeae told me the other day that -. a j Neelsrilie Pr«byt*rian church The j ca ' T-e K-» n services were cosicMd by th* pastor , 317 \\ s^Jth t: S*v. Ousiavus O. Kuadahl and burial H»v* A ftdurt T»_*n ! jour home dui IA '.-.«· !" · .£»**. »lth- ; ' T.roe o! day ie is ac»- rfcrs in a store. Clara Katnbur; who sur- | m: Mrs. Mrs. CfcSirles Strtne, waistsa*-^-. ;»i». Daniel Bain, Union Bridge: Mrs. Joha Miciley, Frederick; an Columbus. Ohio. The funeral took place today with survices at the bouse at J o'clock and further services in the Church of God. TJsiontowa. w.-th Revs. J. H. Hach aad Jesse P. Gamer oJ5~iating. Buna! was to the acjsiarcg; cesieieiy. Mrs. Mary L. DoU L. Doll. tS!r city, wxlow very elaborate anc cated. bin cue o' :ts obvtcss portant results is the gracui tissue, what ue s^sht caH a son cf scarrag process. This zr-ears thai the may be conipli- never before g vea a thought, or else · :nd im- P J - V tije peralty. It is ao longer wise ·.o Lie at high pressure; 11*« must flo» with more ease and more deliberation. It may be observed, bowerer, that sot here n-d ' - c "-- i s -- * TM ** -- erick City hospital Friday morning at 3 o'clock af:er an i."=ffa of four weeks. Mrs. Doll was born ia Frederic- August »"h ch they J Itss re- When a mzn 17. 1857 and was s daughter of tie late J age te perhaps fcr ~e_ 2rs: ^^f 1 ^^' Oeorge W. and Mary Sieabetb ·-- .- -- tniddle age. There are numerous Sa- iiridua! varistiroa with regard tr :heie bodUy changes: ase man wt!l show them comparatively early in life 1=0: her much liter In other words, a sias is ft S3 a:uch as old as his years v.ell said thst a tcan !s as old as his ar- teres, because hrsirt acd artenes are r." wsarv t3 «lst?::?e and ^S.ea the:. of the Eiangelical Lutheran church and 'body is no loage- c -- le of t-otsg P-eier!ck Chapter. Daughters of the i these '.h-r.'s a.-.:^h ere". ,,'-S.;. iv could American Resolution. She is survived , do aith ease, and be r.i.ds th_t hU by a""son. Frisk A Doll near Frecer- i habits of life rr.ust be chanced :f he ana a Mrs Alvon H. J would maintain phys:cs! ·"e a--* ol- a=- -hev a- -o -w Ke b ° agbt * * luffe ^ "** *'' *. S** .^e s..s o-- a,, -ney a. ~v .--ger ..,,.,, he uas ab; to ·· aoauaxE · One r, as he fixed aay shoefecw. h« ad- , o C ! 0( -k ;ted earryicg n^rga socounw on 1 of his e* different stocks. He ran a few " ere frmer'y :nade upcn there f^^s.r-.^£ in'ist new be reduced to the^ d ficult tir*ie of Crawford, at ho-ne and five grandchi:- ; ^^,1. ^ fcr KZ ~y a dren- A broiher Lesli. Cramer. Seattle.: -j- e a= ,, ,, ^ pt-r;od when readjuat- Washins'jcn. and a. s^ter, Mrs Harry , m J..^ a , e c:po- a-t. Brier.j :t nteisrj E. Cany, tr-* city also Funeral j that ^ j.,,, . :iuil j,,^. -la.^ -h,.. froa her lase hosnfc 13 West Third street fce ,,, 3 p^aed the ao?x cf h-^ ex^t- Monday afternoon ta 2 o'clocfe. Bunaj | ence ^.j s ,,,,. 03 :i - e eo-x-r.-^ard in- Mt. Olivet cemetery. Harry E. Carty, j f ^ Be ^^ a irv-.p'.^ 3 pro _ funeral director. [found readjustment :n h^s cutiook -- upon !:Te, sorsp'imes mth cor'icerable Mrs. Philip L. Carter. | ^^^j O..VJXSKX*. Alyy wtth th^ jars. Kate Shawen Culler, wife o. , mer , £a , 8dju , r3 . eot .j..- e a -^ ^, »a ck . Philip L- Culler, died at her home m ^ ^^^'^ , h ch ' ,-,,:: ^ Lnd! . Feagavtle. Thurscay morning at ii~o ; ^^^j ti , at v-_ e rrust c har. se h^ haoi-^ o'clock after an Illness o£_ o\ei^ four j w co ,,; orll j to t v. e -.3 his boCy funeral of W.luam Delaney Bol- oSlow. 