The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa on May 7, 1970 · Page 17
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May 7, 1970

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The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa · Page 17

Des Moines, Iowa
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Thursday, May 7, 1970
Page 17
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Reverse Ban OnPhymian In'Hospital "By Jack Hovelsoft (Register Staff Writer) INDEPENDENCE, IA. Df. •A. E. Mayner, a 34-year-old Mpthfop physician, has been re-admitted to practice'at People's Hospi-, tal here. ""He has been banned from the hospital since September, 1968, after he was accused of substituting a-blood sample taken from a hospital nurse in place of a specimen that was to come from a man accused of dftmkeft. dtTvlflgr— Re-admittance was approved Tuesday night by a 4-1 vote of the People's Hospital board of trustees. Board member Reeves Hall of Independence .cast the disenting vote. ' Th e action was opposed by People's Hospital staff physicians who 'submitted a "letter of r e g r'e t " Tuesday night after the trustees voted. Dr. Mayner was admitted as an "associate on the staff" for one year, and will not be entitled to vote on hospital staff matters, said Carl Greif of Independence, chairman of the hospital trustees. Greif said the provision is imposed on all newly admitted staff members. Cite Difficulty Residents of Winthrop, seven miles east of Independence, complained for several months about the inconvenience of the ouster of the community's only Obituaries WALLACE E. JBARRON (Th* Register'* lawn Newt Service) ..AMES, IA. - A "'memorial service for -Wallace E. (Red) Barron, 67, former executive secretary of the Iowa State University Alumni Associatiorrand director rjf alumni affairs, will be at, 2 p.m. Friday at the Collegiate OFFICIAL PtJBLICAf ION J8. 45" R.C.P. 7Vf« «. «<'"R.C.P'."storm'setter », 31 . ' Rib' Va'p' TaV -'flaVad" end" ' sVttioris) i Hit --- DR. A. K. MAYNER physician from dence hospital. the Indepen- Most of Dr. ing the past one years have been Mayner's hospital patients dur- and a half admitted to hospitals in Waterloo, 30 miles away. Greif said Tuesday night's action "was taken on the basis of two hearings with Dr. Mayner and his attorneys." The first hearing in January was conducted by the hospital's staff of six physicians, who recommended that Dr. Mayner not be admitted to practice at the hospital. A. second hearing was conducted last trustees. P r e s byterian church here. Private serv- WALLACBE. ices for Mr. (REoj BARRON Barron, who died Tuesday at "a hospital here, will be today, with burial at University Cemetery." "~ r A 1928 graduate of Iowa State, Mr.-Barron served the university in various offices before becoming editor of the Iowa State Alumnus in 1935. He became executive secretary of the Alumni Association in 1937 and continued in that position until 1968. After 1968, he continued in the alumni office as coordinator for research and special projects. In 1968 he was awarded the Alumni Recognition Medal of the Alumni Association and in 1969 was awarded an honorary doctor of humane letters degree by Buena Vista College. He is survived by his wife, two sons, including Brian of Des Moines, a daughter and a brother. STEVEN J. MIHALOVICH Services for Steven J: Mihalovich, 67, of 2741 John Patterson road, who died Tuesday of pneumonia, will be at 11 a.m. Friday at St. Joseph's C&tholic Church with burial in Glendale Cemetery. Mr. Mlhalovich, a retired auto body shop foreman, was a me'mber of St. Joseph's Catholic Church, the Knights-of-Columbus, the American Croatian Men's Club, St. Joseph's Holy Name Society, Croatian Fraternal Organization and the Croatian Catholic Lodge. A rosary service will be at 8:30 p.m. today at the Caldwell- Brien-Robbins Funeral Home. "We didn't feel like he should be suspended ., forever," Greif said. "He is on the staff at Schoitz and St. Francis Hospitals in Waterloo, and we shouldn't feel that we're so much better than they are." Dr. Mayner's re-admittance to the hospital staff is effective l«'« » »Mf •, T 3J, r °Crush*d paeted m . . 33 Remove anil re- ard on p¥opii-i 34. f emporir'y fencer as aen darOII, property. ..;..,.> required 20 tan (ctm as detailed at Stan.......... Standard Oil 35. Remove and relocate , chain, link fence.. 3«. IB-' R.C.P. sterrn sewer oipi Along wl)h - miieeTlaneous additional' work incidental to the construction of rain forced concrete street pavement,,flradinp, bridge' construction and drair tyres. For a more detailed thereof, reference Is made to salt and Speclflcations^whlcn are nereb 1 a part of this notice sna imrpi__ contract by this reference, as Surely and certainly as though set out herein In de'*'•' PART ONE PAYMENT ^Payment to the contractor for, said bridge improvements, generally referred • • - • - i cash from issuance of OFFICIAL PUBLICATION , to as Part one, win be made in cash the proceeds of the sale and issuan General Obligation Bridge Bonds of sal town and/or from such cas ' town as may be regally purposes. Any combin m 'i funds Of said used for said of. the.above purposes. Any combination -. .... lethods may be used at the discretion of Thefco'ntractor on Part One will be paid each month in cash on the basis of monthly estimates, at a rate or ninety, (»0) oar cent of the engineer's estimate of value of acceptable work —--— - — — the preced ng m be msae aTlhe of construction, made thirty-one Final payment will be — (31). days .after. c~ pletion of the work and acceptance bv Payment fa the