Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on June 29, 1961 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
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Thursday, June 29, 1961
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tw« r f, a n it ei ol ft P! LC 5 I .e 7 AM & is n< Ml is is is Sees Better Times Rest of the Year By SAM DAWSON AP Bu s iness News An a |VSf NEW YORK (API-More jobs, higher ,take-)iome pay, plentiful bargains, better selections—these are the good things seen in store for you the rest of this year. Bigger tax bills, costlier services, slightly higher interest rates, and lingering imemploycmont among the unskilled—these arc the 'bad probabilities. Both sets are short-term prospects. They nre the guesses of the majority of the economic soothsayers, based on indications the economy will enjoy a healthy IT quiet summer and move ahead steadily if slowly in the fall. The experts divide sharply on .the longer range outlook. Some see a big upsurge in economic •growth, getting undar way early •next year. The contrary minded .fear the current plans to stimu- Jate such growth will bring either .a feverish but short lived boom or a creeping and debilitating inflation. i Let's look nt the short ferm prospects. JOBS — more but still not enough. Increasing industrial output al,ready means longer work weeks. And after a summer bobble for iplant vacations, it should bring .more jobs by fall. The service industries should absorb still more .workers. But contraction in unskilled job opportunities is likely ;t.o continue for some time. INCOMES - a bit higher for many. . Wage-scale trends are still upward, with the business recovery encouraging union leaders to ask more and with the effectiveness of Washington's restraint pleas fluestionable. Corporation profits will still be pinched by rising costs, but dividend payments tend to hold up well. Rents are weakening in a few areas, but rising in others. MONEY-still fairly easy. The best bet is that the financial agencies will keep money and .credit plentiful if the recovery is at a measured pace. Some relaxing of mortgage terms are in the cards, but other interest rates may stiffen as business picks up. PRICES—mark ups and mark downs fairly balanced. The cost of living probably will rise, -but with seasonal trends the .main influence. In spite of production costs there is much price .cutting now .in industrial materials. And for£v consumers; keen competition foi-/saTes .is -keeping bargains plentiful. So too is the spread of discount houses into new areas and under new sponsorship by older retailing forms. SHORTAGES-few if any. Industry ran produce more of almost anything, save its newest products, than Americans are currently -prepared to- buy. There are eager foreign suppliers looking for openings. Only an international flareup could change the general picture. Friday, June 30, 1961 Defense of Berlin Is Under Study •y JOHN M. HIGHTOWER EDITOR'S .NOTE - What ac- Jions on the Berlin crisis are under study within the government* John M. ,Hightower, veteran AP State Department newsman, in the following story discusses both the military and diplomatic moves being considered. Vogel's SeJIs fo Florida Firm UTTLE ROCK <AP> -Henderson's Portion Pak. in<:, of Coral Cables has purchased Vogel's Jnc, of Little Rock and will operate the fro/en food firm as a wholly-owned subsidiary Sam Vo gel, president of the Little Rock firm, disclosed the sale Weclnes day and said It marks the first i venture of the Florida concern liiito the distribution field Portion Pak packages meats and sea foods Purchase price was not dis- I closed all sides ?emark remars B West tho « sands of W^t Berliners are trying to cool off at Lake Wann see, one of not *, so mucl ? the ™oraeter heat as it is cold war heat. Being surrounded on ma ^ es * h . e P°P ul £ r *«?# hot ™ ou &> and Khrushchev didn't help with his recent to a bone stuck in the Soviet throat which must he spat out. Blithe throngs ignore it all Congress Has Eye on July 4 Holiday By BARRY SCHWEID WASHINGTON (AP)-Congress is speeding action on several fronts in advance of Against Limiting Military Aid WASHINGTON (AP) _ Adlai E. Stevenson cautioned the Senate Foreign Relations Committee today against imposing severe restrictions on military aid lo Latin- American countries for the pro- lection of their "internal security." Stevenson, U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, told the committee that many of these countries will need patrol craft, helicopters and arms to protecl their coast lines from Castro-exported communism. Stevenson, who has just completed