Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 20, 1953 · Page 16
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 16

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, April 20, 1953
Page 16
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\ »*6f ItXTBlW ALTON EVBNINO TELEOffAPH t ; , A WML 10, IftS Proceedings of the City Council of the City of Alton, Illinois. Official Report. PROCISEOINOS OP THE CITY' flsenl yenr beginning April t, A. t). COUNCIL OP THE CITY OP , 1353, and ending March 31, A. D. , ALTON, ILLINOIS. 1954, to be provided for by general OFFICIAL REPORT. corporate and special tax levies COUNCIL CHAMBER upon the equalized assessed value ALTON, ILLINOIS. of ell rcfll and personal property APRIL 13th, 195.1. ! within the corporate limits of snld A SPECIAL MEETING of the Cll .y °f Alton for said City Council of the City of Alton, anrt fl Illinois was held on the above °' "'' Main in ihn Council chamber of '"after specifically set forth an %f« nffhe hnur nf 7-in o'clnrk agjregale sum of SEVEN HUN. Vvn ^Ari Untort* we. D * ED THIRTY-ONE THOUSAND Mayor Earl unKOgie, pie gTX HUNDRKD SKVENTY-PIVE of the roll the following DOLLARS ^-JJJ^- (PURPOSE FOR WHICH APPROPRIATED) Thnt thp above sum is divided and appro)iHntpd for the following specific purposes, to-wit: POLK E DEPARTMENT (He irtminutriiion of ' ntd Commistion 100.00' such additional sources aldermen were present: Charles Dooley, Warren, Wetstein, Parker, Morrison, .Tamos Dooley, Walde, Molloy, Gross, Perlrn, Whetrel. Wntsker and Timmerm)prp- 13. A DSGn 1 1 DrO" n — it f* UOd lit *JI \J »» 1 I * t » m ~r m ..»-.-...--. .*.,..< Aldermnn Brown came In later Salaries of all Officers of Polirp Deparlnipnt, except ton traffic nffi- , cers rlini'Kcrl to Packing Meters $114,100.00 Gasoline and oil for Police cars and motorcycles 2,390.00 radio and took his City Clork thru rPa(l thp call for this meeting which Is as follows: Notice of a Special MpptlitR . . You nrp hereby notified that a special meeting of the City Council of the City of Alton, Illinois will be held in the Council Chambers Maintenance of on Monday, April 13, 1953 at 7:30 system .............. o'clock p. m.: the following mat- Mainlenance of Police ters will be considered at said Department equipment meeting: except. radio ... ..... The Salaries Ordinance for the Meals for jail Inmates.. current fiscal year: Maintenance of jail . . . The Appropriation Ordinance Telephone and telegraph for the current fiscal year: expenses ............ Also, all other matters pertain- 'General expense*, incl- Ing to the aforesaid appropriation dentals, and mlsrellnn Ordinance and Salaries Ordinance. Karl Linkogie. Mayor, City of Alton, Illinois. On motion of Mr. Warren seconded by Mr. Charles Dooley, the call for this Special Meeting was approved by a unanimous vote on call of the roll. eons Itpms Purchase of two motorcycles. 4 police radius and Installing of Radar Traffic Control TOTAL $126,215.00 FIRE DEPARTMENT , Alderman* Brown came In at this Salaries of all officers, time and took Tils seat. Fire Department $113,600.00 Ordinances Maintenance of trucks Alderman Waide' read for the *" d equipment ..<... 3,000.00 Third time Ordinance No. 2452 and Heating of Fire Houses 1,000.00 made motion for the suspension of, Gasoline and oil for op- the rules on amendments to ap-' cration of trucks and proprlatlon ordinance that have' equipment 2,000.00 already been set up In the Appro- : Supplies. Incidentals and prlatlon ordinance, said motion i miscellaneous 2,700.00 seconded by M<r. Perlca and on call of the roll the rules were suspended by the following vote; Ayes: Charles Dooley, Warren, TOTAL $122,300.00 SALARIES OF OFFICERS AND EMPLOYEES Parker, Morrison, James Dooley, i For the salary of the Waide, Molloy, .Gross, Perica.J Mayor, City. Clerk, Whetzel, Watsker^ Brown and Timmermiere—13. Nays: Wetsteln—1. Mr. Waide then made motion for the adoption of said ordinance as amended said motion seconded by Mr. Charles Dooley. Mr. Warren then made motion that- said ordinance be laid over until later In meeting until Ordinance 2453 (Salary) is disposed of, said motion seconded by Mr. Tim- mermiere and on call of the roll, said motion was carried by a unanimous vote. Alderman Charles Dooley presented the following amendment: BE IT\ RESOLVED