Contractor far street Improvements generally descr as Part Two will be made In cash derived from the payment of special assessments not pledged to the payment of specia In ,V'- 310 assessment bonds and from tho sale of special assessment bonds to be Issued In accordance with Chapter 394 of thi '- --•• Section ' ments, an' estimate oT'such"assess"me~nfs tie Code of Iowa, and In particular, 396.6 of said code, In anticipation collection of said special assess. an estimate of such assessments being on file with the Town. Clerk, said bonds to be sold by the Town at not less than the par-value thereof plus accrued Interest. Any deficiency between, the amount or the contract price of said improvements and the amount of the proceeds from th••« payment of unpledged special assessments and from the sale of said special assessment bonds shall be paid from the proceeds of the Issuance and sale of general obligation street construction bonds and/or from such cash.funds of said Town as may be legally«used for said purposes. Any combination of the above methods, of .payment may ba used at- the ... Pari Two will be oald each month ninety (70) per cent of the Engineer's estimate of the value of acceptable work completed at the end of the preceding month. Initial payment will be '.ffhaa, I payment ^second montir contra office ifanS 1 • Insuraneg.Exchange~Build'ing;"Sioux"crtv'; jald -Iowa silpt. A deposit of $5.00 per set of bed specltlcations win be required. A max- imumi refund of J5.00 will be made to bona Ilde bidders provided the SP»'"'^> I ''"« are returned with the proposal. This notice Is aiven by order of the Board of Trustees of the Municipal Power Plant of the Town of Woodbine. Iowa. Chairman, Board of'Trustees 0. M.'Dean Secretary, Board of Trustees cash Derive methods of payment ma discretion of the Council. The Contractor on Part . made at the end of the secend menth of . Final payment will be m 31) days after completion the work and acceptance by the. Town construction. thirty-one (3 . Council. All payments to the Contractor shall be made In warrants, drawing Interest at the rate of six (6) per cent per annum, If not paid upon /presentation, authorized by Section 391A.22 of the Code of Iowa, drawn on the Town of Clive, Iowa, for 1970 street Improvement fund, anticipating the collection of the special assessments being made against property ben- el 1 1 ted by the protect and the' proceeds of the sale ef special assessment and general obligation bonds, and, to the extent such drawn on such available for proceeds are not sulficlen' other funds as are legally $ That U the method of construction shall ba by contract In accordance wfth the Plans and Specltlcations, Form of Contract and general stipulr' * " 'own ci£rk°o]Jhe''Towh'of ClTve, "Iowa", art hereof as though fully Incorporated I8 i?i n work Is to be done In strict c'prrt- pllance with said Plans and Specifications repared by the Anderson Engineer na JorHpany of~Des~~MOtnw~lowar~whictr have 'heretofore been approved by the Town Council, and are now on file for public examination In the oftlce of the — •-••— ind specifications n council imprbvern6nt»"afe Fereby'mVde a part of this notice and the proposed contracts shall be executed tn compliance therewith. The work under the proposed contract shall commence within tenJIO) days-after receipt of notice to proceed and shall, be completed and ready for use, within 180 calendar days thereafter, sublect to any extension of time wnlqh may be granted V No e bld°s W shall be withdrawn alter opening of the proposals without consent, of ,jiir MRS. LUCILLE BOONE month-4»y-the-(-- S e fv i Be5 -- w iu--be-at---l--p,mr Saturday at the St. Paul AME Church for Mrs. Lucille Lena Boone,. ,.47^. qf 944 Tenth St., who died at Broad lawns! General Hospi tal Tuesday afi er a six - day illness. Burial will be at Glen- immediately. Contacted at his Winthrop office, he said, "I'm very happy. This will be considerably more convenient for all my patients." Last summer some' Winthrop residents openly opposed the levying of a two-mill tax to support People's Hospital, which then was reporting some financial difficulty. They, argued that if Dr. Mayner were allowed to practice at the hospital there would be more use of the Hospital and the tax increase would be unnecessary. The tax levy was approved, however. Position Improved Keith Campbell, People's Hospital administrator, said Wednesday the facility has been operating at 72 to 80 per cent .occupancy and its financial position is "much proved." The addition of Dr. Mayner to the staff will "naturally increase 1 ' the hospital's occupancy rate, he saijd. pulatlons forsald Improvements now on file In the office of the k oi " the Tly and which are~By this reference made a. ?5 Town Clerk. Said Plant and speci and the proceedings of the Town referring to and defining said p Want Ad Rates irree. m* said-.wrfc-jo bajssyediv a •ateorisibfc lurefyjp&roved by Jhe Board jf trustees, and srjairauaranteft the faiin- tul Mrwrmance of.theVcontract and the ' —-' cdndfilonL.thereln-contain •. 1.. ..... nromw Paymen . ind. project m :<a^»WVCtaV"K}hd"eau«8 bv''IKS ------ L , oT the ii co.njracjqr 1 - ..,.. term v andltondUlenL.therein and sFfail Syarantee the promp tor all materials and labor ai and save harmless the Town fr .. e materials 1ur »Terla" fl * " us for «ir del r, and shall ana equipment faulty workmanship and period of, me%m year r a under the oro ^^^fiWywflwjJIWB* shall be corn . _. —. _ Ihff 24th cpmpleied resjryes" ttje'ri iced on or before -ind shall be CL.... i day of March, \ .... ... _.Js arfd to enter Into act as it shall deem to be for its ... T __jrdof Tn .