The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois on January 23, 1948 · Page 2
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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 2

Harrisburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, January 23, 1948
Page 2
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PAGE TWO THE DAILY REGISTER, HARRISBURG, ILL., FRIDAY. JANUARY 2. The Daily Register (Established 1869 as Saline ,, County Register.) * Published evenings except Sun- Tdays and holidays at 35 South Vine Mttreet, Harrisburg, Illinois, by · REGISTER PUBLISHING CO. ' * of Harrisburg, MRS. ROY L. SER1GHT, .* i. . President CURTIS G. .SMALL, Editor and Manager. " ^Entered as second class nuiter "at the .post office at 'Harrisburg, ·- Illinois, under act of March 3, 1879. * Subscription Rates: By Carrier ·' 20 cents · per week. 'By mail in Saline and Adjoining , Counties, * $5.00 per year in advance; $1.50 * for three months. Outside Saline '·and adjoining counties, $7.00 per "year; $2.00 for three months; 75 ,, cents per month. The Daily Register is a private business institution. The management reserves the right to be sole judge as to acceptance or rejection of any statement for use either as a news item or a paid advertisement. 'BIBLE THOUGHT FOR TODAY ' A right spirit requires periodical L cleansing. Banish sensual thoughts, "'selfish desires and unworthy am- bitions.--Ps. 51:10: "Create in me a clean heart 0 God and renew a right spirit within me." BIBLE READING FOR TODAY -Jan. 23. Serving with Goodness.--Romans 12:9-21. Out Our Way By Williams .. . M j l y O H I W countries participating Finally, this kind of teamwork will help toward the ultimate goal | of a United States of Europe. ; It is understood, of course, that ' Kor Your Dancinj-; Pic WE PKOUDLY IMtKS RED ALLEN And Ills Basic ISacn Sal unlay pool of experts cute Marshall plan. V/ASH1XGTOX. -- The distance fro n Ti ie-40 to Paris is about half the distance from New York and Chicago. But the trip by the fastest train--the Simplon-Orient Ex- pi ess, takes, nearly twice as long. One ie.i"on is that so much time is wasted with red tape at the boider of each country. During the trip "» arc awakened no fewer than 'twelve different times by customs, passpoit. and monetary inspectors wanting to look at your ba"ga4e. stamp your passport or check on the amount of money in \oiir wallet. " Kach time you are awakened you say to yourself: "Abraham 'Lincoln \\as certainly right." In other words, if Lincoln had- in't made the difficult and momentous decision that the federal union mu^t be piescned, travelers cross- ins the United States today prob- N1TE CLUB final and over-all direction for the Marshall plan would remain \\itl) Uio United States. These are just a few sung' and means POLITICAL ADVEKTlSnil to)! Blasts of ac j,j ev j n ,, th e "world's most **- - - - · - ·- XKW W:.\N AT SOUTIIGKN. Dr. Douglas E. Lav.son. \\lio has As: Ex cult political goal. A lot of other bcol , ap ,, 0 i,,ted new dean of the i steps will be necc.-sary. and this , Co || c .,, e O f Kducation at Southern j column will attempt to discuss m mo , h Umveisit\ Dr. L a \ ^ o n some of them in the near future. h j s nut , n on tnt . Southern f a c u l t y ' The fact that the goal is d i f f i s j n C t 19:;.'). but has been on leave cult, however, docs not make it ot absence since last summer to wci^or i ax v.urs impossible. The USA has won head the Punahou School in H o a o - j W ASHh\GTON. D C * v some other difficult g o a s m he u,!u. said to be the Ln- S t;st I '^.^' -Congressman Charles \\ ' {·] Charges President Padded Budget To Defeat Tax elementalv scliool in the world ' past, the most miraculous being » * · _ I _ . ^ n 4 t . . . . « f^f » ! * ! * * _ 7rM. REC .O.s;pXT.oFr tiNC WHY MOTHERS 5ET GRAV Mothproof Wool on Sheep Wool can be mothproofed while still on the sheep, according to discoveries made at University of Idaho. Sheep bathed in DDT produced wool which remained mothproof for^ two years while in storage. ·WATCH 'EM LAY I wttn Mrs. Sidney Buttenvorth, Correspondent Properly balanced feed isall- iaiportant in egg production. OCCIDENT Laying Mssh is a feed that supplies an abundance of the vitamins, minerals and p-oteins that good layers need. .