that Ordinance 2453 be amended so as to read that the Mayor's Salary be Increased to $6000-00, and made motion for the adoption of said j amendment, said motion seconded | by Mr. James Dooley. i Alderman Timmermiere offered | the following amendment: RESpLVED that ordinance No. 2453 be amended from the floor by the choice of any aldermnn, and j made motion for the adoption of! said amendment, said motion sec- { ended by Mr. MoUoy. ! Mr. Charles Dooley offered the < following amendment: BE IT RESOLVED that Ordin- . ance 245,3 be amended so ns to ' Deputy City Clerk, .1 sisianl. Registrar, City Treasurer, Clerk Treasurer's Office, Comptroller, Deputy Comptroller, Corporation Counsellor, Alder in e n, Merchant's Watchman, Plumbing Inspector., Health Commissioner, Inspector of Department, of Health and Finance, Mayor's Secretary and all other City Officers as established by an Ordinance fixing the salaries, thereof, excepting the salaries of the police Department, Fire De- * parlment, City Engineer, Secretary to Engineer, Caretaker of Contra! Ave. Park, K 1 e c t rical Inspector, tor, and Superintendent of Refuse Disposal, which said last named salaries are to be paid out of special funds hereinafter referred to and provided for as specified in various ordinances of the city of Alton the sum of..$ 53,874.00 TOTAL., $ 1,080.00 WATRft UTHKR ffMft For all water used by the City of Alton In public buildings, and other than the clean' Ing of streets, f he sum Of $ 20,000.00 MOfft.1 OTHER f HAM StRlftf S For the maintenance, upkeep and repair of all lights and equipment of the city .... 3,500.00 For thfe payment of all electrical current used by the City, other than lights for the illumination of streets .... 13.20000 TOTAL * 16,700.00 OFFICIAL BONDS For bonds for C i t y Treasurer, and ex-of- ficlo tnx collector, HIP sum of .... $ ELECTION* For rental of polling places for elections held for and In (.IIP City of Alton for thp fiscal year $ 400.00 For payment, of Judges and Clerks for elec- 1.600.00 tlons held or to be held In the City for the fiscal year $ 3,000.00 500.00 Purchase of election 360.00 supplies for the eon- 150.00 duct and the delivery thereof to p o 11 i n g j 150.00 places, of elections held or to he held during the fiscal year 2,100.00 TOTAL S 5.000.00 PAVING AND MAINTAINING STREETS For the Improvement, paving, repairing, and maintaining of streets, other than City Bus Route* (Wheel Tax), the sum of $ 25,000.00 For repair, and maintenance of streets of City Bus Routes (Bus Franchise and Wheel Tax), the sum of .... 5,200.00 For the purchase of Street Department equipment (Equipment Fund), the sum of ... 9,000.00 For the repair and maintenance of unpaved streets, Ihe sum of .. 6,000.00 Installation of new street lights 1,000.00 TOTAL S 48,200.00 PARKING METERS For the* salary of ten (10) Traffic Police in enforcement of Park- Ing Metei' System and Traffic System IS 35,580.00 For snlnry of parking meter maintenance nmn For repair nnd maintenance of Parking Meter System Gasoline and oil for cruiser and motorcycles 3,399.00 tereit on Elm-Central Bridge Bond* pursuant te Ordinance No. 2303 approved by votes 1,095.00 TOTAL % $ 13.095.00 i MtJftfCttMt, BtfMttftt* BONDS For Ihe payment o! that portion of Municipal Building Bonds issued under Ordinance 2304, falling due between* April 1, 1953, and March 31, 1954, the sum of $ 3,00000 For Ihe payment of interest on Municipal Building Bonds issued under Ordinance No. 2.104 and approved by voters 360.00 5, .","0,00 1,025.00 read that the Mayor's salary he ' Foi- extra clerks, stenog- increased to $6600.00 and made motion for the adoption of snld amendment, said motion seconded by Mr. James Dooley. Mr. Parker marie motion for a ten minute recess, said motion i seconded by Mr. Molloy, and on call of the roll, said motion was carried by a unanimous vote. Alderman Brown was excused ' at this time froip the meting. Alderman Charles Doolev then raphers, and other ad-' ministrative employees in collection of taxes and performance of any other City functions during the fiscal year, not otherwise provided for, the sum of • ;.. 