'ton. 63. »ho died suddenly In his hotoe he went. a t Olney. Mon'.gcr-.-ry county. Tuesday v overheard tipa ULitensoon from a heart attack, took ', ;i_e shialttf your pi^ce »· oooa Thursday from the home :ss«. b* would o f \fr md Mrs Theodore N. Bolwa. , i^e with the coa- i The service* »er» coudueted by Rev .lieace oJ aa «x- jjoha A. Oroe*. of ii» Lay«ms\"lile xsrt oa th* "poai- 1 Methodist Episcopal church. BurSa! was .as" asd such- , m ttg cemewry »t Browcicgsv-l*. =i-*uch *B Ss*a*. H« was unmarried and '.a »urvl\-«! by r.?s were hi#» thr*« brother* and three sisters--Th*o=d each day 5* . ,5^^ j{ _ Charie* T acd Robert H. Bol- vas i^ to ?-« * [ ^p JF^J jirs. Edward Howea. all of :t sor« to the j o-cey; Mrs. Do«e«y M. Wl!h_ms. of 2a^l margin ac- s-chason. and Mrs. Mary Beall. of .c-nt cae anr. was oai:her»burg. carrytng for him. _______ The funeral of th* 1st* T. McOary '!ie« took place Friday »t 10 ·nice* were held *: ti-e hanse i. Cltggett B WUea, near Jefferson, aod *nere coDd^cted by Rev \nuual McrUn«. Thr a r n j i :n^: ;·; o' the Li.'e M t rs o' ' · "· - "-··= .\-!.:. . j r a : t . A v i- s »'. - . HvViif. 1- Fre-t: rs C.:. Ma-v ir.o. ( Sa'.urdai. Ji- ja-y 2. :?32. »·. 11 o ^.o:i a c; _ a: which tana eleven nt»rjjer» win be elected ·-- -a_sje the a3iir» c! the Sa-le-i :or the yrsr 19S2 a=i such o'l-.r ^^-r.ess :r*r.»a- , d " sty reg- ABKAM HEMP. GUY K MOTTSR. TTTE CITIZENS' NA11ONAL BANK OF FREDERICK, MD. CAPITAL $100,000.00 SUKPI.US $800,000.00 OFFICERS JOSEPH D. BAKEB. of Board- TO OUR PATRONS AND FRIENDS. We wish that you acd yours may have e.1 the happlaesa thst Chr^t- riinf. can bring and that the ccsi- ine year may b* flllrd w*» the wmrsstb of 3ne Jrle-id5S.ip« acd the comfortable te^-ct ty of prosperity. POTTS GRIFFIN'. WANTED. CHICKS FOR SALE. MISCELLANEOUS. u -- : s Election Notice T.v e,-.U-n -: ·-*·- B^rd :--s of '-he Kim-r s E-;r/'.y \Vallter»\'.l. M» · »'-" : ?v '' e HOLMES D. BAUB, Pres'dent. JOHN H BAKES. ·A-. 1 * B 1' C- «"_£;: ru.'es of conduct ar.d definite :l?ns as to the adjustments which o-e must make have been avoided. It s r.rt the parp^s here to outline spe- vj Ul . e ls:o severs! hundred aad several H c *ErJnian. Burklttsrtle. T»-o VDC*. * ,j. t) thousands. . selections. "My Faith Locks up to The* . . . The other day I happened Into toe anJ ·· Ixx j t i 3g TMa Way." were rend- rn-rr HARVEY R CRAMER. ·-:·. ary H« was still shining shoe*, i ^.^ by a tro Ccn ipo4el of Mrs. Ar- '. or cosiuct: Is rather to and i:ile house .vcri. 1 'AiTi years, aged 63 years. daughter of the late John T. i Ijucretia B*» r Shawea and was a TOted member of St Luke's Lutheran church, Feaeartlle. where she was for many vears super^xtendent of the primary department. In addition to fcer husband she -is survived by one ·?reer.t a ger.eral fact or tew and a · ^33$ came. principle of hjg^ne based upon that -^ '£-··. h! lair If one !^irns pruxciples, o^e can formulate rules case. It »wms better first to ejtab'ish as clearly as poss tie the p-jnc'ple ahich underlies the object rather this 'o attempt a zzcrc "cr^ulatlcn of riles of c-»duct: and j bought a ' -and a car. When "-he let his cash Re drives to n'-s c Julia Ahalt and Flcyd i "*" ' AhaX It.llbearers -srere Mlliard F. Ke- . '"P faavcr, Alex R Klein. Chirlns E. K^.r.a . ol --GILBERT SWA-V WEDDINGS j | He !s a wlje person ^ho real^es ell teen made to esiafchsh ^flnltely is' i this aad and readjusts himself accord- that if a man vrould maintain health ' at the same rime the ^^ a We!ker -- Sanhle. Wednasday marainj. i C3a:.