--^^ K e e p O C C I - /Cf^ DENT Laying Mash /^Qtf in the feeder at all / BS / times, and watch ,^.,^'~-f egg production : x^f^~~ soar! ^==-i Holland's Feed Hill Dorrisville Phone 220R Mr. and Mrs. Ownly Butler and family had Sunday dinner with Bent and Wilburn Butler. Mr. and Mrs. Milton Sadler visited Mr. and Mrs. Tom Empson j Monday. | Mrs. Minnie Wise visited Mr. j and Mrs. Truman Webb in Missouri last week. We certainly enjoyed the voice of Brother Clayton Humphrey on the Baptist hour, Monday 'morning.; John Perkins has returned home ! from a visit in Pontiac, Mich., with l Mr. and Mrs. Albert Butler. Mrs. l Perkins remained a few days long- j er to nurse Mrs. Butler who has j undergone surgery. This week-end is regular church ime at Saline Ridge. Everyone s cordially invited to attend. The Rev. Tom "Cook is pastor. j Ralph Barnett is able to go to | and from the doctor's in his own I car with the aid of his wife as i chauffeur. He suffered a broken , eg about five months ago. "bv carrier boy. "The Daily Register, 20c a week. v. e wouKi ue sunei iiij; uic scuuc , _ t i,_,.,. kind of headaches which have al- to otheis. i most capsized Europe. i Realizing the importance of un- lity. Soviet Russia is now engaged 'in tiying to weld eastern Europe i and the Balkans into one homogeneous unit--the only sensible achieved mat miracie ^"^i,TM iho puwic SCHOOLS n »»»«^: «"" th e history of the nation . 'can pass on some of our know-how l w , ,, crvcd OI1 a number o II no every dcDartmcnt en m u t a t i o n Association state w i d e ; , to operate. In other words. r\ CT it' bcv. ''Ihe Dr:l Krister. 20c a week. Mr and Mrs. Amon Smith and children. Frieda and Dale, visited ^\ il V tV V W V j * t * l i \ * » A » * w » » ^ - - - - -- - -- -- , the" boys from Moscow are stealing ^r"7nd'MYs~6scai Smith Sunday. ,our idea. If we are smart, we ' g cechcr \yuiiams and Webb won't let them get away with it. \villiams left for Mexico last week 'RUSSIAN FORCE VS. U. S. !where they will spend a buef va- , PERSUASION cation. The Russians of course are try- j j r . and Mrs J. A. Mattingly of ing to weld Europe together by Florida arc visiting Mr and Mrs force--ruthless force. Regretfully. Freeman TOY.cry and childien for , Abraham Lincoln had to resort to a \ ve ek. liorce of arms. But there weie v/alter DeNeal is the proud own- many differences. cr ot - a new Ford car. , Most important, perhaps, was E Duncan is stavina with the fact that Lincoln was trying to ^mo^.ic ^ . - .. ·'presene something already in existence, while the Russians are trying to create something which ^ never before existed. And it's, -; highly doubtful that by knocking| J ! people's heads together and by | i shooting peasant leaders who don't; BIS POST HOI Sitting Down You can do it with the o Is Buffer- n ,n V , rc d arm an .jju J^TM- ull w u h , h . and Mrs ^.. n ..; ni; .. nd f , m i h ^' i l l j m s jna l j m "-' scene Hezzte Ken Gil and Gabe, the Hoosier Hotshots, give out in this in ~ a united States of Europe. e from Columbia's action-musical "Swing the Western Way, plus v ,- hal iea i success the Russians , showing a t - t h e Grand Friday and h a % e had -- and unquestionably j i l - u l « - u u u UnHed States mints made more an 500.000.000 coins last year for of Colombia. .·.-. Saudi Stuart Envin in "Killer Dill," Saturday. Creomulsion relieves promptly because it goes right to the seat of the Double to help loosen and expel germ laden phlegm, and aid nature to soothe and heal raw, tender, inflamed bronchial mucous mem- branes-TeU your druggist TO sell you · they have had some--has been at ,,,,.....,,,. bov ~ tamed more by clever propaganda k cuii» e 1 .? 0 ^' ; . 00c a w ^ anil sales arguments. j ^llrJrJL: -- - " All of which is by way of saying j , A J?-~?c--c W j that important -- tU " M-»-eivn , JViGT? !