9,000.00 TOTAL $ 62,874.00 INCIDENTALS withdrew his original amendment, For the purchase of sta- with the consent of the second. Mr. Charles Dooley then with- i drew his second amendment with the consent of the second. Alderman Timmermiere with- j drew his amendment with the consent of the second. Alderman Parker read Ordinance No, 2453 as amended nnd made motion for the adoption of said amendments, said motion seconded by Mr. Molloy. Alderman Wntsker offered an amendment that the Health Commissioner's salary be set at $000.00, and made motion for the adoption of said amendment, but said, nioiKon was lost for the want of a second. Alderman Welsteln presented the following amendment: tionery, stamps, supplies and other similar incidental expenses of the City of Alton and • Cily Officials, the sum of s 1,000.00 PUBLIC BUILDINGS For the heating of nil public buildings of Uie City of Alton except fire houses $ 2,000.00 Salaries of 3 Janitors— City Hall Building ... For repair of public buildings, except Refuse Disposal Garage and Fire Department Hose Houses 700.00 6,642.00 TOTAL $ 9,342.00 CITY COURT OF ALTON 990.00 BK IT RKSOLVKD the salaries For extra clerical help..$ for Llijuor Commissioners be pliiu- Foi purchase of supplies, , ., . ^_ J: .,,-.., ...... books, papers, forms,' stationery, and similar incidentals imposed by law 410.00 For maintenance of City Couri room. Judges Chambers and City Court Clerk's Office . .$ 10000 Salary of Clerk of Court 4.:'tiO.Od Inated from Ordinance 2453 and niarie motion for the adoption of said amendment, said motion seconded by Mr. Perica, and on call of the roll, said motion \vas lost by the following vote: Ayes: C?harles Dooley, Warren, Wotstoin, Waide, Gross and Per- lca -6. Nays: Parker, Morrison, Jntnes Dooley, Molloy, Whetzel, Watsker and Timmermiere—7. On call of the roll on the motion for the adoption of said amendments to Ordinance 2453 were adopted by the following vote: Ayes: Charles Dooley, Warren, Wetsteln, Parker, Morrison, James Dooley, Walde, MoUoy, Gross, Perlea, Whetzel, Watsker and Tim- jnermiere—13. Nays: None. Mr. Walde made motion that ~ Ordinance 245:.' as amended be * or tne payment of in- •dopled, said motion sec-onded by surance premiums on Mr. Warren, and on call of (he roll, said ordinance as amended was adopted by the folow ins Note: ~~ Ayes: Charles Dooley, Warren, WetsteHn, Parker, Morrison, .Tames Dooley, Walde, Molloy, Gro»s, Per. lea, Whetzel, Watsker and Tim- mermler*—13. Nays: None. Absent: Brown—1. Said Ordinance No. adopted U as follows: QROIWANCIS NO, »4B« AN ORDINANCE ENTITLED, "AN ORDINANCE MAKING THE ANNUAL APPROPRIATION FOR THE CITY OP ALTON. ILLINOIS, FOR THE FISCAL YEAR BEGIN- NWCl APRIL V »953, A. D., AND ENDING MARCH 31. A. D 1954. BE IT ORDAINED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF ALTON ILLINOIS: M5TTIOK 1 4TOTAL APPROPRIATIONS FOR OOPFORATE PURPOSES) TMl IBM* to hereby •ppropriat- •i SA dtfray Ib* necessary and i for purcha** of'raquN pplttWt* »*iwam and liabilities o( alto wppUN to* ottwr lot thai lacifeatal M p§n*n io TOTAL $ 5,700.00 INTEREST OF ANTICIPATION WARRANTS For the Interest to he pa,id for funds bor. rowed upon anticipation warrants issued against taxes levied for the period from April 1. 1953, to March 31, 1934 $ 3,000.00 INSURANCE policies of insurance on all public buildings, automobiles and other necessary and requi. site insurance on properly belonging to the City of Alton, the sum PRINTING 2452 as For the printing ol QrdU nance* Council pro. ceedingi, stationary, forms, rules of pro. cedure, rulas «nd regulations pertaining to refuse collections and all other necessary printing for the City of Alton, the sum of % I 1,500.00 TOTAL Mt'NtMPAL For the upkeep maint'-nnnce of Municipal Hand, sum of ntlLDI.NO Il For the Electrical spector's salary, sum (,f For Ih' 1 -purchase requisite supplies other incidental penses ....$ 3,360.00 BA-NIJ and the the ... S 9,4«0.00 FIND Inthe . ...$ 3,600.00 of and l ex..., 500.00 3,540.00 1,500.00 TOTAL ..' $ 44.000.00 SPECIAL CLAIMS AND COSTS For the payment, settlement, compromise, and adjustment of all claims against the Cily of Alton 5 1,561,00 JUDGMENTS For payment of alTjudg- against the City of Alton $ 475.00 STREETS AXD BRIDGES For the care, maintenance and repair of streets in the City of Alton, to-be expended "' as follows: 1. Sidewalks S 500.00 2. Trafhc Markings and Signs 3,000.00 3. Cleaning streets other than water flushing.. 