-ici4 amardri c-: D« JOSEPU MiDinr. Vice I'rttidrnt. \V!Li.lAM G. ZlMMZRMAS. CaaHttr. SAMCEI G. DUVAUU, Atsutant C'a»fci*r. LOST AND FOUND. J..ha B Summers. nard B. H^S · Lutheran cemetery at Middlrlown. C. E table without repining. 8 *^ i ed cemetery, near Point cf Recks. M. , i The mental attitude is ls-. and the emcticnal reaction is :e tae ? -d v^cr he must adjust nimsa^ to | 0 - c ; O rSc. in Trinity Lutheran Church, of ! R Etchlson 'and Sen. funeral directors ; ire^.- the changes which take place In hu»! Taneytowa. Miss Ethel Sauble and Rev. I ^ bo-J at various stages of fc's exlstance. | Eiaiiind Welker were married by the · ] THE SICK ·vood. St. Mary's county; three sisters, Misses Mary EUea and Florence V. Shawen and Mr*. Albert Mattoon. Ba^inujre. Funeral Sanday, (look ^ the house at 12.30 o'clock wiA further j ^^J serrtces at St. Lute's church i at 1 | make o'clock. Interment adjo ntog ceme- · tery. M. R- Etchlsoa_ and Sen. funeral directors. knowledge an into at Eoxcvcr. :t Jsay be said that there '_ bride's paswr. Rev. A. T. Sutcilffe. The even . ^ one general rule which is applicable ' r m ? ceremony of the Lutheran church | u.^ a-^jye that a men ' ^~.- cn \ T to ti^s subject but to many uras used. Miss Mary Alice Chenoweth · as he feels expresses a ancther problem of hygienic living, was the only attendant, XTJM Sauble ; ruth. There :s no need ^3 ^h-t ^ e -ujg O f njo3eration.: u me only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. i cf middle ace, xhsn the golden mean--nioicration In an . George R. Siuble. of Taneytown. The Call .' JOHN W BKUCHEY'S ; Buff Rork PcXtry Yards for Pc-:ltry , a'ive or drrssed Fre-'i esxs dal'or and . bibv c.-.:rks 'Ph:c- 6J5-R I 453 West Sruth St experience have ripened th -gs. It is asucl'y the excess -arhich i groom Is the paicor o* the ReJtormed ! slight throat infection but !s nicely. !ei;t s. sort of wisdom, may does the harm. To use a well-known ' Cr.urca at pleasant Dnity, Pa. to many rich years of a li~ure. it mi?ht be s^id that mrxisra- The bricle was attired in a rose col- nd happy life: bus _ he must' tier: is the stlken ccrd upon which ws or gown, and wore » going away suit . is necessary ccmprcmlses with ~»v Miij- string the pearls of our hy- - brown, body to do sc. j 5:TM:; habits. Mr. Lewis H. Knock. West Second I street, is confined to bed, due to a | AU cloo*' doing Ra:« Rent-A-Car. m3dcj GIA *n:J --.i! free js If^w :s IQc per mile Bin. Ma?y S. Kldiager. Mrs. Mary S. Rldtager, widow i Third street, Friday morning at 3 j j o'clock, aged 82 years. She ras a dauga- i o! ' ter of the late WJ'.iam B.. and Lc-use , IN NEW YORK Sauble Is a graduate of Taney- High School aad Hood College, i Rev. Mr. Welker Is a graduate of I Franklin Marshall College and Sem- LOCAL MENTIONS FRANCIS SCOT. KEY OARAGE. 114 Weil Patrick SU J. TlUtCKS I' Asf.r'.ani Cashier, DIRECTORS JOSEPH D. BAECB. TIIOMAB H. BAUER. CHARLES H CONIXY M. D.. JOHN S. NEWMAN. JAMES H. GAMBBIUL. JK.. HOLMES D. BAKER. DANIEI BAKER JB., JOHN B. BAKER. ELIAS B RAMsm-KOi*, ARCUIBAUI E. FISHE*. * 1 "-" pA°-r-? Vn- - "'·· . -. ^ *.'4-«:- i' -" otjv FOR RENT. roa -*; *· P.'