\^Sjca i M plan as the Marshall \ ivtC use States ._ er a United States of all Europe, Bernie Baruch. testifying beiore fe%v davs ago a man said the simny a w f u l aces and hips were sore but the pains were The Congressman said ' he presented this budget he t the possibility of real tax iedu for the American people oal \\indcw by including SC.80000 to supply the first yeai fund the Marshall Plan. He. in served.notice on the taxpa.ui: \oiir ta\ cut w i l l go to Kino;; "Of course, the I-re.Mtie: against any tax reduction In wheii he threw his political s reduction tax bill in. its, pu was to confuse and pie\e;n lax i eduction this seaso:: He declared, "if the Pio would cooperate, which he not. we could reduce iho te payrolls to the exU-nt of S4 000,000 a year. He opposed reduction last year and lias asked in Ins budget mes-at« :4,000,000.000 more foi pa rol ments not needed this \eai wants to keep these p a v i o l U dcd for tlie next November ticn. The President has pro\ the Congress and the people the only chance to reduce of "government and get to sound policies lies in ci: this extravagant and wasufj ministration out of power. "Millions of small and lar.. corporations aio p wartime tcx. Tno first taxed, and payments to mi few shares in are taxed again taxation should be stop , he declared. "The America" ' payers are demanding econoi government that wiU make it ible for them to ha^c a,jredu in taxes." i Congressman' Vurseli, said owe. a great duty to the pi in-hand with the Marshall plan as rheumatism u e r c an integral part of it. if our money g oni " e times his kne is to build up permanent peace. ' t ^fff^nd S o ro but . . . . .. HOW TO EXECUTE MARSHALL most j v j n t; ie 1)ac t : o f his neck and «-cc:3:, :.n !es: cr.o aJnute -^u ccn · cver y appropriation bill that c PLAN . . ' acros.s his shoulders. I*o\.', ho. \e\or. c ; - c I.e.? 43" cc2?. before this House. Our only ci , Building up such a union is not - · · ' ' . . . Pcste-Ssedlinos- Foundations , We must get out our paring i. Y.V.h r.o r-.c-e o:.c:t t'r.a.i crivjag t»e anc j star (- cutting and cuttm several of them of, the 3 Personally. $2cWaSaysTtne cough or you are Katherine DeMille comes to the aid of Anthony Quinn in this of cer tain" Republican senators ^tains'l natic scene irom "Black Gold," a Monogram feature, witn Elyse that we have good business ex- ^ k s a ,. ^~~-,r,a nt tho Ornhpnm Fridav and Saturday. ecutives in charge of the jiarsnau "^,, ; ·_.,,.. Tfc Grcat Ingredient ,. forCou2h S ,ChestCo!ds,Br f nchitis i p^| r ||| @ \^||g§^f AlW^yS uuu!. .r^ ..v.v, e--, r,r~"Vf~" i,,ii so it is almost like taking three ecutives in charge of the Marshall £ ed , ciRCS in onc . It S005 right to plan: and per haps."e most efft- ^ f rheuni3tic . achf , 3 a n d cient way to build up Europe miserable people .soon iecl .would be to tell the_en f ineers of ffi^^wr* to don't -,o on suffci-ing Get TRU-AID Sold by " Stores here in Harrison: g. 1 would get the job of revamping i Tractor ^ Implement Co. Corner Locust Mill Phone -loSR ! busuiessmea. professional · school teachers and everyone. must continue our fight for | reduction of the cost of -40- i ment in the interest of all people." ! POLITICAL ADVERTISED i i rirf t ni w3w v*t****"* *«··*%'·»·' _ ^ . oti-i *- \/^*j^v^» vfc«»»« v^ »·-· -. -- !the country." That was when Lit- sar said, pounding his aesk. wun American big business was itle Caesar Wearing a set of corns, this canned stuff on the market it to g et ^ h an ds on the throat of iwas caught on the 17th floor in an happens sooner than that, more Europe an economy. In the end 'elevator strike. o flcn tnan not - such a plan'would cause more po- j Proving that the president of R C p. Tom Owens said he'd like Htical harm than economic good. ! the American Federation of Musi- to have a word. i On the other hand. I suggested icians isn't always consistent. Like , Tm from juinois. too." he be- to one or two foreign ministers; Wednesday. Caesar, feeling no ,, ,'while in Europe that a pool of m - , Our Printing Shop has in slock the very finest quality Cinders. Alphabetical Card Indexes and Fillers- LOOK FOR THE SIGH ON VINE $ 3 - 0( Binders Metal- hinge, black imitatfon leather, stiff covers onc inch capacity Pos* Binders $ 5 - 50 cndlock stlc~olivc green canvas, leather covers Icrs and fiddlers they cant maKc ".NOW, saiu uwens, uuuut u..- draw ^ ^ ! anv moro phonograph records. Or huyncss of not IcUinc an orcnefr j nduslr i c s. 'appear on television and FM net- tra play on both KM ana standara For ins work broadcasts. broadcast! For instance, the automobile- There he \vas.