The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on November 21, 1924 · Page 4
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 4

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 21, 1924
Page 4
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PACK FOUR. TT^HUTCHINSON NEWS 1'ubliahr 'J Daily »> The N I-WD r .r.i,i«n\ w. v. MORGAN, EDITOR. ESTABLISHED 1872. Enterea ui iht. ivituffke in Mulch ln*on, K MOINII,, tor irnntm-tntii-'- thrmifh tha mails aa ncfood-clafl* matter TELEPHONE 4400 I'rtratf Mam-ft f.'xr,ijuteft. >vhen oporator Bn«w.'is, give person or de p *rtro<?nf wanted. TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION Flret. Second and Third Zona* By man. OIK yt-ai .. 14.Uu Uy mail. sU rminihR 2.W By mail, thrcn months. I. Hi By mall. nrtf> mnriiri .M- Fourtn. F'fth si«th, and Seventh ionea. fly mall, one veni.i 16 V By mull, ait mouth*..,. 3 o< By mall, thrr* 1 muiitha., . By malt, one month. «• 7b By rattler, pet wr*?k, » 1 lu Week I v New*, one yflar. .... t B" MEMBER AUDIT DUREAU OF CIRCULATION MEMBER AMERICAN . NEWSPAPER PUBLISHERS' ASSOClAT»ON. MEMBER OF ASSOCIATED, PRESS Tht) ASS'M-Ifttcd I'r.'aa I.* exclusive!,* entitled lo thi* iiao for retiuuth'nt km <>! All m»iv• ewntrrl t" u ni not otnei JF I M credit*.. In (Ills t'Hiit-r, nn.l al»« the local DPWD tjubllalud heroin. All rluhl nf 'fpul'.'lc-nliun of sped* flliDlttchrH herein mo niao rrpf-ved Bellinger Driiolo. PRESCRIPTION 8PBCIALI8T8. ; Teianrtona ti. He. 17 North Main street. Hutertlneen «•»**»*«*<».*•»*•* EARLY TRAINING » * "My llttli: buy, Charles Alex- * * under," remarks Jim SijiilKS. * * "Is nioBt sublime; the wnriil ' * can show mi kid who's (trunder * * In intellect. I'll liot :i dime. Vou * * ought In hear Hint hny reciting * * old Ossinn's will], Impassioned * * lines; mill when It comes to * * In avy writing he makes famed * * hiirds lake in their sians." * * Winn I ilrn|i In In talk nf wen- * * (her, or rohlier prices at the * * Htore, or bargain sales in lines " * mill leather, thai little hoy " * soon takes Urn • floor. His * * father pins him thrniieii his » * paces, ami iiomes are read, ami * * stints at''' sunt; ami I would • * liice In talk ol places and men * * 1 knew when I was younu.. * * "Ain't lie a wonder'."' asks ttiu • " parent, "his onual you will * * never «•!•;" and, though I * * might, 1 feel I daren't e.xpross * * the thounlits thai rise in me. * " He has his share of sterling * * merit, this link- Alexander lad. " * mill tliriitit'liuiit life In; well " * might wear it for the folly of * ' his dad. This mode of train- " " in).- is a blunder, anil Alexander ' * vol will groan, for no one likes * * the Human Wonder whoso " * gifts are greaier than our own. ' * HI lares the lad who is begin- • " ning Ins Journey 'mid a shower * * of praise; some liltle prize ho ' * may be winning, hut -he'll ho • ' lonesome all Ids days. He'll ' * have the manner condescend- 1 " Inc. wlileh sort of thing will ' * never (In if-he'd have friends ' " while he Is wending liiis liltle, 1 vale of sorrow through. 1 — WALT .MASON. • THE HUTCHINSON NEWS. FRIDAY; NOVEMBER 21. IN THE NEWS There is a good deal of discus- j sion in I he newspapers regarding _ tiie effect of Hie reeenl publication 1 of the income ia\ paid by individuals. The fact Is this income lax news : is Just like other gossip which (he I peopli! like lo read. Thev would : enjoy a statement of tin? personal : properly tax paid by each one of ; ihoir neighbors but. in every case' the man or woman who desired the laxes of tile neighbors printed in ihe newspapers would howl loudly if his or her ov. a t;i\es were, thus p,aeed beioie iin> public. There uiigM ee some good n'a- i son for pnbllKhiiiir the personal • property lax statement, but except for the promotion of the gossip there la none tor the publication of the Income tax statement. During the last two years very few business men pr farmers In Kansas made any money at all Consequently they paid no incomo tax. The roan who did business ai a lose at least had the sensaiion of not liotng compelled to contribute directly to the national treasury, but It is a little unlalr lo him to publish the fact to the woral that he lost money, and it might even be of actual damage, to his credit. vol. --Bui the water thus taken for Hie benefit of Los Angeles was at the expense of tho farmora in the Owens Kiver Valley, who found the supply nl. the fluid they needed for Irrigating purposes reduced below their requirements. To them It seemed to bo n matter of self-preservation. The people In the towns and in the country pnssed resolutions and mado speeches. J.asL spring somebody dynamited this l^os Angeles aqueduct but it was repaired. Last week a few hundred citizens