-- ENT -rt'RSS-RCCil D\Tt-IQKT OR 1ENT--THRE2 ROOM * ? \r. tu-n ·"h'-i \rplj KS S«". Sen- 1 ! Rt K-It-Mi · fVRNISKED 1 C»=:.-a. '.x- I ISO West Pi APARTMENT FOU KENT. : - t^ A 1 ! C3"- f e^crt App' r.Ci »'r«".. cr 'p5or« "3S-M. ! FOS REST --"JODEHN 3 ROOM APAK» l men: MI Eui S»conH sirtc;. W. C. T. U. Meeting. Samuel D. R'dlager, died at the home j Crum Tabler. Frederick. Sh months and 13 days. -- , daughter of the late George and Re- j of Guy L Fout, 113 West Th-d stree- fcecca Sines. Besides her daughter.; Monday morning 10 45 o'clock W;T. she leaves one son, Ctetns · services at the home. Burial m ' S Taneytown. She had been to de- ' OUvet ceraetary. aarry E. Carry. -^ eliding- health for some time, but had era! director. been crlticaily SB for only a few days. -- -Death was due. to cerebral hemor- Sirs. Caroline R. Cooley. "rbages. Her husband preceded her to Mrs. Caroline^ R. Cooley. 83 years o: death three years ago. IfS 6 ' ^^ow of r.«-.i Coiicv ciea z: r.~ She was a member of the Harney U. , oo 13 ^. Park aL2s. Friday e-.ecicgat 6 .. B church, the pastor of which. Rev ' o'clock, of general debility, she is s-:Earl Refidtag. wffl officiate at her fun! v ved by four da-jccfrs, irs. Xanr era! which wfll take place Sunday at I j Heed and r.Irs SXzabetn Grus-c. p. m, from the home of the daugh- j Bojds S»fco=: Mrs. . 4 l2rtsa l^es or. Brial wffl be in the Harney U. · ^rs. OJie Mues, near D:cierson, a^ 13 wr Burial B "cemetery .n. ««!« j s=n - JciJn J - c Z le ?- Funeral ser-.- le tick of brok- 'Ijjs. iis- rhe -tshop I per- sang In the church choirs. She took an active part ia the Young Women's Missionary Society aad Sunday School. She was president of the Luther League, j . Rev. aaS Mrs. Welker left immediate- I . · if after the wedding oa aa extended j £ i tour to Miami, Florida. After January they wall be at home at Pleasant Unity. ·Fa. j leaving at 2 p. in. Big l^Tii*K Dance~ If you like fox trots or waltzes. Paul or square dance, don't miss the Xmas dance at Pumice Ford. Sati, December 26, for our music ihas IT. Trappers Take Notice. Full value and highest prices paW j (or ra* furs at my place of busm-ss 'Snap betvutn Third asd Fourth Su Chipei A'_ey ' 1 also na'.e all kinds of second-hane ?:pe. gooc! ai ne-s trom : --tnch to 8 ; """FREDERICK JUNK COMPANY, Frank Gast.ev Prop , Residence 215 B Third St. "Phone 383 FOR RET-- FRONT. "'- n:fs'. i=a garag». Apply 313 N Mar«: -r«s. -oag * Wfic«V -OR REST-- m.LINO ETAT1OS. ON JEF- '.t'sort pite. it»r Frtderlct. tnoTn »» the ' Apply »'.it;an. 13-31-iiSl* FOR RENT l i t W Third strecv. ROOMS APPLY I P. RJCB. cam to have eath- -rad dream - dust "he tune w;l! COJT.- "yjbtless. Then z AUTOMOBILES POE'SALE FOR BALZ -DODGE SEDAN. SEW TIRJ .nib.--te.-y. Price S75 00 S38 ^ C.rrj Eluj street modern notne. ide»i ioe»t!on- S^TCO wot. moaern Bom*. WwJU_«tcn *"pro»ertse'« oa P»r* arenne. »na E»at «U «'reel. US 6« »old ill fc $fcerifieft. SAVING *3-000 A recent arop oi tJoOO on th!» moatra i i 8-rooro Boune. mcluaUB ir«et of FOR REST --ROO'1 PCPSI2HEO AFAKT- osi-n'_ 21 West ThLra slree'.- FOR RFS1 --MODERN S ROOM BCKGA- App v F'irt St-sj^crstr. 