-refect any or ai such conf- -- " „&/ virtue" of statutory authority, prefer- eftca Will b« elven to products and orovl- jjons grown and .coal Produced w thin the •tikofJ*W. and to Jowa domelWclabor, referring to a Imprflvemenf! made a part . eontratt extensions ir TnlSTTiotlce a.._ .... . ~ . fay reference and ihe ract. shall be executed in . hereby {he pro' oro- eom- dbcuments, are now on file . the Secretary of the Board .oples may be Obtained from Inter Eng i • OTICE OF HEARING AND [Gp.pftOJJCEjjF. PUBLIC. HEAR- rtr >W&A$ 6JI "•— J i will be received by the Ity of Marengo, Iowa at . .._ __.d City until 7:30 o'clock P.M., (C.D.T.), on the 9th day of June, 1970 for the construction of proposed Waterworks improvements as described In the plans and specifications therefore now on tile Tn the office of the C"" ~" " Proposals received will be acte — Council of said Clf 77t m 95c CLASSIMCATION^ rfiyi 3 days 2 day* day* 1.05 par line M fnoM wtram IOWA 75* 82c IWf IIM r s r 1.00 1.00 1.10 fi'SIf 1 ' par-It** m*r Per DM n Ptf day Z per flna Ptr line pplv for „ mini muni 3 days days days day* t daily CemblnitlM l Sunday tn- Proposal the city to be he ity d u . Clerk. upon by . .. — _.ty at a meeting . leld at. the Council chambers, Marengo, Iowa, on the hour and day above specified or at such later time and place as maythen be fixed. At said time and place the City Council will also hold a hearing on and will adopt proposed plans, specifications, and form of contract for the construction of said Waterworks Improvements, and at said hearing any interested person may appear ana file objections thereto or to the cost of said improvement, The Proposed Waterworks Improve- ments'consists of a 400,000 gallon elevated water storage tank on a 90 foot tower, complete with the foundation. The method of construction shall be by contract In accordance with the plans and ~ locations'and general stipulations for I _._ Waterworks Improvements approved y the City council. " worfc.Tsto be done In. strict com which are now on file for public e majfon In the office of the City clerk. Each proposal shall be made on a form furnished by the City and must be accom- pan ed by a check, certified, by an Iowa bank, and filed In a sealed envelope sepa- rate.-from-the-one-contalnlng-the proposal and In an amount not less than ten percent (10%) of the amount of the proposal, made payable to the City Treasurer of the City of Marengo, la., and may be cashed by the Treasurer ,of the Citv of_ Marengo, Iowa, as liquidated damages in the event-the successful Bi ' Into a contract within .... ..., __,. .... post bond satisfactory to the City Insuring the faithful performance of the contracf. Xhecks-of-the-lowest two Bidders may be retained .fo.r a. period of not to exceed ~ until contracts are Town Council for a period of thirty ( days after the scheduled time cf opening of bids. The Town reserves the right to relect any or all proposals, or any or all Items of such proposals, and to waive any Informalities which appear to the -Town ouncil to be In the Best Interests of the By virtue of statutory authority, « preference will be given to products and provisions grown, and coal produced within b« ion , the State of Iowa, and preference will given to Iowa domestic labor In th* con -^^-prSpo^srSfrge'Sla^...... &^VS'^y e SSi a & check on an Iowa bank in the amount of n-fheM'tfe'V. enter Into a cpntn att( en (10) days, after r post bond" satlstactor ing. the faithful fulfllir The successful bldd notlce'of"awerd"an8 tlsfactory" to "the Town insur • ' •"Iment of the contract —Jer will be required t furnish, a bond in an amount equal tp U per cent of the contract price. Said to be.lssuedtv a responslblr BOONE dale Cemetery. Mrs. Boone was born in LUCILLE L. Mont gomery City, Mo., and had lived in Des Moines 42 years. Survivors include two sisters, Mrs. Pearlie,Wells and Mrs. Bertha Forrest, both of Des Moines, and three brothers, Grover C. and James MaHa- ney, both of Montgomery City, Mo., and Robert Mahaney, Jefferson City, Mo. OFFICIAL PUBLICATION (R-334)—NOTICE OF ON PROPOS UBLIC HEARING V PLANS AND AND FORM OF o F ::%[$ys$ efltf S tructures i peclflcati0l on III* In t »f Cllve, owe,-at her office in ntlT 7:30 P.M., D.S.T. on -the 'ay, 1970, for the construction I: concrete pavement, and bridge construction end drainage as described In the Plans and ms for said Improvements, now 'the .Offlc.rpf.fte Town Clerk, Proposals will be acted upon,,bv the Town Council at a mealing to be held Town Hall- «505 Harbach Blvd., 'led? held at the 'own Hall, 8505 Harbach Blvd., Cllve, owa, on tha day and hour above specified, or at, such later time and place as may then be filed. At said time and place a hearing will be lield on the proposed will cific Plans, Specifications, and Proposed Form of Contract for said construction of reln- opo Fo tt le il an . performance of proved "by" the Town Counc guarantee the faithful perforrr .... contract and' the terms and conditions tnerein contained, and shall guarantee t prompt payment of all materials. and bor, and protect and save harm ess ... Town Irom payment of all materials and labor, and protect and save harmless the Town from claims and damages of any kind caused by the operations of the Contractor, and shall guarantee the maintenance of said Improvements for -a period of four 4) years from ana; after the com, pieiioti a'nd acceptance by me Town. Copies of the Plans, Specifications and Contract documents are on file with the Town Clerk. CJ^ve, ' ' tamed 'from ' na« Mnin»«. IOWA, noon _ ..urne'd in