The News from Frederick, Maryland on May 24, 1932 · Page 1
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 1

Frederick, Maryland
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Tuesday, May 24, 1932
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Last Edition WEATHER FORECAST FOB MARYLAND: Fair and somewhat wanner tonight and Wednesday Local taundersaoweis Wednesday night or Thursday. VOL. LV.--NO. 188. *P) Means Associated Press. Fall XEA Service. FREDERICK. MTD, TUESDAY, MAY 24, 1932. * * * Frr*» f T .t.i-it.»u XEN PAGES --TWO CENTS WORLD WAR YETS HELD UP ! TRAIN FOR THIRTY HOURS! E TWO HELD IN Tried To Compel FreeTranspor- tion To Washington. ! East Si. I/xi-s. 1.1. May 24 AP -- i After delays a refrigerator train for j 2-4 hours ar.d ormging nat.oital guard . ! troops to t.-ie s^-ene 300 World War vet- · ' erais* gamed their tb.ecii\e today, in- ' WILLIAM A. DIES AT ANAGOSTIA AFTER OF GARDEN CLUB POSTER CONTEST WINNERS NAMED Splendid Response Causes Award Of Additional Prizes. FIVE STATES Graduation Exercises To Take Place On Campus Following Monday. Friends Of Late Fr. J. T. Coola-: ^ han From Washington, Baltimore, Rockville Here. "' And His ^ Native Of Frederick County Was Spencer Krebs, 47, ; "^Tht men. or. -.he;.- »a f.-ooi Pact- Well Known And Formerly Son, Ralph. 20, Of Freeland. ; land. Ore.. ^ the cap^al. centered their l - a-tectixi on a refrigerator train of 30 Lived In WalkerSVille. AcCUSCd. rars at Caseyville, eight railes east o£ j ' hen Baltimore and Ohh officials : ; A «pndid re»pvx: .-f -.1* j.rh^ls of Fr .r.i of porters '.or the Garde:: Cl-ib ix-ld June 3 ftfe r ar.n.'vir.-o^-mr:;: of p is? frvm *r«e p»; t-ier;ct in the m: .e Tloaer Show of Frederick » "jior.ed tods. ·*: ·rue* -n j.U U- o? !? U- DR. BEURY, PRESIDENT OF i FUNERAL SERMON BY TEMPLE, TO BE SPEAKER j REV. FR. E. P. M'ADAMS 2£ S£ ' * -._ s*+ cars ana ---ni succeeded in delavir.^ :he train | a day unt-1 S:venrl Munte of ] S:. Clair county promisee them trans- ·" : portation to W3shirgt-TM Ind on motor { -! FUNERAL WILL BE HELD MEN SAY THEY FIRED TO ON THURSDAY MORNING FRIGHTEN MOTORISTS Baccalaureate Sermon By Dr. Henry I. Stahr--Moving Up Events June 3. Procession Follows Body To St.; John's Cemetery For Interment. i'lth that promise the doughboys re- | the -.ram add pitched camp to j i await the arrival of the trucks. Mean- ] wii^e national guard troops froci six; ' cities arrived here today and prepared j ! to go to Caseyvilie. if necessary, to pre| serve order. Selected Own Pallbearers And John A. Smith, Jr.. 20. Slain-- TIIS '.he r«,;xKi»f U the r«jM«. fjr potters :ha: judges *re delujrci a:th at"i-'.i\e er.'.r^s. and :ou:i«! the aaardn-.g of praa-s diffloul: for :ha; rx?a*kn Gri'.iftcation \n the part c; 'he chj:rn'.a:i for the e\o::t »'»s ex- pre^t-d '.Ovl.-ij. a:ij IK approc.ation of .w rv*iJwnic ts\ p-ji-.j. as e^id«:c*d ;n ::ieir caroJul ar.d a - ,trac:i\e uork." it xjj; tU'civk-d ".- a'.vard 2ttd:'..ouil pr^vi o: P^u-d p:a».^ p^-.rr* us:! be dis- American Legion To Strew With New Jersey. Pennsylvania, New Flowers Graves Of Late York, Massachusetts And Virginia Angles Probed. AUXILIARY'S SERVICE TO $25,000 REWARD OFFERED BE LATER IN AFTERNOON FOR GOOD INFORMATION Named Friends To Be Notified Of Death. Killing In Northern Section Near State Line. Commencement activities at Hood ! Funeral services for Rev. Fr. John T. | College \vill bs^ic on Friday moramg, j Coolahan. lace pastor of Si Jahn's I June°3. at 3 30 o'clock, when the lour j Catholic church, this city, were held i classes ·ai'.l gathe- in Brodbeck hall-, this morning ai 10 30 o'clock with a . lor the Moviag-Cp Day exercises. At, j solemn high mass of requiem. Rev. . this time iano=.v* prizes will be awarded- Fr. Coolahan died rn a Baltimore hos- j and as the seniors leave their places, j pita! Saturday afternoon after a long ; the other clashes wii: move up. j illness. He had been pastor of St. , On the evening of June 3. at 7 ! John's church since July. 1929, coming '. o'clock. Presicer.