4« W Pitrlck ' s'.r«'_ -Pho--,s 67-M i:-17-d',t | FOB RENT-HOCSE ON W.TER ST. SEX rooms »i:S e'fctric J'gVjt, papsr ar-d esser ia kitchen. Posseislco »'. once, -tppiy J U ! C^lier. 13-14-dtf ""O CD i Gisb--StotUemyer. ! No 'totter How Tour Accident Miss Mary L. StottlemVer. daughter happens, if you are found liable It may of Mr. and Mrs. Vlnton Stottlctayer, | "^s- r °i TOUT right to drive as well as of WolfivlUe, and Inrin P. Gish. soa of ; niEway near Frederlelt. miltCT »n »tttt»c- ' M » « ' t i t!v« B»rga:n «" well ·* · «ourl»i «t» Ol'int : 7 t j s Mml * you mun «pprea»te ' full REN'l SIX ROOM KOUSK "J.V ·« M » , « » t Si Apply to C 8±T" rvn«-3 , rw i. 12-1-ett ansiier them c irr - and Mrs Noah Gish. Hagerstcnnj, I, Edward D. Murray. j Monday momir.g at 11 o'clock. Inter- Word was received here Thursday of j mant m M *- °- T «- cemetery. Geo~e W the death of Edward D. Murray, form- Peters, funeral d-rectcr. erly of ttus cfty, but for the past 51 ers siii grc e sny effort to e\plain that -iniz ;".-ailT happened." * if- S One of the crost :an^ist!c incidents 2OSS etrange, fererab taes j married at the home of the bride j Saturday evening, at 7 30 o'clock. The j ring ceremony o' the United Brethren i church was performed by the bride's! pastor. Rev Palmer M. Sisnker. Only J tie immediate families of the bride and ' STOOHI attended the wedding- | · The bnds tas atured in a blue chlf- sum of money. Aetna-ize. POTTS GRIFFIN. HELP WANTED. j s-.»tion opportunity i this valiie _ ! NO BETTER ISVESTMElrt. | Modern snree «or? tpjirtinent ·»» f"- ; i ,,,. th.« P»y» « ^- «»'- °° »«» r «°«"- ! ' FOR RENT -POOR OR n »D3." Jioor . ROOM MO r.'-. la*T^ti«l or jr.! jrn!»J:± pij 8 W. ThlrS street Meeting Depositors Central Trust Company of Jlaryland. Wednesday. Dereinoer 30th, 1931, At 7.30 p. ni. Courtroom, at the Courthouse. in Fredsrlck, Md This meeting is cailes for the depositors to ciscass aad act upon an _ _ IT ROtTTE MAN WAKTED---AT nee for i-o-.nb! s.-.'-i tine of ac::-!cno«n [ fcousehoM w-dn Car or "·Kht »;«- !: «'*- | «rv. Mutt be «t'«fled «'th SST 3"^ » «e« I it start. V.rl.e rt.oc.L .m . · .41** i TJTl Mosmouth. C'.sclnr.ii:, O cu ' RAn-WA-y MAIL CLERKF"-MEN i»-» ! Commence S!58 00 mo- th Steafiy Paid comer iot» oo w. Utb «re«t. »J5o REJfl _ MODEMS tux- ROOM Comncn Consult Rtc» etxrat other T«loe«. Llat your re»! estate ·'·'» EUc«. P LUTHER RICB. RJBAL SOT ATE ·FBOXB 1«M- » B TH1ED BT- NOAH E. CEAMER SON. 1043. 12-ldtt i POR RENT -- 3-ROOM MODERN APART' ment Apply Well Bros-. 41S North Marnet Ktreel. Il-4-dU I pon REjrr.--six ROOM ious£ th- ·«··-. O i conS:'.;os App^y 431 Norm M*r*'i -c. 10-S-att SEss Ella S. Miner. Miss Eila S. Miller, formerly of La- a t'-ed on- a':err.~-" in a s=3'' bat ' foa dress, -rtth ascessories to match. . pwitcrs « ca:ass aao. act upon an , r ar , wl!h . S ^ D coaciir.* free write IM.J : el^n-y a?r^ted"Wrd roox^ol a ' Bath are well kno^n and popular young ; orderlv p l a n o f wn^aj the «« ,,« ?«,^^ 18 T^3^i.30.3U.- S . 6 . , -.--.erase m that has since collated, peapte In theu- r=^ect:ve communities , and rwrpmteng a ban. as p eparec i^ years a resident of Dayton, Ohto. Mr. S^^f^f^ £££ - cies^Tc^-S^ay-anhrSp-r^- 1^^^ ^CSto ^"^ if£'!i*~ ! ^^r.nd"^-di · * Marbury.GosnMia.d WU^ns A^ ; S^d^S y in^S^y. He was 73 ^ d Hospital, Syke^Te, ^here s,e color" when it barged a sightly »-. xffl r«:de at the home of the groom's a j c £ at ^ ^^ TM£££ t \ years of age. In the fall of 1930 Mr. ** been a patent for the par. cir-ited gacbir. He had r^en on parents. ] can te sLn*a^toe 0?-^'^le^r^- Murray returned to Frederick awj ^aa«i «=.-». Kh* «. BI «,« n f · ,^ ,--.