days alter :itve, Iowa, and may be ,ob- the Anderson Engineering Company of Des Moines, Iowa, upon a a, Whjch S25.00 will • ret deposit of J40.0Q of wh ch S2i returned If the documents are good condition within ten (10) _-.. the date set for the receving of bids. Published by order of the Town Council of the Town qf Cllve, Iowa AT M T a E rrorl .?o T rie TOWN OF CLIVE, IOWA Bv Roy J. Porter, Mayor S. Lee, Town Clerk —.OF PU B LIC HEAR INO J»|S& m the Citv of- damages In .... ir falls to enter contract, within .ten (]OJ days and of the '__ recks-bf-fhe-lb'west two Bidders may be ..talned for a per"" 1 nt.n- •fifteen (15) days ..... _.. awarded or refection made. Other checks yvlll .be returned^ after the canvass and Ion of the bids Is completed. jyment to the Contractor for sa._ will be made ID cash to be derived from the. proceeds of the_sa|e of revenue bonds. Payment to the Contractor for said work I be made ID cash to b~ •-•--•• .... proceeds of the. sale of which-said ,bond.s wil be payable solely and only out of Ihe future net earnings ol municipal waterworks system oL said '.The City shall not Incur any general obligation for said Improvement and neither the contract for the construction of said Improvement nor said revenue bonds shall constitute'a general obligation of or be payable In any manner by FOUND ads run fr*a for 3 dkyi 30 letters and spaeei toaaeh Ifn*. lions quo ns. Want Ad Rules pjn. shall cor taxation,."and" litjder" rib "circumstances shall said city be In any manner liable by reason of the failure of said net earnings ny cire of t suffi .to be sufficient for "the payment of s«Td , . .^rmance-of-tfie-contractTwHI-bB'-sut^- lect to the .prior successful sale by the Citv within M days after the award of the contract of Its -water revenue bonds mar at l to fin Certalrrjwiter least 13 years In an amount nt to finance the cast of this work malnv to ,l» let •ymtnt wlll-b* mad* on the bails of lvilent io . ninety dar month; the balance of the ten percent (10%) due the Contractor will be paid not earlier than thirty one (31) days from the final acceptance of said work 6y the City, sublect to' the conditions and In accor- • 1th the provisions of Chapter 573 if Iowa, 1946, as amended. of statutory authority, prefer ?J^JP *-'«»» J- grown and"produced"Wi Iowa, and to Iowa domestic T.he successful Bidder B ,yen.produc,^n^r<^, .c labor. will be requ[red to STILL paying high ver. Ed Powell, 515-792-1525. %^^*^*»X^W%rf 1 ^«*W^*^l-*% Lost and Found to furnish a bond In an amount equa one hundred ' tract ' lundred pereenf .(100%) of the con- price, said bond to be Issued by a inslble suretv approved, by the Cltx responsible surety _ r , .... Council, and shall guarantee the faltfiful performance of and conditions tl Cit ithfu contract and the terms shall -„ ________ . rem contained and B rantee the prompt payment of all ma als and labor ana protect and save mless the City from claims and damages of any kind caused by the operating of the Contractor, and shall also guarantee the maintenance of the Improvements for years from and after the mai eriod of (2) a period of two ( ir completion and acceptance by _. Jotlce Is hv . IrV *Towi° ^ AMD E'£ fTTWTAtVH ..TIONJHEREWITH. • given that the Board of iniclpal Power Plant of •• l- -r son County, i Hall In tha ••• of Ju— filch fli the.Town of Woodbine, Harris Iowa, will meet at the Town I taid Town on the 9th dav 1970, at 2:00 o'clock P.M., at ' and place the board of Trustees will hold a hearing on the specification* and form of contract- and will-receive bid* for furnishing the following equipment: Furnish and deliver f.o.b. Woodbine, Iowa: One One. 'bui . Transformer rated 151 Eight cubicles of swltchgear rated 1200 amperes at 4.16 K - AW maieriaV —" In accordance g roposed forrr, v . .v,...... .. _—.,— ~. uell and Winter Engineering Co., Con; suiting. I now a' Board, bine, croa ai ^.IH i\v , . rials and-»qgipm«nt Jre to-be ice •with the specifications, and orm' of contract prepared, by "finter Engineering German Call for Reconciliation BONN, WEST GERMANY (REUTERS) — President Gustav Heinemann called for reconciliation with Eastern Europe as he marked the twenty- fifth anniversary of the collapse of Nazi Germany with a speech to a diplomatic corps reception. It was the first time a West German president publicly commemorated the defeat of the armed forces of Adolf Hitler's Third Reich oh May 8, 1945. He said Germans knew there was nothing to be gained by yearning for what they had lost, in an evident reference to former German territory that now part of Poland and the Soviet Union. "We know that the main thing now is to bring the task of reconciliation to a successful conclusion.. . . This task today is, mor«-4han a nationa] concern. It Is a European task, it can be achieved only in concert with,all men of good will in the world," he saij. /GORTON IN TOKYO TOKYO, JAPAN (REUTERS) — Australian Priwe Mtaister John Gorton and his wife arrived here Wednesday by air for an official threesiay visit to Japan during which they will .attend Australia Day celebrations at Expo '70. lorced concrete construction at said hear may appear a 1o m vement, grading, bridge drainage structures and any. TnterestecKperson ile objections thereto or pre-stressed ' alnut Creek on University lvd. Make ation per . ...e cost of said Improvements.. , The extent of the work; .Involved is: PART 1. Remove old bridge and -instruct a, pretenslpneef, c >ncrete bridge over •Walnu .W. Mth Street between venue and University B . ~ channel. excavati Construct eight 1(8) inch concrete paving (49' back approaches tp above-men«. Start paving 49.5 feet i Intersection of University rJSXiSw& u nm 9,S,Mon, J£j|;J§ j, W...W.