of tho valley drove off (he guards who protected Ihe aqueduct mid opened up a Bplll-way which sent much of Ihe water hack Into the Owens Klver wheio .hey claimed It belongs. Of course eventually this matter will he decided by the courts nnd I ho question will ho whether IMS Angeles can thus tnke from tho valley the water which both of iliem sconi to need. At first we are inclined to feel sorry for the unfortunate city of Uis Angeles, which thus finds Its wiuer supp.y greatly decreased. Then we feel sorry for the fanners In the Owens FUver Valioy who are fighting /or their homos and the opportunity which they believe should be theirs. * . • * In the news this week from Washington is the statement which is doubtless Inspired from the While House that the various plans proposed for the relief of agriculture, are not to be considered until the commission which has been appointed to consider the subject has tlrao to assemble some facta and to mako some recommendations. Most of these bills which are thus deferred were Introduced into congress by statesmen who desired to get votes from farmers and who were not much interested In actually securing results. A year ago when agriculture was de pressed the moot popular thing a congressman could do wns to introduce a bill which lie could say would rnise the price of agricultural products. The next most popular tiling WIIB to introduce n bill to provide money which should be loaned to farmers. The change for the better which lias come to pass in the last six months has stopped the yearning for Biicb. measures. Also tho election is over and it will not be necessary to "do something for the farmer" tor at least twelve months. That is the reason wh the congressmen are likely in this case to take the common sense view of the situation which is always expected from President Coolldge and to use advice from farmers and experts as to what can actually be accomplished rather than to introduce bills which have no other object than vote getting. W. Y. MORGAN. Daily Thought* Of making many books there Is no end.—Eccl. 12:12. * * « To divert at nny time a troublesome fancy, run to thy books; they presently fix the lo them, ftnd drlvo tho othor out of thy thoughts. They always receive thee with the same kindness.—Fuller, comes home weary after using his brains all day. Hut a mixture of tact and splrft is a pretty good i, ..I nnd the kind 1 think Almor' Every Wiman's husband .eally loves, even though In n moment of Irritation ho may think differently. A Puzzle a Day 'NOR' ODE 'RED" Note the "word square" formed by the three words: nor, ode, nnd red, which n.ay bo read vertically or horizontally. The stars indl cato missing* letters. Can you fill (hem In so as to form four new word squares? • Note that each, corner letter of th» central word squaro will be a corner letter in one of tho new squares. No word must appear more than once In the entire de. sign. Dospito that fact, various solutions are possible. Yesterday's answer: Dan Cupid On a Strike at Pratt Pratt, Kan., Nor. 21.—Dan Cupid, far as Pratt county Is concerned, has gone on a strike. For eight days, H. T. Purcell, probate judge, has been waiting at the courthciBo for some bravo couple to purchase a license. One Young Lochlnvar asserted that he was all set to btiy the all-Important sheet of paper, But he has not appeared. ' Cold wenthor must cool the ardor of Pratt county lovers," avers the probate judge. "There la plenty of work and any young man Bliould bo able to make a living tor two." Fop Benefit of Hoipltal. Methodist churches throughout tho district will take thank offering collections Sunday for the benefit of Oraco hospital, the Methodist institution In Kutchlnsot. SAY "BAYER ASPIRIN" —^eftuine, Unless you see the "Bayer Cross" on tablets you are not getting the genuine Bayer Aspirin proved safe by millions and prescribed by physicians 24 years for The circle nnd star can be traced In one continuous lino without u single crossing. Tho drawing shows the proper course. The slight gaps are shown merely to make the courRe clear. The points of the triangles should actually touch. •i/ •;• -if 4> *•< WOULD HE? By Ruth Cameron. Colds Pain Toothache 'Neuritis Headache Neuralgia Lumbago Rheumatism PRINT THIS ABOUT Joint-Ease Says Druggist "Joint-Base Is selling like hot cakes In my store because It la a Wonderful and speedy remedy for all Joint troubles. "But why not Impress on tens of thousands of suffering people some of the things that dozens of my customers tell me almost dally. "Some say that it knocks out lumbago over night—Others assort that for chest colds and sore throat It has no equal, while many Insist that there Is nothing they ever tried that la so,efficient for