-, ar.d Mrs. Joseph H.; here :rom St. Mary's church. Rockviile. ' Apple will entertain the senior class The mass was sung by Rev. Fr. P. J. '· at dinner in Coblentz has!. Conroy, Washing-ton, representing Arch- | On Saturday. June 4. the Alumnae association will sneec in Brodbeck hall. In the afternoon it 230 o'ciock the Alumnae parade v.i!l take place from bishop XI. J. Ciiriey. assisDed by Rev. j Fr. Michael J. Finnerry. as deacon, and Rev. Fr. John Doclan. Brunswick, sub deacon. Rev. Fr. Thad- | All ThOSB In Frederick Tfl Sing A; 4.30 j deus I. Skrzynski. assistant pastor of Sunday Evening. i IN EVAN. LUTHERAN CHURCH Coblentz :o Brodbeck _ . . ,, o'clock the Class Day exercises wul be' St. John's church, was master of cere- , s. at tthich time the i monies. Acolytes were Fred Kehne and i James Schell, and incense bearers were. \ Philip Hiteshew and Paul Smith. The- funeral sermon was delivered by Rev. i The annual dinner dance will j Fr. Edward P. XIcAdams, Washington. ; be h"ld a- Vincoboca Braddock i The chiirch was filled with friends ' Heights, on Saturday evening 2.-^ 7 i from Washington. Baltimore, Rockviile ,b°M *eir annual union musical serv- o'ctock.' 1 ^^^ members of the local congregation ' ice in the Lutheran church Sunday heki on the campus, seniors -nil be escorted across the campus by the sophomores, who will be carrying the traditional laurel chain. The Junior choirs of Frederick wt2 Rev. Henry Irvln Stahr. D. D., executive secretary of the Board of Christian Education of the Reformed church in the tinned States, will be Following services a: the church, the ' evening. May 29. at 7.30 o'clock. body TT.S borae w St. John's cemetery trnere in:«rment, was made ne.xi to the ?rave of Rev. Fr. William J. Kane. ^ and · K 6 ' s " i - be announced 'ater. Approxanawly the baccalaureate -peaker on Sunday | former pastor, who died in 1924. The. 145 voices compose the choirs, morning. June 5, at 11 o'ciock in j procession from the church to the cem- ] -j- ns g rst junior choir organized here Brodbeck hall. Dr. Stahr tras an honor-l esery \vas headed by the cross-bearer. : ~ _ , . = , _ . . ^^r^-^^s U nde- student. a; Franklin ar.d Marshall Col- j followed by the altar boys, clergy. Holy · " -- · "= - -- ' ^"." -' ' lege. where he received his A. B , M. j Name Society, Blsssed Virgin's Sodality. I"-« oL-ecttc-n of the ,ate Pro,. George A., and D. D. degrees. He ajso took I student body of St. John's high school. Ed Smith, with Mrs R. S. J. Dutro?.. graduate Tors L". Latin. Greek. Phuology at CorneJ University. Stahr is very much interested In j by the children's choir. chtnrrh-school ^vork and civic activities. In tte afternoon of June 5 the grad- al;iinaae, and friends celwd at an informal reception on the anci i ajembers of the congregation and superintendent of tne Junior Depart- Dr. | friends. Music for the mass was sung nient. counselcr. They sang for the I Lenten Friday afternoon for the first Pallbearers were: W. Clinton ilc- time in 1914. Tl?e work, however. Sherry,. William B. Lebherz, Robert W. j consisted ent'rely 01 unison singing of Lebiier^"t3eoi^e W. Cmm, pas: presi- ' the hymns and chants. Later Mrs. cents of the Holy Name Society; Wai- 'Lewis Knock became counselor and .r. Md . May 24 (AP --Spencer Krebs. -*7 of Freeland. Me. and his .^»^. Ralph Krebs were brought U :!)* Baltimore county ;.il! here early today Tile annour.cenjci'.i of Is: pr.*e for poster made by a boy : or girl cncr 14 years old 52 to Natisr ! DeaJ. 'Jr-.d pr'_;e S2 to E?ie Bealnsear. ; Marjland Sch3l !or Deaf. Fr posfr madr by boy or girl be- "Crandchild" Of Washington Peacock Continues Refusal To Elm To Be Planted In Me- Co To Hopewell To Confront morial Ground. The annual Memorii: Day cereir.oniei i-.eld usd-?r '.he jLOi:ces o! FraLr.cis :»e«i 10 ir.d 14 years, is: pri^e $J to »f. Key ^t. No. 11. The .\merlcar. Jailed Curtis. Trer.'.on. Mav 24 (AP.--Governor A. Harrj' Mo^re tocSay issued a proclamation ctTt-ring a repaid of $25.000 lor Baroara A Niojdemus. 