-0, Mil«K&^JI^n B ^fll8 SI, ' constn coi N.W. -. Avenue necessary plans. PART? reinforced to b»e(crf< tioned Prli North *f t . Note: Refer to onstruction staging . shown on .plans. etailed plans for construction stagi on MvtnSrconstruct Incidental drainage the , structures as shown on plans to he storm Bid be t tl as er tr i sewer trunk line existing. ,, the a])Qve described worVwili — ,.^.. on eght (8) Inch relnforcet Portlan5 cement concrete payeinent with six («Inch Integral curbs. Tha kinds and guanfltlas of worK proposed are as fol- cltv r : Tlie work under the proposed contract shall be commenced within ten (10) days after receipt bv the Contract of Notice ti Proceed and shall be complete and ready for operation not later than November 30, Plans and specifications governing tl.. isfruction of the proposed work have m prepared, by French and Associates, nc., Consulting Engineers, Fairfield, owa, which plans and specifications, and also prior proceedings qf the City Council referring fo end defining said proposed work are. hereby made a part or this notice, and the proposed contract by reference, and the proposed contract shall be ed in compliance therewith. execui tract docyments"may".be'ekal office of the city Clerk or at, the Engineer. Copies of the s« specifications and form of or< .Plans, specifications, and proposed contract documents may .be examined at the, ~ st.the office o] said plans and ... .. proposal blanks secured at the office of French ._wclates, Inc., Consulting Engirt,- Box 135, Fairfield, Iowa, by bona (Bidders and ma|or material suppliers Tflapowl- The'plans, .specifications' ins, specl —. .... In ten (10)"days tearing and letting date. Jty reserves the right to relect any iroposals and to waive technicalities (shed upon'order of the City Council rengo*, Iowa. . .... CITY OF MARENGO, IOWA .,__,_ By Otto Maas, Mayor AlTEST: Betty Bro City Ciert arid contract "documents sjfa lT"be"feturned [n A good SondTtlon, vi/ltnjri ten. (10) ' of Duthi I require approximately hours oer year. l" proposal's shall be submitted to the etary of the Board of Trustees of the ilclpal Power Plant on or befora th* In set for the hearing and let- irpposa s shall, be rtade an offi- ig blanks furnished by the Enai- any alterations ft the official *'•'— **-- »——-J r —A ting. All pi cial blddji neer and bidding _. T ...._ ._ and any altarau—.... ,-„ - - & --„.-, form of proposal will entitle the Board, at its option, to relect the proposal involved from consideration, Each, proposal shall be sealed and plainly, Identified. Each proposal shall be accompanl a separate sealed envelope by a cer check In an' amount eaual to ten (10%) of' the total amount of ™ ..„ drawn on and certified to bv a bank In Towa, payable to the Treasurer of the Town of Woodbine, Iowa, .as secur ty that if awarded tha contr th? Board of Trust, nied, in ertified m on and certified to bv a ban i, payable to the Treasurer of n of Woodbine, .Iowa, as security ..... yarded tha contract by resolution of Board of Trustees, lha .bidder will enter into a contract at the prices bid and will furnish the required corporate surety bond. This certified check may be cashed. and the proceed! Woodbine. Iowa, the bidder falls. proceeds reta as Uau am ntra lls to execute a contract and liable bond . .lor Jhe • 'altMul thereof wllhln fourteen (14) tlflcaiion of the acceptance of Ie an accept «rformance 1 , ., ays after notification T . .... . _ .is proposal by resolution of tha Board of rrustees. , . .At the...*ald .haarlno ^and EASTER—Services ~fp~r~Winiam Eas- .er.ot.^Oxfor^wj,.^ 1.0:30 ...ferment r ^ervl *B wr 01f 2833 Oxford wil be 10:30 A.M. Thursday at SaylorvllTe Baptist Church. Interment Pine Hill.. Dahl«trorr( Service. j y.TTJ.N6.rr. services for Jerry .1. .^wirf * United Methodist Chi Sarwln, ervlce. I's Service. • — Services for John B. "".Fremont 5K««» will be Lowrie, 1104 Fremont Street wi I be held Thursday 1:30 PM at Hamilton's Funeral. Home. Interment il^TER' emetery. BI % Andrew A. ID Or.umm lister Home,. !»«» held Friday .. ....... _. .......... Church. Ingerment Glendale. Rosa ry I P.M. Thursdsav., Colonial Funera Chaoel 15th and High Conley Sen/Ice I —.Services i 5th and High onley Sen/Ice IHALOVICH — Services for J. Mihalqvlch, 2741 .John. Pi Steven , -. John Patterson II AM Friday in the Joseph. Rosary 8:30 ..a.m. State, < M- Ing eounflatVFrTday™ i . Lobby Office Tratnad_ad wrlfer on duty Men..Thurs. »:X •.*..( „... Frl. to 7 p.m./. Sat. to 1 p.m. Phone Service Want Ads taken? days • week. Trained, ad ..writer* on duty Mon» Tuaa., Wad., Itjp a.m. to I P.m.; JW«.».fn. IM a.m. to 7 P.m.; Set., 1:10 a.m. to 5 p.m.; Sunday,* a.m, to S p.m. '• For furttitr.fnformafioir write Fred Bell, Classified Departments Register and Tribune Des Moines, Icma 50304 In The Das Moirw Area Phone 284-8141 In All Iowa Call Free INDEX Of Maiar ClatalflcaNaiK uncamMtf-r*rt«na la Stamps—polns 70 ! hest prlcesTor si Newton, la. Ph BASSET—Found East verslly. Owner Identli EAGLE, BE,._ 50th 30t lfy h and Unl 265-3556. about t months, found vli -0534. and Douglas. 276 BRITTANY.SPANIEL. cinlty of 44th and All 3744 after 3 P.m. VpewuWy Allison. Call 255. CARTON between apn Grai rin of china dishes lost vie 31st and Grand and 51s f. M5.S1.40. OLDEN Retriever 5 yr. male, las' AKC no. In ear Reward 255-1586. UNTING dog found vie. 56th an TJnlverslty. Owner Identify. 279-139! MEN'S Prescription glasses foun " of DM on Interstate 35. 