^ ,v. ^,^. . nrf .,,.,_.. V..W-K ! can be seen a. t-e off..e o. ,ne Eecre-, qpent sereral months with relatives here. Ee Is snirrived by two sons, Grover and George, both of Dayton, O, and the following brothers and sisters: Charles C., Frederick; John J., Washtngton, D. O.: Clarence M.. RidgeTitle: Harvey J. Murray, and Mrs. Lloyd C- Culler, this city. The funeral will be held from his late home In Dayton age. Fansrai serrices vrere held s Thursday afternoon at 1.30 o'ciocl-: ;nd with burial jenrces at Haugh's csm- in etery, the pastor of Haugh's church. Rev. J. Frank F_fe, o£cis::ng. TflsbJ3aa lee. Tflghman Lee, colored, aged 91 yearc. d'ed at Monte-rue Eospl^i! Wear.=jda; en th2 list." t, his s~allchw-taii evening coat an ebony cane as he caine ?.:iss Viola Mar.e Crawford, of Mt. · Xaturally, this attire before the noon Rainier, fere married at noon Chr st- | hear crrstea a st^ of amusercent. mas day in a pre£ty ceremony at the ' "Tie; "re a_l ga^s dDWH--the whole · home cf Rev. and Mrs. A. R. Snedegar, | Co:k o! 'em." a pesslm^t was cosucent- i on Wesi Church street. The bnde wore -.·5 as the gent entered. "Every stock '· a b-owa transparent velvet gown with | Lee--Crawford. i t3T ^' 5 Wsst Church street, Frederick, j Thomas Belt Lee, of Brentwood, acd Maryland. '· WdLIAii J. GROVE, Cnairman B. B. ROSEr.'STOCK. Seer. i Dr. E. Perry. Dr. wnilam E. Perry. 71, a prominent physician of Harpers Feny died late Wednesday evening after a shost · ac!: about 10 o'clock, of ge bilitv. Ee leaves one sister, Anna Lee, er, who ha of Washirgton, D. C, and a slstT-ls- for weeks. Funeral Saturday at 1 o'clock at Jtflitary School BepreseoUtiye at FHANCIS SCOTT KEY HOTEL Captain Robert H. Shank, represent- ter j »d by her -*ter Mrs V W K:d- ' ^ tie Carson Long Military School, "~~ J "" located ia Sew B.oornSeld. Pennsyl- vin.a, wd "oe registered at the Francis Scott. Kay Hot*; Welnes~ay December PUBLIC SALES PCBLJC SALE PERSON«, Pr.OPERTY ''ND FAHM Ths 'jnd("-?:gt:«!. iB'.rDiJ.'-g to ci.srontrr.ue Kst'.ai. T li se'l «' P" b: c " ! * oa tbe r"»:Mi *dJol"-r'K Ijia 1 !' I." cr DECTVBER 30. 1931, lo'.-fx'.ve psrsonai prop- NOTICES. -tilen. cne t-esb. IT- c:«* spr'.njer s -^, a -, r: · ST -n : r « 7-i- r i5 fECh hat aad shoes to match. She was at- . He was a native of WalkersrlEe, this , Peters, funeral ctxctor. county, and located at Hallcowa, W. Va., j - · after his gri-aation from medical col- i Ice cream, as far as Is kn ys you " commented the newccm- beea cleaning up st'adilj j ws3, as ntatron of h-cnor. Mr. Kidwel! "Tell you what m co-- (was best man. The rtng ceremony rcaie yc_ a Ztttle bit. I"3 bet you that' TCOS used. you can cash in on any of 'en--just j The wedding was witnessed by Mr. church, fct^nnpn- in the P--k one b^ss!--aad it's ccfce a. Bet j and Mrs. L. H. Crawford, parents of , . *^ ! cemetery at Hcpe E.H. George W. re- a thousand bu:ks, and jast to show ithe bride. Miss Alma Crawford, a s's- rf J?f ; oa I'm a sport, IH b'^ndfold myself f ter, and H. W. Dixon. The couple wi;l 'III taie a plsre of chaii here and jraake the^- home in Mt. Rainier. trat throw St at the ioard. Whatever it -:is m buy--and I've gtrt a thousand jD^ars that savs m clean up on It." =.=sd.l AH OPPORTONrrS To purebaie B 1«5 »ere firsa tbre« from wallerevllle '01 *3.SOO ru!» tana i* i Improved »tiS a "i* room fr»mi J«rI!n« | bouso, oaak oarn. tE« *het chicken i Houses acd hog pen. spring cater piped mtc. , EL£CTlOr NOTICE ilichea o natural !.ow there a i Thf .,.