4,000.00 4. Water for flushing ' streets 600.00 5. Electric current for lighting streets 15,700.00 6. Repair and mainle- tenance of Streets folher than City bus routes) 4,554.00 7. Salary of City Engineer 5,200.00 8. Repair and maintenance ot unpaved streets 6,000.00 TOTAL $ 39,534.00 SEWERS For the upkeep, repair and maintenance of present sewer system 5 4,245.00 For construction of additional sewers and sewer facilities 2,000.00 TOTAL $ 6.JJ5.00 PARKS For the upkeep and mainti nance of Public Parks within the Cily of Alton to be administered and disbursed by the Park Commissioners, the sum of ..$ 29,302.00 PLAYGROUND AND RECREATION For the upkeep and maintenance of the playground and recreation system of the City of Alton, to he administered and disbursed by the Playground and Recreation Commission, the sum of 25,53-1.00 REFUSE DISPOSAL Salary of Caretaker of Central Avenue Park l.T&a.OO Wages pf all other Refuse Disposal Km- ployees 32,202.00 Gasoline oil and servicing of trucks and equipment 2,700.00 Repair and maintenance of trucks and equipment , 1,555.00 TOTAI $ 38,209.00 POLICE PENSION For the pension fund of police, the sum of -. $ 4,5(K).(io KWT8K DISPOSAL KQUlt*MK\T For the paxmont of that portion of Refuse Disposal Equipment Bunds issued by the City under Ordinance No. 2203. falling due between April 1, 1933, and March 31. 1954, the sum of 3,000.00 For the payment of In. terwt on Refuse Disposal Equipment Bonds between April 1, 1953, and March 31, 1954. tht sum of 50.00 TOTAL $ 4.100.00J LIBRARY For the maintenance and operation of a •public library In the . City of Alton $ 27,555.00 TRAFFIC COMMISSION For the purchiise of requisite supplies and other incidental expenses, the sum of....$ .".15.00 OPERATION OF REFUSE DISPOSAL For the operation and maintenance of the Refuse Disposal, the sum of S 4,000.00 MUNICIPAL EMPLOYEES * RETIREMENT FUND For the City's contribution to Ihe Municipal, Employee's Retire- 1 ment Fund 121,500.00 Audit of City Accounts For audit of city accounts for preceding fiscal year $ 800.00 CIVIL DEFENSE For Civil Defense Program .for the City of Alton, Illinois $ 8.000.00 FIREMEN'S PENSION FUND City's contribution to Firemen's Pension Funds $ 15,000.00 PARKING SURVEY To finance off-street . parking survey $ 5,550.00 TOTAL $731,675.00' SECTION m (ANTICIPATED R K V E N U E S FROM WHICH I APPROPRIATIONS ARE MADE) | That the aforesaid appropria-1 tlons in the aggregate sum of SEVEN HUNDRED THIRTY-ONE! THOUSAND SIX HUNDRED SEVENTY-FIVE DOLLARS ($731,675.00) are based upon the following anticipated receipts that is to say: Tax Levy fop General Corporate purposes ..$127,542.00 Licenses of all kinds other than automobile licenses 80,000.00 Percentage return Union Electric Franchise •.. 34;OOO.QO G. M. & O. payment towards, crossing watchmen 6,135.00 i 2% for tax collections .. 27,000.00 ] Return from rents and leases Parking Survey from Revenue Bonds MFT allowance for clerical, etc Returns from fines and fees in Police Court.. Buildings, Electrical inspection fees and pole permits Traffic Bureau .... 10,000.00! Motor Vehicle license j fees used in maintain- [ ing streets 45,000.00 i Percentage return Citizens Coach Company Franchise 4,000.00 Street Department Equipment Fund .... 200.00- Receipts from Parking Meters and Parking Meter Account 64,000.00 Receipts from Parking Meter Advertising ... 400.00 Fees from City Court .. 4,500.00 Tax Levy Streets and Bridges 38,944.00 Tax Levy Special Claims and Costs Tax Levy for Sewers.,; Tax Levy for Refuse D i s p 6 sal Equipment Bonds and interest thereon 3,050.00 Tax Levy for Elm-Central Bridge Bonds and interest thereon 13,095.00 Tax Levy for playgrounds and Recreation 25,534.00 i Tax Levy for Municipal | Building Bonds and in- ' terest thereon 3,360.00! Ta* Levy for Refuse Disposal 38,209.0f\; Tax Levy for Parks .... 29,392.00 Tax Levy for Police Pension 4,500.00 Tax Lexy for Municipal Band 9,460.00 Tax Levy for Municipal employees Retirement Fund $ 21,500.00 Receipts from foreign fire insurance collection Special tax Levy for Civil Defense 8,000.00 Ta* Levy for Firemen's Pension Fund 15,000.00 Tax Levy for Library.. 