262 MI ITARY Medal, 266-3836. NO found1300 0 WEGIAN ElKhound lost, blacl lar. N.W. 53rd Crt. Rew. 27 NORWEGIAN Elkhound Fe. Blk., S lost Waukee area. st vlcfnlty South Union ;o Jenny. Reward. ' PUPPY black found vie. Hill dr. 277-2597. , ire femail alnu RUG, 11x12, green, tost from fre near 31st. 276-0623. _ lost, brown 10 month ma I enter. Reward. 243-4079. PAIR,of boy's glasses, black frames black f case, found. al..Scput Ex es SE of Hartford, Reg ale Coon Hound. PI FOUND Large shepherd tvpe pup v cinlty Uickman and Merle May. 277 cinlty 4687/ GRAY kitten .found vie. Fleur an Owner Identify. 243-4866 lie Notices PHOTOS COPIES. BrT Fng us size. Re photo for copies. Any size. Realste and Tribune Commercial Phot Where Shall Wi Bo LAKE ROBBINS Rlney RInehart — Selurd Don Hoy. Sat. Me KENNY HOFER Friday American Legion Colfax . MayTttS HOFER iireh of.Stj Joseph. Rosary 8:30 iThursday. Kqights of Columbus " the letting, . . _ icatlonj -and for the furnish- PHILLIPS — Thirty-fifth street will be Friday It AM at St. Johns Lutheran Church. I nterment Cemrtary. Friends may T-- TJ. '«», .Westpver Funeral Home. Memorial* acceptabl* to tha donors choice. ' Pg.HieE—Services wr .'Mrs. ,,.Luiu f I80T Watrous, will ba 10:00 A,M. arDunn's on nterm«nt Rockwell Citv. Penonals 14 WESTERN-STYLE MASSAGE FRANTZ, THE BLIND MASSEU Men and women welcome. 24- owont uee- ursdav, 2:00 uneral Homt. mant west- shall not incur any a the saidImpro Shop and Save the Want Ad Way erioAils 140 FILMS DEVETOpra rt Bltfck and White. Bw5i ' Aopttcaiiorr taken .far drivers. ilVER needed to 5aiv_._. S«nl=ranelsco area. Not a low ., . «on Auto Transport 28i-485t nfiify, Si«d, Plant* ISO, plants, 30c a 'mtiftWUSS!"* 11 ** LANTS — PmKS, verbenas, 35c; creeping Phlox, 50c. 1106 s.w. Kirkwood . . Aitruetion 160 MEDICAL SECRETARY :lal—Learn More—Earn Mere. Interesting secretarial future. Be a "Glr - . a, .Speedwrltlng, or Ion. wil Jay. Oi Ste'no M8ChIne"5norfhand. Guidance Testing — Free Placement. Air Conditioned ClaSl Rooms New Dormitory and Campus. Also. Hqme Study, Accounting Also Write, visit, or Calf 244-422T for free M Page Catalog American Institute Business 110th "AIB Bids., D.M. 5030? "THE SCHOOL OF RESULTS" LEARN HAIRSTYLING Iowa's Largest — State Accredited StUd8nSA rite or call 283-2721 Americana Beauty Academy 4 5th Aye. _ Des Moines ' Aye. SUN SUMMER QUARTE STARTS JULY 6T.. ourses offered In Data Processing, Computer Programming. COLLEGE OF AUTOMATION 001 Grand 243-8496 Des Moines Man—Jflbt of Intifitt DRIVERS-SEMI. , .ftbf .»».» M0. ncc. I9fi Des Moines ReqiiiTer 7, DfeY BULK Transport Drivers for used car , oerlenced. ABP' 1311 Grand Yoorv nia ,„..., foil w e?rt Hourly rates ,_ incentive plan, con,_... insurant and Minion wan. D.O.T. ppysfcr Must pass — ... {mum age 13, apply . lcai, min. park TRUCK I - Men-Jobt of tofsfiit MECHANIC care. Most be ex- >ly Iff Wrsort, : ROsenfeid Used Cars NG MEN'SCLQTHT ilon business., clothing and far SCT ,anag«rl»|. opportunity, EXP. . STORE POR MEN 504 Grand NIGHT MAN Ihrouflh Friday. HOLIDAY STATION STORE .J70VE. UNIVERSITY : Licensed To operate electrical department for established Des Moines contracting firm. Write 0-241, Register and Tribune FARMHANDS" Single men for aeneral farm work. Room and board available, shin- rone Farm. Odebolt. Jowa ARMHANb Operating Engine6r Must be able to qualify for Des Moines engineers license. Will work In an automated otant reaulrins the operation of centrals to boilers ant air conditioning Mulpment. Uni forms furnished. Benefits Include accumulative sick leave, pension plan, vacation and health insur an«. Apply personnel Deot. IOWA METHODIST HOSPITAL 120.0 Pleasant,.Des Moines OPERATORS Capable of operating backhoe, graders, and .end loaders. $4.75 per hour t Plenty of overtime. Economy Coristructionrlncr 724 N. 3nd St. Clinton. I FARM HAND, Ray chores, small mod. jjlay and Implement, operation, no house. Blake Altoona, Iowa FINANCE MAN Inside collection and credit. Some exp. needed. All replies conftd. Can olve notice. No transfers. Evening interview arranged, lewa's eld" Ce. Mr: Nearv, plione 2444111. GUARANTEE FINANCE 1300 Locust Des Moines, Iowa FINISH CARPENTERS at Charlton Hospital. R. D. Stewart Inc. Marshalltown, Iowa. Ph. 515. BARBERING nd men's hair styling. Classes now start no. Student loans avallaBle. ..? J i_..._ -j arber collefle, VA approved. Iowa Des Moines, Iowa 50 : ish Friers and Countermen Ines, Iowa 50316. LEARN IBM 3 60 Now hiring at Long John Silvers Flsl S nd Chips. Full or part time. Mus ( e 18 or ovei Saturday-Ti 4500 Fleur .COMPUTER PROGRAMMING.. 88-0117 ECPI 508-IOth VA APPROVED Des Moines, Iowa, 50309 LEARN Auto-Diesel Mechanic's LINCOLN TECHNICAL INSTITUTE 126 Walnut St. Des Moines, la. ^<rf^rf«j^%X^i^^VXV^S*"w^-'V^^^irf%rf^^V>'^^^XN-"k^s- Man—Jobs of Interest 190 ACCOUNTANT he Des Moines based firm we represent. Is an established leader In the construction-engineering field. They have an excellent opportunity for a man to head their cost accounting function. Responsibilities will Include labor, equipment and material cost allocations, and maintenance of contract records. .Construction accounting experience very desirable. Your response will reated, In confidence. No fees. or write R. L. Nelson. PERSONNEL, INC. , ,,., .01 Ins. Exch. Bids. 743-7687 OPERATORS WANTED far scraper, dozer and patrol. Osslan, Iowa Ph-. 319-532-4968 days. 319-5354575 or 319-532-7178 nltes. RE1LLY CONSTRUCTION CO., IN'C. An equal opportunity employer. OPERATORS Scraper, Patrol, Roller. 4 miles east of Rockwell or call M4-510I after 8 p.m. C. R. Nelson Const. Co., Belmond, la. PANWASHER Man to run oanwashlng machine and delivery. Apply in person. Barbara, s Bake shop JL!jMnatr_soll PHARMACIST—Registered In Iowa tn work in friendly relaxed atmosphere. 