13 ear old. 7:h grade, Eist Ch'iroli street school: Leg:,::. mil lake p'_ice Monday. May leading to the arrest and uw v Sergt Talb-jt Kolley. of iho cour.'.y 2 »i prize S! to Allen Qavr.a, 12 years " police. ftr the fa:al snooting -y' John A. old. 6th stride. Parlc*a\ sch\o!. «=m-h J- -0 ir. :he r..-»r:hern part' For poster made by s^.'-.-joi child under » " " " " " ' . 10 ears of a^e. !»t prize SI to Frances | of the county Ute ^si r.iglx Brer.ile. 1st grade. Nor:n Market street Bo:h of the Krebs admitted ;ne shoot- sohoo:: 2nd prje. 50 cenis to Florence ing. ceclar:i:.f they hid fired only to · Brengle and Harry B^iciK. 3rd grade. frighten the m ».or^t5 '.vhoni they ?»·- V.inh Market street school ieved :he .--air.e is those alw caused a · rumpus" near their home some time ago. Additional Prizes of PLinU lit pruse in lit srade. Evelyn S:ap. 30. a.' XK. Oli\ct ce:ne'.vr%. -*:th '.he Aineri-ar. Lesion Auxiliary and other? :ii attendance. The r\r.t mil be !ol- laned by the AuMliarv- ceremonies .:: onnectioc witli the W.iihir.sttor. Bi- centencial tree plar.tSns in Memorial Groucd at 3 30 o'cX-.-k. in Ls^ion- nys:er a ere acted on a broad stage, the i-.-iirvi will participate : ac-'.i beinj; .scattered through five states. Starting from the Legion H*iae on The a'ldiprv-e was still world-wide. Exst Church street at ! 30 o'clock. ·, The case t.-diy geographically: ; Legionnaires, the Francw Scs:t Key ! Xrw Jersey. (or.-..c;!.'rt of :he kidnappers of Lindbersh tab. ^ Hv-SH-aei: X J . Maj 24 lAP).--To- c'ay's «-pi«-.xJA5 in tr.e tragic drami of the Li.idoersr. baby k.dr.ap-mtirder Bo^'der-ed'hsvi:-.; sought :o in- Parlay school: honor. ,le mention! \ p ^ Dnms C »*V*- aRcl Company A j In Trcr.ton Gover.ioV A Harry Moore jroup posters. 1st grade, room 5. North i a:U march r -° M a -'«t street and thence . s i s tss bill authorlrins $25,000 reward 1 . .- .t_. .-- .. i.-- .w.. --_.. ,, *· --.-- * . j.-- ._ conviction be re- camjwis. An organ recital by Prof, j ter F. Zeigler and Michael J. Crsghar.. ' began training for anthems. Brnoy T. Wade vrlll be held in Brod- | present president and vice-president, re- , and choruses. In March. 1925. this beoc hall at 4 o'clock. At. 7 o'clock the i soectively. Honorary bearers were: Harry ' choir was vested and came under the co8e«e will sins on the steps cf · G. Dorsey. Harry J. Lebherz. Joseph direction of Mrs. Tvlaud W. Dittrnar. Alamnae hall. I Elkins. Ernest F. Kennedy. John McE. ' Ii was changed at that time into e. Graduation exercises win take place j Wilson. George S. Rodock. · girls" choir. en the campus at 10.4s o'clock. Mon- j day rooming. June 6. be President Charles F. Members of the clergy in the sanctu- ' This same year the Junior choir o; The speaker will. ary were: Rt. Rev. Msgr. B. J. Brado'! ley. president of Mt. Beury St. Mar WILLIAM- A. CRAMER William A. Cramer. ca;ive of Walk- ersviHe. Frederick county, died this morning ac 3 o'clock, after an illness of about a week, at the New Ruppert Hame. Anacostia. near Washington. D. ] C., where he had been making his home j for about three years, fallowins his ; retirement from active business life, j and that this was ihc ~ pirr.pus" re- ket street school: honorable mention. ferred to ' Florence BreaaSe and Harry Bcacht. Both father and s-^n were heid with- ' 3rd grade. North Market street school: i out bail for a".un of Magistrate Wil- 1st prize 4ih grade. Eleanor Frances ' llaia T. Butler. Delaplair.e. Parkway .