27,556.00 Tax L«vy for Payment of Judgments 475.00 Miscellaneous Receipts,, 12,147.00 7,000.001 5,550*00 j 8,000.00 29,256.00 13,000.00 1,561.00 6,245.00 8,000.00 TOTAL 1731,675.00 SECTION IV (REDISTRIBUTION OF, OR ADDITION TO FUNDS APPROPRIATED) Nothing herein shall b* construed to prohibit the redistribution of the funds appropriated so that the amount herein appropriated for any express purpose, which shall later b* found in excess of the amount actually needed for such purposes may b* at lotted and added to the ORDINANCES AND RESOLU"- TlONf.) All ordinances or parts of ordl* nances, HI resolutions or parts of resolutions, conflicting herewith, he and the same are hereby repealed. SKCTfWl Vt (ENACTtNO CLAUSE) This Ordinance shall fake effect and be In full force and effect when passed by the Council of said City of Alton, approved by the Mayor of said City, and published within a period of ten (10) days as required by law. PASSED by the ClfV Council of the City of Alton, Illinois, this 13th day of April, A. D. 1953. APPROVED by the Mayor of the City of Alton, Illinois, this 14th day of April, A. D. 1953. EARL LINKOOLE, Mayor ATTEST: PAUL A. PRICE, Cily Clerk fSe»| of the City of Alton, III.) Mr. Waide mnde motion for the adoption of Ordinance 2153 as nmended, snid motion seconded by Mr. Charles Dooley, and on call of the roll said ordinance No. 2453 was adopted by the following vote: Ayes: Charles Dooley, Warren, Wetstein, Parker, Morrison, James Dooley, Wnlde, Molloy, Gross, Perica, Whetrel, Watsker and Tim- mermiere—13. Nnys: None. Absent; Brown—1. Snid Ordinance No. 2453 as adopled is as follows: ORDINANCE No. 2458 AN ORDINANCE FIXING THE SALARIES AND COMPENSATIONS OF THE CITY OFFICIALS AND EMPLOYEES OF THE CITY OF ALTON, ILLINOIS. FOR THE F I S C A L YEAR, RlfclNNrNO APRIL 1, J!):V? AND ENDING MARCH 31, 1054. BE IT ORDAINED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF ALTON, ILLINOIS: Section 1 (Salaries) That the salaries and compensation for the following City Officials and employees of the City of Alton, Illinois for the fiscal year beginning April 1, 1953 and ending March 31, 1954 shall be as follows: Mayor, per annum $6600.00 City Clerk, per annum and $10.00 each Council Meeting 3600.00 Deputy City Clerk, per annum, and $10.00 each Council Meeting 3300.00 Assistant Registrar (City, Clerk's Office) per annum 3000.00 City Treasurer, per annum 4200.00 Clerk, Treasurer's Office per annum 3300.00 City Engineer, per annum Full Time 5200.00 Secretary, Mayor's Office, per annum 3000.00 Comptroller, per annum .. 600.00 Deputy Comptroller, per annum 3300.00 Corporation > C o u ns e 1 lor, per annum 4422.00 Health Commissioner, per annum 300.00 Inspector of the Department of Health and Fin- « ^ance; per annum 4200.00 Chief of Police, per annum 4800.00 Lieutenants of Police, per annum 3960.00 Sergeants of Police, per amium 3720.00 Patrolmen, per annum ... 354o!oo Traffic Police, per annum 3540.00 Probationary Patrolmen, per annum 3300.00 Policewoman, per annum. 2610.00 Chief of Fire Department, per annum 4800.00 Assistant Chief of Fire Department, per annum... 3960.00 Foreman o£ each Hose House, per annum 3720,00 Engineers in the Fire Department, per annum .. .3630.00 Firemen, per annum 3540.00 Probationary Firemen, per annum 3300.00 Janitor, :City Hall Building, per annum 2214.00 Caretaker, Central Avenue Park, per annum 1752.00 Merchant's Watchmen, per annum 556.00 Aldermen for each meeting Civil Service Commission's Sepretary, per annum... 360.00 Civil Service Commissioners, per meeting Local Liquor Control Commissioners, per meeting Electrical Inspector, per annum 3600.00 Plumbing Inspector, per annum 1452,00 Parking Meter Maintenance Man, per annum.. 3540.00 Superintendent, Refuse Disposal, per annum ... 3600.00 Clerk of the City Court, per annum 4200.00 Section n (Salaries Payable Semi-Monthly) That ihe salaries ahd compensation of <he foregoing officers and employees, as above designated, be paid semi-monthly, upon vote of the City Council. Section III (Inconsistent Ordinances Repealed) All Ordinances or parts of Ordinances, all resolutions or parts of resolutions conflicting herewith be and the same are hereby repealed. Section IV (Knuctine Clauses) That this Ordinance shall be In full lore? and effect after its passage and approval and publication according to law. PASSED by the City Council of the City of Alton, Illinois this 13th day of April A.D. 1953. APPROVED by th« Mayor of the City of Alton. Illinois this 14th day of April, A. D. 1853. EARL