-..,; .. .. r; OE o r .,;,,. meadow ol about 10 ceres togetOer "rttti i £ a l i n g , s ^^ , . s. n-.d on Tuesajy, Jaaa- »bcv:t 10 acres oi One u»b*r .aod. ijaiaac' . ,, , ._,.,,, , 1K ^ 3 _, oeini under eu.t.vstion The owaer of :»:.« , M J. property tr:!! learc la tho t»ns *1.COO. ca . C-« asortgage j 11-23-dIi Tb!i f one oi the so", attractlre «»rro \ _ opwortucltlcs that »e haTt eier oOerea ar.o | --i fr-ii? sn'.d lor m4cri ies% than the or:Ki-a' ' Crst" niortgaze For rjr-.r-er pirtleulars ap- ; A f '~ '° SOAH E CRAMER SON, J14 COURT STREET. FREDERICK KD. ·PHONE i-J8. ELECTION NOTICE. F.-'fi-r :i. V.d . Dec. :3rii. IS31- b^r.z. v ::o..-c o-j tie t-:t!:h ca' 1";:. f.-r t x » 5;c"=!l Tseraa- ont.-'. 1 --jr-"i tie hoars of -io CO :co to 30. 1S31 from 3 to 10 p. m. Interested in =-c'"yx'-s ti-.e a'so^" ::- at 1 o'clort p = I »i:i so:, =t r . = . f = »-c"ci th- I..TB where I no^r r r f t f r ·-- -i.-'-g tOT aero or ,ina ar.d tapro-'d r '.-. a ^°-"» lege in Baltimore, when, be practiced j first made and eaten during the I6th imtn removing to Harpers Ferry about j century in Italy. fifteen years ago. Els wife, a. Miss j Gibson, daughter of the late John W. Giison, of Jefferson county, W. Va, died aboiK a year ago. Surviving is a daughter, Mrs. Isabel Dawsan, two sons, Gilbert and John, the latter of Pittsburgh. Pa. Interment win be in Ciarles Town. ^ ^^4.^^- _,, J 1\T4,- e L-OilS L VjUS.1 U \ V HiS Nathan C. Barrick. i Nataaa C. Barrick, of Frederick, died 5 at ilonierue Hospital, at 530 o'clock this morning. cea;h bting due to general debility. Ee was aged 84 years and was pre-eoed in csa-h by Mrs Al ce L j Bamc'r^ h^ w^e, ·who died in April. ! 1931 Ee is somved by two daughters i Mrs. Boss Hoirmcs. West CarroUon. | DlilD, and Mrs. Matt3e WeZty Baltimore; ! one son. vfa^er Barries. Buckeystcwn ' ana one brother. William Barr ck. West ! Cz--cltcr. O, tnd 3 n-omber cf grand- : cl:_-ren. Funeral arraKger-.ests wi3 be an- : noanced !al«r. M. R. Etchison and ; Sec. funeral cirec'ors. Thnroas W. Davis. l Tirzas W.^.;a TaT_s :s. sen of Mn- ri F. D3-T15, firmer res:c:ent of near ; j?""js". Suncay at SssiliasvCe j Bes.iC; :_i :a:"-er. wio for the past i £TJ r--rs has r-^.ded at Fort Lauder- · cat:. ~.^ . oc-rta^e- is s-rvives 3? two ' sisvrs. Mri M-lircd Beall, Catonsn^e; Mr= \!rrfe MiDaas.i. L-jne Si'Ji; i Tin · R^r C_TJ^. Chares ar.a Mltrne.I. F;rt I^-iicrcale. F".a. Two ' -v^-.:".Si. Gsorre D-v^. J.:t, A.TT, and , v.~::;.ar-. Divls, G-a.thcrs'oatg, also sur- ' ·v ·; Fancra. scr;i:es a^d r-s-e he'd a; Prosp.ct Tuesday Batiks--Waddy Thomas Lee Backs and Miss Margaret Jeannette Waddy, both* of Shej- herdstawn. W. Va_ were married Fri- evenlrog at 8 o'clock at the rectory of All Saints church, by Rev Douglass d_stia::t.3u for the recnaicder of this jear, or next, are invited to call to see Captain Shank or to caU him on the telephone. di'-v- c* -y . . P . ' d : - . K Z I" ~ '"- car.-J.uoa r.. C A D WllilAlIS. Warf-'.S. A - c t c. fc". A London business man had an oM .·utorr.ob.le wh;ch he coxild not get nd j of z.' zr.~ vrizt. At last he decldec to 1 sell ,t :-!^n=e'.f. and har.g u? the folio--- ^··z not:."'. 'Who. tfjll tase ths car dav a man came in ·; be.'cv- tr.crc's a ca-^h ir; ·?"