«ehoo:; honor- j The dairy road on Vnich the shoot- ins occurred in a narrow dirt lane « hich i winds through the hills near the Per.n- I sylvania-Maryland state l:r.e connecting Rayville a;id Park: or. .Smith was shot in the back near the school: 1st prize fr.h grade. Allen Quran, a memorial address by Justice Sherman P. Bowers. The invocation and benediction will be made by Rev Dr. Amos John Travcr. pastor of the Evarjrelical Lutheran church. After the service. con- return of the baby, remained, in jail awaiting action of the grand jury still occupied with other matters. In Hopeweil. Col. Charles A. Lindbergh and his wife remained in seclu- scbool: honorable mention ex-service men who have died since j whether his purpose was to see the . , . . j · . E. Hemp. North Market str-et ! anc! those °' decoa5ed Le 8 iO11 members. , Lir.dbcnrns or :he police station cere ' ' shoulder olade and d:cd 10 a Baltimore hospital a short time after be- .r.g admitted. A pos.=e of residents of the vicinity ac- .ien by do;s. Park-xay school: honorable mention. Hugh J r . East Church street Is: prize. 7th grade. Barbara as well as Late members of Army of the Republic. The parade TV ill take place at 1 30 o'clock in order that the event at Mt. OUvet cemetery will conclude by 3 30 school: hor-oraole mention. Charie/Le* I °' C }, K * , when ' hc Au f u ^ PTM*TM? 1 the early morning to aid the police 13 the search for the two men ize during Coo's. Parkway 1st prize, high ! begin in Memorial Ground. The school. J. C. rTro^nbu^' "honorable 1 Lcg:lOn commS "* e Jor Memorial Day is Mention. Inez H. Beuon:" 1st prt ^ | compowd of Austin James, fhainawe: Sergeant Kelly meanwhile went to ; School for Deaf. Elsie Beaimear; hon- j ^ rJ?o * seI 'V, l 1 *^^ Anxiliary Plans. c-ou:d not be learned. Massachusetts. Dr John F Condon, the "Jafsie" who paid a futile 550.000 ransom for re; Turn of the baby, was at Becket. Mass.. apparently on a vacation, although he made several statements on his way to New Eus'.aad that he was still actively engaged In a search for the kidnappers. ) Pennsylvania. ! la Philadelphia officials took cognizance of what seemed to be a'strikiny re- the end. He was in a state o' coma for about three days. Born May 1, 1862. the sou of George Calvary M. E. ch"ich v.-as organized "s Col- - and ves; Ripple. w:th Mrs. xiuusuii. wuiac^. cea£y , d M _ Cramer spent his early life O'Hara. ' The same year there was held m May; ,,, Wilke - s -; . ;e distrrt ar.d attended Mus-c \Veei. .^ p . jbUc ^.^ ..^ e _ ; 3l:o ,^ ? ,- hlch the . timore; Rev. John J. Callachan. Gaiih- 'These t-ao lesteci save thej fir.t Ur- i ersurg; Rev. L. P. Landrigan, Fred- joint concert on Monday afternoon Dr.; erica; Rev. v7illiam Xeliigan, Ran- May 3, 1926. ir. Canary Methoasst Temple Dniversitv. Philadeiph-a. PA. j se. Emicitsaurg; Rev. L. J. Dr. Beury received his A. 3. degree j Baltimore; Rev. Charles R. from Princeton University, his LL. B.! Rockvtlle; R-ev. Thomas J McKew. Bal- a genera: observance o: frcsm Han'ard La-- School, and honorary degree of LL.D. from sinus and Lafayette Colleges. ^., Beury is vejry active hi the Red*Cross; j daiistown; Rev. M. J. P^ncerty. 3u:k- Episcopal church, in 1917 he went on a ar^slon to Rus- j eystown; Rev. John Donian, Branswt:=i: sia in its behalf. Ke made an iiives-; Rev. William M. Canning-. Havre de tisanon of concitions in the Cau- j Grace: Rev. p. J Conroy, Washington: p. m.. in Trinity -hapel. During 1928 casus. Persia, and Turkey, and upon i Rev. Lewis C Vacth, Baltimore; Eev. £n d 1929 there was no regular ob- his return published a book envied; J J- Coadey. Washington: Rev. A. H. servance of Music Week by the Junior "Russia After the Revolution."* I Mihin. Washington; Rev. 3. P. McAd- choirs and services ?.ere held only in After a successful career in law. Dr.; ^ms. Washington: Rev. Robert. J. Ach- -.he separate churches tea under Miss Anna Schautr. a ^ d "c a :h»r:ne ~R-:-viiolc; Cramer, de n. Charles Hudson, counselor.' cea _^ d _ M _ ^^.r sper _. h =_ ^.-y :if( he began his business career ir. the handling of grain. After 15 years in people caused a disturbance near their home and tney thought the party was returning. Tne Krebs sa.d they fired only to frighten them away. i Accompanying Smith were his inters. | Leona. 15. Dorothv. 