UNKOGLE, ... . Mayor. Attest: PAUL A. PRICE, City Clark (Seal of the dlty of Alton, Illinois.) On motion oi Mr. Warrtn seconded by Mr. Whetjsel, the meet- Ing adjourned on call of the roll by a unanimous vote. Signed, Paul A. Price. City Clerk. _ , , Alton, Ilinois. (Seal of tha City of Alton, Illinois.) Bethalto't Finances in Good Shape Says WilUam Mattery BETMALTO. — tmsumrWnt president of ihe village board (mayor) William A. Mattery, today said that ihe village of Befrwlto "i* In the best financial shape it has been for the piwf 20 years." Ills report is supported by incumbent village clerk, I/)tiis BflrfHs. Jtattery has be«.n In office for two years nnd is seeking re-election In tomorrow's balloting. "The financial status of the village should Improve in lha coming years, now that major obligations hnve been taken care of," he snld. He was referring Io Ihe recent purchase of road maintenance equipment by the village, which cosl several thousand dollars and reduced the village's bank account, as shown in the annual financial report. The report shows a balance of $587.03 in the village treasury, but does "not include the second installment of the 1951 tax, which has not been received yet. These (axes would increase the funds in the treasury considerably. "As the tax money and other fungi* become available, needed improvements will be mnde in the village ns quickly as possible. Plans have been completed for the installation of a sanitary sewer in the- northeast section of town, the only developed section that is presently not serviced by such a sewer." Hatlery, a member of the board of trustees for 12 years before becoming mayor, is father of two sons, Leroy and Paul, and resides with his wife at 215 Central St. He has been employed at Western Cartridge Co. for 30 years, and has been a resident of Bethalto for 29 years. 15.00 7.50 7.50 Six Honored at Bethel Monthly Birthday Supper MEDORA — Six persons were honored at the monthly birthday supper Friday evening at the j Bethel Baptist Church. They were: ! William Ritchey, Calvin Whitlock Jr., Gene Ritchey, Ruth Ann Brooks, Mrs. Lester Gross and; Mrs. Fred Crane. Seated at the table with them were the pastor and his wife, Rev. and Mrs. Meredith Thomas. A decorated birthday cake formed a centerpiece on the birthday table. Tulips and daffodils were arranged in Dutch shoe planters and the place ccards were Dutch windmills. Pnrty-a-Month Club Meets MEDORA— The Party-a-Month 4-H Club met Friday night at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Sarginson. Fourteen boys and girls and their leaders, Mr. and Mrs. Lester Prather. were present. Games were provided and refreshments of sandwiches, cookies and soda were served. The agricultural club, which recently elected officers, is now ready to commence their work. Those present were: Ronnie and Kerry Prather,, Jackie, Cecelia and Donna Sarginson, Margaret Downs, Richard and Donald Frueh, Kay Kizer, Ruth Pope, Leo and John Kuebrich, Rosemary Fricker and Wanda Wise. Attends Handcraft Meeting MEDORA — Mrs. T. T. Eddie- man was in Jerseyville Friday attending a handcraft day for the ! Home Bureau. In the morning' paper mache was taught and in the | afternoon florentine stitch. Miss Sarah Griswold, home adviser, was the instructor. Schedule of Meetings MEDORA — The Golden Circle class of the Baptist Church will meet Thursday evening at the church with Mrs. Thomas Gaffney and Mrs. Wayne Chism as hostesses. A Vacation Bible School clinic will be held all-day Wednesday at the Emanuel Church in Carlinville. Several workers are planning to attend. The Vacation Bible school at the Medora church will open June 1. Medora City Chapter of the Order of Eastern Stai: will meet Tuesday evening in the Masonic Hall. Cltib Plans Meet At Chesterfield CHESTERFIELD - Mrs. Luther Mason of Bunker Mill will be guest speaker at the Woman's Club meeting Wednesday afternoon. Hostesses will be Mrs. Lorena Hounsley, Mrs. Lynn Routzahn and Mrs. E. J. Lorkyer. Mrs. Mason will Speak on "Gardens". Mrs, E. B. Wright, chap- man, Mrs. Harold Keele and Mrs. W. E. Followell will be in charge of Ihe program. The annual "flower exchange." will he the main fea- lure of the recreation hour. The meeting will be at the home of Mrs. Hounsley. Class Meets CHESTERFIELD — Twenty-four members of the Cornerstone