a tour of Latin America, spent 2'/2 hours telling the committee of his findings and giving his views on foreign aid. The session was behind closed doors but Chairman J. William Fulbright, D-Ark., said Stevenson felt Ihe $4.8 billion foreign aid bill, which the committee is con- iidcring, should be based on the principle of self-help economic projects, without spelling out to many details of its administration. Iraq's Claim to Rich Oil Dismissed By DAVID LANCASHIRE BEIRUT, Lebanon (AP) — Kuwait's deputy ruler. Sheik Abdul- .lah Mubarak, today dismissed (Iraq's claim on his oil-rich country as "shouts and talk." . legislative ironts in advance of Iraci ' leaders ke Pt up a radio the long July 4th holiday week- i drumf ire demanding the "peace- end. | fll! return" of the neighboring It took only about an hour ! she 'kdom on the Persian Gulf and Wednesday night for President | nintecl th ey would claim other oil Kennedy's omnibus housing bill | to clear the House after Senate |voice vote a- temporary ceiling of passage. One of Kennedy's "big ($298 billion. Only about a dozen live" domestic proposals for this Isenators were on hand. -"- ! -- " — J - r " Again, only a scattering of senators was present Wednesday night to pass unanimously authorization for Kennedy's expanded multibiliion dollar space program. There was only brief de- Somebody Finds the Upper Plate LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP) - Thpeak up, bud, thumbody has found your upper plate. Ernest Viel nonchalantly was mowing .his yard when he found the dentures. Viel put them in a jar, hung them on a slick in front of his house and put a "lost" sign the stick. There have been no inquiries but Viel is still waitins session, it's .signature. now ready for his Also on Kennedy's desk today— and also in much the form he wanted— is the perennial bill raising the natoinal debt ceiling on a temporary basis for another j bate on the bill authorizing year. $1,784,300,000 civilian space pro- Coach's Son Is Hurt in Fafl HOT SPRINGS, Ark. (AP) Han Broyles, 13-year-old son of Arkansas football coach Frank Broyles, was injured in a fall from a horse at a camp near here Tuseday. He was treated and released from a hospital. Hospital officials said he suffered a head cut which required six stitches. Added reason for quick action bere: This vear's temporary ceiling of $293 billion expires at mid- Bight Friday, the end of the fiscal year Kennedy grams during the next 12 months. One goal: Landing a manned space craft on the moon within a decade. The bill returns to the House asked and got from 'for consideration of incrrases of the Senate Wednesday night by i more than $442 million. SINGER SEWING MACHINE COMPANY SUMMER SALE STARTS TODAY - This Week Only DISCOUNTS up to $50 ON SUNT-0-MATIC MACHINES VACUUM CLEANERS As ^ 39.50 In M4*»* To This, We Have The All S»yU-0-M9tic Sewing Machine at the Pricf o* ........................ $149.50 Call LM.RITTER SINGH IftftiSiNTATIVE PHONE 7-4713 „ , , on .^ crl ? aps Deluding it is on nsky lo assume the Unitec , the Berlin areas on the west coast of the Gulf. But the usual throngs filling Baghdad's streets exhibited only calm interest, and Premier Abdel Karim Kassem's campaign so far appeared to be largely in the propaganda stage. Sheik Mubarak, 43, heir-apparent to the Kuwait throne and head of its tiny 2,400-man army, interrupted a holiday in his mountain palace in Lebanon to rush home Tuesday after Kassem threatened to take over Ihe tiny but fabulously rich sheikdom. Mubarak f!ew back to Beirut Wednesday night and said his return was ' clear evidence of the calm situation in Kuwait." He added that "the situation on the Iraq - Kuwait quiet." border is very Sources in the Lebanese foreign ministry said the Arab League is studying the possibility of sending a delegation to Iraq and Kuwait to mediate. Arab diplomats in Cairo have Khrushchev Seeks Face Saving Out BY WILLIAM L. RYAN Associated Pres« News Analyst loo issue ' Khrushchev appears to be seeking a face-saving way out of an uncomfortable situation—and trying to .salvage some profit from it. Tiie Soviet premier seems to be offering President Kennedy and the Western allies a deal: Just an innocent 'looking concession or. two in exchange for pos'poning Khrushchev's year-end deadline for a very perilous showdown on Berlin. The curious coincidence of Kennedy and Khrushchev statements on the same day concerning the West Berlin issue raises speculation about backstage diplomacy looking toward some sort of negotiation. But from President Kennedy the Soviet leader has nothing more tangible than a statement that the United