12, and Elsie Sem! lers. 25. Vilas Hill and Jacob Shaver. ! all residents of Parktan ar.d vicinity ; None of the five passengers was hurt on the grave of its first Mrs. George Birely. in Mt. ery Monday at 11 o'clock j in the morning, the wreath being pre- TflUPTT 1 CnniTOr TA OTVPIIf isented by the Maryland State Division d U U l l i l OHUUoJCl 1U Or£iA\ Uf the AuxUiary. In the afternoon !t TO DEMOCRAT WOMEN HERE I %£££ r^c^S^^. j The planting will be in Memorial ...... _ . _. ~ , . i Ground in charge of the four past pre6- W.ll Take Place Of Ritchie And | :d ,, nu O r the local chapter and wsn be e Auxiliary will attend the laying j sembler.ce between the handwriting of May 3. 1927. in the secor.d year Music sections. As a traveling salesman, he 'eek. the event was held at 4 j ~ _ m e ,,, COT . :a , : - x , :h ^,.7 persons, and ; snjayed a wide circle of acquair-tancc^. Ke was alwavs affable and courteous. Beurv entered the oar.king field aad for j stetter. Baltimore; Rev. Cornelius Da- several yaars was president of the Na- cey. Washington; Her. James E Con! "Sj: in 1929 Grace R--forn-:ed church organized Junicr choir Mrs tionalBankof Philadelphia, and: "-el!. Washington: Rer. George 3. Ear- .Chalmers Walck 35 superjriter.der.i _and later chairman cf the board of tne rington. Washington: Rev. ?. J. Ritsh- M^S Gladys Walck counselor. xh^s Baltimore: Rev. Phiip L. Far- choir ser-.-ed the congregation very suc- orn- . the ; ~*i-- Liberty town; Rer. M. A. Ryan. Balfor; timore; Rev. Henry Graeber^tein. Bank of Philadelphia and Trust, pan?. In 1925 he was awarded Philadelphia Kiwanis Club medal the mc-st o-atstar.cling service to thv ! 'Washington: Rev. Jsseph M. Sr.yder. C. ' 3. community dur ng the year. Last,: s s - a -. Annapolis: Rev. William J month he was decorated by the Euri- ' McCiimont. C M . Hmmitsburg; Rev. garian govemmer.t -snth the Dislin- : John SuHivan, C. M. Emmitsburg. r^ished Cross in recognition of hi; \ A cordon of state ?oli-e directed traf- ·essfully and v.-as fully vest-id. Later the direction of the choir was under Mrs. Staley. and is now trained by s Lenora Rudy, organist of the church. They will appear ir. new vestments this year. RECEIVE COPY HERE OF LINDBERGH RANSOM NOTE Tydings Wednesday. Jouett Shouse. chairman of the executive committee of the Democratic , National Committee, is expected to be i the speaker ar.d sruest of honor at the a rum runner and that of the person who wrote notes demanding ransom of Dr. Condon. Two New Jersey police arrived to investigate the activities here of Curtis during his imaginary "negotiations."* New York. The Bronx county grand jury resumed xa investigation of the Condon ransom and called as one of its witnesses Morris who early in the case was appointed by Col. Lind; on behalf of the city. Former State's bcrgh to undertake negotiations with Attorney William M. Storm participate I accepted by Mayor Elmer F. Muasho-*er Mr. Cramer pcsses^ec unique and ind;- Police Department Sent Fac- Iur ' ch ecn to be held Wednesday afitr- v:dualisti~ ideas. This is evidenced by noon at 1 o'i the completeness with v.-rii;h he plar.r.ea his funeral arran;eni^r;t=. Some years simile Of Communication. o'ciock bv the United Democratic Women'.- Clubs of Maryland at | the FrancLs Scntt Key hotel Governor | Albert C Ritchie sr.d Usiitrd Sia:.s ago. he Itft full instructions for his Frederick poLce headquarters has re- _ funsral ever, to selection o: his pa ; -- ceiied a photostat:: cot;-, of the r.ote Spna !or Millard E. Tyd:nas. iho -tere bearer;, the minister ir. charge, and the receivjd bv Dr. Jihc F. Cor.don *° nave been sn^sts of honor and to' undertaker. He left explicit _-is:rjct;or.5 . - j a f s ; e - o f the Lindbergh baby kidnap- iuve s ? c ' k ' ?n - *-' be unable :o be pres- party leaving Frederick in the morning and sponduig the entire day in the Cap- MAKE WASHINGTON TRIP Frederick Art Club Visits Place* Of Interest. An instructive and enjoyable trip to Washington on Saturday was made by the Frederick Art C!ub and guests, the the underv ! Virginia. i Rev. H. Dobson-Peacock. with Rear . Admiral Guy Burrage (retired), who i was associated in the Cui-lis activities. ; continued his refusal to come to New , Jersey to confront; Curtis and --rindi- j rate" h.aiself as requested by Jersey ' police. WEDS MINISTER service in trie field of education. 