The Daily Herald from Provo, Utah on April 9, 1975 · Page 31
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The Daily Herald from Provo, Utah · Page 31

Provo, Utah
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 9, 1975
Page 31
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r. 34 TI!K HKUAI.D. I'rovn. r,;,l,. WHncsday. Apnl .M.'« *.--•. ^ fl M. • • II f f* * / Hea/fh's-a-Popp/n : Making Back Problems less of a Pom Bark trr,;;Mlr i> rrjmrlcrily " the greatest single rlram on incJustrial mmponsation funds Millions of us arc under treatment for it. and surveys show it drives people to dial thrir doctor more than anything else except respiratory infections Barkadios have littr-rally 'come from behind" lo become a leading health problem of the twentieth century However, our nation might IK' feeling less of a "backlash" if we took care of our backs before our backs »>ol aK< >r lls vv ' lllf ' m " n >' tilings can cause a bad back, findings of one study involving five thousand c»nst>( utive |mi !• :]( i; (rouble patien 1 '. irx!ic-i!>'d Uiat foi '.nine eight </>.n <j (MI I'lvir 1 rouble 1 , wen- :ill in their I'liivlr-. >'>':"' "< "' tOMCNis a;" 1 rcsuMivl 'rom • , r i.i ,,i :.;.•- r «ii posture or l;r r', n< ' • ise ' vou'd like lo help keep Ijack pain out of your future or minimiw its frequency and seventy, then it's worth taking a "backward" glance at your living habits NOW Simply improving your "body mechanics" and avoiding some common sources of strain may IK-IP prevent Iwck problems from coming to Die forefront First, do you find yourself "sitting still" for back trouble'' Interestingly enough, occupations considered a "high risk" for developing bad hacks include airline pilots, editors, writers, psychiatrists, secretaries and librarians : - all of whom spend long periods sitting. Experts advise choosing a chair which is firm enough and gives good lower back support Are the heigh! and depth of the chair comfortable'' One well known orthopedist reportedly advises that "...anyone engaged in a sitting occupation move around on his chair as much as possible " Can you get up every so often, breathe deeply, walk around, shrug your shoulders and rotate your head to loosen up tight muscles and stimulate circulation'.' The same goes for driving. As one specialist notes, "A common complaint is 'my backache is worst after an hour in the car seat.'" Is your car seat adjusted to YOU? A seat too deep for your thigh length can lead to pressure behind your knees. The combination of slumped posture and a sagging seat can also give you a pain in the back. One possible solution experts offer is to sit on a piece of plywood covered with a pad. If your car seat doesn't support your back properly, have you looked into back supports for your automobile? Good body mechanics can keep your back in better shape during pregnancy, a time when back trouble is prevalent. According Pacemaker Dangers Reported WASH1NTON (UI'I) - The Deartment of Health, Education and Welfare said today there have been 26 deaths associated with defective eletronic heart pacemakers from 1972 through March of this year — more than double the total previously reported. Mast of me deaths are still under investigation and have not been confirmed as definitely due to the electronic devices which are implanted in patients to regulate heart beat HI'JW Secretary Caspar W Weinberger gave an accounting of the pacemaker situation in a letter to Sen Abrah ribieoff, I) Conn., who had earl ler released a General Accounting Office study critiry Food and Drug Administration's handling of pacemaker rex-all Weinberger said eigat of the deaUis have been confinned as dui> to defective pacemaker units, while 18 others are under investigation as possibly linked to the devices Previously the official toll had been placed at less than 10. There have been about 23.000 pacemakers recalled in the past three years from among an estimated 125,000 in use Self Help NKW YORK itJFli - According to the American Newspaper Advertising Bureau. three of every four daily newspapers and eight of every 10 weekend papers use do-it-yourself editorial material. Of the dailies, about half say they carry it at least once a month, and half of the weekend papers, every week j*"iu specialist Leon of pregnancy and the later 'i; many different mmplicatioas-could have been ;!