States is ready to discuss any proposals that protect the rights of the people in West Berlin, isolated no miles inside Communist East Germany. The President has a Jittle more from Khrushchev: An implication that there is something to negotiate and a statement denying any plans for a new Berlin blockade What is behind this Khrushchev bid? n been conferring continuously since the crisis broke. So far Saudi Arabia is the only Arab state to pledge military support to Kuwait if the little sheikdom is attacked. President Gamal Abdel Nasser's United Arab Republic has moved cautiously but ~ >. /rwHM . k wlww nreeung warns to get that bone out ol one of his government monsters with his prestige laid on the line, communism's throat. But appar- expressed disapproval of the Iraq! He has vowed to drive the West- ently he is fully aware it is a claim as a menace to Arab unity, era allies out of Berlin by signing dangerous operation , Khrushchev jg approaching his .WASHINGTON (AP) - President Kennedy meets with the National Security Council today to discuss possible military, diplomatic and civilian defense measures which he may lake to deal with the growing crisis between the Soviet Union and the Western powers over Berlin. The range and actions under study within the government is reported to .include partial mobilization, increasing NATO strength in Europe, a new round of East- West negotiations on Berlin and a stepped up civilian defense program; . The National Security Council, embracing the President's top military and diplomatic advisers, was summoned to meet at the White House, this afternoon. Kennedy announced Wednesday that proposals for dealing with the Berlin situation will be discussed. Proposals for action are going to the President from the State and Defense departments and other government agencies. At Kennedy's request they are being pulled together in a report being prepared by former Secretary of State Dean Acheson. Highly placed officials indicate that Kennedy, Secretary of State Dean Rusk- and other administration leaders are thinking of acting on two fronts as the Berlin crisis develops during the next few months: 1. Military—They intend to take steps that would get the United States and its allies ready for a Berlin showdown if Soviet Premier Khrushchev presses his Berlin demands to that 'point. At the same time they hope the steps will impress upon Khrushchev the determination of the United States to back up its commitments to protect West Berlin against Communist pressures. 2. Diplomatic — They seriously are considering proposing a new round of East-West negotiations on Berlin within the framework of the over-all problem of divided Germany. Such a proposal, if Jmally decided on, probably will be made in the npxt few Weeks/ 1 Kennedy expects to send a note on the Berlin situation to Khrush- Miss Monroe Is in Hospital NEW YORK (AP) - Actress Marilyn Monroe has been hospitalized for the fourth time in five months. The blonde beauty was taken'by ambulance Wednesday from her Manhattan apartment to Polyclinic Hospital, suffering from what a spokesman described as a mild intestinal disorder. Accompanying her on the ride to the hospital was her second Joe DiMaggio, whom she divorced to marry playwright Arthur Miller. She later divorced Miller. An attendant on the ambulance which took Miss Monroe to Polyclinic said she appeared to suffer abdominal pains "here and there" during the cross-town trip. Auxiliary Elects MIAMI BEACH, Fla. (AP) — Mrs. Paul Godwin of Little Rock Tuesday was elected president of the National Ladies Auxiliary of the North American Baptist Association. Other officers include Mrs. Lory Poyener of Little Rock, first vice president. a one-sided peace treaty with East Germany and assigning authority over access to Berlin to East Germany. In this he could travel to the brink of World War III—at the risk of stumbling over the line—or 'he could retreat. 'Either prospect would be unpleasant. Khrushchev's words Wednesday ~even salted with tough remarks —had the ring of an appeal to Kennedy to recognize his dilem- guarded ma. With his prestige at stake, K-h M ,T"u """' ne woulcl like to deliver at least Khrushchev s maneuvers must a token result from his repeated be viewed against his plans and Berlin threats, "robiems. --Khrushchev has described pros- HIS plans include convening late perous West Berlin-an open show i October the 22nd congress of window to the eyes of the drab, tne Soviet Communist Party. Communist-ruled East-as a bone inere the Kremlin expects to lay that sticks in the Communist down a 20-year program-a model throat. It provides a