5; in front of the church -j- n:s year the Luth- i .,.- that, friends be notified of his death ar.d time of his burial Mr Cramer was the last, of his :m- m£Cia£e family. He leaves his widw. Mrs. Ada Burl-iey Craaier. and a daughter. Mi-vs Hallie Caihtr.-lne Crarcer. b-Xh ?:ng. which led Dr Condon to pay $50.- n *' 000 alleged ransom to the supposed 1-t.dnappers. Copies of ;he r.jte. m the original hand-xnf.nj. have been sent received today by Sccrc- :ar, of S:ate Dav.d C Wjicbreimer. III. that it ;s reasonably certain Mr. Miss Wilson Is Bride Of Kev. BradleT T. Gaver. Th» group v^ited the Pan American uilding. CoatianentaJ Memorial Hall ' Mas Earner Irene W'.lson. daughter FISHING CASES One Ian Forfeits Collateral And Another To Get Trial. Charged by Detraty Game War-tte" William Snans ?.:ir. Sshu;g without ; MRS, PUTNAM VISITS ! PRINCE OF WEES TODAY was released on his owr. recognizance Jccay for a hea-ring Wednesday tnom- /ng in Peoples Court. The violation was alleged to have oicurrec on the Mo~ocacr river near Red Bridge on the Gas House pike Alza Barr.hart. Waihlr.gtor.. D. C.. Calls At Palace At Request Of Heir To Throne. London. May 24 «'A?i --Mrs Arr.elia Earhart Purnam paid a visit K tiie Prince of Wales ?-t histo--c St. Jam« palace this afternoon at the Prince's .11 vita-: ion. Th.s was a signal honor for the slim forfeited £10 and costs before Justice young flyer who landed near Londori- Johr; f. Keller at Buckeystowr. Monday cerry. Ireland. 371 a charse of fishlr.j wiihotK license carf.e the Ke --as arrfstea Sar.da- afternoon rear Black Rock ·- the "\l3-o-cac~ by Deputy Shack. PasK-; West Point Etazns. rl-es K. Waters of Seattle. Was"=, o: -he '.z'-s J. Kenry Waters --r.o pr^rr.izer^ -n la-- nr;xrs ir. Wasi- r.. D C ra.-^e-i the raer.tal in* West Pot: daughter :·* The 13!-: Davi-d and £f£e tun Hanimor.d' Shrcve. ar.d the wife of Ma;sr Carr-Ci ?. Price Medisal Corps. statior.e3 a- Firt LaTtjr.. Wash. THE WEATHER TODAY Precipitation for 24 hours er.d.-g at Prccip tatlrr. Ma" to cz'z--6 17 iric' Normal May prec.Dit^t.on--3 80 Scries: actual Mav. 1931--352 Inches. Excess in 1332 precip.taf.on to May 1--2.4? ' " " x rnDCi"s*!«~c ycAt^^ciiv-- »o. ri,pt v r3tx*~c 3. y^-sT ^o »0. ·nerature last" n^ht--49. ·r^ratur? a "-oar ago--42. lurr. '. --i !P a rn toavirros'--9 a-i a. m. last Saturday ar.d oc- ·RXrri?.r! e\er to conquer the Atlantic hy airplane -aithout the hslp of a man. She arrived at -he rovs: rss-dencc a'. 3 15 and was ushered irnrr.eciately ^ita the presence of the heir TO the throne After the audience she w~=t oics ;o the American embassy -yhere ?he ^ staytr.; ana h?d tea. -^.th a numtKr of 3n"a.rp"»ars. Pre-."ir.usiy Mrs. Putr.air. had iiac ^cneon at the ernoassy with r.';m-r- ous notables asserr.bied bv Mr.= David ring tie eran jur.3or choir v.-as organized 2nd ; vested, making its first public appearance 1 at- Chnstifa*. 1929. Th.s was ' a^d is still under Wnu D. Zimiriersian. counselor, ar.d Mrs. Webster Whitehill. director. The Evangelical Reformed Boys-' , was organ-zed October 1. 1929. under the direction and request of the cor.- sistory of file church. It sang for th- first Kme at the carol of the Mens'3 b!e Class. December 13. 1929. After the acop'.-£.-r. of th-s plar» for Junior service tame the wish of al. the counselors tha^ at least oace year thse groups sing together The church. May 11 1930. the choirs s-rjs- :nc before a capacity c-'ngrcgat, on. Puneral w.Ii be held frDrn the chapel. in ?.It. Olivet ccmstery. v.r.^re ourial will be made, on Thursday rr.omine. at II o'ciock. The body will be Drought. to Frederick iacay. Rev. Guy P. Bready · corr .= r ·sill be the offjciatins clertrvrnar:. ar.cJ K. G. P-jtrnar.. Walsersville the undertaker The pallbearers. Newt--r: Pul'-cni. Charles Scholl. Karl:r.