<-k Tiblemstha; '-irise so easily avoided with a few ,n womcn^ter in their lives can " he traced to the structural Ask your obstetrician abort wiknesses that developed in professionally taught "exercises thr-ir backs as a result of for the expectant" which mifeht pregnancy The saddest thing be available through a loca, about this is that the entire hospital or other qualified svndrorne community. physical activity. If you already stomach muscles are the best them as often as you think ot it For both men and women, the ha ve back problems, you may support a back can have" If throughout the day right kind of regular exercise can require an individually your abdominal muscles are Your back may also be "less of have vitally important prescribed exercise program, weak, your back muscles have to a pain" if you replace that soft. PREVENTIVE AND ^ exercise unsuited to your take on more of a load, sagging mattress with a firmer. . Overweight and that "all flatter one. Experts say in some American pot" make matters cases it may help to place a flat worse. A simple way to start plywood board of suitable size strengthening your abdominal and thickness between the do THERAPEUTIC value for you INDIVIDUAL needs could back. Hwever, it's wise to check you narm rather than good, vith your physician or h P 3 * of y° u r back trouble orthopedist before embarking on really "up front?" Experts say both*the back pain organizations in your any pit gram of unaccustomed that "Well-developed back and muscles is simply to tighten mattress and the bed springs. A word of warning If back pain persists, recurs, radiates, is severe or is accompanied by other sysmptoms such as fever and chills, report it promptly to your physician If better health habits start coming to the forefront, back problems are more apt to stay in the background. Full-Scale Information Aid For >> Prescription Customers. here i WALGfcEEN COUPON /'.£ OVER I lU.OOO RX ' .. • \ • WORLDS OF SAVINGS...SO V<, YOU CAN CHECK 6ui WITH A SMILE! IN AN EASY, ALPHABETICAL GUIDE. •<• •:' ,i"r.(i Son your prescription s puce. .'.•• ,' .•. exact i>Mco on each strength ench ; , !- ! :, mcUiflmc) generic Pharmaceuticals Yes' We Still Quote RX Prices by Phone. © WALGREEN CO., 1975 right reserved to li nit quantities on all items. ALL SALE SPECIAL EFFECTIVE WEDNESDAY THRU SATURDAY OREM UNIVERSITY MALL PHONE 225-9610 WITH EACH NEW PRESCRIPTION - B THIS COUPON ENTITLES I YOU TO A BOTTLE OF | 100 WALGREEN BRAND \ MULTIPLE VITAMINS. f Ml H HI HI H HI HI HI HI Hi Ml Hi I WALGREEN COUPON Limit 1 coupon per customer ODOR EATERS Medium WALGREEN COUPON Limit 1 coupon pel customer PRO TOOTH BRUSHES duA* ^SZ WALGREEN COUPON Limit 1 coupon'per customer . WALGREEN COUPON > \ Limit 1 coupon per Customer ROLAIDS MINTS Zori SANDALS 2? 29' April 10 thru 13, 1975. Limit 2. Roll of 12 FOR MEN St WOMEN pr. WALGREEN/COUPON j'Llmll 1 coupon per customer Nail Polish REMOVER 67( Beauty Shoppe thru 13, 1975. WALGREEN COUPON I Limit 1 coupon per customer Patterned Knoe-Hi 94% nylon end 6% spandex. Stripe-eez, Love Chain X 478 & 480. Fruit ''ofthe Loom Hosiery! n VO5 IWALGREEN COUPON Limit 1 coupon per customer, VO S HAIR SPRAY 82 April 10 thru 13, 1975. Limit 1. 3 types. 9-ounce. price incl. 15C oil GERITOL TABS Vitamin-and-IRON tonic. 40's now on sale REVLON MOON SET Your Choice ISO 3 pc. cmd 5 p<:. moon drop sel Si $ SPALDING TENNIS BALLS !'•!•'_ • ' Cor Ofype WALGREEN COUPON Limit 1 coupon per customer Championship .. Yellow . Bl'Reg. S3.19 f Tin of 3 BATTERY SPECIAL! < 3* 4/10-4/13, 75. Limit 2 pks. AY thru 1 SUNDAY 11 A.M. till Closing v.kt?.A. LAWN FOOD 20-POUND BAG. REG. $5.39 20 • 1.0 • 5 Covers up to 5,000 sq. feet. 30 DIAPERS Daytime, DISPOSABLE No plastic pants need _ - f ed. With snug tapes. J OO QUICK FIT I V' m £S .<"<* SWEET 'nLOW Granulated sugar substitute vw 100 Packets WALGREEN COUPON , Limit 1 coupon per customer PAPER PLATES Pack CL^f t of 80 9) § T 4/10-4/13,75. Limit 1. r< f-r-. 6-PACK COOLER 12-qt. 4 09 foam J|| Holds 16-oz. bottles, has steel rod handle. Lighted Flip-Numerals Deluxe Radio! AM/FM G-E DIGITAL CLOCK RADIO J -Uw 'p. C4315 Best of Both Bands! 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Box 126 Baltimore, Md. 21203 IIIY SlAfE i r*.!St 'rM'uU'd UHe* tut.'tb )ui, jl I97b 5-oz. Size 75* REFUND COUPONS ARE IN OUR STORES. WALGREEN COUPON Limit 1 coupon per customer 8-OZ. PLANTER PEANUTS 69* Dry Roasted 4/10-4/13, 75. Limit 2. CONGESPIRIN TABS Children's "chewables". 74 Includes french fried potatoes, tossed green salad and texas toast. l

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