glaring con- 101 the whole Red bloc-for the tradiction to the boast he will development of Soviet and world present to the October congress tmmunism. Moscow is asserting in Moscow that capilalism is in undisputed leadership in this re- the final stage of decline. West spect. The October congress will Berlin also provides a haven for auempt to present Soviet-brand an endless now of refugees from communj$m to the world as the communism streaming in from inexorable wave of the future •• the East. Political surgeon Khrushchev all important October meeting wants to get That bone out of Author Dies MOnniLTON, Ark. (AP) — Charles L. Farish, 07, lawyer and author of a novel "Timothy Pine" scheduled for publication later this year, died Tuesday in a hos- jpilfil here. He was n native of Conway County. jchcv in a week or 10 days. But, jas presently planned, this note primarily will be a reply to a memorandum Khrushchev gave Kennedy in Vienna June 3-4. The reply is expected to tell Khrushchev formally that his proposed peace treaty with Communist East Germany cannot wipe out Allied rights to maintain forces in West Berlin and to sup- lily them by surface and air- routes across East Germany. Washington officials reported: a new East German regulation decreed Wednesday would be ignored. The regulation states that radio-equipped planes of nations not havnig air agreements with East Germany must receive special permission after Aug. 1 to cross East Germany. Western rights for air access to West Berlin are in no way dependent upon approval or disapproval of the East German Communists. Kennedy spoke at his news con-: ference Wednesday of, the possK bility of negotiations with the Soviet Union on the Berlin problem. He said the United States; was ready "to discuss any proposals" which would increase' West Berlin's security and inde-i pendence. , About the same time Khrush-i chev also said in a speech at the: Kremlin that he was prepared to "negotiate honestly." British Prime Minister Harold Machillan had mentioned the possibility of negotiations in a statement in Parliament on Tuesday. U.S. officials said there probably would be some advantage to -he Western powers in taking the initiative now in formally proposing negotiations. By that means they mifiht |-,e jiblo lo decide at least in part the subject' matter of such negotiations. Hope StcrV Published «v*rv weekday offernom STAft HmiJHINfl CO. Mr*. C. t. ft1m*r, .Preifdmt Ale*. H. Wftihbiitn, Sccy-Treai. • •» The »»«f BnlMInf fcvr af M** 1M9; Fret! W7 ConiolHefed January II, 1*29 Jfi-U Iwtti W«l«»t ttrMt */ Atkantai »)»». N. WaiM»m, Mit»r ft Caul H. Janet, Managing t Oonal •other, AaVertlilftii MM. Jean *«•», Classified C. M. (Pod) Roger, Jr., Clfc'l. Mgr. Seof»e W. Heimer, Mtefi. Supt. tHgt M^ d M«t. Entered ai teeend tlau moHer a fhe Potf OMIee at Maee, Arkamw under Ilia Aet af March 1, U»7. Member af the Audit Bureau of ClrcMlariom Subscription Rotes (payable in advance) By carrier in Hope and neighboring Per week .............. ........ ........... %, il» One month i>er year By moil In Hempsfeod, Nevada LaFayette, Howard and Miller Counties — One month ........... ................ 9 •" Three monthi Six monthi One year ...< ......... All other moll — > Three monthi ..... Six monthi One year ...< ....... - 1,8! 3.5V 4.5* 3.9( 7.11 1S.6I Nafl Adrertli^ng Representative* .yi Arkansas Dailies, Inc., 1602 Sterlcli Bldg. .Memphis 2, Tenn.; SOS.J'exai Bank Bldg., Dalla? 2, Texas; 3Cd N. Michigan Ave., Chicago 1, III.; 60 E 42nd St., New York 17, N. Y.; 1763 Penobscof Bldg., Detroit 2, Mich. Terminal Bldg., Oklahoma City 2, Okta. Member af The Aiiocloted Pren, The Associated Press I. entitled ex dusively to the use for republicatiofi of oil fhe local news printed in fWi newspaper, as well ac all AP new dispatches. Essay Winner §•) LITTLE ROCK (AP) .— Tony Iraves of Hot Springs is the winner of. a statewide essay contest dealing with distributive educn- ion. Fifty-four Arkansas students entered. Graves, a Iflfil .graduate of Hot Springs High School, will •eceive and expense-paid trip for ,wo to anywhere in the U.S. HAROLD HENDRIX* PULFWOOD DEALER Buyan of Pin* and Hardwood. Hop* Yard Proicott Yard lath & Lax N. onHwy. «7 74321 tt-7231* SPRAYERS Row Crop and Posture Sprayers Now Is the Time to Buy -AT- PORTER Implement & Garage 3rd St. Phono 7-2767 Ask for a Demonstration <t - '^^^••"••^•^•i Real Estate Salesmen Know the Value of Using Classified Ads * Rental Property • Lots For Sale • Business Locations • Homes For Sale MOVE FASTER When Listed In the Want-Ads * * Hope Star 01 AL 7-3431

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