^ Summers. Grav- Janii=or. - o:ia d METHODIST CONFERENCE CUTS BISHOPS' SALARIES ' I will meet you. Tr.e 'ooy Ls Xelly. It is a -mail bead 28 fe°t Ion; Two person are on the o-^ad They are inrjasent Tou w;".l find the ooad o-:- tween Horserj^ci-t Beach and Gay head. near Elizabeth Islar.a." The pr55ram has befn arranged by Beatf-- ;he United DemDcrat.c Won-.en's Clubs. Tilt? u".-.o atter.dcd included: Mrs the president of wr.ich is Mrs Charles Clary. Mr^. Bycrly. Miss Eliz- Hoach. of Chevy Chase. Luncheon o''. z.yr.~~. 51' fir. l i l i Ruth D^r.r.s~. M-s. tr.e orgar:.^at:cirj are held in d-fftrent j GrifSn M" *A. H. Kirr.r.r»r.. Mrs each year. More than 100 res- . Sax.uel Thomas Miss Willie Worman. Col S:harzkop:'s nst--jc'ioTS accorn- enations have been ir.ace for Weiies- ' \j-« c'.-rrvson. Miss Marce;ne Kefauver. , Atlantic City. N J . May 24 iA?t -The Methods General Cor.fer?nce. cor..inumc its economy Irrcjiatior). 'o- a 16 p"r rer.t. reaucuorj panylric the sote are: It is "equestet; tha. yo.: search r-:ord5 all prisoners -a;,s event. v.orr.en. while Freccnck Democratic t affKiated ·sith Harriett Kolb. Mrs A L Leary. Mrs. Rar_=3m R Lewis. Miss Ed:th M:I- :on:air.irie the handsnt,r.; of » Cmted Democratic Women's Clubs o: :er. Mrs. O Leonard S*,jrm, Mrs Gray- ir. yojr c^stDdy or ar.y 'Maryland, have been m chutge of local' 5,-n E Palmer. Miss Ida Rfir.hart. Miss Eerstowr.. Rev. Leon N. Zahn. of was best mar. and Miss Mildred Cz- - h3ltz. of Karnsou~ -»as maid of honor Betty May and May Jass Gaver. nieces of the groom, were flower girl*. Tne oride was attractively attired Sn a wh.te chiSon dress and carried a. boa-- ud= and lilies of the . . . . _ (iav ejected La*- .rear 11 was .i£.G in tne ^ a n - j ^ " . , . .^ ^^ ^A ir,i.=- geUcal Rcfonec c.vj:rc= w-/h success \ , iyr ,,,, ^^^ X« the plar. c r Junior choirs is; _^red , :c . v _,. ^ apa:wfd rap.cly aprc^air.E t.-iro-;gn the county - ^ttenlwr. which is " It is hoped -i the -.ery near future ^ j ^_^_ ha-,e a ^unty-wide nas=ea coords o. , ^ r-^orr-Ti-r.dc-'.or. w r w.l: Ju~i=r chors a; least once a re^r. ; _... ,_^ ^^, fe _ ..^ ^-v^^. 3.^ j ^^ -·--·,, ' * ---- -·-/ in a a"C-:pt-?d z^ be SYNOD BROTHERHOOD GARDEN CLUB MEETING Specimen-; Of Iris Shown And Talk K. S MeH-orj. n:c«. sened as his hostess. Service at Mversville Tonighi. The Ch' -ch of ;.he Bretl-irer.. Myeri- ville. will hcilc a Mother« or^cran; this fvr.:r.? ac 7 30 o'clx.v. Three st'J- cer.t ^r^-achers who hsve been hole- will o-: prascr.t ar.d speak. Tr.ey ar-2 Kenr.°:h S"nte William M:Dan:ei? ar.c Joel Kr.o: Hi-h Lev 1.07. --T Sur. .- - Si:r. ·.-. ilcoa cs Automobile Battery Afire. A srr.okir.g batt^rv of ~ aufrr.obile :a the S-s: bljc=c of Eist Se-orid .-trp°t ayjl 1030 r.-.^ht res-ltea :r. the calling of the Independent engine. The r^gizlar rr.-:ct-r.5 of th* 1 Garr: CluD of rr-:-derI:s ^s^ hole M'-r.-Sav i'.i- e:jrhtren mc^o6-r- r,r-^£cr.t ar.i one c*-:- i S2.5 r '0. Eacn rr.err.ber r.'.5 b^- - r. asS^c "O br.r.; a j-all-t of -r.s -o t.-.-: tr.^-.r.r and =rr.--- oeau'.:'.: =:rr.rr.-r.=. ~ e r _ .-h-ir. Mrs S"':c." Haller c.i'. e ?. s'r.'rt ta'.Sc or. tr.e vanet.-;.= -·'. -ris. e-pla-n.r.j ;~.£ pewits j idl; DV wr.-.^l* t.i^-v are jui^'-i An :rr".r?ft- -" ,-- ~f T3^t5^- -- o 1 " '^-""^ **y "^'^i*^ Wa5 ~eac Mrs W.II.arr. T Delav)l?..r:e made a and di=play?.1 the prize -vinntr.:: po5*-°rs and some other Kyi ones at frcm S5 00" to S500v annt;a"~ salaries il~o pro-.ided f«r "-·-= .r. al- lowar.ces for ^-pifcopai r^sii^r.ces ar.i si^rj.- btin; reduced f rorr. S3 D"X5 ^f together n.t.i all ava-lasle :; Tt.-.-? '? :r.e ir.'i.v.djjl^ -s-r.-^?-; members the crcx fire ^. .th of ^ni-h extln- m:cals. Th» . ' :.. -^ . :t . y. :::e .ar, a Had- sedan, was not learn«J. . j inspected. :i'.- beautiful new garden fta* Market Finds Cormit. w York. May 24 -AP --Th* 5;--k current aga.r. IOCAV after drift.r.; :~ an eidy of uncertain;--- for 'li' four f£Sf:ons. Tr.e cf-cl:r.e was larger vol'jrr." The selling nas aia^i c.pally upon .