class of the United Church School were entertained Thursday evening at the home of Miss Avis Smith. During the business meeting class members voted to donate to the Red Cross and Salvation Army. The May meeting will be at the home of Miss Margie Ketchum. News Motes CHESTERFIELD - Mrs. Lula Moore will be hostess to the members of the St. Peter's Episcopal Guild Society Tuesday afternoon. Officers for the coming year will be elected. Mrs'. Nelson Adams and Infant daughter, Brenda Kay, returned home Friday from the Carlinville Area Hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Chauncey Lee and Mr. and Mrs. Everett Stone of- Springfjeld were called here Friday by the death of their mother, Mrs. Ernest Lee. Juarez, largest Mexican city on the 'American border, was named for Benito Juarez, liberator of Mexico, who drove out the French i and .is frequently compared to Lincoln. Peebles, were in Alton Friday. Mr. and Mrs. George Kitzmiller, Alton, visited Thursday with his sister, Mrs. Clarence Edwards. Mrs. Dollie Stotler and Mrs. Lucy Dowdall, Rockbridge, were callers Friday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. James Strunk. Mrs. Ollie Kemper has been visiting at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Francis Wallis, Alton, while they were in Toledo, Ohio, making preparations to move there. N Mrs. Nolle Gorham has been spending a few days with her sister, Mrs. C. A. Yancy Brighton. Mrs. Charlotte Kemper, Mrs. William Kemper and Mrs. J. M. Peebles were in Carlinville Thursday and called on the letter's brother, William McCrellis at a nursing home. Mr. and Mrs. Norton Sander spent Saturday in St. Louis. To Pete Graf ton Basketball Team ORAFTON - The nigh aehtw! basketball coach, John Logan, mothers and players are planning Ihe annual batkelball banquet to be given in the Methodist Church the evening of May 5, » The mothers will meet Wednes* day evening at the home of Mrs. Edith Plummer to make final ar* rangements for serving the ban* quet. Infant Christened GRAPTON —' Christening servie* es for Steven Palmer, one-month- old son of Mr. and Mrs. Darward Envin of Jerseyvllle, were conducted by the Rev. Father Michael Sheehy at St. Patrick's Church, .Sunday, at 4 p.m. A dinner followed at the home of the baby's paternal grandparents, Mr, and Mrs. Walter Erwin. Sponsors for the infant were; Mrs. John Logan and Warren Allen of Grafton. Attending the christening besides those mentioned were: the honoree's brothers, David, 6, and Tom, 4, Mrs. Warren Allen and children, Michael, Nancy. Larry and Judy, and John Logan. Birthday Party GRAFTON — Mary Kathleen Whaley entertained 12 young guests with a party Thursday from 2 to 4 p.m., at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Whaley, the occasion being her sixth birthday anniversary. Games were played, gifts presented the honoree, and refreshments of Ice cream and cake wert served. Celebrates Birthday GRAFTON. — Seventeen friends of Mrs. Ed-Larby helped her eel- ebrate her birthday at a potluck dinner given at her home Wednesday noon. Gifts were presented the honoree, and gnmes were the diversion for the afternoon. Mrs. Larby, native of Grafton, is the former Miss Emma Watson. King of Cambodia Visits San Francisco on Return SAN FRANCISCO &— His Maj- ef>ty Norodom Sihanouk, King of Cambodia, arrived by plane from New York Sunday night and was whisked to his suite at the Mark Hopkins Hotel on Nob Hill. Today he will tour the city and visit Muir Woods across the bay. He is expected to leave Tuesday for Honolulu and Tokyo via Pan American Airways. GhmYta Mora 'NiturahUURilM from Constipation Throw away harsh laxatives and r«ljr on Dr. Edwards' OHv« Tablett. Thii all vegetablt formula quickly establishes rhythmicjtctivity to assure mort NATURAL-LIKB bowel movements — so gentle, soft yet thorough. No purging. Olive Tiblets clean out waste from «n- ttr« intestinal tract to help you feel ju«t fine. 15<. 