£-". c"jt -.rn^ o"; t're ~s, Why Take a Chance. i Let Delpney get your 1932 motor vr- ' hide license tigs, chauffeurs' cards etc. Daily ans appUcation blanks furnished and ailea , in free of charge. ' J PAUL DELPHET. I ·Home of the Blue OP Ta».oss"s OF Htrss P17BI.IC Market Prices Ridje Transportation Co. a bus service from Bus Tcnn- ..-:a' us Odd Fc.lows Home. North MarSet St. exts and :Venr.eJ.a'e oc.r.'s efff-ct.-.* 1 . E:enr^x~r 23. Leave Terrn» 9.15 a- m , 4 a=c! 6 p ni. Leave OiJ Fe^ows Home 8?", 103" a m. and 4 30 p m. Fare 10 cents For ialsrntatlcs Plsc^- 202 .JHE PEOPLE'S PINAMCK CO RECEIPT IN FULL How wo ild yoJ ".Lie to s'xrp Into the office oi each of your creditors ·^aiay. a;:d Ti'.k o'jt »-.t"n a receipt Ul t'J"' WoaxJn't i' gi«e you a ·.irul oi independcr.^? Of course ;·- taitj ~or.ey 'o do tr. iJt ttere "r-i., b**n ^ *"»~ oroTdf- . -^ yu do rol ESI- - P«---ar.s we can ae.p · , · 1 get rec*.?'- c in f j - '-*' a'J 'be 0^1=; ^ owe ani ilt-:? ro" pa" i: rxi~i ir tisv ^'ft:^^* TtK tjm** *" "-" j-"*-r - __ s ^ no- T"-. p"^'^- THE PEOPLE'S FINANCE CO . :; C'-^rt S;. P'l'--.'- 1*73 JOHN N CLAEY. -.- : .- r'-T"* or »c"'r.E D.rcc'.ors CXAST. NOTICE or rnu^ MSTrtNG -JF CREDITORS ;r. "·:» O ~;r c; C:-rt of "ss r,-. -»-J S:a:'? :^.- ·-.-.- I. «·-.« o! Mj-r-^rS. .2 Bantruptcy. :; 'he ::a::cr c: Grace i: A-^i-sl TD '.he crec!!Ce:-s of Grscs M. ^ ii- cr ~--i:^'-~-rs:. Gr-ce ^ t Sa-S , -'· -"' ---;- -3-s * '.- fcs t'-i at -- r ,,·» c-tct. P-, Cav..r. Cc^r; Str«t. ~ - .T. i C "v i.:i-;i.a^'-. cs T_cs2~. ; - »r- 5 .-32. at so o =!w£ a. ».. ^ I- -h · -- .- . d rt.acr "·· ^a-2 crw!:tos O? PIPS! H^ET.Mi O? CREDrtoSS. T3 lie crrJ. irj Gnvta. 12^TT · O J ,, __ .«« Lire Stork aod Prodoee. ru--'.'Uti 17 Prsi-rc*; Holiday Bargains to Csed Car«. VTE H S -VE REMOVED OUK OFFICE k \" ^T -»O:-S :i -ST1ST PATRICK 5T, "-.-"_^ *- 6c 1?2S ChevrDlet Oc-?". 1323 Caevrolet Coacii :S28 Orfvro'.e-, Cabroilet :327 Essex Cs3".. 1327 Xash Ce-pe 1523 Fcrs Spcrt CC'Jpe 1929 Ford Sport Rcadster Ss* Veraar. Rippeon FR2D2RICK MOTOR CO . 117 Wdt, Patrick St Thss; IC92 TO 3c 'S. «3. coed 10 "i:oioe . 2"-iC to 3c COTS, fair to eood. l'-4C to 2c i C:~s. cosircoa . - -- lc , C^TW. extra pr-ze _. -p to Sc .0:^. 15C-2CO Irs _ "? to 5c cio:;e. -.30-155 .as sp to 4: 1C-D-125 las. . -- u? to 3c 9S-:0 Ibs. *ibj*ct -- - 2c choice. 70-80 '.3S. _, :h£X», 6C-70 Ibs choice, :00 Ibs u? 5c ; · cu.'f^ Jc Best Foontain Servfce at fb» City IOO-.-5 1SS- -- V-jc eSOPLTS SERVICE DRUG STORSS 130-140 .t* :-"ORTK COUP.T STREST. ·s-r." 2.1 llres of Srjr-i'ance l=- · a^-c-ccfrje ..ab^it? and prcpert; JOHN N CLARY proper.,- c=. ^ ^ _ i _ ~ " ' TTori Cphobterinc. Eeflotehing. Cialr Ci=e:r.5-Ratan A H MAPLE. 9 Dealer St.. Those 301 - cc~a--t--* s -** ·' ''- ~-' "- SsSer Ptr-: c- * ^ e '.",.« . *--; = " a vtrT ·;·* -a-- · T»' -- T-rr=« c: "i - «' " -*'" ^"* ·"' "-"' FOE SALE. J _^_ J ^_,^_...^,-. J a^,^i^-^.SALS --TWO AXGOPJ aaiiiss A^-S ;- iaa ?.i:..; ··--·." t ^ e.^..c -ri't := tr.e -atari cf Delaware Bay. Here the H^ IiP-150 las , Miss Moll.e K. Tatler 3ab:on is . st Uie home o£ Guy L. Fou:, 113 West i ing asiore. . ' a ' a . s r .-.r. l?.s '. V:t car?D .«--:" absard. J Hogs, eioapsd "oy leap^g o-.erooari a s-iaUow -rater and wad- j Hogs. 160-200 '0. 2SO Its.. .., Scratch Pads and Tablets. 8c to 10: a pound. THE N'EWS-POST, Ooort Street. -- TCR SALE CR -C_T.». .-C..i t-J . T. O Ec-pif. RINT-TBSSr STO 1 !? ;i--_-=·. _ __ t r-" c! a4. *?? - "t"' c" _ ^-~" ' »- e« s.-sei. Tars, ? » _ _ . '-"a T r - r = - · · - ;-

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