=orr.e of the f^.c snarej publ.c ;-tl - :es ar.d toba^c^s. -s,h.:e of the industna's ana ra'ls held up ~cll. Call rr.r-ney renewed at 2 ' _ pc r ct-r.t Sterling exchange firmed .1: the r.;e!i:rsf Cabi-.s rose 5-8 of a cenc to Arsons con-..rig und'-r jour o'asenatio" arraBsrctr-rnty. cr for the o-rp-we of as- c~rta.r.irr? whether 3~.y -.'. the spe-:.- .T.ens of S2,-a harid^r.tir.; 37? =^r.:Iar *o -ho.«e .nc.c3.tea soo'f S'r.ou... v- ha-.e reasonable ir---jr.Ss tv .-^5poct * Officers Elected At MeetinR Held At any of the which yo"j may ·"·i5^T~ie 15 sirn.liir f "ha" "f t.TM* 5^^ Jv cl- "·'- rc-^rr^-nt trsnstr..: ^o^'C-mcr.s -ncre* cin.« W--^t^ V^'S:ITIIA arid Penns-.l- lLj':-,"ran Synod of Maryland, wlxch u. b-.r.g h*ld in the Church of Our Sa- ££n ?klor.cav night and will clos-::- Wed- re'dav r;.gl--t Off.CTs of the ^J2r7I3.n5 S'-nod Br;'h«rh:-w ^ere 'lect-^d at tne cor.- ---\--i-.-*^--. «c '-%T"^i: ^--pn f^f^-i* "T^"-TajS HER HOMEWARD FLIGHT ? "V^kr^rw^inV^ TM-pTM.- -.'-n' V:rzil W D"':a Midcl-vwr.. ^c- tre?_^:rrr Adam Sr.jdrr. Baltjr.ore. x»mber it co^anr..fet. Mcr- v yr. C. Puss. Tanevt/-.-xTi Re*' Dr Wiillirr. A. Wade pres;- r.p S*.-r;;:, delivf nr.s tr.e open- Mirzaret Rodnck. Mrs W. R Slcir.mcr Miss Helen Srn:'_r. Mrs. C E Wehler. Mr-= Harry Zimmerman Mrs. C. W. M:Il-?r. Mrs Mar ha Kolb. Mrs Floyd R Yojr.k.r.. aierr.oers. ani %tss Mary Ar.geU Sa?p-r.?;c-n. Mrs Temple Rey- noli.- Mrs H. L ar.d Mis? I?ab?I Scor.e Gaver _s well known in Ha- ha ring visited frier.ds and relatives here on a ntiraaer of occas- rica", Senunary this month, has accepted a charze a; the Lutheran Church ir- Lrseris. Pa., where BANK RECORDS REMOVED NEW JERSEY GIVES ITS 32 VOTES TO AL SMITH To d - j.t" note z: i;- C-'-iof Stcir./T or. ^.:-r.j. boars DO-X GETS AWAY ON Truck Vsed To Transport Them Comberiand A^ Evidence. He tor-is of the Central Trust Coni- pasv. coasistmg of 5:;-res of ledgers Cjxberland t-~Ja-. in preparation for the tr-al of the S'ate Bani and officers -if the tr.Pt company, ·'".it rh o^i'ns Wednesday. Several iiun- Tren:-:r.. X J May 24 .'A?i --With- c-ut a iissentin; vx:e the New Jersey aelcgrAt-on to tne Democratic National Convention ;x!ay endorsed the candidacy of Alfred E. South far Presideat, tioc ;.an* fl;..: · ssterday fr^rr. Viz? '^-.d \'i~ 24 ' A ? i --T".c ;st DO-X .---..en cam? T "s 1 '.~. c r. .- he- 2 rr. ~. ** ci h 6T? S^a.r. aft^r a ^^::* acras-s ·-* A*l\:v .r '.«'. :r.e Azores %y, a~ av Arsi **" 111** * :*._s rr. "~r.:r.^ on t.r;o 10 PER CENT. SALES TAX ON AUTO TIRES PROPOSED Wafhir.rrorj. May 24 -A?-.--A ten per o^r.t. sales tAX -n automobile tires and tubes was substituted fo? the ·fie company, tied in siac'cs of boots. ·sere transtjortti. The re-c-?~.'*s -xer? stored ir. a track of the Crystal Laundry .r. front of the this rr.oming under the d-rectioii · ler import tas?; :n the re-?«nte bS to- i S3.S3 3-8. Wher. -he DO-X rarr.e .r. Tnm V.?j .a, s t i-.iz'nt .-I'.'' ^3.-. ratigJy -n a fast Siw.r.j tie" sfr I-.T mof.ors had be^r. «h'3t ·"·ff M--\~hani.~.- got on a of her «"U.n--» 7. jrkiP.-r j:r-' a.; .-h- aixi-:t - '-s-h a-ja.iiit tha Cal^hol a*r station i;e:ty. ;nc address Mr-day n'.sht. declared of H. S Meeks. c^nicr bank exaaiiner day by the Senat-e F-^i committfie. ^3 r far^ is on? of -h5 worst 5.n5 ;n;e of r'r.e bank's liquiiatisn. It · of the -torld ir. tlus day. sr.d its in- was learned rcar.y of the t h i r t v - i Birth Conirot Bffl rarace is reiarding tiv advancement four w-.tnesses from th_« section *r:o i Wishrr.gton. May 24 (AP).--The rf r"^'"'^ a-n--vne '.he nations ' -vill attend tne trjil Wednesday wtll , Kanoocfc bill to legalize the distTiOtl- 7;v- t l :'ta;ur^ of :he cjr.-.en-' go in .:i.i.'..djai a'jtorr. » and not . ;;on of blrt.H cor.trV. -nformation waa ;. n v.'. rtr.esaay T.J. be the ordination .r. a chartered bjs, as had at firs* beer. ' defeated tocay by :iie House Ways isd isti'.ioo. i^.'^gestea. Means committee in A 2Q-;o-4 vot*.

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