30*, 60*. DR. EDWARDS When re-using oil for deep frying, add a small amount of fresh oil to replace that used In previous frying. To clarify oil after frying, just add two or three quartered peeled raw potatoes to the oil and heat gradually; fry. the potatoes until well browned, then cool the oil, strain it and store in the refrigerator until needed. Read Telegraph Want Ads Daily! Corns Dr. Scholl'i Zlno- pads not only relieve pain In a jiffy...'remove corni one of the futeit wayi known to medical •dene* — but abo atop corn* befort they can developl Get a bo» todayt D-Scholls Zino pads Beany Goodman 111 Following Collapse BOSTON 4* — B*nny Goodman, later found to he IMS than the "wed to a New York hoipiUl to. amount needed for such purposes; day in an ambulance equipped with nor shall the same be eonstru»d an oxygen tent. He •* *• 4.000.00 TdTA L For the Secretary ...._ $ 36U.UO > or payment of Commls* Sioners per meeting of S»veti Dollars Fifty Cdnts < 17.50) each .. 60000 t CUf if Alton, 9 »:i M-ttVTBAL BRUIT,*; For payment of that portion of Flm-Ceniial Bridge Bonds issued by City under Ordinance 2303. falling due be- tw«en April 1, 1953, and March 31, 1954, ta* «*m of .......... | For MM p»ymt»t oi la* 3.050 00 any puriwwe nareintefoi* exprats- ly sp«''ifi*d of any amount of revenue which may a* it»c»Jv»d hereafter, which ar» not at this time anticipated or foreseen: or shall any tales berna he c*uuMru«d to prohibit to* right to make such radlslributioa and allotment of U* funds tomb awjroprlivted wbeo tha same- have been f amid j to b* iMttar, OJT 1*14 Uo* UM! f appropriate* „_..» ^ ..... "* «J* nt tl » m*ht to »n oxy. 8 en leilt ln Us Hotel Ritz-Carlton suite. A doctor said his condition was not serious enough ta warrant Immediately uuuu » tH »* t * Medora CORRESPONDENCE By Beula Short \ MEDORA — Mr. and Mrs. Zeph Lynch and son. Jimmy. Wood River, were suppen guests Friday of | Mrs. J, L. Tober. 1 Mr. and Mrs. George Holliday i visited Thursday afternoon at the j home of his daughter, Mrs. Lawr- 1 ence Carter, Edwardsville. Rev. and Mrs. Eugene Kaufman, Modesto, and Rev, James Harper, Alton, were supper guests Thursday of Rev. and Mrs. G. W. Cornpton. Mrs. Elmer Well entertained with a birthday supper Friday evening, honoring her husband. Mr. and Mrs, Earl Tungett and *on, Jackie, and Ed Eisner, Alton, were guests. Mrs. I. L. Christopher visited Friday evening with Mrs. R. E. Warner. Rev. G. W. Compton will go to Carbphdale Tuesday to attend the Baptist state board meeting. Mrs. J. L. Tober and Mn. Tommy Ruyle were in Alton Fri* day- Mr. and Mrs. e. 0. WatkUu and Mn. NeUle Robinson were calling on relative* in Madora Saturday. Mr. and Mn. William Kemper tr, and htr mother, Mn. J. M. PK1 S(K1P!K)N srKvin- REPORT OF BETHALTO VILLAGE CLERK From May lit, 1952 t« May 1st, 1953 INCOME Liquor License $ 2,214.00 Bowling Alley Beer License 200.00 Telephone Exchange 1,131.33 Auto Wheel Tax, 623 cars at $3.00 per car 1,869.00 Male Dogs, 303 less fees , 151.50 Female Dogs, less tees \ 38.00 Kennels, two kennels. $15,00 each 30.00 Fire Insurance 2% tnx 389.95 Hall rent 123.00 Business License. White Bakery < 15.00 Fines from C'al Lawrence 5,00 Insurance for hail damage ] 33,30 Refund from Water Dept 40.00 Total ^ $ 6,333.08 TAXES Ft. Russell Twp-i Aug. 27, 1952 Road and Bridge $ 339.1} Ft. Russell Twp., Aufust 2T, 1982 Corp 3,607.39 Total $ 3,936.40 Wood River Twp., October 6, 1953. Road and Bridge $ 393,74 Wood River Twp. October 6, 1953 Corp 2,653.77 Total ................................................ $ 3,947.51 MOTOR FUEL TAX FUND Balance May 1, 1953.. $ 680.57 Received from State, August 1953 ........................... 3,094.43 Received from State, October 1953 .......... ,,,.,,.,, ..... , . 605.38 Total DISBURSEMENTS Engineering Service , Grader Operator , Road Oil and Asphalt Spread Asphalt Spread , .$ 4,280.38 .» 75.00 70,00 . 8,183,91 100.00 Total , $ 4,128.81 Balance May 1st, 1068 ,..,.,,.,., $ 51,37 DISBURSEMENTS FOR YEAR, MAY 1, 1952 TO MAY 1, 1958 May v > $ 1,088.68 Jurte July September October • • November December • February 3,182.81 402.83 750,89 3,165.87 510.T8 5.8BS.88 I,i8fl.6S I92.H3 15l'«. 187.88 7tt»J PAH) OUT Of THE FQLWWTNG FUNDS: Md Allay Fund Ufbt Fund 4ftMB*y PayuMitt M Tiattan •<• Mniin . ... . _ . . MQUJJt * Hood and K*l»ier tB * addition type of moutUaut be> i»f *»uUS up of materials thratro ou* e| the craters of Hire (teuurliueut • VU*Hf» G#B*wl ... §»|«NN and Fa** Fiwd •••• 70*»! ia mti 808.86 aoa.aa 188.80 617.88 8,844.38 54445 881.81 147.87 8M.M * Hay lit, law , Wai > •. ii.iin • i,, i, af Itil ia* aaa a*t m h*ea receive* • I t,11t,1t •I alt-**

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