43Vj-hour week (l evening 1 Sunday mornino every other week), vacation. Insurance, S3SO . week. Denlson Drug, Denlson. la. PHARAMACIST— Jim's Pharmacy. Inc., Paris, Illinois. Fortv-four hour veek, Every other Saturday •*dtF»P3R: •7837. GRADE FOREMAN Phone 515-357-5281 E. M. DUESENBERG .INC.- Clear Lake, Iowa An Equal Opportunity Employer GROCERY CLERK PLASTIC Trainees for Polyethylene Dept. Good opportunity. Excellent working conditions. Apply in person. MIDWEST PACKAGING CORP. 1401 Thomas Beck Road An Equal Opportunity Emplever Experience preferred, llda-' 5 day week. Paid he,lda t S Y and-va T C o i,,on- Dahl's 4808 University 4230-2ND AVE. JANITORIAL Moi .5.. r jV through Friday, P.M. Calj for appoint... exl. -329 PersennelDept. far' appointment'' AD COMPOSITOR Experienced, small city,dally, 40 hr. wk. Vi day Sat. Good wages and fringe benefits. Atlantic News-Telegraph. Atlantic, la. Ph. 712-243-2624 GENERAL UNITED LIFE INSURANCE CO. MeVlcar Freeway and Interstate 80. An eaual opportunity employer .1 m-i .. r . 1,1 v||1 -t- r Ir • -- -•••-• ASSISTANT MANAGER Wan who can quickly develop Into an assistant manager with our company. Must be 21 or over."No, experience necessary. Good salary and emplove benefits. POSTAL THRIFT LOANS Des Moines For highway paving. Full'seasens werk. Apply at main office. Central Const. Co. CENTRAL CONST. CO. 300 E.-Glrard Indlanola, la. 9*1-2551 An Equal Opportunity Employer ASSISTANT MGR. TRAINE Large Independent gasollns marketer has an opening tor an assistant manager In Des Moines. 48 hour week. Paid vacation. Bonuses, In surance plan, no greasing or wash Ing. Opportunity for advancement. No previous exp. nece: 6-239, Register and Ti ssary Write rlbune. AMBULANCE MEN Applications now Medical background, .. .— older. Average S120. weekly. Capitol City Ambulance Co. accepted, years or LABORERS Sunday oil. M50.00 pfus ... . Phone 217-465-4114 Collect for Koutsoumpas, and per week, Jim PLUMBER Year around work. Fringe benefjls. Kordick Plumbing & Heating 288-8531 PRINTER-FLOORMAN Experienced. 2nd shift, 1179.25 per week or 3rd shift, $184.50 per week. Paid vacation, Blue Cross-Blue Shield, life Insurance, retirement plan, air-conditioned -plant.-—Call Van Vine, 284-84J1, Commercial Printing, Inc., 701 Keo, Des Moines, Iowa An Equal Opportunity Employer RECE1VINGTLERIT Best qualification Is honest desire to work. Will train. Mln. aae 21, AIRLINE TEXTILE MFG. 283-2191 IM RT niii, it TUE ERSt Also operator'for' "Bantam. 4698, Emmetsburg, Iowa PER-OPERATOR for Bai DW-10. 712-852- LANDSCAPING EXPERIENCED „ . NEEDED IMMEDIATELY >1st and Grand 274-3558 4698, Emmetsburg, Iowa .REPRESENTATIVE NElDET For fait "'growing corporation. Excellent opportunity. Full or 'part time. For personal interview call 279-3675. ROUTE SALESMAN Interesting sales and collection work, established route, abov* average earnings, good car nee. IOWA HOME FURNISHING CO. 315 University 244-3922 LOT MAN Must Be Experienced In Cleaning Cars. See Bill Moyer. 3017 E 14th St. 4 Wheels, Inc. MAINTENANCE —MACHIMIS1 Clean house with W A N T A D S SELL Attendant Service Station Full 'or part time. Some experience necessary. Apply In Person. RAYMOND'S STANDARD SERVICE — ••( Pas Moln»« -^ DAI ATTENDANT ;• 25 years orjjjder. Afternoon and eve"" "' 7400 Douglas oyglj ATTENDANT — service statlonTExp. preferred, but will train. Bob's 'refer knowledge of dozer and end . Excellent man. leader. Permanent work. Job opportunity for right jlVlWINflM. • Ji J*fjlg^»g BARTENDER MUST enlov working with the public. Experienced. References reaulred. Employe benefits. Apply In person to Mrs. Snvder, Walnut Tap. HOTEL FORT DES MOINES id Fender Repairman Body anc Des school nua'-' 2304 5 RED P«dera AUTO BODY , r Mason City. la. BROILER COOK Straight hours, Experienced. Excel, lent lob for the right man. Good pay, Insurance, bonus, vacation. Local reference required. DES MOINES CLUB . ___ _ B1 __ BUS BOY. Morning hours. Pleasant roudnings. Apply Restaurant uth, ings. nager, Holiday F'«ur- sur Ma F'« Inn South, 2101 Cab Drivers FULL OR PART TIME . Must know Des Moines Streets. YELLOW CAB CO. CAB RUAN CAB CO. DRIVERS ~28.2B.111 CEMENT FINISHERS Highway Paving. Ph. 712-428-4811, SI °IRVING F. JENSEN CO. SIOUX CITY, IA. 712-252-1891 An Equal Opportunity Employer Clam Bucket Operator kppiy at .Cesslord Construction- Co: LeGrand, Iowa. Ph. 479-2695. An equal opportUnUy employe An equal OPI COMAAERCI, COMMTRCIAL RESTAURANT SERVICE REPAIRMAN 111 •or ovens* preferred. CONCRETE FINISHER Ph. 232-4214 Ames, la'. COOK No Sunday or holidays.' i day week. EXP. Apply 2110 Guthrle Manley Truck Stop and Restaurant CUSTODIAN with engineer's or fireman's licens* for downtown c • Call 243-7 appt. CUSTODIAN WANTED Nice apt. plus small salary. Please C '"'* M -,feiVERV MAN Man with salvage yard experience anfl his own Tools to work In the yard. Permanent position. Some DRIVERS We need two well Qualified drivers for a two man operation on a Flo a tw Ida haul. Near flaw equipment, be La he, mill, blue print, and' fabrica- tlprl experience. General knowledge of heavy equipment and electrical problems desired. Applicant must have general shop SEMI DRIVERS Familiar with light oil hauling. Must have 2 years experience. Many benefits. Good wages, hours, working conditions and equipment. Replies confidential. Write Box 3261 E. 14th. St. Stn. Des .Moines. An equal opportunity employer. SERVICEMAN ro— servlco—and-tr(staii~Coi Equipment, such as: Refrl Ice Cube Machines. Walk-In ers, Electric Appliances, etc. Permanent employment — Fringe benefits. Experience required. Irigeraior! ilk-l Exwlfinf'benefJti. Great Plains Bag Co. 2201 Bell Ave. An Equal Opportunity Employer HOCKENBFRGS- 2300 BELL DES MOINES 243-3131 Maintenance Man Need all around mechanic for produc AP L BO T R°DEN'INC ON! !341 2nd Ave. Des Moines, la. 50313 SERVICEMAN Spouting and-or Air- conditioning. Salary based on experience and ability. 