-in a new bnnvri straight. f t l T _ 4 . A V * * i » k j v * » « » * - ^ . « ,,...». -- stm« -- lets get that factorv .p O ol would consist of ex.. Aren't \\c a little silly. crts *f ronl General Motors. Ford. -j.-.---.:!.!--. « « «.!«.·« T^^ f" »^«^*^ ff+r* *v . i Storage Binders 2 ?olid post SlixS'-:: Mulfo-o ncic books and fillers $1.20 Index PCS? Binder $1 -00 Each Linen labs o to 7 2G divisions Slixll Index Post Binders $3,80 Ea. Celluloid tabs a to z 25 divisions O-ixll 7 ,? Filing Guides meta! tabs $4.50 a to z also celluloid tabs ALL TYPES OF STATIONERY, ANNOUNCEMENTS, DIRECT MAIL CIRCULARS PRINTED HERE. LOWEST PRICES THE said, for the sake of accuracy-, he knew. Between running the un- instance, wanted to rebuild, it that he whistled a couple of times. j on an j trotting around to con- -would draw on this pool of cx- Particularly at some of the q::cs- grcssional hearings he was too busy perls. lions the committee fired at him. \ 0 try it out. In most cases it would call on Not Mad st Record Makers Ov.ens then recalled lhat Capa n American. But the fact that cd I the he izcd a band ana ins non blinked in hands and AN received was cood. Count nislcr of Italy, than this. Explaining that he understood tbc American fear that U. S. money rnishl be squandered, he susacsl- cd an inlcmational pool of in- spectators to check on the cxpcr.d;- lurc of the money. . . . . . --. . i , MT. VERXON. 151. -Tan. 23-- K the I nitcd Matc^ alone hn Hctrrisburg Printers OFFICE EQUIPMENT 22 South Vine phone 11 SOW I | U « l l v l " V · · * · * * * " « 1 * " * * * * 1 " . * *. w ^ " * * · -union records, rclrillo «alc*? ' the ccntlcman from Ilu- working loccthcr nlo Ihc lights, mhbcd his »°' s «-hoat« COUNT SFOR/A 6»PL.\? id%aid he wouldn't feel Petrjllo ^aivl he sucsscd he d The scncral rcaclion I io'coodI In fact he'd call a meet- better take that hac* Mr Truman. to this plan was,ff~ in" of Ihc board of directors ri^hl ne remembered, plays Ihc piano Sforza. foreign minis awav Bui. hc'siid. he wanted"lo a " d ma . v w a n t to 3o:n the union ucntcven^further tha put "Congress straight on a couple someday. | of things. ' _ ~~ I He and his drummers and oboe geOVGrS |players aren't mad at the people v , x - . · who make records, he said Not ISCST mT. I particularly. Us the fact that 20 j per cent of the records that co to 'the ' don morc union ing. ; I records 'and over again on ine air and in U was the first 1imo bcav- poor \\«:ows main: ».»^.~ * the juke boxes. ors c\or had been reporlcd in II- lo dcfaull on her morscage. ^ Long Education h«r:s so;ith of Jerscv COTinly, ac- B»:t if a croup of Swiss Oiuc'i Becoming a musician, l.o :.McA. r^dm:: to Jcffor.von count v Game ' British, American. French ar.iJ pointing slrai?h1 ,-it Mr. Sniilh. \Vi,T(2on Andv Hall, who di?co\cr- Belgian fiscal exports form :-n isn'l easy. Even a fJulc player c-o ihoir working place. ,inspection commission *o sec I n n t ,has to haVt a good miiMc,-il rduca- H.-.ij. former Illinois public no money is \vastcd unrier the i lion. Sometimes it JaVs hm ycnrs hoalll" diroc'.c.r and amateur nat- Marshall plan, tne Lnucri Uo reach the big ]ca^;;c in music nn-lM. sasd they had been work- is r.ot put in i And then he doc.Ti't I?-1 long. ma like hoaxers, too. Ho found position of boi f Fifteen years ma\bc He runs two dams and a number of trees Furthermore, tho^e other co-.m- [out of wind and doesn't look too mat had been felled bv the ar.i- tries are j«t as anxiouj, lo prc- lpretty in a tuxedo with that bay mals. " .vent any onc of Ihcir members Fcr incJ_'.:/ or.o bu:"r:i;, Lirfi'.ins I; vi;cl *o jocd worlc. Cuts Jown fatigue. Step; up c f f c i : - : r . Bj-ic; 113 p-c;'i ; -: by prcicniJns your iim In 3'j bcsi I«s'"t- Planned LV'.! "3 ''· '3'sr ~.-z:. c.-^d r-.u;t fcc, to Ji; tJic specific needs of your bos- ir.css. it'; ip::-_' .-.,- c. V 3 cf : r-,£;r: i;.:^, re'. -usS esc.ns tr.o;c f-"-'' -c» c: !:rsc: fcalbs. in tVc ric~c, rls: ---- : L"s l .;-*c t--- r; s-j5 rcsl o-.d cc-. .';-, ;o -;;r-. icc'cc bcsi in tccu5ifui cole-*;. Gwc; new oir of" siard;. MaVcs kilcncn duties more tjnt . . . a /.: i o 'J Jo pcib..~arcc of lioysc'iclc! tasks. Service ycvr ctcc, fm^ wmsz WSPAPEIl

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