neuralgia, neuritis and even head colds nnd nasal catarrh." Answering the nbove tetter, we, tho makers of Joint-Ease, know that what this thriving New Jersey druggist says is true, but wo Btlll maintain that Joint-Ease is prepared for stiff. Inflamed, painful, swollen joints, whether tn ankle, kneo, hip, elbow, shoulder, fingers or spine. You 'll like to use penetrating Joint-Ease, for which Just one minute's rubbing, it soaks in through the flesh direct to the ailing tones and ligaments—that's why it succeeds—for when Joint- Ease gets in joint agony gets out —And without any waste of tlrao all swelling and congestion disappears. Ask A & A Drug Co. or any druggist anywhere. Mail orders filled, cash or C. O. D., Pope Laboratories, Hallowell, Maine, HAVEN Mrs. II. Hardest}- spent Monday and Tuesday with friends in Wick Ita. Mr. nnd Mrs. W. C. Stecher spent Tuesday with friends In Hutchinson. Miss Odessa Watson came home from Wichita Saturday to visit homo folks. Mrs. A. J. Rupp and son John, spent Saturday in Hutchinson The Woman's Club met Friday afternoon in the Congregational church. A fine program was put on by Mrs. Tedrick of Hutchinson. After which tho club members and guests were served with light refreshments. Next club meeting to be In three weeks with Mrs. F. W. Thorp. I J . C. Cupps is having a fine addition built to Ills home in the county. Mrs. Gertrude Hielt spent Monday In Hutchinson. E. D. Headley, editor of the Haven Journal, has purchased the | Henry O'Neal on Main street and will occupy their new homo In a collide of weeks. Accept only "Bayer" package * which contains proven directions. Bandy "Bayer" boxes of 12 tablets. Also bottles of 84 and 100—Druggists. Atplrln la tk. tnde mirk of Btyn Hmfictnra of Mocoaceucaelfeator of Btllcjllucla oner buck without queition ) lf HUNT'S GUARANTEED SKIN DISEASE REMEDIES (Hunt*• S»Ive ond Sow). bll la th« treatment of Itch, Ecsetna, Rintworm,Tetter or other Iteh* ins tkln 4IMMM. Try this treatment at our risk. A & A DRUG CO. There Is Room in Your Home for a Beautiful Brambach Baby Grand Clean clothes feel warmer than soiled ones. Lewis Cleaners. Phone 1335. n-iot v -j, -V, •«> -i;, --ii <S <!> <i> ft G> lie thinks he'd like a wnman who never disagrees with anything he says. l'ut would be'! "He" is the husband of tho woman who doesn't always agiee with her husband in everything, and sometimes says so. In other works, Almost Any Woman's husband, at least in America. lie ihlnk'i he'd like a woman who gestion of disagreement in her ex-i pression. Who never had nny ; tastes or opinions except reflections of bis. ] Dut would net { 1 wonder. She would have to be one of three kinds of women. Either a woman who really never had had Ideas of her own, who was naturally without spirit or vivid interest In anything, for if you have vivid lutei eel you also have ideas and opinions. * Or she would be a woman who hud had Ideas of her own and spirit and life, but who had them j crushed out by a husband who was j too domineering and too egocentric lo tn.'eraio, anyone around' hlui ex-, . , , .... „_ „,l,,U eepi personalities thai he could! malnourished cniia or anuic Cl'U'.ll lite out of. Or, I hi id, a woman who has ideas of her own but who has decided This room shows good tost*, discrimination and apprecia- i Hon of tht beautiful. Therm \ is but on* discord tht piano i falls to brmg out the full beauty of the room. (S M picttm below) i f «. a 'f-p '-JS. A PARTNER OF SUNLIGHT Cod-liver oil has aptly been Both out of Nature's store, house of energy are of supreme importance to a child with rickets. Scott's Emulsion and sunlight have been used for decades to give strength to weak-bones. A litde of Scott's Emulsion with each feeding does" wonders for a whites (See picture above) Tht tamt room transformed by the beautiful'Brambach liaby grand. The 'Brambach -mitt add put this mmxk beauty to your home. '7' 1r T?m, "•"'Hl'lHt. , 1 The people in the Owens Ither j that she can get best with Valioy in California are having a > her husband by being a complete littlu war with the people of Los j j'J l'", 1 '. 1 '' 0, aml Pretending always Angeles. Fortunately Hie actual ".•',',"',!''';.,„, „ ... , , , . 