265-0602 or 265-5937. MAINTENANCE MAN Moines private elementary il. Fireman's license req. An- salary. Refa. req. Write 0-245 Her and Tribune. MAN-MATURE Dishwashing and night maintenance, Apply In person. Chez Bon Restau rant Ramada Inn. 4M5 fl.E. 14th HAN, VMng7 (Or counter and g Service Station Manager mmedlate employment. Salary plus commission. Paid vacation. Life insurance plan. Inquire office 1441 2nd ave. or call 288-0151. work.' "Experience" not" necessary! ?.V ... and part, time — * Chill ri,"Apply' between ~- f r ,,, King Drlve-ln. 572? Hlckman. Man to Work in Donut Shop , , FOR SUMMER VACATIONS Smlttv's Donuts nth and Keo MANAGER PHONOGRAPH RECORDS Excellent position for person seeking sound future wlrtrnatlonwlde record firm.. This high volume deot. offers outstanding earnings, profit sharing plan, and full benefits. Must h good knowledge of music. . of musi ul but VVHV r>MVT* IV««M« WI II IWVIW* AAdRAQft* ipent exp. helpful but not necessary, contact Mr. Ron Edgerton, 274-4511 Wed., Thura. for Boot. MANAGER TRAINEES good compensation 'and" advancement. Apply In person. MINNIE PEARL CHICKEN 2447 Hubbell, Des Moines Hubball, Des MANAGEF For Central Iowa Fraternal Lodge. Approximately 1000 Must be capa Ingrpom .and X-73t B . BeBlstBi- a ly 1000 members. able of managing din- club facilities. Writ* i- and Tribune. ' • MANAGER ^Va^Sf; SERVICE STATION ATTENDANTS * e. Good wages. Experience ed. Apolv In person to R & S ., 1601 E. Ontversity,. Des " 'ull time. Good wages. preferred. A Oil Co., Moines. SHEET METAL •INSTALLER Experience necessary ^ SHOE SALESMAN Exp. Full time. Fringe benefits. R. W. JONES SHOES 266-3152 408 Shops Bldg. ' Drivers Truck Owners We will need experienced semi-drivers and several tandem tractors to haul, bulk, liquid, and dry commodities, through tha spring and summer season at various loca .ilons. Union wages, favorable leasi smentj, guaranteed wages various 'ie v - ,{j' r J?™mp't"lnvestlga agreements worthy of prompt Investli Contact the closest terminal. Ruan Transport Coq n Dairy, plant. Ex- ng quarters Includ- lettendorf, la. -llnton, la. )ubuque, la. : ort Madison, la. ow» City, la. Des Moines, la. Mason eify, la.". maha. Neb. 'eorla. III. ono, IN. jui An Eaual Opportunity Em Sporting , Goods TV'i Umbrellai Valves Waih«r» Xylophones > Yachts Zircons Air Conditioner Bikes Cribs ,DDL|CLUBFARMSJ MECHANIC, JOURNEYAAAI E x c.e. 11 e n benefits and irson 3423 Delaware Das Moines HE AND FINANCE Experienced loan and finance man needed for finance company. Must have had supervisory responsibilities in Credit or Collection area. Has probably managed small loan or finance business. jPiaase. call 274-3641. **t. 53 for appointmanf? Continued on Next Page JO ID IIP! Morgan Drive, Away. Inc. naada awn«r-op«rat9'» who own or •r*> abl* to purchM* 2 to 3-ton •hort-wha«l baao trucka. Consider tho following: •World'a leading tranaportarof niobilt homaa • No «xp»riioco natdod. wo will train * Advanct, on aach trip; full paymvnt on complajnon of oach trip • 200 dJapatching tarminal* and central dlapatch • Yaar-round werk nol«yoff< APPLY IN PERSON TO: MR. MILLER HOLIDAY INN SOUTH 2IQ1 FLEUR PR. DES MOINES, IA. MAY 5-9 ..„,,_ RAfNAGE U. Reintpreed «" concrete pavement y, 120 S l?-Q6S . if. Ext \9. Aoi ......... ra excavation c.y. 20. . iu»t to oracle manhole covers ( ...^. •-"--"••• .......... •""• -••• ., sa. vds. replacement . ' iydr«nt — consist* of: ..•-..•. 1 each C.I. pipe ite v*iue and box — in any manner no circumstances ... ny^manner liable liv (iyr« of »he nw aarjjlno* tr for tho nayn... nations and tha there- Payment to Uie Contractor tor the fur- nishlnp of tha salo eo,ulRment will be made on the Ba^ls ot monthry estimate! «IMlY«M '">Jw»y. ?Sr Cent (»%r ?f the contract value of the eauiomenl (ur- nlshecT during the preceding calendar gxinth. Estimates orepared gn the flrjt day of each month ---.---— „- - thank fnends. n neighbors, the Auburn Loc I nternatlonal ' AssoflaSoo „ ind Rev. M. R. Wi nelah . Interaatlona chmlsfs and sewer 4 eaxh construi "4 .. 4 e»rh part of pipe (2000 D)!delivar. kiinitata BUM ivcv< !•»* n* Willson for their expressions of sympathv In the recent death of c. wv (aim Mrs. Wvatf Florl.t* 60 REGISTERED PHARMACIST One of Northwest Iowa's largest Pharmacies needs experienced capable Pharmacist Registered in Iowa. 44 hour week. Vacation, Insurance, Medical and Life. $265 per week to start. Call or write, Manager Drug Department. Bellas Hess Super Store Highway 75 *t Glenn Ave. Siowx CHy. Iowa 51106 712-276-1231 ran- i liM E. GRAJiD ECONOMY FORMS COBPORATlpN CONSTRUCTION PRODUCTS, INC. 1625 E. BROADWAY, DES MOINES, IOWA Welders Punch Press—Press Brake tors General-Shop Laborers WANTED Good bate pay and frlnae Benefits plus incentive. Excellent opportunity far advancement. TAKING APPLICATIONS FOE AdOVE JOBS VACANCIES AT TIME KEEPERS OFFICE. Drums Embroidery Fishing Rods Golf Club. Highboys .Insulation Juvenile Furniture Kodak* Lamps Microicopn Nursery Furniture Organs Pianos . Quivers Refrigerator! Stereot Tables Ukuleles Vaporisers Winches Yard Tools Others Call 284-8141, or Use the ALL IOWA LINE 800-362-1834 IT'S nn

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