1,lml "I woman mav lore combatants are separated by more I her husband In a way but she than Iwo hundred miles so that up j never respects him. ' How cou.ii date there have been no casual- : s '," ; ''- > Sllu has said to herself in "'' in plainly Imposoible to ties. ' The city of Los Angeles, or rather.'the citizens of Los Angeled, 1 require an immense . amount m water for their use. Koine of It they drink but most of It they appiy to their grounds in such a way as to '-rlris: forth fruits and flowers, garden truck nnd orchards. Take the water away from the soil of l.os Angeles and the city would he a lown in n desert. Tho only water near-by Is salt water, which Is uoi good for mini or beast to drink and which destroys the fertility of the soil. As Los Augelc; has grown the water supply hns Hlreiihed 'further out into tho mountains. At Inst it great aqueduct was built to bring ft hlg supply from the Owens Hlvor Valley to the city. It Is the longest aqueduct in the world. It i< said to bo un engineering nmr- she effect, . _. got along with his man on a M)-f>u basis. I cannot expect fair play from hint, ilut I can handle hi in If I make up my mind to this and humor him by pretending lo think anil feel whal 1 don't think or feel at all, mil live my own lite underneath." There are men who can live a lifetime with a woman like that 1 , and never suspect how they are being diddled, lint .he; are not men of any very high mentality or keen perceptions. If Almost \ny Woman's husband is a man of any real mental power of any real sporliug instincts 1 don't believe he would truly cure that Idealized woman who Keep your boy or girl out in the sunlight and give them Scott's Emulsion everyday—regularly 1 Scott & Domic, nloomfidd, N. J. foi- nover disagrees with anything hu says, any more than ho would like a meal that was nothing but strawberry shortcake and cream puffs, und ice cream. Of course no man liken a wife who Is always arguing and disagreeing wiih him over everv lit-le Tli:-' Is tiresome mid Irritating, especially when a man 'Tape's Cold Compound" Breaks a Cold Right Up Take twe tab­ ids overy three hours until Hire, doset are taken The first do- always gives it lief. Tho lecoiu. ..nd tbl.-d doses comileU*ly break up the col (i Pleasant and saf- lo take. Contain no quinine oi opiates. Millions use "Pupa's Co.. Price, thlrty-tlvu ceuts. gunraute i i' I F you have an upright piano in your home, picture how a beautiful Brambach Baby Grand will look in its place. See the illustrations above! The' surroundings of both instruments are identical. But what a difference the Brambach Baby Grand makes in the character of the room. It adds an indescribable touch of charm—an atmosphere of quiet dignity and refinement. Your home is not too small for a Brambach. . This exquisite Baby Grand requires no more space and costs no more than a good upright piano. There is no longer any reason, why you should deprive yourself of a Grand. We will make you a liberal allowance on your old upright piano. The balance may be paid on easy monthly terms you will find very convenient. Call, or mail the coupon for a beautiful free booklet and paper pattern, which shows the exact floor space required. Convince yourself how easily a Brambach will fit into your home. Afnil (hit coupon lor Beautiful Free Booklet J. W. JENKINS SONS' MUSIC CO. 122 North Main Hutchinson, Kans. Please send me paper pattern showing size of the Brambach Baby Grand. Name Address BRAMBACH BABY" GRAND brambach it the vorld't tartest exclusive manufacturer of Baby Grands—which accounts for Brambach quality at such a lew price dean water makes clean / clothes/ Ton can be rare of an unlimited amount of hot water on was), day. \ There is only one thing that will bring your dothea clean and fresh, spotless and white from the tab. Hot water]— free from rust, free from sediment, water that is pore and dean. Tfcat ia the water that yon get from the Pittsburg Lion Storage Water Heater. The Armco Ingot Iron tank resists rnst There ia always pier.*? of clean, piping . hot water. And this water a heated at the cheapest possible rate per gallon STORAGE WATER HEATH ItV* af— s»»ffc li—lyjHTirn ffrr if p«-TT gp -" : "-1"** Come in and let us demonstrate the advantage ©f Pittsburg Water Heaters. We have one that will fit your requirements exactly. You can get it on easy term. Kansas Gas and Electric Company "At Your Service" Little luxuries malte pleasant journeys Cali&rnia The Rock Island-Southern Pacific has gone one step further than merely providing the modern comforts oi travel. Homelike, yes-, plu9 all the facilities of a metropolitan club. Bathroom, barber shop, valet And attendants who appreciate thnr courtesy is their contribution toward satisfied passengers. No extra tare. Leave Hutchinson via Rock Island Lines at "5:40 p. tn.—through sleepers to Los Angeles, San Diego and Santa Barbara. The Californian from Hutchinson at 6:55 a. m. daily carries standard and tourist sleepers and coaches to Los Angeles, It's the short, interesting, low altitude way through the sunny Southwest, with a touch of quaint, color! ul Old Mexico here and there. risk for descriptive booklets and full information Phone 150 L. PRATZ, Agent Hutchinson, Kans.

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